As Little as Possible Saturday

Hope you are having a good weekend.
Thought this was worth sharing.
tubman 20

[Cyn: Obligatory Poat Update]


Obligatory John Kasich Campaign Commentary [HM]



  1. First!!11!1

  2. Rubber Fist!!11!

  3. If I get a new $20 and break it into two old $10’s…does that make me a racist?

    And who will be the first rapper talking about tossing “Tubbies” on strippers

  4. He wasn’t hit. It just looked bad.

  5. Honorary Hostage for the Yakety Sax one.

  6. Mundy, its too early to court controversy. That said put your avatard back. Sorry the river jumled the banx yesternight.

    Cooler heads prevailed.

  7. Good morning, sunshines.

  8. Oh man. This is hysterical. We had a similar alpine slide near here, but it was shut down after a couple of years.

  9. I went into work for a couple hours today. The GM was giving me some good-natured shit, so I told him to “Go count your dick”. SOB was still laughing a n hour later.

  10. “I was there 3 times when I was 9 or 10 – I left 2 times in an ambulance.”

  11. Mr C, I am gonna just let it be for a while. In a few months, less than a year anyway, I will be a basket case myself. So, I call this building karma.

  12. Some days, it’s a race between the coffee and the tylenol to see who gets to work first.

  13. “Walking around the park you would think you were in a ward for some epidemic. Every third person you saw had a nasty red welt on their leg or arm or elbow.”

  14. The original Schlitterbahn in New Brainfells uses raw river water for their tube rides which are pretty cool. More relaxing than exciting. Being Germans, they let you drink beer while you tube. They have water parks on south padre and in Galveston that are just regular old water parks.

  15. Did wiserradio intro with Purple Haze?

  16. I tuned in 20 minutes late.

  17. Purple Haze Right Now!!!

  18. There it is.

  19. Imma start putting three of these things !!! after every comment so I seem excited.


  20. I’m cooking this today. I am pretty damned sure that I’m not
    going to put ALL those chilies in the blender for the sauce
    at the end.
    It looks deadly…

  21. Battery died in the mower. Gotta go buy one.

  22. No, I don’t have a trickle charger. Battery is 4yo, may as well get it swapped.

  23. Is it plugged in?

  24. Is the firmware up to date?

  25. Try rebooting it in safe mode.

  26. I like it!!!

  27. Resurrecting the sourdough starter, pepperstout beef sandwiches tomorrow!

  28. Looks awesome, J’Ames.

  29. Howdy Andy! How’s the weather out east?

    Warming up out here, but supposed to get down in the 30’s again this week. Winter can quit, anytime.

  30. Ooops, forgot the excitement tags!!!

  31. That looks loke a keeper. Jay.

  32. Does anyone have a linky to that funny led zepp vikings video.
    Laura linked it years ago but I cant find.


  33. I new Honda mower deck is $1115. GAH

    Duct tape and sheet metal it is.

  34. You need a goat

  35. Woops! Sorry. I forgot to take that prefix off.

    Please to fix

  36. Did the viking video involve kittens?

  37. Beautiful day here, Jay. 60s.

  38. Beautiful here, too, Andy. I was at work and heard a turkey hammering it when I went out for a smoke this morning.

  39. Old battery was in fact dead. New battery $44.

    Lawn mowed, dinner ordered, cocktail poured.

  40. Brownies are in the oven.

    Not a euphemism.

  41. I officially hate Leon now.

    Grass half mowed. At the grocery. Outta beer.

    Damn you, Leon


  42. I officially hate Leon now.

    This has never happened before. I am elated.

  43. No.

    It had all these over the top illustrations of vikings and then it would cut away to John Cleese as a viking.

    It was hilarious. One of my all time faves and I went to find it.

    I guess my brownies are in the oven.

  44. So, I’ve been working on my own time to set up a mobile client viewer for the video system I just installed. This customer has the worst case of ADHD I’ve ever seen.

    Anyway, the software has a mobile client for cell phones and ipads/tablets, and a web client for remote browsers.

    When I tried to train him on the “thick client” he couldn’t handle it. His attention span is maybe 2 minutes, tops. “Get this on my phone and I’ll figure it out on my own”

    So friday afternoon after fighting with his POS IT guy over the router settings, I set up the mobile client and sent him a log in invitation and instructions. 5 minutes later “I need this on my home PC, is there a web interface?”

    I spent the morning configuring and testing it, I just sent it to him an hour ago. No reply yet.

    Time for a cocktail.

  45. This has never happened before.

  46. That gives a new meaning to “thick client”, Pups.


  47. Heh.

    *kisses leon on the cheek*

    *with a 2X4*÷

  48. Oh man, I shoulda measured. That cocktail was much too strong.

    *takes nap with adorable dog*

  49. Yes. It is time for a strong drink.

    Cheers, Big Ears.

  50. Wanted one bottle of Guiness, only sold 6 packs.

    Had to buy a 6 pack.


    What will I do with the other 5?

  51. Charcoal steaks on sale for $2.99 though. Woo hoo!

    Just made some greek yogurt to put on the baked potatoes too. Life works out, sometimes.

  52. 2.99 for steak?

  53. Starting a Kolsch beer recipe. Wanting something to mix with lemonade, like Leine’s Summer Shandy.

    Ever brewed Kolsch, chumpster?

  54. Yeah, it’s the end pieces for sirloin, from the looks of them. Had them before, little tougher than a ribeye, but very tasty.

    Plus STEAK!!!

  55. Blues/Blackhawks or Cardinals/Padres tonight. Clicker will be busy!

    Mrs Jay loves her some hockey. She was born in North Dakota, so that explains it.

  56. !!!

  57. London broil is about $5/lb around here.

  58. Our Devils won both games, second was a shut-out.

    Woo Hoooo! Second place going into the playoffs.

  59. >> That cocktail was much too strong.


  60. L-R IB

  61. Blergh

  62. a week

    How are you my friends?

  63. Dafuq?

    Knocked me on my ass, even with a big meal.

  64. Dave in Twitter is back!

  65. Was there violence in the Special Edition Saturday studio this morning?

  66. Gosh I hope so.

  67. >>>Was there violence in the Special Edition Saturday studio this morning?

    Only to the radio trade. WB actually sounded lifelike.

    Frau and I listened to a couple hours of sweet 70s jams they ran afterwards.

  68. And, MJ, congrats, my friend on next week’s nuptials.

    May God grant you many years.


  69. Yeah. We just kegged a Kolsch. Most if ot made it into the keg. I think that they are the best for home brewers. Ales including porters work out really well.

  70. “Just made some greek yogurt”

    By hand?

  71. Jajaja

  72. Scandi.

    Shoot it.

  73. MJ is already getting married next week? Shit. Shit shit shit.

    I haven’t even had time to book the midget yet, much less the dolphin, the windowless van, or the crate of Mexican horse tranquilizers.

  74. An H2 bachelor party sounds like a good idea. Nice wholesome fun.

  75. MJ and GND are currently getting matching “King” and “Queen” tattoos. I’ll let you guess which one got marked as “Queen”. Tomorrow is the final fitting for MJ’s gimp-suit tuxedo, and GND still needs to fit in to the latex dress.

  76. Hole-some.

  77. “Blah Blah BlahBlah Blah BlahBlah Blah BlahBlah Blah Blah latex dress Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah”


  78. >>>An H2 bachelor party sounds like a good idea.

    I’ll set up the GoFundMe page and get the ball rolling with the insurance companies.

  79. Today’s retail moment, people are getting more blatant in their total disregard of the danger of the lift and my job as a spotter. WTF yo? There is potential for serious injury and you’re glued to you’re fucking phone.

  80. Your. Not you’re phone

  81. Oso,
    You know that chewing ice is a symptom of Iron Deficiency Anemia, right?
    I thought you might.
    Carry on…

  82. ChrisP, thanks. I only deal with my anemia when it becomes a thing. See also diabeetus and dehydration. Looks like my Monday will be super busy.

  83. I could always tell that Frau was preggers when she started chewing ice. Better test than the piss stick.

  84. I thought it was sexual frustration.


  85. MJ likes piss sticks.

  86. I just chew on ice because chewing on liquid water isn’t very satisfying. And chewing on steam can fuck up your mouth.

  87. Anemia is pretty common with preggo chicas. Lucky me. All the iron deficit without the preggo

  88. She said it was safe.


    *eats slurpee*

  89. I don’t chew ice anymore because of all my broken molars and, at my age, why spend a few thousand $ to die with a full set of teeth to be cremated?

    “FUCK ICE!!!”

  90. RLS is successfully treated with iron. Blergh. TMI. Iron and constipation are BFFs. I H8 all the meds.

  91. 4 hours. No reply from “Squirrel!” client. I’ll bet he’s writing a formal letter to my boss telling him how awesome I am.

  92. I just finished off a DOF full of ice.

  93. If we are having an H2 Bachelor Party for MJ, we are going to need a lot of felt.

  94. I got restless leg syndrome, but depth of field has me stumped.

  95. Department of Fisheries?

  96. Double Old Fashioned.

  97. At work, POS makes me giggle. Point Of Sale? I don’t think so!!!

  98. FUCK YOU ICE!!!

  99. *drinks*

  100. I thought old fashioneds only had a few cubes.

  101. I know Oso. I’ve been securing and interfacing with POS systems and POS terminals with POS data for many moons. Still giggle. Call me for your biggest POS projects!

    POS Solutions.

  102. Glassware term.

  103. Heh, stupid Blues. Give up a 3-1 lead. They fall apart in the playoffs.

  104. A+ Pupster.

    Nobody got that one.

  105. Thanks Scott.

    Please write a formal letter to my boss.

    *starts planning how to spend that big raise*

  106. There is potential for serious injury and you’re glued to you’re fucking phone.

    I was spotting for a forklift last night that was moving bunks of lumber around. I caught attitude off a guy because I kept him from moving the yellow safety blockade off the end of the adjoining aisle, so he could walk in and shop.

    OK, yeah. Go on ahead, sir. That twenty-year-old manning the forklift seems like an expert hand. I’m sure that racking is totally safe to be around with him on the other side, slamming into pallets of lumber. Please write your social security number on the sole of your shoe before you enter.

  107. Ice. Suck it!

  108. I don’t believe in restless leg.

  109. I think “it’s only a ton or so, just walk right under” might help in that situation, Laura.

  110. You’ll be cute when you’re 2’3″.

  111. Natural Selection in Progress™

  112. Cool. Sitting on the side of he road after 10+ hours of work . Awesome

  113. Car in, what happened?

  114. As long as we’re talking supper, and some of you are, grilled boneless skinless chicken thighs tonight. Grilled over the coals of a nice central Texas mesquite fire. Had some squash and peppers and onions all stuck on a stick that I grilled along with the thighs. Kinda dry. Won’t do that again. Washed down with a Michelob Ultra Cactus Lime. Not my favorite but wife likes em.

  115. Car just stopped. My sons. Husband took my car. Turns over, catches then dies

  116. I did not garden today. But I did accompany wife to HEB where I watched her purchase fruits and Vegetables. I stay a lot cleaner that way.

  117. *drinks and peruses the felt choices*

  118. Put some gas in it. Or plug it in.

  119. Seriously. One of our guys dropped a pallet of cement bags from height a while back. Lucky nobody died. The dust afterwards was fucking intense, of course.

  120. Letting stupid customers die at work would be cool if it didn’t involve a bunch of paperwork.

  121. I did a load of laundry today. Made me feel like an overachiever.

  122. Stay safe Carin!

  123. Tort laws are discouraging us as a society from culling the herd.

  124. What has 2 thumbs and gets to replace deck boards using the framing nailer tomorrow?


  125. Celebrate two thumbs this time tomorrow.

  126. Damn, Car in!
    I hope you’re packin’
    Is someone coming to get you?
    I was just going to send a Newfie-link.

    Stay safe!

  127. RL friend was spotting at a HD where a child got crushed on adjacent aisle. Ran under the aisle blocker. They have gates on those aisles now. It is sofa king.

  128. Did it lose power slowly, or all of a sudden?

    How old is it?

  129. Assholes on night crew did a 3 pallet slot that was so heavy, the wheels on the lift left the ground. It was beyond scary.

  130. >> Celebrate two thumbs this time tomorrow.

    You know it. Hopefully two eyes, etc. as well.

  131. >> the wheels on the lift left the ground.

    Levers. How the f*** do they work?

  132. Good luck lefty!

  133. Andy, our night crew is special. One guy nearly severed his own arm. I have serious SMFH days with this bunch.

  134. Levers. How the f*** do they work?

    When you don’t have the makeup on, it’s impossible to tell that you’re one of the guys from ICP.

  135. I’ve been busy, just skimming the comments. Has Jewstin been around?

  136. Not recently.

  137. Same thing happened to one of my friend-coworkers when she was moving synthetic decking with the reach truck. Wheels started to leave the ground for a moment, and then she was screaming, “Did you see that wheelie??” I could tell she was actually sweating bullets of fear.

  138. >>Please write your social security number on the sole of your shoe before you enter.

    It seems emergency workers who go door to door urging people to leave an area where dangerous hurricanes expected, carry permament markers with them. When some idiot refuses to evacuate, they give him a permament marker to write his name on his arm. Helps identify dead bodies. Scares a lot of them into leaving.

  139. Dan is an ass. I forgot the cardboard under the frozen pizza 2 times in 26 years and it is an issue.

  140. Lauraw, it was surreal. Same day that our cash office chica stroked out and is only alive because Wells Fargo showed up at the same time Eleanor had her stroke.

  141. On of the geniuses I used to work with at a textile plant in GA managed to dead-center an I-beam supporting the roof of the plant with a forklift fork. Hit it so hard, the fork penetrated the I-beam.

  142. Dan had a slip and fall in a freezer. Concussion. Could’ve been so much worse. We are both on the safety committee. It sucks. WalMart gets buttfucked all the time. Costco and Target have more leeway just not being WalMart

  143. Did the beam fail, Andy?

  144. Fork fucks keep breaking tubes. Ice build up. Response is to take away Reserve Steel. SMDH

  145. Lubbock TX Lowe’s lost a young employee a couple years ago. He was fixing some racking while there was still lumber loaded on it. Very sad.

  146. It’s something of a miracle I wasn’t killed during my 6 months as a forklift operator.

  147. Anita headed-out early (0745) to do a 5K charity-run for her church mission to Haiti. When she came home she was all about the birds and the water and erosion along the river that happened during the floods and;

    There was this guy. He was like Adonis.
    Made HHD look like pajama boys.

    I was skeptical until she said;
    ” Remember the red dress at the bottom of BBF?
    He was like that”…

  148. Lauraw, it is crazy. I am all about safety. These young kids. SMDH. How do they not understand basic math and physics? Common sense?

  149. I tell my guys to refuse unsafe lift drops. Let the MOD take care of it.

  150. Ok, apparently it’s just something that happens a couple times a year. The boys got to me, and it started fine and I drove it home.

    I tried the darn thing about 6 times, then figured I might blow something – so called and waited.

    My son got there and said ” oH … yea … this happens”. SHesh.

  151. so. Updates.

    Erin’s soccer- she basically played the entire game (three game tournament this weekend) and Pat watched and said she played awesome. Assumedly the coaches are realizing that she’s a good player.

    He spoke with other parents and apparently they’re all pissed. They hate the coaches, and who knows if he’ll be there next year. The girls who made varsity are apparently getting about 5 min of play time per game.

    Ethan’s soccer- he played on a U17 team and played AWESOME. He’s 14, FTR.

  152. Oskar update – he went to the vet today. He has a cycst and a urinary tract infection. He also made behaving an operation soon to repair his leg.

    Moose got chipped today for seven dollars at the pet store. SCORE.

  153. I also (belatedly) realized I should have named him Chocolate Mousse.


  154. We’ve had some people over, so Penelope fixed brisket on the PBC on Thursday and ribs tonight. I’m stuffed, but happy. Plenty of leftovers. :)

  155. Wait, waitwaitwait…Anita looks at the pictures? Does she read the comments?

  156. My nephew has been battling coaches for years. He didn’t Bryce Harper. Just played ball. Looking like he’ll be getting a ⚾️ scholarship. At a Cali school.

  157. Oso,
    The young people think they are immortal. They can’t even imagine death.
    They are young, just starting out, it can’t end now.
    They have no idea that death just does not care whether you are 15 or 80.
    Life is not *fair*, it just is, but they can not conceive of that.
    They have not “Had their shot”, so it can’t happen to them.

    I was not immune and did many very foolish things when young (and had 500 pounds of dynamite), and other things.

    The lucky ones will grow old, look back, and think, Whoa, I skated out of that for sure…

  158. CarIN and Oscar seem to be on the down cycle swing with the rest of the family on the up. Thanks for the updates.

  159. Car in,
    Did you see the Newfie link?


  160. WHERE is the newfie link?

  161. ChrisP, I was 12 when I had my first catatonia. I’m pretty fucked up for this group

  162. Wonder if it was vapor lock, Car in.

  163. Tomorrow is a MIL day. Love you guys. I am way healthier than I seem. Truly

  164. Vapor lock? Was that a thing in Star Trek?

  165. i have a hard time believing car in has the vapors

  166. The Beemer vapor locked on me in NorCal once driving to Washington. Waited about an hour, and she reluctantly started back up.

  167. >> Did the beam fail, Andy?

    No, but they came in and reinforced it.

  168. Alright! I have a soft commitment from the Mrs. to try the salmon tomorrow and an acknowledgement that she brainwashed the daughter against seafood.

    Wait … she obviously plans to kill me in my sleep.

  169. got back a little bit ago from little jammettes bball tourney –

    she’s with a new organization that we are hoping will help develop her skills to the next level –

    2 months into this and she is progressing well – but one of the asst coaches is from the same bush-league that i coached in, and she sucks. Most of the girls can’t stand her & more than half of the parents are in a lather and are talking about jumping ship.

    Anyway the team went 1 for 3 – with two of the losses absolute fiascos.

    oddly enough, i didn’t make any new friends today

  170. the upside(?) tho –

    i found out where leon filled his binder at:

  171. Hmm, same coaching pool as Car in?

  172. NHL.
    Increable’ action.

    It’s all about the cliff hangers.

    This is my fourth season running an NHL playoff bracket. It’s really good.

  173. I had a car that would vapor lock, but then it was July and 105 degrees.

  174. Bet against the Blues, gets you past one round every year.

  175. jay – probably

  176. Just looking at our concert tickets for the summer, and it’s basically the “I want to see them one more time before they die” tour.

    2016 may beat us yet, though.

  177. Heh, I was thinking the same thing. Someone said John Prine was touring, and I thought, isn’t he dead?

  178. James Taylor at Fenway. I mean, come on, you *have* to!

  179. You’ve got a Friend

  180. I have a policy on “past thier prime” acts.

    -do they need the $
    -are they seriously overdue on an album
    -is everyone in the band 30 except the two principal members who are 65+
    -am I going to be seeing the show at a fairgrounds.

    Of the answer is yes to more than 2 of these Q’s than I am definitly not going.

  181. Unless She says I am in which case I bring a thermos of Margarita.

  182. Had an extra ticket for the game this week and took a consultant we had in town from Houston. He was shocked at the huge standing ovation for the local Army guy they honored.

    I was, like, dude I was here the day they booed like hell at the mention of Obama’s name. It’s not like *everyone* is a leftist. The good folks are just a minority.

  183. By Chumpo’s very good criteria, all mine make the cut.

    I’m seeing Henley in September mainly because Frey’s dead and I haven’t seen the Eagles or Henley in a few years.

    FU 2016.

    *doubles bodyguards on Henley*

  184. The Eagles Farewell Tour DVD is really good. Haven’t seen them, but probably should have.

  185. I saw them on the Hell Freezes Over tour because huge fan and have seen Henley solo a couple of times.

    If you get a chance, watch the History of the Eagles or whatever it’s called on Showtime. Pretty amazing.

  186. I’ve seen that one, really good!

  187. Listening to some really early Prince. Purple Haze was awesome.

  188. Yep, he was a good one.

  189. 2000 unreleased songs? I think we’ll be seeing more Prince for years to come.

  190. Silent Bob on Prince

  191. Just call him Russ for short.

  192. Started watching teh Silent Bob piece. I should finish it.

  193. Prince loses Bob. What a shocker.

  194. Bob doesn’t get the point about Prince talking about The Father. Color me shocked.

  195. Full disclosure: I’m a Kevin Smith fan.

  196. Wow, ending on Kevin’s vid, sorry that Prince wasn’t on your schedule.

    He had the crowd in his pocket. i don’t agree with Kevin. Prince wasn’t the bad guy.

  197. Looking at the world
    Through the sunset in your eyes
    Trying to make the train
    Through clear Moroccan skies
    Ducks and pigs and chickens call
    Animal carpet wall to wall
    American ladies five foot tall in derp

  198. Birds are singing before sunup.

    Stupid, noisy birds.

    *grabs coffee*

    Morning, hosehandlers.

  199. Kevin Smith is antitheist, and it informs his personal dickery.

  200. He also has a moronic understanding of plenary indulgences.

  201. Oso has an Instagram:

  202. He also has a moronic understanding of plenary indulgences.



  203. The entire plot of Dogma rests on his misunderstanding, Pupster. To get a plenary indulgence, you must be both free of serious sin and free of any attachment to serious sin. If either of those isn’t true for you, you get at best a partial indulgence. The characters in his movie seeking to overturn God’s will by way of plenary indulgence could not have qualified at all, they spent the whole movie revelling in sin.

  204. I don’t know if he understood what indulgences are in the first place, either, or the distinction between temporal and eternal consequences for sin.

  205. The angels were being temporally punished, not eternally, so even their motivation in the film is absurd.

  206. What really sucks is that I’m probably one of like 5 people who liked Mallrats.


  208. Wakey wakey. I have big plans for today. BIG PLANS.

    But a dog sleeeping at my feet … so … wavering.

    I got him chipped yesterday at Petsmart for $7.

  209. I need to cook some pork on the Pork Butt Cooker.

    Pepe, how did the brisket come out?

  210. We went to a murder mystery dinner last night, and everyone voted on who the murderer was before the reveal. All thirteen actors had motive and opportunity. The murderer seemed to be picked at random – no one out of 200 people got it right, including the actress playing the murderer.

    This pisses me off more than it really should. On the other hand, I had a nice dinner I didn’t have to cook, and Mini-me got 3 service hours.

  211. I might try to finish my mound today. Traps are a little sore from yesterday, so that might not be reasonable. I should have time and energy to test whether my pallet wood can be nailed into anything useful, however. If not, bonfire today.


  213. Hard rain this morning, thunderbolts and lightning.

    Bean Bag Toss Tournament for charity at work this afternoon, moved indoors now I’m sure. We call that indoor cornhole where I’m from.

  214. Comment by Mr Chumpo on April 24, 2016 12:56 am

    Unless She says I am in which case I bring a thermos of Margarita.
    This made me laugh

  215. Charity is local “make sammiches for hungry folks” one-man organization.


  217. Brisket was excellent, Scott. Best part is Penelope is running it, so my contribution is eating, well, eating plus raising the steer.

  218. Sun is shining.. it’s cool out this morning. Greets y’all

  219. Mornin’, bullwhip riders.

  220. Morning all

  221. Re action parks – somewhere I’ve got a picture of when my son decided to ride down the Alpine Slide on his temple. Just in time for school pictures.

    The scar isn’t noticeable unless you’re really looking for it.

  222. WTFITS?!

  223. Car in,

  224. I love you dorks and don’t you ever forget it

  225. I spent about 2 hours researching Action Parks, so much funny.

  226. I enjoyed Mallrats.

  227. I enjoyed your mom. I’ve got the scars to prove it.

  228. So handsome – Newfies, Thanks Chris. He’s “helping” me garden.

    Moved a bush. Planted a tree. Need to replant my bush. Building a mound in the woods.

    Busy busy.

  229. Did you ever plant that willow?

  230. Bear in the cave

  231. Forget what?

  232. Oven-roasting a pork shoulder today, doing the 30-minute high-temp crisping now, to be followed by 4 hours of slow roasting. Hopefully that 4 hours will be enough to finish the mound.

  233. Mound builders

  234. Oven-roasting?

  235. IT’S ALL I HAVE!

  236. I just smoked the best pork chops ever.

    2″ thick and juicy as all get out. Never tried salting prior to cooking, what a huge difference.

    Next time I’ll try a wet brine.

  237. >> Need to replant my bush.


  238. The willow did not make it. :(

    so no. I need another.

  239. I have ZERO plans for dinner. think the family is up for protein shakes?

  240. Right now, Moose looks like this one a bit. He’s got a longer body.

  241. He resembles a bear.

  242. Bear in the cave..

  243. He’s “helping” me garden.

    Pffft. Amateur.

  244. I have some pine saplings you can have as well, but it’s your turn to visit me. Willow branches I have in abundance.

  245. There’s a “your mom” joke in here somewhere.

  246. That’s pretty fucking hot.

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