Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model was born on April 27, 1993 in Orlando, Florida.  She stands 5’6″, 118 lbs and 34DD-25-35.

Please stop climbing the corporate ladder long enough to welcome, Miss Laura Hanley!












  1. Wow, I even think she’s amazballs. But without the balls.

  2. Hahahah…love the categories.

  3. Quite nice. She’s from Florida, though, so she’s only about 10 seconds away from assaulting someone with an alligator.

  4. Standing in kitchen wearing baby so mom can get some sleep. Possum is an insomniac unless held and mom hasn’t really slept in a week.

  5. Possum stands a pretty good chance of having these dimensions when she’s 18 or so, given her parents somatics.

    God help me.

  6. Good man, Leon. Plus you get this time with the little one. I don’t know crap about anything, but I do know one thing, this time flies by. In 18 years you’re going to say (and I promise you, you will). “Where did the time go, she’s all grown up!”

  7. She is fast asleep on me now. I know if I try to set her down to sleep she’ll be awake and sad, so I may be here a while.

  8. I wonder if this chick knows which bathroom to use. I kinda hope not.

  9. Have you started crate training yet?

  10. Ms. Hanley………not Possum. Not perving on Possum. Yet.

  11. Hmmm, I could crochet a top like that, then blind everyone if I actually wore it.

  12. DO IT. Blind all the boobie-lookers!

    No, no crate training. She can barely crib, so I think crates are a no-go.

  13. wakey wakey

  14. I’m gonna see if my kids want to fall asleep on me. I miss that.

  15. THat girl who was murdered? She married the dude (slavic – both of them – my friend’s daughter married a Russian, so they know all these people in that community) at the ripe old age of 17. He was 24.

    The vast chasm of difference between someone who is 17 and 24 means don’t even THINK about it in my book. A 17 year old doesn’t have the experience or strength to deal with a 24 year old.

    But – you know – that’s the way they do things there. And apparently violence is also pretty common. So – stabbed to death in front of her sister.

    Monsters are attracted to people they can completely control. children. Younger women (who grow up and probably don’t always do WHAT YOU FUCKING TOLD THEM).

    BEH. Too much negative thoughts fro the morning.

  16. 118? I’m skeptical.

  17. I was 29 when I married my 23yo wife, and one of the longest marriages I know started as a 26yo dating a 17yo. It’s not the ages, it’s the culture.

  18. Pretty sure her head is empty, so big weight savings there, Carin.

  19. That’s her lunar weight.

  20. Hotspur’s lunar height is 6’2.

  21. Lunar gravity is like 1/6th of a G, I doubt she’s 600#. Venusian gravity is about 0.9G, though, so this could be her Venusian weight.

  22. Because there’s no math on this blog, that’d make her ~131#

  23. Mornin’ all. It feels damn good for things to be back to normal (or a pretty close replication thereof).

  24. Happy for you, Brother C.

  25. Venusian gravity is about 0.9G, though, so this could be her Venusian weight.

  26. Good morning.

  27. leon, show your work.

  28. You’re kidding, right? 118/0.9 = ~131.1


  29. I’m talking about the venusian gravity calculations


  30. Kilt it with venusian gravity.

    .9 my ass!

  31. Thats what you get for trying to discuss maths on titteh day.

  32. I tried to avoid showing my arithmetic, but Jay insisted.

  33. Most 17 year olds (TODAY) are not grown up enough. Perhaps they were 50 years ago, but not today.

  34. If we’re going to do math lets do something interesting. Like speculate on the diameter of her ariola thingies. I got 1.875″ but that’s just a conversation starter. Don’t ask to see my work.

    /Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick

  35. I am wearing wedgies to this wedding and i really need a pedicure.

    BUt I don’t do such things.

  36. Holy smokes, Puppeh; I’d hit that after only two margaritas. Maybe one.

  37. Most 17 year olds (TODAY) are not grown up enough. Perhaps they were 50 years ago, but not today.

    I’m not convinced most 27 year olds today are grown up enough…

  38. How do they know what the gravity is on Venus? Betting it’s a guess.

  39. Pretty sure you can enlist at 17 with parental consent. That’s got to open up a whole list of troubles for the NCO’s in charge of a minor

  40. Haven’t we probed Venus more than once?


  41. Pepe, we’ve sent probes, some of which sent back data as they burned up on the way down into the incendiary lower atmosphere, and we’ve got pretty good estimates of its mass based on the motion of things nearby. “Guess” is underselling the accuracy of the estimate.


  43. Educated guess…….

  44. How do they know what the gravity is on Venus? Betting it’s a guess.

    Measure, measure, measure. Then math.

  45. You’re making some assumptions in there somewhere. Guessing on the mass of “things nearby”.

  46. I am wearing wedgies to this wedding

    Why not just wear a thong?

  47. Heh, looks like the dog is really watching. Elliot would bark at it.

  48. He still goes to the door when a doorbell goes off on TV.

  49. And barks.

  50. WTFITS?! (Georgia edition)

  51. So Namibia accused China of sending “corned beef” that was actually long pig. This is an actual thing one nation is accusing another nation of doing. This is actually happening and not an Onion article or the result of a hallucination from a bad batch of mead.

  52. For once they look real, and not painful.

  53. He still goes to the door when a doorbell goes off on TV.

    Our old puppeh, Buddy, did the very same thing. To this day, and he’s been gone 10 years now, out of sheer habit, I still say “TV” when a doorbell rings on the television so he’d stop barking. *shakes fist at Pavlov*

  54. >>I am wearing wedgies to this wedding and i really need a pedicure.

    Why do women wear uncomfortably tight underwear?

  55. Pepe, we know the exact mass of any flyby probe we send, and we can observe the motion of that as it interacts with the gravity of Venus. If you wanted to argue that the composition of planetary matter is an educated guess, I’m with you, but the mass is something we’ve done experiments to determine.

  56. The house is wifeless.

  57. Odds of Scott being pantsless inceased 100%.

  58. Why do women wear uncomfortably tight any underwear?


  59. They have water that just falls right out of the sky here!

  60. Boing.
    Good Dog.

    Has everyone quit Fakebook yet?
    How come you comp jox haven’t come up with a real alternitive?

  61. Pit Barrel Chicken is about as good as it gets.

  62. I quit facef*ck the same way I quit cigarettes: never started.

    And there are alternatives out there, but it’s social media: the limiting factor is always buy-in. People who waste time on FB waste time on FB, why switch when everyone else like you is already where you are?

  63. Same here.

    Leon, since you are pinned down, what do you know about “smart roads”? and neccesary are they going to be to autonomous driving pods?

  64. I have a facedouche account that I’m going to keep. I am slowly weaning myself off TV. I won’t watch anything Marvel or Disney if I can help it.

  65. What’s the issue with Marvel?

  66. Smart roads aren’t critical, but they’d make solving the autonomy problem easier. Smart traffic signals are probably more necessary, otherwise you’re stuck solving the computer vision problem as well as the traffic inference for when the view of the light is obstructed.

    The traffic signals are already coming by NHTSA regulations, IIRC. They’ll transmit their states over short-range RF.

    I’m sure it will be impossible to spoof them and cause accidents, though.

  67. Marvel threatened to pull all film work out of Georgia over the right to not bake gay cakes law, Hotspur.

  68. Also they keep putting Gwyneth Paltrow in movies, that’s crime enough.

  69. I am bored.

    Laura should have hired someone to entertain me.

  70. Marvel is owned by Disney.

  71. Happy Friday, Rachel Jenteels.

  72. Ho you callin a Racial Shitheel?

  73. BOLO missing W.

  74. Laura should have hired someone to entertain me. has ads for “entertainers” that will come to your house. The codeword you’re looking for is “outcall”.

  75. Leon would know.

  76. I have only paid for “entertainment” the old-fashioned way: by getting snookered into paying for dinner and theater seats.


  78. Adulting is hard.

    Please don’t make me adult any more.


  80. Somebody toss BiW a juicebox.

  81. I am bored.

    Go to the secret pond – swim naked even.

  82. Naked lake is still way too cold for swimming.

    It’s usually a two month season, July & August.

  83. Our first day at camp will be tomorrow. The kids might go in the water but it’s too cold for adults.

  84. Not a sausage fest, a sauusage party!

  85. What.

  86. Ah, Jimbro beat me to it 🙂

  87. Naked lake is still way too cold for swimming.

    Napping and porn should kill a few hours easy.

  88. Don’t forget standing in front of an open fridge door waiting for inspiration

  89. Out of boredom I cut the lawn. Every freaking time I cut the lawn I have to move a park bench.

    I don’t think anyone has sat on it for two years. Never again.

    I disassembled it and threw the wood pieces into the woods.

    Lets see if she notices.

  90. Well I won’t tell her.

  91. >>Also they keep putting Gwyneth Paltrow in movies, that’s crime enough.

    That stupid woman once said something to the effect:

    Robert Downey Jr being paid more than me for Ironman movies is the evidence that wage gap exists.

  92. Would Mr Woods throw wood pieces in the woods?

  93. Today’s model with a red dye job would have been an adequate Pepper Potts.

    I say that without ever having seen her act, and I’m confident in the veracity of the statement.

  94. I think I am going to like living without a dog for a while.
    We will have so much more freedom.

  95. Robert Downey Jr. is a hoot. He earns it.

    Gwynyth? meh. She’s cute, but no acting skills that are really great. Her mom, she can act.

    I know people hate Jennifer Lawrence, but I think she’s a good one. Just ignore Hunger Games movies.

  96. Yeah, a dog kinda ties you down. This was Mrs. Jay’s idea, BTW. She’s home alone a lot, and I wasn’t having another cat.

  97. No more indoor pets.

  98. Must have missed sumpin. What happened to your dog?

  99. You threw out lawn ornaments? Oh, its yer ass for sure now mister!

  100. I put him down last weekend.

    Vet said brain tumor.

    He was a month short of 17, so we saw this coming for quite a while.

  101. Sorry, Scott. Even when you see it coming it’s still hard.

  102. OMG, primitive tech guy is gardening. Convergence!

  103. Comment by Hotspur on May 20, 2016 6:12 pm

    Even when you see it coming it’s still hard.


    Things your mom said……

  104. A house I have been eyeing just came on the market. It’s a little house, and there are two flights of stairs to get to the front door, but it sits right on the edge of a cliff.

    They put $250,000 price tag on the view.

  105. a

  106. Good jerb on today’s poat, Pupshmoo.


  108. Thanks.

  109. Departure for hike at 430am. Bedtime.


  111. Or, or–and just hear me out–you could just stay home and get up at a reasonable hour like a normal person.


  113. Where the fuck is everybody tonight?

  114. Twitter

  115. Watching NHL playoffs.

  116. Drinking flat champagne from anniversary dinner.

  117. Starving to death.

  118. Watching the feed from Bernie visits NM.

  119. I thought you had chicken from the PBC?

  120. There is nobody to take it out of the fridge for me.

  121. Where the fuck is everybody tonight?

    1239 Barnes Mill Road, Marietta, GA.

  122. I feel your pain. My bachelor meals involve ham sandwiches without any adornments like tomato slices or lettuce. And a beer.

  123. BTW Bernie is a typical D-rat. He has been L8 to every function today, and has had to cancel several interviews with local media, because of his tardiness. I H8 that!!! Jerry Brown is one of the worst with time management. W was the best. Also bad: Palin, TFG, Teddy, Clenis, and Shrill. Palin blamed the McCain campaign. Was an hour L8. She and family were doing touristy stuff. Didn’t realize NM and AZ weren’t the same time zone. I wish we were on AZ time year round.

  124. Oso family theater: Dan: Why didn’t you make dinner? Oso: We don’t have any food, only ingredients. Dan: ( Goes into pantry, checks freezer, makes ham steaks, rice dish, and salad.) FIN

  125. Georgia? Whatcha doin?

  126. Dinner was a ham sandwich.

  127. 1239 Barnes Mill Road, Marietta, GA.

    BRB. Gotta go kerjigger the orbital weapons platform.

  128. Take out 1237 and 1241 just to be safe.

  129. Charging my phone. Not a euphemism.

  130. Mom’s funeral is tomorrow. Rather than getting a bunch of hotel rooms, we rented a house.

  131. Thoughts and prayers.

  132. Thanks. Wrangling the kids will probably be the hardest part. Each one has had a minor meltdown today.

  133. Scott,
    For that money, size lot, size house, you could be in Seattle.
    But, why would you???

  134. Mom’s funeral is tomorrow. Rather than getting a bunch of hotel rooms, we rented a house.

    Ooh. Gotta make a quick call to fire control. Back again in a minute.

  135. It’s a $150,000 house. The price of the view is what interests me.

  136. Scott,
    On the other paw, you could have our place for $100K less. Four acres, 2K sq ft house, 2 1/2 baths, landscaped, huge garden, Kubota with Brush-Hog and ‘Tiller, Craftsman 23hp mower with sweeper, Mt Rainier view, and 5 garage bays(one tall R/V (for the helicopter)).

  137. Different world.

  138. I’m in Chicago.

  139. Kick Rahm in the poon for us if you bump into him, cari n.

  140. XBradTC,
    Hope it all goes well…

  141. Scott,
    Yes, it is a different world.
    Here, our trees are Douglas Firs, green all year round.
    The Mountains are always snow covered.
    The Beach, Mountains, and Desert are each an hour away.
    Puget Sound and the San Juan islands are a short ferry ride.
    The rural areas on both sides of the Cascade Mountains are RED, while King county and Seattle are BLUE.
    It is an interesting and frustrating place.
    There is not now, nor will there ever be, a shortage of “Hipster Douchebags”…

  142. Comment by car in on May 20, 2016 10:39 pm

    I’m in Chicago.


    On purpose?

  143. I WAS watching zee playoffs.

    Incredible sport.

  144. Comment by PepeLp on May 20, 2016 6:49 pm

    Comment by Hotspur on May 20, 2016 6:12 pm

    Even when you see it coming it’s still hard.
    Things your mom said……

    this is why I come here and wade through all the garden talk and soccer mom bullshit. Precious nuggets like this.

  145. Hey all, so did anyone else have their dick co-workers let them leave for lunch 2 minutes before a mandatory meeting. Oh, after not telling me about the meeting to begin with? I have been in a murderous rage since about 1:30

  146. Breathe, fauxChad. Just breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Feel yourself relaxing.

    Here, while you’re breathing, hold this bag up to your nose and mouth.

    Never mind the smell…

  147. it’s like Lamaz up in here, sweet.

    This is the One-stop shop blog

  148. FauxChad, did you ever think they were planning a surprise party for ye?

  149. From this time, unchained
    We’re all looking at a different picture
    Through this new frame of derp
    A thousand flowers could bloom
    Move over, and give us some room

  150. Been busy. Work was nuts – I’m not the only one unhappy with management. One person is retiring, and another is transferring to another group. That was followed by two graduation ceremonies for Mini-me’s friends (one was a homeschool academy, and that was, um, interesting.) In the middle of that was picking up Mr. RFH from the airport.

    Rocketboy’s girlfriend is visiting. She’s nice though still visibly nervous about being here. She brought a double batch of brownies with the explanation that she figured Rocketboy would eat half. So far, so good.

    Party today with celebrating the end of construction, exercising 2nd Amendment rights and a meeting of the pumpkin chunkin team.

  151. That sounds like a great day of celebration Roamy. I’ve been super busy as well but after rounds today I’m free until Monday morning.

  152. Buffalo Wings Gone Wild


  154. Target Corporation: Retailer Sees 2nd Quarter Revenue Fall 5.4 Percent, Says Weather Is a Factor

    Suuuuuuurrrrre it is. You. Chicken. Some assembly required.

  155. This gif is really long, Roamy, but it made me think of you:

  156. This one is for PG, because I know he likes track and field and shit.

  157. Morning!

  158. Pupster, the bears have to be shorter than 5’10” to fit

  159. I am in O hi O.

    U R not jelous.

  160. I got here at 6. My part of the event will start at about 1130 I think. There will be a visit to the local McDonalds for coffee in between. Possibly also a nap.

  161. Oh man, they have a Biggby coffee. Yay!

  162. Why is ll’ll won in Ohio?

  163. Leon

  164. I don’t ever know how Autocucumber did that. It won’t let me repeat it.

  165. I’m doing the hiking section of a biking-kayaking-hiking relay race. I have to go 8.5 miles with a 29# pack. This will be the third time. Last time it took me 2 hr 18 min.

  166. Nobody is where they are supposed to be.

  167. ll’ll dot com

  168. I’m taking 2 on the number for Trips to Ann’s Deli for Scott.

  169. I figured that’s what it was. Wedding at three.

  170. I hope j don’t get murdered while I’m here.

    And I will push Rahm into the pool but I haven’t seen him yet.

  171. I wouldn’t mind a weighted vest.

  172. Today I pack a bookcase and a chandelier.

    Tomorrow I slack.

  173. Kick butt, Leon!

  174. I have a vest, but the competition has to be done with a backpack. My two teammates are in their 50s, so I won’t be letting anyone but me down if I’m not especially fast today. Got work to do tonight if I have anything left in me after I get home.

  175. That’s a pretty good pace without weight.

  176. The weight doesn’t really slow me down, just makes my feet hurt a little. Years of obesity followed by years of weights left me in good shape to be a pack animal.

  177. Nobody is where they are supposed to be.

    *lifts coffee cup in the general direction of Connecticut*

  178. My two teammates are in their 50s, so I won’t be letting anyone but me down if I’m not especially fast today.


    hey, Hey, HEY!!!

  179. South Bend people seem to be dragging feet getting back to me, but Ypsilanti might need me according to teammate/former coworker.

    I should have checked biker teammate’s time last time around. He started 36 miles at 8am, might be getting back soon.

  180. I’m right where I want to be and right where I should be.

  181. Mare, it’s not a knock. I am under 50 so we don’t fall in the ‘senior’ class as a group. We’re up against kids in their 20s. I just aim to finish in a reasonable timeframe.

  182. Ruck n Roll Leon

  183. Your linky no goody, Puppy.

  184. Where is MJ?

  185. So the other team I came down with is the guy who roped me into this thing in the first place. He used to do the whole event solo but his doc told him not to hike for his knees’ sake.

    His relay partner is a “health and wellness coach” who teaches dance and yoga. Just walked past her doing the Sun Salutations on her mat in the grass. In yoga pants. I managed not to ogle. She seems nice, if a bit granola.

  186. It smells like bananas here. Surrounded by carb addicts.

  187. So, they’re grinding off the asphalt 20 feet from my office window. And I’m supposed to be able to get some work done?

  188. Kayak forded 0.5 miles and launched. 1 hour to go time.

  189. I’m going to be lazy this morning. No class at the park. I’m going to lie in bed a little longer, and then make pancakes and watch Grimm. You all have fun with you activities and social life and stuff.

  190. A geiger counter would indicate a small emergency in this parking lot. Absolutely reeks of bananas. Hope no one here has a latex allergy.

  191. Not getting the bananas/radiation/latex correlations. Maybe some more coffee would help.

  192. Squatty potty purchased.

  193. I bought one a couple weeks ago. It’s ok, but I don’t see what the big deal is.

  194. Bananas are naturally, mildly radioactive (K-90), and their skins contain latex-like compounds that trigger the same allergy.

    I would once again like to offer thanks to the inventor of Lycra and whoever convinced women that it was a compltely sufficient lower-body garment.

  195. Here come da asphalt.

    *beep**beep**beep* *beep**beep* *beep**beep* *beep**beep* *beep**beep* *beep*

  196. Packing is done.

    Slack time!



  199. Home alone day 2

  200. 2hr 16min, no blisters this year. Time to drive home and find breakfast.

  201. Funeral went about as well as could be expected. None of the nephlings had a meltdown.

  202. I just ground all the rust spots on my van down to bare metal, then hit them with white Rustoleum.

    Doesn’t look bad at all and it only set me back $3.98.

  203. That’s one nice thing about having a white vehicle. It’s easy to color match.

  204. I’m surprised how not terribly visibly dirty my white Jeep is even though I haven’t washed it in four months.

  205. I need to do that above the wheel wells of the eff one fiddy. It has Ford pattern rusting.

  206. I was wrong. 2 blisters, they just didn’t any more than the rest of my feet do.

  207. Didn’t hurt any more than the rest of my feet do.

    Eesh, I blame the phone typing.

  208. H3?

  209. So dead I can keep up with the comments at AOS.

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