“A fellow of infinite jest”

Let the music do the talking.

The Young Lord Hamlet by Philip H. Calderon


I’m not an English scholar but I did take a 400 level Shakespeare course in college (Pass-Fail!) Anyway, I keep coming back to Rosetta as Yorick in my head. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing and you Shakespeare buffs may disagree. If thou doest, thou spleeny, toad-spotted, whey-face can biteth yon bull’s pizzle. Pictured is young Hamlet, riding Yorick, who labored to keep Hamlet entertained.

We all miss a man who made us laugh. Sometimes our sides hurt and occasionally a little pee would spill or we’d pass gas at an inopportune time as a result. His humor was a big part part of what set the hook on this place for me and Kerry Marie reeled me in the rest of the way. His over-the-top, blitzkrieg, word salad postings were incomparable. As someone here commented, he insulted but never demeaned. If I ever responded to one of his comments I secretly cringed in anticipation of a barrage of comments detailing my love of latex fart machines and purple dildos. And, truth be told, it was disappointing not to provoke a response.

I won’t try to duplicate his funniness. I can’t. There was only one Rosetta and any attempt to duplicate him will come up short. Pause. Reflect. Laugh. Memento mori. Give thanks for your blessings even if they’re not as obvious as they once were. I’ll miss your late night musings Rosetta.

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam

Matthew 11:28



  1. Has anyone told Kerry Marie?

  2. Time to go feed horses and leave for work.

  3. I feel like I’m moving through molasses this morning.

    Good poat, Jimbro.

  4. Did you say goodbye to them, leon?

  5. And then do a little dance?

  6. Hey, Y’all! WoW!! Smuggling CatNip WorldWide takes its toll, and I can’t be around much. I am as stunned by the news as everyone else. I will try and spread CatHair around a little more often. Y’all be safe and Keep Your ‘Tard Helmets ON!!!

  7. Nice Jimbro,

    I am awakes, sorta. Washing some stuff and packing.

    I meant to ask you last night, how many bullwhips you have shoved up your ass right now? I’m at twelve but I haven’t had coffee yet and there’s five more on the table

  8. I was a little overwhelmed with the wall of comments yesterday. Lots of names I’ve seen before but don’t know too well. Wiser said something late last night about this blog being different which included the fact there were sometimes several posts a day and so many comments you couldn’t believe it. Agreed. This place is different than “before” and when you look at snapshots of blog posts from 5 and 10 years ago it’s glaringly obvious. A slow evolution is harder to track. Like your childhood home you can never go back (unless you’re still living in the basement). We’re all older now, the internet is like a utility now not some new technology promising to revolutionize our lives (virtual 3D pron notwithstanding) and the years of outrage at Obama have taken their toll. The single biggest thing I remember being outraged at after my brother’s death was how the world continued on its way (except family and friends of course), indifferent to my grief.

    And yet the world demands we go on. In my case that includes cleaning dog vomit from a crate, shuttling sneakers to a forgetful high school student and paying my taxes.

  9. You’ve been missed, Sox.

  10. I can’t believe I missed Bart and Aprilwine showing up. I was thinking about Cranky and PA last night and I just started bawling. I still can’t seem to get my words right. I skimmed the comments and when I read one of PJ’s I remembered when I had the fake reg incident Rosie made me a couple of CD’s of music. One of songs he liked and one of my faves. I need to go in search of those this weekend.

  11. So true, Jimbro.

  12. Wakey wakey

    Of course things can’t stay the same. THings were never the same – always evolving. Even back then it wasn’t the same. The H2 is organic.

  13. Good morning

  14. Excellent Post, Jimbro

    Matthew 11:28 was a nice touch

    *gets all teary again*

  15. Whatever happened to Wicked Pinto?

  16. In the upper right sidebar, I have pasted a photo from the florist of the flowers for Rosetta’s visitation and services.

    The card reads, “In Loving Memory of “Rosetta”, With heartfelt condolences of millions,
    From Your H2 Hostages Family”

    If you click on the flowers, it will take you to my original comment on sending money for a contribution to my Pay Pal account.

  17. I hear he’s on FaceMonkey, Paulitics

  18. hi hi

  19. Time for the morning rush then off to the airport. XXOO

  20. Hi-ee!

  21. Be safe ya goober

  22. You too, ya goober

  23. Oh, those are loverly CYn.

  24. I’ll miss your late night musings Rosetta.

    That is what I’ll miss now. A tidbit of nonsense in the morning when I looked up, to make me smile.

  25. That’s awesome, Cyn. Please tell me there’s some pennies glued in there, and a whip.

  26. WP is on facedouche, true.

  27. You did good, Cyn.

  28. Good morning. Nice to see all the old avatars from yesteryears.

  29. I have two pennies in my pocket that I will put into the flowers.

    They’re in a baggie

  30. I really like this post. Thanks for putting it together.

    For someone who removes tonsils and amputates limbs just to make a buck, I’m sort of impressed.

  31. Shhhh, MJ, that’s not supposed to be out loud! The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy™ is still trying to recover from the left trying to uncover that one.

  32. MJ I’ve always loved your avs with that band Ratfish

    Very cool

  33. Dave, you need a picture of WTFFace Jenkins or a blob fish too.

  34. send me one

  35. it’ll be an important update

  36. >>>Has anyone told Kerry Marie?

    Actually, yes.

    I’m waiting for a response, but I’m not hopeful

  37. Man, reading the overnight comments used to take about two minutes. This was like the old Banglar days.

  38. DiT I loved your post at IB

  39. Cyn, those are beautiful! Thank you so much.

  40. Kerry Marie has lost her biggest fan. You’d think she’d appreciate the heads up.

  41. Has anyone told this guy yet?

  42. Headline of the day (so far, anyway):

    “Michael Moore Boycotts North Carolina: You Anti-Gay Bigots Don’t Get to See My Latest Flop”

  43. Something to lighten the mood. Rosetta will never get to stroll down the beach in one of these.

  44. MJ!! Hahahaha, remember when Rosetta linked that pick and a pic of Henry because they had the same look?

    Creepy fan!!!!

  45. Son of a Pizzle

  46. I emailed Rosetta and told him I was going through desktop stiuff and that was one of the pics creepy fan and Henry. We had a good laugh.

  47. I just got the news, and…. Well, you all know.

    Rosetta, I pray that you’ve found relief from your pain. I pray that our gracious and loving Savior welcomes you to his bosom with unfathomable love and joy and that you find eternal rest in His embrace. I give thanks for the wake you’ve left in your passing and for the privilege of having you call me your friend. I, along with your many, many friends here – and the meaty ones also – will miss you tremendously until we are reunited in the company of our loving God. God bless you, your family, your meatworld friends, and the community you helped build here at H2 as we grieve your passing.

    And FUCK SALT! for making me sad, you dick.

  48. Good body every morning!

  49. And FUCK SALT! for making me sad, you dick.

    Jazz summed it up.

    I was just thinking of you the other day – we were watching invasion of the body snatchers. The one picture you always posted – lol …

  50. Very nice Cyn, so someone asked if you included penises and a whip. I’d also like to know.

  51. Jazz took the words right out of my fingers.

  52. Daddy’s fingers.

  53. This is where you type your fucked up ideas:

    Always wanted a special place for those. You guys think of everything.

  54. heh, the comment box comment was quite a nice addition. Sums it up nicely.

  55. I was just thinking of you the other day – we were watching invasion of the body snatchers. The one picture you always posted – lol …

    I was thinking of you, too! There’s a crossfit gym that I just noticed around the corner from my house. Lunatics. ;-)

  56. Just saw TiFW’s request for baby info.

    So far, we’re calling him TBD. When Aaron was born, “Aaron” wasn’t even on the short list. So we’re making another short list and waiting to see his face before making a decision.

    The expected date is May 17, but we’re going to be pushing the doc to deliver early. Aaron’s delivery was quite rough, and all indications are that TBD could be even bigger.

  57. I am on the way to a funeral (late because of Rosie now). I will return for grieving and fun later. (If you don’t understand, ask an Irishman.)

  58. MJ I’ve always loved your avs with that band Ratfish

    Very cool

    Thanks Dave!

  59. Thanks Sohos. Praying for you all, loving you all

    hey Aprilwine!

  60. I don’t dance. I mostly dodge the new pony. She’s kicked me twice already.

  61. So we’re making another short list and waiting to see his face before making a decision.

    Baby Winston Churchill! I like it!

    *btw, congrats!

  62. Dave, I’m very happy that you, Beasn, Phat, and Cyn, can represent us at the funeral.

    I seriously considered going (I have a crapton of flyer miles), but after TITS2, I really can’t get away from my office – clients breathing down my neck, etc.

    So, please know that I (all of us) appreciate you making the effort.

  63. And a word on HB2 in North Carolina since I live here: The companies that don’t want to do business here are the worst kind of assholes.

    They happily do business in countries that punish bumholery with a death sentence, and states that have laws similarly intended or worded.

    This is all about trying to pump some life into a swing state.

    There are very strong feelings from women about sharing bathrooms (stronger than I imagined possible) and very strong feelings about the right to use any bathroom you’d like, if you identify as a woman or man.

    The very same issue will come up in FL, OH, CO, and the rest. Any sane governor wouldn’t play this game.

  64. Yes, we all appreciate it. And we’ll include Russ in this too, he’s traveling down today also.

    He emailed, and I couldn’t go either (work too).

  65. Awesome! Congrats Will!

    Hi DiT!!

  66. Morning Hostages.

    I will return for grieving and fun later. (If you don’t understand, ask an Irishman.)

    Irish weddings and wakes. Booze, tears, fights, and laughter.

  67. bumholery

  68. What game is that, MJ? Actually addressing the law, passing it? Or just calling it silly and ignoring it?

  69. Hotspurt, thanks and you’re welcome. It’s a thing I can do, for me but also for y’all

    MJ fuck those companies sideways with a cactus

  70. Are your krav maga instructors Israeli?
    This is for Bart….the answer is yes

  71. What game is that, MJ?
    The typical left game. Pass an extreme liberal law in the most liberal city in a swing state with an R governor to create a division.

    Just ignore it and take the libertarian position: It’s a local issue.

  72. So far, we’re calling him TBD.

    Or just punt…TBD becomes Thibodaux…

  73. Thibodaux Fontaineaux the place is buzzin’
    Kin folk come to see Yvonne by the dozen
    Dress in style and go hog wild, me oh, my oh
    Son of a gun we’ll have big fun on the bayou.

  74. Irish weddings and wakes. Booze, tears, fights, and laughter.

    And if they’re really good, one usually lead to the other.

  75. I don’t dance.

    Do you talk? How about the way you walk?

  76. Soccer battle royal is going down RIGHT now. What timing.

  77. Kick ’em in the poon, Carin.

  78. Go krav maga on their collective ballsack

  79. Does Cuffy know? I haven’t seen him around in a long time.

  80. I assume he knows from Andy and twitter.

  81. He quit twitter on 2/10.

  82. He hasn’t tweeted in a while, I sent him a message to check H2.

  83. well, then! Guess that message won’t get to him.

  84. How about the way you walk?

    That’s the only thing I like about them

  85. These guys are such clowns. I just cannot believe they will have the coaching job next year.

  86. I just messaged cuffy and his wife on faceyspace just to make sure

  87. I found my letter Rosetta actually wrote back in lieu of his usual email responses last night.

    It’s impossible to count your dick or FUCK SALT when you’re crying.

    Trust me on this. I’m pre-law.

  88. Cuffy knows, he’s on the email thread wiserbud sent out

  89. Yeah, I tried to find Cuffy yesterday. Thought I had a phone number for him, but I don’t.

  90. >> It’s impossible to count your dick or FUCK SALT when

    Can you count your dick while fucking salt? This is important.

  91. Car in, what’s happening?

  92. Excellent poat, I give it 6 of these thingies: ;;;;;;

  93. Can you count your dick while fucking salt? This is important.

    Yes, but the salt gets very, very, very jealous. It’s such a needy, whiney, selfish bitch sometimes.

  94. Unclefacts, don’t you have some hitbox hacking you could be doing right now?

  95. Jeez Andy….and Compos was in there

  96. sadly three, daybreak has seen fit to fix that haxxor. which means you’ll probably never get another kill in planetsides.

  97. Jeez is to the thread posted

  98. Jeez is to The Rice!

  99. CoAl – she was taken to the two JVa games this week, played great, but didn’t play even half the game.

    Would just take her out at random.

    I wrote and asked if this was how the season was going to continue. With her expected to be at every game (Jv1 +2) but only play for less than have of the better games.

    It really just blows my mind. Other parents (who didn’t know who I was) was commenting on her play.

    So …. why haven’t you moved her up? Why do you limit her play time. It’s stupid.

  100. My heart is rent BUT…

    my coffee is excelent. You late nighters are good med.

    Donkey Shane

  101. Car in, that sucks. Is she going to quit?

  102. She wants to . SHe wants to play on the boys team. I don’t know what to do.

  103. Donkey Shane

    I misread that as “Donkey Shame” for a minute, and couldn’t help but to think “We change, but some things just DON’T change.”

  104. So …. why haven’t you moved her up? Why do you limit her play time. It’s stupid.
    The other kids need to play, how else will they build their self esteem and feel good about their participation trophy………

  105. If they play her the whole game they are basically admitting they made a mistake. They are basically admitting she doesn’t belong on the JV2 team. So how do they get her to play those games – which they need her “body” for.

  106. Catching up and still crushed. RIP my friend Rosetta.

    Had to dig up login/pw to get on here. I’ve missed you guys dearly.

  107. She’s old enough to make the decision. If she wants to quit and play on the boys’ team, then she needs to go ahead and do it.

  108. Hey, Cuffy.

    Good to see you.

  109. Good to see ya, Cuff.

  110. Hi Cuffy!!!

    How’s your wife?

    *coughs nervously

  111. She’s always asking about you, Carin!

  112. *blushes

  113. She still adamant that space doesn’t exist?

  114. Heh, remember when Risetta would yell COCK! (Or was that me? Can’t remember!)?

  115. For old times sake…


  116. Yep, she’s all “NANNANANA I can’t see you!” while standing in front of a local rocket.

  117. Hahahahah…Risetta! He would have called me a fat cow with fat, clumsy hoofs.

  118. >> Yes, but the salt gets very, very, very jealous. It’s such a needy, whiney, selfish bitch sometimes.

    White chicks.

  119. Cuffeh! Great to see you, even though it’s under horrible circumstances.

  120. That shit could be faked Cuffy.

  121. Speaking of “COCK!”, the last time I saw Rosetta, Mrs. Cuffy was presenting him with the big, black dildo at his house that last night in STL. Damn.

  122. That STL meatup was sooo much fun. The CT one that you all refer to in hushed tones and reverence must have been a doozy.

  123. Cuffy! Who else?


  124. Where’s the Beef?

  125. Hi Cuffy
    Good to see you again.
    I was reading the Easter bunny thread, it is so funny.

  126. Wow, so many blasts from the past. Does anyone know if kevlar, lipstick, or compos have been notified? Just some more names I thought of. If anyone would be willing I would really appreciate a forward of any e-mails that have shared more info. I used to be on ‘the list’ but haven’t gotten anything recently. It is great to hear from so many, I think grief really is better shared.

  127. It is so good to see all the old timers again. I have to physically be in Wisconsin today but my heart is in Missouri. I’m still pretty sad but I laughed out loud when I thought about what may or may not be transpiring right now between Rosetta and Tourette’s Guy.

  128. email address Doc? I’ll see if I can forward it.

  129. Perfect, Jay. I was just on my way to the store for weekend fare. I was thinking Picnic Shoulder but now I’m leaning towards ribbs and roast.

  130. Never mind that wont work. I don’t know how to add you.

  131. Hiya, Cuffy.

    Glad you could come by.

  132. I’m on the road to StL right now. Still hoping it’s a big practical joke and that when I pull into the funeral home parking lot, that bald-headed cretin will jump out and scream DON’T TALK SHIT ABOUT TOTAL at me, before forcing me to drink enough tequila shots to make me puke into my full-face helmet.

  133. Hahahahaha

    Puking at the race track.

    Good fucking times.

  134. Cuffy!!!!!!

  135. Safe travels, Russ.

  136. I used to be on ‘the list’ but haven’t gotten anything recently.

    Sent to address on comment, Doc.

  137. Yeah, he forced me into the pits, or I would have beaten your time, Mario.

  138. Puking at the racetrack is one thing. I puked ON the racetrack.

    Well, technically none of it hit the track……

  139. “Hahahahaha

    Puking at the race track.

    Good fucking times.”

    That was awesome. My favorite part was the safety briefing when they mentioned that you shouldn’t drive the cars intoxicated.

    The average BAC in the room had to be about 0.10 at that point.

  140. We were all drunk, that’s for sure.

  141. derp – my email address: dparrisat7oominternetdotnet (z for 7, curse you spambots!)

  142. This made laugh
    Tattoo; What do I do with 80 kids?
    Rosetta; Give them all tasers and and tell the kids they’re water guns.

  143. I can’t tell you how much I love looking at every single one of your avatards

  144. OH Russ!!! I wish so badly it were true! I would have it hurt the
    man, but I’d let him live!!

    SOHOE!!!!! 😘

  145. Cuffy!

    Also, holy fuckballs it is slow at work today. Seriously ready to take a nap.

  146. Hi sweet girl!!!!!

  147. Old Home Week.

    For All The Wong Weasons.

  148. I was going to try to put up a new post but, it’s too complicated, especially when I’m on my iPad and barely touch the wrong part of the screen.

    Hopefully this works. I’m so retarded when it comes the blog stuff.


    I just picked a random day to go back to and this came up. I love it!!
    The post is ok, as usual it’s the comments that are the best.

  149. Anyone can blog, commenting is hard.

    I wish I knew where that came from, hmmm.

  150. I just read all the comments from the above link I posted. I was crying from laughing so hard and now I’m crying out of sadness. The exchange between Rosie and Mare was really sweet.

  151. You know Jay, that is so true.

  152. Beef Strokedmyselfoff

    We all agree he was hilarious.

  153. Stranger Danger Parfait….with Whipped Cream on TOP!!

    Killing me…

  154. Did pupster’s new flight buddy fly on to Georgia?


  155. A man was arrested over the weekend for allegedly using bottled flatulence to stink up a bar in downtown Athens, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report released Wednesday afternoon.

    How’d you like to live next to THAT manufacturing plant?

  156. A man was arrested over the weekend for allegedly using bottled flatulence to stink up a bar in downtown Athens, according to an Athens-Clarke County police report released Wednesday afternoon.

    Has Rosetta reincarnated already?

  157. How’d you like to live next to THAT manufacturing plant?

    Yea, and where did they get all the flatulaters?

  158. Nice work, CT judges:


    How much of a chance does this have, BiW?

  159. The exchange between Rosie and Mare was really sweet.

    and Folly………………

  160. How much of a chance does this have, BiW?

    It will eventually be stopped at the appellate level…somewhere.

    Trial court judges don’t get reelected telling grieving parents that they don’t have a legitimate claim.

  161. It’s so stupid. If it passes, GM will be liable for car accidents.

  162. Government Motors will just lobby for an exemption for “heritage” automotive companies. And get it. One more barrier to entry.

  163. You guys are sweet! And that joke thread made me laugh till I cried. I didn’t remember that one.

    I hate to say it again, but we lost such a funny, funny, sweet man.

  164. Yep. Definitely in Mizzou. I’m South of Hannibal and I just saw a dude off on the shoulder of the road trying to pick up a snake with a stick and put it into a plastic garbage bag.

    I assume it was a rattled or copperhead, because stick, rather than just picking it up.

    My question: “Garbage bag? You sure about that, Festus? Because even a triple-ply might not stop fangs.”

    But what do I know?

  165. Hi Mare. How many ‘grief cheesecakes’ have you eaten today? Round to the nearest dozen.

  166. I held it together at work yesterday, couldn’t today. Tried to explain the shopping lists to the co-worker who caught me crying, and finally said, “You had to be there and have a warped sense of humor.” Should have shown him Banglar King Kong.

  167. Sorry to hear that Romafrito-pie.

  168. “presenting him with the big, black dildo”

    Now, now – as Mr. TIFW pointed out, that thing is a vibrator…

  169. “Presenting”?

    Are we still doing PHRASING?

  170. http://is.gd/TjY936

  171. I said, “Remember that time I walked in and said this place smells like alcohol, beanie weenie farts, dry erase markers, and fail? That’s who I stole it from.”

  172. At the funeral home now. Waiting for Cyn and Dave to get here. And for Russ to arrive.

  173. Does it make me a bad person if I note that there are lots of hot chicks here?

    *checks the sign again*

    It’s Rosetta’s funeral, I’m good.

  174. Went out and shot the new gun today. Yelling ‘Lance!’ Into the speaker then blowing the shit out of what came out of the trap house was cathartic.

  175. *checks the sign again*

    It’s Rosetta’s funeral, I’m good.

    It’s Rosetta’s funeral, I’m not sure those are actually chicks.

  176. Just ended a marathon phone conversation with Wiser and Wiserbud.

    I forgot what it was like to be pre-law and speak to someone who’s pre-med.

    It felt pretty good to get back in the saddle again.

    I’m gonna have to try to get to a meet up again soon, and not just with Brad and ChrisP the next time Brad’s back up here in God’s country.

  177. CoAlex,

    Good point.

    Trust, but verify.

    BTW, will be in Denver this weekend to fly the sim. Let me know if you’re around.

  178. It’s Rosetta’s funeral, I’m not sure those are actually chicks.

    It’s ok. It’s amazing how much the standard gets lowered after the third pitcher of caiphurnias.

  179. Phat,

    I should be free to meet up. Just let me know when you’re available.

  180. Ok, I’m not joking. Insane amount of hot chicks here.

    And Cyn hasn’t even showed up yet!

  181. Time to take the pennies out and walk in. Talk to you guys later.

  182. Phat,

    Photos. Lots of them.

  183. it somehow seems right that someone is live-blogging Rosie’s visitation. He would have wanted it that way.

  184. I thought I was going to be able to handle this better. Wrong.

  185. I’m currently live blogging a glass with 2 shots of Jack Daniels and some ice cubes.

  186. As I’m sure Rosetta’s visitors will be doing later this evening.

  187. Phat. I’m wearing the dark suitcoat with a white shirt. Dark hair grey sideburns. 5-10. No tie. I’m collecting my thoughts in the parking lot, then I’m coming back in.

  188. Car in, secret video of the girls varsity goalie.


  189. >>>Photos. Lots of them.

    They made a movie about this sort of lewd behavior, you know. Starred Owen Wilson and the other guy.

  190. Somebody should have duct taped an i-Phone to a hoe and live streamed it.

  191. It’s no baby monkey on a pig but it’s close


  192. I checked Realtor.com’s estimate of our property’s market value earlier. It’s up $41k from when we bought it.

    Not coincidentally, wife had another nasty run-in with the neighbor who makes it really hard to follow Christ’s commandment regarding such folk.

    I might not be gardening this year after all, or buying new chickens.

  193. Hang tough, H2. Hang. Tough.

    *curls up with blankie and slightly used rubber fist*

  194. http://is.gd/z0NRp2

  195. Phat, give Lori an extra hug – tell her it’s from Hotspur. Rosie used to say she had a special spot for me.

    Don’t know why, but we just hit it off.

  196. I’m kicking myself for not going.

  197. 6 Indians. Y’all carry on, I’m out.

    http://is.gd/oh_Hey_Mare__Hungry__ ?

  198. That special spot on women is a myth, Hotspur. Sorry, moose out front shoulda told ya.

  199. 2 indians and thinking of funnier times

  200. Russ, if I were there, I’d be collecting my thoughts uncontrollably. I love you just for being there and trying. Trust me, you won’t be the only one collecting your thoughts like crazy once you get in the place. That’s what it is for.

  201. Hey Rosetta,



  202. MJ, Did you read that link that Aprilwine linked up thread? You WILL laugh!

  203. Oh, and the answer is 3.

  204. I missed it. I’ll go back.

  205. Hahahahaha.

  206. I still can’t believe he’s gone. Going to go try and sleep and talk to the Almighty for awhile.

  207. Evening Hostages.

  208. Who’s doing BBF?

  209. Howdy, bcoch. Beautifully said Lauraw. Mega squishy hugs Roamy.

  210. Wiser is doing BBF

  211. I talked to Wiser earlier as he was preparing BBF. Prepare for epically long BBF post.

  212. Since it’s in Rosetta’s honor, you’ll probably need a wide screen monitor, too.

  213. Ass pennies delivered. At the bar now.

  214. Hahahaha

    Doc, Rosetta would jungle jive double high five you for that remark.

  215. Phat, thank you.

    How was the mood at the funeral home. Sad, upbeat, ???

  216. They have a bar at the visitation? ;-) Rosetta would have loved that….

  217. An Irish wake was mentioned earlier and it sounds like it would be appropriate. Which means booze is required at all events.

  218. Mare loves Pup.

  219. Everyone loves Pups. Mrs Pupster is awesome.

  220. “At the bar now.”

    You should buy Dave a shot of Jager.

  221. Man, I’m praying for a busty Eastern European BBF.

  222. With a feather duster

  223. Kneeling on a bed

  224. Wiser has no pressure for tomorrow’s BBF. No pressure at all. Nope. Isn’t Thursday “Meeting Night” at the record store?

  225. Hugs Osita. No cutting, young lady.

  226. I’ve had a rough week. Today was hard, but I resisted.



  229. /waves at cochran

  230. Wouldn’t it have been grand to have the Potato Vicar officiate at Rosetta’s funeral?

  231. /waves back at Cavil

  232. Love you guys.

  233. * wonders what happened to acochran81 *

  234. *looks around*

    Nothing happened to him. He’s fine. Why? What did you hear?

  235. We love you too, Oso. It’s why we worry. And yell.

  236. That’s ccochran81 !!!!!!

  237. Too many cochs. What is this? Leon’s MMM post??

  238. Dan gives me the Diabeetus argument. He tells me they can’t amputate my head. I am getting better. Stress increases my dealio.

  239. Can’t amputate sepsis either.


  240. I am done with being sad.

    I will miss him forever, but I am happy to have known him.

    He was the anti-sadness, he wouldn’t approve.

  241. *fistbumps scott

    I’m also glad to have known him. I’m sad, but I appreciate what he gave me.

  242. 👊🏻

  243. He was the funniest man I never met.
    Godspeed, Rosetta…

  244. Funniest man you will ever meet.

  245. Pretty sure Dave’s plane was delayed. Did he ever get there?

  246. Phat,
    Did you and Russ get hooked-up?
    What about the rest?

  247. I wish I had started attending meat ups earlier. And de-lurking.

  248. Romacita, that wasn’t a woulda shoulda coulda. It was a regret.

  249. Patty Ann is doing shots with Michael and Rosetta right now!

  250. I bet they have a really cool muddler in Heaven. Not TiTS 2 cool though!

  251. Greetings all.

  252. “I bet they have a really cool muddler in Heaven.”

    If Car in didn’t take it.

  253. TiTS 2 muddler was so awesome.

  254. Evening, Organholder. Glad to see your smiling face again.

  255. Anyone know what religious denomination Rosetta was?

    Just curious.

  256. Morgenholz,
    I can’t believe that Sophie is 5.
    It seems like just yesterday.
    It’s good that you protected her from Car in stealing her…

  257. >>>Evening, Organholder. Glad to see your smiling face again

    Im not smiling. The rest of it is, however, true.

    Im pantsless

  258. >>>It’s good that you protected her from Car in stealing her…

    Top notch logistics and a restraining order can achieve much in this world…..

  259. Nice work. You killed the blog.

  260. My mom needs valve replacement surgery. She’ll be coming to Albuquerque. Already getting texts about my siblings intentions. H&R Block lost a form for MiLs taxes that we had to take her to the credit union for yesterday. Dan spent today with MiL. Looks like tomorrow is a MiL day as well. SiL continues to be a POS. I did get carded yesterday. So there’s that/ under 37 posted ID ask

  261. oso, ever consider getting into Crossfit?

    In no time at all, you’ll have all kinds of new sensations in the form of pain and injuries.

  262. That special spot on women is a myth, Hotspur. Sorry, moose out front shoulda told ya.

    Doc wins.

  263. Bart…Ha! I’m committed to no thinking, no moving. My spirit animal is a sloth

  264. Using the H2 media folder for links. Just got to the pics of Henry…….

    BBF may be a bit late tomorrow….

    Difficult to type when you can’t see the screen….

  265. *hands bottle of Jaeger to Wiser*

  266. No pressure WB. We know you have more heart than most people. I wouldn’t want to call you a squish, but we know you have a YUGE heart/ fabulous. Much luxury.

  267. *hands bottle of Jaeger to Wiser*

    *tosses $400 on the table

  268. *tosses $400 on the table

    I said I’m not doing that! Not again!


  269. you know you want it, bitch

  270. No. No I will not. I’m better now. Those things don’t control me anymore!

  271. awwwww…come on baby……

  272. Peeks in and now I’m out 😂😘👊🏻

  273. Never again. (It’s not just for the Jews)

    And with that sacrilege, I’m out. See you folks later.

  274. It’s amazing how much this moment reminds me of my younger years…..

  275. Is anyone around this dump tonight?

  276. Wrote a song about it, here it goes…

  277. WB, how are you holding up?

  278. Total suck day for Dan. I want to stay up and read. He needs me. Good night guys. Much love. Family bed time.

  279. no

  280. You’re leaving? Is it my aftershave? My funny way of laughing?

  281. I absolutely hate that i won’t see the Dean Marin icon avatar anymore

  282. wait….were we trying to be funny and not sad anymore?

  283. For Rosetta.

    I’m smiling (finally), not only because the song makes me think of him now, but because I recommended the album to me and he hated it…this from the guy who inflicted Das Racist and Duke Lion on us.


  284. Is it my aftershave?

    That’s aftershave? What the hell is it called? Mullet & Firebird?

  285. Oh, sure, NOW you bastages leave…

  286. Eau de Butt Hair

  287. That special spot on women is a myth, Hotspur. Sorry, moose out front shoulda told ya.


  288. WB, how are you holding up?

    fighting the good fight.

    Wiserson came home from school tonight. Surprised the crap out of me.

    I’m sitting in my office and I hear sniffling from my bedroom. I walk in and crying wiserbride and crying wiserson are hugging crying wiserdaughter as she’s crying.

    I ask.. “What happened?”

    Wiserdaughter: “You lost your best friend and I’m sad for you.”

    Me: *choke*

  289. Eau de Butt Hair

    Oh. Ok.

    Maybe next time, you could pick up a bottle of the “No Dinggleberry” variety?

    I’m asking for a friend.

  290. He was the anti-sadness, he wouldn’t approve.

    Scott yes!! absolutely! He’d be horrified to know we were all mourning over him…..

  291. Wiserdaughter: “You lost your best friend and I’m sad for you.”

    If the fact that we end up with such children isn’t proof of grace, I’m not sure what is.

  292. It’s going to be like this for a while, WB. My offer still stands.

  293. peej, please text me.

  294. Grace is a gift from God, freely given. The hardest for us, as humans, is to understand and accept that. His thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways are not our ways.

  295. It’s going to be like this for a while, WB. My offer still stands.

    I appreciate that, my friend.

  296. Anytime, anytime.

  297. Wiser, I just messaged you on gmail

  298. Okay kids, too much sun at work today and too many allergies have gotten to me. Night all.

    Except for Peej. No, wait. I always liked her best. Or not.

    Damn allergies.

  299. The funeral home blew.

    I wanted to slap him upside his big, fat, bald head for making so many people cry. I hear Henry isn’t taking it well. Daddy was the world.

    Rosetta’s momma is a tiny little thing and so sweet. No way could she have birthed that beast.

    At the bar/grill, was thinking how Rosetta would have had such a good time. Many of his friends/frat bros. migrated over there. And then to sign on and see this thread and the one prior…..so many memories, running gags, and so many old faces that I wish would check in more often. He would love it.

    If he were here. I hope those ass pennies are touching him.

  300. you loved me, paulitics! ADMIT IT!!!

  301. He was just using you for your mind.

  302. Btw, I told Mama Rosetta where to find us. So if she shows up, kindly show her around and where some of Rosie’s best can be found.

  303. He was just using you for your mind.

    Well then, I guess we know who got the better of who in that exchange…

  304. I actually feel like really writing, but after the month I’ve had, I’m not sure that I want to finish the story I’ve been writing for a while, which sucks, because I really enjoyed the chapters I wrote at Christmas.
    I hear Henry isn’t taking it well. Daddy was the world.

    I could have gone my entire life without reading that. Dammit.

  305. This poat has improved with age, I now give it 8 of these thingies: ]]]]]]]]

  306. Sorry BiW.
    They had pictures of his life all over the room. He was smiling in pretty much all of them. LOVED the ones with the kids and pig dogs.
    That is how I will remember him. That and his goofy gags he kept going here.

  307. Facts, go to bed…you’re THE worst racker……of……my…….LIFE!!!!

  308. Beasn, did Dave and Cyn ever make it?

  309. I could have gone my entire life without reading that. Dammit.


  310. xbrad, yes they did. They arrived about 7:15ish and then we – Russ, phat, Cyn, DiT, and myself – headed to the bar/grill, which was close by, about 8. We broke it up about 11 and plan on meeting there tomorrow after the service.

  311. I put that comment up while I was in bed three, nekkid.

    just like this one…

  312. I put that comment up while I was in bed three, nekkid.

    just like this one…


  313. while I was scratching.

  314. Gross.
    I bet you sniffed your fingers, too.

  315. Glad to hear that, Beasn. I was worried about Dave.

  316. Who wants to sniff my fingers?

  317. I wonder if those changes have left a scar on you
    Like all the burning hoops of fire that you and I passed through
    You’re a bluebird on a telegraph line, I hope you’re happy now
    Well, if the wind of change comes down your way, derp
    You’ll make it back somehow

  318. Wake thou upest.

  319. You’re not the boss of me!

  320. Let’s see if wiser can fuck up BBF in true Rosetta style. I can’t wait to see some scantily clad, bearded, overweight East German “women’s” Olympic swimmers.

  321. And that casserole thread linked yesterday sucked, too – especially mare and Rosie saying the only jazz they liked was crappy smooth jazz and Charles Mingus. I never liked you guys, either! :-P

  322. on my way to the baseball game and YOU Should be Here came on and I was hit with such a profound sadness that our sweet friend is gone. I don’t know how this is possible.

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