MMM 219: Up at 5 again

Trying to make this early rising a thing.  I now have two alarms: one to remind me to go to bed, and one to wake me.  Another week of the job I ought not have taken begins (38, but who’s counting?) and while I’m not miserable, I have very few Fs left to give.  I’m good at concealing it so far, I think, but I won’t really know how well I’ve done that until I give notice.

Back to our usual content.


I bet she’s about to leave the house hotel like that.  The mind boggles.  Put some clothes on, young lady!


Stop scratching the floor!


Funny, she doesn’t look diesel.


Artsy shot.  If she had gas that day, it might have been an artsy-fartsy shot.


Heels in the gym always makes me giggle.  I miss the gym.


I really miss deadlifting.

2013 Open workout descriptions with Julie Foucher

And I really, really miss my abs.


And squats.


Old office used to have a heavy bag.  I miss that too.


Seriously soft focus on this one.  Makes me nervous.


And with that I’m back off the couch to get my coffee into the thermos and get moving.  Gotta do 4 10s this week so I can be home tomorrow with Possum.


  1. I am bloated today. Probably about to get my period or something.

  2. Nice selections this morning.

  3. something about nightstands that really bring the beauty out in a woman

  4. when i used to work in an office, we had some heavy bags

  5. used to work at a place that had a woman that sat very near the front entrance –
    very strange lady.
    she would greet ppl and give them the spelling of her name.

    and daydream a lot whilst rubbing her nipples

  6. good work leon!
    some cute tuckers in this one

  7. wakey wakey

  8. Got to the office at 8am but I sat at home with my work email open from 6 to 7 and thought about work stuff, so I’ll count that.

  9. I’m putting out fires. With gasoline.

  10. David Bowie Monday.

  11. Pupster will be happy to hear that Mouse made it through the weekend w/o me.

  12. Zumba looks good today but I’m too tired. I need to change my work schedule.

  13. Soccer. Puppy shots. Work. Yard (dog poop) prep. My tomatoes need repotting.

    what else around here needs to be done?

  14. Puppy is lying at the feet/upside down. It’s funny. I’d try to take a picture but it would just look like a giant brown fuzzball.

  15. Heh. One of my favorite Bowie tunes Car in, and one I haven’t heard in probably 25 years at least.

    The blondes are generally cute, but the last brunette is model pretty…

  16. It’s 0600, Palm Springs Tower is open, information Kilo is current.

  17. Instantly after Tower announces it has resumed services, half a dozen jetliners call for clearance delivery and pushback/taxi.

    Interestingly, Tower doesn’t normally provide clearance delivery, but Palm Springs Ground doesn’t start up until 0700.

    Alaska 311 is already ready to go.

  18. I think Leon would benefit from the use of medical marijuana.

  19. I would benefit far more from the farming and sale of it.

  20. I’ll handle your supply chain.

  21. Brad woke up in an airport?

    I hate when that happens.

  22. In my continual study of the pot-heads at work, my non-scientific research shows they get sick a LOT more. The biggest pot head is sick AGAIN. No-showed on Saturday. Friday night she couldn’t wait to get home and try the bong to see if that would help.

    Apparently it didn’t.

  23. Got a kid under 18 coming in with back pain this month. Has seen multiple other providers for evaluation with no diagnosis or improvement seen. Referral papers mention “seeking medical marijuana”. Probably won’t find what they’re seeking from me either.

  24. One of the girls I work with has her card for back pain. She laughingly told me it doesn’t help with the pain. It’s just a cover in case she gets caught.

  25. Stoners get sick more because they pass around joints, pipes, and bongs.

    That alone freaks me out.

  26. She basically treats her body like shit. eats like crap. Drinks soda. And smokes a lot of pot. Isn’t exactly a healthy lifestyle.

  27. Morning.

  28. Marijuana is EVUL. There are no medicinal benefits and its just for addicts. It absolutely does not relieve anxiety, nor does act as a sleep aid, and provides no pain relief or muscle relaxation.

    Somebody hand me my beer……

  29. My drunk housekeeper tried to rape me. I can’t say I felt terribly threatened since she’s five foot nothing and 80 pounds soaking wet. But I’m not just a piece of meat. I have feelings, you know.

  30. I’m in a planning meeting now. Market gardening and using MJ as my sales rep sounds fan-fricking-tastic about now. Can you handle a secondary product market in vodka made from purple potatoes?

  31. Heh, Jew! Fight the rape culture

  32. Drudge has gone total 14 year old girl drama queen about Colorado. Not a good look.

  33. Already ranted about Drudge once this morning. Not gonna do it again.

  34. You can afford a housekeeper??

  35. Can barely even look at Ace’s place now. Joint’s infested with zampolits from both the Trump and NeverTrump camps.

  36. You don’t have to rant again, BC. I’m just making a comment.

  37. The bullshit that’s being pulled in both parties to rig the election is brazen this time. People are now seeing and realizing that their votes are little more than dog shit.

    The only thing I vote for anymore is local crap.

  38. Market gardening and using MJ as my sales rep sounds fan-fricking-tastic about now. Can you handle a secondary product market in vodka made from purple potatoes?
    Yes. But I shall also require a calzone for myself, and a cannoli every other week.

  39. At twenty bucks a week, my housekeeper is very affordable.

  40. you can have a calzone, and a cannoli, but no canoodling!

  41. The lady in white pants just slipped me her toom key.



    He looked washed out and small, lit by a bus shelter and the reflection of slate gray sky in tall buildings. He sat on the wet sidewalk with his elbows on his knees and his bike on its side, the rain slowing down like it had gotten what it came for. He got up OK, and we took the front wheel off the Bianchi and put the whole thing in the back of the Volvo.

    Spoiler alert: the guy turns out to be a raging douchebag.

  43. The bullshit that’s being pulled in both parties to rig the election is brazen this time. People are now seeing and realizing that their votes are little more than dog shit.

    *turns on white noise machine and aims it at the blog

    You peons will get the democracy you’re allowed

  44. The political class is falling apart worldwide. This will not end well.

  45. The lady in white pants just slipped me her toom key.



  46. I don’t want Paul Ryan as our candidate. There are those who think he would be a good compromise. They are wrong.


    Paul Ryan is a spineless tool who gets a paycheck. He’s a clown. A stupid, boring, goofy, not funny or entertaining party clown.

  47. What does BBN mean?

  48. Lets not under value dog shit, Spur.

    Votes in a national election are worth far far less than such a valuable commodity.


  49. The political class is falling apart worldwide. This will not end well.

    An unserious people in a serious time. Inevitability incarnate.

  50. Be

  51. Be

  52. Oh, Lord, I forgot about that jackass, Kasich.


  53. My sister gave me some stuff of my mom’s, over the weekend.

    Included were every report card from kindergarten to 12th grade.

    Hoo boy. If my mom had shown these to my kids when they were little…

    Thanks, Mom.

  54. It’s interesting though, because there were good years, really good years, and bad years.

    When I look at the good years, they represent my favorite teachers – the ones who really taught me to “learn.”

    The ones I didn’t like were the bad years. They really sucked at teaching.

  55. Leon, you should farm heirlooms and weed.
    You can build a still and perfect the craft.
    You can let yourself out as a horse boarder AND
    You will find several other revenue streams once you start farming.

    One day Possum is going to go to school and then you can re-start your carreer in computerwhatever.

    Pull the pin, amigo.

  56. Would someone write a fiction book about a Pervy President, his bitch wife who trashes the women who accuse her impeached husband, then defends, sticks with and fakes it so she can win a Senate seat in NY, then goes onto become the world’s shitiest SOS and then decides it’s payoff time and runs for President as the worst, most unlikeable, incoherent, candidate of all time besides the one she’s running against who is a flat out proud, socialist who went to Russia on his honeymoon?

    Nope, you wouldn’t write that because it would be so effing stupid no publishing house would accept it.

  57. Because nobody with half a brain would ever read it.

  58. I really have a lot to do, but I’ve been so busy the last few days with fake doubles, I don’t really feel like doing anything.

  59. You forgot to include the witless self-loathing broke-down political demographic that supports her AND the hapless, ball less, clueless, opposition party colluding to make her historic ambitions a real shitburger for all to taste.

    Nice country.

  60. Have a cup of tea, Carin.

  61. The book would end with her election to President, while her handlers start planning the her witless daughter’s political career.

  62. Rub a puppeh belleh.

  63. tea. Puppeh belly. got it.

  64. Just noticed that something I ordered for the garden is scheduled to be delivered next January.


  65. I originally read that as saying your garden would be delivered next January.

  66. So my mother turns 100 in late July. Her birthday wish? To go to the Republican convention.

    I’m working on it.

  67. Sweet paulitics.

  68. We should sell shirts at the convention that read, “I’m with stupid” and have an arrow pointing to a GOP elephant.

  69. Cruz is gaining some momentum here in the People’s Republic of Californiastan. I can’t imagine he’ll win, though.

    Up next: Background checks to buy ammo.

  70. So my mother turns 100 in late July. Her birthday wish? To go to the Republican convention.

    I’m working on it.

    I wouldn’t go near that place except with a gas mask and a truckload of Cipro.

  71. Yeah, I know, but how do you say no to someone who’s 100? This is a woman who still drives and still goes ballroom dancing twice a week.

  72. And some Rid shampoo.

  73. That’s pretty great, Paulitics.

  74. Yeah, we’re very blessed. She’s a pistol.

    Wait, am I allowed to say that in California?

  75. Well, at least someone is excited to go!

    Great news, Paulitics!

  76. Jay, how much homebrew have you drank?

    Is it good?

  77. I got in deep doodoo with HotBride yesterday.

    She asked for a glass of wine in the evening, before I went out to a concert.

    When she tasted it, she said, “What is this wine?” I showed her the bottle, and she said “That’s one of the bottles I laid down from the inn.” And I said, “Okay.”

    She gets out her iPad and looked it up. It was a $90 bottle of wine in 2007 when she purchased a case for the wine cellar, and it’s now worth about $150.

    I opened it Saturday night, and drank about half of it. She got to have like two glasses last night.

    She was very upset that I didn’t look it up before I opened it.


    But it WAS pretty damned good.

  78. I have 18 bottles left of the first batch. I was good when I first tried it, and really improved over the next couple of weeks. It’s fantastic now.

    Just bottled a Cranberry Pale Wheat saturday. 2 weeks to try it!

  79. If you’ve had New Belgium Fat Tire, that’s what it tastes like. But less hoppy.

  80. Your mom is hoppy.

  81. The GOP is really pissing me off.

    I think the only chance Cruz has is if he and Rubio make a deal.

    If they give us Paul Ryan, I’ll vote for Hillary.

  82. Just signed a contract to rent a gigantic house in La Quinta for our 10th anniversary for a week. Brad and I are going to have a meatup and some people on this blog are not invited.

    I have no intention of getting sick.

  83. I have no intention of getting sick.

    …and yet, you’re inviting Xbrad……


  84. Thats great, Jay.
    There is a real satisfaction in brewing.

    My friend and I have moved on from bottling to the 5gal kegs.
    We have had real success with very dry porters.

  85. I didn’t say he was going to be invited over to the house, now did I?

    I am shocked and hurt you think so poorly of me.

  86. I didn’t say he was going to be invited over to the house, now did I?

    L to R: Xbrad, Paulitics

  87. I’m pretty sir I’ll pass from this earth without ever going to Cleveland. I would like to go to Dayton some time though.

  88. Rock and Roll HoF is pretty cool….

  89. And it’s not that far to Canton…

  90. Dang, you’re in the big leagues, chumpo!

    I was just thinking of converting a cooler to sparge grain. Guess you’re way ahead of me.

    It’s fun to do, that’s for sure.

  91. I think the only chance Cruz has is if he and Rubio make a deal

    I could live with that.

  92. Well, the kegs dont cost much at all and we just drilled out an old refridgerator for the tap lines.

    It’s a good set-up

  93. Meskins always got each other’s back. What…….Cubans?? Whatever….

  94. Cleveland has changed a lot since the days of Kucinich and Lake Erie catching on fire. Downtown has been cleaned up considerably and there’s a great Little Italy.

    Mrs. Paulitics is Sicilian and she approves of this message.

  95. This kind of keg. I think its even esier than bottling.

  96. ZZTop brews their own? Awesome!

  97. Beard Brew

  98. They might. I heard that they all live together.

    Here’s the correct linky

  99. Do you force carbonate yours? Seems like that would be an easy setup with the corny kegs.

  100. Yep.
    The product really comes out fresh and tastes as good as many top beers; all for about $7 a gallon.

    We are going to build a stil this summer.

  101. A still sounds like fun. My roommate made whiskey, took the varnish right off the coffee table.

    And we drank it.

  102. I’m reading the whole Alison Rapp drama, and it’s hilarious and sad at the same time.

  103. Meant to comment yesterday… nice new bang stick you got there Alex. Did you go with the 88 or the 500?

  104. Troy,

    I went with the 88. $219.

  105. Bueno Si Si Bueno.. May it serve you well…. still cant decide if I want to build a black rifle or purchase one…had a Rock River LE AR at one point…decisions, decisions…….

  106. It is time.

    It is time to plant potatoes.

    *the sounds of an orchestra tuning their instruments*



  108. I just got a recall notice, my airbag needs to be replaced because it’s full of shrapnel.

    Good news? They’ll fix it for free.

    Bad news? They don’t have the parts. They’ll let me know when they do.

  109. * orders bullet proof vest *

  110. “Horse kittens” is my favorite.

  111. Scott, you’ll need a protective facemask as well. I recommend a colander repurposed for the job.

  112. *searches Amazon for kevlar colanders*

  113. No bulletproof colanders on the market. I can’t believe this. I thought this was America.

  114. Goalie mask.

  115. Welding mask.

  116. Heh. Those are some good ones, Roamy. Dave in Texas told the story about buying Tums at the gas station, when he put the bottle on the counter, the clerk said “Any gas?” to which he replied “No, just heartburn”.

    I’m pretty sure he planned it though.

  117. Lauraw! I need to know garden stuff. Please tell me how to plant potatoes. Or link a gardening site. Not picky.

  118. Potatoes are easy, Pupster. Well-drained, very loose soil is key.

  119. My sources say potatoes in the ground 3 weeks prior to last frost, so I’ve got a while yet.

  120. Flip your soil to loosen it. Do not use manure, it causes disease in potatoes. Do not plant potatoes in freshly turned lawn sod, it is full of wireworms which will infest your potatoes before you do.

    Set seed potatoes (available at Walmart) on turned soil about 10″ or a foot apart. Cover with 3″ -5″ of compost or peat or more dirt. When the plants are poking out of the soil about eight inches or so, pull more soil, peat, hay, or compost around them until they are nearly buried.

    Keep well watered and mulched throughout the season. After they flower, and the flowers wither, many little baby seed potatoes will be available for stealing, by scrounging your hands around at the base of the plants just under the soil. These are awesome, small and creamy smooth. Roast them quickly. You will like.

    The main crop spuds are ready when the plants flop and fag out at the end of Summer. If you don’t need that ground for anything else, they can stay in the ground until Fall and you can just pull them up over time and eat as you go. Dig them all up before hard frost, though.

  121. I don’t think I dug up all my spuds until well into November last year. I thought the Colorado potato beetles had done a lot of damage, but nope. Had tons of tubers.

  122. Laura, are you thinking of this?

    My impromptu “plant assay” (alfalfa sprouts spontaneously in it) suggests that my horse manure is safe, but this might be the source of the “manure-potato disease” connection.

  123. COLORADO potato beetles? Are they #NeverTrump too?

  124. Do Colorado potato beetles go after ass potatoes?

    Asking for MJ.

  125. Greetings, potato beetles from various states.

  126. You put horse poop on your food?


  127. I compost it for at least 6 months, Scott.

  128. Hi Sean? Will you be able to watch The Game? Queues Go Cubs Go. Channels HS about the spelling of buisness. Laughs about the hope that lives in the heart of a Cub fan, year after year after year. After year after year.

  129. Interred my mom’s ashes today. Then went back to my sister’s to go through her stuff with her grandkids and two of my cousins who were especially close to her.

    Bittersweet moments.

  130. My “garden” is raised about a foot off the ground, seven 2′ x 2′ square boxes. If I plant the potatoes a foot apart I’ll have 7 potatoes.

  131. I know, I know. You’re all in Garden Talk Rapture. Understandable. Compose yourselves. Apologies. Didn’t mean to make you lose control like that.

  132. No, it’s the pH, Leon. Potatoes need acid soil. Alkalinity / manure encourages potato scab.

  133. I think it’s neat you can still remember your teachers, Hotspur. I think I’ve burned all those braincells, I can only remember a couple of them, mostly the ones who hated rambunctious boys.

  134. HS, hugs across the miles. I am so glad to have spent time with you and HB in Tempe.

  135. Pups, I thought MN was practically Commie. Don’t you have urban community gardens yet?

  136. If you’re in bed that deep, you can close up the spacing some, Pups. I wouldn’t go closer than 6-8 inches though. Remember, one seed potato can give you a cluster of 8-10 potatoes under the ground. They take up space.

  137. I am friends with a few of my former teachers on FB.

  138. Thanks, Oso.

  139. Tough day, Hotspur. Good of you to share your memories with the younguns.

  140. I can watch the game on my phone if I so choose, oso. I’ll probably check in on it from time to time.

  141. My parents were awesome people. When I was a teenager my friends would go over to my house to hang out with them when I wasn’t even there.

    As an adult, Some of my friends would drive up to see them and not even tell me they were going.


  142. Well-composted manure is safe for potatoes.

  143. Reminds me, I need to do a soil test.

  144. When xBrad does a soil test, he examines his skid marks.

  145. Pups, buy a bag of 8 Yukon Gold seed potatoes, and plant them four to a 2×2 box. Then you will have the other five boxes for other garden joys.

  146. I examined your Mom.

  147. HS, my parents were the go to source for “Home” for a lot of people. My mom treated her Fosters better than me. They still visit her, more than I do. Life is odd. Still want pics of the final kitchen.

  148. Will do on the kit pics.

  149. Cripes, sorry Hotspur. Unfortunately timed ‘your mom’ thing. In my defense, I am an idiot.

  150. Your parents sound like they were good people, Hospurt. And it sounds like maybe you smelled funny back in the day.

  151. LauraCakes, your mom jokes are never about someone’s actual mom.

    No problem.

  152. Lauraw, the beauty of HS, is that he knows the joke comes first.

  153. Sean, I used to sniff myself, so it wasn’t that. At least as far as I could tell.

  154. Boy2 wants sweet potatoes, Boy1 wants peppers, Mrs. wants tomatoes.

    Garden planning done. I just buy the damn strawberries.

    I have limited back yard space, this was the former tenants herb garden he let go to seed. I have some of his old planter pots, might potato or tomato in them. Also some flower gardens that I could plant some crops in, I dunno. I just don’t want to do it all, I want family buy-in, I’m going to be on the road much of the summer I think. I have to re-seed the lawn out front where I filled in the hole where a tree used to be, and out back where the wonder dog killed the grass.

    Mrs. Pupster made this and sent it to me at work, made me raff.

  155. J’ames can help you with container gardening. Especially chile. Mmmmm…chile

  156. I’m a horrible person. Getting really tired of the Amber Alert function on my phone and TV. I totes understand people that H8 Code Adam’s.

  157. FYI, you know how tater salad always tastes better the second day? Well, green chile and jalapeno relish gets hotter the second day as well. Mmmm…best tater salad ever that doesn’t have bacon.

  158. I turn all govt. alerts off.

  159. Chocolate cake is best when at least three days old.

  160. You’re not alone , Hotspur.



  162. Pupster, take the lawn care as your own, and give the veg garden to the family as a gift. If they want those plants in their garden, they should plant those things in their garden – and take care of them.

    My success rate with growing things that other people said they wanted is quite dismal. When you go away for a few days in high Summer, everything you toiled for will wither.

  163. Gov’t alerts and chocolate cake

  164. Pupster doesn’t have time for vegetables

  165. Watching Reds @ Cubs. Colorman just talked about how many baseballs Johnny Bench could hold. Missing Roamy and HS right now. They both have elegant fingers.

  166. Number of baseballs Trump can hold: one. With both hands. And with great difficulty.

  167. Mare loves Sean.

  168. Hahaha My Porter familia has small hands. Dan used to get creeped shaking hands with the “Doll People”

  169. Pupster doesn’t have time for vegetables

    Local news tie-in:


  171. Drudge has lost his fricken mind. Maybe dating Ann Coulter did it to him.

  172. Heh. Dan makes several yummy tater tot casseroles. All have green chile. The road rage story from MN: Meh. Sucks to live in a state where you can’t honk or use a turn signal because of thugs. //

  173. Ann Coulter is an alien. It’s the only explanation.

  174. African American Co-worker was quoting Ann Coulter to me the other day. Saw her on The View and thinks she’s awesome. I was like 😨

  175. What is the Spanish word for batshit crazy?

  176. Ann Coulter is an alien. It’s the only explanation.

    I respectfully disagree, scott. I think she might just be a cunt.

    (I don’t use that word lightly.)

  177. Something something Loco

  178. Now I see why so many people hate her. She pushes buttons. Hard.

  179. I hope she has jumped the shark, and I used to like her.

  180. Bate de cosas locas. Binged it. Having issues that it is in the feminina mode. WTF Spanish translate?


  182. I love Better Call Saul. My favorite characters from Breaking Bad. Dilemma. Reds baseball or BCS?

  183. She tweeted something about Nikki Hayley during the SC primary that was basically designed to have her followers make a bunch of really vile racist comments in reply. It was fucking low-class shit. And, yeah, I used to like her, too.

  184. I liked Ann Coulter too. But I hear snippets, see her and Drudge at a pro basketball game and just think the 2 of them are in a dream world.

  185. Her and Drudge at a pro basketball game, in a dream world.

  186. Oops.

  187. She plays to the alt-rite and I start seeing swastikas and hoods. Really hard to tell people that that isn’t who we are, when it seems like it is/

  188. I use to hear her and say, ” she’s really making sense”. Not because I agreed with her but rather, she made sense.

  189. Yep. I thought she was a good advocate of Conservative values. I’m team Dinesh right now.


  191. That’s hawt.

  192. Gah. Got hit today by some doofus in a little black car. He was going east, hit a guy on a bicycle, jerked the wheel, hit another car, then shot across 4 lanes to slam into me. Bicycle guy was really messed up. Black car guy was pretty shaken up, but no blood. We are fine. Truck is probably dead though.

  193. Car took out your truck? Wow, must have been quite a hit. Glad you are ok!

  194. No Reds/Cubs here, so Gran Torino.

  195. Pepe, glad you are ok. Sorry about the truck. Extremely brave to be on NM roads.

  196. J’ames, MLB app on Apple TV

  197. We’re visiting my mom in Tucson. Gotta either rent a car or buy another truck to get home. Looking at Craigslist now.

  198. Never. Ride. A. Bicycle.

  199. Rent, Pepe, Rent.

  200. Sean, never ride a bike in NM. We have the most ghost bikes per capita in the US. Truthy. I just made that up

  201. Watching BCS. Mike is at Loyola’s. My FiL loved Loyola’s. Today was FiLs birthday. His woodcarving group would meet at Loyola’s before making tacky wood stuff. I have a cheesy roadrunner napkin holder and a woodpecker kitchen magnet. Missing FiL right now.

  202. Ooooh. Sounds spooky!

  203. I H8 descansos. Now, ghost bikes are sacrosant as well. Cemeteries, use them.

  204. Glad you guys are OK, Pepe. Good luck with the truck situation, I had to spend more than I wanted to on a used truck this year, it is hard to find a good deal these days.

  205. Unintended Consequences For Clunkers was a fuckin’ fantastic program.

  206. Sean, family members got clunkers and appliances thanks to FS Charlie and the early days of Obama. Even my Commie mom was appalled.

  207. Went to Cardinals opening day today.

    Great time, fun game, lots of beer.

    St. Louis does opening day right.

  208. Kicks Phat in the jimmy. Fucking Cubs just messed up my Reds at Wrigley. Lashing out at ALL BB fans right now.

  209. I would plant potatoes but then I remembered I don’t eat them.


  210. Ann Coulter is questionable imho. Not married. Might be a mega bitch.

    Just saying.

  211. Coulter and O’Reilly share the Sally Field gene. They both want the Coasters to like them. #NotOthered #SMOD2016

  212. Assholes installing invasive cameras at my place of employment (with audio, they say) decided to sit in MY section for the meal – which they claimed was on Lucky.

    Assholes order $80 worth of food (being rather demanding) and then tip me $8.

    $8 for … lets see – 9oz filet, new york steak and crab, two pieces of cheesecake, chicken quesadilla, shrimp cocktail and TWO strawberry dacquiries. Three guys (one just had cheesecake. )


    BTW – the system they installed at the store cost $5500. So, they could have coughed up a bit more for the tip.

  213. Of course, the 50 cents on $35 was my best tip of the past week.

    Jerks told me how everything was great and a friend had recommended the place … bla bla bla.

    I’d just like to see this people somewhere else. Outside of work.

  214. Gawd I hate people.

  215. We’re gonna do spuds:
    Reds, Russets, Yukon Gold, perhaps no beans, as we still have 17 pints from years past. Will do Tomatllos and Tomatoes, and peppers.
    Perhaps some yellow crooknecks…

  216. In other good news – I’m signing Ian and I up for the tough mudder in Sept and Hannah has decided she WILL attend the school that is giving her $10,000 a year to attend (their honors collage). We basically just have to cover room and board.


  217. I have some super disease resistant toms. I’ll do spinach, squash, peppers, broccoli, onions, kale, beans (variety), herbs, beets …. I don’t know what else. I have a whole box of stuff.

  218. Thank u ChrisP from keeping Double-Double from making us feel bad about life in Islamophobia

  219. I’d just like to see this people somewhere else. Outside of work.

    Area Man Found In Alley With 50 Pennies In Rectum

    (No, not you, Rich, but hi!)

  220. Gawd. Dan is trying to diabeetus shame me. MLB story about Lou Brock. I loved him. Blah blah blah Cardinal

  221. Taking off the tiara. Long day tomorrow. MiL visit after work. AKA Dan is getting ready to tell SiL to fuck off or take over.

  222. Go in the morning for pre-op stuff – surgery next Monday at 12:30.

    Mom is flying in this weekend to “take care” of her baby….

  223. Did anybody tell anybody else that they were getting tired of coming up with that one thing nearly every day and were thinking of taking a break from it for a while today?

  224. If I told you what it takes
    To reach the highest high
    You’d derp and say ‘nothing’s that simple’
    But you’ve been told many times before
    Messiahs pointed to the door
    And no one had the guts to leave the temple!

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