Hello flamers, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is a porn star, born in Middletown, New Jersey on January 31st, 1994.  She measures 32D-24-28, 5’6″ and 108lbs.  Please stop being fabulous long enough to welcome, Miss Whitney Westgate!



  1. I love bewbs. Foist.

  2. The girl next door…with daddy issues!

  3. Jersey Girl

  4. 5.1 quake out in the desert about half an hour ago. I hope b-rad is okay.

    If he’s not, he’s not.


    Wakey wakey

  5. Perfectly good tummy ruined with ink. Sad!

  6. Im withwith Leon.

    Tats and/or piercings: the ultimate dealkiller.

  7. And why do none of her photos show the right side of her face?

  8. The mystery will consume me.

  9. Graduation weekend for Hannah. I work today and tomorrow, so I’m trying to convince Pat that we should NOT have his mom and sister here before. Just meet us at the site – it’s NOT close.

    Crossfit. Planting. etc etc today before work.

  10. I’m integrating software that doesn’t want to integrate, isn’t built to integrate, and in all likelihood shouldn’t integrate.

  11. I just had to take away a baby bunny from Moose and Zelda who were playing with it. Gross.

    Killer caught it for them. There are a bunch of baby bunnies out by the road. Caught it and brought it home. Yuck. IT was still alive. Killerl just sat there watching them play. So content with himself.

  12. I’ll be just puttering before I go to work too. Just started picking peas and strawberries this week.

    Kind of bummed out about the peas. Usually when you buy a pack of seeds there will be one or two snowpeas mixed in with a stand of sugarsnaps. No big deal. But this bunch is like, mostly snowpeas. I don’t remember where I got the peas, so I don’t know who to complain to. I think it was Hart seed, but not really sure.

    I like snowpeas, but they have to be cooked to make them sweet. Sugarsnaps are divine crunchable raw joyfulness.

  13. Sorry about the bunny, Carin. The babies are really cute.

  14. And why do none of her photos show the right side of her face?


    Or lichen.

  15. Leon persuading the software to integrate

  16. Close, except the front two legs are one the ground and I’m standing still pleading with it to move. And wondering if it might really be paralyzed.

  17. Leon, those front feet are moving merely to pretend cooperation, but not really being effective at all. I am sure your software does something similar.

  18. Man, I would not want to be a lonely woman’s dog in Canada today.

  19. Or any day, but especially today.

  20. Ms. Westgate seems fond of displaying her body for paltry sums of money.

    Good for her.

  21. Quality choice, pupster.

    Morning Hostages.

  22. Hey, Tushar, does your wife ever cook lotus root/ stem? Some really nice Indian people opened a grocery store near us. Scott and I went to have a look. I saw a bag of frozen lotus and it looks like it might be a good alternative starch for me.

  23. Mornin’ folkses. I swear, every day this week would have been great for “fishing”, and when I say “fishing” I mean “napping under shade after casting an unbaited line because really, who wants some dumb fish to interrupt a good nap”.

    Makes me vaguely sad I couldn’t exploit that fact. And I don’t even fish.

  24. Laura, I know some Indians are lotus eaters, we are not.

    Maybe I will try it someday

  25. Nothing like an hour long traffic delay trapping you between exits to start out the day.

  26. I feel sad to see beautiful young women become strippers and porn stars. I like the freedom that Western culture offers, but that freedom comes with this dark side. Women get exploited a bit too easily. And the culture conditions them to think that being slutty is perfectly alright, and it is modesty that must be derided and shunned.

  27. >> I feel sad to see beautiful young women become strippers and porn stars

    Yep. I feel sad for them on a daily basis or more.

  28. Lena Dunham. Is this what you’d like to see naked?

  29. Lena Dunham. Is this what you’d like to see naked?

    That’s why she’s gotta be “edgy” to get attention, rather than being smart or good at something.

  30. Leon, why not today?

  31. Google being Google

    However, this guy lays it out pretty well, so everyone can understand what we already know. Car in poated this on facedouche, and I shared. Already I have “non-issue!” on my wall. Although a couple libs have reacted positively. Probably because it’s negative to Hillary, since they are Bernie fans.

  32. see, this is the attraction of Islam. If US was an Islamic state, we would have a Fatwa against fatties like Lena Dunham or Amy Schumer getting naked.

  33. I’m not a fan of belly tats, but I’ll take them over a girl with a massive sleeve or tats on her upper chest any day.

  34. They’re all going to look even sillier than they already do in 30 years. If they live that long.

  35. Leon, why not today?

    Canadian court just “legalized” non-penetrative sex acts with animals. No word on whether Ms. Dunham has planned to move yet, but I think this plus a Trump win makes it a virtual lock.

    And I am perpetually saddened that any woman falls into stripping/porn, pretty or not. It’s a waste of God’s gift of life and femininity. No irony, no joke. I wish there were no demand nor supply.

  36. So liberals that will be moving after the election are fleeing to a more white, less politically diverse country without free speech.

    Sounds about right. Racist freedom hating scum.

  37. What are the chances of an Alaskexit, ya think? AIP seems like my kinda folks.

  38. My next round of “informal, only has to be done to check a box before we can hire you” interviews has been pushed back until the end of next week or the start of the following week.

    God, I wish I knew it was a lock so I could just take a couple of weeks off to play with the baby and do epic stuff in the yard.

  39. Hey, Tushar, does your wife ever cook lotus root/ stem? Some really nice Indian people opened a grocery store near us. Scott and I went to have a look. I saw a bag of frozen lotus and it looks like it might be a good alternative starch for me.

    Do you want to turn into a panda? Because I think that is how you turn into a Panda

  40. I’m halfway there, Car in, just need a bunch of white and black fur. And I don’t even know if I’ve had lotus root!

  41. Jay, didn’t you lose a bunch of weight?

    You are going away from total pandafication, on towards it.

  42. Do you want to turn into a panda? Because I think that is how you turn into a Panda

    For that you fall into Spring of Drowned Panda, very tragic story…

  43. 5.1 quake out in the desert about half an hour ago. I hope b-rad is okay.

    I died.

  44. That is sad, XBRad.
    May your soul rest in peace.

    Say hi to Hitler for me.

  45. I did lose a bunch, but I’m still very panda like.

  46. R.I.P. #9

  47. What the hell is this?

  48. I’m not trying to be snarky and I want your thinking on this, I walked by a newspaper box and the headline was:


    How is this big news? She’s the dam candidate. I honestly don’t remember if CLINTON ENDORSES GORE was a big thing.

  49. It’s the first day of the Hillary Era ready and willing to eff us over.

  50. The Obama endorses clinton deal was big on radio news also. She “won” the nomination what gives?

  51. To be fair, eight years ago, it was Obama Schlongs Clinton.

  52. >>What the hell is this?

    That is Bill trying to grapple with the issue of how fat and disgusting Hillary is.

  53. Obama Endorses Felon

  54. Obama Endorses Boulder in a Pantsuit

  55. Now I want to go over to campus and paint the big rock on South U in an orange pantsuit.

  56. Leon clickbait

  57. Obama Endorses Mashed Potato Pile

  58. Gawker filed for bankruptcy.

  59. Gawker filed for bankruptcy.


  60. Ace: “I’m so hard right now I could cut glass.”


  61. Gawker filed for bankruptcy.

    Well, if this doesn’t go down by 530, I guess I go to the ER.

  62. Thanks Pepe.

  63. Comment by Hotspur on June 10, 2016 1:32 pm

    Ace: “I’m so hard right now I could cut glass.”

    “So hard a cat can’t scratch it.”

    LMAO. I haven’t heard that one in a while.

  64. Ace’s reaction:

    >>I’m so hard right now I could cut glass.
    >>A cat can’t scratch it, as a friend once said.

    Can someone explain that second sentence to me? Is he still talking about his, ahem, member?

  65. Ha ha haaaaa haaaaaaa

  66. Can someone please NOT explain the second sentence to me.

  67. Yea, that Obama endorsement stuff was over the top. Seriously?

    It’s about as surprising to me as all the dem/Bernie voters coming around and voting for Hillary because at least she’s not Trump.

  68. So, when things are harder than the material with which you are trying to scratch them, they generally don’t get scratched.

    As an analogy:

    Cat’s claw is to Ace’s current schadenboner
    sharpened pop-sickle stick is to Abrams tank armor.

  69. Can someone explain that second sentence to me? Is he still talking about his, ahem, member?

    A cat’s claws are pretty damn sharp, so something would have to be really hard for a cat not to be able to scratch it/leave a mark.

    Yes, he’s referencing his….little ewok.

  70. Isn’t Abrams armor explosive?

    That would make that analogy interesting.

  71. Thank you. This is what I like about H2. Expert level analysis of dick hardness.

  72. Not at the pop-sickle stick range of interactions, Jay.

  73. It took a few years but Thiel got his revenge. Good for him.

  74. That never fails to make me laugh, Tushar.

  75. BCoch, I love the oddly specific minus 37 number.

  76. Isn’t Abrams armor explosive?

    No. It’s a composite of various metals, ceramics, and styrofoam (for a given weight, stryofoam is excellent armor).

    There are tanks and other vehicles that use Explosive Reactive Armor, primarily to defeat High Explosive Anti Tank shaped charge warheads, but the Abrams is already virtually invulnerable to those from the frontal arc.

  77. The Chobham armor used by British Challenger tanks is explosive. I thought it is used on M1A1 as well?

  78. Huh, Chobham is not reactive. I stand corrected.

  79. BRB, making S’mores at ruins of Gawker Media

  80. I don’t know what’s in that Chapter 11 filing, but AtC’s browning out successively larger portions of the power grid over it.

  81. OK, read her recaps, and ooooohhhhh my. I better make these s’mores fast while there’s still enough left to work with.

  82. I’m sewing a giant insect screen for my cucumber/ melon tower, out of spunbond floating row cover. I miscalculated the size so I have to sew another part of it on while it is on the frame. When they say ‘floating’ row cover, they aren’t kidding. Working with this shit on even a slightly breezy day is maddening.

  83. the fuck did you post in that comment, Jay?
    The blog now haz teh AIDS.

  84. Um, who or what is AtC?

  85. Sorry, HQ shorthand. Alexthechick, moronette extraordinare with legal expertise.

  86. AlextheChick.

    And she’s gleeful because it appears that Hogan is pretty much Gawker’s only creditor. Meaning that he both bankrupted them and will get money out of them. A twofer!

  87. They did sell a minority stake to Columbus Nova back in January, prior to the judgement getting handed down. No idea where they stand in that line.

  88. That is an interesting question. I would assume ahead of Hogan. But regardless, he put them out of business and he’s going to get some cash out of them. Win/win.

  89. WWF fights are faked, but not this one.
    Hulk Hogan, the first WWF fighter to fight for realz and win.

  90. I fix, tushar. don’t use img tags, haha.

  91. Ann Arbor is loaded with these.

    It’s a wonder anyone gets laid in this town.

  92. I’m harder than Japanese arithmetic.

  93. I’m harder than translating hieroglyphs.

  94. Local talk radio is talking about the passing of Gordie Howe.

    I saw him play at the end of his career, and had no idea of how good he was in his prime.

    He was quite possibly the greatest hockey player ever.

  95. Tomorrow is the 30 year anniversary of the release of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

    That was Gordie Howe’s jersey that Cameron was wearing.

  96. Enthusiastic clap, Wiser.

    (As opposed to a mellow golf clap.)

  97. He was quite possibly the greatest hockey player ever.

    Hear hear!

    And I’m not just saying that because I am a Red Wings fan. I saw Howe play back in the days of The Production Line when it included Alex Delvechio.

  98. Why do you keep posting articles from some shirtless guy named Steve, wiser?

    He’s a pretty good writer, and I kind of like the line, ‘she of the high cheek bones,’ but you’re kind of crushing on him.

    He wouldn’t give you the time of day at a gay bar. May as well move on to the next infatuation.

  99. HA! Rosetta use to rip on Wiser for that picture.

  100. Shirtless Steve is gay.

  101. Ahhhhh, Wiser is bi curious.

    Maybe an alter ego?

  102. HA! Rosetta use to rip on Wiser for that picture.


  103. I tried to leave a comment complimenting you on a good post, but your site is gayer than you are.

  104. Hotspur, comment as a guest.

  105. I’m beautiful.

  106. You sure are.

  107. >>>Shirtless Steve is gay.

    Green is not a good color for you, ‘spur

  108. xbradtc, do you know any thing about this?

  109. >>>>You sure are.


  110. It’s show our love FRIDAY!!

  111. *shows love*

  112. All of the flowers at Ali’s eulogy are white.

  113. >>>>*shows love*

    Put that damn thing away.

    You’re scaring MJ.


  115. MJ gets scared when Viennas are served at cocktail parties.

  116. Yeah, wiser looks like he’s in decent shape for a guy in his late 60s. I mean, with that hair, that’s how old he is, right?

  117. I just saw that, Mare. Here’s the thing. Generals spend a lifetime in an organization that simply doesn’t trust people with guns. Access to weapons in the service is incredibly restricted and controlled. And over the years, the mindset has become that people are too stupid to be trusted.

    So it isn’t really a surprise that not only does Petraeus not trust soldiers with guns, he doesn’t trust anyone else.

  118. For Mare:

    You have to watch to the end.

  119. MJ gets scared when Viennas are served at cocktail parties.

    Shut up.

  120. Flag was at half-staff on base today. It better have been for Marine Corps Capt. Jeff Kuss or some other worthy, not Ali.

  121. Column #2 is in the works. Just sent a draft to Richardbud.

  122. Sorry, Roamy. It was Ali.

  123. Yay Sean!!!

  124. “Why don’t you ask me what I want for dinner any more?”

    “Because you always pick something that takes 3 hours to make, and it’s 6:00 already.”

  125. I ripped out all of the mustard plants. When I was almost finished I either almost tripped over one of these:,1607,7-153-10370_12145_12201-61211–,00.html
    or one of these,1607,7-153-10370_12145_12201-32995–,00.html

    I’m really hoping it’s the former. It looked like a narrow head when I first saw it, but it flattened out or widened a lot after it fled into the tall grass. Damn thing was right by the last few plants I needed to yank out and I was barefoot and unarmed. It either rattled at me or faked it like a hognose would have. I didn’t risk messing with it, but the damn thing wouldn’t leave even when I slapped the ground in front of it with my hat. Really hope it wasn’t a massasauga.

  126. Watching baseball, Cards/Pirates, AND they are talking US open.

  127. I guess it could have been a hognose:,1607,7-153-10370_12145_12201-32995–,00.html

    I just always thought those were black.

  128. If I see it again I’ll try to get pictures and report it. It did hiss at me, I think, so more likely to be a hognose.

  129. Did you get a good look at it’s head? SYWM

  130. So what you are saying is you didn’t get a very good look at it.

  131. A milk snake nailed me when I was about 10.

    Right on the knuckle.

    That hurt a bunch.

  132. Heh, garter snake got me on a finger around that age too. We had lots of them in the yard and we’d hold them by the tail and run after each other with them.

  133. I had one encounter with a hognose, they are the redheads of the snake world.

  134. I actually got a very good look at it, but look at the pictures. All three snakes can have the same shape, same adult length, same coloration. The two non-poisonous snakes mimic the poisonous one.

    I’m almost sure it was a hognose. The hissing isn’t a trait of the other two, and I didn’t see a rattle or pits on the face.

  135. I see hognose out here all the time, but they are usually much darker. This was the lightest colored one I’ve ever seen.

  136. It was about 5 feet away, and he had a 2 foot reach.

    Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike. Strike.

  137. We ran across a tiny milk snake on a trail once. It acted all bitchy and fierce and was ‘striking’ out at us as we checked it out and laughed.

  138. Finally watching Deadpool. OUT

  139. I fucking hate reptiles. They are soulless.

    I would rather face a tiger.

  140. Reptiles are predictable. Meat robots. If you know how to push the buttons, you can generally make them leave you alone.

  141. I don’t care. Things that slither are not my thing.
    I have had a few encounters with snakes, and I fucking hate them.
    The only reason I struck Florida off my ‘will relocate to’ list is the abundance of gators and snakes and motherfucking pythons.

  142. The pythons are the fault of the creepy asswipes that keep snakes as pets.

    I won’t live in Florida because of the bugs. And Florida Man.

  143. Yeah, it’s easy for me to be blase about snakes when we only have a couple poisonous species in our state, one of which is rare, and the other is slow to anger.

  144. Snakes are horrible things.

  145. Turtles are mostly pleasant

  146. MI has 17 species, but only the massasauga is dangerous. It’s almost endangered it’s so rare. Unless that was one I saw today, I’ve never seen one, and never heard of a bite victim.

  147. mostly

  148. Our turtles are more dangerous than our snakes. I’ve seen 30# snappers.

  149. Snakes eat vermin.

    I wish we had more.

  150. The only good snake is an extinct snake.
    It had the decency to just die off.

  151. Snakes eat rodents and crickets. I’m good with having them around if they aren’t in my house. Much like spiders.

    Also never carry rabies or eat my grain, unlike some mammals.

  152. Snapping turtles are pretty scary.

  153. Tushar, what snake encounters have you had? Were they poisonous?

  154. He grew up in India.

    They have poisonous snakes in music class.

  155. I once had a king cobra lurking within a few feet from me when I was 4 years old, and waiting for my dad at the front steps. Dad annoyed him with the bright headlight of his motorcycle, and he slithered away.

    When I was in college, I swam to the middle of a lake, and a fucking water snake got curious and came near me. He went away when I splashed water on him.

    I fucking hate snakes.

  156. Anyone here who is listing all the good things snakes do, your minds have been poisoned by the reptilians who wish to control humanity.

    Wake up already.

  157. You should stay north of Ohio. Still some snakes, but few, small, and mostly harmless.

  158. 30# Snappers opened for Foot Wide Muffs in ’69 – i think i saw that bit of trivia in “Your Mom’s gone and snatched the punch again – A RetroSpeculum”

  159. I had one good encounter with a huge python.
    We went on a school picnic and were returning back to city in two buses. I was in the second bus. The first bus drove over a python who was crossing the road. He got cut in 3 sections. Motherfucker was easily 10 inches thick.
    It was good to see his dead carcass, in three pieces.

  160. Whoa whoa whoa, I know all about the Reptoids and their diabolical plans. The common reptiles in my yard aren’t in on it anymore than my Jewish gaming buddy is part of the global diamond cartel.

  161. If it slithers, it is part of the reptilian conspiracy. Some of them are part of sleeper cells, some are merely carrying packages and have no knowledge of the contents. But there are NO innocent reptiles.

  162. The only reason you don’t have a burning animosity against snakes is because you never encountered a king fucking cobra when you were 4 year old.

  163. Yes, that’s probably part of what allows me to be rational about them, yes.

  164. Cows slither.

    Watch out for them.

  165. Scott, don’t try to mislead me.
    I am not as dumb as you think I am.

    Btw, I got the Meathead book. I will try grilling something tomorrow.

  166. Agreed, Tushar. We have copperheads here (technically poisonous water snakes) but they are big creampuffs. Quite friendly and accommodating. If we had deadly killer snakes commonly among us, with the accompanying human losses, we would have the same hostility that you do.

    It just so happens, however, that our native northeastern snakes are pretty benign.

  167. Goodnight all. Rough day. Off to zzz.

  168. Submitted my second column for publication. No cannibalism this time, but there is violence.

  169. I have seen a few Coral Snakes, and plenty of Eastern Diamondback and Timber Rattlers and Water Moccasins . I don’t hate them, but I kill Water Moccasins on sight.

    *I have been attacked many times by Moc’s*

  170. No poison snakes or spiders is why I love Michigan.

  171. Just spent ten minutes looking at pics/ videos of water moccasins and venomous snakes. Right before bed.

    Bad Idea Jeans.

  172. Did St. Patrick spend some time there?

  173. Bad Idea Jeans.

    That is one of my favorite expressions. In spite of the fact that you spend so many of your waking hours trying to murder me, laura, I’m glad we’re simpatico about a few things.

  174. We have a lot of churches named after him.

  175. *fingers twitch*


    Ok. Okay. Me too, man. Glad.

    *makes mental note to call ACME Products and complain that the finger-twitch activated trap door did not work*

  176. OK, I have to work in the …shit, pretty soon.

    Goodnight, and snake-free dreams, darling hearts.

  177. Hey now, hate on the snakes all you like, but leave my anole buddies alone, y’hear?

    Sleep. I should do that. G’night folks.

  178. AT LAST!!!

    *removes trousers*

  179. The only thing that keeps me from moving to Florida is that I already live In Texas.

  180. I had a jackpot day on travel today.
    1) Retiurned rental car without fighting over cleanliness or gas tank status.
    2) Got through TSA preboard in under 2 minutes.
    3) Only one empty seat on plane and it was between me and my bride. Three seats for two people is almost like first class.
    4) due to turbulence the flight attendant never got back to charge my drink to my credit card.
    5) Luggage was first off th carousel at Midland.

    None of that shit ever happens to me and it all happened on the same day.

  181. My mother told me good
    My mother told me strong.
    She said “Be derp to yourself
    And you can’t go wrong.”

  182. Sounds like you had a bon voyage PG

  183. Call weekend: cases/rounds/wait/repeat


  185. Good morning! Just enough time to water stuff before worky-worky.

  186. #7 is in Wallingford?


  187. Morning. New poat.

  188. Watched that video, Wiser.

    I’m sure she’d just say, Senator Clinton was under soooooo much pressure, as senator I understand how she had to play politics and I’m sure as President she’ll be insulated from some of that pressure.

    Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t have to,

    Oh, and if Elizabeth Warren thinks a student is fast because they can understand outcomes….holy hsit.

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