Totally Bitchin’

The Eggplant:


Crazy Cat Lady thinks I should keep it purple.  I think the Vikings are from Canada or something.  I’m sure they’re very good at squash.

IMG_20160604_182418Why is this mysterious stranger sitting on my car?



  1. My son has those shoe Jew! I’m glad you’ve kept to the on shirt rule.

    wakey wakey.

  2. They’re very comfortable shoes.

  3. hahahahaha….no shirt!

    For Wiser:
    Watched that video, Wiser.
    I’m sure she’d just say, Senator Clinton was under soooooo much pressure, as senator I understand how she had to play politics and I’m sure as President she’ll be insulated from some of that pressure.
    Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t have to,
    Oh, and if Elizabeth Warren thinks a student is fast because they can understand outcomes….holy hsit.

  4. Even when Lieawatha was decent looking, she had that “I like to eat pussy” kind of hairdo.

    She and Hillary will make quite the team.

  5. And tha landau roof? you never mentioned that. What a hooptie.

  6. Nice shirt, Jew.

  7. If Ole Shitting Bull becomes VP, will she get the perk of having access to Huma?

  8. Nice car, Jew. Keep it purple. It is a bitchin color.

  9. You may want to consider painting those rims silver or something. Leave the purple paint alone.

  10. This might fill many of you with nostalgia.
    I could relate to many of them, I didn’t even grow up here.
    Seems kids are the same all over the world.

  11. Hotspur is so eloquent. 🙂

  12. Finally found a truck at a seemingly decent price. Only problem is, it’s in Boise. Over $10K less than they’re asking here. Still worth the cost of a plane ticket and a motel room to get it.

    I really don’t understand some things. NM is one of the poorest states, yet prices here for things like cars or machinery are sky high. One dealership I went to offered me MSRP less $2K. I found out later that there was a $4.5K rebate on the model. They were generously offering to keep over half. SMH.

  13. I’ve got a buddy has a Harley that color. Calls it “Pervert Purple”.

  14. What a hooptie.

    It’s pimp, yo.

  15. Tushar, I could relate to most of them. I had to look up heads down thumbs up.

  16. Heh, nice ride Jewstin. You’d be some kind of minor God in my neck of Canada with that color.

    *sound of Viking horn*

  17. Earlier today Jimbro linked the top 50 BBQ joints in the country.

    I just crossed number 7 off of the list.

    I ordered a pulled pork sandwich, and smoked mac and cheese. When the owner found out I drove 20 miles to sample his food he threw in free ribs, beans, and various sauces.

    Good guy. Amazing food.

    Best rib ever.

  18. Mound as finished as it’s going to get. Pumpkins planted.

  19. Scott has given me the push to try the New Jersey place from that list.

  20. Jewstin, I just looked at the categories and LOL’d.

  21. I just verified on map how enormous Texas is.
    There are places in Texas where muthafucking Virginia is closer than other places in Texas.

    Texarkana TX to Ewing,VA: 738 miles
    Texarkana,TX to Canutillo,TX : 828 miles

    And Texarkana to Canutillo isn’t the longest drive within Texas.
    Texline, TX to Brownville TX is 900 miles.

    Texas, you big.

  22. #Maine is in Bethel which is near Sunday River. We may need to take a road trip this fall, stay at the ski resort, see the fall colors and eat some BBQ. It hasn’t shown up on any of the other lists I’ve seen.

    Glad yours was good Scott.

  23. That’s crazy Tushar

  24. Jewstin, are you drinking a can of America in the last picture?

  25. This is so on point!

  26. If any of you choose to make that Texarkana to Canutillo trip, please feel free to stop by and spend the night. I live about 4 hours east of Canutillo.

  27. Of these 50 places, 6 are within 3 hours from me. If I stretch that to five hours, I get 3-4 more

  28. The bbq place in Pennsylvania is an hours drive from the nearest Cabelas for me. Hmm…

  29. Driving from here to San Antonio, El Paso is just past the half way mark.


  31. Ha ha! Awesome sports car.

  32. ‘Sup, fags?



  35. Jackpot!

  36. >>>>Best rib ever.

    EXCUSE ME??!?!!

    Perhaps if you stop by here tomorrow around 5pm, I might dissuade you from this misconception.

  37. Want to know what a former Hillary supporter thinks of Hillary?

    In 24 years of hard trying, nobody has ever yet proven, to any evidenciary standard, any wrongdoing on the part of Hillary Clinton. That suggests that’s she’s either been unfairly targeted or such a skilled mastermind as to be exactly the person we should want leading us.

    Yeah, they just fuckin hate that bitch. Madame President, since we put up the Trumpster Fire as our starting pitcher in game 7.

  38. I gotta have a wiser rib sometime, cuz it’s gonna have to be one helluva rib to beat mine.

  39. Today’s PSA:
    You may be your brother’s keeper, but don’t keep drugs on you for him to consume.

  40. 98F

  41. HA! I showed the owner Jimbro’s link.

    He put it on the top of their facebook page.
    That’s probably what got me the freebies, thanks Jimbro.

  42. Even Lauraw says they are best ribs she’s ever tasted.

    On another topic, got my first check from WFP.

    I is a professional pundit!!!

    *I don’t think there are actual, you know, presses. It’s a website.

  44. I see one more fucking drug deal go down on my quiet little cup-de-sac and I may go Charles Bronson on their asses.

    Cops have been notified. Ain’t shit being done about.

  45. >>>>*I don’t think there are actual, you know, presses. It’s a website


  46. I see one more fucking drug deal go down on my quiet little cup-de-sac and I may go Charles Bronson on their asses.

  47. What are they selling?

  48. I went to the store today.I came outside, and a super shiny new Mustang was parked beside me. When I started the Eggplant the Mustang’s car alarm went off.

  49. I’m guessing heroin, but who the fuck knows.

    Since we’ve been calling, I haven’t see a single cop in the neighborhood.

    Really starting to piss me off.

  50. Los Angeles County may be a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but the Sheriff’s Department is actually a really good law enforcement agency. If we had that kind of shit going on in my neighborhood, they would be on it like white on rice.

  51. Start taking video and posting it to your media sites.

  52. On a completely different note, it’s depressing as hell to listen to two writers I’ve enjoyed as much as Ace and Kurt Schlichter twist themselves into pretzels on Ace’s podcast to convince themselves that Trump saying “my African-American” wasn’t an incredibly boneheaded thing to say and that, furthermore, it’s everybody else’s problem for noticing it.

    You can put all the tasty toppings and condiments you want to on that shit sandwich, but I’m not taking a single fucking bite. Good God.

  53. >>>Start taking video and posting it to your media sites.

    Been taking pictures. They see me taking pictures. They just don’t care?

    And why would they? Cops don’t give a shit.

  54. Actually, do you have a sheriff? If the cops won’t do anything, sheriff might. Especially if this is his election year.

  55. Or vigilante justice. Scott can probably help you prep boxes beforehand and know how to ship them to a pig farm in Abu Dhabi.

  56. Just don’t do both. Vigilante justice only works if there are no witnesses.

  57. Meathead made the WSJ book review

  58. Vigilante justice only works if there are no witnesses.

    Michael, God rest his soul, would disagree.

  59. Wiser, have you considered becoming a customer?

  60. Wrist rocket, glass marbles (frozen), problem solved. Silent, non lethal, leaves no evidence. One to the ass, leg , back, is motivating. Will take vehicle glass (time your shot to the thumping bass)

    You’ve done your citizen due diligence. NowTCB.

  61. You can put all the tasty toppings and condiments you want to on that shit sandwich, but I’m not taking a single fucking bite.

    Ayup. But Hillary? Cain’t abide that, no way no how.

  62. Me neither, geoff. So I won’t be voting for either one of them.

  63. Well, if you can leave them duct-taped upside-down to telephone poles as a message to others, great, but not so great if they can pick you out of a lineup.

  64. Me neither, geoff. So I won’t be voting for either one of them.

    I’m having a mild disagreement with DigitalBrownShirt over that at IB. I’m once again being driven into “hold your nose” territory (he, like you, is saying “no way”), but this time the stench is overwhelming.

    A revolt at the GOP convention may break the party and the primary system, but I’m praying for it.


  66. I decided a year ago to vote for the best hair for President.

    I’m still undecided.

  67. I’m voting for the least rapey candidate that has a shot.


    I have a feeling that whatever is under there is magical.

  69. Wiser, if your city is anything like my old city, there is a non-zero chance that the perps are police officers, or pals of cops.

    If not, the cops would respond to your call (so they could steal the drugs and cash).

  70. Well, I’m willing to say it, FU anyone who is complicit with Hillary’s Supreme Court picks. Trumps are known and not too bad. But l, yeah, your conscience is good and that’s what is important.

  71. Of course, I hope your city is not like my old city was.

  72. My HS girlfriend’s uncle was a cop. More than once I saw all the cans and bottles of beer he “confiscated” in the bed of his pick up truck on the weekends.

  73. Again, mare, not voting for either of them, so I feel good about that.

    Also, I live in a state where Jesus Christ himself could run for president AND select reincarnated Marilyn Monroe as his veep, and they would still lose to the Dems in a landslide, so I don’t think my vote matters much one ay or the other.

    Furthermore, if I wasn’t of the opinion that Donald Trump is just as big of an amoral, power-hungry scumbag as his good friend and wedding guest Hillary Clinton, his supposed list of SCOTUS picks might interest me. But since he’s shown absolutely no compunction about telling a whole bunch of facile lies (see, for instance, “I’ll build a wall and make them pay for it” or “My favorite book is The Bible” or “I’m a Republican”) to his rather gullible fanbase, I’ma take that list with a YUGE and classy grain of salt.

    That’s the way I see it, anyway.

  74. My cousin was a narcotics detective on the same force. He and his colleagues were investigated by the FBI for missing evidence. Turns out the chief was feeding a drug habit from the evidence room.

  75. whoops, forgot the greeen partay

  76. All of our local parks are drug sites. Dan and I think that city parks and rec guys are dealing. Suspicious behavior. We liked giving our dogs a variety of parks. Saw stuff. MaryAnn isn’t interested so much in parks without Gingy.

  77. Five minutes after the green partay chick’s photo was taken:

  78. Hmmm…Trump’s hair does seem to possess its own intelligence and motive powers, so that might be a deciding factor..


  80. Awwww…Thanks Pups

  81. G night. TMI I need sleep without hormones. IYKWIMAITTYD


  83. Sad bear must be having a “Moment”

  84. Bearalone.

  85. I can’t convince you to vote, but Trump can’t beat Hillary without getting votes. If everyone stays home, Grandma wins.

    Stupid people like the quoter I had earlier today are voting.

  86. I ❤️ Buffalone.

  87. I just don’t see how Trump and Clinton can be described as morally equivalent choices. They are not equally shitty. One is shitty diaper and the other is a fucking sewer.

  88. I can’t convince you to vote, but Trump can’t beat Hillary without getting votes. If everyone stays home, Grandma wins.

    Aw, jeez. Guess I’d better put aside the thing that I’ve said over and over again about how I think they’re equally bad choices.


  89. I understand, Sean. I disagree about them being equally bad. Trump hasn’t killed people.

  90. He will.

  91. Anytime you say you don’t want Trump to be President, you are effectively saying you prefer Hillary as President.

    This is not a choice between which one is a better candidate. This is a choice between who is less repugnant.

    I think Donald is less repugnant. So far, apart from being an unthinking motor mouth, and being a typical opportunistic businessman who treats ethics as more of a good-to-have than must-have, he does not have too much downside.

    Hillary has no upside whatsoever.

  92. The way I see it, Hillary! is guaranteed to crash the nation. Trump doesn’t have 100% certainty of crashing the nation.

    So I’m voting but praying for divine intercession.

  93. Tushar, yes. Geoff, yes.

    I know shit sandwiches taste like shit. Adulting sucks.

  94. I am saying I don’t want Trump to be president.

    I am saying I don’t want Hillary to be president.

    I know one of them will be.

    I’m a free man. I owe nothing to any candidate or any party. My vote is mine, and I’ll use it as I see fit, just as you can use yours. I have chosen to give it to neither of them. I will sleep soundly at night knowing that I had no part in this.

  95. In other news, the new Vacation (2015) movie is painfully unfunny.

  96. I’m glad you’ll be able to sleep at night. I wouldn’t be able to.

  97. **hides in the bushes outside Sean’s bedroom window and makes creepy noises**

  98. Tushar, you don’t have to make any noises. Your brownness is frightening enough.

  99. I think Cyn would approve of the bedroom scene in the new Vacation. Haha

  100. Some interesting stats:
    There are a little more than 15,000 golf courses in US, and they average about 75 acres. That is roughly 1750 Sq Miles. Compared to Rhode Island, which is about 1250 Sq Miles.
    If all the US golf courses were places next to each other, they would occupy an area roughly 50 miles X 35 miles.

  101. There’s a Nova out in the parking lot right now. I know it’s not Jewstin’s because it’s painted a color most people would be okay with being seen in.

  102. obviously not a vikings fan.

  103. Looking for some happiness
    but there is only loneliness to find
    Derp to the left, turn to the right
    looking upstairs, looking behind

  104. Rounds

  105. Coffee
    Pack Suitcases
    Grill Porkchops
    Rum and Coke
    Rum and Coke

  106. wakey wakey. BUSY day. Every one up at at it.

  107. Hold on there morning glory, I need to check my agenda.

    *heads for back porch with coffee*

  108. Church
    30 Bike Ride
    Ponder the meaning of life

  109. For Oso and Chumpo but probably more Oso:

  110. hahahah, That little horse is a scamp.

  111. Work
    Clean Shop
    Machine maintenance

  112. coffee
    walk around garden, maybe pick peas
    write list for week
    ill-thought out midnight snack
    grow an even bigger ass
    wake up horrified

  113. Coffee
    pay bills
    chicken coop (something is getting into it)
    Hannah’s high school graduation

  114. So … any guesses on the shooter in ORlando? Fundamentalist Christian?

    Trump voter.

  115. Morning.

  116. Congratulations to Hannah!

  117. Almost all of you are lying about your day, including Mare and Carin. I know damn good and well at least several of you took a dump this morning.

  118. I wish Clint.

  119. coffee
    eat brunch (fix real breakfast or heat up leftovers? decisions, decisions)
    clean out fridge
    de-clutter until garbage can is full
    make sure the kids are doing something other than computer games
    stay off Faceplant before I truly say what I’m thinking (yes, your daughter is pretty but those pics make it look like you tripled her Ritalin dose. Stop it.)

  120. Piss.
    Dress (minimal)
    Breakfast at local choke and puke.
    No plans past that.

  121. I have furniture to pack and a lawn to cut.

  122. Just noticed I didn’t write miles. Probable doesn’t matter but you never know

    30 people bike ride
    30 day bike ride
    30 foot bike ride

  123. Stupid phone comments!

  124. Religion of peace™

  125. My plans for today shall remain secret.

    To spare you all the yawns.

  126. So this muslim bastard opened fire and killed 20 people at a gay bar.
    Presumably some of them were gay.

    This will throw the liberals and the SJWs in a tizzy.

  127. 50 dead.

  128. Mornin’, all.

  129. They will solve the dilemma by noting that most of the gays were probably white and thus deserved it.

  130. Morning. Wonder if there’s a motive in the Orlando shooting yet? 50 dead in a gun free zone and the MFM is blaming the gun. Nice of the Orlando cops to let the imam speak at the press conference. We wouldn’t want the rednecks getting all rednecky and Islamophobic

  131. ISIS announced there would be attacks in Florida 3 days ago.

  132. Probably just a coincidence. The causes are likely

    1) the gun
    2) global warming
    3) Donald Trump

  133. 4) Gorilla

  134. Making the salmon today, Scott.

  135. Oooo, good call Tushar. Was the shooter a bit dusky hued?

  136. Pupster, of course he was dusky hued. Afghan parents. As wholesomely American as it can get.

    You Americans are too tolerant.

    Many years back, some muslims burned a train carriage in India, killing 53 Hindu pilgrims, many of them women and children.

    In the ensuing riots, arrangements were made for 2500 people to meet Allah.

    Some people need killing. Keeps them in check.

  137. NYT has a photo of a black man and woman grieving outside the Orlando bar.

    A person non well versed in the rules of Oppression Olympics might deem this a mistake. You should show oppressed class victims only when the perpetrator is a hated Cis white male.

    But for those who can play the three dimensional chess of SJW grievance mongering, this makes perfect sense.

    Blacks are lower on the ‘Totem pole of oppression’ compared to Muslims. At some point, Blacks will have to be thrown as sacrifice in the fires of SJW justice. Might as well start the process.

  138. Did TFG make a statement from the golf course?

  139. It’s about time for the flurry of articles telling us of all the dangers that occur more frequently than Islamic terrorism.

  140. For Beasn

  141. I keep hearing car accident stats because of the job. Somewhere between 30k and 40k people die in the US due to car accidents every year, and 94% of all car accidents are due to human error. The supposed smart folk of the car industry then do math and say that 94% means that 6% aren’t the result of human error, ergo self-driving cars will reduce fatalities to between 1800 and 2400 people per annum.

    There’s a lot of bullshit math in that, but the worst of the assumptions is that machines won’t make mistakes.

    Oh, hey, and d’ya suppose a car filled with 800# of jellied gasoline in barrels driving itself into a gay bar might have had higher fatalities?

  142. I’m also pretty sure lots of people have fatal “accidents” when they’ve decided to end it and want someone else to collect on the insurance.

  143. Seen on Facebook:

    If only George Zimmerman were still on patrol.

  144. Ouch.

  145. List:
    plant onion sets, check
    plant summer squash, check
    water pumpkin mound, check
    coffee, check
    church, check
    get mineral block for horses
    get straw bales for ‘tato hilling
    get more mulch for garden walkways
    build mound for corn, sunflowers, and nasturtium
    whack weeds
    eat beef

  146. You are in for a treat, Andy.

  147. He could have been upset about a video.

  148. What video, Brokeback Mountain?

  149. YouTube!!

    What can’t it inspire?

  150. LAPD just arrested a guy with guns and explosives. He told cops he was in town for a gay pride event.

    No word yet on his religion of peace.

  151. It’s almost as if we were at war.

  152. LAPD just arrested a guy with guns and explosives. He told cops he was in town for a gay pride event.

    I’m sure he was just planning to be explosively fabulous.

    So does this shit help the “ban Muslims” crowd or the gun ban dipshits?

  153. The LA thing might well be a nothingburger.

  154. If this shit continues, Trump will be the next POTUS. He’ll see an uptick in the polls this week fer sure, all he has to do is say the magic words…

  155. terribletroy

    Bill Kristol said the same thing on twitter this morning – people did not respond well

  156. Change in plans.

    Grill pork chops
    Pay too much for mediocre mexican food with surly service
    Run to Micro Center for new POE network switch
    Troubleshoot someone else’s IP Video Intercom system design
    Wonder why I ever took a salaried position when I work 70 + hours a week


  157. Oh, also transfer data to POS used laptop because my work laptop NIC port died and it’s pretty important when you are programming and installing network components.


  158. coffee – check
    laundry – check
    eat brunch – Mr. RFH made pancakes and bacon, nom nom. Screw the low carb diet when someone else cooks.
    clean out fridge – check
    de-clutter until garbage can is full – once more into the breach
    make sure the kids are doing something other than computer games – half a check
    dinner – not there yet
    stay off Faceplant – fail, but I did finally block all the Bonnaroo pics before I said something stupid.

  159. RUM

  160. Anyone think it’s weird that it was exactly 20 then exactly 50 in Orlando?

  161. XBrad?

  162. Tushar, how in heck do the Jain and Muslim exist in the same country? Very weird.

  163. Tushar, that bunny deal was priceless.

    Trump said, “when will we get tough, smart and vigilant?”

    I think that’s appropriate.

    I’ll pray for the family of those poor people just out having a good time. They were minding their own business and some nut acting out an ISIS fantasy murders them. What a POS.

  164. To say it’s not religiously motivated is silly.

  165. I hope Wiser rips Blumenthal a new one on his next show. What a waste of oxygen.

  166. Biked 30 miles (not using racing bikes which have thin tires, and less resistance). 3 hours of biking, hope the calorie expenditure is close to what the sites say it is….niiiiiice.

  167. hahahah, The NBA wants Lebron to win, guess they have to get rid of the best player on the other team.

    Game on Friday.

    Suspension Sunday?

    Worse than that idiot Football commissioner.

  168. That foul Green committed in the last game was nowhere near the bag tag he gave the Oklahoma City guy in the last series. That was flagrant and deserved the punishment not this one.

  169. >>Tushar, how in heck do the Jain and Muslim exist in the same country? Very weird.

    Mundy, it is pretty much an unwritten pact. Muslims leave Jains and Buddhists alone because Hindus and Sikhs are standing guard.

  170. Agree, Jimbro. But they should have fined him, big time, not try to change an outcome.

  171. plant onion sets, check
    plant summer squash, check
    water pumpkin mound, check
    coffee, check
    church, check
    get mineral block for horses, check
    get straw bales for ‘tato hilling, check
    get more mulch for garden walkways, check
    build mound for corn, sunflowers, and nasturtium, check
    mow, check
    whack weeds, postponed
    eat beef, postponed

    Baby is vomiting, so I’m holding off on dinner breakfast in case we need to take her somewhere. It’s been going on less than an hour, no fever, still in good spirits, but it’s been the first meal and then the one given right after. Called nurse line, we’ll take her in if anything changes.

  172. I took a nap before work and had a dream that Donald Trump was playing a game of racquetball against Derek Jeter. The winner got to take home some kind of Nobel Prize. It was not the peace prize, though. And they wouldn’t actually win the Nobel Prize, they would just get an actual Nobel Prize trophy (in the dream, it wasn’t a medal) that used to belong to someone else.

  173. Oh yeah, lists:

    Rounds check
    Left elbow check
    Left elbow check
    Left wrist check
    Ice tea check
    Pasta salad check
    Drive teen to work check
    Feet up/watching clock till call is over check

  174. Muslims leave Jains and Buddhists alone because Hindus and Sikhs are standing guard.


    Don’t mess with Sikhs.

    Work – Check
    Clean shop – not so much
    Machine maint – check
    Work – Check

    Sunday Gunday – check

    Still working.

  175. Coffee, check
    AA meeting, check
    More coffee, check
    Take Riley for a walk, check
    Bagel, coffee, cherry juice, check
    Change sheets, check
    Feed Riley, check
    Do dishes, check
    Shower, check
    Nap, check
    Lunch, check
    Arrive at work on time, check
    Write this list, check

  176. Home. Exhausted. Worked hard, smell like a yak.

    Walked around my garden for a minute but the wind tonight is stupid gusty and cold.
    All other activities pushed off until tomorrow.

    List making. That will be it for tonight. Bleargh.

  177. Also the new pony is complete dick and is lucky I haven’t already shit him.

  178. cranberry wheat racked to secondary check
    lasagna made check
    laundry started not checked
    baseball watched in progress

  179. How does one shit a pony?

  180. Shot. Must have been autocucumbered.

    The difficulty of moving him back where we got him is enough that I’d rather just dig a big hole in the woods and walk him close to it.

  181. If anyone could eat a pony, it would be Leon.

  182. finally tried a grapefruit beer – Perrin. IT was good. I don’t like the regular Perrin – I forget what it was – we had it at work and it tasted like bud light.

  183. Eat a lot of fibrous vegetables with cheese sauce.

  184. I have never wanted to kill and eat a horse more than this one. He’s not staying, but unless he kicks me I’m not allowed to slaughter him.

  185. Hannah is done graduated. 3.9 GPA. Not bad. Especially considering how attractive she is.

    I can say things like that since Micheal is no longer with us.

  186. Went to a really cool place for dinner. Camp Ticanderoga. Something like that. In Troy.

  187. Thanks for the piggehs, Tushar!!

  188. We went to a graduation today. Husband’s goddaughter.

    Beasnette went off on an adventure with her aunt and cousin for the next week. She went off worried because her boyfriend had gone in to get new glasses and his doctor said, ‘Hey, your retina is starting to detach’. So he had retina surgery a couple of days ago and has to lay flat for a full week. Poor kid.

  189. Comment by Tushar on June 12, 2016 7:40 pm
    How does one shit a pony?

    Painfully, I’m guessing.

    Evening Hostages.

  190. Eating a pony is easy. Digesting a pony–that’s where champions are made.

  191. *Jams a whole pony into Sean’s alimentary canal*

    *duct-tapes his mouth shut*

    We shall see.

  192. *Jams a whole pony into Sean’s alimentary canal*

    Via which end?

  193. He’s probably 400# of cheval fully butchered. Could keep us – well, me – fed through the rest of this year and part of next.

    He’s probably going back to the horse rescue, though. He cornered our quarterhorse in one of the shelters and kicked her until she was bloody. Up until then it had been normal dominance shit. I almost killed him right then.

  194. Hurt Locker was a good movie.

  195. Mmph. Mph mmpf phummph, mrha.

  196. I’m four hours out from Albuquerque. I think I’ll stop there for the night and finish the rest of the drive tomorrow bright and early. I’ll still get into work be noon. Trip went well.

    Congrats to hannah for gradimacating.

    Leon, sorry about the new pony.

    Wiser, they can only pick you out of a lineup if they still have eyes.

  197. **walks into the blogspace**

    Why is Sean looking so uncomfortable and distended?

    And where is that neighing coming from?

  198. *sigh*

    Sean, you can still type.

  199. Also, Arizona appears to be on fire.

  200. And where is that neighing coming from?

    Ask the lady with the hump, if you dare.

  201. Man, I don’t know what the hell is going on, but I’m seriously logy here at work this evening. Can’t hardly keep my eyes open.


  202. CoAlex, which way are you traveling? I40? or Highway 60?

  203. 40

  204. All night party tonight. Remember when Matt had his two years ago? I told her I’d kill her if she crashed and died.

  205. MMM @509AM.

  206. Leon is still up?

  207. Leon worthy

  208. I shouldn’t be. I won’t be much longer. Gotta be back up in <8 hours.

  209. Into the binders, thanks Pepe.

  210. Me getting off work: Are we watching the Tony’s or NHL? Dan: AYFKM? Fin

  211. So, the Tony Awards, right? I didn’t get to talk with Dan all that much, but he struck me as FEEEEEEESSSSSSSTIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!!!!

  212. Yeah, the Tony’s. Got home in time for the Gordie Howe tribute from Broadway.

  213. “Hannah is done graduated. 3.9 GPA. Not bad. Especially considering how attractive she is. ”

    Car in,
    You know the rule:
    “Pics or…”
    Just kidding.
    Congrats to Hannah!

  214. And…I remember why I don’t watch award shows with Dan. He is Joel, Tom Servo, and Crow. I finally told him to just turn it to the Dodgers/Giants game.

  215. mmm, Weissebier is delicious. I’ll send one to anyone who can receive it by email.

  216. Can you send me a Diet Dr Pepper by email?

  217. Of course!

  218. I hope Arrieta and Bumgarner get into the Home Run Derby. That would be fun.

  219. It would be interesting, but with the kind of luck the Cubbies have been having for the last 100 plus years, Arrieta would likely suffer some kind of career-ending injury during the contest.

  220. The. Cast. Didn’t. Use. Their. Musket. Props. During. Hamilton. Songs. At. The. Tonys.

    For fuck’s sake.

  221. All night party tonight.

    You misspelled “Drunken orgy”.

    At a hotel in North ‘Querq. Up early tomorrow to drive up to the Springs and then in to work by noon.

  222. I love the sound of breaking glass
    Deep into the derp
    I love the sound of its condition
    Flying all around

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