Hello beautiful people, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today was born in Dallas, Texas on December 2nd, 1979.  She measures 5’5″, 34-24-36 and 120lbs.  She is a soap opera actress and has huge chest pillows, red hair and the crazy eyes.  Yep, I dig her.  Please catch me before you welcome, Miss Melissa Archer!

ma gif





  1. Ginger bewbs

  2. Texas chicks wear too much clothing. Or at least this one does.

  3. I rather enjoy seeing shapely women dressed moderately. In a world of Kardashians, it’s the only way to stand out.

  4. ww

  5. when is xb gonna report back from his getaway?

  6. I’m sorry I missed Wiser’s game last night. I went to bed early.

    But I do feel great today.

  7. red white and blue



  10. the lede is hilarious:

  11. this one is not:

  12. did car in scare everyone off?

  13. she’s not behind me…. is she?

  14. Working from home today. I should take the opportunity to figure out how to move my old 401k into an IRA.

  15. i gotta get ready for a meeting –

  16. I saw Cinderella open for Judas Priest at Anaheim Stadium in the late Eighties

  17. I may or may not have fapped to Melissa Archer.

  18. That purple dress is just bangin’.

  19. I can say with some certainty that I have not fapped to Melissa Archer.

  20. Yet.

  21. I can further say with some confidence that I will not. I’m doing okay lately, pr0n disgusts me anymore, and without that, the urge to fap is minimal.

  22. She is quite lovely, in any event.

  23. fapping should be a thread killer.

  24. Eh, I’m in agreement. One thing when I was younger, but it’s all just so hollow and meaningless now.

  25. Since pr0n is no longer on Leon’s diet, I’ll take his share….(but he has to keep the midget muscle collection)

  26. Watching the yourbrainonporn vids was life-changing for me. Helped me meet Jesus. I still struggle, and I fail at times, but I’m trying.

  27. You’re welcome to it, Troy, though I’d recommend against it. All I can see when I look at porn is ugliness, failure, and tragedy. My body still reacts, can’t stop that, but I don’t want to look.

    Said a prayer for Amber Rayne when I heard what happened to her. All too common.

  28. I saw Cinderella open for Judas Priest at Anaheim Stadium in the late Eighties

    A lot of girls were opening for Judas Priest in the late Eighties.

  29. Does this mean no more scantily clad muscle chicks (and trannys) on Mondays?

  30. I still watch porn occasionally, but I’m trying not to. Occasionally I’ll break down, but I’m getting better about avoiding it.

  31. Question is CoAlex…..did you think Rob Halprin was gay back then? I always looked a bit quizzically at his “outfits” and wondered what the hell was going on…but then I was like…naaaw….cause METAL n stuff

  32. Does this mean no more scantily clad muscle chicks (and trannys) on Mondays?

    I have mixed feelings about it, actually. I don’t generally see them as porn imagery – just beautiful living sculptures of a sort – and they inspire me more to work out than to fap. I don’t really add to the “unused” binder anymore because that road has a lot of porn exit ramps (thanks, Tumblr), so I may quit or change format when the well runs dry.

  33. In the late eighties I was too young to actually appreciate Judas Priest.

  34. In the late 80’s I was listening to Weird Al and ZZ Top, mainly.

  35. On cassette.

  36. So, my Erin want’s to train to do a Tri! Yea.

    How fun is that going to be? And, she’ll probably kick my ass.

  37. Should I point out on the HQ that even Adam Smith supported some protectionism for critical industries?

  38. So, my Erin want’s to train to do a Tri! Yea.

    How fun is that going to be? And, she’ll probably kick my ass.

    Better than training for a bi. Also known as “women’s rugby”.

    And seriously, good luck to her.

  39. Should I point out on the HQ that even Adam Smith supported some protectionism for critical industries?

    It might be a needed eye opener for those who claim to have read the book.

  40. If we can’t feed ourselves or build critical systems for defense, we are at the mercy of our vendors. Not to be nationalist or anything, but you can’t fight or defend yourself without food and weaponry.

  41. Critical industries like steel production… Medical devices…. Pharmaceuticals… Guidance systems for rockets…. Uranium enrichment and distribution … Clinton Industries… China’s F35 program…

  42. Integrated circuits. Why why why would we trust ICs from China to guide missiles?

  43. At least we still make our own food for the most part.

  44. The US adjusts it’s politics to support economic goals.

    The Chinese adjust their economics to support their political goals.

  45. We must never allow a strategic chicken gap!

  46. You joke, but the day the USA has to import chicken is two days before it’s no longer a thing.

    And if we ever import corn, it’s because we got nuked and the world is about to end.

  47. I didn’t know chicken gaps were a thing now

  48. Chicken-legged women have gaps. That’s why dat gap isn’t attractive to me.

  49. I’ll take thunder thighs over chicken legs any day and twice on Thursday.

  50. There was a kid I went to high school with that everyone called “chicken legs” I have no idea what his real name was …. Even the teachers called him that. If that were to happen today kids would prolly be put in a re-education camp and the teachers would be executed.

  51. Thursday Thunder Thighs will not be a thing here. Just saying…

  52. …yet.

  53. Have you ever been so angry you threw an alligator through a drive-through window?

  54. Just for Beasn

    * Not freaky shit

  55. Florida Man!

  56. Leon, would would you NOT be nationalist?

  57. I was merely suggesting that the point being made was about security in the national interest, rather than isolationist economics.

    I favor strong-as-a-wall-of-tungsten-carbide borders, English-only government documents, assimilation of ideologically-screened and healthy immigrants who come here only to become citizens (not merely to work and remit funds), and trade policies that protect national security interests. I’d also like to put Vlad Tepes in charge of our Middle East policy.

    Does that make me a nationalist?

  58. I had a kid ask me to fix his teddy bear today. The nose had fallen off it. It was right before his case which was a relatively minor procedure than the first one a month ago. I said “Sure” and immediately set to the task. I was wandering around the suture carts looking for some surgical glue when a nurse asked what I was looking for. Turns out she had some Loctite superglue in her pocket that she had just used to fix something in her office. The nose job went well except for all the super glue I’ve got left on my index finger and thumb from where I transferred the nose to the bear. Next time I’m asked to repair a teddy bear nose I’ll know to apply the glue to the empty nose site first and then apply the nose to the bear.

    tl/dr: nose fixed, fingers sticky

  59. Da heck? Why is my alligator link going to the desert lesbians story?
    Let’s try that again:

  60. The Florida Man link worked when I clicked on it, Cavil.

  61. Same here. Alligator man got more than he bargained for when he was pranking.

  62. Desert lesbians made me snicker. I once pursued a girl for a few months before I gave up. About 2 years later I randomly saw her and 2 dykey-looking friends at a Mt Snow, VT bike race. My reaction was a combination of the light bulb going off over my head and laughing at my own stupidity. She gave me zero clues (non-Subaru driver, didn’t play softball, regular haircut) along the way and I had to see her with her lez buddies to get it.

  63. A simple “Jim, I like girls” would have saved us both a lot of time. Maybe she was not very secure with the whole lifestyle at that point and didn’t want to be known as a lesbian. Whatever, I would have been a friend and ally, not a hater.

  64. Now my original link points to the LCS story. But the second attempt is still solid.

    Word to the wise, April Fool’s was a week ago…

  65. …and now the Michelle Rodriguez story? It’s like it’s cycling through all the links in the thread…


  67. Is there a Barrel here…?

  68. Here, look into the barrel.

    Closer….yeah, a little closer.


  69. Cavil?

  70. One of my High school girlfriends turned to the gurl side after I broke it off.
    I did not know how to interpret that outcome but she was significantly older than me so we split on pretty good terms.

    Not too many years later I heard that she had become a very famous dominatrix in SF. I looked her up when I lived there and she was indeed Queen of the Scene.

    I didnt contact her then and so my experiences with bullwhips would have to wait until 2009.

  71. Damn,’Chimpo. You’ve interesting life. My HS gf quit me for a minor league pot dealer. Made me question the wisdom of being a straight arrow Eagle Scout type for a while. Not sure how but she eventually recovered and married a hs teammate and they seem to have made a nice life together.

  72. Speaking of bullwhips, I had to educate some nurses on Robert Mapplethorpe today. Between cases I was sitting in the lounge and the TV was on a mildly entertaining show called Decades or some such thing. It did a segment on Mapplethorpe and mentioned a controversy about his art work with a city government. The nurses were all young and had never heard of him before. I shut down the conversation by saying I was pretty sure the art they were objecting to was of a bullwhip inserted into a guy’s ass. In a bow to political correctness I added the obligatory NTTAWWT.

  73. PG I just started early. Im from a blue coller neighborhood south of Camp Pendelton. It was a fast lane to ruin for a lot of kids. I escaped by leaving high school early and then leaving town before the habits got too bad. It was a good move for me as so many of my contemporarys wound up dead or worse than dead.
    The best move I made in my early life was becoming a llama rancher in OR. I gained much perspective there and in Idaho.

  74. Yes, Leon that makes you a wonderful nationalist. I may be getting it wrong (although I looked it up just in case) we should all be Nationalist. My point, not helped by a typo, is that being a nationalist has become something wrong and I think that’s bullshit.

  75. I saw a Porsche Spyder stuck in bumper to bumper traffic today.

    MSRP $845,000

  76. It would have been classic if that car had a Bernie! Bumper sticker.

  77. In a bow to political correctness I added the obligatory NTTAWWT.

    But there is so, so SWWT.

  78. Something something something something this shit.

  79. Tonight’s cocktail will be a Zevia cola, lime juice, and Kraken rum, served over ice in a mason jar.


  80. Springsteen cancelled his concert in NC this wknd.

  81. Sounds like NC is getting lots of ancilliary benefits from that law.

  82. IKR?

  83. I can’t believe he passed on the chance to go and hector the audience about it.

  84. Well, Make A Wish came through for The Boy. We are going to Hawaii and he will swim with dolphins in May.


  85. Sean, full refund for ticketholders. For me, it’s like the BDS crowd and Israel. I love it when they self-identify their sofa king.

  86. Pretty cool, MunDane.

  87. Just be careful, Mr. Science. Dolphins will rape the shit out of you if you’re not on your toes.

  88. Sean, wouldn’t matter…it counts as sex


  90. Anyone else watching Pirates/Reds? 😂😘👊🏻

  91. I swear Bruce only tours when he can campaign for dems. Seriously. He came to EMU to campaign for 0 back in ’08. He’s an utter fucktard.

  92. The ticketholders may get a refund, but wouldn’t he be open to a lawsuit by the venue?

  93. Go to 1:40 for double the big boobs.

  94. Days used to be about the skinny thigh gap skull head chicks. I stopped watching with the demonic possession storyline.

  95. “tl/dr: nose fixed, fingers sticky”





    to quote mccoy:

    dammit jim – you’re a stahjen not a nose stickah!

  96. Good to know that Jimbro is chill about fixing teddy bears.

  97. Willie Nelson Sirius channel is going all Hag tomorrow. I think Wiser should feature the Hag tomorrow. Pretty sure he could find songs that even Nutmeggers would appreciate.

  98. You do know Merle Haggard was an asshole?

  99. I just found out that my dad did some camera work for a concert Merle Haggard played in San Quentin a few months before I was born. I knew he had been there for some kind of teevee program, but I didn’t know that was it.

  100. Yes. A 9/11 truther and so dumb he broke into a bar that wasn’t closed. I love his music and like Willie, I am unable to boycott.

  101. Sean, was he there for the Johnny Cash concert, too?

  102. Well, that’s fair Oso.

  103. As soon as I realized I got slimed with superglue I used alcohol prep pads, alcohol hand gel, acetone pads (for removing nail polish) and used a scrub brush to try and get it off me. Got a lot of glue off but the finger pads are coated. Then I did a 5 minute scrub with a povidone iodine brush for a 1 cm incision to remove 2 K-wires. Pre-op antibiotics, irrigation prior to closure and a bulky dressing. The odds of infection are low. Or so I rationalize to myself.

  104. I really don’t know Merle Haggard songs

    What are the top 5 desert island songs from him?

  105. 2 grand slams in the Blue Jays-Red Sox game tonight. One for each team.

  106. Mama Tried. That’s The Way Love Goes. Pancho and Lefty. Fighting Side of Me. Okie from Muskogee.

  107. I’ve heard of Okie from Muskogee. I’ll listen to them tomorrow and see if it grows on me.

  108. If we make it through December.

  109. My cousin, Gilbert, posted Merle’s cover of Why Me Lord?, but I think of that as a Kris song.

  110. See also Silver Wings, but Ray Price.

  111. He wrote over 700 songs. He and Willie released an album last year. I’m old school country and western. Sends a shout out to Andy.

  112. Texas Jew, too

  113. We strand 7. Can’t manage more than 1 run with bases loaded. Stupid Bucs hit a Grand Salami. I H8 baseball

  114. One of us.
    One of us.

  115. Sean, was he there for the Johnny Cash concert, too?

    No, I’m pretty sure that was well before they moved to California.

  116. *puts on dolphin costume

  117. Sunday will be my first smoking experiment.

    Prolly gonna do a turkey boob.

  118. every time i have to screw around with cyanoacrylates i come away from the endeavor looking like Cartman after he tried to finger bang a 30 day dead leper –

    cyanoacrylate adhesives are extremely hydrophilic

    once they’re on your skin i don’t think you can stop the curing process (reasonably) – it’s a matter of mitigation.

    on the plus side; no bacteria will escape them – fixative

  119. Scott, I’m sure I’ll be back to stabbing myself in the eye with my scorebook pen tomorrow.

  120. Sean, I Binged. Johnny’s concert was filmed at SQ in 1969, he performed there in the late 50s when Merle was an inmate.

  121. Jam, we call Texas Tech the Fingerbangs. They do a stupid fingergun dealio when they score.

  122. Smoked boob Sunday.

  123. What are the chances of another bottom of the 9th walkoff?

  124. Boycotts NC Sunday Turkey Boob.

  125. Midday guy on state’s big station did the Hag bumper music thing this week.

    I wasn’t even close to doing that. This week’s theme is wine.

    ‘Cause I’m a rebel

  126. * pees in girls room *

  127. Smoking turkey boob is like learning chopsticks on the piano.

    A start.

  128. Red red wine 🎶🎶

  129. Stoopid Cutch is one of my favorite players. Overpaid Canadian on my team is at bat…let’s watch what happens…

  130. And out #3.

  131. >>>>Red red wine 🎶🎶

    That would be one…

  132. This is a YOUTUBE about Europe and their immigration problem, and the countries response to it. It is quite serious, and quite disturbing.
    It Will happen here.
    The SJWs will insist on it…

  133. Days of Wine and Roses 🎶 Mancini’d. My life story 😉

  134. It wont happen here. We are too big, too far away, and we have all the guns.

  135. >>>Days of Wine and Roses 🎶

    Nah… Gone deeper than that

  136. Gonna do this one, wiser? I hope so.

  137. >>>Gonna do this one, wiser? I hope so.

    I am now! I totally missed that one!

  138. Sweet. That’s a good tune.

  139. Scott,
    They are arriving by air, in Kansas City, even now. They are being spread all over the country by the administration. It is already there in Dearborne, Hamtramack, and Minneapolis. You will be assimilated.
    You will comply, citizen. It appears that you’ve had too much to think. Step over here…

  140. Rats. I was hoping for Tiny Bubbles.

  141. Columbus, Minnesota, even Bangor. Drunk illegals or Aloha Snackbars? Meh

  142. Rats. I was hoping for Tiny Bubbles.

    Sorry. Had to go Top Five. And Sean’s suggestion even knocked an Elton John song off the playlist

  143. We have 350,000,000 people.

    A plane holds a couple hundred.

    Muslim math is a bitch.

  144. Kill two birds with one bumper, Wisa:

  145. If you need us for bumper music suggestions, we’re here for you. We’ve got your 6. Your back. Your best interests. Always happy to help.

  146. If you need us for bumper music suggestions, we’re here for you. We’ve got your 6. Your back. Your best interests. Always happy to help.

    and now you know why I never ask…


    Actually, when I have asked, you guys have been really good.

  147. Kill two birds with one bumper, Wisa:

    not. happening.

  148. Muslim math is a bitch.

    You are ignoring the fact that Minnesota, Michigan, New York, et al, are rife with the home-grown radical types….

  149. Ha! I love crappy music. You should ignore me.

  150. Jimbro, Merl wrote some classic drinking songs:

    Love songs:

    Blue collar anthems:

    I used to sing this to my boys when they were little:

  151. Michigan and New York are lost causes.

    Nobody cares what happens to Canada.

  152. There are more Somalis in MN and OH than in Somalia. 2nd generation are the ones you have to watch out for.

  153. And they all drive cabs or work at the airport.

  154. I’ve read about 3 separate Somali attacks at the Columbus airport that are under the radar. I won’t be flying to OH or MN anytime soon. Rayciss.

  155. Nobody cares what happens to Canada.

    Well, if you consider the person they recently elected as Prime Minister, it’s obvious that even Canadians don’t care.

  156. All great Merle choices, Pups.

  157. Dan: Take your tiara off, put your phone down, and go to bed. Looks like I’m going to bed. G’night guys.

  158. Chrispy – i’m with you brother –

    Syracuse (liberal enclaves of perfidy)
    – no joke, a tiny-ass hick burg in the middle of no-whereville rural upstate ny…

    i’m not sure if scott was being /sarc – but the Hancock enclave won’t last long if’n teh muzzies decide to do something stupid. There’s still A Lot of rednecks in upstate NY – and we are Americans, Bible kinda ppl, quiet, pissed off and …. oh yeah – armed,
    Shaheed ain’t our shit

    fuck pedophiles


  160. Leave the phone, take the tiara.

  161. it’s a war and we’ve been at it since the early 600’s

  162. i’ll prolly get banned from the record store for this… but the deceased murine might like it (in a retro kinda way):

  163. i’m out:

  164. What ScottW said.
    Even the fuchton of un-american asswipes we have here now havnt budged the big picture, chrispy.

    Im not threatened by anyone in my day to day and I bet that 100
    Years from now no one in America will be either.

    If you are pissing the bed over a couple hundred thousand immigrants than thats your perogative but it doesnt make the sky fall either.

    Long may It wave.

  165. Places I’ve known
    Things that I’m growin’
    Don’t taste the same without you
    I got my self in
    The worst derp I’ve been
    And I find myself starvin’ without you

  166. I’ve been doing some early morning youtube listening to Merle Haggard, thanks for the suggestions/links. Good stuff. The songs are what Paula calls “old country” which she listens to primarily. I do like that sound and style for a change in my listening habits.

    Since I never paid much attention to his music or the country scene in general I was unaware of his 9/11 views or any generalized dickheadedness. Further confirmation that entertainers, sports stars and most politicians should stick to entertaining.

  167. Things I didn’t know existed

  168. Islam is incompatible with Western Civilization PERIOD. The vetting process for these “immigrants” is highly suspect. Its not like we haven’t experienced San Bernadino, Ft. Hood, Attacks on Recruiting centers, etc. etc. So you’ll please forgive me for casting a hairy eye on this re-settlement program because after all, its being run by this wonderful administration.

    Do these people bring so much to the table that it justifies the risk? Hows that assimilation working out for the Europeans? No Go Zones? Molenbeek? How many years have they had to “assimilate” to Euro culture? Why should I reasonably expect it to be different here?

    Keep importing Islam, its worked out wonderfully everywhere else. Its not like militant (or radical Islam) isn’t expanding.

  169. Dearbonistan has good middle eastern food, but I hate buying it because I worry that I’m helping to financially support my murderers-to-be. Coworkers love it, though.

  170. *gets fired for Islamorealism*

  171. Watching season 6 of Archer with Possum. At some point this won’t be okay, but I got very little sleep and I fear passing out if we watch nature shows.

  172. Do these people bring so much to the table that it justifies the risk? Hows that assimilation working out for the Europeans? No Go Zones? Molenbeek? How many years have they had to “assimilate” to Euro culture? Why should I reasonably expect it to be different here?
    It’s different here; no question.

    Europeans fooled themselves into believing that they could import cheap labor in the 80s and 90s, then send the A rabs home.

    There was no will to do so and I suspect that it was a bit of wishful thinking so as to not integrate with people from the ME. Europeans, while pretending to be enlightened are actually deeply snobby, racist, and nationalistic.

    To the contrary, the people of the US tends to integrate communities very, very well.

    I watched Tushar eat a steak. I know things.

  173. I disagree, we may be different from the euro’s but the Islamists arent any “different.” And the one thing that is very different than the past is that MILITANT Islam is EXPANDING. Why are we taking “refugees” when there are a number of WEALTHY muslim countries capable of “assimilating” them right there in the same region? Why are they not taking these “refugees”? WHY??

  174. The “wealthy” countries won’t take them. The “Palestinians” only exist because Jordan refuses them entry.

  175. Because they are animals,

  176. Rolling up the welcome mat in America is more of a threat to our way of life that Islam could ever be IMO.
    At some point the descion to subsidize non-producing people/citizens or not in this country will dictate the level of immigration.

    If they arnt paid to sit on thier ass they wont come.
    Thas where socialisim cuts its on neck

  177. I read both Chrisp’s comment and Chumpo’s response to it and believe they’re both right. We’re safe by and large because of the mistrust of foreigners that keeps them at arm’s length while they assimilate.

    At the same time I’m concerned about programs or institutions that discourage people from getting Americanized. Cross the border and get issued stretch pants for the wimmen, 6-pack of Lite beer for the men and game boys for the kids. One of us.

  178. I think I came off a bit dickish to Chris. I’m sorry, dude.

    Funamentalisim is bullshit in every srtripe and it raises my hackles.

  179. And kabob and garlic sauce is delicious.

  180. Except The Amish. They’re ok. Wooden guns

  181. Garlic sauce is incredible.

  182. I was looking for a parking space in a crowded lot in Texas a women in full hijab took two spaces, one to park, one to lay a mat and do prayers. You can take that shit and go back to wherever you came from.

    Yeah, I’m rolling up the welcome mat for that.

  183. I saw that in Orange County, Mare.

    That is fucked up.
    No Question.

  184. However I’m always impressed with the kickass hard work new Americans put into their small businesses. It stinks that some of them can only afford to buy businesses in crappy neighborhoods.

  185. I hang out with nuns every week. Not everyone who takes faith seriously is a monster, the faith they’re taking seriously matters.

    Catholics can be bad about it, too, though. Some take “Church Militant” and turn it into “Church Belligerent”, though most of their ire is for fellow Catholics who aren’t “hardcore” enough.

  186. I was looking for a parking space in a crowded lot in Texas a women in full hijab took two spaces, one to park, one to lay a mat and do prayers. You can take that shit and go back to wherever you came from.



  187. At some point the descion to subsidize non-producing people/citizens or not in this country will dictate the level of immigration.

    If they arnt paid to sit on thier ass they wont come.
    Thas where socialisim cuts its on neck

    Unfortunately, our side is going to need a lot of winning in order to reverse that tide.

  188. I see hard workng people every day.
    And they are brown folks by and large.

    It’s the pudgy upper middle class and their nanny-raised children that itritate me.

  189. First, these are arguments of deflection. I don’t care what wealthy A rab countries do. I care what we do.

    Second, you’re correct, Islamists aren’t different. They’re Islamists anywhere and can’t be assimilated.

    I just can’t get worked up over a few thousand A rabs from Syria or wherever. My point is that we’ll never have the same problems that Europe does in terms of segregation. Our society just doesn’t work that way.

    I’d prefer that we don’t take any refugees from anywhere, ever.

    The only people that should ever get into the US should have demonstrable, valuable skills.

  190. I do feel differently about Koreans, Chinese, etc., new Anericans than I do about practicing Muslims. Right or wrong in my experience the former really seem to want to be American.

  191. One of the anesthesia docs was a hardcore Muslim from Egypt who had a hard time taking direction from women nurses when he first arrived. All the foot washing before praying left the locker room bathrooms soaked 2 or 3 times a day when he was on. He was here about ten years before moving on and I miss his expertise. He mellowed over time.

  192. I agree MJ but it’s not a few thousand when all is said and done it’s hundreds of thousands.

  193. *waits for disturbing headline from Chicago with his name in it*

  194. Yeah, I don’t want to pay for areas for foot washing and prayer in public schools or public property.

  195. Chumpo – I see lots of immigrants who are hard working and strive to be American. It’s the ones who don’t strive for that who need to be gotten rid of .

    Support Sharia in the US? gone. Force your family members to wear a hijab? Gone. Sympathy for terrorist organizations. gone.

  196. I’ve seen a few stories like this one over the years

  197. It’s the hijabs and sharia that are deal breakers for me.

  198. My daughter’s boyfriend (they use to work at the same place) had to tell a couple of Middle Eastern employees if they didn’t treat her with respect some serious ass kicking was going to take place

    Oddly, it straightened them right up.

  199. Their culture sucks, and it’s all bullshit piety based on medieval values.

    If you think you need to put your wife in a bag so she doesn’t turn into a pole smoking hoor the problem is with you. You’re not a decent guy.

  200. HA! MJ, so true.

    I also don’t like to hear about sex with goats but I still really like xbradtc.

  201. Don’t like those madrases either. That fem boy, Obama went to one and I think a lot of man-boy love goes on there.

  202. This has been a wonderful chat but I need hand a chandelier.

    Maybe I’ll get around to posting pics of the new house later. It’s almost done.

  203. Rimshot^n

  204. MJ, YES, pics!!! Love your house pics!

  205. to hang

    It’s hard to type in a burqa. I wear one so I can sneak into women’s bathrooms here in NC to take a leak.


  206. I wasn’t sure if “hand a chandelier” was a euphemism.

  207. But that’s okay, what two married adults do in their hallways is their own business.

  208. I live in a part of the country where there are very FW muzzies so I don’t get to experince any of their bullshit. We have some Indian docs and whatnot but far asi can tell, they’re ok. They’re prolly Christians for the most part anyway.

    My sister is a speech path out in Pheonix and works several hospitals. Lots of muzzie health care workers out there. She says they have to be told in no uncertain terms that they have zero chance of getting in her pants and a great chance of being reported to HR of they try. After that all gets settled they’re ok. So she says.

  209. Paula is working hard today so I got to drive the boy to work. I’m grocery shopping after a cigar and I asked her if she needed me to buy anything while I was there. I got eggs as a response. A few minutes later she texted me “Oh yeah, Super Tampico tamping :)”.

    Anyone care to guess wtf that is?

  210. Tampons.

  211. So none of you guys have really experienced the Muslim “culture” then?

  212. Leon got it. She’s torturing me for all the times I text her “beer and condoms” when she asks me.

  213. I work in one of the colonies, Troy. I preferred the Amish.

  214. Her texts get read out loud in her Jeep and the kids are usually with her when she asks

  215. I realize “it doesn’t matter what I think” but I also really like people from “south of the border.” Friendly (this matters a lot to me), hardworking.

    But I think the border should be locked down, tight. Tighter than Valerie Jarrett’s….

  216. Short answer Troy: No, not the way you’ve seen it.

  217. I knew Bush was blowing smoke up our asses about National Security when he refused to build the wall (in it’s various states, electrical, solid, etc.,). Anyone not willing to secure our borders is NOT serious about national security. It’s a fricken sieve.

  218. But I think the border should be locked down, tight. Tighter than Valerie Jarrett’s…


  219. The grocery store I’m going to later now has a halal section in the meat department that wasn’t there 5 years ago.

  220. In Maine. Like the whitest place on Earth needs Halal meat.

  221. Wait, that’s Vermont.

  222. It’s a small section and is frequently marked down for quick sale. I think they’re just checking the box. This chain is based in MA so it’s easier for them than the Maine based store I usually shop at.

  223. I have interacted with every level of Muslim from Royal to Peasant. I have eaten with them in their homes. I have seen them when they “forgot” you were there. I was offered a full ride at the Islamic Academy in DC by the Director of Education Saudi Embassy. I have lived as a civilian in Doha, Qatar (all my interactions with them were as a civilian). This all from a 1994 to 2007. When I tell you guys that importing Syrian “refugee’s” is not a good thing, its from my life experience and not because I’m some beer gutted bubba. Militant Islam is on the rise from a cultural perspective within their culture. There is no reason to think that along with the “regular people” refugee’s that there will not be some very bad actors included.


  224. New poat. Please enjoy my pain and revel in the abandonment.

  225. Interesting, Terribletroy. I’d like to hear more.

  226. I’ve not experienced Muslim culture other than very superficially. I was at six flags about 7-8 years ago and saw some muzzie families. It was about 95 and 70% humidity. Husband and kids are in western casual clothes. Wife is wrapped from head to toe in a blanket showing nothing but hands and face. I remember thinking that it must stink like a pig pen under there.

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