I Like My Women Like I Like My Chicken

These here are meat chickens. At least that’s what the image search told me.


Winner winner, chicken dinner!

Fried Chicken Cooking in a Frying Pan

Another busy week. Warm weather always increases the work load. On top of that we’re using a new EMR at work that is not user friendly. It meats some requirements for the government so, by all means, let’s torture everyone with it. And when people wonder why it takes 6 weeks to get in to see you tell them they should be happy, their medical record meets the standards!

The weekend is fast approaching. One more work day after today and then upta camp.




  1. Rodney Carrington – I like my woman like i like my chicken


    I think this guy is pretty funny.

  2. Star seems to be calmer on Prozac. She now comes up to me and sits beside me for head scratches. A little less barky when she sees herd movement.

  3. I think we can now settle on the official funeral director for H2


  4. And a real estate agent


  5. wakey wakey

  6. I have so much shit to figure out today. Ga. Wedding in chicago this weekend and i have SO much to do around here. Plus – soccer games :(

    WHy can’t people elope?

  7. My daughter is going to with me. SHe want to just skip school and leave for C-town first thing in the morning. I’m thinking I can get a lot of gardening done during the day and leave when she gets out of school.

    I mean what are we going to do there?

  8. We put Moose in his crate for the first time yesterday. We’ve had it for at least a month- open. Water. throw treats in there now and then. Well, yesterday was teh day. When I left, I put fresh water in there, in he walked … I closed the door. He was in there for a few hours in the morning another couple of hours in the afternoon, and then some at night (Wednesday is my very busy day and the main day of concern).

    He did GREAT. We put the crate in our room (we moved it there a few days ago, deciding that’s the best place for it) and last night he slept in it.

    He’s so chill, I didn’t think it would be too big of a deal, but I didn’t think it would be so easy.

  9. Morning!

  10. Rowan has hated the crate from day one. Treats, fuzzy blankets, leaving door open, all the tricks haven’t worked. He’s a smart little fucker and runs behind the couch or under the bed when he knows it’s crate time. As he gets older he’s getting a little easier to coax into it.

  11. Moose just sleeps when we’re gone – so he figures he can sleep in there just fine.

    Newfies are MELLOW.

  12. Pomadachsunds are not mellow.

  13. Ok, fixt my phone. Breffist ate. A little music then into the garden I go.

  14. Funeral home viewing today between soccer practices. And to add to the horrible story, the parents were divorcing. SO the kids were already dealing with a shittstorm.

  15. First – I hate you all.

    Second, w/o the book but trying to de-clutter. I just raped my closet.

    Third – in seriously analyzing how best to deal with excess in my house, I’ve determined I need to rid my home of children.

    Seriously – wtf? how does this woman help me? Most of this shit is theirs.

  16. Fourth – Moose is seriously adorable. Shepherds just got all real with barking at something and moose a) comes running to my side b) waits for me to reassure him that everything is ok and then c) starts barking from a safe distance.

    He doesn’t realize that he’s already a very large dog.

  17. Seriously, you guys are horrible.

    I’m the OSO of the am.

  18. was it rape-rape or just a lustful slap, tickle, and toss?

  19. I can’t mow my back yard cause it’s been misting for two days straight. God, that made me feel valid to combine a legit weather observation with an outdoor work pisser and moaner. It ain’t garden but it’s close.

  20. Have you had enough of me?

    Sweet darling.

  21. My favorite Rodney Carrington. NSFW.

  22. Awesome. Yard work to do and no headphones.

  23. You talkin to me?

  24. Laura is going to Maine tomorrow, for three whole days.

  25. An Egyptian Airliner fell out of the sky…..hmmmm… I wonder what caused that to happen?

    My work puter is still fucked up. I click an icon to open a window, the window appears visually but acts as if its in the background, cant click on anything, all buttons, folder, etc. Dead. Have to start Task Manager which seems to bring it back to life. I did all the updates. Got no fucking clue at this point.

    Got to admit, Trump isn’t squeamish about attacking. If throwing the word rape around with Billy Bob Clinton in the same sentence is any indication, this shit may actually be somewhat entertaining (if nothing else) in a kabuki theater kind of way.

  26. mj and married life


  27. I probably have to spend this evening mowing. I still haven’t finished Mount Pumpkin out front or built out the extra beds for corn/sunflowers/nasturtium.

  28. What’s in Maine? Besides th good doctor.

  29. So, a guy walks into a witch doctors office in deepest darkest Africa, and says,
    “Doc, I gotta tell ya that the wife isnt too pleased with my performance…”
    The Witch Doctor asks the troubled patient,
    “Ah, perhaps you could use a potion for success in tuesday’s hunt?”
    “No, Doc. I’m the most skilled hunter in the tribe. The problem is my performance in bed. Please help me.”
    The Witch doctors’s face lights up.
    “I have just the thing for you, my son! This powerfull medicine just came in from the coast. Eat of it and you will be as a rhino horn.”
    The witch doctor lifts a sheet off a low table proclaiming,
    “”Albino body parts can fix anything! They will make you lucky in Love!!”
    The Patient hangs his head and moves towards the door. The Witch Doctor, alarmed asks the man,
    “What is it, Mumbutu?!!”
    Mumbutu replies,
    “Your a fraud, Doc. A whloe lotta good those body parts did for the albino!”

  30. Chingado.

  31. Maine had mountains, lakes, lobsters, and bugs.

  32. Is she staying near Bar Harbor?

  33. Nope.

  34. Maine is like Alaska but less worth living in.

  35. I want you all to know that penis transplants are now a thing.

    Not naming names.

  36. I’ll stick with my factory-installed original, thanks.

    Also Sharon Osborne is a monster. Just watched the clip of her laughing unapologetically about the guy who’s wife chopped his penis off and threw it in the garbage disposal. That guy needs a transplant.

  37. And she needs to be shunned by civilized people.

  38. I have so much to do.

    Repaired garden fence to now I can plant w/o chickens destroying everything.

    Started work on my tom trellis system, until moose picked up and moved/lost my duct tape.

    SO … guess I”m heading to the depot. Home that is.

  39. Eh, Leon. there are plenty of horrible people in the world. Sharon doesn’t even cause a blip – mostly because I ignore just about all of the celebrities . I do have a thing for picking on Gwynth but mostly I’m joking.

    THe wedding I’m going to this weekend? Well, the bride-to-be’s sister (I went to her wedding a few years back) had a friend murdered last Saturday. Husband stabbed his wife to death in front of her sister. Mom to two and 26 weeks pregnant with number 3. Makes Sharon Osbrorn’s stupid joke seem down-right trivial. She’s just an idiot. Not a monster.

  40. Can’t they both be monsters, merely differing in degree?

  41. No.

  42. This guy is a monster. Sharon Osborn is a nobody who’s silly views would get no airtime if it weren’t for our voyeuristic/ celebrity obsessed culture.


  43. Sharon is just a silly woman who thinks she’s intellectualized these things. OH HOW FUNNY. I’d do the same.

    Yea. Riiiight.

    No you wouldn’t.

    It’s just some sort of conceit. It’s not real. So – not a monster.

  44. Three arches up.

  45. I’m looking at it from a “broken windows and squeegee men” perspective, I guess.

  46. This guy is a monster. Sharon Osborn is a nobody who’s silly views would get no airtime if it weren’t for our voyeuristic/ celebrity obsessed culture.


    I seem to recall he, or someone else on Salon, wrote an article a year or two ago with the same message.

    Meh, I can’t condemn a person who says, “I have urges that I know are wrong, I avoid putting myself in a position to fulfill them, and I try to find a support group to keep me on the straight and narrow.” We all have demons, some are simply blessed that their demons aren’t nearly as vile and ugly.

    The problem of course is that for much of the left the goal is to encourage the monstrosity. They want to celebrate the worst sort of activities, because it’s all part and parcel of their dream of smashing civilization so that they can build their utopia from the ashes.

  47. Agreed. Everyone’s got their concupiscence, it’s how and whether we struggle with those urges that define us. I count myself lucky that my particular crosses are fairly light, even if I still suck at carrying them a lot of the time.

  48. I believe I’ve already staked out my ideological ground on pedophiles during the shared bathroom discussion the other night. Again, I’m probably not electable in the current political climate.

  49. moar plants planted. I’m going to plant a few more then make a trip to town.

  50. Oh MR Pedophile you’re not a monster? What? does that word hurt your feelings?

    How … about deviant, criminal, creep, sicko, or devil’s minoin?

    Regardless, you’re going to have to get through me if you so MUCH as LOOK at a kid, and I don’t think that’s going to turn out so well. For you.

  51. Mr. Pedophile Is a creepy piece of shit and Salon deserves the worst that can happen.

    “She was advanced.”

    “She was precocious.”

    “She was independent.”

    “My desire was so great I had to relieve myself in the bathroom.”

    You are a monster. You’re the guy that fills kids’ nightmares (and parents too). You’re the monster that ruins their life. Some, forever. You are a monster and one worse than any imagined under the bed.

  52. “She was advanced.”
    “She was precocious.”
    “She was independent.”

    I have a shotgun and a shovel. They will never find you.

  53. Meh, I can’t condemn a person who says, “I have urges that I know are wrong,


    Alex, you obviously don’t have children. Saying “meh” is crazy. From the class I took for 3 hours a day for six weeks (getting my Master’s). Very few, if any, (statistically tiny) pedophiles can NOT act on their urges.

    There’s a reason you see so many broken, self hating (based on their looks) people at Walmart.

  54. Very good point, Mare.

    Star for the day.

  55. I was molested by a pedo.

    fuck them.

  56. Because let’s review – not only do they have unholy/disgusting desires, but they’re willing to break the law to fulfill their sexual urges.

    We should just kill them and put them out of their misery.

  57. yeah, a good pedo

    Uh huh, tell me another one.

  58. A “good” pedo is about as trustworthy as a dog with a steak you leave on the floor.

  59. Let’s see, the left is all about protecting children, but….Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Bill Clinton, Jeff Epstein, Michael Jackson…

    I keep predicting this because I believe it. Within ten years, pedophiles will be just another misunderstood group who need our acceptance.

  60. And to think this all started with the camel sticking his nose under the tent and asking;
    “So gays want to get married, how does that possibly affect you?”

  61. Three whole days!

    Who will feed me?

  62. I could honestly care less if gays get married. It’s the making everyone else recognize it that I have a problem with.

    Pedos, though. Yeah, no rights. None.

  63. Somehow, I think you will manage, scott. Just bag a rabbit from the backyard. Win win!

  64. How does rabbit do on the PBC? Probably like chicken…

  65. Scott, they have these places called restaurants. And in those restaurants are waitresses and cooks. The waitresses bring you a menu, write down what you want to eat, and by magic the cooks make it, then the waitresses bring it to you. Then you pay, get up, leave, and they clear the table and do the dishes.

  66. What are you smoking this weekend, HS?

  67. https://is.gd/z2Xgu1

  68. Bumper sticker idea…

    Make a Pedo Bleedo

  69. /reclines in chair

    Dad is home! Huzzah!

    (And he gets around with his walker real nice! Looks like I need to worry less…)

  70. Ha Ha Ha – from the article linked at Drudge.

    ‘I work at Disney and ‘have a magical day’ is mouse for “go f*** yourself”.

  71. What are you smoking this weekend, HS?

    I have an 8 lb. brisket aging in the fridge.

  72. Heh, Adam Sandler meets his doppleganger:


    Wonder if he’ll get into a movie sometime.

  73. Glad your dad is home, BC.

  74. On the other hand, I do not want to sound preachy to our Dear Alex. I meant what I said but I don’t want Alex to start turning over tables and spraying the place with mason jars of urine he’s been saving for just such an occasion.

  75. Dad is home! Huzzah!


    Good news, Brother C.

  76. Oh, and pedo’s don’t get fixed. Anyone who tells you different is lying. They even KNOW how to beat the electrode attached to the penis stimulation detector.

  77. This is always such a hard issue for me. I want the Pedos dead! My Aunt Maria, who was one of my grandfather’s victims, told me she felt sorry for the young boy that was molested and who became a molester/rapist. I could not and will not forgive. Incest will be the next breach after Pedo Bear is accepted. We are doomed

  78. No excuses for pedos. Once you cross that line, there’s no going back. Time to pull the plug.

  79. This morning I did a half day office using a different part of our office complex. Unknown to me the keyboard I was using had a broken shift key on the right side. After trying to log onto my email account 4 or 5 times I changed the password…still not knowing it was broken. I got busy and only discovered the keyboard was busted when I was 20 minutes late for the OR. I rushed out of the office and did my case and headed home. Just now I tried to log on to my email at home where the keyboard works fine and couldn’t log on…smh.

  80. We have so many illegals that have wives that are 14, 15, 16 yrs of age. This is what the true invasion of America looks like! Our statutory laws are a joke. Yes, I know that grass on the field isn’t true pedophilia. Quincenieras are a bunch of shit. Creepy if you think about it.

  81. Is she going to the Ticks, Bedbugs and Lice Conference Scott?


  82. Hey, WB, Kurt’s wife Irina is in the ER with appendicitis.

  83. Terminate upon recognition. Must break the “cycle”.

  84. HEY, WB, Ocearch’s Chris would be a great guest.

  85. If I had pedo urges I’d become a hermit or join a remote monastery, go to daily confession, and illuminate manuscripts for the rest of my life.

    Or kill myself and beg for forgiveness because I wasn’t sure I could keep myself from doing harm.

  86. I am just happy I survived. Our Drs say that my anorexia/bulimia had nothing to do with my infertility. I would’ve been infertile no matter what. Same same with my Type II. I believe.

  87. I knew a guy through a dart league and for no reason at all I hated him. Friends of mine felt the same way. There was just something wrong with him, but we couldn’t figure out what.

    A couple years later I see his picture in the paper. He was arrested for molesting a kid in his apartment complex.

    I no longer question instincts.

  88. I looked at the town I grew up in on one of the sex crime websites. Pop ~ 18k. I was expecting to see 40 maybe 50 names. Wrong. About 400. I asked my dad wtf? He said old whit sheriff wouldn’t arrest for stat rape when 25 male moved in w 15 female because that was there culture. New Mexican sheriff arrested them by the assload cause their culture stops where our country starts. Rio Grande. It took him several hundred cases to get the message across to all the mojados.

  89. Going to take a bunch of decent latinos to clean up this mess, on account of they know where the bodies are buried and whose heads to crack.

  90. I’m isolated enough from that stuff in MI that I hadn’t even known it was an issue among Messicans. I’ve heard it happens here among the Muslims a lot, but I have no firsthand knowledge.

    I do know that Edsel Ford High School has a very large number of female attendees in headscarves, however. Pretty sure the Arabic kids outnumber blacks.

  91. Rocketboy didn’t get the job. :(

  92. That sucks, Roamy. Does he have any other irons in the fire?

  93. I did something nice for a Canadian today. Sobriety really has changed me.

  94. I just read Ace’s prayer for ChickBusters to fail.

    I think he may actually find God soon. Not because of this, but because everything else he’s placed his faith in has failed him.

    I do think the Almighty is going to answer this one, though. It’s not like He’s gonna have to lean all that heavily on miracles or anything.

  95. A Canadian?

  96. You don’t really have to pray for a gigantic pile of shit to not be popular. That just kind of takes care of itself.

    Elections aside, I mean.

  97. Look, it’s a start.

    And you helped a Canadian, for Heaven’s sake. Your opinion on anything is now suspect.

  98. He’s a firefighter and a veteran, so one of the good ones, scott.

  99. Sure he is. Don’t you remember the lyrics to Blame Canada?

    Flapping heads. Full of LIES.

  100. Draft dodging firebug.

  101. Oh, you’re from Canada?

    Have a magical day.

  102. Who signed Cyn’s hall pass?

    I need to kick their ass.

  103. Mare,

    I’ve got a thick skin, so I’m fine. I just happen to think that telling someone that they’re a horrible monster that deserves to die simply for urges that are beyond their control or the result of their own trauma is un-Christian. I still expect that person to resist those urges, and to avoid temptation. If they don’t then they should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

  104. I knew about the statutory rape thing among messicans. I lived in El Paso for several years and it was a running joke among gringos. I had a messican first sergeant who always wanted to go grab lunch at the local fast-food joint where all the high school girls ate.

  105. You guys are probably right. I have likely been duped into some kind of operation that will hasten the downfall of America. When you’re all forced to watch Monday Night Curling, you can blame me.

  106. Hey, it’s not just for Canadians! There’s a curling team in high schools in North Dakota.

    Ok, bad example.

  107. I was going to blame you regardless, but it’s good to have a reason.

  108. Three whole days.

  109. I know she froze a bunch of stuff. Pretty sure you can leave it in a bowl overnight if you get hungry.

  110. The problem I see with pedophilia, and statutory rape, is that there is an uneven application of the laws against it. And the application is all tied in cultural sensitivities too. Can’t arrest Pedro who got a 14 YO pregnant, because that would leave her without support for her new family. Karim is betrothed to his first cousin even though she is still playing with dolls. And Ichiro watching Loli based anime is just exploring his culture.

  111. You can go three days without food. It’ll be a fun experience you’ll remember and draw strength from in the lean times ahead.

  112. https://is.gd/9RcCxV

  113. CoAlex, I have a student that has panic attacks when the door is closed to my classroom and when I stand between the open door and her. She miscarried her mom’s boyfriend kid when she was 14 and almost died in the hospital and it still too almost a year to arrest him.

  114. I see Anne’s Deli in your future, scott.

  115. To be fair, the Japanese kid watching loli isn’t raping anything but a pillow with his waifu on it.

  116. That makes sense.

  117. He’s been applying for internships since February. Nothing. This is the only one that asked him to come in for an interview. He thought he had it, because they were looking for someone who knows Matlab, and he has more experience with Matlab than the other applicants.

  118. Roamy, I’m sure something will come along.

    Meanwhile, I’m beginning to panic about finding a job in California.

  119. Hostage Theater, TiFW style:

    (Wednesday afternoon)

    TiFW Mom (on phone): Has Dad told you he is coming to visit you this week? He’s at Aunt Imogene’s house right now.

    TiFW: First I’ve heard of it….

    TiFW Mom: He was supposed to call you!

    (Today, 2:00 pm)

    TiFW Dad (on phone): Hey, you up for a visitor? I’m about 3-4 hours away.

    TiFW: Ohh-kay… Just need to clean up the back room and put sheets on the bed….

  120. TiFW, my parents were from that culture that said family is family and welcome at anytime without notice and you’re an asshole if you don’t put out the red carpet and silver tea set. They were bad about showing up at us kids’ houses unannounced after we got married.

    One time my younger brother came home from work and their car was setting in his driveway, but they weren’t in it. He went in and mom and dad were on the couch reading the newspaper. He asked how they got in, and dad said, “oh you left a window unlocked in that back bedroom so I just took off the screen and jimmied it up and crawled through and then let your mom in.” We all got together after that and threw down some guidelines. It was culture shock for mom and dad but they adjusted.

  121. Well, usually my parents are real good about letting us know when they are coming for a visit – since they live in NC, they have to plan in advance.

    This was an outlier, for sure!

  122. My mom’s coming on Saturday. But I’m picking her up and hauling her here. We took away the car after dad tried to cut a U on a six lane street in Lubbock. Got TBoned by an Escalade and swore up and down it was her fault.

  123. Far Harbor!!!
    Slipped in to my current Fallout 4 game seamlessly. One min I was meh, the next I was huh? whut? wow! Wait! I left lots o stuff behind! Well… who needs it?

  124. Where the fuck is OSO? She’s usually ruling this time slot.

  125. VMAX is that shit English? Translate for us.

  126. I who was lost and lonely, believing derp was only
    A bitter tragic joke, have found with you
    The meaning of existence oh, my love.

  127. Good tribute with the header picture. Good doggies are always missed. Asshole dogs are missed just as much.

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