Thursday Poat: Hot Sauce Edition

The other day, when asked what something she always carries with her, HRC answered unhesitatingly “hot sauce“. Apparently, carrying hot sauce around with you, is a black people thing. And she needs the votes of Obama’s biggest voting bloc percentage-wise, to win. This election cycle has been very educational for me. 8+ years of SCOAMF inhabiting the airwaves and I just heard about CPT last week. Honestly. And here I am, the definition of a racist by virtue of my ethnicity, gender, age and prior service. Yet, Hillary and De Blasio needed to educate me on this important terminology. That got me thinking, what would my answer be to that question? People who know me would answer: knife, wallet, cash, maybe a little flashlight for trans-illuminating (not cis-) ganglion cysts. That would be a great thread: “What is in various Hostages pockets?”

This song is from a show called True Blood that I’ve only seen because Paula tried watching it on Netflix and eventually gave up on it. This song, which sounds like it was sung by a local bar band, will not inspire me to try watching it again.

There really is not an authentic bone in Hillary‘s body. The last time a bone of any sort was in her was when, allegedly, Webb Hubbell conceived Chelsea with her.


How do you do, fellow kids?”

It’s been depressing how long her email scandal has been treated as a non-event by the MSM. One wonders how long they’d remain silent if a GOP Secretary of State had a private home server. Don’t answer…that was rhetorical.


After dealing with Obama’s bullshit for the last 8 years I can’t stomach the thought of Hillary playing through his fundamental transformation. The idiocy of the GOP in not organizing a candidate who should easily beat her flimsy record infuriates me. hillary-ready-cankle

Between all of her and Bill‘s scandals you would think it would be like shooting fish in a barrel. Eh, I’m listening to coverage of New York‘s primary voting as I put this together and it’s got me riled up. I’ve taken solace in the comments a few of you have added where you have faith in America. I do too and need to remember to calm the fuck down and turn off the media feed when I’m getting edgy.

Happy Thursday!



  1. Damn, I hate getting up this early, only to immediately get pissed off.

  2. Coffee and white hot rage: it”s what’s for breakfast.

  3. I usually prefer heavy cream, but I have white hot rage with most things these days.

  4. Alright, I’m off to track me down some Tubmans.

    Great day, all.

  5. I don’t have a purse, so I don’t keep it in there.

    I do wear cargo pants nearly every day, though, and I have a ‘standard carry’ with specific locations for each item.

  6. I only have a multitool with a folding blade. I should get a proper carry knife.

  7. …or you could carry both

  8. track me down some Tubmans.
    Unintended consequences of replacing people on money. Can’t wait for the rappers to let us know what to call the new $20’s.

  9. Spectacles, testicles, wallet, watch.

    Never leave home without them.

  10. Martha got there first

    I demand reparations

  11. e-mail at 6:18am from Tom Hill:

    “Trump in Waterbury on Saturday. Can I get a press pass for Trump?”

    me: “How would I get you a press pass?”

    TH: “I have one in case.. Are you interested?”

    me: “I have zero interest in anything Trump, but if you want to report from there as part of your segment, fine by me.”

    TH: “It’s not about you, it’s about us being a hyper local radio station live and one of the most visible public figures in America being in our town in service to our listeners.”

    I call him.

    “WTF is your problem? You asked me if I was interested. I said I’m not interested, then you tell me it’s not about me.”

    TH: “You were being snotty.”

    me: “Fuck you.”

  12. *Wiser preparing TH’s coffee

  13. Yep. That’s definitely the Wiserbud I know.

  14. Yep. That’s definitely the Wiserbud I know.

    I’m just fucking tired of his bullshit. The other day, he gave me a lead (that had actually already been cultivated by someone else at the station.) I leave two messages for the person.

    He sends me three e-mails yesterday asking me for an update, saying the guy has not heard from me yet.

    A) you are not my fucking boss and I don’t have to provide you with daily activity reports

    B) fuck you.

  15. I would wakey wakey but it appears everyone’s already all fired up this morning.

  16. Always be closing.

    Forever and ever.

  17. speaking of fired up…

  18. I usually have a couple of packets of H8CHKN hot sauce in my purse.

  19. If we hadn’t met Rosie, I’d have said that was him/her.

    Bona fide bitch bags? love that one.

  20. Good morning. This bed is too damn comfortable. I don’t wanna get up and go to work.

  21. Going to Fenway today. First pitch is at 1:35.

    Work? That’s the other guy’s problem.

  22. White hot rage???

    You’re soaking in it!!

    Well, at least I am anyway…

  23. Pockets: Wallet, keys, phone, Swiss army knife (proper Victorinox one, and not one of those bastardized ones with USB and laser pointer and dildo and bullwhip extractor, either).

  24. Oh, and who’s the poor fucker from Chad reading this blog? I didn’t even think they had Internet there, thought it was all signaling by morse code performed by bursts of automatic weapon fire or some shit like that.

  25. wallet, keys, phone, lube, zip ties, lollipop, Jack Daniels mini-bottle, duct tape, portable Necronomicon.

  26. Something I never leave home without…

    My American Express, of course.

  27. That Tom Hill story is priceless. He kills me.

  28. portable Necronomicon.

    Huh. I guess the Gideons are diversifying.

  29. So….what’s everyone making for dinner?

  30. I haven’t even confronted lunch.

  31. Dinner is for closers

  32. I’m eating at the Y.

  33. Keys, flashlight, knife, phone. No wallet unless I go into town.

  34. Wiser: You’re not the boss of me. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ha ha ha! The BLM a-holes want Harvard to stop charging fees in the name of social justice. Because fees are racist.

    I love blue-on-blue conflict. As long as taxpayers don’t end up footing the bill, I have no problem with these idiots going at each other’s throats.

  36. Europe today ……

    “authorities are investigating circumstances surrounding a Syrian girl, now aged 16 who already has one child and is pregnant again, police lawyer Jens Herstad said.

    “We still have to hear the husband’s account,” he said.”

  37. Does everyone have coworkers that just don’t give a crap?

  38. I don’t think beyonce or Hillary carry “a bag”. They have people who do that for them.

  39. Ha ha ha! The BLM a-holes want Harvard to stop charging fees in the name of social justice. Because fees are racist.

    “Fine, fees are gone! By the way, so are the things they paid for. No funding for student organizations either. Have a nice day!”

  40. Don’t forget Harvard’s endowment funds. Again, we need reparations to make things right.

  41. Hillary’s bag is Huma.

  42. Hillary stows things in Huma’s hot pocket.

  43. Again, we need reparations to make things right.

    Much more of this crap and I’m going to start demanding reparations.

  44. Scott, it’s hard to believe that parts of Europe are giving up centuries old values for Islam. Islam of all the shitty religions they’re caving to Islam???

  45. Wow good morning and up yours! In my purse I always have my wallet, phone, lipstick, hair ties, lists on note pads, Aleve and ibuprofen.

  46. They gave up the centuries old values decades ago, for Socialism. Now they’re long forgotten and it’s Socialism that’s giving way to Islam.

    The best of Europe bled out by 1945. They built new buildings, but the people are still rubble.

  47. I think that is a good summary, Brother Cavil.

  48. Jimbro – that post had to have taken you forever to prepare with all those links and my god, my lips are already exhausted for the day just reading it. Well done, hosefucker. Except for the lame ass Thor.

  49. The best of Europe bled out by 1945. They built new buildings, but the people are still rubble.

    You don’t know how true that is. That was the primary take away I gained from living in Germany in the late 80s/early 90s.

  50. I took a little time off while Paula was at Disney to keep an eye on the older boy and the dogs so it was a poat creation day.

    And Thor was channeling his inner Beyonce while dancing the hot sauce dance.

  51. They’re back from Disney and she’s already talking about how “next time” she’s going to do a few different things.

    Verdict: FUN


  53. Yes, Jimbro, nicely done!

    You’ve really been doing some serious poat work.

  54. OH MY GOSH!!

    I just saw the deal at TITS2 about the List for Mare!!!!

    You guys are amazing.

    There wasn’t a spot to comment on the Desert Meat-up. But all you guys look great and Sean’s beard is slightly Jihadi..hahahah

  55. Fixt that comment thingy, Mare. The List, as in the shirt? I was trying to remember if I threw in a pic of that.

  56. It seems I did; yay!

  57. Cool. Someone stole my bike.

  58. From your house? No way.

  59. I’m sure they’re just borrowing it.

  60. Bikes Not Bombs

  61. Yes. From my house. I want to cry. I just fixed it on Monday, bought new seat, etc.

    I hate humanity.

  62. Surely it was one of the kids.

  63. As someone who has had their bike stolen (twice) I feel your pain.

  64. Holy shit. Vox put an article enough that showed a writer with a half-degree of self-awareness. I may faint.

  65. If’n you ever want to know a lot about military planes, go vis XBrad. He’s got that shit down. Very good time.
    XBard doesnt drive. He rides around town on a herd of roadrunners. I would have posted A picture but I was laughing too much.

  66. Prince died. Rosie must have needs of his music.

    Strange choice.

  67. Meep meep

  68. Chyna yesterday. Prince today.

  69. Purple Reign comes to an end.

  70. He was great.

  71. I’ve got 6# of t-bone steaks thawed. Half of that will be dinner.

  72. Huh, Prince dead. I read the story where his plane made an emergency stop for treatment of flu. I would have thought he got treatment and advice to slow down for a while. Just read the tmz story on drudge that said he performed in a concert after that. Makes you wonder if he followed their advice or not.

  73. Brisket on the PBC. Should be a good dinner tonight.

  74. I’m fairly certain that I got ded about 17 times from that flu.

  75. I hear that.
    I wanted you to go to the hospital on Sat night.

  76. Carin?

  77. So Rosetta had need of an Amazonian drug addict and a sex obsessed midget Port-o Rican.

    Sounds about right.

  78. O. M. G.

    Has anyone ever seen Rosie and Chyna together???

    *hits bong

  79. “Hillary stows things in Huma’s hot pocket.”

    Well, she never let Carlos Danger stow anything in there. Not more than once, anyhow.

  80. “Hillary stows things in Huma’s hot pocket.”

    Well, Huma never let Carlos Danger stow anything in there. Not more than once, anyhow.

  81. blog eating comments?

  82. Heh.

  83. Let’s see if the blog is eating comments.

  84. Testing

  85. God: “Welcome to Heaven, Rosetta. Is there anything I can get for you?”

    Rosetta: “Yeah, I could really go for a large muscle-bound steroid- and cocaine-fueled pre-op tranny chick and a short androgynous Jehovah’s Witness.”

    God: “Coming right up!”

  86. Prince has died?
    I suppose one could put it that way, though death is not an unusual result of pieces of lead, jacketed with copper, entering ones body at high speed.
    See Chicago…

  87. Eating comments

  88. I didn’t realize mononymous was a real thing.

  89. Fully expect the Empire State Building to be lit up purple in Prince’s honor.

  90. Never heard of Chyna, must be doing something right.

  91. Charles Murphy’s story about having breakfast with Prince is one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

  92. So Wordpunk thinks I’m spam now. I’m delicious with mustard.

  93. I’m so old I saw Chyna naked in Playboy.

    That’s one of those print magazines, kids. Playboy used to have pictures of naked ladies in it. Then it didn’t. Ironically not due to any pressure from religious groups, but because nudity wasn’t salacious enough anymore.

  94. MJ, that was one of the best skits on the Chappelle show.

  95. Well, Huma never let Carlos Danger stow anything in there. Not more than once, anyhow.

    Turkey baster.

  96. Everybody is flipping out on FarceCock about Prince.

    I couldn’t name you a single song.

    Looks like your average half black ladyboy to me.

  97. I saw the Half Black Ladyboys open for Culture Club in 1987.

  98. He was very talented, and he had the inteligence and accumen to write his own ticket.

    It’s too bad when someone w a lot to give hits the road early.

  99. Comment by Mr Chumpo on April 21, 2016 1:20 pm

    I hear that.
    I wanted you to go to the hospital on Sat night.

    Did you actually suggest that to me? I’m wondering because I have no memory of that. Or driving home Sunday. WHEEE!

  100. here is me spotting car in:

  101. Orwell – check your gstring

  102. here is me spotting car in:

    nah, bewbs are too big

  103. He was a pretty good guitarist.

  104. No.

    I just thought it.


  106. I maybe shoulda; could have gotten some tammiflu drugs to shorten that crap. C’est la vie, que sera sera.

  107. I was concerned for you of course,

    I just learned that Cleavland was on the $20 before Jackson.

    Another reason to weep for Cleavland fans.

  108. m’kay, will try the old account now, Cyn

  109. If you can read this, you are probably goofing off more than necessary

    [Cyn: lol, fu buddy]

  110. oh well, I’m still spam

  111. whoa, that was weird

  112. well, it’s not like I have any trenchant observations about the human condition to share with you all, anyhow

  113. Yep, still spammy. May have to do this for a while.

  114. roses are red
    comments are spam
    whiskey is sweet
    and it goes with ham

  115. mmph, I guess H2 just isn’t my place today

  116. Huh. I see the comment, GO.

  117. That’s prolly enough of that account for today.

  118. BroCav, I’m unspamming them manually.

  119. With My Mind.

  120. Bee-zarr. Now if you could do something about this damn polka-dot alligator with butterfly wings that’s been trying to eat my…wait, you can’t do anything about that, that’s a flashback.

    Carry on.

  121. here is me spotting car in:

    nah, bewbs are too big

    That cuts deep, Wiser.

  122. GO, can you log in without writing-in your blogger site?

  123. I loved the early Prince stuff. His stuff was cool and edgy and he was talented. I don’t know what happened to him later in life, but I suspect things got really weird.

  124. The official H2 glove


  126. Ew! 😂😂😂😂😂

  127. Excellent example of Prince’s talent here – his guitar solo starts around 3:30 or so – just look at George’s son – how excited he gets just before he starts and when he’s playing.

  128. That glove is cringeworthy

  129. So the jam session with Bowie, Freddie Mercury, and Prince is ON, baby!

  130. Upon hearing the news, Morris Day was said to have uttered “NOT DONE!”

  131. well, I removed the website from my wordpuss profile, and logged in again, Cyn

    [werdpuss maybe just hatey hates you/Cyn]

  132. mppphff, still spammy I guess

  133. Yep, and, no clue, Geo. Just going to take some time for Asskissme to relearn that that account is not spam.

  134. My nephew hit for the cycle yesterday. His team beat Bishop Gorman. He’ll have scouts from a few schools in Cali out to watch him play this wknd.

  135. Comment by Tushar on April 21, 2016 4:33 pm

    That glove is cringeworthy

    Hello and Welcome to The H2 – since you seem to be new here, please tell us how you found our little sandbox; Hotspurt will be along shortly with some follow up questions.

  136. Why shouldn’t Wordprick hate me? Everyone else does. Especially me.

  137. After last night, Andy probably giggled through half the baseball game.

  138. I am not able to watch a baseball game without quoting Major League. We also come up with nicknames for the players. Inappropriate nicknames.

  139. Obscenely Outfield Oso
    Slutty Slidey Scott

  140. Pretty much, Cynabons!


  142. ‘scuse me while I kiss this guy…


  144. My memories of Prince – Purple Rain was the first R-rated movie I ever saw in the theater. Bunch of band nerds went, and I was the only one under 17, so I was sweating getting carded and being shamed in front of my friends.

    Acquaintance in college would sing along to “Raspberry Beret” but sang it as “Raspberry Toupee.”

  145. I always heard that Prince was one of those child prodigies that taught himself how to play basically every instrument, but I never actually saw him shred before. Pretty cool.

  146. My Israeli friend had a kawasaki w a windscreen and whenever he woukd pull up to the party dozens of people would start singing Purple Rain. It was the funniest shot ever.

  147. In honor of Prince passing, we’re listening to Pink Floyd.

    God I hate PF.

  148. Wife and I just saw a commercial where a chick had blue hair. I commented that it was unattractive and unprofessional for a woman purporting to be a “financial analyst”. The coif equivalent of visible boxer shorts, if you will, or that it was a deliberate cry for attention from a woman sure to be obnoxious at the office.

    An argument ensued.

  149. #problematic

  150. God I hate PF.

    Preach it, sistah.

  151. *pops in Division Bell*

  152. I’m sorry to hear you were wrong, Leon.

  153. This is a great PF scrubber:

  154. AuahahHhHhHb bbBhHahahahahhahHhhHhahH B


  155. *wipes screen*

  156. I might be wrong about PF, but blue hair is SJW plumage in 99.99% of cases.

    And is ugly.

  157. I am oblivious to Prince’s music just as I am oblivious to all modern Western music. But he was not a repulsive character like Michael Jackson, so I guess he was ok.

  158. I’m sorry to hear you were wrong, Leon.

    The presumption that EVERY married man loses against.

    Seriously though, out here, I see tats and piercings galore. Rainbow hues in hair? Please. My wife has even expressed an interest in painting some of her locks purple.

    I’d be happy if mine just behaved.

  159. Dan was never a Prince fan. He H8s Buffett too. And Bryan Adams. My secret shame listens

  160. Some women, I’m sure, look okay with blue hair. This is in spite of it, rather than because of it.

    But I’ll hold my tongue in the future. It’s not worth it. An oppressing patriarch has to know what battles to choose.

  161. So I got invited to lunch tomorrow to talk about a job.

    I’m really feeling kind of conflicted at the moment. While steady and predictable income would be nice to have again, I like being my own boss. If I want to take a walk around the block once an hour, no one is freaking out and asking me where I am. If I have nothing scheduled, and I want to leave at 2, ain’t nothing stopping me. If I don’t get into the office until 9, it’s ok. If I have an appointment during the day, I’m not asking anyone’s permission or “clearing it” with anyone.

    I suspect I’ll hear a dollar figure tomorrow that will make me even more conflicted.

  162. An oppressing patriarch has to know what battles to choose.

    Lesson Number Two in “The Guy Handbook”, right after “Never Stick Your Dick In Crazy”, and right before “Daily Cocktails to Assuage the Pain from Having Stuck Your Dick In Crazy”.

  163. We’re praying for you. God’s will be done. Hardest thing ever to do is relinquish control. BiW we’ve got your 6

  164. The daily cocktails were making me fat and depressed, had to quit.

    Now I’m just depressed.

  165. Watched Carin’s Hall of Fame video and thought, huh, wonder how long after that Steve Winwood died? Then I looked up Steve Winwood, and he’s still alive. Who am I confusing Steve Winwood with? Someone that sounds like Traffic, Blind Faith, etc.

  166. I don’t remember the last time I ate at a buffet.

  167. Fuckin’ 2016!

    You weren’t content to take our Rosie from us. No, you had to take Prince too.

  168. Good luck, BiW. I don’t have the discipline to be self employed, or work from home for that matter.

    It’s all Prince all the damn time here in MN now. I was never a fan, although I liked “All Along the Watchtower”.

  169. >> After last night, Andy probably giggled through half

    Big Papi went deep.

  170. So, as I put on FacePlant, the Fenway organist (SYWM) was playing tons of Prince songs. It was pretty awesome, actually.

    The 7th inning stretch went straight from “Take Me Out To The Ballgame” to “I Would Die 4 U”. So cool.

  171. There is a young lady who works in my office, she colors her hair RED but it looks nice on her in my opinion, she has a dark auburn natural hair color and a pale complexion. Her personality is brash, loud and funny so it works.

    I may be biased.

  172. There would also have to be a written understanding that the clients I bring with are MY clients…like they wouldn’t follow me anyway…

  173. I may be biased.

    You have a hawty wif.

  174. Andy FTW. The Twins are grieving as well.

  175. Could it be Jack Bruce, RFH?

  176. Like, kool-aid red?

    Ick. Not as ick as blue, but ick.

  177. My Tia Josie died today. Cancer. She would bring me sammiches to the dorm. I was allergic. I would thank her.

  178. Red (or even sometimes pink) generally works better than blue.

  179. There’s also this from John E. on an email list:

    “Years ago I found a website that tracked celebrity political contributions by race, state, party, etc.

    The one that shocked me? Prince: 100% Republican political donations.”

  180. Not Kool Aid, more black cherry. Thus:

    I mean, obviously not a natural hew, but not fire engine.

  181. BiW, how long have you been self employed?

  182. The one that shocked me? Prince: 100% Republican political donations.”

    In MN, being Republican is counter-culture.

  183. When her grandson was murdered and burnt on the mesa, I let Dan keep me from a potential gang funeral. I never forgave myself. She was an angel on Earth. 🎶Take a walk on the wild side

  184. BiW, how long have you been self employed?

    Since July 5, 2015.

  185. Oh, Osso; so sorry for your loss {{hugs}}

  186. That’s not bad.

    I think it takes about 5-10 years to become ruined.


  188. I blame anime for obnoxious hair colors.

  189. I think it takes about 5-10 years to become ruined.

  190. ^Depends on the job I guess.

  191. My mom: She was 89. What were her kids thinking? Me: They loved their mom and weren’t ready to let go? My mom: You aren’t on my DNR. You’re too “Catholic”

  192. L to R

    Pupster on Mom Pupster’s DNR

  193. Sorry Oso.

  194. She was a nice lady. My mom is alive because I wouldn’t sign her DNR in 2009. She finally thanked me in 2011. She has a new DNR. Aortic Valve replacement soon.

  195. Pups-That was it!!! My mom: Thanks for not pulling the plug!

  196. Scott, no. It’s someone who died ~2004. Might be Robert Palmer, but I knew he was dead. Every time I think, it’s the guy who sang that song, it’s Steve Winwood. *shrug*

  197. Dan: Which one is Tia Josie? Me: Uncle Sil’s wife. Dan: Uncle Syl or Uncle Sil? Me: Torrez not Salcido. Dan: Oh, Uncle Sil. Fin




  201. Pups, we are totes caught up for Civil War. Totes. I’m more caught up than Spoiler Dan.

  202. Back in the day, Dale hit a wall and died. Flyover America was in shock. This is what it sounds like, when the dove cries.

  203. Civil War was Marvel’s stupidest storyline*. BDS was rampant and Iron Man becomes the proxy for Bush. I’m gonna pass on the movies.

    *Excluding Power Pack and Whoopi Goldberg

  204. I never watched Age of Ultron, was it any good? I like the Captain America movies the best, just waiting for them to screw it up like Iron Man III.

  205. Ultron is set up for Ant Man and Civil War. I’m hooked.

  206. Ultron is totes best on 2nd view.

  207. I don’t understand anything.

  208. IM3 totes makes it real with the rest of the series. RDJ is trying to bring Mel Gibson back. Disney/Marvel is resisting

  209. Scott, you’re cool. We’re Marveling

  210. No Ultron spoilers please; Axeman was watching yesterday and I realized I’d not see it yet *add one more thing to the to-do list*

  211. Back as what? *crosses fingers and whispers “supervillain”*

  212. IM3 was a worthless shitfest. Didn’t watch Ultron.

  213. My wife teaches juniors in HS. US History 1877 – present. She does a piss poor job of blaming everything on Republicans and white people I’m told.

    Anyway, she’s got a Mexican girl in class as a student who is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen. She has GOT IT. It’s a small town so I’ve seen her around for a couple of years, know some of her aunts & uncles etc.

    She started wearing eye makeup that looked like she ought to be playing a hooker in a Broadway musical her freshman. She got a couple of tats and died her hear red her sophomore year. Wife says the latest is she’s got her nips pierced though she hasn’t actually seen them. It’s like watching a temple get desecrated.

    I just wanna walk up to her and say, “Hey dipshit, leave yourself alone and just be beautiful.” That would probably cause some problems for my wife. Maybe for me too.

  214. OMG Ya’ll need to watch Ultron and Ant Man to be ready for Civil War. If you are Thor 2 and I3 and A1 defecient GFY.

  215. PG, that temple is desecrated. Time to call in the CYFD.

  216. Slow down Oso.


    Now…use your words.

  217. PG,

    Molestation? Something ain’t right if she’s that destructive to herself at 17.

  218. Ha

  219. I would never name a vibrator Ultron.

  220. I loved IM3

  221. Ja

  222. Cyn, I did too

  223. Civil War was Marvel’s stupidest storyline*. BDS was rampant and Iron Man becomes the proxy for Bush. I’m gonna pass on the movies.

    That’s depressing. I’m not a comic book guy, but I thought that the idea was sound when I read about it. There’s no way you’d have vigilantes with supernatural powers running around and not have a public backlash.

  224. Took me 3 watchings to get IM3

  225. I’m weak. I’m so weak I’m all in for Mag 7 with Denzel

  226. “I’d be happy if mine just behaved.”

    at least yours grow

    where there is life there is hope

  227. I’m getting threatened. By a DR

  228. Just getting threatened by a no no

  229. Agreed

    Super Ultron is a way better name

  230. Why am I all Karen Carpenter when Prince died?

  231. I got IM3. It sucked. Tony makes 0 good or reasonable decisions at any point. His “genius” is completely absent and he is suddenly a tactical nimrod. It’s as bad as Spider-Man 3.

  232. IM3 was so bad it put me off Marvel movies. I haven’t seen anything that came after it.

  233. Alex, it’s possible that they’ll tone down the BDS and get it right for the movie, make it a balanced exploration of the “how does the government deal with walking, talking WMDs and not be evil?” question, but I’m not holding out much hope.

  234. Everyone is on drugs.

  235. I haven’t seen Ant-Man.

    Going to see the high school version of Grease tomorrow. The things we do for our kids. I actually liked Grease, but I can only imagine what the school music director has done with it. She’s awful.

  236. I did make a whiskey and soda, but I’m not exactly trippin’.

  237. man, this cranberry wheat is really good.

    4# of cranberries next time.

  238. Good evening Hostages
    I do not want to drink tonight, but I bought 2 whiskeys that I have to take a sip. One is a new one for me from Colorado. I wonder if CA has heard of it?

  239. Disney/Marvel boycotting NC solidified my decision to not see any more movies.

  240. I read the Civil War books, I didn’t get a BDS vibe at the time but maybe I was wrong. If you aren’t familiar with the books:

  241. I got IM3. It sucked.


    So sorry; Leon, wrong twice in one day.

  242. It’s ok, leon is used to being wrong all the time.

  243. Cyn, you’re deluded. IM3 was embarrassing.

    This. All of this.

  244. BDS vibe

    Blazing Douchebag Stereotypes?

    Buildup of Deadly Sperm?

  245. I have to agree with leon on IM3. It did suck. The story was way to disjointed. The Mandarin, who I remember from the comics as a kid was a joke. Even in a world of super heroes the villains were just ridiculous and Stark, who is supposed to be a super genius apparently can’t engineer his way out of a paper bag.

  246. I am not on dilaudid!

    Oh wait you said deluded.

  247. Bush Derangement Syndrome. Because fighting terrorism makes you a terrorist. Or something.

  248. Yes, honey. Trying to have a little fun here. ;)

  249. Sorry, it’s been a few years. Thought you might have legit forgot.

    Big Dummy Syndrome.

  250. Still snickering about the sodomy bag.

  251. Someone suggested that the Civil War storyline was fundamentally flawed by having the Iron Man and Captain America roles reversed. CA should have been the one hunting rogue heroes.

  252. Bumhole Diggity Sodomy

  253. Someone suggested that the Civil War storyline was fundamentally flawed by having the Iron Man and Captain America roles reversed. CA should have been the one hunting rogue heroes.

    AtC and I talked about that on the podcast. It’s insane.

  254. they couldn’t do that though because Captain America like Spider Man is typified by sacrifice and it required sacrifice on his part to end the war.

  255. Alex, you’re right, but Cap became a leftwing mouthpiece long before that storyline, so while Tony should have been pulling a John Galt, he takes the job as head of SHIELD and Cap becomes the face of the resistance.

  256. BED TIME

  257. but Cap became a leftwing mouthpiece long before that storyline,


  258. That’s not bad.
    I think it takes about 5-10 years to become ruined.

    How long have I been a Hostage?

  259. Well BiW killed it
    Long enough BiW, long enough.

  260. Vmax, what was the whiskey?

  261. Alex Leopold Bros of Denver. I had high hopes but it needs age, perhaps they are young and rushing it to market.

  262. I’ve seen their stuff, but never had it.

  263. Hola, poor, dead poat. I’ll move you over here by the fire where it’s warm.

    That door that’s closing? Oh, don’t worry about that. It’s to keep the breeze out.

  264. I was curious, I had not seen it before, and it said small batch that means nothing to me, but it had a barrel number on it. It was $40 and I was hoping it was a good single barrel. It might be in the future but it was very light in color and seemed like it could use a few more years in the barrel.
    I just drink the stuff, I don’t make it, so grain of salt, etc.

  265. *pours som out for #3*

    That was fuched up.


  266. FACK!

    Sitting here listening to old Prince songs and looked up at the TV to see Scarlett Johansson in The Horse Whisperer when she was, like, 8.

    That ruins everything!

  267. I can’t disguise the pounding of my derp
    It beats so strong
    It’s in your eyes, what can I say
    They turn me on

  268. I figured there would be enough Prince songs in the coming days, so I listened to the ones he wrote for others. Sheila E, Morris Day and the Time, etc.

  269. Late night crawl

    Mi gusta

  270. He’s the last of the funky cats.

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