Hello dataminers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.





Your subject(s) today is an actress and model, born in Rome, Italy on October 2nd, 1965. She measures 34-25-35 and stands 5’6″ tall. Please maintain eye contact and welcome, Miss Francesca Dellera!



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  1. Good one!

  2. The deadest of eyes.

  3. A Madonna with meatballs.

  4. She seems nice.

    Mr. RFH responded to Scott, “When siege weapons are outlawed, only outlaws will have siege weapons.”


  5. She’s an Italian Twin to my first serious girlfriend in high school, if she was a little bit heavier and bat-shit crazy.

  6. That’s a ginger, bat shit crazy is guaranteed.

  7. Nice job, Pups.

  8. #1 son has friends visiting, urgh. They brought a 5 month old baby and 2 dogs. Dogs barked all night. Still barking now. They don’t leave until Sunday.

    Fire is at 27K acres, smoke is bad every day, it really settles in at night, biggest heat wave since 2003 is headed our way. Fun, fun, fun.

  9. What do you charge for witches?

    I do those free. Pretty sure there’s an indulgence for that.

  10. She has a weird mouth.

  11. wakey wakey.

    13 hours was good.

  12. Three police cars in my driveway, arresting people. Don’t know why.

  13. I started reading the flamethrower book last night. First chapter is the parts and tools list, and I’m pretty sure that I can just load it up into my Amazon cart automagically by clicking a hyperlink in the book.

    Are they blocking you in, Carin?

  14. They were gone by the time Pat went to work, but Erin was being picked up early to go to Cedar point, and she had to walk out.

  15. Chicken rustlers.

  16. Meat Loaf might be dead.

  17. I need a racoon rustler. The thing is digging every night a bigger and bigger hole in the coop door.

  18. Live trap baited with marshmallows. Or just NVG and a .22.

  19. How have you lived out there all those years with livestock and no traps? I’ve had mine since the second year on the farm.

  20. I borrowed a trap. I’ll put it out tonight.

  21. So -stupid girl update from work.

    This one chick – she’s a “club kids” (don’t get me started ) who looks likes she’s 13, but is actually 20. She was dating a 42 years old (don’t get me started) until he threw her out, etc … so then she quickly moves on to the next (older) man, for whom she is quickly proclaiming is “the love of her life” and “her whole world” and such nonsense on facebook.

    Apparently he got violent with her last night – since yes she was basically living with him.

    I just want to knock her upside the head.

  22. Darts girl and Miami TV girl are extremely pleasant to look at.

    Excellent work, Pupster.

  23. Sounds like someone already has, and it didn’t help.

  24. Wouldn’t sheet metal be a solution?

  25. Carin, ask the girl if she can say, “daddy issues.”

  26. Yes, but I can’t just whip that up.

  27. I think the guys also have issues. She HONESTLY looks like a 12 year. for these boyfriends, I’m thinking: Control. Child thing. Hates real women (dare I say her figure is almost boyish?) The quickness with which she gets into (sexual) relationships, it’s obviously not about love or her personality.

    Just a few weeks ago she was saying she wouldn’t mind if she got pregnant.

    Gah. I hate life sometimes.

  28. Drive your car over a beer can.

    Sheet metal.

  29. *drives car over beer bottle

    It didn’t work, Scott.

  30. Destigmatizing sex before marriage killed the country.

  31. I’d take it one further – it’s not just sex before marriage . It’s completely casual sex. Sex before you even fricken KNOW the person.

  32. Episodic casual sex. One after another.

  33. There are plenty of us here who had sex before marriage, in a committed relationship. What happens now? No restraint. No shame. no morals.

  34. Dog head on feet. Sleeping. How do I get anything done?

  35. We should go back to slut shaming.

  36. I love slut shaming.They should be shamed. The problem? They have none. And you are right, lots of females will literally screw anyone on the first fricken “date.”

  37. I just fired a client.

    It had to be done.

  38. I’m in favor of slut shaming.

    I’m also moderately in favor of fat shaming. I’ve earned it.

  39. Car in, my RN wife cones home every week with stories about he nurse coworkers. Chicks smart enough to pass RN boards but no fucking common sense (pun intended) when it comes to sex, much less love and marriage. Just diddling one damned loser after another.

    You just wanna hit ’em upside the head with a Louisville Slugger.

  40. Hotspur, details.

  41. It’s the new common sense. Everyone is doing it, so it must be right.

  42. My RN has stories of infidelity Tex. After she recounts which nurse or tech is sleeping with which doctor (married / single) I always get the stink eye because she’s mad at the world and her cow orkers.

  43. This has been something of a big deal in places I may or may not spend a lot of my waking hours:

  44. Research and engineering just isn’t the hotbed of hot bedding that some industries are, I guess. I only know of one office romance, and they got married.

  45. Viva Italia!

    And yeah, when you make sex a commodity, bad things happen. Especially when you also make people a commodity while you’re at it.

  46. The opposite of love is not hate, it is use.

  47. If you are going to hire me, you hire me for my knowledge and skills. If you are going to question my every move, then argue with me over whether it is a legitimate charge, you can do your fucking job yourself.

    Good luck.

  48. Every day I think god for girls with loose morals.

  49. Hopefully you don’t have a daughter that falls into that category. And, given the stats at work, a lot of those girls ended up with a baby.

  50. See, let me let you in on a little secret: MOST (not all) of those girls actually think that the physical sex (and putting out) is going to lead to real love. I don’t care what they tell you. And, many of them just love love babies (again, not all). BUT a heck of a lot of them do.

    With today’s culture trending away from marriage, and commitment, a lot of young women see this as the only path to getting a family.

  51. She has a weird mouth.

    It can no longer form a proper shape without a dick in it.

  52. Without a father in their lives, the children of those women are born at a serious disadvantage. The sons will be criminals and layabouts, and the daughters will just repeat the cycle.

  53. I don’t agree with fat-shaming, but being fat is generally harmless to everyone else.

    Slutty behavior does harm other people. It encourages the spread of disease, unwanted children, discourages bonding in relationships, and encourages the worst sort of behavior in men. It also hurts women who want a relationship, because they’re in competition with the sluts.

    Sex ed in schools should include making girls repeat the mantra, “I don’t have a magic vagina”.

  54. It’s almost like there were religious teachings that foretold what would happen.

    Way back when, legend has it that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed.

  55. Jay,

    People want to piss on the Catholic Church for its teachings on sex and love, but it has two-thousand years of observations on what works and what doesn’t, and why not. I’ll take that over the latest theories of some pot-smoking left-wing revolutionary.

  56. Without a father in their lives, the children of those women are born at a serious disadvantage. The sons will be criminals and layabouts, and the daughters will just repeat the cycle.

    You can’t a have a free society full of addicts and feral children.

  57. It doesn’t cause unwanted babies, cuz you can just get rid of it! It’s the right to choose! Plus there’s condoms, birth control pills, etc. And it’s all paid for, because that’s our right! To fuck up our own life!

    Stop the H8!

  58. I don’t agree with fat-shaming, but being fat is generally harmless to everyone else.

    It’s the only appropriate response to the HAES and fat-acceptance monsters.

  59. All I ever needed to know I learned from Rudyard Kipling. Between Gods of the Copy-Book Headings and City of Brass you have everything wrong with today’s world, in a nutshell.

  60. Hell, CoAlex, those teachings and observations go back a lot further than 2000 years.

  61. People want to piss on the Catholic Church for its teachings on sex and love, but it has two-thousand years of observations on what works and what doesn’t, and why not.

    Six thousand if you include the inherited wisdom of the people of Israel. But still, that’s all old stuff. They didn’t have smartphones so what did they know?

  62. The Hebes and the Mackerel Snappers are outmoded.

  63. You can’t a have a free society full of addicts and feral children.

    This. Too bad mare didn’t say it …

  64. The Hebes and the Mackerel Snappers are outmoded.

    The Hebes and the Mackerel Snappers sounds like a college band that would get you kicked out of school.

  65. Most kids today wouldn’t even know what it meant.

  66. This week on Battle of the Bands: Herb the Hebe and the Mackerel Snappers vs. Screamin’ Mo and the Jihad Jacks!

  67. Your mom has a mackerel snapper.

  68. Oh man, I just learned that 2017 is the year of the Cock.

    Hillary doesn’t stand a chance.

  69. She’ll get schlonged.

  70. PBC update: I figured out why it runs a little hot. It’s in full sun.

    Probe says solar heat = +57 degrees.

  71. Interesting, scott. I haven’t noticed mine running hotter in winter, but it’s still in the sun. I’ll have to check that next time.

  72. That’s with only 1/2 of the surface area in the sun. I bet I could get it up to 225 with a couple of well placed mirrors.

  73. It might offset the colder air in the winter..

    It’s 76 outside and 133 in the PBC.

  74. I wonder what happens when the heat inside is greater than outside. That might offset it.

  75. Hillary is going to win.

    Scott and I were wrong all along.

    BUT – in our defense – we underestimated the stupidity of our country. I won’t do that again.

  76. I feel like crying when I think of Hillary as President. And I’m not a cryer.

  77. I’m not so sure. Clinton isn’t looking so hot in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and is trending down in Virginia.

  78. If Putin has her hacked emails, he owns her.

  79. There’s so many people not voting Trump that her margin goes down.

  80. Someone mentioned this at Ace’s:!

  81. It’s gay day at Ray’s stadium. No, I’m not kidding. And gay pride parade in St. Pete is June 25.

    Why are people collecting money for the families of the dead people? Were these people the bread winners? What? I know people want to DO SOMETHING!11!! but this makes no sense.

  82. It’s so they can buy guns.

  83. Cock!!!

  84. Oh, and the Ray’s stadium is sold out. 40,000.

  85. Is it a gun free zone?

  86. The astro-turf at Ray’s stadium looks like hell. UGLY field. Horrible sound system, guy/gal running the organ/cheer music was lame. Was just there a few nights ago when Longoria had a 3 run homer. $11 for a smallish beer. $9 for a smallish wine (x2 I didn’t ask for it my husband just brought me another when he went to get food). $19 for cheap seats. $15 for parking. My husband bought some tacos but I didn’t ask what they cost. 2 tacos, no exaggeration 2 tablespoons worth of rice and 2 of beans.

    I’ve been to Mariner’s stadium, The National’s stadium, Camden Yards, Angel’s stadium and the Rangers. Probably a few I forgot. Rays was the ugliest field. However, the people working and volunteering at Rays stadium were absolutely the nicest ever!

    (But for the gays they are only charging $5 for parking)

    Oh, look $20! (That means 2 more wines!)

  87. Yes. They look through all purses and bags and wand you before entering. Which I think is standard. At the Rangers they looked in your bag but more for booze. No wanding.

  88. This shall go down as the Week the Florida Tag Went Berserk.

  89. George Takei needs to go fuck himself. He was a navigator on a fake spaceship 50 years ago. Nobody cares about him.

  90. Since I’m a member, meaning I am the NRA, shove it up your ass, Takei…if there’s room.

    “…For if there is one group in this country with more will, more experience, and more tenacity than the NRA, it is the LGBT community. You don’t want to mess with us.”

  91. If Putin has her hacked emails, he owns her.

    Yea, this is awesome. I’m sure he’d prefer Hillary. So he keeps quiet about how much shit he has on her, so she wins, and thus …

    we’re fucked.

  92. I laughed at that. The LGBT community is filled with trigger words, safe spaces, and fabulous outfits.

  93. If Putin has her hacked emails, he owns her.
    Yea, this is awesome. I’m sure he’d prefer Hillary. So he keeps quiet about how much shit he has on her, so she wins, and thus …
    we’re fucked.


    I don’t understand how people who think the “email deal is a nothing burger” don’t get this.

  94. I don’t understand how people who think the “email deal is a nothing burger” don’t get this.

    Most of them are completely insulated from the real world. They’ve never served in uniform, or have close family who have served, they’ve never worked in a position of responsibility.

  95. Yes, Alex and they may not understand (or care) about clearances, keeping your mouth shut or organizations doing things other countries (and our own general population) should NOT know about.

  96. I don’t think it’s a slam dunk for Hillary. With all the support from the media she is barely ahead.

    A lot of things can go wrong for her between now and November.

    I expect some bombshell leaks courtesy of the FBI.

  97. The Ray’s stadium is the absolute worst.

    They’ve been trying to replace it for like 10 years.

  98. She’s up 6, legit.

    But remember, the more people get to know her, the more they hate her.

    If you look in the cross tabs Trump hasn’t really consolidated Republicans as well as Hillary! has with Dems.

    I think Ryan, McConell, et all should learn the phrase, ‘no comment.’

  99. Beautiful day today after many at African heat levels.

    I think my rose bush is finished. It didn’t like all the rain, early spring, and it’s fungus’d. Tomato plants are doing well as I got those in after most of the rain.

  100. Ryan, McConnell, and co. can go f*ck themselves.

  101. The GOP has more mouths than just Trump’s to worry about…

  102. Comment by Car in on June 17, 2016 12:11 pm
    we underestimated the stupidity of our country.

    Never underestimate the stupidity of the average person, and remember, as group size increases, so does the level of stupidity.

  103. She’s up six nationally, but in a lot of battleground state races she up by two points or less.

  104. Plus, the polls this far out are fake.

  105. I don’t trust anything anymore. Laura had some work friends over, one of them is a teacher who told us she has 2 kids in her class with lead poisoning.

    I think to myself……BS.

    So today I google. Last year they estimated there were 100, 000 – 250,000 kids with lead poisoning.

    Apparently that wasn’t enough so they lowered their lead level limits by half. Now there are 500,000 kids with lead poisoning.

    They did the same thing with air pollution.

    Poof, suddenly we have much bigger problems for the government to work on.

  106. 2 in 2 kids have DNA caused by vaccinations. DNA!

    We have to get rid of DNA in our society by driving electric cars and eating vegetables that cost 3x as much as the one’s that have DNA in them.

  107. Scott, lead pipe, solarium.

  108. Car in, pistol, chicken coop.

  109. Our forecast high for Monday will be 121.

  110. Yeah, fuck that.

  111. I think you can wipe out DNA on any surface by applying a lot of dihydrogen monoxide. But that has corrosive effects on some items.

    Could be deadly.

  112. Jay,
    Be sure to not get it in your lungs!

  113. I went to the doctor today and she told me I was DNA-free. Pretty sure I inherited that trait from my mother’s side.

  114. Dr. Nick Riviera? I love that guy!

  115. Define poverty as having income in bottom 20 percentile.

    Come out with a study that shows 20% people live in poverty.

    Shriek in horror.

    Create a new federal anti-poverty program that sucks up billions and does nothing.


  116. I just had my eye lasered. Ouch.
    It was comical, signs posted warning of laser! eye protection required!
    avoid direct eye exposure!

  117. Worky worky

  118. No one drop their kid in a gorilla cage of go wading in the Florida swamps while I’m gone.

  119. I gave your mom some free DNA.

  120. Why is Car in using her Xmas avatar?

  121. Free? She paid me.

  122. Don’t think the press bends over backwards to bash Christians? Read this:

  123. Fpr those that may be interested, over at western rifle shooters they are running a piece of subversive fiction that I’m finding entertaining. Title of the story is “Piss Christ? Piss Koran!” written by a retired SEAL (Officer type, dont hold it against him). Thought maybe some of you here might enjoy the story also.

  124. And if you dont, Xin Loi

  125. Wot a day. It’s done though. Vacation is here. Long live vacation.

  126. I bought Scrabble for camp. I think the boys are old enough to suffer a humiliating defeat at my hands. The weather is going to cooperate so it may be on the back burner for a bit though.

  127. Same with Band of Brothers marathon

  128. That California Beef Council pdf you linked on the tri tip anatomy was great lauraw. Naming the muscles to correlate with the cuts is great. I dissected through two of the muscles today in a human. Regretfully I had to suture them back up and not smoke them.

  129. I am not sure, but I think FBI and Orlando cops did talk to that asshole Mateen’s wife, Salman Noor.

    Now she is AWOL. They let her slip away.

  130. Whats going on Tushar is that we’re surrounded by a bunch of traitor dishonorable fucks that have a agenda. And the agenda has nothing to do with keeping you or I safe and everything to do with keeping them in power.

  131. She’s with the Saudis. Distant cousin of royalty

  132. Can we start the revolutuin already, raise the black flag and start slitting throats?

  133. So npr ran a story this morning about gay pride marches in San Fran and the feelings people have about participating in light of Orlando. After years of conservatives and Christians poo pooing the whole endeavor all it took was one jihadi to change people’s attitude about marching in assless leather chaps.

  134. …and start slitting throats

    That reminds me. They also had a story about a Jewish guy who survived a random muzzie trying to sever his head in London. He gave his argument for gun control by saying he wouldn’t be alive if the guy had a gun. He loves himself some gun control.

  135. Jimbro, some people are hopeless.
    They prefer death over being politically incorrect.
    If I could go back in time, I would have ignore Hitler and go after fathers of Liberalism like Marx, Engel, Margaret Sanger, the Frankfurt school assholes who came to Chicago and spread their poison etc.

    Hitler and muzzies are easy to deal with. This internal cancer is difficult to eradicate.

  136. Can’t argue with that. Hitler wore a uniform and didn’t obfuscate.

  137. (I just wanted to say obfuscate but it does describe him accurately)

  138. I’d whack FDR and his entire “brain trust” too, just to be on the safe side.

  139. OTOH, some ideas are so bad that it’s almost impossible that the people who had them matter. Someone was going to have them, and they were going to be tried again and again.

    I say it a lot, but the truth of feudalism would be better than the current lie of a republican democracy.

  140. Of course, I say that in the absence of a kingdom having ever existed with ubiquitous surveillance and drone aircraft.

  141. I can roughly count the number of reasons peaceful and prosperous human existence is difficult to achieve.

    At present, that count is a bit above 7 billion.

  142. Howdy.


  144. Como Estas, Ocho……I mean Oso.

  145. Mr Hankey! PG! Remember when I said we were getting a waterheater for Xmas? Yeah, that didn’t happen. 18+ yr old waterheater died yesterday. As in OMG I’m dying! Dan didn’t set up the camp shower. Water was so cold it hurt. New water heater was supposed to be delivered today. Truck broke down. Tomorrow. Going to MiLs house to shower.

  146. Rosetta and my mom shared a birthday. Today. I didn’t expect the anger.

  147. The truck didn’t break down.

  148. Actually, it probably has. Just not today.

    I used that a lot.

  149. Scott, we thought they over scheduled and lied to cover. 24 hr response had us both shocked in the first place. It was Saturday all along!

  150. You paying for installation?

  151. Oso family theater: (Talking about Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique) Oso: She bugs. Dan: She’s like Matthew Broderick’s wife. Oso: Horseface? Dan: yep, smoking hot bod but butterface. Fin

  152. Scott, we’re paying for installation and removal. I KNOW!! We’ll have to schedule the visit from the City too

  153. It’s easy.

  154. Scott, Dan wants to just pay for the convenience. Several friends and family offered to help. I’m just sitting here like 😁

  155. I’ve talked old ladies through it.

  156. Carin?

  157. Much more hilarious with sound.

  158. Scott, I know!!! Did I mention that I have laminate flooring in the garage since 2008?

  159. I like that Tush’s video was by MrTitsMcGee.

  160. ‘Sup?

  161. Who else plumbed like a boss today?

  162. Thanks again for linking the last one, Andy.

  163. Very good, Sean. My favorite thing of the week is Di-Fi reinvigorating her terrorist/no-fly list ban, but this time it would apply to anyone who’d been on the list(s) in the last 5 years instead of current occupants.

    Now why would they make that change, I wonder?

  164. Phone dying. Dan is such a grrrlll. I need to go to bed with him and MA. They both pout if I sleep on the couch

  165. Yep. That was a good ‘un, Sean.

  166. I like that Andy links Sean’s pieces, ensuring he gets paid more than Wiserbud.

  167. Fantastic column Sean

  168. Yes, I did that in part to spite Wiserbud. But just in part.

  169. I didn’t even have time to get into the media and their foolishness. That “ZOMG 38 MINUTES TO BUY AN ICKY BLACK RIFLE” thing the other day was hilarious.

    You mean to tell me that a woman who works at a national news organization and who, one assumes, is not a terrorist or a mental patient, was able to walk into a gun store, show two pieces of ID, fill out all the requisite paperwork, pass an electronic background check, and pay money and then walk out of there with a rifle that is legal to possess within that state? Horrors.

  170. My retort: How long should it take?

  171. Also … this is fucking great! She probably committed a felony.

  172. Well, the good news (I guess, as far as they’re concerned) is that it’ll be that much more difficult for her to purchase a firearm the next time.

    Mission Accomplished

  173. Took him by the hair
    Spun him round about,
    Laughing as he fell about,
    Sat down for a derp
    In her father’s favourite chair

  174. Good morning.

    feed horse and barn cat
    water mounds
    go to greenhouse and see what’s on clearance
    plant whatever
    water garden
    scythe phragmites

  175. Trebuchet meeting today.

    Hoping the weather will be kind to my co-workers at the “NASA in the Park” PR/STEM event today. They are competing against the gay pride parade and an anime convention.

  176. Good Morning Glories

  177. Interrelated Chicken Cow Pigbutt Siege Weapon Gif

  178. I have one of those chickens way up there. THey have feathered feet


  180. Good column, Sean.

  181. […] H2 has Big Boob Friday. And some Rule 5 for the […]

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