My SoCal Meat Face


I emailed SeanM, Xbrad, Chumpo, Paulatics, Lipstick, and PJMama that I’ll be in SoCal the week after next, wondering if we could get together for dinner. If you are in the Rancho Cucamonga area and would like to share my water bowl, send me an email at pupstersez at yahoo dot com for details.





  1. Did I forget any SoCal peeps?

  2. This 15 minute video is quite sobering.

    Especially for those who have long years of employment/enterprise ahead of them, or have children.

    Know what is coming, and try to prepare.

  3. That vid made me Lol, pups.

  4. * fires up marebot *

    * waits for musing *


  6. Well, I see Pups has gone blue.

    (Secretly laughs)

  7. Did you invite Mare?

  8. Who?

  9. Tushar, I’ve seen it. He’s got a little bit right, but like most futurists, dramatically overestimates the rate of adoption and underestimates the value of bespoke goods in such a future.

  10. I’m an Eastsiderz.

  11. Chris Pratt is a genuinely funny guy. He is extremely quick witted. He would fit in the H2 community pretty well.

  12. Does he garden?

  13. Damn it, another month and a half and I’d have been able to meet the Pupster.

  14. Does he have a PBC?

  15. Does he have a mother?

  16. Does he own any bullwhips?

  17. Leon,

    The world, at least the developd economies, are not as bespoke as you think. Millions of cars sold each year, boils down to less than 150 or so individual models. Yes, with a slight variation in color, fabric etc, but not much.

    95%+ of farming is industrialized and can be automated.

    Millions of houses in US, with a total of six, maybe seven designs. Endless repeatation of the same pattern.

    If you take the entire menu of food sold in US restaurants, probably 75% is from big fast food chains that is standardized, and can be automated.

    Clothes? Robots can make them bespoke, humans cannot. At least not on industrial scale.
    In another few years, you will walk into a store, choose a style of shirt/trousers/jacket you like, choose the fabric, and in a few minutes a robot will sew them for you, and the fit will be better than what a Saville Row tailor can do. Oh, and they will be as cheap or cheaper than Bangladesh made clothes.

    House building Robots will be able to build custom homes at a competitive price.

    Don’t assume Robots cannot do bespoke.

    From now on, I am going to automate as many chores as I can around the house. A Roomba vacuums my floors. I am ordering that scooba thingy that can wash tile floors. If I buy a house with a lawn and a pool, I will be buying a robotic lawn mower and a pool cleaning bot. If they make a robot that can cook and clean, I will be among the first customers.

  18. Terrible Troy, if you want it so much, we can ask Chris Pratt to bring a bullwhip.

  19. Right now, robots/automated stuff can be good in controlled environments. The chaos that is traffic will take a while.

  20. Wait, why is that woman fishing in high heels?

  21. Mare better start musing soon, because I go to work in a bit.

  22. Pepe, agreed, but that ‘a while’ is a handful years away, not decades away.

  23. Does he have chickens?

  24. Leon, is there a better MCT than coconut oil? And do you still have your 20 gallon drum full of it?

  25. That freaking Roomba senses when it is running low on power, rushes back to its charging station, and fills up.

    That is smarter than my kids. When they are running around and get irritable, they don’t realize that all they need is a snack.

  26. That narrator has a smarmy voice. I’m picturing some douchebag with horn-rimmed glasses and skinny jeans.

  27. Carin, dis you see the chicken sneezing video I posted yesterday?

  28. >>Comment by Colorado Alex on June 18, 2016 11:00 am
    That narrator has a smarmy voice. I’m picturing some douchebag with horn-rimmed glasses and skinny jeans.

    Pretty soon, computers will let you choose whose voice you want as a narrator. I would settle for James Earl Jones mostly.

  29. The news is depressing. Not just one item, everything. We are dumb and it’s embarrassing how we’ve fallen in this country. Oh and Paul Ryan is a gigantic, stretched out, asshole.


  31. I have about 2 gallons left out of 5, Mare.

    Tushar, my point wasn’t that things are bespoke now, but that they will be then. An obviously handmade shirt now is a sign of poverty. After serious automation? Sign of wealth. I’ve seen the carrot-harvesting robot, and the carrots bread for it. Heirloom carrots become a wealth signal. Want something done at your house that won’t be data-mined? Bespoke construction/plumbing/electrical.

    Right now, robots/automated stuff can be good in controlled environments. The chaos that is traffic will take a while.

    This. We can’t automate the factory (and not just because of the UAW, small-scale chaos is still a human task, and software is brittle as shit anymore) and we’re trying to solve this bit by bit while finding a way to not get sued out of existence the first time it kills someone.

    Every 100+ lb robot in a human environment is potentially lethal, and tort will hold them back. The only thing that accelerates this is if the Fight for 15 morons get their way.

  32. I’ve done a lifting workout and after my husband is done working out we’re going on a bike ride. Hopefully beer/wine stops along the way. It’s our 29th Anniversary tomorrow and I need to start focusing on the good stuff, not all this political bullshit which is depressing.

  33. Leon, is there a better MCT than coconut oil? That BSer Asprey makes it sound like coconut oil isn’t good enough.

  34. Leon, if only thing stopping teh onslaught of automation is a bunch of asshole lawyers, it won’t slow things down much.

  35. My hope is that with advances in automation, some manufacturing jobs will return to US. A typical Chinese factory that employs 10,000 low paid workers can be replaced by a US base automated factory that employs maybe 500-1000 highly skilled workers. Not as good as what we had before chinese economic revolution, but better than nothing.

  36. There’s plenty of mct in coconut oil, mare, don’t pay for mct oil.

    Also, the fully automated future relies on nothing catastrophic occurring. I guarantee catastrophe if we get to 70% unemployment, EBT or no.

    Machines break. What happens when no one knows how to fix them because the ones who did talked like fags and their shit was all retarded?

  37. Leon, I see your point about bespoke. You are right, but in terms of generating employment, it won’t do much.

    We have 7 billion people on this planet and growing.
    In another 50 years, maybe 100 million is all that is needed to run this planet. What are the rest of people going to do? Just sit around watching Seinfeld reruns? You cannot be a pure consumer. You have to contribute something back.

    The left’s answer is predictable. Take from the rich, distribute among the poor. But that is not sustainable. The rich will find a way. Maybe they will create habitats in Antarctica, or at sea, and live there, away from the riff-raff and the grasping paws of the tax collectors. Maybe that is why Elon Musk et al are interested in Mars.

  38. You want a conspiracy theory? Here is a conspiracy theory:

    There are a bunch of rich and powerful people who see this coming, and are planning ahead. They are the invisible hand behind the ‘world government’ useful idiots who think they are taking everyone leftwards, but in reality are creating control structures that will be triggered in future to control, and potentially eliminate large swaths of population.

  39. Leon, if only thing stopping teh onslaught of automation is a bunch of asshole lawyers, it won’t slow things down much.

    Economic risk, regulation, etc have held back nuclear reactors for 50 fucking years. Don’t tell me that can’t shut things down.

    What’s going to hold it back more is brittle software and the inability to test sufficiently. Did you read the paper I linked a while back on how much testing you’d have to do to “prove” that an autonomous car was a less lethal driver than the average human? Not an alert, fully competent human, an average human? It’s decades at the least. Real-time decades, not FTR simulation “decades”.

  40. If Leon ever branches out into having cows and bulls on his property, this is what will happen:

  41. Somewhere, someone is working on Superflu + Superflu vaccine. 99.4% lethality in the unvaccinated within 3-4 weeks. Wait a decade for things to calm down and come back from your antarctic/oceanic hideout.

  42. Tushar, I’m hoping to get my myostatin inhibited ASAP.

  43. Leon, not far fetched. The superflu kills all but 40 million out of the 7 billion population. The rich and powerful won’t have to wait for a decade. They will come out within a few months with their self replicating robots, take the world over, and would employ these 40 million for amusement and ‘just because’ reasons.

  44. Gotta have a breeding population for sex slaves and whatnot.

  45. *wonders if this would look too much like The Stand fan-fiction if he wrote the novel*

  46. You guys are funny….acting as if there is a future…..WW3 is right around the corner….

  47. TT, you are assuming WW3 will have no survivors.

    That is what they want you to think.

  48. What are the rest of people going to do?

  49. WW3 is intended to reduce global population. It’s what the Reptoids want.


  51. I can imagine a whole sector of economy based solely on hitting someone repeatedly in the face with your butt.

  52. @ Tushar … Your assumption about my assumption would be incorrect. I recognize there will be survivors. But after the die off, where is all the knowledge going to come from to keep tech running / bring back to life?

  53. TT, See comments above for antarctic, ocean-based hideouts.
    They will make sure they have all the technology/people they need on board before the first shots are fired.

  54. I am hoping my skill at calculating cashflows and valuations on equity swaps will be of use to them, and they will ask me to come aboard.

  55. But after the die off, where is all the knowledge going to come from to keep tech running / bring back to life?

    *looks over shoulder at dead-tree library spanning the majority of modern technology, chemistry, and physics*


  56. I can whittle

  57. Whats happens when there are no teachers teaching people to read? Literacy takes second place to food procurement. You realize it will be the young and healthy that survive. I think the leftovers are going to resemble feudal enclaves. They arent going to have time nor inclination toward anything other than immediate survival.

  58. TT, computers will soon do a better job of teaching than human teachers. Besides, the 0.6% that survives the war is not expected to carry intellectual burdens. That will be the job of the overlords in the Antarctica/Ocean hideouts.

  59. The above gif is captioned:
    Top to bottom: TerribleTroy, the upcoming reality.

  60. *pushes Tushar onto freshly whittled punji sticks dipped in water buffalo dung*

  61. Dont worry Tush! Leon has a book that he will use to create a antibiotic from his home chemistry lab that will save you from infection.

  62. Penicillin is easy if you have bread.

    No bread here, though.

  63. For the record, I’m just goofing around here. So nobody a) take me seriously or b) push me in the punji pit. Please and thank you.

    Oh, and have a magical day!

  64. XBrad, I would guess with missile technology, there will never be another invasion like D-Day again.

  65. Certainly not on anything like that scale, no. But is there a possibility for future opposed landings? I think so. More importantly, take a look at China’s efforts to build their own amphibious landing capability. They sure seem to think it’s possible.

  66. Beachheads = nuclear targets (if you’re desperate and/or ruthless)

    Pretty sure that was in the Cold War playbook for one or both sides.

  67. It was that expectation that nukes would be used against a beachhead that inspired the Marines to look at helicopters for landings. The speed of helicopters meant the invasion fleet could be more widely dispersed, lessening its attractiveness as a nuke target. Similarly, it could put troops ashore over a wider area, making them a less attractive target, while simultaneously forcing the defender to disperse his own forces.

  68. I envision a future invasion force to be comprised mostly of autonomous motorized weapon systems that are issued commands from afar. There will be very few actual humans in the invasion force itself. Missiles can destroy, planes can bombard, but you need mechanized ground units to capture and hold ground.

    In the past, this was done by tanks and mechanized infantry. In future it will be done with land based, weapinized robots.

    You think this future is far away? You are wrong. Most of the hardware and software designs are in very advanced state. All that is needed is the will and the financial muscle to build this army of the future.

  69. Hey Roamie, offered any neighborhood kids free trebuchet rides today? ;)

  70. I envision a future invasion force to be comprised mostly of autonomous motorized weapon systems that are issued commands from afar. There will be very few actual humans in the invasion force itself. Missiles can destroy, planes can bombard, but you need mechanized ground units to capture and hold ground.
    In the past, this was done by tanks and mechanized infantry. In future it will be done with land based, weapinized robots.
    You think this future is far away? You are wrong. Most of the hardware and software designs are in very advanced state. All that is needed is the will and the financial muscle to build this army of the future
    Muslim “refugees” and other third worlders that our government insists we bring here and provide social services for, with no expectation that they adapt to our culture and laws.

  71. Yeah yeah, pessimistic fatalism might be the most realistic way to look at the future, but not the most entertaining one.

  72. So, my friend Kevin got married in 1993, I was in his wedding party and all of us received nice, heavy glass beer mugs with our names on them as gifts. I just took the mug out of the dishwasher, put ice and coke in it and it cracked from base to top. I guess I should have let it cool off a bit. Still, it has to be a record for a piece of glassware around here.

  73. Also, I just figured out peer to peer SIP protocol with simplex video and duplex audio 2 way calling on an Android VOIP desktop phone and an IP enabled single button intercom door station.

    I googled it.

    My life is awesome and I’m the luckiest man alive.

  74. Getting set up for branding tomorrow. We’ve got to get done early, because they are predicting record heat after noon. Cooking some beef (small roasts) and ribs on the PBC.

    No smoke this morning, but it’s starting to move in now. Fire is over 30K acres. They were planning on letting it burn, but after the first community meeting, they had a change of heart. :) Planning on putting it out in a few days. People are really tired of smoke every day.

  75. After Roamie’s roofing nightmare, one would think a water heater story would be easy peasy. We went to MiLs to shower this AM. Ran errands, got home in time for 2 hour delivery window AND 38 minutes into delivery window, we get a call telling us our new delivery is Tuesday. Cancelled order. Called Lowe’s, they don’t do setups inside of residences, only detached. Dan looks into DIY and calling contractor friend for install: only licensed plumbers can set up water heaters in ALB. Joe doesn’t have a plumbing license. Sears, started to give us a Thursday set up, Dan said that wouldn’t work and it’s Monday. Rustic Saturday. Heating water on gas stove and washing dishes. Cold water laundry. KMN

  76. >>Also, I just figured out peer to peer SIP protocol with simplex video and duplex audio 2 way calling on an Android VOIP desktop phone and an IP enabled single button intercom door station.

    I ate stuff, browsed the web and scratched my balls.

  77. Pepe, we donated several pallets of water to the Dog Head fire. It is hot for June this wknd. Melting

  78. I whittled more sharp sticks

  79. After reading today’s thread I’m convinced that Tushar gets the good stuff.

    The scary thing is that I agree with him.

  80. MJ, as long as you don’t link like Tush, you’re still ok.

  81. The only temperature related cracks I’ve had have been the opposite scenario. Coffee mugs in the cool cabinet cracking after I pour hot coffee in them.

    I learned to let go when Paula and the boys moved in. I have two rocks glasses left and I keep them in the liquor cabinet to preserve them.

  82. >>MJ, as long as you don’t link like Tush, you’re still ok.


  83. I never consider glass and china as permanent drinkware. It is disposable, just takes longer nger to dispose compared to plastic and styrofoam. And produces sharper shards.

  84. I have two mugs with photos of my kids when they were babies. Those I will save. The rest are destined for the dustbin of …. well destined for dustbin.

  85. I can’t believe I actually open links that Tush posts. Even with warnings. Like a monkey. Ooh…shiny

  86. I have $60 a stem crystal. Christmas Lenox with holly etched gold trim. 2 wine. 2 champagne. First night we used them, Dan broke a DOF and a tea glass. No kids. Only time we’ve ever had glass mishaps. I’m still stressing.

  87. I ate stuff, browsed the web and scratched my balls.

  88. Missile defenses, electronic warfare, deception, and new armor developments are all rendering current missile technology much less effective. There are stories out of the Ukraine where the Ukrainian anti-tank missiles are almost useless against modern Russian tanks due to armor and ECM.

    As for drones: if we can’t automate a Ford Focus, there’s no way we’re going to be anywhere near ready to field an autonomous drone with weapons. And any unmanned system that requires a controller is going to suffer from the problem of jamming if we face a peer.

  89. Hey CoAl, has the mountain lion kid outside of Aspen got any traction yet?

  90. Not that I’ve heard. I’ll have to ask mom about it.

  91. Can’t automate a Focus. Needs to be a hybrid to power the computer cluster. You could automate a C-Max, though.

  92. Col Alex, the biggest challenges with self driving cars are around avoiding accidents and operating in an environment chock full of other vehicles – some autonomus, some driven by meatspace people.

    Drones don’t have those issues. Also, an autonomous aerial vehicle(rather than a dumb ‘drone’) needs to be fed just the strategic and tactical objectives of the mission, which can be fed before the mission starts. It does not need step by step handholding. It improvises maneuvers on the fly.

    The only new inputs it needs are when mission parameters change mid-flight.

  93. Oso, what’s wrong with the water heater? Did the bottom fall out or did it just stop working?

  94. UAVs are much, much easier to automate than UGVs. Dodging stuff on the ground and obeying traffic laws are the hard part. Jamming and spoofing are a nightmare for any armed unmanned system, though.

  95. I sent this to group chat at work when I found it. No responses.

  96. Drones don’t have those issues. Also, an autonomous aerial vehicle(rather than a dumb ‘drone’) needs to be fed just the strategic and tactical objectives of the mission, which can be fed before the mission starts. It does not need step by step handholding. It improvises maneuvers on the fly.
    The only new inputs it needs are when mission parameters change mid-flight.

    If you can’t get a car to avoid accidents and stupid people, do you really think it’s going to be easier on a battlefield where the enemy is constantly moving, concealing itself, jamming the drone’s sensors, and attempting to destroy the drone? A battlefield is orders of magnitude more chaotic than city streets.

    The only new inputs it needs are when mission parameters change mid-flight.

    In other words: every time it goes up. Missions constantly change, threats change, the enemy gets a vote.

  97. Tungsten telephone poles dropped from orbit remain the gold standard of fictional future weaponry.

    Ain’t fuckall you can do once those hit terminal velocity.

  98. Scott, it’s 18 years old and we started having problems with it 8 yrs ago. It just totally died. All the patches weren’t working any more. The pilot isn’t even relighting.

  99. I don’t think I’ve had truly Hot water in years. Tepid mostly. Mostly.

  100. Greetings, choad ticklers.

    Check yer shemail, Pup.

  101. I should have said mission objectives, not mission parameters.

    ‘Loiter, look for certain types of mobile enemy assets. If found, brodcast their location/other details on encrypted channel, and then attempt to destroy them. Gather video evidence of damage if possible and broadcast that too’

    This mission objective remains same even if the enemy votes repeatedly.

    I am not privy to the exact capabilities DARPA has, but I know what capabilities private sector has, i know what can and cannot be done with computers, sensors and communication equipment, and I can extrapolate that into what DARPA might be up to.

  102. Tushar, when the first generation of Predator went into the field, it was broadcasting an unencrypted video signal on the same band as a traffic copter. DARPA ain’t all that.

  103. Leon, one thing is sure. Upto the 80s, DARPA access to the best tech brains. Now they play second fiddle to silicon valley. So you could be right.

    Also, all the Silicon Valley companies are led by lefty assholes who don’t approve of US military power, so less likely to cooperate.

  104. All you depressing fuckers better start with the funnah or Imma gonna whip allyall’s asses.

    I just ate a double cheeseburger and I’m not sorry.

    Mark it zero Smokey.

  105. The Chess Thread is up.

  106. Your scenario would be sketchy even in an uncontested airspace. In an environment where, again, the enemy has air defenses, jamming, and other capabilities, not to mention one where the battlefield is fluid and forces are dispersed, it would be a nightmare.

  107. Simply navigating any UAV in an era where GPS jamming is becoming much easier is going to be a pain in the ass.

  108. Evenin’, hosefuckers.

  109. The Chess Thread is up.


  110. Pups, sorry, one last point.

    ColAlex, you are talking about nightmare scenarios, because you are thinking autonomus aerial vehicles as having the same cost and survivability requirements as a human piloted craft. It does not.

    Take the A-10, remove the human and add the software/hardware needed for autonomy. Now you don’t need the titanium tub and the ejection seat. You don’t need every system to be triple redundant, because you are willing to accept a lower survivability. You need less sophisticated ECM because you are not trying to save a human life.
    All these deletions lower weight, which means you can get away with a smaller engine. Or just one engine.
    Boom, per head cost is much lower. You can field a lot more units now.

    You can now add high G maneuvering capability that meat could not handle. This increases lethality.

    Fog if war, enemy jamming countermeasures? Sure, but now you have less at stake and have more room to make mistakes and get away with it. You can take bigger risks.

    Autonomus aerial warfare is a completely new ballgame, with rules of game we have not thought through completely yet.

  111. XBrad, you don’t need GPS. Electronic Gyroscopes can handle that. Not much more sophisticated than an iPhone that tracks your hand movement.


  113. >> All these deletions lower weight, which means you can get away with a smaller engine carry more ammo.


  114. >> All these deletions lower weight, which means you can……fill it with pork.

  115. Fair point, Scott.

  116. Pre-cooked food for the post-branding meal this afternoon. No time for cooking tomorrow. Loaded up the PBC with 3 racks of baby back ribs, and 2 beef roasts. Roasts were flat and about 2″ thick. Looked soooooo good when we unloaded it, I might have to sample some tonight. I may have pulled off a small piece of roast and eaten it. Man I like the PBC,

  117. I’m seriously considering a PBC on the grounds that I can cook a lot of meat all at once for cheap and have a week’s worth of meals done and focus on studying instead.

  118. And beer. Why haven’t we tried dropping pork and beer on the Middle East? Nothing else has really worked out so far. I mean, yeah, there will be some people who will object, but even some of them will pipe down once they’re good and drunk and stuffed with barbecue.

  119. Yeah, you can cook several weeks worth of meat in one, then just freeze it and thaw when needed. Best thing is that you don’t have to fiddle with it.

  120. 97 degrees. 4% humidity. You can start feeling sorry for me right about now…

  121. 82 degrees and 40% humidity.

  122. 70 degrees. 50% humidity. About perfect here.

  123. So we’re a weather blog now?


  124. In about an hour I’m going to go for a run in the park


  125. Ok, i have a Weber charcoal grill.
    If I am considering another grill, which one should I go for?
    1. A gas grill
    2. A Pit Barrel Cooker
    3. A Big Green Egg (or equivalent)

    Quick rundown on which one is more versatile?

  126. I would go with gas. You already have a really versatile charcoal cooker.

    It’s nice being able to cook outside in really crappy weather, plus it’s really easy to convert them to good smokers.

  127. Heard a joke this morning.

    An old-timer [generally speaking, someone who’s been sober for about 20 years] takes a guy who’s only been sober for about a week out for coffee after an AA meeting, and says, “Man, I had kind of a funny Freudian slip happen this morning.” The newcomer asks what he means, and he says, “It’s where you accidentally say what’s really on your mind. I went to the travel agent to book a flight, and the girl who was helping me was really hot. I said, ‘I need to get two pickets to Tittsburgh.'” The newcomer says, “Oh, right–I had the same thing happen yesterday at breakfast. I was going to ask my wife to pass the syrup, but I said, “YOU’RE A CRAZY BITCH AND YOU RUINED MY FUCKING LIFE!!!'”

  128. I don’t understand what anyone is saying besides Andy’s comment:

    Evenin’, hosefuckers

  129. I guess you had to be there.


  130. It’s going to take Marebot a couple of days to catch up.

  131. Mare!!! Did you play with the rays? Did you do “Fins” during the stretch? Did you try the boiled peanuts?

  132. Did you see a rainbow? Did you feed a cassowary? Did The prophecy come true?

  133. Oso, I use to eat boiled peanuts from a 10 foot square shop off Keeamoku street 35 years ago. I did not do fins when I went to the game. And I should have got the autograph of the cute player with the piercing eyes when I had the chance, evidently all non lesbian women in St Pete are on live with him.

  134. In love….autocorrect can kiss Sean’s ASS!!!

  135. I have a love/h8 relationship with the Trop. I H8 boiled peanuts. *Kicks Sean in the Pujols

  136. Did anybody touch your hair? Did you lose your lucky penny? Did you bury the unclean thing under a the dim light of a waning crescent?

  137. So it is written, so let it be done.

  138. Everybody touches my hair. Pets me like Pups.

  139. Gross.

  140. >> It’s nice being able to cook outside in really crappy weather, plus it’s really easy to convert them to good smokers.

    Quibble. The BGE will do all that and also work as a smoker in shitty winter weather.

    It mainly comes down to what you want to spend.

    (says the guy with 5 grills + smokers)

  141. >> I don’t understand what anyone is saying besides Andy

    *Does that index + middle finger to the eyes thing back and forth with mare*


  143. We have not really gotten the best potential out of our BGE. When we first got it, we made some really nice chicken and chops. Since then we have ruined plenty of chicken on it with creosote and I am now gunshy about cooking meats on it. The main successful thing I have made on it lately is pizza. The dome of the BGE makes an excellent ‘brick-oven’ pie.

    We are down to only four grills.

  144. Granted NM never actually enforces any laws that are passed. Do any of you losers have laws about grills, smokers, cookers etc?

  145. Thou shalt not prepare side dishes until the charcoal is gray.

  146. We are down to only four grills.

    Thanks, Obama.

  147. Thou shalt refrain from asking “how much longer” when the meat stalleth.

  148. Thou shalt monitor the beverage and ice level of the grill master, maintaining optimum ratio without wailing and gnashing of teeth.

  149. Thou shalt rend thy garments when the grill master forgets the oven mits.

  150. I kinda like my PBC too. I don’t use it enough.

  151. No trebuchet rides today. Today was engineering and discussion of who does what next. It will take a lot of work to repair last year’s trebuchet, so the plan is to pull off what is still usable and build a new one. This time it’s a floating arm trebuchet and redesign of the sling. Mr. RFH thinks his design can throw a 5 lb. pumpkin 200 yards.

    I made chicken quesadillas topped with lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, and sour cream with chocolate caramel Chex mix for dessert.

  152. I need a drink monitor too. Mrs. Jay and Elliot just don’t do a good job of that.

  153. Did you license your death catapult, roamy?

    Why do you hate children?

  154. What’s the German word for “Many people who are not fluent in your language calling on the phone to ask the exact same series of inane questions the instant you get your food out of the microwave oven”?

  155. We can’t have any grills, smokers,etc within 10 feet of a structure.

  156. I just got in a screaming match with my mom. I called out my mom, the Archbishop, and the Pope as a bunch of feckless cunts. My mom is praying for me. I think they all need to DIAF.

  157. Did I mention I told my mom to not be a fucking cunt and mention ONE thing Hillary had accomplished other than marrying a rapist?

  158. I paid the entrance fee for the pumpkin chunkin, does that count, Jay?

    Sean, something with dummkopf in it for sure.

    Oso, I hate to say this, but I’m pretty much done with this pope after that stupid comment about sacremental marriages. I don’t like the way he insults regular priests, either. I can only tell myself, “bad translation” or “off the cuff slip of the tongue” so many times.

  159. This pope seems to be pretty involved in governments, instead of people.

  160. Ugh. I should just not bother with ONTs.

  161. John Paul influenced governments, by representing people, instead of the other way around.

  162. I called out the feckless POS Pope too. It got ugly. Told my mom she, the Archbishop, and the Pope were all on the way to hell for being a bunch of fucking fucktards.

  163. Jay, true. Also, John Paul and Benedict were both careful about what they said, because they understood it wasn’t just a billion Catholic listening. Maybe it was growing up under Nazi rule or stoicism, but it served them well.

    Francis doesn’t think before he speaks, and he wants to be popular.

    **mutters “gates of hell shall not prevail” over and over**

  164. Roamie, I’m done. He’s too cute for me. A feckless fuck. Translate this bitch: Fuck you

  165. I am not a catholic, and I try to be open minded with other christian denominations, however I wonder how “they” picked an “Obama” as Pope.

  166. Got in huge fight with mom. Too pissed to stay awake. Jumping sleepy time bed guy

  167. You know, if you watch Jaws backwards, it’s about a shark that throws up so many people… that they have to open a beach.

  168. Vman, we are done. This fuck believes in climate change. He’s a muzzie apologist. Fuck him. Not my pope. Not my faith.

  169. Oso,
    I Initially thought they wanted a non European and good for them.
    What a miserable failure. Can you impeach/recall cardinals?

  170. I’ll take “Jokes Stolen from Game Shows” for $400, Alex.

  171. Oh my
    Robin Trower’s “Caravan to Midnight” just came up on my playlist. I thought he disappeared in the 70’s.
    While his voice is still good he looks older than my 106 year old grandfather.

  172. Go fuck yourself, Shawn.

    I stole it from Buzzfeed!

  173. Then they stole it from Jeopardy, b-rad. They had a whole “The Movie Backwards” category this week.

  174. May have to pose this one back to Laura tomorrow, but “… since then we have ruined plenty of chicken on [the BGE] with creosote”

    Oh, man, this shouldn’t be happening. I make a better brisket on the offset than on the egg, and I can tell you exactly why. But I’ve never ruined food on the egg. Something’s wrong there.

  175. using too much wood, egg concentrates it.

  176. I bought 8 of his albums

  177. One less bell to answer
    One less egg to fry
    One less derp to pick up after
    I should be happy

    But all I do is cry

  178. Yesterday was tourney day for HS baseball and softball and the news just did a ten minute recap. Apparently the girls now wear the equivalent of yoga pants to play softball.

  179. I’m wondering what’s worse: XBrad’s “Jaws backwards” joke or the fact Sean knew the proper attribution.

  180. I’ll add my vote for a gas grill too Tushar. Convenient and versatile: direct or indirect cooking, reheating leftovers is easy.

  181. There’s an outdoor light centered between the two bedrooms in the front of our camp. We searched for the switch for it for an hour last night without success. I’ve got a project for today.

    Although “find the switch” isn’t nearly as fun as playing “hide the pickle” with your mom.

  182. We’ve got a gas grill and the PBC. We use the gas grill for hamburgers, chicken, steak, etc. The PBC for ribs and big chunks of meat. Works well for us.

  183. I tried to watch Zero Dark Thirty last night but fell asleep near the end. Too much talking. I think it ran 3 hours with the commercial breaks.

  184. I used my PBC more last fall than in the summer. We’re at camp most of the summer and when I stay at home for the night it’s just me and I’m there only overnight. I guess I could buy another PBC for camp…hmm!

  185. How many calves to be branded today Pepe? What was your survival rate for the calves?

    (Don’t laugh at this question but, you brand only calves,right? I’m assuming a brand is permanent and a one time thing never to be repeated)

  186. Happy Father’s Day, Hostages!

  187. Jimbro, a friend of mine had lung surgery and had a stent put in. I knew about heart stents, never heard of a lung stent.

  188. Nor have I Roamy. If I invented one the reason would be to keep a bronchus open or to replace a section of diseased bronchus leading to otherwise viable lung tissue in lieu of resecting the entire lung below the diseased portion. I wonder what it’s made of and whether it will incorporate or be populated with the recipient’s epithelial cells.

  189. Only branding around 50 today, Jimbro. Survival rate is pretty good. We don’t lose many that hit the ground healthy. We brand the calves once, it’s permanent. If we buy bulls, we brand them. Any time you buy cattle, you have to brand them.

  190. The first part explains the rationale.

    and the rest is mostly patient info.

  191. He has lung cancer, and apparently one of the tumors started blocking the lower lobe of his right lung. The surgery apparently saved the lobe. Chemo’s not working, so he’s getting radiation treatments.

  192. I would want no part of branding a bull other than filming it from a safe distance to distribute on YouTube.

  193. He never smoked. It’s a gene mutation.

  194. I hope he gets some lasting benefit from the treatment. I am really out of the loop on 5 year survival rates for most adult cancers. My oncology rotation was in the summer of ’89 when most of the treatments used today were either experimental or considered archaic by today’s standards.

  195. Do you corrall all the calves and then run em through a chute to brand? Or are you doing it in the field?

  196. Tonight’s nba final has a lot of plot lines to make it worth watching. Probably the biggest factor is me not needing to wake up at 0500 Monday morning and go to work. I only do that for football.

  197. Happy dad’s day to you dads and your dads

  198. This guy writes a long rant every week or two. This is pretty good.

    One thing I wonder, when he says “we” or “us”, he is living in Mexico I believe, a point he mentions in other columns. US citizen living abroad I guess.

  199. And the same to you Dave


  201. Oh wow! DiT shows up! It is a lucky day for us hostages.

    My kids woke me up from sleep at 5.30 to wish me happy fathers day.
    Rascals can’t wake up before 7.30 on school day.


  203. Everybody must be packing wicker furniture.

  204. Not me. I’m making cigarettes.

  205. Not me either. I’m smoking a cigar on the porch reading about the Korean War.

  206. Happy Father’s Day to all you Hostiches what self-identifies as patriarchal oppressors.

  207. Which book, Jimbro?

  208. Happy Father’s Day to all you motherfuckers.

    Softball update:

    8-0. Another come from behind victory, where we exploded in the top of the 7th to take a 10 run lead.

    Tough opponent next week, plus half of our team won’t be there.

    *fingers crossed.

  209. All I have left is a giant rocking chair, then I can enjoy at least 4 hours of weekend.

  210. You can enjoy 4 peaceful hours on the rocking chair, and then pack it. Just a suggestion.

  211. Went to mass. Stopped at Strawberry Festival and had a deep fried pop tart, because who deep fries a pop tart?

    As good as you think that might taste, I assert that it was better.

  212. The Coldest Winter by David Halberstam

    It’s pretty illuminating for me. I vaguely knew the history but haven’t read anything in depth about it.

  213. It’s Strawberry Days in Glenwood Springs as well. I got the very last hotel room anywhere in town. The guy who walked in five minutes after me had to drive 45 minutes down the road to find a place.

    No deep fried pop tarts, however.

  214. Yeah, Jimbro. It’s a good (though depressing) history.

  215. I agree. I’m 14% through according to my kindle and I’m shaking my head often. I just finished a book about the Huertgen Forest in WW2. Next book needs to be more uplifting.

  216. Oh, yeah, Huertgen. I did a battle staff ride through there once. It was… well, one of the worst campaigns in Europe. Poorly led, pretty pointless, and very costly.

  217. We’re having a strawberry festival in our backyard.

    The blueberry festival starts in a week or so.

  218. Is your mom hosting that cherry festival again this year?

  219. Strawberries are a July 4th thing around here. Blueberries come in late July. Pretty sure my mulberry bush/tree is late July as well. No idea about cherries.


  221. Happy father’s day, Hostages

  222. My calendar just told me I need to remind LauraW about ground chicken burgers.

  223. Called my dad. My dumbass brother finally visited and brought a new girlfriend. This one has a face tattoo. Dad says despite the tattoo and multiple piercings, she’s nice and no nonsense. He also said, “Whatever” two dozen times in the course of our conversation, which always drives me a little crazy because he does that when he thinks I’m not paying enough attention. Or he’s pissed that I didn’t visit for Father’s Day. Go figure.

  224. I say “whatever” when the anecdote sounded better in my head than out loud.

    Boy1 waited for a Canadian Heat Wave before he would let me install his window air conditioner. Boy1 and 2 are up there sealing up the gaps. Boy1 keeps his light on all night so I imagine he’ll be eaten alive by pterodactyl sized mosquitos.

  225. Branding is done. Finished before it got brutally hot.

    Troy, we bring them into the corral, separate most of the cows, then rope the calves. You drag them over to a couple of guys who throw them down and hold them.

    If you brand bulls, you put them in a chute.

  226. **borrows Pepe’s branding iron**
    **heats it up**
    **puts a burning brand on XBrad’s ass**

  227. XBrad?

  228. Happy Father’s Day, guys!

  229. Don’t laugh, Tush. I know guys that have gotten branded.

  230. wakey wakey

  231. Hi, Xbrad. Was that to remind me not to forget to make chicken patties because they are awesome?

    I’ll take some chicken thighs out of the freezer this week.

    Thanks, man.

  232. Have we banned Assault Trebuchets, yet?

  233. Carin seems to have awookened in a different time zone today.

  234. Going back to Memphis tomorrow for the week. Grilled out some flank steak and burgers for dinner, got a nice card from the boys.

  235. How do you get the meat off the chicken thighs to make patties?

  236. Do you grind up the skin, too?

  237. How are the patties prepped and prepared?

  238. Happy Cismaleheteronormativepatriarchy Day!

  239. Do you freeze the ground up meat?

  240. Dammit Sean!

  241. Combo breaker.

  242. Flank steak on the grill is kinda meh.

  243. Mrs. Pupster just bought them because they were big.

  244. Like your mom.

  245. No, no skin. We buy bulk boneless skinless thighs. For burgers, I just cube the meat and grind it. I add garlic powder, salt, and pepper. Form into burgers and grill them. That is all.

    I have boned chicken thighs by hand before, it’s a bit time consuming but doable.

  246. If there’s little globs of yellow chicken fat sticking to the meat (but not part of the skin) here and there, I grind that with the meat. That adds flavor and makes the burgers really juicy.

  247. Thanks for asking, Pupster.

  248. I hope this has been some help to you.

  249. If you have any other questions please go on and ask.

  250. I hope I’m not annoying anyone. I would hate that so much.

  251. But on the other hand, bite me.

  252. Some boys dream of the day when they can finally best their old man, whether it’s in a basketball game or a drinking contest or a fight. This kid should be there in about a year.

  253. I did not know you could get boneless thighs.

    Why was I not informed?

    I don’t have a grinder, but I love to grill them, fambly doesn’t like the bones.

  254. >>I did not know you could get boneless thighs.

    WTF? What country do you live in?

  255. I’m seeing Northern Flickers on the lawn all the time now, and digging around the edges of the garden.

    That means the ants are having another big year. And that they’ll be invading my potted plants again, and stunting the occupants. Joy.


  257. Killed by boneless thighs. I can think of worse ways to go. Like, f’rinstance, choking on a thigh bone.

  258. >> The Coldest Winter by David Halberstam

    It’s a very good book.. ignore his Reagan editorializing… it’s just a moment in the book.

  259. Is twitter broken?


    I had to look up Patreon.

  261. Seems to be working okay for me, scott.

  262. I hope all the dads here had a wonderful father’s day.

  263. Went to the county fair, got ourselves rotated, shaken about, twisted, turned and otherwise tortured. Noshed on delicious fair food, complimented a stranger on his shirt (it said, ‘you don’t scare me, I have a daughter’), and generally enjoyed the day.

  264. Lest you think that all the childish drama is exclusively on GOP side.

  265. Glad you had a good day, Tush.

    Heya Cyn. How’s tricks?

  266. Dads: Everybody’s really proud.

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