Sub-Machine Gun Wire

Mark Thompson

b. yes, in England

Region capture 26

Yet another reclusive artist.  How very.

Region capture 27

Region capture 28

Region capture 29

Region capture 30

Region capture 33

Thompson’s art I like.  I also like to know a bit about the artist.

I may have to update this post.


Take ‘er EZ


  1. He definitely nails the outdoor scenes during deep winter

  2. Yeah, Pat wouldn’t care. He’s so easy going.

    Gotta get out to see you guys again sometime. That was fun.

    Yes you do. Michigan meet-ups automatically have three hostages so anyone else who comes – we’re easily approaching get-together numbers.

  3. ww

  4. Thompson’s paintings seem kinda bleak. For some reason I get a real post-WWII vibe, as in late 40s.

    Would like to see them in person.

  5. For Cyn. No one else.

  6. As I would, Tex. Unfortunatley TFG is so up his own ass that his own website hasn’t been updated in three years.

    I like the paintings but he comes off as a worthless recluse. I hate that.

  7. Day off. What should I do?

  8. He needs some pussy. I can see that in the drearyness of his work. Throw a pound or two of pussy on him and he might stick a flower or two in there.

  9. Well, this is depressing.

  10. Hotspur – don’t fret. We have this loverly Michigan Spring weather to cheer us up.

  11. Yeah, fourteen degrees at 7am is rather balmy, dontcha think?

  12. HotBride is in North Carolina living it up, while I slave over a warm computer.

  13. Comment by Car in on April 5, 2016 8:39 am
    Day off. What should I do?


    Choking bitches.

    Serving as a puppy head rest.

  14. Those are all good ideas. Zumba will be of the 5 pm variety.

  15. Zelda is a really good puppy babysitter. If puppy wants to stay outside longer than I ( I mean, crazy – right – since it’s beautiful out) I can send her out to watch him.

  16. Ok, i just had to trade Moose a cookie for a dead bird Killer had left on the porch for us.


  17. Zelda was useless in that situation. I take my praise back.

  18. At the airport. I hope I’m licking the right door.

  19. Morning shout out to all the peeps with their kid-watching pups and murder kittehs. This working for a living crap is definitely eating into my drinking time, though it subsidizes it so there’s that.

  20. Zumba at 5:20 for me

  21. I only saw the first half of the game last night. Didn’t want to stay at the ghetto bar until midnight.

    Wish I would have.

    I was rooting for Villanova.

  22. Why not 4-20?

  23. Who is Brother Cavil?

    Mr. B. is taking my car in; it’s making funny noises.

  24. I’m still at work at 4:20

    *puff puff pass

  25. Mr. B. is taking my car in; it’s making funny noises.

    Is your car posting puns to facedouche? Cuz Oso would really like that.

  26. Boooo!…….but probably….

  27. These fucking people have lost the minds – and all credibility.

  28. assholes.

  29. I took moose to visit the zumba studio.


  31. QUICK – someone Photoshop my hair color. CoAl thinks I’m 35.

  32. Dangit. Too late.

  33. I’m thinking I’ll head to the gym tonight to lift and then go to yoga, then the park for a run and swordwork.

    Also, the check should arrive today.

  34. Car in,

    The new thing is dying your hair silver/gray, so you can still claim to be 35, and just a trendsetter.

  35. i may run this afternoon before zumba. I need the sun to help with my mood/motivation.

  36. i *am* a trendsetter.

  37. You should teach Moose to do burpees.

  38. Right after I teach him to stop peeing on my floors.

  39. Teach him to do burpees, and then you can claim that he’s so exhausted that he pees on your floor.

    Just like zumba.

  40. That hair would dye to an awesome color of purple – to match the dildo.

  41. i have NEVER peed on the floor because of Zumba.


  42. Carpet matches the drapes then, Hotspur?

  43. Jay,

    Obviously you’ve failed to truly dedicate yourself to the zumba lifestyle. You don’t really want to achieve the peak level of performance and gain that understanding of the universe that only come with complete immersion into zumba.

    I’m sure car in has informative literature that you can read.

  44. QUICK – someone Photoshop my hair color.

    Okey dokey.

  45. Awww, Moose is adorable! Just a snuggly widdle bear.

  46. I … LOVE IT.

    Can you get Moose’s hair to match?

  47. Moose obviously needs doggy treats and belly scritches.

  48. I just gave him belly scritches (brushed him all over) and that involved many treats being put in his mouf.

  49. Car in, what happened with coach douchebag?

  50. Bugger. I can’t stand the HQ when a Trump-related thread’s on top. Even Ace has gone toxic now.

    I want a mulligan on the 21st century. It’s really kinda sucked so far.

  51. Moose is a handsome fellow!

  52. It’s Spring break. So holding pattern for now regarding soccer.

  53. Maybe you should wait until Moose is a little older before you show his wiener to the internets?



  56. He’s going to need another finger.

  57. I hate these ‘off’ elections. I don’t know any of these city council people up for election. My neighbor is running for school board, but I don’t know her politics…… no votey on any of the people.

    There are two Props……one to increase our property valuation .48 per $100, for the chirrens…and if you don’t the kids will be hurt. Um, no. My taxes are already f*cking high, not to mention personal property tax on top of that, where most of both got to the chirrens. Manage the money better a-wipes.
    The other one is to continue the already upped taxes on the licensing of motor vehicles, boats, etc. If you don’t, roads and bridges will suffer. Um…NOPE.

    And going in the door, someone was out there wanting me to sign petition to increase the taxes to improve roads and bridges.

    Me – “Isn’t that what the gas taxes were supposed to do?”
    Her – “Yes, that is what this is for.”
    Me – “Wasn’t it found out this past year that the highway department had mismanaged millions of dollars?”
    Her – *grinned and walked away*
    Me – “If they can manage the money better, then we can talk.”

  58. And it being an ‘off’ election, all the school employees and their families will be mostly voting. Everyone else has their finger in their nose and will bitch when their taxes jack up.

  59. 8% humidity here. 77F. Snow flurries and high winds just a few days ago. I H8 Spring.

  60. A year or two ago we had to vote on The Clean Water Act.

    It had nothing to do with drinking water, they were trying to keep sewage from seeping into the CT river.

    It was an $800,000,000 project, and it got approved because clean water.

  61. My favorite is the Entity Tax, $250 per year.

  62. It was an $800,000,000 project

    Won’t be long before they find out it was mismanaged and it will show up on another ballot. All the while the pols can barely move from their stuffed pockets and laying out on an exotic beach. F*ckers.


  64. Yeah, the low humidity plus the wind is pretty special, isn’t it Oso? Static electricity sucks.

  65. They were trying to tell me that the school tax one had to be done because our district is one of the lowest paid in the state.

    Wut? I live in one of the safest/most affordable/semi-wealthy cities in the country and you’re trying to tell me our school chirren are going to suffer if we don’t raise taxes enough to compete with the stinking rich cities whose taxes are so obscene I would never think to look at houses there?

  66. Lying sacks of crap.

  67. Kids don’t suffer because a tax initiative doesn’t pass. They suffer when their parents don’t prioritize education, as in reading to them, making them do their homework, eyeballing their report cards, etc.

  68. He’s going to need another finger.

    He’ll just have it made extra large so it can fit… elsewhere.

  69. Pepe, I shock myself all day. I use carts with the grounding wire: Still shocking. I have to be careful with my electronics

  70. Our town is renovating a high school for $80,000,000.

    Will the kids get smarter? Hell no.

  71. We’re renovating medians. $300,000 for the median by WalMart.

  72. DelNorte HS didn’t have enough students to continue to exist. Multi-million dollar remodel=Charter School.

  73. So, the plane was full, I was in a window seat, old dude sat in the middle seat, gray hair, ponytail, beard, straw Panama hat. Spreads his knees waaay apart into my zone as soon as he sits, squares up his shoulders so he’s now touching me at three points (shoulder, elbow, knee). He holds this position until we take off and get to altitude, no amount of squirming on my part makes him reduce his contact at any of the three points. This is not the worst part of his behavior on the flight. I may make a post about it.

  74. Ugh. Post away.

  75. Medians are a scam.

  76. They all need drip irrigation and cosmetic rock and tree placement.

  77. We have public art, too. Mayor Marty decided to copy PHX. THX CYN! 👊🏻

  78. Will the panhandlers who hang out at the median by Walmart get any smarter? fuck no.

  79. Odessa decided to paint the railroad underpasses with frontier scenes. I guess it beats looking at a bunch of graffiti. I knew the artist that did one of them and can honestly say she needed the money.

  80. Pups sat by a nosepicker

  81. The Copley pic at the HQ s one of my favs. I never understood why Watson was nekkid. My fear of sharks pre-dated Jaws.

  82. WalMart panhandlers make bank

  83. At a trade show in Vegas. If I didn’t hate people so much this would be fun.

  84. Greetings, people who can’t quite pull off that hairstyle.

  85. Where in Vegas?

  86. Sean, I’m wearing the Pete Rose with a wire headband and my tiara.

  87. “Where in Vegas?”

    Probably in the shower.

  88. Pups, just scratch and mumble about lice, either that or go full Tourette’s.

  89. …can’t quite pull off that hairstyle.

  90. I don’t gamble, but I love Vegas. 24/7 lifestyle. Bowling at 3AM.

  91. “Pups sat by a nosepicker”

    with the guys’ conjoined twins the 8 day old trouser burps

  92. Pupster complicates things.

  93. I thought that the Vegas Port Convention was next month.

  94. Are those paintings? They look like they could be lithos. Yes, I am actually this lazy about googling.

  95. Chumpo has some artsplaining to do

  96. what’s a googling


    even if the dog haint gettin’ your zest…. keep fighting!

    Go ‘Cuse!!

  98. Dana Perino seems like a real sweetheart.

  99. Ive been drinking wine fpr 7 dayz straight.

    I’m pretty sure they are dugerotypes.

  100. I liked Dana before she paralyzed her face.

  101. I went to an association meeting and one of the dipshit association board members said, “hey, it’s just $5 no one will care.” Well, I lost my shit and said, “that’s not how you manage OTHER PEOPLES MONEY, get off the board if you cavalierly spend other people’s money.”

    I was asked to leave, I said, “nope” and got a standing ovation from other home owners.

    This is how council people act, like money grows on trees and they spend without adding rational thought to to mix.

  102. Team Lauraw. Look like Lithos.

  103. It is never wise to mess with the association.

  104. Co-worker at Sam’s is our HOA President. She has our proxy. We have a lot of curmudgeons that live here. She has 6 kids. She wants sidewalks and playgrounds/ we don’t. She votes our position against hers.

  105. She wanted to raise the HOA payment to $200. Knew we didn’t. Voted our proxy against her position. We won. Mortgage + HOA is still cheaper than apartment rent we were paying 18 years ago.

  106. She’s going to kill you while you sleep.

  107. Ha! We have Charlie Bars, steel doors, and dead bolts. My paranoia matters!

  108. She has master keys.

  109. Plus, she’s a ninja.

  110. We never surrendered our keys to the HOA. Oops.

  111. Dan changed locks and put up steel doors, first day. Moved the door locks to the Master closet and plugged in a phone. Gun on shelf. Safe room. We have fire escape steps to get out of back bedroom. Guns in every room of Condo.

  112. And she probably has people.

    That’s how the HOA works.

  113. One of my work friends went apeshit on her condo board because they all lived in one part of the complex and wanted to spend improvement funds only on their own section when the other areas were going to Hell. Also wanted to alter parking rules to benefit themselves.

    Now she’s the president.

  114. Builder thought we were nuts. Then he gave us his code to the Home Depot. He was great. We have a duo shower and our choice of everything. 18 years later…

  115. They silenced Mare pretty quickly.

  116. I miss Mare already

  117. No HOA here, which is why I can have a trebuchet.

  118. #FLMare. #RIP

  119. It is never wise to mess with the association.

    “Cherish” is the word they use to describe hearing your anguished screams.

  120. Our DJ was a member of the Association. Kenny Rogers

  121. Any one want to take Orange women against UConn?

  122. Orange women are the worst.

  123. Some relative of Boehner’s is playing?

  124. Heh.

  125. Did anybody find a recipe for their favorite food and a bunch of information on poison dosages in anybody else’s search history today?

  126. Breaks bat and hits Sean with splinters. Bonilla’d/

  127. Staying at The Linq. Conference at The Sands. Just got back from dinner at MGM.

  128. Never trust a hippie
    ‘Cause I love punky Bambi
    I’ll kill to find the killer
    In that rotten derp army
    All the spikey punkers
    Believers in the ruins
    With one big shout
    They all cry out
    Who killed Bambi?

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