Big Boob Friday

Здравствуйте, and welcome to Big Boob Friday. Your model is also your musical selection, so give it a click you perverts.



Your model for today is currently in internet hiding because she posted some pictures of her humongous rack supporting her little kitty.  At one point she had a youtube channel, instagram, reddit and imgur account, but she hasn’t said much lately…I’m guess because her pictures might have gotten her some unwanted attention.  At any rate, she seems like a nice young lady from Russia (I guess) who is a classical singer and artist.  She likes kitties and holy crap does she have a nice set of ear-muffs.  Please stop being too specific and welcome, Miss Nadia Naivnaya!

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  1. *meow*

  2. She seems nice.

  3. So, Obama, why don’t you order Sidwell Friends to be gender-neutral and see who ends up in the bathroom with your daughters?

  4. Sidwell Friends would tell him to pound sand. They’ve got payroll to think about.

  5. Also, from last night:

    I told her that ;
    “Pics, or it didn’t happen.”
    Her excuse was that; “My phone was in my locker”…

    Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Actually, I always left mine in the locker when I went too, plus it’s creepy to take photos of people at the gym.

  6. I like her cat.

  7. Little Mama Peel gave birth to great big baby Samuel Alexander yesterday. 8lbs 15oz and 20.5 inches. Now back to sleep.

  8. Good heavens that’s enormous.

  9. Welcome to the world Samuel

  10. Wakey wakey.

    Happy BIRTH day Samuel. A day late.

  11. What wonderful news! Congratulations Will!

    HA! Leon, my youngest was 9lbs 3oz 22 inches.

    23 hours of labor THEN the cesarean. Idiots.

  12. Erin was 9 pounds 2 oz. Came out just as easily as the others.

  13. Dog at feet.

  14. Dog farting at feet.

  15. Anyone else see “Car in on Big Boob Friday” and get a sense of underwhelment? *runs

  16. *comes to

    what? What happened? I think the dog farts rendered me unconscious.

  17. doing the job other hostages refuses to do ——–>

    Look, AM is my shift on this blog J’ames. If you’re unhappy with my performance, find someone else.

  18. Fuck you Obama. WSJ

    “” There is no obligation for a student to present a specific medical diagnosis or identification documents that reflect his or her gender identity, and equal access must be given to transgender students even in instances when it makes others uncomfortable, according to the directive.”

  19. hahaha

    I was referring to physical attributes, not your outstanding commenting.

  20. My boobs used to be better. Just saying.

  21. Found some wild corndogs…

  22. Heh, not 2 minutes before I clicked your link Jay someone showed me the same thing.

  23. I’ve got cat tails or whatever those are called growing in a little seasonal stream in my yard

  24. Yep, cat tails. Grows wherever there’s standing water. Leon’s got them in the possum drowning pond.

  25. I belong to a local facebook group, home to lots of whiny people posting about things going on in the community. Like which restaurant gave them bad service, where to get a haircut, etc. Someone posts that there son dropped his lemonade at Chick Fil A, and the worker cleaned it up and got them a new one. Good job, server!

    But it doesn’t end there. My local true blue commie community starts up with “must not have been LGBT!”, “chick fil a is the debbil!”, “Dan Cathay is Adolf Hitler!” (direct quote).

    I really want to run people over.

  26. Ok, long rant on facebook about Obama’s most recent overstep.

  27. I got home around 2AM. I think I’ll “work from home” today.

  28. I don’t think a woman who’s given birth to five kids, with the attendant breast formation required to go along with that feat, should complain when said breasts go back to normal after pursuing a vigorous exercise/diet regimen.

    This is a feature, not a bug.

  29. More like “new” normal.

  30. Cattails are pernicious things. They can only really be controlled by poisoning the water table or absurd amounts of labor while wading or swimming in muck.

  31. Cattails are beautiful.

  32. But they still taste horrible. Even with mustard.

  33. I really didn’t expect this kind of push back against the bathroom thing.

    I kind of thought, ‘well, whatever. Nothing will really change.’

    Chicks have VERY strong opinions on the matter. It’s not that they think creeps are going to flood bathrooms, although there is a risk, but more that they just don’t want to share bathrooms with guys under any circumstances.

    Pushing this down to schools seems surreal. Parents everywhere, if they are following this, are going to freak the fuck out.

  34. Identikit is my choice for fav on the new RH album.

  35. Next thing you know guys will be getting sued because they won’t have sex with a woman who has a penis.

  36. Well, half the parents will freak out, the bigots in Jesusland. The others are more enlightened.

    Unless it’s “their” daughter. Then we’ll see.

  37. Do we know how Oso’s MIL is doing?

  38. *raises hand

    I am freaking the fuck out.

    If a chick is wacky enough ID’s as a dude and wants to use the men’s restroom, then she’s wacky enough to flip and cry rape against one of my sons. Fuck that shit.

    Also, see Bruce Jenner’s apparent recent regret at switching. Shocker.

  39. And I think we should all agree that if you have to go number 2, you should wait until you get home, or your hotel/hostel/cardboardbox/dumpster.

    Airport bathrooms are full of guys taking a dump and talking on the phone.

    It’s the worst, Jerry. The worst.

  40. Exactly, re: Bruce. Why would you want to be a chick? *runs

  41. MJ, just about a week or so ago in Frisco Texas some pervert was either taking pics of a girl in a TARGET DRESSING ROOM.

    This shit happens a lot. When I googled it, lots of weirdness popped up.

  42. I’m sick of the left’s bullshit, period.

    I’m one of the Target boycotters. I’d don’t give a shit if Dana Losch doesn’t like boycotts. It works, Target stock is down 5% and the CEO is turning himself into a pretzel trying to say they’re all about safety but also all about inclusion.

    hahahahah DICK

  43. The transsexuals who are serious are a very small minority, and are likely to just go do their business and leave. The predators are a different matter. And thanks to these new policies, local businesses, schools, etc., can no longer determine who is a threat and who isn’t. The creepy dude in a dress hanging around the woman’s bathroom? Can’t say a word.

  44. Christ, Jay, that’s exactly what I was afraid of. Worst nightmare.

  45. I agree with Cyn 100%. We’re talking about mental illness. Some of these freaks want to cut their dicks off. That’s sick stuff.

    “If a chick is wacky enough ID’s as a dude and wants to use the men’s restroom, then she’s wacky enough to flip and cry rape against one of my sons. Fuck that shit.”

  46. I worked with a gal in construction that was transitioning to a guy. Got the boobs chopped off, took hormones, and then legally changed to a man at all the appropriate gov places.

    In both the field office (used for staging parts) and the main office an hour away, we slapped a girls/guys sticker on the bathroom.

    Everyone was cool with it except for the chicks.

  47. Over/under on how long before some TV show has a TG character who magically convinces a straight character to date?

    Because if you don’t want your women to have a penis, you’re a H8er. And you don’t like Mondays.

  48. MJ, I’m not going to feel badly because “I’m not cool with it.”

  49. It will probably be on The Middle, MJ

  50. Over/under on how long before some TV show has a TG character who magically convinces a straight character to date?


    This WILL happen because that’s how the left media works. Why do you think that Bruce Jenner show is on?

  51. This is really getting me riled up. Emergency cheese sauce gif!

  52. Try the ghost pepper fries at wendy’s. Yum!

  53. MJ, you weiner, you know what I like!

  54. MJ, I’m not going to feel badly because “I’m not cool with it.”
    Nor should you. I’m not really ok with it either.

    GND cares not a whit about most things, but this is something she simply can’t understand. She, under no circumstances at all, wants to share a bathroom with guys. Not even guys that have been living as girls for years. I can see her point of view.

  55. The bathrooms are (to me) not the biggest issue. It’s the school locker rooms.

    I mean, I can hold it if I must, and I didn’t really allow my young kids to go to the bathroom unaccompanied anyway. I can work around that BS (and I really don’t think it’s ever going to be an issue since I have some control).

    But forcing girls to share a locker room? That pisses me the fuck off. Girls are often very modest – and this should be encouraged. The idea that they don’t want to see a dick in the lockerroom shower is HOW THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO FEEL. ANd that they don’t want a penis owner seeing their girly parts is also normal AND SHOULD BE ENCOURAGED.

    but society wants (and is doing a very good job) of hypersexualizing our children. Fuck them.

  56. And if I worked someplace where a trans-dude (unless he’d had some REALLY GOOD WORK) used the bathroom, I would make sure I was never in there with him.

  57. And it’s ok MJ, about your choise for best song on the RH album. It’s not the first time you’ve been wrong.

    I just think you enjoy being contrary.

  58. Decks Dark
    Desert Island Disk

  59. I do enjoy being contrary but I really like that song.

    It’s ok to admit you have *issues* with music.

  60. I could solve this in two sentences:

    – Mandate transgender bathrooms and locker rooms
    – Make all of them, regardless of orientation use those bathrooms

    Chicks with dicks, guys with vajayjays – all of them use those bathrooms.

    Issue would go a way, but that’s not what the left wants.

  61. I dunno Hotspur. There is an article out there about how two trans teens are dating. Personally, I don’t see how a straight person *could* date a trans. As a hetero woman, a she-male is about the last thing I’d desire. I assume the same would go for most men. He doesn’t want an ex-man. He wants a woman.

    These people are damaged and I pity them. I’m not going to celebrate ’em.

  62. You don’t even have to mandate it. Just handle complaints on a case by case basis.

  63. I would like my own bathroom because I hate sharing.

  64. Mj is just like Cartman.

  65. Most of what I have aren’t true cattails that can be eaten, just watery inedible grass. Chickens wouldn’t touch them.

    Also, there’s no reason to war game a ‘solution’ to the transgender issue. They statistically don’t exist, and the vast majority of those that do are just crazy people. Crazy people need therapy and medication, not bathroom access.

  66. Soft Kitty Warm Kitty Big Boob Russian Girl

  67. Besides, everyone should be peeing on the compost heap for locally-grown produce.

  68. “Over/under on how long before some TV show has a TG character who magically convinces a straight character to date?”

    Already been done, Gerry Springer a couple of years ago.

  69. Leon for Prez 2016

  70. Most cattails around here have been pushed out by invasive phragmites.

    The only place cattails still survive is in deeper water.

    That might be what you have, Leon.

  71. I found a Mt. Dew well!

  72. I don’t really give a fuck where transgenders use the bathroom.

    I give a shit that King Obama feels entitled to issue a royal decree, and we’re just supposed to accept our place as peasants.

  73. IN the future, everyone will just wear depends and pee when they need to.

  74. Exactly, XBrad, this is absolutely not a federal issue, any more than opioid dependency.

  75. As long as we’re pretending…I’m feeling my imaginary boobs right now.

    Mmmmmmmm. So big and soft.

  76. This is why I was against gay marriage. They just don’t stop.

    After they normalize the trans community, they will quickly move on to the next group of weirdos.

    Bestiality or polygamy will be up next.

  77. You know what concert you can get into for $.45?

    50 cent, featuring Nickleback.

    *heard at work

  78. Already been done, Gerry Springer a couple of years ago.

    Jerry Springer doesn’t count.

  79. Scott, I’m surprised that the administration hasn’t pushed polygamy yet. It would be an easier sell. I expected by this point that the WH would have hosted some LGBT event with a poly triad/thruple/whateverthehellyoucallit as the guests of honor.

  80. Most of the polygamy is probably in Utah, and Mormons are notorious Republicans, right?

  81. The left has pushed “non-monogamy” in certain circles for a while.

  82. That’s the whole “live together” thing though. They don’t make it legal. Which is what causes all their issues, and civil unions would have solved.

  83. ABC already had a drama that prominently featured a trans gendered character.

  84. I was going to make a joke of “And any bets on ABC being the network to do it”. But then I decided against it. Should have gone with my gut.

  85. Motherfockin’ phragmites


  87. Huh. I had a derp all lined up and ready to go before bed last night, but I guess I forgot to click the post button. Just got a worried text from our lovely BlogMom. We are all truly blessed to have such a nice Tiger Lady looking out for us.


  89. do NOT taste the rainbow

  90. Three Rawrs For Tiger Lady.



  92. Work at home Pup, what are you working on right now?

  93. *kicks at pebble down in the dirt and blushes*

  94. it’s Bullrushes.

  95. So, as part of being a volunteer at PSAM, they do an interview for the Veterans History Project. Gotta swing by the museum and pick up my copy of the DVD. The museum keeps one, and one goes to the Library of Congress.

    Then it’s off to Mens Warehouse to pick up my suits.

    I’m a stylin’ motherfucker.

  96. Imgur

  97. suit(s)? WTF, Mr. Mayor?

    I’m not sure we can hang out anymore.

  98. I could solve this in two sentences:
    – Mandate transgender bathrooms and locker rooms
    – Make all of them, regardless of orientation use those bathrooms
    Chicks with dicks, guys with vajayjays – all of them use those bathrooms.
    Issue would go a way, but that’s not what the left wants.

    I could solve this problem in three words: shoot those motherfuckers.

    But I grew up in Texas amongst a large community of recent German immigrants. So I may be a little outside the mainstream in terms of tolerance. Fuck em.

  99. Pendejo, thanks for staking out a position to the right of mine. Now I get to pretend I’m moderate ‘n’ shit.

  100. It’s always been a debate as to whether motherfucker is one or two words.

    Latrina: D’anton, little Trayvon said his first word today.
    D’anton: Wut?
    Latrina: Mother
    D’anton: Bitch, that’s only 1/2 a word.

  101. Half word and shit.

  102. “I’m a styling motherfucker.”

    Somebody call the Authoritehs, CoAlex’s mom has escaped again.

  103. God, Pendejo, that is so racist.

  104. Mother fucker is two words slough can be used as one.

    The origin dates back to the 13th century, by Thomas Aquinas.

    Upon writing that temperance and prudence were among the top virtues he began laughing, slurped his wine, and said, ‘anyone who believes dis righ hur is dumber than a mother fucker.’


  105. Well, I’m glad we cleared that up.

  106. My new smoker just arrived WOO HOO!!!!

  107. Funny–that’s what your mom just said.

  108. That wasn’t Aquinas you heathen, that was Origen, right before he paid a couple of hookers to tell people he’d lopped off his tallywacker.

  109. Just got done moving my office for the second time since I took the jorb. Losing all my old neighbors and gaining new ones, including the once and future and somehow current coworker.

  110. Karma

  111. I guess “and future” is no longer the right moniker, but we’ve now been coworkers in two jobs at two entirely different industries.


  113. can someone call in sick for me ? I don’t wanna go to work.

    I want to work from home like Puspter did today.

  114. Sure thing, Car in. What’s the number and who do I ask for?

  115. Here, CarIn; I wrote you an excuse-from-work note. I’m pre-med so it’s legit.

  116. Tell them you got the Zima virus.

  117. I work with a bunch of doctors, I’m sure I could bribe one to write a note.

    Okay, so they’re PhDs, but whatever.

  118. Hi, this is Car in’s wife. I know I know, don’t sweat the small stuff.

    Anyway, she’s recovering from sex change surgery and can’t make it in today.

    I think he’ll be in on Monday for sure.

  119. SQUEEEEE!

    A few pics of Fresh New Baby Sam have been received and uploaded to POL (password required),

    Congrats to Mama Peel and Daddy Will and Big Bro Aaron!

  120. Mare–I’ve already emailed the password to you ;)

  121. Cyn thinks of everything.

  122. hahahahaha, Cyn, you’re the best!!

    And baby Sam is a damn cool looking little guy.

  123. HA

  124. LOLOL

  125. So…..

    Put pellets in thingy, half or so.

    Light with torch. (gave me a reason to buy one)

    Put under cooking rack.

    Maintain 250.

    Drink beer for 90-120 mins.

    Smoked chicken wings.

  126. MJ, are you still married? Based on those beautiful wedding pictures she’s too good for you.

  127. Afternoon, bathroom tuckers.

  128. When I looked over the top of the stall of the person pooing next to me at Target, I noticed the woman was in fact a women. So everything is okay.

  129. This time, Mare. This time.

  130. I wonder what the transwhatever who looks over the top of the stall at me will say?


  131. My wife likes Target and refuses to boycott. If she drags me there I’m going to use the ladies room and wink at any women I encounter.

    “It’s Target’s official policy that I can pee in here, or whatever. Don’t worry, I’ll leave the seat down. The whole time.”

  132. I usually look under the stall.

  133. MJ, are you still married? Based on those beautiful wedding pictures she’s too good for you.
    I think so. I’m not sure what’s going to happen after we all transition.

  134. I thought we already discussed public BMs.

    No go. Wait it out, you heathens.

  135. Smoking cheddar as a test run. The amount of smoke is amazing. My neighbors will either love me or hate me.

  136. >> Smoking cheddar as a test run.

    Kinda hard to light, ain’t it?

  137. Chair risers.

    I am in search of chair risers.

    Dealing with an aging parent is sooooooo much fun :eyeroll:

  138. Cavil – do you have Walgreen’s near you? If so, some of their locations have special sections in selected stores for health aids exactly like this. And shower seats. And rollators. And bed rails. And footed-canes. And … And… And… (Been there, buddy; it’s work).

  139. My wife likes Target and refuses to boycott.

    Did they send her coupons for baby stuff at just the right time, suspiciously?


  141. Heh, you dog.

  142. No, no baby stuff coupons, but they did carelessly lose her credit card data twice, so I understand her loyalty.

    Honestly the company should be toast for a LOT of reasons. This is just the first that’s an outright own-goal.

  143. Why is there men’s room in Target at all?

  144. Schlitterbahn??? HAHAHA!

  145. About those white racists

  146. Very good, Jay.

    I meant to tell you that Sierra Navada has a wonderful wheat beer called Kellerweiss. It is a real treat. Not bad!!

  147. Confirmed: GND is informed and super pissed about the bathroom thing.

    No ding dong in the bano.

  148. I saw Ding Dong in the Bano open for Wang Chung at the Celebrity Theater in 1986.

  149. Of course you did.

    How many times have you seen Ding Dong and Wang Chung.

    Round to the nearest exponential.

  150. I am of the Germanic Bavarian subrace sometimes referred to as Alpine.

  151. I Identify as an American.

    No one really knows whats in the wood pile.

  152. I can’t think of anyone better to transition to than 1982 Eric Clapton.

    Ol boy must have had the life right then.

  153. I applaude your transition, MJ.
    1982 Clapton had it going on.

  154. I’m guessing you’d identify as Chumpo, chump. Am I right?

  155. There’s Irish in mine, but it’s Turkic Irish.

  156. Yay, congratulations Will and Peel!

    Rocketboy was 9 lb. 14 oz., but I’m a lot bigger than Mrs. Peel. Even so, my first thought after he was born was, “I can breathe!”

    Speaking of Rocketboy, he is on his way home. Nashville roads are slooooooow today.

  157. Greetings, people who just wish they could go back to the old days when people would dress up like members of the opposite sex and use the bathroom in the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

  158. Evening Hostages.

    The other night I’d mention med issues with my grandpa and added him to the H2 prayer tab.

    Got about the best news we could. No immediate need for surgery or amputation. Check back in in two months to see where he’s at.

  159. Congratulations, Will and Mrs. Peel.

  160. Great news, b’coch. And happy birfday to Samuel Alexander. And I’m glad you’re not dead, Hotspur.

  161. Congrats to Peel and Will!

  162. Welcome to the world, Samuel Alexander! Congrats to Will and Peel. Great news, bcoch. Staff is giving us updates on MiL by phone. Trying to establish some routines with her. She gets too upset when family visits.

  163. Good news, bcock.


  165. Hahahaha, pups!

  166. My mom’s appt with thoracic guy is Monday at 1. St Catherine’s just called. Meeting on Monday with MiL’s care staff and rehab team. 1:30. My Aunt VA and Uncle Pres will be with my mom. I’ll be with Dan.

  167. Good luck with all that, oso.

    And thanks everybody.

  168. I forgot to say it, but congrats to Samuel and his family.

  169. Excellent news for your g’pa, Brent!

    Oso, sounds like you’ve made the best decision :)

  170. Thanks, Cyn. Receptionist called to set up meeting. MiL really wants Dan and Fred there. Dan told her Fred was his deceased dad. Somewhere in her dementia, MiL associates St Cat’s with Dad.

  171. She probably (mostly) always will. It’s okay tho, he’s probably there with her after all.

  172. Yep. I think he is around quite frequently. He was such a kind man and he raised a very kind son.

  173. Not a Mare Musing, but an Oso Rambling: I freak out whenever the MFM gives a shout out to the World’s Oldest Person. Almost as much as my fear of being the fat person in the MFM’s video footage of random anonymous fat person walking while the talking head went on about whatever AMA theory was being reported on. Whew. Back to old people, they always seem to die shortly after the MFM identification as the “Oldest”. Now, some old lady in Italy is the next target.

  174. Okay, I think I’m a little drunk, but I had a hilarious idea for a graphic novel that I got my wife to agree to illustrate:

    A Texas man gains superpowers (TBD)
    He loves America and Mexico and thinks the way to fix things in both countries is to Make Mexico Great (Again? Was it ever?), so he invades Mexico and demolishes the cartels and the corrupt government and bangs hot senoritas and eats tamales.

    Would it sell?

  175. You could probably write a book and sell it Baen. Couldn’t be worse than the crap they publish.

  176. Messicans and New Mexicans H8 Texans. H8 H8 H8 Texans. Texicans defeated Mexico in battle.

  177. Okay, not a Texan, fair enough.

  178. Maybe he doesn’t really care about Mexico or Mexicans, at least at the start, but wants to reduce the incentive to come to the US, the narrative arc could have him start to care as he progresses.

    I think it could work.

  179. I bet I could get a Hugo. It’d be at least as good as that “If you were a Raptor” book.

  180. My novel-writing career has to start somewhere. If this fails, at least it was stupid.

  181. He should be from TN.

  182. And have moved recently to MN after some career setbacks?

  183. TX was founded by a TN conspiracy. UT even copied UT’s ugly orange.

  184. Rocketboy is safely home and has already demolished a plate of salmon patties and peas. He is wearing girlfriend’s ring on a necklace. Oh boy.

  185. I have no idea what you’re talking about, and at this point I’m too afraid to ask.

  186. 😧

  187. Yay Roamy! Boo for the ring!

  188. Where has beasnsnanssn been ???

  189. Wait, guy wearing girl’s ring on a necklace? That isn’t how it works! That isn’t how any of this works!!! (Yay, RB) ummm…when does he become Rocketman? 🎶🎶🎶

  190. Beasn is busy crafting and is rarely on FB with us.

  191. Cyn, it’s not a huge thing. I’ve just always looked at superheros and thought “why do they never, you know, do anything? Superman could conquer Canada on an average Thursday. Heck, Spider-man could have NYC under his thumb as much as the mafia ever did. What would happen?” I think it could make for a fun bit of fiction.

    He is wearing girlfriend’s ring on a necklace. Oh boy.

  192. Substitute Minnesotan for Texan, and Canada for Mexico, and I think you’ve got something there, Leon.

  193. No one wants to make Canada great, not even Canadians.

    Fails the “suspenders of disbelief” test.

  194. Leon, I remember the Marvel’s shortly after 9/11. So much of the brand was tied to NYC. Rick Rescorla. <<<He is what a true hero looks like. I think quite a bit of the popularity of fictional heroes stems from the devastating attack on America, that we've never recovered from.

  195. Maybe a Masshole could save Venezuela considering the Kennedy Spawn ties to Hugo.

  196. Rioting over milk? Thousands. 2 dead confirmed. Milk. First it was the TP. Then the beer. Babies sin leche.

  197. Girlfriend is wearing a matching ring, whether on finger or matching necklace is not clear. 20 questions session got cut off.

  198. No one wants to make Canada great, not even Canadians.

    They’re very humble, eh.

  199. Wot a day. Workie workied and then came home to clean my shit up. I have a real affinity for buying books and reading some of them. I’m pretty sure that on the list of reasons Paula agreed to host the party was an excuse to get me to clean. I get to do a case and rounds in the AM so I’ll miss the early morning cleaning hysteria. At the party my duty is to cook hamburgers. I think I can handle that.

  200. Maybe he could drive out the French? Burn down 24 Sussex in retribution for 1812?

  201. Bebes sin leche, no me gusta.

    They’re very humble, eh.

    They’re content with America’s Hat status. It should embarrass them, but somehow doesn’t. And then they put gravy and cheese curds on fries.

    Mexico’s status as a cartel-run narcostate that exports poverty and imports dollars is almost respectable by comparison.

  202. I added a page to the meat up files of SeanM and I from our lunch this week.

    Sorry if I screwed it up nice tiger lady blog mom.

  203. To take a break from cleaning I assembled my new Dragon flame weeder. Then I used it. Heh heh, it’s like a flamethrower. The one I have is a little different variation than the one in the video and I didn’t know you just swept the flame on the weeds. I cooked them until there was nothing left but ash.

  204. I’m probably going to tarp the other third of the garden I haven’t tilled yet as an experiment in weeding. Fire could be fun though.

  205. Weather here in Canada’s chin strap took a turn back to cool, I still cooked-out burgers and grilled veggies and pineapple for dinner.

  206. If you don’t care about lowering the pH, you can spray high-molar vinegar safely.

  207. Supposed to get down to 36F here tomorrow night. Record low is 33 for that night. Hope my li’l tomato seedlings out in the barn make it through.


  209. WTF is high-molar vinegar? Explain it to me like I’m Canadian.

  210. Vinegar is weak acid (acetic acid, in particular) diluted in water. Not an especially strong acid, but the kind you buy at the grocery store is mostly water. Dilute it in less water, or concentrate the acid (so the “molarity” of the acid goes up, i.e. more “moles” of acid per unit of volume) and you get something that can kill plants without killing the soil microbiome like glycophosphate (Round-Up) can.

  211. He is wearing girlfriend’s ring on a necklace. Oh boy.

    She’s at home right now busily poking holes in all the condoms and swapping out her birth control with tic-tacs.

  212. You could also do this with muriatic acid, (which is really just a specific molarity of hydrochloric acid), but you’d have to dilute to make it safe to handle. High-molar vinegar is relatively safe, though you’ll still want gloves and long sleeves., possibly a mask or handkerchief.

  213. Glyphosate…


  214. “Explain it to me like I’m Canadian.”
    take off eh-
    that would be like glacial acetic acid… hoser…

  215. MJ, don’t try eating the smoked cheese.

    Wrap it up an let it sit for at week or so. It will taste great.

    If you wan’t to see what it tastes like now, just lick an ashtray.

  216. Sites seem to name the compound interchangeably, Chris, that’s just the one I’ve heard most often.

    N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine /IUPAC

  217. WTF is high-molar vinegar? Explain it to me like I’m Canadian.

    So, it’s vinegar that you use to clean the poutine and Tim Horton’s out of the teeth on top in the back of your mouth, ya hoser.

  218. Do NOT put this in your mouth. You will cook your tongue like salmon in lemon juice.

  219. Oh, Sohrry, eh. I was talking oot my ass there.

  220. So I could boil down store bought vinegar and make weed killer? And also render my enemies mute?

  221. Work was slow.

  222. Why is Sean so fluent in Canadian?

  223. You could boil it down with a Weed Dragon.

  224. Did we ever find out if the pigs ate Jewstin?

  225. We did not Pepe.

  226. You’d have to boil it carefully, but it could work. Water boils at 212F, acetic acid boils at 246F. Keep the working fluid at less than 230F and you should be fine. Or you could just buy it:

  227. Wait, he’s wearing her ring?

    Things have changed a lot since I was in school apparently.

  228. “Oh, Sohrry, eh. I was talking oot my ass there.”

    if’n added with asscetic assid, the base of an ass would most prolly produce something Arrhenius – and a salt

    (the hole acid – base – salt – fuck salt reaction described by sir fat ass Bacon circus 1500 blah blah)

  229. A Weed Dragon would also be awesome for searing steaks.

  230. Why is Sean so fluent in Canadian?

    Canadia and California share a common heritage of leftist dipshittery.

  231. Why is Sean so fluent in Canadian?

    I watched a lot of SCTV and Kids In The Hall when I was a kid.

  232. You apologize to the good people of Canadia for lumping them in with us RIGHT NOW, mister.

  233. We here in Michiganderville border Canadia. They bring their shitty quarters here and spend them, and we get them as change sometimes.

    They deserve no apology.

  234. Ass quarters.

  235. Ass quarters.

    I’m sure there’s a story here. I’m afraid to ask.

  236. I’ve moved up from watching telenovellas with English subs to watching them with Espanol subs. Someday I hope to graduate to no subs, but that may take awhile.

  237. Kids in the Hall. I have 2 fav skits. Daddy Drank and Dave’s I know.

  238. Leon, Dan watches Mexican TV weathercasts. Makes no sense. He doesn’t intiendo the espanol.

  239. Brent, Canadian quarters are almost the same size as American, and I’ve had them given to me as change many times in MI. Sometimes you can spend them like real quarters, sometimes not. They are a constant bane here. Particularly when the exchange rate makes them worth like 17c.

  240. Oh yeah, we get the occasional Canuck quarter even down here in FL. But “ass” quarters?

  241. Canadians know better, and yet they still come here and spend their shitty, loony-based currency without so much as a “soory”.

    Screw those hosers and their crummy timbits.

  242. I said shitty, Scott said ass. In reference to a Canadian skit about ass pennies, I assume.

  243. Screw those hosers and their crummy tidbits.

    You mean “timbits”? Also known as “donut holes”.

  244. Loony

  245. I am surrounded by Canadian Embassies (aka Tim Horton’s). I said “Timbits” and meant it. I know my Canuck euphemisms, just as Patton knew the habits of The Hun.

  246. bcoch

  247. I typed “timbits”, no correction. Not sure where you saw “tid”.

    *checks to make sure network traffic isn’t going through router in Windsor*

  248. *flips bird to points east, just in case*
    *catches Detroit in crossfire*
    *doesn’t care*

  249. ,

  250. It said tidbits. I copied and pasted.

  251. I never edited it. I’m too drunk to fix it, and I wouldn’t have messed it up.

    WTF happened!? Blog is haunted!!!

    *goes to bed fearing donut-hole nightmares*

  252. 😂WTF Tush? 😂😂

  253. Haunted blog!

    *drinks more*

  254. Interesting tidbit: Tidbit can also be spelled titbit.

  255. Tushar isn’t right.

  256. Sorry Oso.

    I tend to post weird shit when I am drunk.
    Also when I am sober.

  257. This is what happens when we let the immigrants in.

  258. At least Tush is legal.

  259. Tush, will this be your first election as an American citizen?

  260. Tushar is one of the most American people I have ever met.

  261. Yes he is. 12+ years reading his comments make him real.

  262. And he’s kickin ass. I love that.

    I hope he becomes the biggest slumlord in Florida.

  263. I really need you guys to buy into my latest obsession. I follow sharks. MaryLee was just chillaxin off the Jersey Shore. WB…look up Chris Fisher. Shark tagging is awesome. MA shark institute. Lydia, MaryLee, Katherine, and Finley have huge follows/ yuge even

  264. Yes, this will be my first election as a citizens. Not much of a choice.

    But I guess I will vote for Trump.

    He has two plus points:

    His first name is not Hillary
    His last name is not Clinton.

    These two things carry a lot of weight with me.

  265. Ahhh…always so fun when the HQ comments turn into the Trump Man Love Society. In the ONT nonetheless. Ugh.

    And of course I’m just messing with Tush. He’s good people.

  266. >>Comment by scott on May 13, 2016 11:54 pm
    >>Tushar is one of the most American people I have ever met.

    Scott, you have no idea how honored and grateful that makes me feel.

    Thank you.

  267. Sharks don’t taste good.

    Fuck sharks.

  268. MaryLee was tagged off Jacksonville coast if I remember right. People were slightly freaking at how close a GW was chilling to the coast.

  269. There are only three things where I rate some other country higher than America:

    Scotts make better whiskey.
    Japs make better cars.
    Brits make better movie villains.

    That is about it.

    In everything else, America rules.

    Those are the facts.

  270. Bcoch…Jax is prime tagging ground for Ocearch. They were just there last month. COW has 5 kids. I talked up my obsession. Each kid has a shark they follow

  271. I love you guys. Morons,too. With the stupid puns and haikus. I will always love the hostages more, but the old school Moron corps is really nice.

  272. Funny story: my college buddy lives in Jacksonville.

    His neighbor is a Navy officer and was up for a promotion a few years back. Some person visited my friend to ask him about this navy guy to make sure he is a good person.

    My friend felt guilty giving a character reference for a naval officer, considering my friend was not even a US citizen at the time.

    He of course gave a solid character reference, and I am sure the officer got his promotion.

    My friend is a conservative too (a bit rare among Indians), just not as rabid as me.

  273. Jax coastline is covered in sharks. Every so often you’ll see on the news where a chopper does a flyover of the beach and people freak because there are dozens and dozens of sharks visible.

    The real fun is when you see how many of them are between swimmers/suffers and the beach.

  274. I approve of Tushar’s message

  275. Just finished watching Deadpool. How is it that Morena Baccarin keeps getting hotter and hotter?

  276. I’m sorry, mako shark is delicous.

  277. Heh, Deadpool is great, but is it better than the Blu Ray commercial?

  278. Just finished watching Deadpool. How is it that Morena Baccarin keeps getting hotter and hotter?

    I’m assuming Satan is involved in some manner.

  279. Picture in the attic would be my guess.

  280. I do not love Trump. I do, however, love Fig Newtons and milk.

  281. Mako is incredible. I get shark at a greek restaurant. Its in my top five favorites of all time.
    I don’t think I’ve ever had another tyoe of shark though.

  282. I walk around with my derp stuck out
    ‘Cause my baby’s worth bragging about
    Every Johnnie, Jack, and Jim
    Wished that she belonged to him

  283. Scott gave me a great idea. Imagine the entertainment value of cooking burgers low and slow on the grill then finishing them with the Weed Dragon.

  284. Nice 3 girls/3 cups gif Tushar. I admire a girl with talent.

  285. Even better 4 girls/4 cups

  286. Time to fix the bones

  287. There’s a photo of Bill Clinton circulating, and he looks so awful, I thought it was photoshopped. I just saw him on the news, and wow, looking pretty rough.

  288. He’s allegedly a vegan now. I can’t imagine that old horn dog passing up the spicy tuna roll, all you can eat taco night or fresh clam dip.

  289. Bill Clinton + vegan = night(and day) of the living dead

  290. What’s the going rate for babysitters? Mini-me has a job tonight but doesn’t know how much to charge.

  291. In everything else, America rules.
    Those are the facts.


    Not only are Tushar’s links excellent he has the wisdom of Solomon.

  292. Roamy, have her ask for 10 bucks and hour* and a bottle of their best Tequila.

    *I actually have no idea how much babysitters should get. I know, google it!

  293. wakey wakey

  294. Erin babysits but it’s TWO and one is a baby, so perhaps she gets more than the going rate? I dunno. I think she makes $5 an hour. But then never give her less than $20 because they want to make it worth her time. So she usually sits from 3:30 – 5:30 and makes $20.

  295. Hey, anyone here know how Beasnsnsns is doing?

  296. Veganism probably helped kill Steve Jobs. Clinton won’t be helped by it, but it won’t amount to more than a contributing factor in his stage 3 syphilis death.

  297. The only person I know who looks good who says they are vegan (maybe vegetarian, don’t know and don’t care about the difference) is Christie Brinkley.

    Although she has had VERY good work done on her face and neck.

  298. Leon are there any negative side effects to taking curcumin? Liver? Kidney?

  299. Also, do you know of any side effects of Lecithin powder?

  300. People may be able to live on a vegan diet, but only because they have so many other positive factors (genetic wise) going for them. But it doesn’t do the average person any favors.

    I was watching one of those 600 lbs peopel shows and the one lady – after surgery – said she couldn’t stand eating meat, and was eating a lot of veggies. And was gaining. Doc said it was stretching out her stomach, etc, and that she needed MEAT.

    One girl at work doesn’t like meat. and … she is constantly gaining weight.

  301. Mare,
    Indians eat a lit of turmeric, which contains curcumin. Not harmful at all.
    But adding a pinch of turmeric to your food is a better idea than taking curcumin supplements.
    We add it to oil while cooking sautéed dishes.

  302. after a few days, I’ve decided that MJ is completely wrong. Numbers is the BEST song on the new radiohead album.

    I’ll wait for MJ to admit he was wrong.

  303. Oooh, now I want some chicken curry.

  304. mmmmm….chicken curry

  305. Tushar should make us some.


  306. Curcumin/turmeric is great. Don’t mainline it or anything, but I don’t remember reading anything awful regarding it.

    Lecithin is an emulsifier. Can make tasty things with a good mouth feel, but I remember reading that eating too many emulsifiers can cause or worsen leaky gut. Lecithin is a stronger emulsifier than egg yolks iirc, and more likely to survive through the stomach and emulsify your intestines. It’s not demonic, but I wouldn’t have too much or too often.

  307. You can be healthy on a vegan diet. If you have good insulin signalling. And if you get vitamin B injections. And testosterone injections. And if you carefully weigh and measure everything to ensure you’re getting all your micronutrients. And if you rotate plant foods often so you don’t get buildup toxicity from eating too much of any one or several plants.

    But you can TOTALLY eat vegan and be healthy.

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