Wire Retrospective Une

All are welcome.  All are welcome…

to the first re-cap of this year”s featured artists on The Wire Post.



Brandon Monroe

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.55.17 AM Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.55.33 AM

and Conrad Felixmueler

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.59.32 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.59.43 AM

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.00.06 PM

The forward-looking Frank R. Paul

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.08.18 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.08.42 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.09.03 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.09.22 PM

Kerry James Marshal


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.05.31 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.05.47 PM

and Leonard Baskin.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.02.10 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.02.33 PM Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 12.02.57 PM

An eclectic group and thought provoking.

This first set contains some of my favorite selections from the year, that is not to say that next week’s review will disappoint, because it won’t.

Be good to each other and live life without regret.


  1. Be good to each other and live life without regret.

    Stop telling me what to do!

  2. Chumpo is already putting out a “best of….” album. Precocious little snot.

  3. How long before the cover art?

  4. Feel better soon, Hotspur. (((HUGS)))

  5. The Negroes are colorful.

  6. wakey wakey

  7. What up, fools?

  8. Rain. Well, that’s coming down.

  9. Also, Moose – although very cute – has killer gas.

    And likes to rest at my feet.

  10. Also – MJ – you’ve been distracted for a while but we’re being given the choice between Hillary and Trump.

  11. Good shit, Chumpo.

  12. Puppy farts are the WORST! Elliot, while not a puppy, is still known as Mr. Stinkles in this house.

  13. I noticed that the choice was out there, but I never believed Cruz had a stripper’s chance on xbrad’s lap anyway. The whole contested convention thing seemed silly to me.

    And while I think the Republican race is more interesting because of Trump™, I believe the Democrats are in pretty bad shape too.

  14. Can they both lose?

  15. What Pupster said!

  16. I’m still holding out for Biden/Warren.

    The dumb would be epic. Can you imagine Trump and Biden debating?

  17. We all lose this election.

  18. I’m hoping for Bernie. He reminds me of Carter, and that gives me hope.

  19. So, I’m out of the stress test/echo, waiting on results.

    My LDL is a little elevated 133 – should be under 129. HDL is off the charts 90 – should be over 40. So that’s good news.

    No Troponin, which is the enzyme the heart produces when it is in crisis.

    So my guess is, exercise, change my diet, and give up alcohol. At least I don’t have to give up smoking.

  20. Oh, and lose 20 pounds.

  21. Should be fun.

  22. Those are perfectly fine cholesterol numbers, that’s an excellent ratio.

  23. Thanks, Leon, that’s reassuring.

  24. Did they investigate the prostate?

  25. Glad you’re ok!

  26. I used to get mine checked once a year or so, I’m usually ~129-139/84-92 and told that is “excellent”. The only reason to bring your LDL down with HDL that high is to meet the 129 cutoff. In the context of that HDL I wouldn’t worry much, but you could get a centrifugal breakdown of LDL for extra assurance. It’s more costly than a simple blood draw, but it will characterize the LDL as “small, dense” vs “big, fluffy” particles. If it’s mostly the latter, you’re in great shape.

    If you’ve never had a heart attack, DO NOT take statins. The side effects aren’t worth it and they’ve only ever been proven to very slightly reduce the chance of a second heart attack. They bring cholesterol numbers down, sure, but the effect of that on morbidity is unproven, and may actually go the other way. I think Eisenhower’s LDL was under 100 when his heart stopped.

  27. Caveat: I am not a doctor, I’m telling you what I would do based on a ton of reading.

  28. What did they say about furious masterbation?

    Eliminate or reduce?

  29. Why does everyone misspell masturbation?

    And why be so angry about it?

  30. I thought choking a chicken would be good cardio??!

  31. Had pressure & chest pains last yr (51yrs wm height weight proportionate, good numbers all the way around, smoke, havn’t had any substantial drink in 10 yrs, worked out the majority of my life, reasonable diet) did the dye test, stress test, hell, I think I even did a dye stress test if I remember correctly. Anyway, ended up with with not one but two stents. Apparently one can lead a reasonably healthy lifestyle from a fitness perspective (with the exception of smoking) and develop hardening of the arteries (forget the latin name right now). I will say this, once the procedure was complete felt mucho better.

  32. Masterbatin.

    Angry is as angry does.

  33. Prayer request. MiL fell. On her way to hospital. Dan is on his way to be with her. Thanks.

  34. batin’

  35. I bet your chest pains were caused by vegetables.

  36. Prayers oso.

    Cross fit hotspur

  37. Prayers, oso. Been there a bit myself recently. (Dad’s doing much better though, the rehab’s doing him some real good!)

  38. Thoughts and prayers, Oso.

  39. Can they both lose?

    She collapses from a stroke while he suffers a tragic tanning bed accident.

  40. Prayers for you and Dan and MiL, Oso.

  41. Be good to each other and live life without regret.

    Shit! NOW you tell me….

    Wasn’t that 6th one a George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic album cover?

  42. (forget the latin name right now)

    rubberous fistosis.

  43. Good on this kid, I guess. At least until the temple is unsealed and the Ancient Evil unleashed onto the world. When the sky rains blood and the seas are aflame, I’m gonna sucker punch the little bastard.

  44. Lol, CoAlex.

  45. Looks like a fractured pelvis. Dan is waiting to talk to Dr.

  46. Glad to hear that things aren’t looking bad so far, Hotspur. You might suggest that they look for signs of a few more of these old person ailments:

    Hysterical Fletcherism
    Suffragette Panic
    The Wallows
    Peking Dropsy
    Gramophone Ear
    Quince Buboes

    A little dab of pigeon oil on the tip of the tongue twice a day will clear most of those up.

  47. Oh, jeez oso, I hope she’s okay. Prayers sent.

  48. They’re testing for Ligheetus of the Blowhole later today.

  49. Sorry, Oso.

    This is all Bush’s fault.

  50. I’m gonna miss hotspur. Is it too soon to start planning his funeral? We could turn it into a meetup. Do this right.

  51. Yeah, he can’t not invite us to his funeral.

    Unlike MJ’s wedding.

  52. We can serve fishsticks.

  53. I’m gonna miss hotspur. Is it too soon to start planning his funeral? We could turn it into a meetup. Do this right.

    Then it must be held in Southern California. Hotspur would’ve wanted it that way.

  54. I’m being buried at sea. Arrangements are already made.

  55. I never got a link to MJ’s wedding photos. Why? Why?

  56. Paulitics, don’t feel bad, I didn’t either.

  57. I’m being buried at sea. Arrangements are already made.

    Stay out of this. This is our deal. You’re just the excuse.

  58. I’m being buried at sea. Arrangements are already made.

    You owe the mob money?

  59. In lieu of flowers, the Hotspur family asks that you make a generous donation to the W. C. Fields College for Orphan White Boys and Girls.

  60. We don’t care where you’re being buried, Hotspur.

    So fishsticks and Chardonnay?

  61. Whew, Hotspur, please take good care of yourself! Give up smoking too, open up those capillaries!

  62. 1. Someone please send me the link to the MJ wedding pics.
    2. We’ll have the meetup here at my place.
    3. You’re all invited. But I’ve only got on spare bed and three couches.

  63. If we do a meatup in Palm Springs, here’s the way to go: http://www.vrbo.com

  64. We’re having the funeral HERE at my place. He said he wanted to be buried at sea.

    *points to lake

    And I’ve got a fishing boat AND a kayak.

    *tears up just thinking about the ceremony

  65. We can serve fish sticks.
    I’m in.

    Maybe if he dies today or tomorrow wiser can do a remote broadcast.

  66. A lake is NOT the sea. Unless you live on the Caspian Sea or the Sea of Galilee or the Dead Sea.

    Saltwater is what I’m getting at here. Nobody says “I’m being buried at lake.”

  67. Mare, I don’t smoke. That’s why I don’t have to give it up.

  68. Email sent

  69. Oso, prayers up for MIL, Dan, you, and the rest of your family.

    Hotspur, hope they figure out what’s going on – we want you around to keep on harrassing…

    MJ, I would like a link to your wedding pics, if you wouldn’t mind. Hope you’re enjoying married life (and making babies) ;-)

  70. Suffragette Panic

    You know they were actual, bomb-throwing terrorists, right?

  71. Broken pelvis may not require surgery depending on the location. Still hurts like hell with movement and weight bearing for the first few weeks then gradually improves. Hopefully she is physically able to use a walker and sticks with it.

  72. Nicotine is apparently a very good aromatase inhibitor. I might need to start vaping again.

  73. Pretty sure I have a broken ankle. Please prescribe a new one that isn’t broken, Jimbro.


  74. I don’t mind being around people who smoke. It just isn’t for me.

  75. I just spent 3 hours doing a CME course on using human subjects in research studies. It was required when I took over the role of “clinical researcher” for 2 kids with a funky prosthesis in their legs.


    The guy who put them in got canned a few months ago reportedly for decreased productivity but everyone knows the real reason was that he couldn’t keep his mouth shut about perceived institutional deficiencies. If he either kept his mouth shut (like me) or offered solutions he’d still be working with me. Big loss for our institution.

  76. What’d you do MJ?

  77. Did it involve alcohol or wedding/honeymoon hi-jinks?

  78. Good, Hotspur! Do you really have to give up Chardonnay?

    *weeps quietly*

  79. Saltwater is what I’m getting at here. Nobody says “I’m being buried at lake.”

    It’s a very DEEP lake. Which is excellent for hiding bodies.

    Or, so I’m told.

  80. Someone tell Mare how to sign into her account. It’s bad enough that we’ll never *really* meet her. Anonymous avatards too?

  81. I have to run 30 sammiches up to the school.


  82. I guess weeping is kind of already quiet.

  83. I stand in solidarity with Hotspur. I refuse to give up smoking as well.

  84. Someone tell Carin I comment from 6 different devices and keeping my cache clean (sywm) is a full time fricken job.

  85. Hotspur, you need to show this to your “doctor”


  86. Leon, are you having estrogen problems?

  87. Comment by Hotspur on May 10, 2016 1:02 pm

    I’m being buried at sea.
    Euphemism for flushing the goldfish down the toilet…..


  89. So is it a standard cremation for Hotspur, or do I need to knock the rust off the woodchipper?

  90. Leon, are you having estrogen problems?

    Any is too much. But yeah, lack of serious lifting combined with copious amounts of baby time and crappy sleep are giving me Dad Bod.

  91. Brother Cavil, I enjoy your comments at ace’s. You corrected someone about why this douchebaggery is happening and I thought you were spot on.

  92. Picture #4 may or may not feature my elbow and gloved hand. Ian was a loud, boisterous guy who reminds me of Rosetta (from his posts here and your stories).


    I’m kind of pissed he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. His primary home is on the lake my camp is on and he used to do drive-by’s on his Boston Whaler. Hopefully he’ll stop by this summer, can’t imagine he sold it that fast.

  93. I haven’t checked, Aspiring Mad Scientist in awhile….sorry about your man boobs.

  94. Wow, Jimbro, cool stuff.

  95. A good friend of mine has an impressive set of manboobs. We renamed our golf tournament “The Gynecomastic Classic” in his honor.

  96. I intend to cut back significantly. I drink way too much, and I do it every night. I’ve actually grown tired of the way I function on that much alcohol. Plus it bugs Hotbride. I’ve given up drinking for Lent more times than I can count, so I don’t think addiction is my problem. It’s just a really dumb fucking habit.

  97. Buried at sea, because that’s where fish sticks come from.

  98. Hotspur I had two beers when I got home from work last night and I totally felt it at crossfit. It was a sucky workout but it shouldn’t have felt as hard as it did. I’m with you. It’s not an addiction it’s just a bad habit,

  99. Maybe I can switch to warm milk after s long shift?

  100. I think I can handle one or two Chards a night. If not, I’m going to quit entirely.

  101. By handle it, I mean stopping at 1 or 2.

  102. Jimbrero, I’ve heard that study before. I’m fully onboard with it.

  103. Thanks mare. Nice to know I’m not (completely) talking out my ass.

  104. It’s a very DEEP lake. Which is excellent for hiding bodies.

    Or, so I’m told.

    You should test it out. Which kid has pissed you off the most recently?

  105. I haven’t had a drink in almost a month. I may pick up a bottle of Maker’s on the way home tonight.

  106. I was like that w beer (10 or more a day). Then I realized that I was being foolish. In 2010 I cut it down to one beer before and one beer during dinner and I added a small rum on the rocks after dinner. I had never taken spirits regularly before so it was a good trial, and it worked like a champ. I too am lucky that one rum didnt turn into five over time (unless I’m with friends, of course)
    Anywho, I’ve lived much better since and am glad to have broken a bad habbit.

  107. I’ve got dad bod. I try to lift three times a week, although recently it’s been twice a week.

    Went to the gym last night and couldn’t sleep afterwards. I think I over did it because I’m feeling it today.

  108. CoAlex, I’ve been on a small-batch, single-barrel kick for about a year now… if that’s your style, I’ve got some suggestions.

  109. Paulitics,

    I’m pretty easy. Maker’s for straight drinking, Bulliet Rye for cocktails, and occasionally I’ll try something else if I’m feeling froggy.

    I really liked a couple of ports that I tried when I was on a port kick last year. I may pick up a bottle at some point in the near future.

  110. Maker’s is a very nice bourbon, one of my favorites. I love me some Booker’s but at 129 proof, it’s a little heady. Other ones I’ve sampled lately include a Belle Meade 9 aged in a sherry cask, Old Taylor single barrel, Blanton’s single barrel, Knob Creek, etc. All good stuff.

    When we got married, because we were older and already had two households of stuff, we did a wine registry. Got some killer wines, along with a couple of outstanding ports. Unfortunately their drinking windows don’t open up for another six or seven years.

  111. One or two still makes me feel poopy for a morning workout. Probably because “a drink after work” means 10:30 pm or so.

  112. Car in, this is why you should drink in the mornings immediately following your workout.

  113. Go on.

  114. In fact, just do shots between exercises.

  115. It’s a very DEEP lake. Which is excellent for hiding bodies.
    Or, so I’m told.

    It isn’t the depth, it’s the temperature. The extreme cold inhibits the growth of bacteria that would otherwise cause gases to be released from the tissue and float the body.

    It’s why the people who suffer that sudden heart attack syndrome from being thrown into the water and aren’t wearing a life jacket often aren’t found in the Great Lakes.


  116. Carin, drink while you’re at work. Then you can go to bed when you get home.

  117. There’s a Success Strategy we can all get behind. Assuming we have jobs.

  118. Success Strategy Solutions™


  119. Enhanced Success Stratagy Solutions

    Fixed (tee emm)

  120. One thing to be mindful of is whether or not you’re drinking straight out of the liquor bottle. That’s usually a bad sign.

  121. Enhanced Success Stratagy Solutions

    Sounds like steam escaping in here…

  122. The American Dodgeball Association of America

  123. One thing to be mindful of is whether or not you’re drinking straight out of the liquor bottle. That’s usually a bad sign.

    Message sponsored by the American Dishwasher Detergent Association,

  124. Jimbro: I rolled it pretty bad trail running. Then, because I’m so smart I decided it was probably just sprained so I did the RICE thing for a little bit.

    Then I decided to live life as I normally do.

    FF 4 weeks and my ankle is still the size of an apple and it hurts like a MFer. But I was busy and couldn’t be inconvenienced. GND did something similar and it was a stress fracture that kept getting worse.

    I’m seeing a doctor on Monday. BOO!

  125. *hides Cascade-logo coffee cup behind back*

    Why, I never!

  126. Let’s get back to planning hotspur’s funeral.

    Mariachi band or do we invite the Indigo Girls?

  127. Indigo Girls mariachi cover band.

  128. A tuba playing faggot would be fine.

    An Indigo Girls mariachi cover band would take too much of the beer money.

  129. Yannow, MJ, there are these things called sidewalks (or streets, or tracks) where you don’t have to worry as much about tripping on a tree root or a rock….

  130. I’d like to make a request.

  131. I’d like to make a request.

    You don’t get a say in this.

    So guys… midget strippers: yes, or no?

  132. A pair of gay, thong-clad midget strippers riding unicycles while one plays the tuba and the other juggles fish sticks

  133. I’d like to make a request.

    You mean aside from the request to make a request?

  134. Mourners will be issued tartar sauce packets

  135. and sheet music

  136. I stongly recommend these guys:


  137. er, strongly

  138. We have the bullwhips sourced?

    I mean, come on, I’m the new guy and even I know we’re gonna need bullwhips…

  139. So guys… midget strippers: yes, or no?

    I can’t believe you felt like you had to ask. It almost insults our intelligence.

  140. Again, assuming we have any.

  141. Why not get the Bangles? One of them was a midget, anyway.

  142. “Magnificent! Just like I always imagined he’d want to be sent off”

  143. A collection. We need to take up a collection in Hotspur’s memory. I’ll be happy to handle that.

  144. Cremation is totaly out. The neu cool is Polish Bikerack.

    Ask any body.

  145. Gotta be a neglected ankle sprain MJ, 95% chance of that. Less likely a nondisplaced distal fibula fracture (4+% chance) and even less likely (<1%) a disruption of your ankle syndesmosis (if they say it's that feel free to weep for the loss of your even suntan).

  146. I heard Hotspur polished a few racks back in the day

  147. I was thinking taxidermy, MrC. That way we could dress him up differently at each meatup and take selfies.

  148. I say we make it a Viking Funeral. Well, a Like a Viking Funeral, anyway.

  149. Second Taxidermy.

  150. Again, assuming we have any.

    I rent it out. A few more days, and I can buy a can of shasta from the vending machine at Win Co.

  151. Revolving glass casew disco ball, gold la’me leisure suite, white guy afro wig, bootsy collins boots, springy eyes glasses, long ass cigarette holder,

  152. Meathead’s book is here!

  153. A Funkadelic Funeral? Right On!

  154. Shit…..now I have a funkadelic ear bug…..

  155. Hum T.N.T. It never fails to replace an earbug.

  156. Awesome, scott. I’m waiting for my birthday.

  157. when is meathead on wiserradio?

  158. that must have sounded cool to the Belgian company that ownes Bud.

  159. Makes you wonder how they sold that stupid fucking idea in the meetings…..

  160. Then again….a long time ago, sitting round the campfire one night on the african savanna, some guy talked some women into the idea that if they were to make a hole in their lip and put a disk into it this would enhance their beauty. Same with the rings around the neck thing…somebody talked somebody else into that shit…..

  161. Gotta be a neglected ankle sprain MJ, 95% chance of that. Less likely a nondisplaced distal fibula fracture (4+% chance) and even less likely (<1%) a disruption of your ankle syndesmosis (if they say it's that feel free to weep for the loss of your even suntan).
    Groovy. I really hope so.

    Thank you fake internet doctor!

  162. Then again….a long time ago, sitting round the campfire one night on the african savanna, some guy talked some women into the idea that if they were to make a hole in their lip and put a disk into it this would enhance their beauty. Same with the rings around the neck thing…somebody talked somebody else into that shit…..
    Every time I read a comment like that I assume Leon is going to chime in with the real shit.

    Like Cliff Claven.

  163. Today I learned that contractors leave you alone if you have “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor” cranked up (thank you CynRadio, aka KCDX) and you’re singing along.

  164. To be fair, those lip thingies could double as plates….

    ….makes it easier to bring a sammich and a brewskie to your man when he is out on the savannah, hunting the evening meal

  165. MiL is on her way to a rehab facility. Dan picked me up at work, we’re home for a few minutes, then we get to head back across town pick up some clothes etc to take to the rehab place. Too bad we don’t have anyone that lives 1/4 mile away that could give us a hand/ Gets ready to read comments and see why we’re planting Hotspur in a pond

  166. 1) Taxidermy. 2) Mariachi cover band. Tres. OUCH! MJ, that sounds painful.

  167. Comment by osoloco11 on May 10, 2016 6:10 pm

    2) Mariachi cover band.

    Oso, I assume you have a cousin…

  168. Oso, so sorry to hear about Dan’s Mom. Right after she moved in! He must be beside himself.

  169. You are going to enjoy the book, Jay.

    Don’t worry, I won’t give away the ending.

  170. Every time I read a comment like that I assume Leon is going to chime in with the real shit.

    Like Cliff Claven.

    I was napping. Also I have no fucking idea how lip-plate/lip-plug people get started down the road to Never Going to the Moon. Probably being really dumb and not having to work too hard to feed yourself.

    I think I remember some anthrowhatapist suggesting that it started as a means to discourage neighboring tribes from taking your wimmenfolk by making them ugly, but those guys are mainly bullshit artists.

  171. I didn’t say it earlier, but prayers for Dan and his mom, Oso.

  172. Just like tattoos.

  173. I can’t decide if I *like* the fact that warm sunny weather here means that women don’t wear a whole lot of clothing,or if I *don’t like* it.

    This whole “kinda sorta married, but not really in any way that matters” thing really sucks sometimes.

  174. BIW, pretend that you’re Xbrad and that way, it won’t matter if you’re married or not, because you’re not going to get any anyway.

  175. Thanks guys. They are transporting her to the rehab facility where Dan’s dad died. One of the few places that has rehab and memory care. FiL was on Hall 3. MiL will be in Hall 6. We found out MiL was booby trapping her room. She had turned off her nightlights and fell getting back into bed after a bathroom trip.

  176. CoAl, no mariachi but my Uncle Gil plays Ranchera music.

  177. We found out MiL was booby trapping her room. She had turned off her nightlights and fell getting back into bed after a bathroom trip.

    Thank god she didn’t set off the claymore, or the shotgun wired to the door.

  178. Hahaha. The assistants all knew to turn on lights and move the items she was blocking doorways with.

  179. How was she boobytrapping? Did she trip over something?

  180. Evening Hostages

  181. Everyone must be reading Meathead’s book.

  182. Sorry about MIL, Oso. Hang in there; be a rock for Dan!

  183. Evening.

  184. Lauraw, she would move occasional tables, trash cans, and her hamper to barricade her door. She’d leave her shoes in pathways and turn off her nightlights to try to trip the people coming in to “Watch her sleep”. They think she’s been doing it for awhile, but it wasn’t noticable at home or in the first apartment, because no one was around enough to notice.

  185. “Be a rock for Dan”. Thanks Mare. That’s why I come here to vent about SiL. He doesn’t need to hear it. I have to say it or BOOM! Explosive Latin temper.

  186. Prayer request page updated. You should add yours in, oso.

  187. I see that some people have been granted the ability to view MJ & GND wedding photos, while some other people are emotionally damaged by exclusion.

    Just something I noticed. Interesting phenomenon.

  188. Hahahah

  189. I noticed that too, Lauraw. I suppose that some of us are being “edged out”, so to speak.
    So it goes…

  190. *goes outside and lays in the middle of the road*

  191. There are photos? The hell?

  192. No, no. I’m fine. I like to rest here. Forever.

  193. What a marvelous albeit, rainy day in Michigan. Breakfast with the tribe, lunch with Herself, shopping with DG, dinner out and assembling Miss DG’s birthday bicycle with my son.

  194. *calls dibs on Laura’s stuff*

  195. There are photos? The hell?

    And video. Access to the website costs you 19.99 per month, and you’d better have a strong stomach and weak morals.

  196. *calls dibs on Laura’s stuff*

    You’ll get none of it.

  197. I want the garden equipment.

  198. Also, for anyone who needs to till: broadfork. Rototilling is a scam.

  199. Leon,
    You wanna broadfork my 60×80 garden?
    Go right ahead. It’s mostly “Puyallup Potatoes”(rocks) and clay.
    As for me, I choose the Kubota with the 4′ ’tiller.
    Much less time, sweat, and pain from the two crushed discs at the bottom of the spine, especially if Anita is driving the tractor!
    I just swap the implements(stoop labor, you know)…

  200. You’ll get none of it.

    Now, now, let’s not be hasty. I hear the most American thing ever is making deals.

  201. Why are the rocks still there?

  202. Link sent to chrispy and lauraw. Copied Scott cuz I’m not sure if I have the correct address.

    I’m trying to scan for requests but if I missed one I can assure its not because I wish you go die in traffic. I swear.

  203. Because it requires a good deal of work to remove them. And I’m guessing the guy with a couple crushed discs in his back isn’t up for digging them out.

  204. *dies a little inside*

  205. Leon,
    Every year, we pick rocks.
    We have a LARGE rock pile.
    Each season of freeze / thaw, more surface.
    We live on “Glacial Till” and the glaciers brought many rocks.
    Bing; “Mima Mounds”.
    Many rocks…

  206. I have no rocks. I picked out a few the first year, but our soil is sandy. Most of the ones I find look like driveway gravel that migrated.

    Also my rototiller beat the hell out of me last year. I’ll need a very good reason to use it again.

  207. Leon,
    Roger on the ’tiller beating you up.
    That is why I’m so very glad we have the tractor.
    Sure, you get jostled a little when you hit a grapefruit-sized rock, but WTF, O?
    That thing would ’till asphalt, if you took it slow…

  208. They do the same thing in Aroostook County Chris. They’ve been growing potatoes up there for over a hundred years and every spring after tilling they pick rocks.

  209. LoL, Leon not knowing what it’s like living in a glacial till.

  210. MJ,
    Thank you. I wish the two of you a long and happy life together.

  211. Our soil is affectionately referred to as “gumbo” – all clay. Of course if you mix in play sand or builder’s sand (green sand?) and some compost, it turns into the loveliest soil evah.

    Something about the crystalline structure of the sand causes the clay to not be able to clump together anymore.

  212. We have heavy clay silt over a layer of sedimentary shale, and I *still* pick some egg-rocks out of my dirt every Spring.

  213. Thanks, MJ! I love her dress, omg.

  214. OK, last final exam tomorrow. Time sleep. zzzzzzzzzz

  215. Laura,
    Isn’t that lace beautiful?

  216. Okay,
    Laura has checked out, and I’m gone, too.

  217. Congrats, MJ. Many years of wedded bliss to you both.

  218. heh, the new Deadpool Blu ray promo is pretty funny.

  219. Hear, hear.

    But for the record, I got dibs on GND.

  220. I’m trying to scan for requests but if I missed one I can assure its not because I wish you go die in traffic. I swear.

    alexander.b.moon at the thong mail.

  221. TiFW, I’ll trade you a pickup load of sand for some of that trinity River bottom loamy shit you got.

    The following is a true story. When I moved to current shitholedump the yard had been allowed to return to desert. I tilled the whole thing and threw down some Bermuda seed and began watering. One night I forgot to turn off hose and it ran full blast all night. There was no puddl the next morning. A couple of thousand gallons of water just dissapeared into the sand.

  222. Yikes, PG! But what we have isn’t what you would call “loam”; it’s no-kidding clay. Turns to mud when there’s too much rainfall, and is hard as a rock when it’s dry. It’s Hell on house foundations – in the rainy season all of the doors get stuck, and in the summer all of the walls develop cracks….

  223. Some of that drought brings cracks you can lose a small child in soil.


  224. Evenin’, confused bathroom users

  225. Andy, I still stand w can cl in hand when I tinkle. Nothing confusing about it.

  226. Cock in hand.

    That was confusing.

  227. I’m confused.

  228. As it stands I now shat perched on a step stool like some gangley, featherless, man-sized, macaw. There is an unfortunately positioned full length mirror nearby and often, despite the gravity of the situation at hand, I laugh out loud at the outlandish spectacle of mine own circumstance.
    And I will continue this strange ritual forever because it rules and I cant believe I ever evacuated while reclining on a tiny, uncomfortable, porcelain, fixture.
    I just hope my children never see me.

    It’s a sea change I tells ya.

  229. I used to be a mech soldier but I didn’t respect orders
    I had to step forward, tell them this ain’t for us
    Living in a post-apocalyptic world morbid and horrid
    The secrets of the past they horded
    Now we just boarded on a futuristic spacecraft
    No mistakes derp it’s our music we must take back

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