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*UPDATED UPDATE* This is my sidebar editing face:

I restored the sidebars to the best of my ability to the end of my attention span.  Please stop effing the blerg Kthanx.


*UPDATE – I KNOW the sidebars are jacked, I will try and fix it tomorrow.  Somebody (accidentally I’m sure) changed the berg theme and chaos ensued.



This is a fun song, I hope you’ll give it a click.



When you forget to clear your internet cache:



They didn’t talk about this in Sunday School:




Ready to go Bye-Bye?


Squeekhole = dorked.




  1. Best poat today!

  2. Mr. RFH and I were watching “Battlestar Galactica” on Netflix. Yay for IMDB, because I figured out the lead woman in this episode is Brett Somers from Match Game. Had no idea she’d been in anything else. (I can see why.)

  3. Old School Battlestar Galactica.


    I never got into the re-boot, but the original I watched with the family when I was a pup.



  5. So I kind of unplugged everything only to plug it back in and see obama’s children running feral again.

  6. Why would my mower starter work on warm days, or when the engine is warm, but not on cold days?

    Turn the key and nada, but if I turn the key on/off on/off about 50 times it eventually turns over.

    Today nothing, so I heated the starter with a propane torch and it fired right up.

    It doesn’t make sense.

  7. Beasn, I saw Ballwin in the news. I knew that was near you, and Rocketboy’s girlfriend lives there.

    All he knows from the news is Pokemon Go.

  8. Did you try turning it off and nevermind.

  9. https://is.gd/a0yeLe

  10. Beasn, I saw Ballwin in the news. I knew that was near you, and Rocketboy’s girlfriend lives there.

    Ballwin is a nice suburb. From what little I heard on the radio, the perp has a long record spanning to OK and CA.

    Police chiefs of both St. Louis and St. Louis County are making their forces wear ballistic vests and pairing up when they go out on calls.

  11. So the last words he heard were “don’t go for your gun.”

    I think I know what he did next.

  12. My wife is driving me nuts.
    We have citizenship interview coming up, and she is convinced that we will be denied and even deported.

    First it was the horrendous criminal record I have. One speeding ticket in 2000 and another in 2006.

    Next was the fact that I am a criminal tax evader. We were able to download Tax records from IRS website going back to 2012, but not 2011.
    We do have copies of 1040, and that might be enough for USCIS officers. But won’t pass muster with Mrs Tushar.

    Now the latest one: I am a treasonous traitor because I did not register for Selective Service. It does not matter that I was above the age of 26 when I first landed here. It also does not matter that I was on a non-immigrant visa and was not supposed to register.

    Apparently, from USCIS office, I am going to get handcuffed and sent to the nearest military base where I will be court martialled and face a firing squad.

    At this point, I am looking forward to the fucking firing squad.

  13. **hands Tushar a blindfold and a cigarette**

  14. Thanks, Roamy. I don’t need the blindfold. I will look the executioner square in the eye, and welcome death with a smile on my lips… and a cigarette between them.

  15. Tell them you’re mexican.

  16. ….and the racist white cop who shot the innocent black guy?

    Jeronimo Yanez.

    Nothing in that story was true.

  17. One of my coworkers and his wife (a phillapena) have to report to DHS St. Louis monday for some follow-up on her paperwork. They always look forward to the interaction.

    If mexican doesn’t work, go with syrian refugee…..but not the christian kind…..

  18. https://is.gd/Beeeeanseseeseeddsefewesfs

    OMG puppeh! I just went out to check on my garden. Bunnies have been eating my petunias. Namely, the pink ones.

    Bunnies eat the flowers. Voles eat the entire plant. Fortunately, I have contained the voles for now. Bunnies, not so much. As soon as a new flower opens……MUNCH MUNCH!

    *gives pups a skritchie*

  19. Tushar, you better tell the wife to not answer any questions regarding your person. She might inadvertently turn you in or make them look thrice.

  20. Yes, that is a petunia in your mouth.

  21. I have no idea what Pokemon Go is.

  22. Beasn, I am not worried much about the immigration officers. I am more worried my wife will decide she is married to a scofflaw and kick me out.

    Who wants to live with a criminal who got a speeding ticket 16 years back and can’t find his 2007 tax documents?

  23. I have a dumb phone, so I can’t play it, but as I understand it, the game uses GPS and generates Pokemon around you that you are supposed to capture. You meet someone else playing the game, you have a Pokemon battle. Gets the video game players off their butts and moving around outside.

  24. I have been trapping voles like crazy this year. The mild winter gave us a garden pest population explosion.

    Lowes can’t keep traps on their shelves.

  25. Scott is already playing the real life version of Pokemon go.

  26. Vole Lives Matter

  27. Good day, cock-a-leekies.

    This song is pretty awful, but the girl is cute. I just found out today that a friend of mine got hired to be her tour manager.


  28. Voles can have 4-5 litters a year, that means 2 could turn into 200 in just a year,

  29. What’s a vole?


  30. I have a dumb phone, so I can’t play it, but as I understand it, the game uses GPS and generates Pokemon around you that you are supposed to capture. You meet someone else playing the game, you have a Pokemon battle. Gets the video game players off their butts and moving around outside.

    Someone brought it up in a weekly meeting at work. We work in a set of buildings that aren’t supposed to have pictures taken of them. One of the spots in the game is right outside our gate. It’s going to be annoying for a few weeks until people get the message, or move on to something else.

  31. as I understand it, the game uses GPS and generates Pokemon around you that you are supposed to capture.

    That actually sounds like fun.

  32. Scott, we trapped 6 or 7, last year. Only one this year….and one mouse. If it’s not voles, it’s rabbits.

    I wasn’t going to plant a garden this year. Just put out potted and hanging plants. But I caved. I have both. And one day, I left the potted flowers down on the porch because it had started to rain and I thought I would just fertilize them the next day and hang them back up.

    FAIL. Went out the next day and the bunnies ate all the flowers out of the hanging baskets, too.

  33. That actually sounds like fun.

    Except that all the people I know who play it are constantly complaining about how glitchy the servers are.

  34. Rabbits are a huge problem around here. People are losing everything.

    We had about a dozen of them but they moved to a farm.

  35. Rocketboy’s phone is too old, and he was hinting at borrowing Mr. RFH’s to play it. Meh. I just got the Mario and Sonic Summer Games for the Wii and am not inclined to promote more gaming.

  36. Beasn,
    Get a roll of chicken-wire. It’s usually 2′ high. We cut it in half and put stakes/pieces of re-bar at the corners. It’s easy to step over, or move, and keeps bunnies out.
    When you’re done with it, roll it up small and store for next year…

  37. ChrisP, I’ve got some chicken-wire. I was just a lazy dumbass this year. I did put some around a couple of perennials the rabbits almost killed one year. Those plants are thriving.

    Will definitely do it next year.

    Note….rabbits do not like geraniums. I watched one baby hop across the porch, sniff my potted geraniums, and then go back to tell it’s sister that it stunk. The next day, all the flowers off my pink petunias were eaten, about a third of the white ones, and the purple barely touched.

  38. http://tinyurl.com/hunql6o

  39. What the fuck just happened to the blog?

  40. What the fuck just happened to the blog?

    Okay, I’m not the only one seeing this.

    *shakes fists at sky*


  41. Okay, I got it back to the proper theme, but the sidebar is all fucked up. Anybody want to fess up to stepping on the wire?

  42. Wasn’t me. I was learning about copper diffuser plates for the stove.

    I think we are getting one.

  43. Sweet. Will the copper diffuser plate help to get the sidebar back in working order?

  44. Welp, it was a nice blog while it lasted. Too bad Wiser is going to have to kill all the folks with admin credentials.

  45. I just found out today that a friend of mine got hired to be her tour manager.

    Tell him he better get a backup backup auto tune machine.

  46. Yeah. She’s not good.

  47. Yeah, I just checked the WP Admin appearance settings, all the sidebar widgets are gone. Cyn’s gonna have to choke a bitch. I suppose somebody could check the audit log to see who stumbled over the claymore trigger. I did not see any restore previous option.

  48. heh

  49. There better be a backup of Mare’s musings.

  50. Rabbits are a huge problem around here. People are losing everything.


  51. I knew it was the rabbits what did this.

  52. Given the chance, rabbits would kill you and everyone you love.

  53. I’m innocent. I was at werk.

  54. Oh, thank goodness – I thought mine was the only one that was screwed up!

  55. Can’t help but notice that roamy and beasn have been awfully quiet since this happened.


    I’ve found the old sidebar stuff. I will try and restore everything tomorrow, unless someone wants to work on it now. I’m on my eye pad and the editor is a little twitchy. Email me if you want to try and be EOD.

    ONE FALSE MOVE and all that stuff will be gone forever.

  57. Like tears on Mare’s mane.

  58. I didn’t touch anything.
    I thought it was my browser.
    Where the hell is Cyn?
    Someone get this unfucked before Wiser shows up…

  59. wha?

  60. The last shred of normalcy was when Roamy had commented at 7:54PM and I hit , then it went all crazypants…

  61. That should “hit F5”

  62. What did I miss?

  63. Oso,
    The blog went into random theme/background, the sidebar vanished, the tabs were gone, it was like — idiocracy!
    But, It had electrolytes. They’re good for plants…

  64. It was the rabbits.

  65. It was always the rabbits. Every day I’m stuck here in Saigon and the rabbits are squatting in the bush, the rabbits get stronger, and I get weaker…

  66. I watched a rabbit hop along the edge of a straight razor. That’s my dream; that’s my nightmare. Hopping, bouncing, along the edge of a straight razor… and surviving.

  67. Doxie schedule whack. Fed MA after 6. Arroyo Bun Buns everywhere.

  68. At my sister’s place. Trash pandas are out in force. Just saw four of them playing Pokemon Go.

  69. Gotta catch ’em all!

  70. **emails Sean’s actual home address to LauraW**

  71. Only came outside to watch the nightfall with the rain
    I heard you making patterns rhyme
    Like some new romantic looking for the TV sound
    You’ll see I’m derp some other time

  72. I didn’t do it! I saw the broken blog and was afraid to even comment. Then the thunderstorms rolled through and knocked the power out.

  73. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t malicious, it’s so easy to click on one thing and get something else, especially on mobile.


  74. Anyway, I emailed Cyn and Wiserbud as a preemptive anti-killing spree tactic, everybody just better chill.

    If I left something out of the sidebar that y’all use, I don’t care let me know.

  75. Wasn’t me. I din du nuffin.

  76. Moarning Troy.

    How close are you to Rockville? I’ll be on a project there next month.

  77. Also Effingham in Septemberish.

  78. Have we ruled out a malicious Pokemon? Wasn’t me, I can barely get on the site now with my crappy internet access. I spent yesterday reading a Garth Ennis parody of Battle Comics called “The Rifle Brigade”. Entertaining comic but not a must read by any stretch of the imagination.

  79. We’re locked in a rain/cold weather pattern which is not making me sad at all since it’s my call weekend. Actual hot weather returns this week and we may reach the 90’s on Wednesday. That might be the peak temperature for summer 2016.

  80. I blame Mare.

  81. I bet it was Obama. Or BLM. fochers. www

  82. Leave the Bireau of Land Management out of this. Those are some dedicated drones.

  83. https://is.gd/94bQ8x

  84. I’m right dead center of illinois. Effingham is closest at about 1.5 hrs drive. Is it rockville or rockford? Cause rockville is a town of 879 in the cornfields SSW of Joliet In the NE portion of the state.

  85. Joliet, that is a town I haven’t heard about in a long time. I lived in rural Wisconsin from Sep 1999 to Jul 2000, and would pass Joliet on my way to Chicago. Madison did not have a decent Indian store, so I made a bi-weekly trip to Chicago

  86. No, I think it was Beloit, not Joliet

  87. Indian store? I never realized you could buy one.

  88. https://is.gd/cveL3y

  89. The oxy articles at Drudge are pretty amazing.

  90. Nice blog you have here; be a shame if anything happened to it.

  91. Something’s……… different

  92. Softball update: finished the season 8-2. Good enough for first place.

    Embarrassing loss this morning. They were hitting and we weren’t.

    That’s one of the reasons I like this league.

  93. Congrats, wiserbuns.

    Also, stay out of the admin dashboard… I fixy and update some of the pix so we don’t lose them.

  94. Yes, dear.

  95. HA! That’s an “oh shit” moment right there!

  96. Okay… so how are things looking right now – better?

  97. I think that just about gets us back where things used to look.

  98. Works for me.

  99. Cool; had to work from memory (*whew*).

    Pupster did a great jerb getting everything back!

    Some of the older sidebar images have now been loaded into our Media files rather than relying on the images to stay alive at flickr or wherever.

    I’m working today (booo!) but I’ll check back now and again if anyone sees anything else that might be amiss.

  100. So what did you guys do to celebrate your first-place win – hookers and blow, jello shots, whorehouse BJ’s, or did you really do it up big and hit the DQ for the banana splits?

  101. Beer.

  102. We still have the playoffs, which is stupid, but at least we finished the season in first.

  103. I got up at 4:30, played frisbee with Nessie the wonder dog 3 or 4 times, rolled a carton of cigarettes and cooked breakfast for lunch for anyone who staggered out of bed by 1 PM, watched a shitty copy of Forrest Gump on youtube and messed around with the sidebar.

    I don’t know if I’d call it a “first place win” but it’s not bad for a Sunday morning.

    Your list sounds good too, though.

  104. Beer is okay too I guess.

    It’s no Dilly Bar® though–maybe for the playoffs…

  105. You really did great with the site, Pups; was stuff lost or what?

  106. When you change “themes” it deactivates all the custom menus and widgets in the sidebars.

    The old stuff was stored under appearance, widgets, inactive.

    “Inactive” is a drop menu under a long list of “available” widgets which I did not see until late last night, after I had been searching through the help files for a way to restore a previous version of the main page (you can’t). WordPress keeps up to 25 poat revisions which you can restore, but does not keep the main page revisions.

    When I found the old widgets, I was on my Ipad and it was too fiddly to try and edit them back with a touch screen. I worked on it this morning, but like you I was working from memory and may have missed a few things. Thanks for taking care of it, I appreciate things and stuff.

  107. +1

  108. https://is.gd/1LNQpp

    Other stuff, too.

  109. Cedar lawn swing is stained and varnished – 1 coat. 2 to go.

  110. Tigers are sucking.

  111. Beer is cold.

  112. Universal truths:


  113. Thanks for all the blog fixing CynPup.

    CynPup is my favorite Pokemon

  114. Sox are doing pretty well. No beer, coffee today for rainy weather and being on call.

  115. One more racially charged comment and I’m calling INS.

  116. Still too many tabs up there….

    *runs away

  117. Pupster, INS is defunct.
    Also, we were not aware of your arrest record.

  118. This tactic of blocking freeways is going to end very, very badly for the useful idiot protestors. This happened last night in St. Paul, I94 is the main east/west freeway through the twin cities.


    I don’t know if it is on purpose by the media, but there seems to be a high concentration of pasty faced folks at the marches on the front lines.

  119. Butt Holes Matter

  120. https://is.gd/bring_back_defunct

  121. >>This tactic of blocking freeways is going to end very, very badly for the useful idiot protestors.

    We had a bunch of idiots do that here, both when Trump arrived and recently with the BLM fags who wanted to hit the freeway (our glorious men in blue pepper sprayed them to stop their progress).

  122. I know I’ve linked this before but the judges are not likely to harm their fellow travelers


    They did the whole handcuffs in concrete filled barrel thing and made sure to wear adult diapers

  123. I’ve yet to be seriously inconvenienced by these folks, but it is coming. The Mayor and the Governor are sympathetic to their cause, and give them a lot of room to explore the boundaries of mostly peaceful protesting. This emboldens the bad actors and fans the flames.

    If they keep messing with commerce shitsgonnagetreal.

  124. *pre-orders Korean Shop owners armed to the teeth*

  125. Holyshit, the Rodney King Riots were 24 years ago now – 1992.

  126. Beer 3.

  127. lying lib at the music store tried to say that all of his black friends (cough) get pulled over at least once every two weeks.


    That’s about as realistic as my gay friend trying to tell me that he could be fired simply for being gay.

    They build this victim mentality up in their heads and then expect us to just go”omg, really? That’s so horrible.”

    Sadly, it does tend to work with the stupider people.

  128. >>That’s about as realistic as my gay friend trying to tell me that he could be fired simply for being gay.

    Tell him that ‘fired for being a fucking asshole’ and ‘fired for fucking an asshole’ are not the same thing.

  129. BLM does not sound like a spontaneous movement to me. There has to be someone instigating this. A the finger logically points to liberals.

    What is the agenda? Get black people fired up to vote? It is a bit early for that. Also for every black vote they get, they risk losing one vote to Trump

  130. Black guys in the ghetto bar were talking about unarmed black guys being shot. The statistic is 13% of black guys killed by cops are unarmed.

    I pointed out that it is the exact same percentage of white guys shot by cops when they’re unarmed – 13%.

    They argued that they’re only a fraction of the population compared to whites. Percentages, boys, do you even know what they mean?

  131. Then one guy declares he’s glad he’s white. Everyone laughed, so it was cool.

  132. At breakfast today two older black women sitting behind me were talking about news outlets, they hate Fox because they lie and disagree with every thing Obama says. Then they went on to say that they pulled that black man over and he TOLD THEM he had a license to carry and “they just shot him anyway.” “If they shot him they’ll shoot ANYBODY!”

    The truth in news matters. The media as a whole are a bunch of lefty, lying, dickfaces.

  133. Math is a Racist Eurocentric Construct designed by the White Man to keep the People of the Sun down.*
    *Except when we need to mention something Muslims have contributed to the world other than murder. Then, algebra is just the bee’s knees.

  134. BLM does not sound like a spontaneous movement to me. There has to be someone instigating this.

    The “Justice” Department for one.

    The more terrible things are terrible the more stupid people need help to just get by, and who likes a dependant population of voters? All of these incidents that fit an agenda were misrepresented and blown out of proportion to scare everybody and give the useful idiots something to make signs and disrupt traffic about. Look at all this injustice! Somebody needs to do something!

  135. Look at all this injustice! Somebody needs to do something!

    It was a lot more fun when we could just point at their side and laugh about that. You know, before the “DEY TUK ER JERBS” guys figured out how to win primaries.

  136. I think Soros is behind BLM.

  137. I believe he is funding quite a few of their outlets across the country.

  138. The world will be a better place when that piece of crap finally goes to hell.

  139. Agreed, Scott.

  140. This article from about a year and a half ago details how his money funds some of those organizations. I don’t think it’s actually something where Soros himself is sitting in his Volcano Lair, writing checks to these BLM assholes. Rather, his foundation is a clearinghouse for throwing money at errrybody on the left.

  141. So we took the family on a road trip to Fairfax, Quantico, and Baltimore this week. Possum got to see Dolphins and was quite elated. The Air&Space Museum and the Marine Corps Museum were much less fun for her. Wife got an SR-71 hoodie.

  142. So how do we pretend to be a left-wing nutcase group and get Soros to throw money at us?

  143. I bet if we were Soros-funded we wouldn’t lose the tabs and widgets mysteriously

  144. Well, we’ll have to come up with some kind of name, first. Let’s see…”Common United Masses for Democratic Uses of Media Presence Sharing The Earth’s Resources” probably isn’t taken yet.

  145. The Human Fund.

  146. The Hostage Relief Fund.

    We’re hostages, we need relief. Preferably in the form of booze, cigars, and Diet Dr. Pepper.

  147. I didn’t realize they did this at Pearl Harbor. Deceased members of the Arizona crew can be interred in the Arizona:

    Eternal Peace

  148. ”Common United Masses for Democratic Uses of Media Presence Sharing The Earth’s Resources”

    I C wut U did heer

  149. Fat Sam is in the fermenter.

  150. I suggest you let Tushar and me front the organization. He’s brown and I look like a hipster.

  151. I would serenade and woo them with the tales and siren songs of white oppression.

  152. Anyhow, now that I’m back from vacay, I can order more parts. Didn’t want anything delivered while I was out of town.

    *looks at pond*


  153. Comment by Tushar on July 10, 2016 9:23 pm
    This guy build a wood fired pizza over plus a huge grill.

    That is awesome.

  154. 6 more parts ordered. After they arrive, I’ll need 13 more components and a couple of tools/consumables that I don’t presently have.

  155. MMM @524AM. Bedtime.

  156. This guy build a wood fired pizza over plus a huge grill.

    *becomes weak in the knees*

  157. Laura, about $1500 (his stiuff totalled 1200, but he got some stuff for free). Plus a metric ass-ton of labor.

  158. Oh, man, Slublog linked this on teh Twitters. I had never seen this before. So, so very awesome.


  159. I know of approximately 5 people on this blog that would respond the same way.

  160. This is the most legendary way to kick asshole litigious lawyers in the balls.

  161. I’m not an attorney, but I am an ardent admirer of James N. Bailey. I have been waiting hopelessly for a reason to answer a letter in this same way for over ten years, or since the first time I saw this exchange on the internet.

  162. Huh. John Batchelor just followed me on Twitter for some reason.

  163. These new Hillary Clinton ads are really funny.

    Except since Trump is the target, they work.

  164. This United crap is so much

  165. BS. Thanks iPhone for posting before I finished commenting.

  166. Re: Sunday book thread and TWA 800. One of the engineers I worked with was brought in by the NTSB as a metallurgy expert. If he said it was a problem with the center fuel tank, it was a problem with the center fuel tank. He would have told Gorelick and anyone else trying to cover up the “real cause” to go pound sand.

  167. Jose Bautista was my first celebrity follow. I was SQUEEEE

  168. Jose Bautista? The MLB asshole Jose Bautisa?

  169. Yep! Don’t care. Montel was my second.

  170. I get to talk politics and baseball. Beisbol

  171. Pokeman Go in the Club is a thing. Home Office wants all associates to have Sam’s Club app on phone. I keep my phone in locker…as directed.

  172. My boss got promoted. I really don’t want to be a Lead. Pray his options are limited. I don’t want to lead.

  173. Our derp it has a crowd
    There’s always something happening
    And it’s usually quite loud
    Our mum she’s so derp-proud
    Nothing ever slows her down
    And a mess is not allowed

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