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Adele Assafa

b. yes, Ethiopia

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Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 12.49.05 PM

During my research I found this image from another painter that I simply had to include here.

Also from Ethiopia, Addisalem Zewdie

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 12.49.31 PM

Be excellent to each other.





  1. Mike Rowe had a kick-ass “As I Heard It” for Independence Day.

  2. Good art Chumpo. My entire house is asleep as a skulk out the door to work. Well, Rowan got up to pee on the lawn and then snuggled in next to Paula who is still sleeping. Such is life.

  3. Juno is now in orbit around Jupiter. They will be disappointed to find no Muslims there. (FB reminded me that on this day in 2010 was Bolden’s infamous “outreach to Muslims” message. What a legacy there, sport.)

  4. worky worky

  5. ww

  6. Looks like someone had a party at my house w/o me. Coffee-up then start cleaning.

    The dryer is on the fritz, so the laundry pile is as tall as me.

    And work kicked my ass last night. We ran short because EVERYONE wanted off. THen we got our asses handed to us. The (fake) doubles wanted to leave early and one was bitching that I “was acting as if I couldn’t take any more tables” (pick up some of hers so she could leave). Ran my report – and I outsold a few of the doubles (on my night shift) and only $100 shy of the other one’s all-day sales.

    I told those bitches I was busy. They shut up.

  7. I need to make a list.

  8. What kind of a list, Carin? Things to Do? People to Disappear?

  9. The monkeys are gonna be off unemployment! Yay!

  10. Mike Rowe was on point with that one.

  11. Most people take this week off, which makes my job super easy.

    Thank you breeders!

  12. I took Friday off to make a 4-day weekend (first vacation day I’ve taken all year).

    Walked in this morning, fired up the old cornputer and checked the email. First one is from 7:58 am Friday, announcing a co-worker’s “resignation effective immediately due to personal issues”.

    Does this phenomenon of “shit going down at the office every time you’re on vacation” happen to anybody else, or is it just me?

    Good art Chumpo!!

  13. I wish it would happen more often, Tex. Unfortunately, I’d have to be absent from the office for it to happen.

    Better take some vacation, only 6 months to use it all!

  14. Good morning everyone.

    Four more weeks.

  15. F*rd is shut down the whole week, but other than Monday it’s vacation time the salaried employees are forced to take. Gotta get approval from 3 levels higher and be able to work off-site to not take vacation time.

    A couple of the Indians and Chinese managed to wrangle permission, but they had blown through all their vacation or needed to save it for later in the year. That annual 1-month trip to the homeland really cuts into the vacay budget.

  16. First one is from 7:58 am Friday, announcing a co-worker’s “resignation effective immediately due to personal issues”.

    Caught looking at porn and not in a government office?

  17. My office shuts down week of July 4 for a summer holiday. That’s four vacation days burned, not just given. Normally of course I just bake it into the cake and no problemo–most years my boss is getting on me to actually take all my damn days! But this year…this damn year…I kinda burned through at an accelerated rate. (At least I finally went a full month without having to set foot in an emergency room! Huzzah!)

    Still got some left, but starting to sweat it a little.

  18. Most people take this week off, which makes my job super easy.

    Thank you breeders!

    I am the epitome of a breeder and we never take this week off for vacation.


  19. Where’s that list I asked for?

  20. I pretty much work every day. I quit at 4:30 yesterday. We went in to Socorro for the fireworks show. It only lasts 20 minutes, but they do a good job. (Just like your mom).

  21. It would be nice to have a faster way of getting coffee into my system.

  22. Do you own an enema bag?

  23. So no one put an M-80 in MCPO’s mailbox? You are all a horrible disappointment to me.

    I am about to lose my sh&t over this Hillary, Obama, Lynch, Bill Clinton gang banging of the Country.

    If you help Hillary, you are dead to me. But I’m happy your conscience is clear.

  24. adds “Buy enema bag” to “do to list”.

  25. Gorgeous rhythms in these paintings. Nice lineup, Chumpo. Getting a real Chagall vibe off some of these.

    We got another 1/2″ of rain last night. This makes three inches of rain total in our rain gauge since the neighbor left her charming voicemail last week.

    Water reports come out on Thursday. I’m excited.

    Not a lot going on today so I’m going to putter and maybe put up another garden post at the H2GT. My beans and tomatoes are surging.

  26. Mare, it’s not “their” fault we’re in the mess we’re in. My policy is by not agitating them, perhaps they’ll come around. Insults and questioning their integrity/ etc won’t get us anywhere.

    I got my Not-Hillary stickers the other day. I’m going to pass them out at work.

  27. There is only one path to Not-Hillary.

  28. I got my first garden hall over the weekend (things went in late) – salad stuff and some yellow zucc. Which were DELICIOUS.

  29. haul

  30. Quietest Fourth ever.

  31. “A 2-year-old girl is in critical condition after being shot early Tuesday morning at a gathering in a library parking lot on Detroit’s east side, police said.

    The shooting took place about 1:05 a.m. in the parking lot of the Chandler Park branch of the Detroit Public Library, on the 12800 block of Harper. ”

    This is where I go all judgy and shit.

  32. If you make baby shootouts illegal, only illegals will have baby shootouts. Wait, what?

  33. Can we build a wall around Detroit?

  34. They were at the library, so clearly it was some kind of literary dispute.



    “No, Faulkner!”, followed by a little shove. It always starts with a little shove. Baby shootings do. Always start that way. Seen it so many times.

  35. What do they mean by “gathering”?

  36. I’m sorry. I know it’s wrong. Just in a perverse mood.

  37. I’m sorry. I know it’s wrong. Just in a perverse mood.

    I thought that was this blog’s unofficial motto.

  38. Debate Team, Hotspur. The baby was winning.

  39. I doubt that the library was open at 2am. I’m guessing drugs were involved somehow.

  40. 1:05. In the morning.

    Fireworks are at 10-10:30 range.


    I don’t think my little kids were EVER EVER EVER up that late. I don’t care what type of party. Out. Not at home. 1:05.

  41. Ah, city life. No sense of responsible parenting, the clock might as well just be a picture of a pie on the wall. My old neighbors in Hartford used to have children’s birthday parties at 1 am.

  42. Some little kids were killed in a car accident here after midnight a couple years back. They were on their way home with their parents, after food shopping.

  43. Lauraw is a font of knowledge this morning.

  44. Their car was hit by an illegal alien drunk driver.

  45. fountain of something or other….

  46. James Comey speaking now.

  47. I should probably keep my “policy” regarding Progressives to myself …

    I would also submit that if one were to have been involved in the surreptitious placement of M80 devices in mail boxes, it would probably behoove that person to not disclose same.

    Speaking of explosives, did any of you see the story out of NYC bout the guy who stepped on a “hobbyist explosive device” that injured him so severely his leg had to be amputated? In my world we call that a booby trap. So it begins. Interesting that they called the device a “hobbyist explosive” and not anti personnel IED.

    A pressure sensitive explosive device was placed in a foot traffic area and worked as designed. Nothing to see here…..move along….move along…

  48. Probably something like iodine crystals and ammonia.
    Totally safe, as long as it’s wet.
    After it dries, a strong look will set it off.
    Very fast rise-time/burn-rate.

  49. The wicked witch walks.

    Did anyone expect anything different?

  50. //platform.twitter.com/widgets.js

  51. Well, 240 years is a longer run than most.

  52. We need this bitch in the White House.

  53. Don’t worry, she’ll be there.


    We’re not even hiding it anymore!

    Meh, as brad said, it was a good run. I should probably see if there’s a government job for someone with my background. I gotta get in on this no work – all pay scheme.

  55. After a few weeks of despair, I’m back to believing that she’ll lose.

  56. I don’t see any way that she loses, MJ. People aren’t showing up to vote for Trump, and 3rd party isn’t winning.

    Not-Hillary is the only way.

  57. I agree. Not hillary.

    The election needs to be about her. If it is, she’ll lose. If it’s about Trump she’ll win.

    At the moment its about Trump but I can see it beginning to change.

  58. I bet George Will feels great for taking the high ground.

  59. Fuck this election. You think anything can change by voting? If they are this corrupt on this matter, you think tampering with the vote is off the table?

    And anyone that continues to be employed by the FBI is a unethical, disloyal, fucking fuck.

    There is absolutely no way in hell this ends well.

  60. It’ll be fine.

    Mitch and Paul will be great and they’ll work with whomever to get amnesty passed. Might even expand Obamacare too!

  61. Jay, excellent wrap up of the end of Law using Matt Walsh tweets.

  62. Kurt Schlicter had a good article about the Law at Townhall this weekend.

  63. James Comey, whom many thought was above reproach, is obviously an easily bought/blackmailed PIECE OF SHIT.

  64. James Comey got the John Roberts letter that was received right before Obamacare verdict.

  65. Sally Kohn has brought her hefty intellect into twitter on this subject:

  66. Ben Shapiro answered that dyke by saying the left needs to shut up about that little hood, Trayvon. I might have paraphrased Ben.

  67. Did anyone ANYONE ever think Clinton would get indicted?

    If you know of someone, laugh at them.

  68. I did not think she’d be indicted, however, watching an f’ing travesty of justice while also being prison raped while the whole cell block looks on and laughs still stings. And by stings I mean hurts like a mofo.

  69. Turns out the government’s biggest constituency in the government.

    Who would have guessed?

  70. https://www.wired.com/2015/06/i-made-an-untraceable-ar-15-ghost-gun/

    Ghost gun, huh. Looks interesting.

  71. I didn’t think she’s be indicted, but I was hoping that the FBI would recommend indictment and leave it up to the AG.

  72. Is Paul Ryan a Democrat these days? He’s doing more to cockblock Trump than most Hillary supporters.

  73. Oh wait. I forgot. He wants the same things as hillary but he’s a Republican.

    Its hard to tell sometimes.

  74. This ad makes me miss Rosetta….even more:


    Imagine the crap he would say to me.

  75. Well, the good news is that I got a $400 award from my company, so I’ve got that going for me.

  76. No offer from the people that bought my building, and none will be forthcoming. I am not an ‘exact fit’, though I’m curious what the real story is. I probably burnt a bridge with someone and wasn’t aware of it. I may eventually learn the truth, but I doubt it.

  77. Leon, that sucks.

  78. Happy for Alex.

    Bummed for Leon.

    Sad and angry for the Country.

  79. Hmm, sometimes the “burnt bridge” is someone that just doesn’t want someone there, no matter the reason.

    You’ll be better off not working there, then.

  80. Hillary:

    Extremely Careless with national secrets
    Extremely Careless with embassy security
    Extremely Careless with the truth.

  81. I really could use a Rosetta rant right about now.

  82. Was government always so corrupt and we just couldn’t see it?

  83. Emergency puppeh!


  84. The media used to be interested in government corruption. Then the proggies took over the media …

  85. You’ll be better off not working there, then.

    Agreed. I sent “sorry we won’t be working together” emails to my friends in the building and a polite thank you to the HR gal.

    Fuck it, time to see how hard it is to become a lower-level manager at F*rd. If I’m trapped, I may as well find the boundaries of the cage.

  86. *buys audio books of “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, “The 48 Laws of Power”, and “The Art of War”*

  87. Check out Miyamoto Mushashi’s Book of Five Rings. Actually if you are not familiar with Mushashi’s story, check that out, pretty neat guy.

  88. Read it years ago, Troy, but it wouldn’t hurt to review.

  89. MJ is a jackass but I love him.

  90. I enjoyed his life story waaay better than the 5 rings.

  91. This is what Hillary looks like in the morning:


  92. The only way I see to not have an hrc presidency is for the Russians and Chinese to dribble out some serious shit in her hacked emails. But why would they? They own her ass now.

  93. “Trumpism is unjust, foolish, and un-American. It was wrong before May 4, and it is wrong today. It is appalling—it is obscene—that a political party rooted in civic responsibility, limited government, and ordered liberty has so quickly embraced a strongman demagogue.”


    It’s the third sentence that I disagree with, and hence the reason we have Trump. The GOP is not rooted in civic responsibility, limited government or ordered liberty.

    Why are so many supposedly smart people so full of derp???

  94. Word in question? Supposedly.

  95. What about her selling American assets to foreign countries for foundation donations?

    Did they even look into that?

  96. Isn’t that the point of a government job? To gain enough power to become incredibly rich without really doing any work?

  97. She is going to sell Hawaii to China.

  98. At our job site today, the lady we delivered to told me that I shouldn’t be moving heavy things because it’s bad for women. “Your uterus can drop.”

    I’m gonna try that line at my weekend job and see how it works.

    “Boss, I’d like to move those boxes of tile for you, but my uterus is hangin’ on a thread.”

  99. *jumps up and down*

    Oooo, yeah, nope. It feels extra-low today.

  100. My uterus dropped years ago.

  101. Sitting on a highway. Oldest son blew a tire on the work truck on the highway. This is taking forever.

    I’m running out of things to do on my phone.

  102. Those tire guys get busy on hot days.

  103. This heat hurts my uterus.

    And so does the thought of Presidnt Hillary.

  104. I’m ready to cocktail and debrief but I’m at belle tire ….

  105. When I spot for the Lift Team, I never help with the stocking or the team lifts anymore. Spent 6 out of 8 hours with the Lift Team on Sunday. My boss calls me T-Rex. I won’t risk my back or shoulder for anyone! (Now, uterus!) We sell an 800# pizza oven. I’ll hold and position the flatbed.

  106. I’m ready to cocktail and debrief but I’m at belle tire ….

    Ask if they’ll do a uterus rotation and balance.

  107. If she debriefs they will.

  108. I’ve seen that movie.

  109. Not a single D-rat legal eagle or law dog has posted anything on social media today about Comey. Not one. 2 anti-Trump posts from family. Not one comment. Nothing. They’ll all vote for the Cankled Cunt, but not a single post or tweet of support. Not one!

  110. President Hillary will ensure prolapsed uteri are covered under her new improved healthcare plan. Even if you don’t have one. They’ll cover getting a loose one and then rope it back up.

  111. Cankle cunt. I like that.

  112. The three exchanges between 7:07 and 7:14 are like the H2 caviar of funny.

  113. Ha! True Lauraw.

  114. Si, lauraw & Mare

  115. Dan made potato salad, but we are having leftover corn salad and hot dogs. Tater salad is a “Next Day” food. I H8 to W8

  116. Oh, he put radishes in the Tater Salad. We’ll see tomorrow if he picks them out for me.

  117. Breakfast for dinner. Cheesy scrambled eggs, sausage, sausage gravy, hash browns. Strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

    First day back in the office in 4 weeks, folks seem to like the beard. Not Sean level yet, but I did get a mountain-man comment.

    *checks uterus*

  118. Pepe, are you guys getting the smoke from the BDA fire? Both sides of the Rio. Lightning

  119. Radishes make me chuckle.

    During my freshman year in college, a guy hurled a radish across the cafeteria nailing some guy in the head.

    For the next four years that guy was known as Radish Head.

  120. Evening Hostages.

    Is it really art if there are no boobs?

  121. *Throws radish at Scott

  122. They’re all boobs!!!! Wait…latella’d

  123. Carin, I poated at H2GT. If you’re still bored you could go there and make abusive remarks. You know I love that.

  124. https://is.gd/RD8oiY

  125. Phoenix is hot. But it’s a dry heat.

  126. Oso, no smoke from it here. We saw a huge plume yesterday when we went to Socorro for the fireworks show.

  127. Phoenix is hot. But it’s a dry heat.

    1) {inappropriate hug}

    2) yeah, so is an oven.

  128. I lied; it’s like a freaking steam oven.

    {{hugs back}}

  129. I can handle the heat in PHX, more than the humidity in Miami. Tucson tried to kill me.

  130. TAS is planning 2017 in NOLA. June. June in NOLA.

  131. TAS is planning 2017 in NOLA. June. June in NOLA.

    Good luck with that.

  132. Is that bad? ‘June in New Orleans,’ it sounds so picturesque.

  133. Pictureseque, through the mosquitos, humidity, and heat.

  134. Is that bad? ‘June in New Orleans,’ it sounds so picturesque.

    Mid to upper 90s and humidity so thick that everything is nearly constantly wet.

  135. It doesn’t even compete with PHX summer trips. In PHX, you can 24/7 in AC. NOLA is humid, hot, and stinky. The Quarter and the food though…

  136. Ah. That’s “I’m standing perfectly still in the shade, with my arms and legs slightly apart from my body for ventilation, and sweat is still pooling in my crannies,” kind of hot.

  137. The zika virus makes it seem colder.

  138. I hate it when it’s so thick you feel like your breath is short.

  139. Ah. That’s “I’m standing perfectly still in the shade, with my arms and legs slightly apart from my body for ventilation, and sweat is still pooling in my crannies,” kind of hot.

    Exactly. That’s “I can’t make it the 20 feet from my car to the front door without sweating through my shirt” hot. It’s miserable.

  140. Oso, did you just see that little league bullshit in the Cards/Pirates game???

  141. Dan is channel surfing. I missed the Bucs

  142. We had 100% humidity the other day. No rain. Trending. Thought I was in TX. Turrible

  143. what little league bullshit, Bravo?

  144. Cards got a guy hung up between third and home. 4 throws. Running him back and forth like little leaguers. They freaking tagged him out at the plate. WITH A RUNNER STANDING ON THIRD.

  145. Bcoch, I did see the lineup screwup with the Brew Crew the other day.

  146. Hahaha Little League.

  147. Yeah, they were bitching about that on the broadcast, too.

    Oh well, we all get a little excited. Their fielding is suspect this year. Lots of games lost, beat themselves. Very un-Cardinal like.

  148. Jay, they were talking about that earlier. The infield rotating all over the place. 3 different guys who have started 20+ games at 2B.

  149. The all star is back at 2nd. Peralta moved to third after Diaz dazzled everyone. He settled down after a rocky start. Piscotty turned out pretty good defensively, and a lot better offensively than Heyward. Now if they can square away center and left they will be sitting good. Too far from the Cubs, but positioned for a wild card, perhaps.

    Just no more stupid errors, Jeez.

  150. New Orleans in the summer….urrrrgh. Walking through the French Quarter stinks soooooo bad. Rancid vomit, rotting garbage, and so hot and humid. I love New Orleans, but not when it’s hot.

  151. Oso knows all this, being the huge Redbird fan here.

  152. Last in the bigs in fielding percentage and first in errors committed. That has to change, dramatically, or they’re in big trouble.

  153. Mrs. Pendejo talked me into going to the movies with her this evening. I haven’t been in four or five years. 24 minutes of trailers, commercials, & psa’s to silence your phone before the movie even started.

    Then an hour and a half of animated adventures of a retarded fish. The message I took away from it is always follow the advice of the retard and shit will work out for you. Oh well, at least I enjoyed the company to and from the theater.

  154. I’m jumping on the #WWWWWWWWWWWWINDIAN bandwagon. ⚾️🇺🇸😘

  155. PG, adoptive/foster parents are kiboshing the Finding Dory.

  156. Turrible.

  157. You people disappoint.

  158. I wasn’t a fan of Finding Nemo.

  159. Nemo was cute, but I hear that Dory is a bit too… message-y.


  160. The pro-life message of all of Nemo’s siblings being killed was overlooked. Finding Dory is totes PC. Gay and trans characters.

  161. That was not in Nemo – you’re making that up!

  162. Pretty sure all of Nemo’s sibs and mom were killed in opening sequence. Nemo was/is disabled. Survived. Hidden pro-life message must get stomped. Blergh. You all need to watch the UP! Montage

  163. Pffffffft

  164. Come on, I hear it has “Sting Ray” transitioning to “Sting Rachel”, how bad could it be?


  165. #FuckMoviesWithMessages

    Behind the Green Door taught us the importance of trying new things.

  166. When I got back in from lawn duties, I flicked on the tv. It so happened that Fox was broadcasting Obama’s speech for Hillary this afternoon in NC. He had his full-on Magic Negro Stuttering cadence going on. The handpicked audience, mostly black and mostly women were swooning. Sickening.

  167. They’re discussing that weirdo simplify your life Japanese chick over on the ONT. I’m going to hide out here.

  168. Cyn can you explain this song to me?

  169. There’s a derp goin’ ’round takin’ names.
    An’ he decides who to free and who to blame.
    Everybody won’t be treated all the same.
    There’ll be a golden ladder reaching down.
    When the derp comes around.

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