Greek Wire

Alexandros Vasmoulakis

b. 1980 Athens

Region capture 21

Region capture 19

There’s not much to write about Alexanders Vlatabadababadoodoo’s bio. The young kids today think it’s kool to be generic.  I don’t like that.

Region capture 20


Region capture 12

If you were M.J. and traipsing across the U.S.A. in an electric Le Car you might see this cat’s work covering a 40 story building in some big city somewhere.  He’s that artist.

Region capture 13

Region capture 16

Hi!  I like blue powder OR red powder!

Region capture 17

Region capture 18

Goodbye, friends.


Have a super good time.



  1. that last one looks like an invisible soopervillain is punching that poor flower child in the poon

  2. I don’t get it. Too much going on. I need a coffee.

  3. Sean’s derp last night seemed especially sneaky. Nicely done, Mr. Bond.

  4. First one looks like Smurf Pron, second like Two Frogs Fucking. The portraits are nice.

  5. “No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to derp!”
    — Goldderper

  6. I don’t think the portraits are supposed to be nice. They seem rather hostile. Even the one that’s fullo’ tits.

  7. Frickin’ wordpress can’t handle me signing on without sending it all back to Scott’s account somehow. Whatever. lauraw out. Got to get to class.

  8. Grumble, more wind today. Gusts to 60. “Blowing dust, tie down trashcans, lawn furniture, and small pets…..”

  9. I think this paintings would give me nightmares.


  10. The last one looks like a Volleyball player Leon would have on MMM.

    Nicely done, Chumpo!

  11. I don’t get this one either.

  12. This guy shouldn’t quit his day jerb.

  13. I’ve never been fond much of modern art. But then I’ve never had a taste for the brown acid, either, which may have something to do with it.

  14. good job Chumpo me friend!

    at least it’s not as weird as failing to sell records at the music store

  15. Car in, did you choke a bitch yesterday?

  16. I’m now a member of BJ’s Wholesale Club family. A friend gave me a day pass and when I finally looked at the small print on it about no discounts, no alcohol or gas purchases I just said fcuk it and joined for $50. Paula can get a card under the same fee so why not. I was most excited about the bulk bags of pig ears for dog treats which were the cheapest I’ve seen them around here. Their gas station is a little easier to get to by virtue of the store location compared with Sam’s.

  17. The choking of bitches will occur today. I worked yesterday evening, so couldn’t go/see the soccer game bs.

    And it apparently was BS.

  18. “Florida police have charged Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski with simple battery” (NY Post)


  19. Family BJs, wholesale!

  20. Of all the names for a store…why did they need to settle on that one? Maybe it was from a simpler time, where kids played in the park unsupervised, Hershey bars cost a nickel and blow jobs were known by their formal name of “fellatio”.

  21. My name a Borat

  22. pump n pantry is another unfortunate business name imo

  23. kum & go … really?

  24. Dick Ide Collision

  25. In and Out.

  26. Do not fear me, Gypsy Woman. All I want is your tears.

  27. Dykes Lumber Company

  28. I will look on your treasures.

  29. LP Coplete Hoe Repair – in Walden NY
    just a little down river from Coxsackie

  30. … like sleeve of wizard

  31. >>kum & go … really?

    Ejaculate and evacuate
    Jizz and jet
    Shoot and scoot
    Blow your load and hit the road.
    Seed and proceed
    Spray and stray
    Squirt and scram
    Spunk and bunk
    Boom and zoom

  32. “Shoot and scoot”
    sounds like small unit tactics, i think that’s xb’s area of expertise

  33. Hey Guys and Gals! Know what time it is? It’s time to play “Guess the Party!!!”

  34. Your link sucks more pipe than Barney Frank at the truck stop.

  35. 404 at the record store

  36. It finally showed after a minute or so. 2 page story, party not listed on the first page. I lost interest in the human drama by the end of the first page.

  37. Hahahshdgshahahajajah!!!

    Barney Crank Pipe Service

  38. there is one person’s party mentioned on the second page.

  39. Bozrah is a peculiar name for a town.

  40. Bozrah is a peculiar name for a town.

  41. I blame the (feather) Indians

  42. My partner has a camp better than my house on Moosehead Lake in a place called Misery Gore.

    I think the old map makers used “Gore” when they fucked up a measurement and found some land that didn’t fit on their maps.

  43. Well, it just goes without saying that someone is a democrat, unless otherwise specified.

  44. Well, it just goes without saying that someone is a democrat, unless otherwise specified.

    I found it hilarious that they did not mention his party affiliation (not that it has anything to do with the story), but they mentioned that of the other guy who was elected to the board of selectmen in the same year and who has absolutely nothing to do with the story whatsoever.

  45. This warms my cold cold heart:

    RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

    Let these Alinskyites eat themselves

  46. Look, all I’m saying is putting a Dick’s and a Hooters in the same shopping center, that would be something.

  47. The Caitlyn Jenner Memorial Shopping Center.


  49. Tussah, that’s some sick shit.

  50. Hotspur, you should know by now that when I post a link, ‘Viewer discretion advised’ goes without saying.

  51. Oh, I didn’t need a warning. I was just surprised that the looney batshit bitch could be made to look even more looney batshit.

  52. dinner date this evening with my wife –

    “Facing the Opioid Crisis”
    “A Panel Presentation”

    good times….

  53. Oh no, are we RUNNING OUT OF OPIOIDS?

  54. Dammit, who bogarted all the opiods?

  55. Exhausting day for Dan. His mom was so stressed, she didn’t even know how to use keys or what a fridge was. He ended up spending the day with her. By this afternoon, she was less confused and doing better. SiL is supposed to step up tomorrow. Dan’s boss gave him off Thursday. We’ll both spend part of the day with her. Friday, we tagged her sister. Why yes, we did stop at Total on my way home from work

  56. I know we’ve covered this before but this article and the comments are cracking me up:

  57. I hope things get better for you, Dan, Dan’s sister, and that crazy-ass mother of his.

    I can’t imagine it’s easy, I’ve only been around teh dementia at 2 meat-ups with hotspur, so I don’t have a lot of background.

  58. Pups, pretty long stretch for a HS Old Guy joke.


  60. Pfffffttt…You ain’t seen nuthin.

  61. Dementia runs in both sides of my family for different reasons. I either have to hope for cures or die in my early 80s to avoid it.

  62. Dementia and/or Alzheimers?

  63. Y-chromosomal anomaly on Dad’s side that results in large numbers of tiny strokes, standard issue dementia and Alzheimer’s on Mom’s.

  64. It occurred to me that switching from Defense to Robot Cars was my version of a mid-life crisis.

    What a terribly squandered opportunity. Should have just bought a sports car and joined Ashley Madison.

  65. I thought D and A were patriarchal genes? Anecdote not data. See also my Euchre Gene

  66. My dad died about six weeks shy of his 81st birthday. He outlived both of my granddads.
    Dad and both granddads had some dementia when they died. I haven’t taken nearly as good a care of myself as dad did. I don’t expect to see 81. I may or may not have dementia by then.

  67. My dad died at 84 with frontotemporal dementia. A massive head injury in ’96 precipitated a lot of the decline. His mother lived into her 90’s with her wits still intact.

  68. I couldn’t remember the word “contagious” the other night. We are having an occasional hornet in the house, mostly in Boy2’s bedroom, and I was telling Mrs. Pupster that her bee-horror was….something. Catching? Rubbing off on others? Damn, what is that word?

    Anyway, nobody except for me and the wonder dog can kill a bug in this house, apparently. Boy2 just closes his door, leaves a note for me when I get up, and sleeps in the basement.

    I think there is a nest in the attic or inside the walls.

  69. A disease might be caused by a strong genetic inheritance in some families, but other people who don’t have that one defective gene can still get that same disease through other ways.

  70. The worst disease is the Hawaiian Disease.

  71. Lauraw, Dan’s mom has survived several cancers, several times. His dad survived kidney, stomach, skin, and prostate cancer. Esophogeal was the cancer that took him. So far, Dan has only had skin cancer.

  72. One for Leon and Pupster’s binders:

  73. Better angle for multiple reasons:


  75. The very worst disease.

  76. Thankfully mom was able to maintain her wits right to the end.


  78. Nothing more humorous than listening to a young liberal ask “So do they get oil out of the ground?”

    Other liberal: “Yeah”

    Young liberal: “Where does gas come from?”

    OL: “I think it comes out of the ground too.”

    YL: “Well, what do they do with oil?”

    OL: “They refine it into stuff. Somehow. But I don’t know what it is.”

    Jesus. I’m feeling stabby.

  79. Worst ailment I’ve ever suffered from was DSB Syndrome.

  80. Food comes from stores. Electricity comes from plugs. Money comes from mints and presses……actually that is now pretty much true.

  81. This video has Tuesday and Mr. Chumpo written ALL over it!

    For Justin Timberlake (not what you think!)

  82. Dog Shit Breath?

  83. My uncle had Alzheimer’s, after his Dad did. He was horrified. Wasn’t too bad, but it really bothered him. He was pretty clear when he passed, quite a blessing.

  84. Great article about Buddy Hield, by Buddy Hield:

  85. Dwarf Style Boner

  86. Dead Sperm Buildup.

  87. Oh, yeah, you gotta use that shit.

  88. Buffalo is a dump.

    Somebody should take the Bills away.

  89. Jay that is a great story. It’s easy to make the assumption that most hoopsters are punks. Most of them are not. I’m starting to be very impressed with th curry kid that played for golden state.

  90. Yeah, Steph is a great story too.

  91. Buddy is going to be worth gazillions soon.

  92. The Big 12 loses a lot of great seniors this year. Hield, Niang, Ellis.

  93. Right now Buddy’s mom lives with him, and Isaiah Cousins (teammate). He sleeps on the couch.

  94. Enough to take care of his siblings and mom.

    More than enough.

  95. buffalo is the jewel of the north country –
    democrat rule since 1966.

    buffalo, rochester, and syracuse exported almost all of their manufacturing in the ’60’s thru ’80’s.
    now they are looking to manufacture jihadis…

    bad six sigma

  96. Wind ruined my day. Holy crap.

    I was sure I was going to die on that long bridge between NY & Mass.

    Construction has it down to one narrow lane, and I was getting slammed with lane changing wind gusts.

    I haven’t been that frightened in a long time.

  97. back from my date:
    “Facing the Opioid Crisis”
    “A Panel Presentation”

    so the presentation was interesting – some good speakers and compelling testimonials…

    my take away is:
    the wave has formed and scripts will be dramatically curtailed over the next few years in order to cut back on prescription abuse and the anecdotal linkage to the rise in heroin addictions.
    there’s gonna be a lot of ppl with real pain issues that will probably be caught up in this. (their life is gonna feel the suxxor)


  99. I gotta say, Argentine Tango Girl would fit in with MMM.

  100. scott if you’re referencing the Castleton-on-Hudson bridge the wind is bad frequently – it has an unimpeded blow up the hudson (kind of like andy cuomos mom)

  101. *cocktails and debriefs*

    Awesome poatsy, SuperChumpo!

  102. That’s the one.

  103. That Bridge Hates This Post

  104. If you’re still up, Scott, what were you driving?

  105. Hi Cyn — how are you doing? I’ve been absent and last I heard you were fighting the Tempe Plague.

  106. I fell on my face and have a black eye from eyelid all around. It’s kinda fascinating to look at.

  107. Xbrad, professional dancers often have incredible bodies, especially their legs.

  108. Oh, Lipstick, please stop hurting yourself.

  109. It ain’t my intention.

    How are you doing, hon?

  110. Also, I popped a blood vessel in my eye, so it’s a bloody mess.

  111. And I’m still recovering from H2N1 Tempe flu.

    And I don’t know if you heard, by XMom passed away, peacefully in her sleep early in the month.

  112. I did see that and I give you my condolences again. That’s why I asked how you are.

  113. It was her time, and she was ready to go.

    I’m keeping busy and taking good care of myself.

  114. Good, then. Let me know if I can do anything.

  115. Nothing pervy, though.

  116. Well, I’ve got a spare bedroom now. If you or any other of the Hostages want to come visit for a weekend, you’re welcome. Just don’t expect me to play tour guide or ply you with good booze. Bottom shelf bourbon and vodka only.

  117. Fame and fortune is a magnet
    It can pull you far away from home
    With a derp in your heart you’re never alone

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