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  1. Very red.

  2. Okay, the H2 looks normal when I open it on safari on my iPad again. The last month or so I had to use the wordpuss app which suxxed.,I’m not complaining and hope it stays this way.

    And yes Cyn, the wordpuss app on iPhone is awful. Comment entry at the top of the comment form is stupido.

  3. Interesting art. My serious side says to look closer to see something I invent in my imagination and someone else may not see at all. My hostage side says that with all that red from a female artist this art is very menstrual.

    I’ll be over here in the corner eating from my personal jar of paste (which I’m willing to share).

  4. I stayed in a hotel room with the 2nd one on the wall.

  5. Today I do rounds, mow my lawn at home and cross my fingers I don’t get called in. Good weather has returned so the likelihood of kids doing dumb stuff on monkey bars is higher. Gotta babysit the dogs and still sleeping boys at camp until Paula returns from her overnight shift.

  6. There is an article in the NY Post about the squatty potty. Thousands of New Yorkers will be rushing out to join the revolution.

  7. Chumpo’s sweet to do The Wiire when he doesn’t have time to chat with this group of miscreants.

  8. Today I’m working 10 hours, then meeting with one of the guys I interviewed with to buy him a drink and get his impression of what the heck went wrong.

    I may also listen to the audio book of “The Art of War” again. It’s short.

  9. nice artwork, as usual! Thanks for enlightening us again.

  10. wakey wakey

  11. Now for a book question for all of you. Are you ever reading books and come across a line that makes your mind just stop and say “Holy Crap!” That happens to me all the time.

    Today I’m listening to In The Electric Mist with Confederate Dead by James Lee Burke (happened to have it, now I have to pick up the rest of them, fell in love with the characters). Main character is talking about the mob making very sadistic bdsm porn with the ghost of a confederate general (don’t ask, too much to explain, just work with me). General says that the people would be put on trial, convicted, and hanged. Dave Robicheaux says he wouldn’t find that to be true today. General asks why not? Then the literary hammer is dropped:

    “I don’t know. Perhaps we have too much collective guilt as a society to punish our individual members.”

    Just struck me as particularly apt.

  12. By the way, it’s a movie, and I’ll be looking for it. Tommy Lee Jones and John Goodman:

    In the Electric Mist

    Available to view or rent on Youtube, $2.99

  13. Killed it with Confederate Dead.

  14. That seems like way too weird a concept to be made into a movie.

  15. Dog head on foot.

  16. That’s just a little snippet, leon. The entire book makes a lot more sense.

  17. Poor Car in. You should go rescue her, leon. Oh wait, you can’t visit, I forgot.

  18. I could starve here.

  19. She dug her own hole by getting that puppy, Jay. It’s not my business to save people from their own decisions.


    I really had no other option. Any of you would have done the same.

  21. Updated with cute dog.

  22. Terrifying. I see why you’re trapped.

  23. I made Hearty Tasty Chili for lunch today. Used 11oz of chipotles in adobo sauce. Let’s see how it turned out.

  24. I presume you made it today to eat tomorrow, like all true civilized folk do with chili?

  25. And yeah, you never stood a chance against that darling pup.

  26. That third one looks insanely familiar – thanks, Mr. C!

  27. Overnight in the crock pot, Cavil. It’s the heart, tongue, and some stew meat from a retired dairy cow combined with the aforementioned chipotles and adobo, plus a similarly-sized can of tomatillos. It came out pretty good in a bowl with some shredded cheddar.

    The rest of the batch will be eaten tomorrow and after.

  28. I probably wouldn’t have done the heart and tongue m’self (personal tastes, not being judgey on that) but sounds otherwise quite tasty!

  29. I buy beef by the quarter, if I ask for them before anyone else I get the heart and tongue for free. They take some effort to carve up (basically you cut away everything that looks ‘icky’), but they are actually fantastic in stews. Big, beefy flavor.

  30. Besides, if I don’t put those in, it’s not “hearty, tasty chili”.

    Get it? Eh?


  31. 11 oz? Brave man.

  32. I’ve been trying to level up my spicy food tolerance. I saw a couple of studies that suggest a correlation between eating hot peppers and testosterone production. Is it causative? Who knows? Is it cheap and nutritious to try it out? Yep.

  33. I can’t wait to start harvesting the trinidad scorpions in another month or so.

  34. I don’t think I would use 11 oz of scorpions. Just sayin.

  35. I don’t think I would use 11 oz of scorpions. Just sayin.

    You don’t need your intestines any more.

  36. When you’re cutting the heat by using habeneros, you’re in some hot food!

  37. Today’s can o’ whupass:

    Picked the blueberries

    Pulled all the shallots up and set them under the porch eaves to dry & cure.

    Picked the peas for the last time and tore the vines all out.

    Tore out all the overgrown brussels sprouts, mustard, weeds in unmulched back corner.

    Started weeding my way up the north strip by the fence and disturbed a yellow jacket nest.

    Got up and ran like Carl Lewis.

    I was stung on the back of the hand, which is swelling up nicely. He jabbed me right through my gardening glove. Got wedding ring off just in time. I was lucky. Scott says they’re active all over the area now.

    But I’m pissed off, because I wanted to start planting more Fall crops today. BOO!!

  38. I have a number of rows where no seeds germinated. What should I plant at this point in the summer, Laura?

  39. Also I’m sorry that you got stung and had to sprint, now answer my question before you can’t type.

  40. More reasons to own a gun.

  41. Mare!

  42. Radishes, leon, and send some to oso.

  43. *rummages around in the site manager page…

  44. Mainly small vegetables and greens at this point, Leon. Things that mature in around 60-70 days or less would probably be a priority for your latitude.

    Flowering broccoli
    tatsoi/ pak choi
    daikon radish
    regular radishes
    summer turnip (japanese)
    golden ball turnip
    small leaf lettuce mixes
    dwarf snow peas- this one’s a little risky for your frost date, but if they don’t make fruit before frost you can also eat the shoots and flowers and tendrils, lightly steamed they are yummy. You’d need a short brush fence to support them.

  45. Pokemon Go needs to die in a fire.

  46. Mache would be a good fresh green too, because it likes frost and can be harvested through the winter under a light cover.

  47. Beets and swiss chard, too. You have time for these. But you should soak those seed capsules and presprout them indoors before planting. If you wait for them to germinate normally outdoors, especially in hot weather, they just won’t do it.

  48. I’m typing with one hand. Not what it normally means when xbrad says it.

  49. Mache could be good, none of the leafy greens I tried made it other than the nasturtium.

  50. You should borrow Leon’s flamethrower.

  51. Cilantro. Also presprout them in wet paper towels indoors.

  52. I’m excited to try daikon radish. I saw one at the food store last fall that was as big as my arm. Started reading up on them, and I’m going to sow a few in really giant planters soon. Drag them up on the porch for early Winter harvests.

  53. Was it as big as your arm, stung by a yellow jacket?

  54. No.

    Scott says there are two nests. Somehow I managed to weed around the first one without disturbing it. He’s going to spray them soon.

    I’ll have to not plant food in those areas.

  55. 😦


  56. Leon, you could also leave those areas open and plant shallots or garlic there in Fall.

  57. I still have nightmares about stirring up a paper wasp nest when I was weed whacking right under the tree it was in. That must have been 10 years ago and I always look nervously when I mow under there now.

  58. It’s too hot to garden today. Blue sky/90 degree weather.

  59. Jimbro, I stepped on a nest a few years back and within hours, one of the stings showed a hideous, fast moving infection. Even after antibiotics I melted bag after bag of ice on this enormous hot dark red spot that gained the texture of a basketball. My lower leg swelled up so big that I could not get pants on. I had stretch marks for two years.

    I never used to fear them, even though I’ve been stung many times. Now, I RUN.

    This fucking thing is killing me. Fire pulses. He nailed me good. Fucker.

  60. Ouch, sorry I was so flippant about that. Sounds like a painful one.

  61. Nah, no worries! I’m keeping it iced. I’ve always had a moderately bad allergic reaction to getting stung. No epi pen required, thank goodness.

  62. CoAlex, that article pretty much sums up the elitist ass backwards thinking that we get exposed to on a pretty regular basis, by politicians, the media, and pundits.

    The real wisdom is in the comments.

  63. Lauraw,
    You could take a Benadryl, or two. A lot of the swelling/itching is from the histamine reaction…

  64. I’m reading the comments now too. Haidt got really close to having a good idea but couldn’t follow through.

  65. I got stung on my ear 2 years ago by one of my honeybees. Same thing with the swelling. Paula as calling me Sloth for days.

  66. was

  67. Hah! Nice. Scott just went to get me some benadryl. Wanted to tough it out because I just hate how it makes me feel.

  68. What you really need is some black raspberry infused vodka.

    It won’t help the wasp sting, but it’s really good.

  69. No can do, just took a benadryl. Maybe tomorrow.

  70. if I had blackberries

    and vodka

    sooo, maybe not tomorrow

  71. How much effort does it take to infuse vodka with fruit flavor? Serious question. How much time etc. Is it like a science experiment with temps and such consideration? Or is it more like “throw these berries in this bottle, shake it reaaaall good and let it sit in a closet for a week” kinda stuff?

  72. I used a glass jar, 12 oz of vodka and a big handful of berries. I put the berries in the jar, mashed them with the back of an ice cream scoop, then poured in vodka. Lidded the jar and left it in a cabinet at room temp for a week.

    Or is it more like “throw these berries in this bottle, shake it reaaaall good and let it sit in a closet for a week” kinda stuff?

    Basically this. It’s an alcohol tincture, not distillery. You’re just letting the solvents (water and ethanol) work on the bruised fruit the same way you’d brew tea or coffee.

  73. Same thing works with peppercorns or vanilla beans. Bruise or crack, add alcohol, seal it and walk away.

  74. Good to know…..does it get better with age? Or is there a point where it needs refrigeration? Im not a big drinker, but I’d be inclined to eff around to have a once every other week sip or two.

  75. Shouldn’t go ‘bad’ or need to be refrigerated, but IIRC you want to take the solids out after a week so they don’t just outright dissolve. I strained mine through a fine wire mesh, but cheesecloth would be better.

  76. Rosetta used to love one of those infuser jars with the tap on the bottom. I recall he posted a recommendation for infusing cucumbers. Made a great martini, iirc.

  77. Good Stuff. Just did a quick web perusal on the subject. NOW IM A EXPERT! j/k …..I will probably try my hand at some simple stuff for fun a games. Where in the fuck does one purchase cheese cloth?

  78. Check near the canning supplies in any store that sells them.

  79. Use a t-shirt.

  80. I make my own vanilla a big bottle of vodka 30 beans and 60 days = good stuff.
    If you wish for vanilla flavor vodka 1 bean for a few minutes will do.

  81. Most grocery stored sell it.

  82. If you have company over, use a clean shirt.

  83. Did you know that it’s easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than a computer or a book?

    It must be true, King Schiesse told us today at the memorial for the fallen Dallas officers

  84. All he said was something is terribly wrong with the computer and book point of sale process. Its a bigger pain in the ass than all the crap you have fill out to purchase a gun…..what we need here is some regulations.

  85. Since the teenager would have to illegally acquire the gun, what’s so hard about stealing a computer or a book?

  86. blackberry infused vodka. I have vodka …

  87. Cankles has a blackberry.

  88. Juniper berry infused gin

  89. What day is it?

  90. Saturday

  91. Or tuesday. But definitely not Friday

  92. Excellent.

    *chugs vodka infused vodka

  93. 750 rental car miles today, Minneapolis to Rockford IL and back.

    I’m tired.

    My helpful MIL texted me to stay out of the city because BLM was on the rampage. I told her to check her privilege.

  94. Nationalism vs Globalism.

    It’s a no brainer. The small towns of England were pissed about following edicts of Belgium. If Americans want European pussies telling us what we should do within our borders? Well a hearty FU to the world….and those dumbass Americans.


  96. I have tuna-infused vodka. The brand is called “Your Mom”.

  97. Pups, I respect you telling MIL that her privilege needs to be checked (preferably body checked).

  98. Hi weirdo dog.

  99. My mom is panicked because they live really really close to Decatur Il, where a cop shot some guy.

    It’s all over the news there and people are being bussed in from Chicago. It doesn’t seem to be national yet, though.

    She was worried about volunteering at the homeless shelter this morning.

    I’ll tell her to check her privilege.

  100. Eff that shit. I’ve always been glad I’m white, always been glad I’m male, always been glad I’m tall, always been glad I’m not fat, always been glad I’m American.

    I didn’t choose this, but fuck you anyway for trying to pin your bullshit excuses on who I am.

  101. Ummmm, I’m 7 miles north of decatur. All is calm. The local naacp lady led the way with a just chill message. They had a prayer vigil and got all the local black pastors to play along. Things have been handled here pretty evenly. It was also a “good” shoot. 1 in the morning man with a gun call. Subject has a knife strapped to his wrist and a bb gun with no safety markings. I have been very impressed with the tone of the coverage. Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t burn it down tonight….they won’t come anywhere near any of these small towns…….they’d get lit the fuck up

  102. Comment by Pupster on July 12, 2016 8:31 pm

    My helpful MIL texted me to stay out of the city because BLM was on the rampage.


    Have you tried blackface? You should definitely go that route, I’m sure you could fit in…… (Oh , and pics would be good.)

  103. I’m sticking with “minding my own business” for now.

  104. You have business to mind? That’s because of #WhitePrivilege.

  105. Ummmm, I’m 7 miles north of decatur. All is calm. The local naacp lady led the way with a just chill message. They had a prayer vigil and got all the local black pastors to play along. Things have been handled here pretty evenly. It was also a “good” shoot. 1 in the morning man with a gun call. Subject has a knife strapped to his wrist and a bb gun with no safety markings. I have been very impressed with the tone of the coverage. Of course that doesn’t mean they won’t burn it down tonight….they won’t come anywhere near any of these small towns…….they’d get lit the fuck up
    Well that explains why it isn’t on the news or anything. I forgot about the bb gun and knife part.

    I blame the vodka flavored milk.

    I’m gonna tell her to check her privilege just in case, though.

  106. I’ll tell her.

  107. Hahahahahahahahhaha.

    I asked what’s going on in Decatur and my 70 yo mom said..

    Fizzled out!

  108. You know how mums are….they can sometimes…..slightly mischaracterize stuff with sons….my mom has this tendancy in great quantity.

  109. “Slightly” the man says. Lol.

  110. Had dinner with a former colleague who was on the interview committee and he says it was just me bombing out the tech portion of the interview, as I’d feared. There may have been more to it to which he wasn’t privy, but that’s all I’ve got.

    OTOH Potential Future Bossman emailed me right before dinner and wants a resume.

  111. Nice work, leon. You killed it. #racist

  112. It needed killing.

  113. Meh

  114. Sent it. I wonder if anything will happen.

  115. Dan told his sis that we were going on my family camping trip. Won’t have phones. She’ll have to deal with any MiL issues. We’re actually having a mini stay-cation using rewards for hotel. I can’t get on FB for 3 days. KMN. Sorry about the sting Lauraw

  116. If you think I’ll sit around as the world goes by
    You’re thinkin’ like a derp ’cause it’s a case of do or die
    Out there is a fortune waiting to be had
    If you think I’ll let you go you’re mad

  117. Hello again, dead thread.

  118. White Privilege wakey wakey

  119. I’ve been up for 45 min but preparing for the fridge delivery which is going to happen AT ANY MOMENT.

  120. No one has asked to buy the extra 8′ sliding door that I now have resting peacefully in my yard under a tarp. Might have to downgrade the price to ‘free’ or go with my original plan of making it into a small greenhouse.

  121. Morning wasted.

    Over and hour ago they called and said delivery would be in 20-45 min. Grrr.

  122. I really like the way Moose’s fur looks in pictures. I mean, I like it in person, but his close ups always look kinda interesting with the textures.

  123. Still waiting. irritation increasing …

  124. Did they get lost?

  125. Typical. They will show up at the last possible minute.

    It’s very possible they missed your driveway. You do live in the sticks, after all.

  126. I guess Car in is trapped under the fridge. leon better go out there and lift it off of her.

  127. FINALLY got here. Fridge is in place. Yea.

  128. Moose probably fell asleep on one of the delivery people somewhere.

  129. Love the doggie pic!

    What fridge did you get, Carin?

  130. It’s a Samsung. Freezer on the bottom, double doors on top and a middle little thingie.

    I think it’s this one but we didn’t spend anywhere near that amount on it.

  131. That’s like the one Mrs. Jay likes. You short people like your freezers on the bottom, huh?

  132. We don’t need much freezer space because we have a separate one/stand alone. We want the biggest fridge capacity.

  133. Heh, I have a standalone too. Both are now full, since I’m a food hoarder. I have to go on leftover binges to clear up space for new stuff.

    Like leftover wort to have for beer fermentation starters. Liquids take up space!

  134. I did not need to browse the other items.


    The Internet of Things. Bad, bad idea…

  135. We have an old and apparently defunct Kenmore full-sized freezer. It’s older than I am and functioned up until about 5-6 years ago. That’s nearly 40 years, folks, don’t make ’em like that anymore. We keep meaning to get rid of it, but I wonder if it can be brought back into service…

  136. Nice!!!

  137. Yes, they DO NOT make them like they used to. It’s a real shame.

    And i totally don’t get the tv/fridge thing. People are insane.

  138. Where is the h2 horde today?

  139. So you can see what’s inside the fridge.

    Also, remotely.

  140. You could just open it, or, you know, remember.

  141. It’s not about what should happen, but what can happen.

  142. Good morning, Hosefuckers.

  143. Now I know some of y’all are feeling a bit disappointed at not having a HHD post today. But to get you through till next week you can just look at Me and Jays Avatar for your fix. You can have chocolate or vanilla….we’re EEO and oh so inclusive here…..

    PS. This post was approved by your MOM.

  144. I’d rather look at your mom.

  145. *nudges blog with his foot….

    I think it’s dead. Dammit! I didn’t mean to kill it.

    * desperately thinks of a way he can blame this on Jay or Leon…

  146. IT WAS LEON! Leon killed the blog. I saw him do it. It was pre-meditated and everything! I told him not to but he wouldn’t listen. He had a crazed gardening look in his eye and was muttering something about rutabaga’s and flamethrowers……I think he needs professional help….

  147. It’s summer doldrums, really. Everyone’s out being busy in the real world.

    Except for Wiserbud, he just hates us.

  148. Leon is just a troublemaker. Flat out.

  149. It’s how I cope with all my demons.

  150. How long after spraying wasp killer do I have to wait to grow produce there?

  151. What are the active poisons, Laura? If it’s something that attacks chitin, you should be okay after a heavy rain.

  152. I’ve been out cleaning up yard shit. And by “yard shit” I mean some really freaking heavy wooden crates from the store that “they couldn’t get rid of ” so they brought home and just drumped in the driveway.


    It was driving me nuts. I sorta want to just cancel our trip and finish all the shit we have to do around here. *grumbles

  153. SUCK THAT bodybuilders/glamor gym rats. It’s called “functional strength”.

  154. My hand is comically inflated. Pain in armpit. Doc in a box prescribed prednisone & bactrim. I have to keep it elevated and stay out of the sun. Scott wanted to hang out at the lake for two days. Grrrr

  155. Can’t you park the van down there, and you hang out in there?

    Not quite “van down by the river” but close enough.

  156. Mare!

  157. 20-minute steep hike in the woods. No roads go to it.

  158. Surely there’s a barrel up there, with all the mob activity in the northeast.

    Or from that one time Sean visited.

  159. Prallethrin and Lambda-Cyhalothrin. In common agricultural use. Apparently we eat minute residues of these pyrethroids all the time. Still, it’s not the same as having a large soaked area under the ground and planting on top of it. I’ll water the area super-thoroughly for a couple weeks and plant around it, leaving the soil bare where the nest was.

    I’m having a hard time finding info on the breakdown products if any, and the inactve ingredients.

    Been so dry for so long, good year for bees.

  160. SUCK THAT bodybuilders/glamor gym rats. It’s called “functional strength”.

    I did my calisthenics workout on Monday night, then took a hatchet and made more garden stakes from some crap trees that I pounded in by hand. Functional as all git-out.

  161. Proper attire for that is a coonskin cap and a sumo wrestling bottom, you know.

  162. Leon would rock that look.

  163. Leon in a diaper killed it.

  164. Damn you, Leon.

  165. * runs through the blog screaming LEEEEEEEROOOY JENKIIINS!!

  166. Leon in a diaper could kill anything. Full blown AIDS,even.

  167. It’s true. I only withhold this cure for our greatest ills out of sheer spite.

    And because I think I’d look silly.

  168. I dunt wanna worky worky

  169. leon?

  170. I dunt wanna worky worky

    Quit. Tell ’em you’re pregnant and going back to school.

  171. That’s a little flamethrower. The kind you can, you know, buy.

  172. Little sissy flamethrower. Hardly even dangerous. The Nerf of flamethrowers.

  173. Hmm. Wonder how it would work on wasps nests…

  174. Really hating the fact that you all have lives and can’t entertain me while i’m laid up.

    Crap, i might have to turn on the tv.

  175. I had a meeting. I bet Nerf flamethrower would do just fine on wasps nests. Or WASPs nests.

  176. I’m supposed to be working. Just got off the phone with the veteran’s coordinator for school.

  177. I saw Nerf Flamethrower open for The Cattails at The WASP Nest back in ’08.

  178. Wasp nest flamethrower = Lysol and a bic lighter

  179. Headline is wrong. They completely mucked up the spelling of “man in a dress”.

  180. They completely mucked up the spelling of “man in a dress”.

    “Mentally ill man”

  181. My apologies for no HHD. Computer was shitting itself last night (Adobe update! Windows update! Norton update!), and I didn’t have time to mess with it before worky worky.

    Mini-me is in a welding and electronics camp for girls this week and was in the newspaper and on the local news tonight. She was annoyed at the empowerment speeches.

    The other proud parent moment – she and I were talking about email scams. The latest is the Nigerian one saying they will help you get your money back if you were taken in by the last Nigerian scam. We also talked about the “free vacation” and TANSTAAFL. She said, “It’s like Princess Bride. Life is pain, princess. Anyone who tells you different is selling something.”

  182. I never had a chance to weld as a boy. Don’t know if they even taught it in metal shop. I did learn to solder, though, even if I was the outlier in that class. Just me and a bunch of future auto mechanics.

  183. I want to learn to weld. A friend went to school for it. I may ask him to teach me one of these days.

  184. Important announcement: after 17 years, a lot of hassle and tons of money, I finally got my US citizenship today.
    Very Proud!

  185. Welcome, welcome, welcome. Very happy for you, Tushar.

  186. Thanks, Leon! Feels like I am home.

  187. One of us. One of us. One of us…

  188. BIG CONGRATS, TUSHAR! Proud to have you as a fellow American!

    So did you ever find the welfare office?

  189. Now Tushar, you must do something truly American. Take you most beloved Indian dishes, and sell them out of a drive-thru window in a paper sack.

  190. Wait, does this mean you can finally leave New Jersey!?

  191. Congratulations, Tushar.

    When are you going to the gun store?

  192. Leon, I am wondering if I should bathe in the river of ill-gotten Govt money flowing through Washington DC. Citizenship means ability to get a security clearance and work on Fed projects.

    Scott, pretty soon, hopefully.

    Col Alex. Good idea. Samosas would be ideal. America needs more unhealthy junk food.

    Cyn, if there is one thing I will NEVER do, it would be going on welfare.

  193. I don’t believe people who are not natural born American citizens should be allowed to collect welfare. You came here looking for opportunities, not handouts.

  194. Looks like you have to get a permit first. BOO!

  195. Congrats, Tushar!

  196. It’s almost bee killin’ time.

  197. Thanks, Crispy.

  198. Chrisp, check out

    It’s telling me I can get an Epipen for $141.

  199. Looks like you have to get a permit first. BOO!

    He needs the cookout loophole.

  200. Congratulations Tushar!!!

    Even without the 2012 taxes, huh?

  201. Leon,
    I went to a strange High School.
    In the first two years you got to rebuild and run a jumk-yard car engine, make wooden patterns for a foundry, work in a foundry and cast those patterns in aluminum or brass, wire houses, gas and stick weld, and use a milling machine and lathe.
    Then you pick an area of study for the next two.
    For me it was two hours of solid-state theory, and two hours of electronics shop each day.
    Then, as many *high* on the spectrum do, I flunked-out of EE at Oregon State, and worked in IT for 21 years.

  202. Roamy, it was so anticlimactic for the Mrs.
    They did not arrest me, deport me, or court martial me.
    Firing squad was not even mentioned.

    I think she was a bit disappointed.

  203. And the two speeding tickets, one 16 and another 10 years ago, were out of the statute of limitations.

    The immigration officer chuckled when she saw I even mentioned them.

    BTW, I generally don’t approve of Govt officials, but the Newark NJ immigration office is a well run place staffed by hard working and pleasant people. Generally DHS immigration offices are staffed by people who are better suited for torturing terrorists.

  204. Mmmmm, samosas. Sell some pakora, too, please.

  205. Scott,
    Looks like I could get it with Humana/Part-d for $146.
    Anita has SilverScript for $46!
    That beats the hell out of $600 – $1200 retail!

    Anita is out on the KUBOTA, trolling for Yellow Jackets right now.
    If she doesn’t get stung, her Pens will *expire* in Sept.

  206. Headline at Drudge:

    282 Zika cases in Florida!

  207. Congrats, Tushar!

  208. Thanks, Pepe.

  209. Congratulations Tushar.

    You “da” man!

    (colloquial Americanism you can now legally use)

  210. Thanks, Jimbro.

  211. Other than fighting traffic home, what was the first thing you did as a citizen?

  212. I think fate was waiting for me to cross that last rubicon into becoming an American – griling and eating a steak. Got my citizenship within two weeks after doing that.

  213. Samosas would be perfect. You should open up a food truck right outside the bars around closing time.

  214. Cyn, wife made a huge pot of comfort food (Indian style spaghetti), and we just settled down with some whiskey. I am wondering if I should do that most American thing right now – drive under influence of alcohol.


    Don’t fuck it up.

  216. Col Alex, if I open a cart selling Indian style tea, I could make big bucks. That thing is like crack. I am sure I can get Americans to change their tastes and go for it.

  217. Don’t fuck it up.

    Unlike Pupster’s attempts at linking crap.

  218. Fixed.


  219. Sigh, will the brown guy have to do tech support on Pupster’s fuck up?

  220. Thanks, Pups.

  221. You got a recipe for good Indian style tea? I bet it’s easier than blackberry infused vodka and safer to drive after drinking a big cup.

  222. Jimbro, we make a milk infused tea that originally came from Iran. Recipe includes cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and a bit of clove. It is heaven on a cold rainy day.

    I pasted the recipe for Laura a few weeks back and suffered derision at the hands paws of that despicable cur, Pupster.

  223. Indian spaghetti sounds nice, but now you really need to get a big ol’ foot long chili cheese dog with some cheese covered tater tots under your belt. God Bless ‘Murica!

    *fires off a few celebratory .357 rounds for Tush and The Mrs.; picks the sheetrock outta my hair once the smoke and dust clears*

  224. That sounds good. I’m sure Pupster would enjoy lapping up a bowl if there was a bone at the bottom.

  225. How about a nice latte?

  226. Congratulations, Tushar!

    I’m really happy you’re an American! We need more like you!

  227. It’s go time.

    DIE BEES DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  228. Congrats Tush!!!

  229. I wish Rosetta were here to tell us we are all lazy assholes.

    Man, I miss him.

  230. Thanks, Mare and Oso.

    Yeah, I miss Rosie a lot too. The most pure hearted guy I ever met.

  231. Yep. Meet a stranger from the internet and stay up all night long talking and laughing.

  232. […] He did it the right way: […]

  233. Pup in the wordpress dashboard

  234. Congrats Tushar. I’m so proud and happy for you and your family.

  235. It’s go time.
    DIE BEES DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’ve got $20 on the bees.

  236. Thanks, MJ!

  237. Tito’s kept me safe.

  238. Bees hate Tito’s.

  239. Congratulations Tushar and glad to have you on our team!!

    New WFP column available for your reading and, more importantly, sharing.

  240. Kleenex warning. Read the backstory.


    So you make beaucoup bucks being nothing more than a good-looking costume hanger who can remember lines in the right order and now you want me to believe that you’re upset that you were stereotyped?

    I think I found my first victimon….

  242. Congratulations to my fellow American, Tushar.

    (still a scary brown guy)

  243. I am so happy for him.

    He needs to blow something up.

  244. Thanks, Wiser and XBrad.

    Xbrad, next time we meet, imma drown you in whiskey. That should lessen the fear.

  245. Scott, I think a trip to Pennsylvania is warranted. Phantom fireworks sells the best shit.

  246. Someone needs to tell Chris to hush, take off his shirt, and make me a sammich.

  247. Nice writing WB.

  248. I know for a fact that you can blow the lid of a Weber Kettle grill about 100 yds straight up.

  249. Nice column, wiser

  250. I got spam from Sobek? (and Dave in Texas, but I knew he had my email addy)

  251. thanks, gang. I’d love to see people post their victimons in the comments.

    That would be hilarious.

  252. Hurry up with the whiskey.

  253. Comments isn’t an option.

  254. Comments isn’t an option.

    It is if you have facebook.

    I know… I know….

    not my call. I’m just a contributor….

  255. I tried

  256. really? worked for me.

    do you have a FB account?

  257. Hell no.

  258. Hell no.

    ah. I theenk I begeening to unnerstan’

  259. Facebut id da debbil.

    In Nov. it will be three years since I’ve touched it, or Twitface…

  260. Facebut id da debbil.

    sadly, if I want to make any money at this, it is a necessary evil…

  261. Wiser,
    I know. It is that way for many folks…

  262. *Plants Facebook sprouts behind blog’s garage. Laughs hysterically and sneaks away.*

  263. Home
    To a new and a shiny place
    Make our derp and we’ll say our grace
    Freedom’s light burning warm
    Freedom’s light burning warm

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