Wire Retrospective Duex

Welcome to the gallery.  Today let us revisit the second section of this year’s exhibitions; a period in which we were introduced to thought provoking artists such as:

Dennis McNett

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.50.44 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.50.59 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.51.30 PM

Ernst Barlach

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.45.08 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.45.23 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.46.09 PM

The talented Taralee Guild

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.00.07 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.00.27 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.00.49 PM

Benjamin Garcia

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.36.15 PM

Otto Dix

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.43.14 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.40.52 PM

And the sublime James Jean

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.54.25 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.54.44 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.55.04 PM

…among many others.


This concludes our tour of The East Gallery.  Please enjoy some refreshments from the food court and visit our gift shop before you leave.


Thank you.



  1. Love that travel trailer. Beautiful artwork.g

  2. Chumpo me friend your explorations d’art have gruntled us once again…


  3. Dennis McNett must make adult coloring books.

  4. I have one of those travel trailer ones now. I need to get it framed. I just can’t decide what frame to use.

    wakey eakey

    (story of the accident – the wreckage of the car is just unbelievable- it just folded up. I would say DO NOT BUY THIS CAR)


  5. Crumpling normally saves the occupants at the expense of the car. It’s a shame it didn’t work this time.

    That said, no risk of buying a new Mercury.

  6. Yea, that crumpling was catastrophic. My son’s car crumpled wonderfully. The front end was completely in while the occupants portion was wonderfully protected. Perhaps it was weakened by rust?

  7. Plus it was a 2002.

  8. That stuff doesn’t work if you aren’t wearing a seat belt.

  9. Morning!

  10. Northern Maine got over 7 inches of snow yesterday. Paula started the wood stove yesterday to warm up the house (no snow here).

  11. Good morning, boxes of tool.

  12. I would conjecture that speed was a factor in the crash.

    *puts mic down*
    *takes off raincoat*

  13. Does Ernst Barlach live on Easter Island?

  14. MiL had a Sable, seemed quite safe (it’s a Taurus).

  15. It’s weird because it’s JUST passed the school and soccer fields (where most people naturally slow down). She was apparently an epileptic and may have had a seizure.

  16. You spelled texting wrong.

  17. Hahahaha

  18. It’s not very funny. not to get all serious, but I know that poor boy. She has four little kids. If you knew the spot, the only thing that makes sense to me is that perhaps she swerved from an animal.

  19. I mean, they are investigating causes, and if she was texting, so be it. BUt it really is horrible. I’ve volunteered to cook a meal for them.

  20. Imma just gonna be nice.

  21. I just feel so awful for the kids. The oldest is Ethan’s age (14) . If she made an error, it’s on her. But the kids …

  22. Actually, he’s probably younger than Ethan.

  23. I must have this shirt!

    Red Shirt Ale

  24. leon’s getting some work done on the truck.

  25. Something else to keep you up at night:


    I linked this yesterday. Honestly, If Obama was an Iranian Mullah, would he do anything differently?

  26. Do those self-driving trucks come with Green Goblin masks?

  27. I just read the article and linked it on our work-group chat after I saw it at the HQ, Jay. Anyone who’s talked to me here knows what the risks of that are.

    How many people does it take to rob an autonomous truck? 2, one to stand in front with a stroller and one to steal the contents.

    How big of a warhead can you deliver with an autonomous truck? Yes.

  28. Deer have been out at midday near my house, very active right now. I can easily see her having a deer-avoidance accident at twilight.

  29. My froend is an eppilectic and the state wouldnt give him a license.

    From the picture it looks like she didnt break at all.
    Very sad.
    Very lucky she was the only one involved.

  30. That Red Shirt Ale shirt is really funny!!

  31. Carin’ it would be neat to find a frame that resembles the paneling found inside those Airstream trailers.

    I remembered that you had purchased a print.

  32. I totally read that as “I remembered that you had purchased a pint.”

  33. That’s a great idea chumpo. Would have never have occurred to me.

  34. If you cant find one that fits the bill just find any flat frame and then have Pat rip some birch paneling down, stain the strips, and tack them onto the frame. It will look good and more importantly it will get your art on the wall.

  35. Have you tried staples?

  36. Office Depot

  37. Dad will be home this week. You’d think I’d have taken one day off just to hang at home other than weekends, but no.

    Sadly even this period wasn’t entirely a respite. I’ve woken up from dreams thinking I hear him calling for me even though I know he’s not even in the same building. This happened to me when the saga started two years ago, two.

    Also not helping: The synchronicity with his last extended medical stay away from home, at the start of May two years ago after his accident. All my old mental tics are coming back.

    Can’t even drink in case something happens.


  38. Nice work on the poatse, Chumps – there was no one at the register when I left thru the gift shop. Sorry that your inventory will be off a smidge.

  39. It’s a hard time, Cavil, but you’ll make it thru; we all do, somehow someway.

    Consider swinging by a second-hand baby/kids store to get yourself a used (or go buy a cheapy brand new) baby monitor, audio only–you’ll sleep so much better, and you can position the transmitter unit where’d he’d never even see it if you thought that would make him uncomfortable knowing it was there.

  40. Brother Cavil, are you married?

  41. It’s a hard time, Cavil, but you’ll make it thru; we all do, somehow someway.


    Can, is correct. It’s a stressful, crazy time, but you will make it through with dignity…go for dignity. Sanity might be too much to ask for.

    Why does it choose now to change Cyn to can??

  43. Jay, that is a great t-shirt.

  44. Baby monitors let you sleep soundly. I’d wake up all the time unsure if I’d dreamed I heard something or if i really did. That sucked.

  45. Just got back from my follow up visit to a primary care doc.

    Everything is good, except he says I should have gotten a colonoscopy when I was 50, so he wants me to get one.

    I believe that orifice should be a one way street.

  46. Read Amazon reviews before getting a baby monitor. A lot of the modern ones use WiFi and bounce to the manufacturer’s outsourced server on the way back to you. My mom got us one like that and we returned the damned thing and bought one that did point-to-point encrypted UHF from pod to portal.

  47. DOn’t be coy, Hostpur. You’re among friends.

  48. This morning I figured out why Trump is going to win.

  49. That’s ok, KitKat. It was all a bunch of Beijing Olympics Swag and Anne Leibowitz books.

    Gift Shops are a sham.

    Thanks for coming.

  50. Because eveyone, including Democrats, hate Hillary.

  51. …but Billy Jeff is a nice enough pedo/rapo.
    Put ’em together and you have a pair at least as risable as the current king and his 1st succubus.

  52. I would like to know the actual numbers on who should have a colonoscopy (family history, age, ethnic group, diet), how beneficial, are people mainly changing their diet because of them, etc..

    Many plans now (because of that MOFOing Obamacare and the $10,000 deductible) you pay for your own at between 2-5 thousand a pop (so to speak).

  53. Leon, I’m looking at you.

  54. DiY

  55. You shut up artsy chumpo!

  56. Ask me how

  57. How?

  58. I got me some Jackson Juice before my colonoscopy. It was like being rufied I’d guess. I’ve never actually been rufied. That I remember. Anyway, colonoscopy was painless. Shitting your organs out the night before was a problem.

  59. Leon, I’m looking at you.

    I’ve got at least 10 years before my first scheduled butt probing, so I haven’t read up on this at all. If you were hoping I’d probe yours on the cheap, I’m game, but Mrs. Leon and Mr. Mare might take umbrage.

  60. No, I think colonoscopies are a scam. I think they are great for a target group with family history, poor diet, certain ethnicity or the person has bleeding or what not. There are lots of medical tests that would catch something early, should we get them all? Nope.

  61. Also, people have certain health factors that may put you into the “should have” category.

  62. Leon, it’s the unscheduled butt probings you need to worry about. NTTIATWWT

  63. I’d generally agree. No one in my family has ever had any colon/digestive issues, so I probably won’t bother getting a colonoscopy unless it’s free. I’m at the mercy of my Y-chromosomal mutation and have to worry about alcoholism, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. My alimentary canal should be fine for the duration.

  64. Our health plan still has preventative under the co-pay system. Wonder how long that will last.

  65. Shitting your organs out the night before was a problem.

    Heh, didn’t DiT give us a blow by blow of that process? Sounded not fun.

  66. Well, 2016 shits on us again. Guy Clark is gone.

  67. Comment by mare on May 17, 2016 1:18 pm


    Why does it choose now to change Cyn to can??

    Your phone obviously knows I have great ones.

  68. I can attest.

  69. HA!


  70. They tried to get me to get a colonoscopy a few years ago. Insurance would pay 100% ………unless they saw a polyp and took a sample, then it would cost me $6K.

  71. Your mom has great Cyns.

    Damn autocorrect

  72. I’m also in the no column.

    Medicin is a racket. I had a famous doctor in my close family and that son of a bitch never went to the doctor. Never. He lived to 94.

  73. I’m doing it for HotBride. She’s had two. She thinks I need to join in on the fun.

  74. I’m 2 years overdue for my inaugural colonoscopy and think about arranging one with nearly every dump I take.

  75. Doctors didn’t increase lifespan on average until the 20th century for anyone not grievously injured. Treating chronic conditions was more art than science before then, and was as likely to kill you as not even up to the 1800s.

    Leeches and humours and bad air, man.

  76. My former chief resident from my internship practices up here. Maybe I’ll ask him. Kind of bizarre having people you pass in the hallway a few times a week knowing what your colon looks like.

  77. My doc has given me a test kit that I can use in lieu of a colonoscopy which is supposed to be able to catch problems early.

    Should only need the probe if something comes up on that test.

  78. “The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”


  79. Shortly after HotBride and I started dating, we were with friends one evening, and she mentioned she needed a driver for her upcoming colonoscopy. Evidently you need to show up with a designated driver, or they won’t perform the thing.

    So, I said, “I’ll take you.”

    After it was over, they had me go back to recovery, so that after she was no longer groggy, I could help her get ready to leave.

    She said she had to pee, so I walked her down to the bathroom, and after she closed the door she let out the longest fart I have ever heard in my life. Assuming she’d be mortified, I didn’t say a thing about it. On the way to her house, I asked her if she remembered going to the bathroom, and she didn’t. No recollection.


    I told her the story some time later, and she accused me of making shit up.

  80. Just caught up on me snausages reading. Condolences Scott and Laura. Doggehs just worm their way into our hearts, don’t they?

  81. Haha, she’s just pretending to “forget”.

  82. That’s what I figured, Jay.

    But seriously, that fart was so long it could have been designated an I-75 Business Route.

  83. I did some homework a few months back, Mare.

    If you don’t have a family history of cancer, the odds of them finding something are about the same as them screwing up and puncturing your intestines.

    I won’t be having another one.

  84. You guys see everything.

  85. And that’s why we drink so much.

  86. https://is.gd/CaJ8Zw

  87. You guys see everything.

    And that’s why we drink so much.

    Fact. Drug use is a U-shaped curve, highest among the utterly dim and the insufferably bright. Idiots do it because they are idiots, the mid-wits can’t get away with it and know better than to be idiots, and the bright can’t handle all the idiocy they see and seek to self-medicate.

  88. Time to go home, then be secretary for a parish council meeting.

    Then drinking. Or Fallout. Or both.

  89. I was simply pointing out that Jay and Spur recognized the farting woman wa aware of her record rip and that I would have been fooled by her feigned amnesia.

    Whatever your point was is probably valid too but the hook upon which it is hung escapes me.

    Drinking early this dsy as it’s raining.

  90. For Leon, or the Ws.


  91. I have no idea. I’d say I forgot, too.

    But I’m a guy, so I’d claim it.

  92. Still want that book, along with Meathead’s.

  93. I have to wait 1.5 weeks for this kolsch to condition.

  94. Dan’s dad survived kidney, stomach, prostate, and throat cancer. The esophogeal cancer is the one that killed him. Dan’s primary used to be Dan’s dad’s primary. He didn’t feel the need for the colonoscopy when Dan turned 50.

  95. I have that charcuterie book and it is excellent, although I haven’t tried most of the recipes in it.

    I think I need to do the spanish style chorizo recipe this summer and see how it is.

    The other half of that writing-chef duo has a great food blog with lots of recipes.
    Including some of the recipes from the book. http://ruhlman.com/

  96. I’m going to retry his chicken sausage recipe. It didn’t work out for me the first time.

  97. Hey, Lawraw whats it like having so much time on your hands all of a sudden? I wanna know what your cookin’.

  98. She’s catching up on body disposal.

    Also, planning some appropriately complex traps for Sean.

  99. To Colonoscopate or not to Colonoscopate…
    shat is the question.

    if you have insurance that covers it, you’re an idiot not to. you just need to find a competent gi doc and follow the cleanse directions (my gi guy told me the primary reason for complications comes from an improper cleanse – it’s like trying to drive in a blizzard)…. good doc good prep no punctures no problems.

    family history –
    none in my family that i was aware of. i had my first one due to some episodic abdominal pain that didn’t seem to want to go away (it was prolly due to the pains in the ass that i was working with at the time).

    my dad didn’t believe in the whole doctor thing and especially in anyone probing the exit hatch (read here: colonoscopies are a scam)…. he’s now dealing with stage 4 colon cancer – resections don’t work and the chemo is kicking his ass (and he’s a tough little bastard). he’s in a holding action trying to make it to his first grandsons’ high school graduation.

    Anyway – the moral to my blah blahing is – the procedure is painless, the prep is kind of humorous, Colo-rectal cancer is fairly avoidable, cancer sucks, and stories of Marez-e-dotes farting will be entertaining.


  100. Meathead update:

    He has been rescheduled from May 21 to June 4.

    Now batting for Meathead, Kurt Schlichter.

    Kurt Schlichter- ichter-ichter-ichter……..

  101. Duly noted, Jam.

  102. To add to what JAM2 said, in many cases one of the courses of treatment for colorectal cancer can be removal of the colon and/or rectum, which can lead to a permanent ileostomy.

    Trust me when I tell you that you do NOT want to live with one of those if it can be avoided…

  103. Shortly after HotBride and I started dating, we were with friends one evening, and she mentioned she needed a driver for her upcoming colonoscopy. Evidently you need to show up with a designated driver, or they won’t perform the thing.
    So, I said, “I’ll take you.”
    After it was over, they had me go back to recovery, so that after she was no longer groggy, I could help her get ready to leave.
    She said she had to pee, so I walked her down to the bathroom, and after she closed the door she let out the longest fart I have ever heard in my life. Assuming she’d be mortified, I didn’t say a thing about it. On the way to her house, I asked her if she remembered going to the bathroom, and she didn’t. No recollection.
    I told her the story some time later, and she accused me of making shit up.

    Soooo funny. The not remembering is hilarious.

  104. I love that story. That is true love right there.

  105. Chumpo, I worked out briefly this morning and made us breakfast. I made a to-do list. I made a list of interesting things I want to try to cook soon.

    I read for a while. It was Marie Kondo’s book on de-cluttering. After getting about 3/4 through the book, I got charged up and started to implement the decluttering today.

    After my first big hours-long sorting marathon, guided by Kondo’s principles, I have retained about one quarter of the clothing I own. The rest of it is in trash bags or donation boxes. More to go tomorrow, not all the way done yet.

    I watered the strawberry patch and the blueberry bushes. Then Scott and I went for a nice walk in the woods. We came home and I made a quick supper. Started doing laundry. And I made some coconut milk breakfast flans.

    Next phase of the decluttering: Books. I attack the bookshelves.

    After that: (shudder) Papers. That one category might take a couple weeks. Paper is Everywhere.

    No, I don’t intend to destroy my whole Summer vacation this way. But right now while the weather is unstable and the lake is cold, why the Hell not.
    Actually was a little stressed that I didn’t find the time to do anything in the veggie garden today but then you made me write this up and I understand things better. Thanks, babe.

  106. TiFW, my Uncle Glen had colon cancer. Had the “Bag” for the last 25 years of his life. I H8 cancer!!!

  107. Books are not clutter!!!!! (shudders)

  108. Still twitching over the “De-cluttering” the book shelves.

  109. MJ, did you send me an email, or did I dream the whole thing?

  110. Deaths from colon cancer 15 per 100,000..

    Perforation rate during colonoscopy 100 per 100,000.

    Other serious complications during colonoscopy 500 per 100,000.

    Those are the reported ones. I bet the real rates are much higher.

  111. #TeamScott

  112. BAH, Oso! There are very few books I will ever re-read. Only a few that we use as reference texts. Most of this stuff has served its purpose/ outdated/ never will read/ no longer relevant.

    Into da twash! I’m so happy. At first it was hard but now throwing stuff away is fun and addictive.

  113. Co-worker needed someone to drive him for his colonoscopy. He was determined to drive himself, and I talked him out of it. Him under the influence was worth getting up at 4:30AM. He’s funny sober, he was hilarious stoned out of his mind. Shamelessly flirting with me and all the nurses. If Mr. RFH ever kicks me to the curb, I have a standing marriage proposal. After we left the hospital, he wanted a cheeseburger and fries, and him trying to dip fries in ketchup with running commentary was also hilarious.

    No long farts, though.

  114. More good reads when you find out they can’t really sterilize the scope.

    Nope. No thanks.

  115. OMG I can’t deal with this!!! Books in trash? Twitch twitch. Dan is evil! He’s one of those if you don’t use it in 6 mos throw it away types.

  116. True Story: My dad had an awesome book collection. Harvard Classics. Folio Society. Coffee table art books. Once I realized I couldn’t have kids, I freed my dad up to give his books to family. I kept his Poe, Wilde, and Shakespeare. Dan doesn’t get books. That being said, he’s gifted me with some pretty cool books.

  117. Scott,
    When it was time for mine(my third), I started noticing the calls on the scanner;
    “ALS (Acute Life Support), bowel perforation. Digestive Health Specialists.” (where I get mine done).

    I went anyway and the only thing I remember is the anesthesia guy plugging the syringe of “Milk Of Amnesia” into the shunt on my hand and saying; “Goodnight”…

  118. OMG I can’t deal with this!!! Books in trash? Twitch twitch.

    I’ll donate to the library before I throw them away. I hate getting rid of books.

  119. I focused so much on art, not family photos on the walls at in-laws, I failed to notice no books. 27 yrs of fail. 😂

  120. They will be donated, for sure.

  121. Lauraw, I was being a drama llama. I was thinking about you guys moving once you graduate to a Red State. What about your garden and pond.

  122. All the text books in my home office are gathering dust. If I got rid of them that would free up about 6 feet of shelf space. At the time I was a resident and fellow it was all in the text book. Now my students walk around with their phones and iPads looking stuff up. In my work office there are a few old texts on anatomical approaches and technique guides I refer to frequently. Otherwise it’s a few journals and a couple of websites for quick info.

  123. As always, I find that if I just start doing what Lauraw does then I’ll be kickin’ A and drinkin’ beer.
    Gotta get up on some de-clustering myself.


  124. I want to buy the Meathead book for Dan. He’s all digital.

  125. When I lost weight, Dan donated 6 trash bags of clothes. I’ve gained weight…Dan is fat-shaming me into holding on to my skinny clothes. Blah blah

  126. Did anyone see the episode of NCIS with Michelle Obama in it?

  127. Decluttering and throwing out is the best feeling! Freeing.

  128. I cut. I’m getting better. Dan is like “Diabetic infection in a toe, you lose a toe. Your bullshit cutting on your scalp… WTF!!! Decapitation doesn’t solve shit!” Blah blah. What part of getting better does he not understand? I only have 2 active cuts. Serial you guys. I get better every day. Not vaguebooking. I really do get better every day.

  129. I’d love to declutter. I need a week off from work.

  130. So, yoga and then weightlifting… or waste time online?

  131. I drove by the accident site – three times – today. I usually do. I hate to say it but it does look like distracted driving. The tree is RIGHT off the road. The marks in the road? Straight there, no swerve. And I don’t know HOW she was going so fast there – that’s really bad. I’m usually going about 30 MPH there.

  132. Mare, I can’t agree. Moving so much scarred me. I H8 movers. Every major move in my life had mega theft.

  133. Waste time.

  134. I went shopping. Got clothes for a wedding this weekend (I mean SOME people invite me to their wedding … not naming Hostage names who don’t …). Hair cut. Soccer game. Bought a COOL new house cleaning toy – it’s a vacuum – it’s a steam mop – it’s a vacuumSteam mop!

    I love it SO MUCH.

    Now it’s box wine time.

  135. Alright, I’m off to the gym. You all have fun talking about cleaning!

  136. I’ve moved many times too, Oso never had a problem.

  137. I looked up MIs seizure laws. Same as TX and recently NM. For the most part. Back in the day, I was still having seizures. TX wouldn’t let me drive until I was 6 mo seizure free. FF. NM didn’t have seizure laws. Diabetics and epileptics had a death spree. NM joined the real world. Looks like MI had the same 6 mo law as TX. And recently NM

  138. Mare…move from VA to Taiwan…my Dad’s mint Playboy collection didn’t make the trip. Move from Taiwan to TX…my dad’s Civil War bayonet and Japanese sword collection…didn’t make the trip

  139. Customs.

  140. Every day is Christmas for customs agents.

  141. Scott, yep. TSA is the new customs.

  142. Evenin’, meat smokers.

  143. My dad’s pre-72 Playboy collection never made it to Taiwan. His post 72 collection was common knowledge. Pretty sure every male on the island knew of it and visited our house, because of it.

  144. 13 times in five yrs 12-17yrs. I went from being the only white kid in class in harlem nyc, to being the only yankee city boy in class in rural appalachia (virginia) in a six month period with a brief stop in the DC burbs. Can you say WTF?

  145. Haircut? Thought you had a clipper for that.

  146. Whew, a little too much sriracha in this ramen.

  147. For most of that period of time the folks considered themselves nomadic hippie bikers, but instead of being dependant on the migration of some creature for their movements, my folks followed the party from commune to commune.

  148. I was a military brat and I went 1st-12th grades all in the same school district.

  149. Terrible, why you move so much?

  150. My last move was in 1987.

  151. Got it! We were Navy/Marine. West coast:SD, Moffet Field, Vallejo…Dad in VN. Norfolk: Pretty calm. Taiwan: we were supposed to report to Newfoundland…made appropriate clothing response. Ended up going to Taiwan.

  152. I read scott’s comment as his last movie.

  153. Scott, I H8 moving.

  154. 06 is when I really stopped moving. Cept for the three timed since then. From 92 to 06 I lived in a hotel for work where ever I was 9 months of the year. My traveling jones got so bad that if I was in one place more than 3 months I’d get ansy.

  155. *cough*

  156. The three most stressful things in life are

    1) death
    2) divorce
    3) moving

    A lot of people who are moving are already dealing with #1 or #2.

    Moving people sucks too.

  157. Here’s a little something for Wire Day:


  158. In ’09, my mom was in a coma, my dad was in hospice, and my grammo was dying. My bro was going through a divorce. We had mega laughs about who had a suckier life.

  159. Scott, we have moved MiL 3 times in the last few months. Looks like #4 is coming soon.

  160. Cut to the chase Sean, does the fat lady get the apple?

  161. My last move was in ’99 with a divorce in ’07. Between ’87 and ’99 I moved 7 times.

  162. left click

  163. http://tinyurl.com/hnbgl29

  164. PT team keeps telling MiL that if she works hard, she goes home. Uh no…if she works hard she goes to the Woodmark. Her new home. BTW Dan won’t be breaking in and killing all the staff to get MiL home.

  165. Kondo’s book is so very Japanese. Simple instructions for confronting a convoluted problem. Like pulling on a knot and having it fall free. I am loving it. But it’s weird. When you handle all of your accumulated possessions, you also inadvertently take stock of your past and your present.

    I think you have to be older to really grab on to how her simple ideas are not so simple as they are goddamn elegant.

  166. That said, there’s a fair amount of feng shui bullshit in there, like thanking your clothes before you chuck them. Whatever, the basic plan and her general rejection of storing useless shit appeals to me.

  167. Instead of saying “thank you” to my totally awesome cute late-90’s era clothes, I just did a wink and a ‘ka-pow!’ finger gun thingy. Pretty sure they understood. Like your Mom does, when Hotspur does that. At her cooter.

  168. feng shuishit

  169. I looked at the reviews, Laura. Quite a few were turned off by the “folding your socks to make them happy” stuff.


  171. I can’t smoke it.

  172. Yeah, you have to ignore that stuff. There’s still some good gold. She opened my eyes to how wrong some common ideas on home organization are. Backasswards, and head-slappingly self defeating.

    But no, clothes don’t have an ‘aura.’ GTFOOH

  173. OMG I was wearing a 26 yr old tee shirt today…until I got BBQ sauce on it.

  174. I’ve got your aura right here,

  175. You can bt you must use a zippo facing east or a wooden match facing west.
    Dont mess w the harmony.

  176. You can’t spell laura without aura

  177. I finally found the program for the Shen Yun thing we went to a few months back.

    The lyrics of the piece sung by the soloist in the first half were not all that strange, other than the final two lyrics:

    Break free from the lies that have fooled the world
    Listen to your heart and choose the right future


    The second solo piece was the one that made the audience start to murmur…..

    The decline of moral values puts humanity at risk

    okay…. sure….

    Atheism is Satan’s big lie….


    Evolution has no basis in reality


    Science is leading us on a perilous course

    (honey, start the car…)

    The followers of Dafa (Great Way) are messengers of the divine
    Leading us back to the path given by the divine

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand thank you and good night.

    Looking back, it was almost like being at a Bernie rally.

  178. But no, clothes don’t have an ‘aura.’ GTFOOH

    you didn’t know me in college……

  179. Back from yoga. Said “screw it” to lifting, although in fairness I lifted this morning. I’ll do rows and deadlifts tomorrow morning.

    Spoke with the program director at Cal Lutheran. He’s going to pass my resume around to a few people who might have jobs available, but other than that he wasn’t as much help as I was hoping.

    Him: “We have a forcasting center here, but we can’t pay you cash, only tuition credit.”
    Me: “My GI Bill is covering tuition. I need money for food and gas and my truck payment and insurance.”
    Him: “Oh yeah, that is kind of important.”

    I think he was a little taken aback because I wasn’t a twenty-two year old with college and a couple of years on the job.

  180. If by aura you mean the scent of stale sweat and desperation, yeah, my clothes have an aura.

  181. I have no use for a book on organization, other than cluttered desks I’m fine.

    My wife read it and didn’t follow through because she gestated and is now caring for a tiny person a lot of the time.

  182. I’ve got a book coming out on decluttering your life. It’s titled, “Burn it all to the fucking ground: a guide to starting over with a new identity.”

  183. You could collaborate with the author of “How to Disappear Online”.

  184. “Burn it all to the fucking ground: a guide to starting over with a new identity.”

    You can only get away with that twice. Three times if your lucky.

    < _ _ >

    < _ <

    So I've heard….

  185. stupid fucking html bullshit…

  186. It comes with my companion booklets, “She’s not worth trying to save the marriage” and “How to bury a body”.

  187. *pre-orders CoAlex book bundle*

  188. awwwwww… DiT got a nice little hug in tonite’s ONT…..

  189. Bed time.

  190. It comes with my companion booklets…………. “How to bury a body”.

    You giving Lauraw co-author credit or is she just ghost-writing for you?

  191. Any bets on when the Baller-in-Chief issues a decree that forces the NBA to accept women or suffer financial penalties?

  192. I’m only asking because just think how historic it would be to have a First Lady starting for the LA Lakers….

  193. FLOTUS isn’t even the best baller, in her family. Bro gotta bro

  194. Better idea… POTUS finally comes to term with his inner self and identifies as a woman and joins the WNBA.

    And instantly becomes the highest percentage shooter in the league.

  195. TFG is weak sauce. 6th man on a Hawaiian private school team? Ha!

  196. I could beat him with my 50s era ground ball Cousy game.

  197. Afterschool special: 50 right; 50 left; 100 free. Rote.

  198. POTUS finally comes to term with his inner self and becomes a mirror.

  199. POTUS finally comes to terms with his inner self and performs his required Hajj before leaving office.

  200. Afterschool special: 50 right; 50 left; 100 free. Rote.

    aka xbrad’s masturbation ritual.

  201. **turns off webcam**

  202. as usual, the Simpsons predicted Donald Trump….


  203. I think we are in the 2nd golden age of muscle cars. It may be the last cal for them as the robo cars will soon displace them and people driven will be relegated to the kids lane or the equivalent.
    What fun it is to be now! 700 hp with anti lock, predictive self braking, parallel parking, and air bags!

    For crying out loud I had a 70 mustang Mach 1 351 Cleveland and DRUM BRAKES!!!!!111ELEVEN!

    I could go 130 in it, I could stop from 70. From 130,? I could slow it down to 40. After that no amount of standing, jumping, leaning, pressing/prayer would slow you below 40. A ditch, other car, building, etc would help you at the cost of your car, and bones.

    I am saving my pennies for one of the new monster cars.

  204. I also have a Trump girlfriend media theory. It may be tinfoil or it may be Trump playing the media like a boss. He is not my choice but I so enjoy it when he spanks the media.

  205. Good luck, V, If I hit the lottery you know I’m hooking you up.

    Is it the Mustang 500GT?


  206. I am a Mopar man Mr Chumpo, however fords are alright in my book.

    Sorry about the break thing

  207. Been decluttering/downsizing for the past year. Got rid of my science fiction collection (almost 2000 books), my Robotron machine, and my Flash pinball machine.

    Decluttering sucks. It’s like I have nothing left to live for now.

  208. Wow. Robotron was hard. Not Defender hard, but Robotron had excellent sound. Defender did too I guess.

    Williams games were the best.

    How long did you have that machine?

  209. So MOPAR has the Challenger out now? What about a Bee? Did they re-release that?

  210. Everybody’s gone you picked me up for a long drive
    We take the tourist route the nights are derp until midnight
    We took the evening ferry over to the peninsula
    We found the avenue of trees went up to the hill
    That crazy avenue of trees, I’m living there still

  211. Good Morning!

    Comment by MJ on May 17, 2016 11:34 pm
    POTUS finally comes to term with his inner self and becomes a mirror.

    hahahaha Obama is such a do nothing douche.

  212. I thought I would have time to poat HHD this morning, but I was wrong. Help, please.

    Also, if you have a spare moment for prayer or good thoughts, Rocketboy is supposed to find out today if he gets an internship or not. For his future and my sanity, he needs this. Thank ye kindly.

    Squishy hugs and worky worky.

  213. I don’t post, but I do pray so I’ll pray the prayer that never fails; Thy will be done!

  214. There’s still some good gold. She opened my eyes to how wrong some common ideas on home organization are. Backasswards, and head-slappingly self defeating.

    Like what? Don’t make me read this book.

  215. Crap. You guys are going to make me read the book.

    wakey wakey

  216. Review comments:

    Empty your purse every night and put the things away. This makes the purse happy….

    Keep shampoo and bath stuff in a cabinet, pull them out every time you use them, then put them away.

    If you’ve read a book, great, get rid of it. If you haven’t read a book, you don’t need to, get rid of it.

  217. I would never get rid of a good book. Bad books? Sure. But if it’s good, I’m keeping it.

  218. Keep shampoo and bath stuff in a cabinet, pull them out every time you use them, then put them away.



  219. There’s still some good gold. She opened my eyes to how wrong some common ideas on home organization are. Backasswards, and head-slappingly self defeating.


    Yes, what are these gems?

  220. If meat eaters acted like vegans … https://www.facebook.com/awakenwithjp/videos/1313773811971811/

  221. “Touch all your things, if they don’t give you spark of happiness get rid of them…. yeah, my washer and dryer would be gone, and I don’t think that would work out well…….”

    One of the first things is to pile all your clothes on the floor, then go through them, looking for the things that give you that spark of happiness. One OCD commenter was horrified. “My clothes are hung neatly in a color coordinated manner, they will not be piled on the floor!”

  222. There’s a NEW POAT for you to leave your intellectual droppings on.

  223. Basically, her philosophy is that fancy storage devices and organization experts are just things and people who help you become a better hoarder.

    And your life is always going to be cluttered unless you do the first step and shoot most of your possessions in the face. And you should discard by category, not room. Because you may not know it, but if you go through every room of your house, you’re going to find redundancies but you’ll never notice half of them if you clean room by room instead of by category.

    Yeah, there’s some eminently ignore-able shit in this book.

    But, I love her folding technique for tops. And instead of stacking them she sets them up on a folded edge so you can see all your tops when you open the drawer. And they don’t squoosh wrinkles into each other.

    And to change the flow plan of the house somewhat to make being tidy the lazier choice. Most people have crap lying around because they either never consciously designated a place where the thing belongs, they have several of these things and they are always lost, or the place they did choose to store it is inconvenient. So it is left where they use it. Best thing is to store something where it is easiest to put away, not where it is easiest to go get in the first place.

    It’s an easter egg hunt, but they’re in there.

    I am almost done putting away my clothes and I have occupied half a closet and there are extra drawers in my dresser. This is wonderful.

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