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Robert Gwathmey

b. 1903 near Richmond, VA   d. 1988

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An eighth generation Virginian, Gwathmey took a job as a hand on a freighter.  Later he attended Art school in Philadelphia.  Still later he won a scholarship which allowed him to study abroad in Europe.  He came back as Red as the day is long.  Much later he took a job at a women’s university, Beaver College.  -_-


Look it up.


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Gwathmey described himself as a Social Realist but I’m not acknowledging them.  I say that he was a Regionalist and that’s that.  His work is wonderful and exactly what I find pleasing in a painting.  Flow and intensity of color, and imagination.

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Robert Gwathmey

New Master

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  1. Not my thing, but I recognize it as art.

    Full-time Dad today. If I could figure out how to do garden and livestock stuff while I’ve got her I could just do this and send the wife out to work.

  2. That’s some great stuff. You bring us very interesting perspectives, Chumpo. Well done!!

  3. How does a scholarship winner become a commie? Dolt! But a gifted one.

  4. Some look like stained glass.

  5. It makes me think of stained glass work and stained taint but mostly stained glass.

    Me likey.

  6. It’s raining today and the overall trend is warming weather. This Saturday is the Kenduskeag Stream canoe race which is a rite of spring around here. Time for folks to stow the skis and dust the golf clubs off. Local TV broadcasts from Six Mile Falls which is the hardest stretch of the river with the spring run off. The rain will get the rapids higher and faster.

  7. All this new Zika virus news is leading me to get my mosquito magnet order in early.

  8. It’s not that I don’t like the style – it’s the subject matter. Appears to show drudgery. Social commentary on … migrant workers or working/ag class.

    Even the lovers in the one picture don’t seem very happy.

    wakey wakey

  9. Erin was told yesterday that she was to go to the JV 1 game today. Not moved. Just that she’s going.

    I’m going to go and watch. This will be decided this week. She hates the coaches. Twice – at practice – they’ve played some stupid “tag” game. NOT advanced drills/etc. Foot tag.

    Stupid. Idiots.

  10. I listen to NPR so you don’t have to. So far I’ve let loose a string of expletives at two stories in the last half hour.

    Reporting on PayPal going elsewhere for their HQ due to a new bathroom bill in NC they failed to mention their hypocrisy of doing business in the ME where they kill or imprison teh gays.

    Next up: higher bond rates for HBCU’s (that’s Historic Black Colleges and Universities you KKK member) because of, get this, RACISM !!! Expect this to become fodder for Hillary or Bernie, really, it’s tailor made for either one of them.

  11. My husband listens to NPR too.

    Hey, my new car has sirrius radio – and I’m digging it. The news channels etc. I get a three month free thing, but I think I may subscribe.

  12. Paula loves her’s and extended her subscription. I scan between the local talk station, sports station and NPR. If they’re all talking about clam bellies I’ll tune to one of the college statios.

  13. The college stations are so hot or miss around here. In MA they had a tighter format for programming but at Husson and UMO its DJ-dependent

  14. hit or miss

  15. workie workie

  16. I’ve had satellite radio in rental cars a few times. I mostly don’t want to spend enough time in the car to need it. NPR has nothing on the Queer Channel on XM. The difference is the honesty. NPR won’t own the gheyness.

  17. I’m in the car enough driving kids to lessons/games/ etc. I’m always in the car.

  18. NPR is far too busy examining how race influences what type haircut is acceptable.

    Hard hitting stuff.

  19. Buenos Dias, knockers of farts.

  20. This is a pretty good read if you have a few mins:

    I’m kind of sick of very fortunate people thinking the worst of everyday Americans or Europeans.

    Western Civ isn’t perfect but it’s a country mile better than anything in the ME or far East.

  21. I’m either a skinhead or culturally appropriating from Michael Jordan. Either way, I’m racist.

  22. Beaver College now Arcadia University –
    heh –
    my wife graduated from there – i still goof on her about it

  23. another nice up El Chumpinator –

    i’ve got a few pieces made by a guy in brazil that uses the same general style (that stained glass look)

  24. i like the man in the boat piece

  25. Who doesn’t??

  26. Hello- I am sorry to pass on sad news- I know that Rosetta was a part of your group and The Hostages were an important part of his life for a long time. He told me he dropped out when his life got busy. I don’t know if any one had stayed in touch with him. (I know he mentioned visiting with Wiser Bud a few years back.) I did think you would want to have this information and pass it on to any one who might need to see it:

  27. OMGOSH. Oh that’s just horrible. I can’t even believe it.

  28. Does anyone know what happened? Oh poor Lori.

  29. He was younger than me. I’m so sad. :(((((

  30. Oh God no, oh no. That’s awful. Poor, poor Henry.

  31. Horrible news, hard to believe.

  32. It is hard to believe. Rosetta was such a jokester at first I was looking for the prank angle.

  33. He died on my dad’s birthday. I left him a message that day but didn’t get ahold of him. I’ll have to call again. I get to talk to my dad again and I’m so, so sorry for Henry.

  34. That’s very sad. He was funnier than all of us put together.

  35. You can reach me at jbgallagher1 [AT] gstring (DOOT}comb if you would like

    [Edit, Cyn: to scrub the email addy from the naughty bots and crawlers]

  36. I agree MJ. The man had a gift and I’m glad he shared some of his time with us.

  37. Geez. I feel like I missed out. Prayers for the family naturally.

  38. Poor Hemry and Mia. I don’t guess I knew they had a second child. Never met the fellow or his wife but I’ll pray for her. Horrible news.

  39. Brother Cavil here is an example

    The ‘funny’ tab up on top is probably full of his humor.

  40. Weird to see Rosetta and Patty ann both on that thread :(

  41. I didn’t know about Mia at all. I remember Maximus passing.

  42. I am speechless. He and I spoke just about a month ago. He was going through some difficult times, but, being the guy he was, he always seemed to keep his focus on the light at the end of the tunnel.

    just devastating news.

  43. I am just floored. I had no idea WIser.

  44. WTF happened? What did I miss?

    Man, that’s horrible news.

    Thank you for posting that, JB.

  45. difficult times, indeed.

  46. Oh, oh, oh…. I’m in pain worrying about Lori, Henri, and Mia.

    And Floyd and Daisy.

  47. I know xbrad. So sad.

  48. What happened? I can’t believe it. So incredibly sad.

  49. What a sad day. He will not be forgotten.

    Prayers for Lori and the children.

    They were such a fun loving couple. A joy to be around.

    I think we’re all in shock.

  50. Shock is a good start to what I’m feeling.

  51. And isn’t it just like him and Lori to direct donations to Wounded Warrior Project.

  52. My next door neighbor Bob was a Costa Mesa motorcycle cop. About 30 years ago, he was slammed by a truck driver, and both his legs were crushed badly.

    They’ve never healed properly, and he’s had literally dozens of surgeries to improve his situation. But his right leg has remained useless, and prone to post surgical infection, and in deteriorating condition, with constant debilitating pain.

    And so, today he’s going in for an above the knee amputation. I do hope this will improve his lot in life, and improve his mobility and health.

    If you could pray for him, I’d appreciate it.

  53. Evidently we’ve got a lot of praying to do.

  54. I really fucking hate this year.

  55. Lance was quite possibly the funniest person I’ve ever known.

  56. Honestly I’d love a mulligan on the whole damn century to date.

  57. Xbrad- my cousin’s wife had something similar – and had an amputation about two years ago? It has helped her a lot.

  58. Lance was really freakin funny.

  59. Will do, Xbrad.

  60. Oh, I think the amputation will help him. I just think he probably should have done it a decade ago. He’s no spring chicken now.

  61. My cousin had it done when she was around 40 and it took her a long while to get mobile. My dad never could walk afterwards and was in a chair, but then he was not strong to begin with when he had it done.

    But no pain is a benefit too. Above leg amp is a bigger deal (than below knee) . That’s what my dad had.

  62. There’s a calisthenics guy on youtube who went through something similar. He’s certain the amputation was the right decision. Nothing but pain and trouble after the accident ruined the leg.

  63. That’s fucked up.

  64. God, the header – fake reft reg.

    Makes me want to cry.

  65. Shit, just got the email and headed right over here.
    I’ll be going to the funeral home.

  66. *wonders if I should take a fake reft reg bouquet*

  67. I really fucking hate this year.

    I can second that, brother.

    Evidently we’ve got a lot of praying to do.

    Also seconded, brother.

  68. I remember at the StL meatup when Lori was pregnant with Henry. I gave him Moses’ old “I (heart) bacon” onesie as a gift. The look in his eyes when he realized that it was Mo’s actual piece of clothing, not just a storebought copy…..I thought he was going to cry.

    Jesus. This sucks.

  69. I’m so sad. Just overwhelmingly sad. On the verge of bawling like a baby.

    I’m praying for everyone here. We lost a funny, funny man. And a big sweetie.

    Hugs to you all.

  70. BiW…..good to see you. Wish it were under different circumstances.

  71. And a big sweetie.

    Did… did mare just call Rosetta fat one last time?

  72. I can second that, brother.

    hope all is well with you, my friend.

  73. I’m shocked and saddened by this horrible news. Lance was one of a kind.

  74. Wiser, I almost said, “Big, fat sweetie.” But I didn’t want to seem irreverent. I’m so glad you did! Smoooooooch!

  75. I’m not sure if it’s the sad news or all of the dust coming up from the bed…

  76. I’m so glad you did!

    He would have probably asked the same question himself.


  77. What a heartbreaker that is.
    I feel so sorry for the family.

  78. If the universe has a sense of humor, Rosetta will now be haunting “someone” for the rest of his life for deleting H1.

  79. I just went and read the eulogy.

    I shouldn’t have done that.

  80. He would have probably asked the same question himself.


    Then he would have said he saw me out at a restaurant then linked a pic of a cow with its head stuck between fence posts eating grass.

  81. hope all is well with you, my friend.

    My crap sandwich just got a LOT smaller.

    I hope you and the Wiserfamily are all doing well.

  82. I just went and read the eulogy.

    Yeah, I stopped myself. I remembered that yours was kind of serious and not sure I need that today.

  83. I hope you and the Wiserfamily are all doing well.

    As my brother, the retired Marine, tells me, average is good.

  84. Just stopped by to say two things:

    1) Fuck!!! FuckityFuckFuckGoddamnedFUUUUCKKK!!!!

    B) I love you all

  85. Lance was a world-class hugger. If I had known that was the last time I’d be in one of those giant embraces I would have held on a lot longer.

  86. One of my favorite memories re: Rosetta’s impact was when so many of you here were SHOCKED to learn that my first name was not actually Richard.

  87. Lance was a world-class hugger.

    It was always hilarious to watch him hug you. You would disappear.

  88. My first interaction with Rosetta was on one of LauraW’s insult threads at the HQ. Had me laughing so hard, I had tears streaming down my face.

  89. Just stopped by to say two things:
    1) Fuck!!! FuckityFuckFuckGoddamnedFUUUUCKKK!!!!
    B) I love you all

    This is why Andy is pre-med.

  90. I just had a thought…Him telling Michael “Happy Birthday!” and Michael explaining how cool his hoe is.

  91. “Lance was a world-class hugger.”

    and according to MCPO, a good kisser.

  92. Had me laughing so hard, I had tears streaming down my face.

    We had so much fun tag-teaming trolls there. Especially Bob Munck. Just brutally hilarious.

    Our first H2 joke thread was just him and I coming with worst names for cars. Holy shit, I was up until 3am on a Wednesday night, with tears rolling down my face as we made each other laugh and laugh and laugh.

  93. HA! Scott.

  94. and according to MCPO, a good kisser.

    heh heh heh

    Him offering the cop $1000 to taze me…..

    Wait, why did I like the guy again?

  95. First time I met him in person was at a bar on Blueberry Hill in St. Louis.

    We met at around 5pm. We didn’t leave until closing time and we laughed the entire time. Like we had know each other all our lives.

    After watching him at meat-ups, I realized that I was nothing special. He was like that with everyone.

  96. Walking through a Wal-Mart in CT looking for the perfect wrapping paper for WiserBud’s 50th birthday gift until we find … Justin Bieber pajamas. Oh, man.

  97. Justin Bieber pajamas. Oh, man.


  98. We met at around 5pm. We didn’t leave until closing time and we laughed the entire time. Like we had know each other all our lives.

    You paid it forward.

  99. I realized that I was nothing special.


  100. I’m numb…I’m not even sure what to think right now.

  101. I’m not sure if it’s the sad news or all of the dust coming up from the bed…

    Must be the dust. You should hire a busty maid to clean that for you.

  102. where the fuck is my EYE AVATAR?!?!?!

  103. oh, there it is

  104. I’m numb…I’m not even sure what to think right now.

    Happy thoughts. It’s working for me.

    So far….

  105. I’m mad at him right now…I’m not sure that’s how I’m supposed to feel, but I feel really angry

  106. I’m not even sure what to think right now.

    I’m thinking it’s time to take a walk in the sunshine, and think of worst PSAs, and latex, and rubber fists, and snorting blow off a dead hooker’s ass, until I laugh so hard I don’t mind crying.

  107. wtf

  108. We need to keep closer track of those who wander off of our reservation.

  109. This isn’t how it’s supposed to be

  110. “If the universe has a sense of humor, Rosetta will now be haunting “someone” for the rest of his life for deleting H1.”

    and that idea fills me with glee

  111. I’m mad at him right now…I’m not sure that’s how I’m supposed to feel, but I feel really angry

    yeah, I got some of that as well.

  112. I can’t just sit here and none of yall are close ugh

  113. The best part of kissing Rosetta at the park was. . . He wasn’t even shocked! 😆

  114. MCPO, that was my most favoritist picture EVAHR!!!

  115. The best part of kissing Rosetta at the park was. . . He wasn’t even shocked! 😆

    No one was. Trust me.

  116. okay, I gotta got to work now.

    I would love it if you would all continue to share your favorite memories of our friend and tormentor. I want to remember my friend for the good stuff.

    It’s been really helping me a lot so far.

  117. also, please no one email at the pjmomma gmail address….I lost it a long time ago and no matter how much I try, gmail insists it was never mine and I’m guessing they gave it to someone else because I can’t take it back or create a new on in that name…my current email addy is the one that wiser sent the email to today

  118. Whew, that’s hard, Wiser (SHUT YOUR WHORE MOUTHS). When almost everything Rosetta said made it necessary, as he would say, to hold my lady parts. I’m not kidding, that guy made me laugh so hard, so often, he was just the funniest guy.

  119. I’m with Mare they are all favorites

  120. Rosetta made hilarious lists. Holy shit, the stuff he would name. His commentary on the movies he hated….holy shit. What’s that movie with all the girls he hated so much….hahahahaha

  121. his birthday sticks of pain were teh best

  122. And I always loved his scathing commentary on politicians. True, yet hilarious. His birthday posts….fantastic.

    Just the other day I was thinking about something he said after PattyAnn died, something about he hoped she didn’t hate Mexicans, oh, I can’t remember, but years later I’m still laughing about how it made me laugh.

    Oh, and Lord, will any of us forget watching Fake Kenny Rogers “with” Rosetta? I may need to watch that a few times tonight.

  123. I loved it when he would say, “when I was a little girl…”

  124. Oh, man, his story about kicking the girl in the poon when he was in grade school….hhahahahaha

  125. The times we would make up how it would be if we all lived in a dorm together. LOL

  126. If there’s a tiny silver lining in this cloud of doom its that some old timers showed back up for a visit. Welcome back Sohos, PJM, and BiW. And Mcpo. Where’s Cathy? She was like a dorm mother here.

    Don’t make another one of us hit the road before you’ll come back and visit.

  127. Well, shoot, this is making me miss him more.

    But I want to thank you for all the laughs, Rosetta. Like xbradtc said you may be the funniest person I’ve ever known.

  128. He and I used to talk about how we should start an ad agency together.

    His insane ideas tempered with the right amount of sanity (yes, I would have considered the sane one in the team) and we would have rich beyond our wildest dreams.

  129. Hello. Long-time lurker here. Since before the great migration. I check in here every day. I would open the previous day’s post, mostly to read Sean’s derps, but also to see if Rosetta checked in the night before. That guy without a doubt was the funniest guy on the intertubes. I, a random stranger, will definitely miss him. Godspeed, my good friend.

    Oh, and the answer to the obligatory bullwhip question is seven. i have seven bullwhips stuck up there.

  130. howdy pendejo!!

  131. I will remember, fondly, the gracious and funny email I got from him when Herself crocheted a blanket for baby Henry.

  132. Oh, and the answer to the obligatory bullwhip question is seven. i have seven bullwhips stuck up there.

    you’ll do.

  133. Mare, you were a great sport. Sometimes his teasing with you got pretty brutal. It was funny as hell for the rest of us.

  134. I’m glad you de-lurked for Rosetta, Helrod. Don’t be a stranger. You’re one of us now. (which I know can be a scary thought)

  135. Oh, PD, I absolutely loved it. It made me laugh too.

  136. Hi PJM. Glad you’re back. Hope life is treating you like a queen.

  137. Is seven a record ?

  138. you guys are family

  139. Roseass was a true Genius. He made a lot of drunken sense and was a real bonding agent in the H2 ordinance.
    Over the years he gave me some good financial advice and we talked also about fetting YOU CROSSED THE LINE back in action.
    I love most how he opend his house up to us at STL. He was a real warm friend and just funny as hell.

    You’re gone too soon, dumbass!!

    I’ll get you for that.

    What up, Helrod, welcome to the party

  140. The times we would make up how it would be if we all lived in a dorm together. LOL

    Kind of like that dream I had about all of us being a travelling comedy troupe in the 70s, like SCTV. Part of that dream makes more sense to me now…well, except for the part about Wiser lounging around the hotel room in a florescent yellow Speedo, and Britney Spears being the bellhop and her constantly trying to give me her phone number.

    Nothing about that made any damn sense at all.

  141. You’re one of us now. (which I know can be a scary thought)

    No more than NOT being one of us. Maybe less so.

    you guys are family

    Quarelling, dysfunctional, and angsty.

    Yeah, kind of like the brothers and sisters I never had, but surely deserved.

    You know Patty Ann is now laughing her ass off with him.

  142. Howdy all. Been a long time. The horrible news was just shared with me and I just wanted to pop in and pass my internet condolences to his friends and family. I got to meet Lance at the St. Louie meetup and got to interact with him via email when he kept threatening to come visit me here in TN because he had family in the neighboring city. The boy sure knew how to get his funny on. May his family be ever so comforted in knowing how many lives he touched in his brief stay down here… Rest in Peace, Rosetta.

  143. Does this mean there is a new bull whip record?

  144. question has already been asked…

  145. I give this thread 5 out of 5 bald heads.

  146. Heh

  147. Jay, how many gyros are stuffed in your bra right now?

  148. If more than one, would you consider sharing?

  149. Whoever changed the header didn’t change the tagline. Rosetta will haunt your ass.

    Or was that on purpose?

  150. I know it’s gratutious, but since I re-read it, I keep coming back to this:

    he was finding ways to tailor humor into a universal language that made you laugh and made you cheer as he poked the finger into the eyes of those who wanted to suck the joy out of life for others around them. This bald, grinning man displayed one of the kindest souls I have ever encountered, and understood better than most the power of the tongue.

    He never used it to build up, but he also never used it to tear down, which is a remarkable thing. He was a rare man. One who understood this great power, and could have used it himself to great effect, but chose instead to use it to help people to forget, or at least take refuge, if only for a few moments, from those things which they could not forget. I believe that this was because he knew all too well about the sorrows that life could inflict upon the human condition, and generously gave of himself that which he wanted most for himself…to feel the stings of life neutralized by the healing joy of laughter. This is why he could touch so many people in ways that left them wanting more, instead of wanting to press charges.


  151. I love you guys

    My heart iz broken


  152. Spur, I was at a loss for words.

  153. Hey BiW. Could you link that or put up in total.


  154. You guys okay if I make that a new post?

  155. Fire away

  156. K


  157. Farewell, you dirty motherfucker.

  158. Rosetta was one of the first to welcome me here and I always appreciated his humor, although I sometimes wondered if it was humor or not :) RIP Rosetta :(

  159. Curse you, BiW – reformatting and reparagraphing your diatribe is a Herculean feat!!

    New poat soon…

  160. Curse you, BiW – reformatting and reparagraphing your diatribe is a Herculean feat!!

    Be glad you’re not one of the local judges. :-)

  161. We’ll keep a light on, Kitten.
    Good luck.

  162. 1) click the FUNNY tab at the top of the page
    2) scroll down to the Steering Wheel Desk post

  163. Hard to believe that was almost 7 years ago.

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