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Jorge de la Vega

b 1930 Buenos Aries, Vermont d. 1971

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de la Vega was a student architect and a self-taught painter.

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An humorist, he wrote and performed many songs about the world in which he found himself.

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A real windfall when I do these posts is the unique artists that I find while researching.  I never would have discovered de la Vega if It weren’t for you all.

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Further; please pardon my absence in the comments lately as I have embarked on a huge film project for Netflix and now find myself entangled in the coils of my former profession.  This gig will last through the summer and potentially far beyond.  It’s not that I necessarily wanted another tour in this weirdo industry but as Cpt. Willard put so well, ‘… for my sins they gave me one’.  I’ll update once we are in production.  We are not now and so the madhouse.

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Best to you and yorn.


Viva la Flapjacx


  1. Not doing it for me. Sorry, Chumpo, but good luck with the film project.


  3. Congrats on the film project Mr Chumpo.

  4. workie workie

  5. Art that confronts one’s set asthetic is the more valuable, and the more vital.

    For me de la Vega’s interpretation of form whimsically challenges and sets me right.

  6. Miss you around here, Chumpo. Hope you are earning lots to make your schedule worth it.

    You are really testing out boundaries today. There is a TON of stuff to see within these already color filled, busy, rule breaking pieces.

  7. hahaha, I did not see your comment Chumpo before I made mine.

  8. Stuff of nightmares.

  9. Netflix is moving into Telenovelas amd I represent the skilled on-location film maker to the traditional sound stage technition. We are shooting all over San Diego county and they are indeed taking very good care of me.
    The show is something on the order of CSI meets West Wing and then gets in a fistfight w 24.

  10. Must I speak Spanish to enjoy it? I want to watch it to see the credits.

  11. Are there hawt Colombianas? I might watch.

    If you have Carmen Villalobos I will be your best friend for life if I can visit the set.

  12. I will also need another show after I finish El Señor de los Cielos.

  13. Si. sí, es un dramtic episódica y si habla español , entonces sabrá la historia, pero si no y todavía lo mira ..however; if you watch it then you probably will absorb some spanish by osmosis as I am.

  14. She may be in it. If she is a top star then she will definitly be part of the cast at some point as the producers tell me that this will be the biggest show in Latin America.

    You are all welcome on set.

  15. wakey wakey

  16. The dum-dums at work are arguing that they don’t’ understand why people are trying to make this about terrorism (I’ll spare you their silly supporting arguments) – it’s simply about homophobia.

  17. I’m in a baaaad state (of being). I’m OUT of coffee.


  18. Homophobes say things like “I hate queers” when they’re stuck at an auto dealership and the TV is on “Ellen” and she’s interviewing Isaac Mizrahi.

    Terrorists shoot up clubs full of random people.

  19. Ellen’s gotten a lot prettier as she’s aged.

  20. I’ve switched from watching Spanish shows with English subtitles to watching Spanish shows with Spanish subtitles, so I think I’m getting better. Reading is easier, but I’m not doing too badly for a guy who started learning a 3rd language at 36.

  21. Carn, did your Subaru tell you that?

  22. It must be the car.

  23. As thin as she’s gotten, every time I see her I think she looks like a guy with AIDS.

  24. Has Ellen changed…or perhaps it’s you?

    Definitely the car’s influence

  25. Has she gone vegan yet?

  26. Not yet.

  27. The video attached to the imgur post below is stunning and a must see for anyone who loves art, and especially Van Gogh.

  28. Bill Clinton is a vegan, so there’s that.

  29. >>Bill Clinton is a vegan, so there’s that.

    But he is tolerant. He doesn’t mind others eating his meat.

  30. MJ has never lost a street fight. His technique is hard to beat.

    NSFW! But only slightly so


  31. Bill – like so many vegans – looks like death.

  32. “Not yet.”

    Somebody at softball will tell you about it.

  33. True, leon. BUT IT’S GOOD FOR HIM, JUST LOOK!

  34. I’ll probably go full lesbian/vegan when I stop liking meat and men.

  35. Bill’s vegan because it impresses the under 22 chick crowd.

  36. If God didn’t want us to eat meat, he wouldn’t have made animals so delicious.

  37. >>I’ll probably go full lesbian/vegan when I stop liking meat and men.

    Department of redundancy Department.

  38. Bill’s vegan because it impresses the under 22 chick crowd.

    Not worth it.

  39. White people be crazy. Crazy good.

  40. Tushar, that Van Gogh deal was amazing.

  41. Jewstin, please try this and report back if it works.

  42. By the way, no one among the Elite has had it pointed out to them publicly that those armed bodyguards they hire to protect themselves? Yeah, Omar Mateen went through them and passed.


  43. Went through background checks…

  44. Well it didn’t find he was one of those icky Tea Party redneck Christian unpeople, so all good!

  45. Government can’t and won’t make you safe.

    But they will gladly solicit your votes and your power by telling you they will.

    And when it becomes clear that they cannot even make themselves safe, it will be too late for us all.

  46. For the hate they had taught through the State brought the State no defender…

  47. So we have to endure more security checks, personal space invasions, purse/bag checks, pat downs and electronic screenings so we can allow a shit ton more muslims in this country?

    Why are we taking them anyway?

    By the way, for the last 100 years, immigrants have had to answer questions about their religion and affiliations.

    https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/files/nativedocuments/M-618.pdf page 98

    Looking for the Religion check off, Rush was speaking about it nearly a month ago.

  48. Watch for a really high profile CAIR lawyer really soon.

  49. I’m sorry mare, we’ve been through this, it’s racist.

  50. Salman, 30, admitted she was with him when he bought his ammunition and holster.
    And she drove him to Pulse nightclub and other target scenes – including Walt Disney World – ‘because he wanted to scope them out’.
    However, she never made any attempts to contact authorities about the impending terror attack.


    Jay, she’s a fricken accomplice and should be arrested. This is absolute bullshit.

    The FBI MUST arrest her, a message needs to be sent that if you don’t say anything you’re part of it.

    I’m absolutely blown away (so to speak).

  51. She probably agreed with him.

  52. Is Britain leaving the EU because of $$$ or immigrants?

  53. Yes.

  54. The current wife is why they’re distracting us with what his Ex-wife is saying.

    She was married to him for FOUR months? Shit, I know my pharmacists* better than she knew her ex- husband.

    *not really

  55. They’re trying their damnedest to push the “Self-hating gay in the closet” angle. Because they are a LOT more comfortable with that narrative.

  56. I’m just going to start throwing out WILD number for how many shots a semi-automatic can fire per minute to see if anyone notices.

    1,500 shots a minute – who needs that kind of firepower?

  57. 1,500 shots a minute – who needs that kind of firepower?

    *raises hand*

  58. If you’re going to be throwing around random numbers then I’d say it’s about time for Hotspur to show up and make an astute observation about somebody’s mom.

  59. I got yer moms number!

    (I know Im a paltry stand in, but I’l have to do til HS arrives).

  60. They’re trying their damnedest to push the “Self-hating gay in the closet” angle.

    Wonkette already posted one.

  61. Morning home fries.

    You all suck. I hate you. Especially mare, Jay, Leon, HS, Scott, Lauraw, Steve, car in, chumpo, coa, oso, bc, bcock, Sean, rfh, and etc.

  62. 1500 sounds about right for your mom.

  63. Oh look, MJ rolled out of bed at the crack of noon.

  64. Speaking of self hating gays… Ohai, MJ!

  65. Im watching lib friends use the Automatic weapons! 700 rounds a minute! well established militia! arguments on The Douche™

    then they get butthurt when you light them up.

  66. I gotta start doing a better job of being an asshole around here. If I can’t make MJ’s hatey hate list, I must be doing something wrong.

    Hey MJ, is GND still buying that shit about it being a botched circumcision?

  67. “That’s not who we are!” is only uttered by dumbasses and political whores.

    I’m looking at you Hillary and Paul Ryan.

    Two big vaginas.

  68. It’s who I am.

  69. Me too, Leon. It’s me…100%.

  70. Penn & Teller had a interesting read on the 2nd. Basically the interpretation revolves around the placement of a comma. They argue that there is a declarative statement in the beginning….

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    So they read “A well regulated Militia COMMA being necessary to the security of a free state,COMMA (Seeing as how we recognize we need a standing army) the right of the PEOPLE (not the same as the regulated Militia) to keep and bear arms COMMA shall not be infringed.

    I found this to be a interesting interpretation that makes more sense to me than others..

    They had just fought a War against the “Kings” men ( a standing army) in which the first thing the enemy tried to do was confiscate weapons from the “people.”

  71. Everyone always forgets about the comma.

  72. Stupid Biship probably loves him some elementary school boys.

    Palm Beach diocese had 3 Bishops IN A ROW who were boy lovers.

  73. Plus, I’d like to know one Catholic Church where hatred of anything is preached or encouraged. Eff that moron in particular.

  74. Seriously, this country is rife with leftist insanity.

  75. Stupid effing Bishop, Rush just mentioned that 10 counties have a death penalty for homosexuality. As you guessed almost all majority Muslim.


  76. Comma comma comma chameleon

  77. I knew it! Car in hearts Culture Club!

  78. Shooting in Amarillo Wally World.
    SWAT on scene.
    Suspect down…

  79. Not very smart, taking hostages in TX

  80. Suspect ID’d as Muhhamed Kalid.

  81. “Workplace Violins” by a Somali Moslem…

  82. Eh. I usually prefer some sax with my violins.

  83. I heart cuffy

  84. Retweeted

  85. Why won’t anyone share my candy bar?


  86. I figured you’d stop wondering about that after the “unfortunate incident” with the Police at the grade school….Does this mean you got yer Van fixed?

  87. Windows are tinted and the tank is full.

  88. Jimbro, I had no idea Hotspur owns a candy company.

  89. The Russians hacked into DNC servers.

    This is just peachy.

  90. As I recall, the Sanders crew got cut off when they were able to access stuff other than their own. More a “security-what-security” thing than a true hack, like as not.

  91. Anyone knows whats up with Ace? No new posts since yesterday.

  92. According to the cobs yesterday he went on a no-electronic-devices retreat. Which he probably needs badly, he’s clearly been near burnout lately.

    Of course the Horde comes up with its own explanations…

  93. a no-electronic-devices retreat = Hobo hunt.

  94. Tomi Lahren live on facebook right now, a really good presentation from Turning Point USA

  95. Ah, Ace just posted. The real story, apparently he had PRK done and he’s been recovering. (Actually I remember him discussing this before, so yeah.)

  96. http://tinyurl.com/hvg9agx

  97. Club Pick-Up Associate is on vacation. Douchbag that Manager chose to cover her shifts, got too tired yesterday and strained his back. Club GM asked me to cover. Yay! I used links on the computer and trained myself on the Pick-Up process in 30 minutes. I get to work a 6 day week and go in at 5 for the rest of the week. KMN.

  98. Sweet sweet time and a half.

  99. What’s a PRK? Anything like pork?

  100. PRK = Photorefractive keratectomy, laser eye surgery before Lasik became the new hotness.

  101. As he quoted, it’s the old Laski procedure!

    (eye surgery, Lasik, since ace is Mr. Typo)

  102. It’s funny, they tell you if you point a laser at your eyes you’ll go blind, but when they want to make your eyes work better they use what? I guess it really is all technique. And special tools. And branding. And…OK, so it really isn’t the same.

  103. Switchblade. Scalpel.

  104. PG, exactly. I was paid for 60+ hours the week I was at Shareholders. Probably only 48 this week. Still have to submit my travel expenses.

  105. Thank God it is just an eye surgery. I do worry about Ace and his tenuous grip on sanity.

  106. I worry about us all. These are not good days for the sane.

  107. Laura just tried Meathead’s technique for skinny steaks.

    It works perfectly.

    Restaurant steaks are dead to me.

  108. Mmmmeathead!!!!

  109. I got the Meathead book, and going through it. Imma try stuff this weekend. I now have enough confidence to grill chicken.
    Next come the moos and the oinks.

  110. I may be a book hoarder. Dan is ok with Meathead on his iPad. Dan: Like we really need another fucking book in this Condo. Fin

  111. The batteries on books don’t die. Fin.

  112. I’m not sure how we managed this, but we’ve seemingly regressed as a nation from confronting Islamic terrorism with “let’s roll” to “let’s roll over and play dead”. This will not end well.

    Great poat by Andy.


  113. Thanks. Nice groundwork by Cassidy on that.

  114. >> Laura just tried Meathead’s technique for skinny steaks.

    Prolly should just give a page reference. I think we all have the book! :-)

  115. I have a friend who is a physicist and spent much of his career working with lasers. When he needed eye surgery he didn’t want lasers anywhere near his eyes. :) Too dangerous.

  116. Page 246 – How was the salmon?

  117. Salmon was delicious! I cooked it on the new Mini-Max egg I just got for hauling to the beach.

  118. We’ve turned into salmon snobs.

    Chilean is the best, and we can get it for about $4 per lb in the fall and winter.

  119. Ha! I took what I could get, but I was wondering about that.

    I did 2 pieces one with glaze and one without. Slight nod to the glazed.

  120. ChrisP…did you see what Scott said about Chilean salmon? (Poking the PNW)

  121. We’ve had 2 offers on MiLs house by neighbors that know she’s in Memorycare. Dan is texting SiL about moving forward. One less worry. I still want to punch SiL in the throat.

  122. RL friends, my mom, and Rosetta all shared a 6/17 birthday. Fuck

  123. I just did some reading. There is a good chance the Alaskan salmon we got had been frozen, shipped to china, thawed and deboned, refrozen, and shipped back to America.

    Apparently Americans don’t like dealing with bones so a lot of Alaskan salmon is shipped to china for cleaning and packaging.

    We’ll try to find something fresher next time. Wild caught is supposed to be much better than farmed fish.

  124. Scott, flash freezing is a thing. Most seafood is flashed before it docks. WalMart FTW

  125. Glad to see that Chumpo is still alive.

    And the rest of you, too. I guess.

  126. BTW it is really weird to have my Wally stock higher than my Target stock.


    I take back all the bad things I ever said about you.

  128. The salmon we get from Chile isn’t frozen.

  129. The US sends a crapton of shrimp to China to be deveined and peeled. Evidently it’s another of those jobs Americans don’t want to do.

    Fill up my EBT card you racist fucks!

  130. Hate P Grande the most!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, mostly.

  131. I bet China keeps our shrimp and sends us back their toxic crap.

  132. Famous Dave’s Hot and Spicy Pickle on a Ham & Cheese Slider. #TooHot2Cook

  133. MJ, give us a matrimony report. Has she made you sleep on the sofa yet?

  134. Shawn, good article. You write good.

  135. >>Has she made you sleep on the sofa yet?

    Only when he has burritos for dinner.

  136. BTW, in 17 years of marriage, I have slept on the couch only once, and that too because I was farting too much and did not want her to endure the aroma. I was married for maybe a year then.

  137. 26 years of sofa surfing when Aunt Flo is visiting. We tried the cup. Meh. 26 years.

  138. TMI?

  139. >> I take back all the bad things I ever said about you.


  140. Peaky Blinders!!!!

  141. MJ, give us a matrimony report. Has she made you sleep on the sofa yet?
    Nah. Things are really good. I’m happy, and so is GND.

    My best friend, whom I’ve knows since I was a little boy, told her that he’d actually never seen me this content. That struck me, because he knows me pretty well.

    Cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and many herbs growing in the garden. I infused a bunch of jars of vodka a few weeks back so those should be ready soon. All smoked meats have come out great, although the pork got 3.5 beads out of 6 on the anal scale.

    My dad is cancer free after having surgery. He bought a Porsche, similar to the one you have, and sends me pictures as he drives around the backroads of Illinois in the heart of farming country. The rest of my family is great, and we’ve all gotten closer in the past year or so.

    I used to be under a tremendous amount of pressure at work, but with the new jerb I get paid a lot more and have almost no stress at all. It’s easy, and the people are wonderful.

    The house is fantastic, although I wish you’d come over and caulk the woodwork. It really needs it and I know how much you love caulk.


    Life is good, home fries. I’m so lucky I’m thinking of playing the lottery.

  142. You should buy 500,000 tickets just to be sure.

  143. Also, I am happy for you.

    Life is pretty great when all that stuff comes together.

  144. MJ is freaking happy? Why is he still commenting here? We need a Charlotte road trip!!! GND likes the H2 crew.

  145. That’s awesome, MJ.

  146. Oso, don’t want to pry but why the couch with Aunt Flo? Having to get up a lot?

  147. These are not good days for the sane.

    That’s why I’ve embraced madness. It’s more rewarding and infuses life with meaning, plus everything makes more sense when you assume Reptoids are behind it.

  148. That and moar!!! I graduated to doggie pads to save sheets and mattress pads. Confused the dogs. MaryAnn is my snugglepup. AKA heating pad.

  149. . blog

  150. OMG! Take my money!


  151. I’m back in central o hi o this week for my jerb. Feeling kind of Mellon Collie.

  152. Serial. I really have to concentrate while watching Peaky. Suspect English

  153. Ummm … anyone got any good new recipes they want to share?

  154. Dang, MJ, sounds great, congrats.

    Although I’d never tempt fate (or LauraW) like that.

  155. Yeahhhhh, that could have been handled in private email.

  156. Did I miss something?

  157. Did a little weeding and cleared some tall grass around the garden fence, then I hilled up my potatoes with straw and loaded my walkways with a bunch more cedar mulch.

  158. At my age, I feel good about regularity. TMI?

  159. You should eat more fiber, Oso. I have some leftover mulch if you want it.

  160. Ha! Metformin fixed my female schedule. Still don’t ovulate. All the pain, none of the benefits. PSOS sucks.

  161. Hahahahaha

  162. Nobody needs an AR15…

  163. I just walked into the other room to get laundry BY MYSELF!

    Elliot stayed in the chair.


  164. *still waiting on Meathead’s book. They didn’t have it at our Sam’s, and I haven’t ruined a birthday present.


  165. Leon?


  166. Steampunk is Aggie’s bailiwick.

  167. J’Ames, that t-shirt is the perfect retort to that NYDN writer whose vag is very recoil-sensitive.

  168. Oso,
    I will let Scott live with his delusions. There is already a huge demand for Chinook Salmon without him looking for it…

    Sounds like life has given you the “Golden Ticket”.
    Congratulations, and may last you two forever…

    Only a progressive could blame mass-murder by a moslem-democrat on conservative Christians…

  169. Jay, is that MCPO wearing that t-shirt?

  170. Haha, true, Andy.

  171. Could be, mare, could be.

  172. Watching Red October for the 24 th time…riveted.

  173. I am surrounded by liberal faggot pussies in my neighborhood.

    There was a stabbing then a shooting two blocks from my house last night and the fucking idiots are saying things like, ‘too many guns around here.’

    How do people this fucking dumb function in real life?

  174. Sorry. I should have sent that novela via email.

    I was essited.

  175. Shut up, MJ everything you send is funny and interesting. The H2 doesn’t need any bullshit censoring of funny or any thing elsE.

  176. Glad to hear that things are going so well for you, MJ (although it was obvious you guys are perfect for each other at the TITS meat-up #1). Finding the right person makes everything else just a little bit easier to deal with.

    I like novellas like that – don’t apologize for happy stuff :-)

  177. Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson is an effing moronic, political whore.

  178. Teresa, now that you’re not a bag lady, how do you feel??

  179. I’m only one week out of surgery, Mare, so still pretty puny – but no more bags is really nice!

  180. >> Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson is an effing moronic, political whore.

    You say “Jeh”, I say “meh”

  181. Yes, I’m going down, yes
    I’m going down, down, down
    Down, down
    Yes, I’ve got my feet in the window
    Got my derp on the ground

  182. The weather finally turned good. It’s been 60’s and rain/mist/cloudy for days.

  183. HHD will be up in a few. Good morning.

  184. HHD is up!

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