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  1. Woof.

  2. I grilled chicken thighs today, they turned out excellent. I’ve kind of soured on the idea that you can cook to please everybody, so I buy and make what I want to eat these days.

    Let them eat cold cereal.

  3. If you grind them up they make great burgers.

    Laura adds salt, garlic powder, and I don’t know what else.

  4. We’ve taken that approach for a while Pups. Paula is too nice IMO with buying frozen pizzas and other crap. Peanut butter toast or cereal would be my option for the kids if they didn’t want what she or I made.

  5. How can a kid not like chicken?

  6. We now have 3 push mowers at camp. The one that lives here won’t run, needs service. I brought one we had at home and when I pulled up to camp I noticed the blade was in the bed of my pick up.we put it back on and filled it with old gas. The mower started sputtering after five or ten minutes then the blade stopped spinning. Quick trip to the Home Depot and we now own 3 mowers. Next week we’ll be at the small engine shop.

  7. If it’s in the form of a “nugget” they’ll eat chicken.

  8. If it’s in the form of a “nugget” they’ll eat chicken.

    Yep, or tender or breast. No bones.

    I can buy thighs for about 1/2 of what they charge for boneless skinless breasts or tenders.

    Let them eat cocopuffs.

  9. In the old days, you ate what you were given or you went hungry.

    I bet that still works.

  10. MaryAnn eats boneless skinless chicken tenders. I don’t really like poultry.

  11. Dan is the new Home Meal Solutions guy in addition to Deli. He works at 5am now. I have to work my schedule as posted now. Booo! Today, I was 10:30-6:30. I H8 mid-shifts.

  12. 2 meat cutters in Farmington got in a fight over their schedule. One stabbed the other. Both were fired. Until the Farmington Club can hire and train meat cutters, Albuquerque stores will be staffing their meat dept. Dan’s boss was the first meat cutter to go to Farmington. Dan has been running the Meat dept at our Club.

  13. Stab on your own time.

  14. Scott, it was insane.

  15. Dammit.

  16. Not a team player.

  17. That’s how I was raised. No other option was offered. I think Paula has bad memories of when she was a kid. Her mom had MS and died from it when Paula was 15. Her parents had divorced and she lived/cared for her mom until she couldn’t anymore. A lot of times there was just nothing to eat and she went to school in hand me downs from her brothers. She doesn’t want her kids to feel that. I understand but the old way of eat or go hungry had a clarifying effect on me.

  18. I have to say, “running the Meat dept” has to be one of the finest euphemisms yet.

  19. It’s got to suck to get fired for being stabbed.


  21. Jimbro, my mom was Mommie Dearest about food. My dad’s mom, would make different entrees for each of her 4 sons. My mom would tell us “I’m not a short order cook”. I would sit at the table for hours refusing to eat. Get sent to bed. Get served the same meal the next night. Battle of will. My mom’s favorite saying was “Los menos burros, mas elotes”. I was always willing to be the burro that didn’t get corn.

  22. Scott, Dan binged it. Sounds like it happened outside by the smoking bench. I still can’t get over the business cultural differences between Sam’s and Target. The new Target CEO that won’t back down about the bathroom dealio is from Sam’s Club.

  23. Fighting is the reason for termination. Target would’ve suspended and investigated. Sam’s Club just terminated both associates. They’ll both get unemployment. NM is chill like that.

  24. It was “eat or go hungry” when I was growing up.

  25. I was fine with the go hungry! My mom wouldn’t just let it go!

  26. We ate fish every Friday growing up. My mom ignored Vatican II. Crustacean, shrimp, pesce, fish sticks, clams, mussels, MUDBUGS!, salmon, tuna, etc. Every single Friday! 18 years. (17 and 8mos)

  27. You know, there was stuff I really didn’t like to eat when I was a kid but I don’t remember ever absolutely refusing to eat anything to the point where it became a test of wills.

  28. I would chipmunk food and excuse myself to the bathroom to spit it out. I wasn’t allowed to go to the bathroom at meal times. I would pass food to my sister under the table. She loves seafood. I wasn’t allowed to have my hands under the table. I would spit food into napkins and throw it away, I was only allowed cloth napkins. I would manipulate food so it would end up under my plate, I would have to eat any food left on the tablecloth with my fingers.

  29. I threw a lot of liver behind the fridge after mom and dad would give up and leave the dining room. Occasionally some English Peas as well. I bet we had some of the healthiest mice in west TX.

  30. I didn’t do the food-hiding thing, either. I know a woman whose stepbrother used to hide food he didn’t want in the cushions of a couch. That worked until her dad and stepmother found the rotten food. At which point, they made him eat it all. Before you feel bad for him, she tells this story with some degree of satisfaction since the little creep sexually molested her for a period of three years.

  31. I didn’t to eat what was served, but that’s all there was to eat.

  32. My eating disorder stemmed from the sexual abuse/control issues with my mom. Most of the skullheads I know, were a result of sexual abuse and/or control issues. Mi familia was a breeding ground of eating disorders. Part of my problem with my diabetes, was how easy it was to fall back into my anorectic behaviors. Constant battle between being healthy and trying to be the thinnest.

  33. I spent a month in Farmington and 2 weeks in Albuquerque.

  34. I got into a battle of wills over collard greens. I would not eat them for dinner, went to bed hungry, was served them again for breakfast, went to school hungry. I was never so happy to eat a school cafeteria meal.

  35. My brother hated peas, he would form a ring of them under the rim of his plate 3 or 4 deep. Dad would pick up his plate and see 1/2 moon of peas and laugh.

  36. I like collard greens. Vman, I wish I associated meal time with laughter.

  37. I went to elementary school in VA, with kids whose lunch consisted of biscuits with bacon grease smeared on them. Free lunch wasn’t a thing yet. My tias worked in the school cafeteria so their siblings would get a reduced lunch. We brown bagged it. I would steal the penny from my dad to get chocolate milk instead of regular.

  38. I’ve made Dan attend political rallies with me for years. Years. Both parties. We’ve got tickets to Trump Tuesday. I don’t know the wifi sitch at the Convention Center. I’ll see what kind of posting I’ll be able to do.

  39. My obsession started in 76. Ford and Carter were pretty equal on time and speaking ability.

  40. Oso, can you get me a hat? Thx

  41. A Trump hat?

  42. Should I drink more bourbon or have a sliver of cheesecake? Result is the same. Your vote matters.

  43. Phone is dying. AVENGE ME!!!! Red Dawn’d

  44. Bourbon.

  45. I’ll take booze over sweets the majority of the time. Can’t mix the two much. Kaluah will give me the drizzlin shits within an hour. Not worth it.

  46. I would take the cheesecake, but you know I got circumstances.

  47. Both will make me passout. I went with the bourbon. After effects are less poopy. TMI

  48. I had a couple of groups of Messicans watching me stock paper plates. One messican asked the other if the sign was correct. In Spanish. Messican chick asked me in Spanish if the sign was correct…in Spanish. I said “Yes”. She turned to the other Messicans and said “Si”. Dan still thinks I could’ve made it “Funnier”

  49. Oso, next time answer in Chinese.

  50. Mandarin. Heh

  51. I always thought Pogo was about the Alabama. Totes shocked by GA on my mind.

  52. Long story short. Calling it a night. Dan is senor couch. I’m taking over the family bed!!!! MA is already in bed

  53. Well, I’ve got to run to keep from hiding
    And I’m bound to keep on riding
    And I’ve got one more silver dollar
    But I’m not gonna let them derp me, no
    Not gonna let ’em derp the midnight rider

  54. Cats woke me up at 5 after I went to bed at 11. Possum kept mom up most of the night because sleep is for the weak, and she is strongest baby. Might not get a lot done outside today.

  55. Good morning. Celebrations yesterday went well, though I wanted to cry when I saw one of the trebuchet team. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in December. Never smoked. He’s lost at least 60 lbs and was winded from climbing a flight of stairs (I can identify with that one). Crying won’t do any good, praying will.

    Speaking of prayers, they have been answered for another person at yesterday’s party. Prostate cancer was caught early, surgery went well, found out yesterday that the last PSA is zero. So nice to drop someone off the prayer list because they got better. Cancer sucks.

  56. Rocketboy’s girlfriend said she likes it here because we respect her privacy, and no one has tried looking at her phone or barging into the bathroom. O.o

  57. Low carb donuts?


  58. Oso, Pogo was an Alabaman. But Dad was from Georgia, and that’s where the family plot is, about a mile from Dad’s childhood home.

  59. I guess Rocketboy’s girlfriend hasn’t spotted the hidden cameras.

  60. Gary Indiana Gary Indiana Gary Indiana ….

  61. http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2016/05/20/charlotte_observer_get_over_fear_of_male_genitalia_ladies

    Rosetta sighting in last paragraph. (Miss that doofus.)

  62. Man lesbian. Hi-larious.

  63. Time for me to go make the yard great again.

  64. Softball update:

    Team is now 5-0. Sole possession of first place.

    Won 18-8 this morning. I went 3-3 with 4 RBIs.

    We’re having a good year.

  65. They boy is done with college. Now he’s busy shoeing horses and roping. He visited a friend of his last week who has a ranch in SE New Mexico. They had some oil, and during the peak of the boom, they were getting $36K per day in royalties. SMH. His friend also made $90K roping last year. He’s 22.

  66. 20# snapping turtle just moved into my pond. I wonder if they eat phragmytes. It will probably eat me when I go out to try and control them.

    I have to make a door great again, and then make the garden great again, and then if I have anything left I need to finish making the mound great for the first time.

  67. Howdy.

  68. Where ya been?

  69. Jewstin! Where the fuck have you been? Cyn didn’t sign your hall pass!

  70. Jewstin, you stupid ass.
    You were MIA and everyone was worried where the fuck you are.

  71. Just working. All the fucking time. Yesterday was my first day off in weeks. My brain turned to mush.

  72. Ha ha ha:

    Woman climbs Mount Everest to prove vegans aren’t weak, dies.


  73. If I wasn’t going to Hell for some other reason, me laughing at that headline probably sealed the deal.

    I felt bad right after that, but I did laugh.

  74. Glad to see you back, Jewstin.

    **hands over sammich, juicebox, multivitamin for the mushy brain**

  75. XBrad, I was at the high school graduation of one of Mini-me’s friends, and friend’s dad was in full uniform. 7th Cavalry, lots o’ fruit salad including Legion of Merit, Army Meritorious Service, Army Commendation, Army Achievement, with one of those with four oak leaf clusters (either Commendation or Achievement, I forget), every campaign ribbon since the 1980’s, plus a bronze Order of St. George medallion and spurs. He looked sharp.

  76. Yeah, after a few years, there’s all kinds of gee gaws to hang on the Army Blues.

  77. Thanks guys. It’s good to be back. I think it might be time to look for different employment. I realized recently the closest thing I have to a social life is a pet cull sow named Tattles.

  78. She’s on her way home!

  79. Well, it’s a miracle. Scott might not starve to death!

  80. >>>>She’s on her way home!

    If you Need help removing the dead hookers, give me a call.

  81. Good afternoon, fellow degenerates.

  82. Don’t forget to clear your browser cache.

  83. Pepe, for us Yankees, what exactly is entailed in this “roping”? In my mind I’m picturing a lariat and a guy on a horse shouting Yee Haw but that seems like something I saw in a movie.

  84. What’s different for your team this year wiser? Any new talent or are your competitors weaker than years past?

  85. Yeah, after a few years, there’s all kinds of gee gaws to hang on the Army Blues.

    He did say that none of the medals were for valor, he’d never been under fire, and all of his campaign medals were, “I was there.” But at the same time, that’s a lot of years of service (at least 28, probably 30), and the spurs and St. George make me think he was not just a paper-pusher.

  86. Jimbro


  87. There’s a roping in Albuquerque this weekend. The guy won $9,600 on Friday, I think. My son is up there roping today. He’s a heeler.

  88. The Heeler looks like they have a tougher job. Pretty good money if you’re good at it!

  89. I recomend gor you the lambfries.

  90. Hey, look!!!
    A Squirrel!

  91. http://pbfcomics.com/275/

  92. My newest purchase.

  93. Nice, Alex. My 1911 is a Kimber, what make is that?

  94. Remington. I was looking at a Kimber 1911, but I didn’t like the feel of it in my hand.

  95. >>>What’s different for your team this year wiser? Any new talent or are your competitors weaker than years past?

    We only have one new guy in the team, who is pretty decent, but other than that, it’s pretty much the same team as always.

    For some reason, everybody seems have learned how to hit all of a sudden.

  96. https://is.gd/in_case_Scott_or_Lauraw_want to mix it up a bit.

  97. The team we beat 20-0 in 3 innings last week used to be the best team in the league.

    I doubt we will see the same line-up when we play them again later this summer.

  98. Darryl Strawberry will be on their team.

  99. I’m home.

  100. Pupster, the last one in your list should be reserved for Wiserbud. The resemblance is uncanny

  101. Another woman claiming to be the lecturer’s sister took to the Facebook page of trek organisers Arnold Coster Expenditions to claim she learned of her death online.

    ‘I have just read online that my sister Maria died on Everest. Why can’t you contact the family before we have to find out this way?’ she said. f

    Well, your sister wasn’t exactly on a “privat” expedition, and most people climb mountains for the fame/glory/bragging potential … so …

  102. This is some funny read.

    We are all meat!


  103. >>>>>Darryl Strawberry will be on their team.

  104. >>>>Pupster, the last one in your list should be reserved for Wiserbud. The resemblance is uncanny

    It’s like we’re brothers.

  105. Wiser, I am not sure if you were able to scroll all the way down.
    I meant this here upstanding citizen. Your doppelgänger

  106. I am calling dibs on this guy

  107. Good day, people who are already looking forward to next weekend.

  108. I am absolutely not. If I get scheduled, fri night, then doubles sat, sun, and MOnday I swear I am going to choke a bitch.

    But I bet I am. GRRRRR.

  109. I work every weekend Friday thru Monday, so I can kind of empathize. But that leaves Tuesday thru Thursday for NONSTOP CROSSFIT MADNESS!!!*
    *Yeah, not really.

  110. I am absolutely not. If I get scheduled, fri night, then doubles sat, sun, and MOnday I swear I am going to choke a bitch.

    But I bet I am. GRRRRR.

    Stop being good at your job. Then they won’t schedule you so much.

  111. Thx for the explanation, XB.

  112. Looks like Car in survived her Chicago wknd. Is 6 dead, 3 shot the official wknd count?

  113. As your attorney, I advise you not to answer that question, C arin.

  114. How many strangulations? Those’ll be Carin’s.

    Bitches choked ‘n’ all.

  115. Oh, my CiL, Nasha, is the new dean of students at UNM. Local news featured her in a story on today’s Peace Walk on campus. Ugh. 2 of her hubby’s ads for DA aired in the 5 minutes we were watching local news. KMN

  116. I pretty much work 7 days a week. Getting ready for a big show now, so the last 3 or 4 weeks have been 10 -12 hours per day in the shop. Actually quit at 3:30 this afternoon (started at 7:00). I thought I’d put on a baseball game and try to take a nap like my Grandaddy used to, but…….. no baseball on TV on Sunday afternoon. Evidently the communists won.

  117. Oso, my cousin was running for some local council seat in Portland, OR. Apparently she hit up familia pretty hard for money. Luckily I was not on her call list.

  118. I’m the only family member that hasn’t donated. One of my other GOPer cousins, tried to get me to work a phone bank with her. Me! I think I talk less on a phone than Car in.

  119. Pepe, ESPN used to have an exclusive contract for Sunday baseball. The Sunday game. Old habits die hard. MLB Network is the only place to watch day games on Sunday unless you live in an area with local transmission. ESPN still has national broadcast rights. Why do you think I was watching golf? 😂

  120. Got to watch a bit of the Halos clobbering the O’s before heading to work.

  121. MMM scheduled for 507AM. Feeding the horses and then I’m headed to bed.

  122. “feeding the horses.”


  124. Dan told me that one of my dislikes at work was terminated today. Nothing as dramatic as a stabbing. Time clock fraud. As he was being escorted from the building, my boss noted his fear of his wife. Alejandro was begging for his job.

  125. Poopmachines fed. Off to bed.

  126. I’ve been advised, by my fif Sean, to not discuss the details of my weekend.

    I may or may not have choked some bitches.

  127. Circle of Life and shit


  128. I also work Wednesday. My weekend is going to suck. Expect Chicago like numbers in lapeer next weekend.

  129. I may or may not have choked some bitches.

    Goddamnit, it’s like you want to go back to prison.

  130. Dan told me that one of my dislikes at work was terminated today. Nothing as dramatic as a stabbing. Time clock fraud. As he was being escorted from the building, my boss noted his fear of his wife. Alejandro was begging for his job.

    Why was he one of your dislikes?

    And yeah, if I was fired my first fear would be of what the wife would say (if I was married).

  131. It’s the Lesbaru. It changes people. OITNB!

  132. Goddamnit, it’s like you want to go back to prison.

    She’s looking for a date. They’ll make plans to escape in her lesbaru.

  133. Damnit, Oso beat me to the punchline.

  134. CoAl he was lazy. I H8 lazy people. He wasn’t a Millennial, but he had the learning curve of one. I have little patience with people that have to be told the same thing over and over and never seem to be able to think for themselves. Current hiring pool gives lazy people power unlike ever before. I resent getting the same % raise as the Fight for $15 losers.

  135. Alejandro and his wife have 5 kids. She works at a call center. He frequently gets the “Brown Bottle Flu”. He doesn’t qualify for unemployment. Even in anti-capitalist NM.

  136. Yep.

  137. Pray for me. I am ready for Rocketboy’s girlfriend to leave, but she’s staying the whole week. She started talking about how stupid soldiers were, and I was like, let me draw your attention to the left side of this room, where there’s a folded flag and pictures of four uncles in uniform. I think Rocketboy elbowed her or something, because she shut up.

  138. Hook one of those flotation balls from Mr. RFH’s fishing gear to a spring scale via fishing line and tell her to shove it in her coochie. Tell her you’re testing her muscular capabilities so you know what the maximum level of stupidity is that you’ll have to endure.

  139. Sorry, Roamy. Is she a Bernie supporter or Shrill?

  140. Don’t choke her rocket chick.

  141. Save her for Car in.

  142. I can be discrete.

  143. Dan’s last real veteran in his family tree was a GG that fought in the Civil War. His grandfather Gorton was a Navy mechanic in WWII. His dad, National Guard cook. He is/was the consummate civilian. I’ve had 26 years to edumucate him. Slow process.

  144. Someday after she grows up and has more experience, she will remember what stupid things she used to say, and cringe. I sure do.

  145. Lauraws home!!!! Scott will no longer be starvin marvin!

  146. Dan just got visual confirmation that Cat wasn’t coyote bait. Now, we’re waiting to see Cat2

  147. My father was in the Army, uncle was regular Army, he taught and coached basketball at West Point for years.

  148. There’s no place like home.

  149. I shall pray that God grants you peace, roamy. Because if I pray that He grants you strength, that bitch gonna end up in the morgue.

  150. Not a Bernie or Hillary supporter. I did check her car for stickers. This just came out of a discussion of Ivy League schools vs. military academies.

    Though I had a good laugh at CoAlex talking about fishing gear. Mr. RFH does not fish. He grew up in NJ, and I am allergic to fish, so there was no motivation for him to learn once he moved down here.

  151. There’s no place like home.

    I thought that was, um, the other chick’s line. You know, your antagonist?

  152. This just came out of a discussion of Ivy League schools vs. military academies.

    Not a fan of West Pointers, but I respect them a hell of a lot more than some Harvard grad.

  153. Oso ❤️ Bearded Angel Guy

  154. Roamy, go easy on the GF. They are stupid at that age, and know only what the media/teachers have fed them.

    Barring de-programming from a well-informed conservative family, it is rare for young people to have figured these things out on their own.

    The default state of young people is to drink the kool-aid of liberalism.

  155. Ivy family got the same playing card as Academy family. Academy family is smarter and has more integrity. Ok, MIT familia is extremely smart, but they are 3rd gen hippie.

  156. It just reminded me of that “Halp us John Kerry” moment.

    I still have one nephew in the Army, 10th Mountain, though he doesn’t communicate very well. He just finished two years in Germany.

  157. MiL was moved from rehab wing to full 24/7 nursing care today. SiL is blowing up Dan’s phone right now. I still want to throat punch her

  158. I knew my Ohio family was given land in OH in exchange for their service in the Revolutionary War. VA and MD branches. My first visit to the family plot…awesome. Consecrated dead in the Indian Wars. 1812. Civil War. WWI. A few WWII. Not many. My dad was the only Buckeye in his generation to serve. My grandfather was a family man, factory worker, and farmer. Only one of his brothers served in WWII. Great Uncle John. USS Indianapolis. He wasn’t on their final tour. Stateside.

  159. BEARD UPDATE, DAY 204: It has now reached the length where I can be reasonably certain that I’ll be the beardliest guy in just about any room. Provided, of course, that I’m avoiding places like biker bars, mosques, and Amish communities.

  160. Roamie, engage the gf in conversations. Light discussions.

    I have converted many of my kids’ friends to conservative thought through humor and persistance.

    As they’ve matured, they’ve come to me and thanked me for offering them an alternative POV.

  161. Sean is Tandy. Or Bobby from SOA

  162. Wiser speaks the truth.
    Wiser is wise…r

  163. Well, dad was military.

    And went to Harvard.


    Big dummy.

  164. Want to read stupid?

    There’s a secret that Republicans don’t want you to know. Empirical economic evidence shows that the single best way to create jobs, eliminate poverty, and reduce crime is to give free money to people who will spend it. You can argue about where the money should come from or make assertions about the potential for moral hazard but it doesn’t change the facts.

    Direct fb post from a PhD.

  165. The Weimar Republic did that, I think.

  166. Empirical economic evidence shows that the single best way to create jobs, eliminate poverty, and reduce crime is to give free money to people who will spend it.

    Of course. This is why South Central Los Angeles is like unto a Paradise on Earth.

  167. I’m just wondering where this empirical evidence is.

  168. Hey Phd! What about creating jobs by letting people keep more of their money instead of sending it off to Washington for them to waste? Guess he forgot about before and after the Reagan tax cuts!

  169. Or how about the Kennedy tax cuts? Hmmmm? Like Rush says, “Works every time it’s tried!”

  170. Hey Phd! What about creating jobs by letting people keep more of their money instead of sending it off to Washington for them to waste? Guess he forgot about before and after the Reagan tax cuts!

    This is the most racist thing in the history of racist things. It’s so racist that I didn’t even use exclamation points or “eleventy” or anything.


  171. Well, the clock says it’s time to close now
    I guess I’d better go now
    I’d really like to stay here all night
    The cars crawl past all stuffed with eyes
    Street lights share their hollow glow
    Your derp seems bruised with numb surprise
    Still one place to go
    Still one place to go

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