Happy Easter






Easter Rising 100 years ago in Dublin, Ireland




Happy Easter everyone. I hope the Easter Bunny brought you lots of chocolate, jelly beans and bullwhips. Now, please pass the ham.


  1. We busted out the Cadbury’s mini eggs last night. One advantage to having older kids.

  2. Happy Easter!

  3. Happy Easter, good people!

  4. Anyone have an update on BiW?

  5. They had a story on the news here about giving the animals at the zoo treats for Easter. I guess that’s better than when they made them fast for Ramadan…….

  6. 2.5 hour Easter Vigil last night. Mini-me was altar server and rang the bells at the Gloria. It’s a long time to ring the bells, and you could tell she was getting tired. One of the choir people suggested she needed to ice her arm. Rocketboy said it was the first time being home for Easter and not altar serving since he became an altar server.

  7. Programming guide has “Sweetest Rides of WWII” listed, I’ll watch for your mom….

  8. I work all day.


  9. It will probably be a crappy tip day

  10. http://is.gd/03IuRG

  11. Who the heck goes out to eat on Easter?


  12. Happy Easter, y’all!!!

  13. People who go out to eat on Easter don’t love Jesus as much as they should.

  14. Polar vortex returns in about a week.

    * buys more pellets *

  15. Is this what cARIN was talking about? I think those helpers were cops chasing the guy in the truck.


  16. BiW has been posting pics and commenting.

  17. We go out to eat on Easter, and it’s awesome.

    The restaurant builds a mandatory 18% gratuity for the servers on the menu. Just as an FYI for anybody who was wondering about my family’s cruelty to the poor enslaved servers in leg irons who must work on Easter. Against their will.

  18. People who go out to eat on Easter don’t love Jesus as much as they should.

    In my case you speak the truth, but you need to march right up to my Aunt Josephine and tell her that, because she doesn’t know.

  19. You monster.

  20. Several restaurants and hotels here advertised special Easter brunches.

  21. I’m sneaking comments while taking breaks from loading truck

  22. I cooked eggs and bacon for Mr. RFH and myself. Kids are still sleeping, so I’ll make lemon poppyseed muffins in a bit for them. No clue what lunch will be. Sauerbraten, red cabbage, and potato dumplings for dinner.

  23. Loading a truck………where’s my H2 code book?

  24. How’s the hip, PG?

  25. http://is.gd/33MODp

  26. I’m cooking Easter Brunch. We’re having pulled pork and roasted taters.

  27. I guess if you had a big family and no room to gather I could see an outing, but I’d do basically anything else.

  28. No dishes, no cooking.

    It’s a lot easier.

  29. Pretty sure my sister does the Easter meal at a restaurant. We usually go to Paula’s parents or have a meal here. We’re cooking the Easter pig at home this year.

  30. No Easter brunch for me. I begged off going over the mountains this year because the weather looked nasty and I have to drive to Kansas on Monday. I’ll go up in a couple of weeks when I get back.

  31. Working on Easter sucks and I hate everyone. One lady just yelled at my friend because we can’t serve alcohol until noon.

    He is Risen.

  32. I’ve gone grocery shopping early on Sundays after doing my rounds and been burned before. No alcohol sales at the grocery store until 9AM. I don’t make a scene and the cashier usually apologizes for the dumb law and offers to have one of the baggers return it. The gas station, which is less than a half mile from my house, is an agency liquor store selling beer and liquor if I was truly out of beer for football Sunday.

  33. It’s like 2 days a year that you can’t buy alcohol before noon. Plan ahead like a real drinker would.

  34. Happy Easter to all my H2 peeps. But not Peeps.

  35. Getting better every day Oso. Thanks for asking. I predict I’ll be off cane by Tuesday or Wednesday. Getting staples out tues and I’m looking fwd to that milestone.

  36. I made Cyn’s peanut butter cookies but I had to change the recipe. I doubled it and used a cup of brown sugar and a cup of white sugar.

    Then I stirred in a whole bag of Toll House Semi-Sweet Morsels.

  37. Working on Easter sucks and I hate everyone. One lady just yelled at my friend because we can’t serve alcohol until noon.
    He is Risen.

    And he’s pissed he can’t get a bloody mary.

  38. Oh man, these are really good with coffee.

  39. Had a hankering for for scotch eggs, have to run to the store for cooking oil. I am officially happy that some folks are working on Easter.

    Anybody need anything while I’m out?

  40. I cant believe Thumper laws like that really exist.

    It’s obscene! Keep your superstitious laws offa mine liver!!!

  41. I heard your mom was a semi sweet morsel.

  42. A dozen eggs, food coloring, chocolate chips, latex gimp suit, twenty feet of silicon tubing, a jar of old-fashioned peanut butter, and a record of the polka hits of 1973.

  43. Can’t buy beer or wine before noon on 52 Sundays per year in Texas. Also no hard liquor sales whatsoever on Sunday. Luckily I only live 20 miles from New Mexico

  44. I remember living in Lubbock when I was a wee lad and the family driving over the county line to buy booze. Also, driving into the warehouse and having them put it in the trunk.

  45. Back in MA there was no liquor sales on Sunday…period. In college we’d be sure to buy a bottle for Sunday trips to the beach. Hawaiian Punch, ice and rum or vodka at Horseneck Beach. And you had to buy liquor at a Package Store, aka “The Packie”.

  46. Really?!!! I saw a god daang drive through liquor store in lubbock!!

    Pointy headed fuchin’ creeps.
    Leave me alone.

  47. Easter dinner out at a restaurant is popular around here.
    We’re blessed with relatives that live close by that host most of the big holiday family gatherings.
    The food and desserts are fantastic!

  48. i cracked open a package of Peeps –
    they’re staling as we speak

  49. Wait, you eat Peeps? I thought you just made obscene dioramas with them, or perhaps used them to make explosive substances…

  50. it’s a dimes difference between those thumper laws and that sharia bullshit.

    Cast no stone, ye.

  51. the original 13 are famous for some great laws

  52. nys got rid of the sunday prohibition a few years back

  53. Well, we should make a big list and fix our own house. Those fundamentalist laws give precedent for more fundamentalist b.s.
    See England 2016

  54. I don’t think there is anything inherently wrong with no Sunday liquor sales, but I will fight to the death for that last bit of whiskey.

    -Chumpo probably

  55. Lubbock went wet about 8-10 ears ago. Up until then it was a city of 200k plus a university pop of 20k all of whom had to drive out to “the strip” to get beered up. The strip was about a dozen huge liquor stores along a mile of US 87 south of town. It was a traffic nightmare on Friday and Saturday nights. Now most of those buildings are storing hay. Or cotton strippers.

  56. Dry counties are a bizarre thing to me. Michigan was settled by French and Polish, mainly, so the only thing they blue-lawed was the alcohol on Sunday mornings. We didn’t even stop drinking wine during Prohibition.

  57. I remember a time when it was unusual for ANY business to be open on Sunday. When the first mall was built in my area, some stores defied convention and operated during the holiday season on Sundays and it was a big deal in my little town in the late 1970’s.

  58. I remember that. If you needed groceries on a Sunday you had to go to the Jewish grocery store.

    Nothing else was open but a handful of gas stations and 7-11.

  59. It was like that until 1980.

  60. Time to cook the dinner. Scotch eggs got mixed reviews, I’ll pack them in my lunch this week.

  61. No liquor sales until noon on Sunday. None at all on Christmas Day. FYI I KNOW BETTER!!! Why would I even think I could help Dan assemble a bookcase? He doesn’t count the parts and he ALWAYS starts assembling without reading the directions!!!! I was counting screws and dowels and he had already attached the feet. I’m so glad the rest of moving MiL is just textiles, pictures, knick knacks, and paintings. Whew. Bourbon, anyone?

  62. I’ve been finding more and more international companies using the Ikea model for technical documents, I downloaded an installation manual that was all pictures for an IP camera. The device itself is “smart”, so when you plug it in the network it has it’s own web page for programming, but the physical installation and wiring manual is all pictograph.

  63. It’s probably cheaper to hire a couple of artists than to translate the instructions into different languages.

    Or people are just too dumb to understand written instructions.

  64. Chingresh was a problem.

  65. That’s why Dan doesn’t read the instructions.

    For 20 years, step 1 was throwing out the useless instructions.

    I just recently started reading them again.

  66. My wife uses the Ikea instructions as coloring books.

  67. For some reason I find that incredibly funny.

  68. Dan never even bothered with the pictographs for our IKEA pieces. He always has a phillips. Me: It provides an allen wrench and a weird looking tool thingy. You don’t need your phillips. Dan: (Ignores me and uses phillips) 10 minutes. Start to finish.

  69. I like to have a measuring tape. We have several. I measure everything. SYWM. 2 trips to WalMart today.

  70. Mrs. Pupster and her mom put together an Ikea microwave cart with two shelves. I refused to participate and just sat back to watch the fun. (Her mom kind of has to be in control so I knew where I would rate in the pecking order.) I wish I would have you-tube-d it, very entertaining.

  71. Someone just grabbed trashcans and trashbags without asking his wife who has worked discount retail for over 30 years.

  72. “Where does that go?”

    “These holes don’t line up”

    “Your holding it wrong”

    “Is this the top?”

    “You’re bending it!”

    “This doesn’t look like the picture”

    Oh, man…it was beautiful.

  73. haha Pups. How did the cart turn out?

  74. “Where does that go?”
    “These holes don’t line up”
    “Your holding it wrong”
    “Is this the top?”
    “You’re bending it!”
    “This doesn’t look like the picture”

    Your mom and I had a similar conversation last night.

  75. I just go on YouTube for instructions on how to do things.

    My neighbor had a printer/scanner that wasn’t working, and sure enough, I found a YouTube that showed exactly how the paper could jam and you’d never find it. Took about a minute to fix, and it’s been chugging along for years now.

  76. Car in needs one of these http://is.gd/b5bHRt

  77. In Lubbock, a store could only be open 6 days a week. There were 2 T G & Ys, so one was closed Saturday, and one was closed Sunday.

    Actually had good weather today, cold early, but not much wind. Found and fed all the cows and bulls and shot a coyote (trotting away at 200 yards). No Easter activities.

  78. http://tinyurl.com/hqov5kz

  79. I condemn myself


  80. XB, I was trying to access a youtube for the Amisco bed we took over for MiL to use. Dan started re-assembling the bed before I found anything. “You don’t have free Wifi here”.

  81. Car in would be happier with this version:


  82. Happy Easter, people who are sick of being referred to as Peeps.

  83. How did the cart turn out?

    It all worked out, a couple of helpful hints from the peanut gallery and some muscle from me at the end and it turned out fine.

    I make the Pupster boys do all the assembly and repair work these days, they like to build stuff and they need the experience with hand tools more than I do anymore.

  84. Weirdest thing with the honeybaked ham…the glaze had hardened into a crust and rather than melting in the oven, it just sort of cracked into candied pieces. I reglazed the ham with some cherry preserves, honey and spices and it turned out pretty good. First time I’ve ever had a problem with their products.

  85. Easter Dinner here will be of the pulled pork bbq sammich variety.

  86. Someone asked Joseph of Arimathea why he would give away his special burial site. He replied, “He’s just staying over the weekend.”

  87. We had a spiral cut ham, Hannaford store brand. It was in the oven about 20 minutes too long but it was really good. Sweet potatoes and broccoli to complete the meal.

  88. I have never had a Honeybaked ham. The only people I eat holiday dinners with are my immediate family, and my mom can’t stand ’em.

  89. Sean, I leave off the glaze that comes with the honeybaked ham. Too much clove, and the honey powder is weird to me. The Costco ham has a good flavor without it.

    Sauerbraten turned out well, and everyone here is in a carb coma.

  90. We went with a Sam’s carving ham. (I have no idea what that means.) Dan steamed asparagus. Sam’s Deli scalloped potatoes. King’s Hawaiian rolls. It was yummy. Dan cooked at his mom’s house. After all the building and moving stuff, we returned the truck to Celena and Frank’s and they made burgers. Work at 4 am

  91. So here is a life lesson reiterated – If you are good looking with big boobs you can make guys agree to anything ex. https://twitter.com/LindseyPelas/status/714177345100251136 you know most of these guys stumble into McDonalds at 4 am demanding hot apple pies and chicken nuggets and berating the hell out of the woman behind the counter but on twitter trying to score points with the model fast food workers are the great american hero.

  92. https://thehostages.wordpress.com/2015/09/18/bbf-39/#comments

    She’s one of my favorites, fakeChad.

  93. Lindsey Pelas was featured here on BBF a while ago. I only know that because I stumbled across a picture of her and I was going to suggest her to Pupster but checked on it first. Lo and behold, she’s one of our oglees.

  94. Heh

  95. Here’s one for leon’s binders:


  96. I am watching Tentacles.

    It could be the worst movie of all time, so bad it’s good.

  97. Honestly she is also cool as shit, if possibly a little liberal. I interact with her fairly regularly on twitter and she hasn’t filed a restraining order yet. Strangely I am far more popular in twitter than I am in real life.

  98. Penelope tried to watch part of Frozen, made it about 10 minutes.

  99. For all you cat lovers – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqtunQ4yd30 – I have to say the cgi in this is absolutely awesome

  100. Take Jaws, substitute CA for Martha’s Vineyard, an octopus for a shark, and a journalist for a sheriff and you have Tentacles.

    There is even a kids boat race at the peak of the killing.

  101. is this the movie from the 70s or a new syfy movie

  102. 70’s, they even stole the music. It is horrible.

    I highly recommend.

  103. And then she Let it go, right?

    Did she make it through building a snowman?

  104. We caught it at the part where some girl is at a store??? with an incomprehensible clerk and then gets in a sleigh and is chased by wolves.

  105. Completely OT, but my brother got me a copy of the album that this is on for my birfday.


    Fun video.

  106. Every time someone calls and asks if we’re open, I have to make an Herculean effort to resist saying “No, I’m just hanging out here in the office, waiting to tell people that we’re closed today.”

  107. I called the grocery store this morning to make sure they were open, and the lady answered the phone “Cub Foods, we are open today until 2, how can I help you?”

  108. Pepe, you have to start at the beginning. IMHO it was pretty lame after the Do you wanna build a snowman? montage.

  109. Do you wanna do some blow, man?

  110. Unless it’s better than Lilo and Stitch, I’ll pass, Oso.

  111. It isn’t. Dan H8D it. I wanted to watch Zootopia, but I’ve heard it is heavy with the SJW stuff. Stoopid Disney.

  112. I got zootopia from your mom.

  113. Checking in to say g’night. Choke on ice after reading Scott’s comment. It is a weird kind of pain, waiting for the ice to melt enough to breathe.

  114. Do you want to blow a snowman?

  115. I know Andy and a couple others mentioned it a while back, but I finally got to see Last Days in Vietnam last night. It was excellent. The heroism many of the people interviewed in the film showed in trying to get people who would surely be killed by the NVA out of there was remarkable.

    The director, Rory Kennedy, is one of RFK’s kids, but it doesn’t sugarcoat the way the congressional Dems stabbed South Vietnam and our people who were still working there right in the fucking back.

  116. Oh, shit, Tentacles is on here now.

  117. why again was oso blowing a snowman…? i’m too lazy to read up-thread

  118. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and that stores near you didn’t run out of Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.

  119. My Easter involved albuterol, prednisone, Levaquin, and very, very kind neighbors who delivered a lovely plate of ham and sides just as I was sitting down to a traditional dinner of pulled pork BBQ.

    And bourbon. A significant amount of bourbon.

    He is risen.

    He is risen indeed.

  120. Jesus, help me derp my proper place
    Jesus, help me derp my proper place
    Help me in my weakness
    Cause I’m falling out of grace

  121. Only 364 shopping days intil Easter. Get going.

  122. Half price plastic grass anyone?

  123. oy!

  124. important news alert:

  125. http://tinyurl.com/h4d54gz

  126. oooo look – toothpaste:

  127. http://tinyurl.com/grbu8mr

  128. There must’ve been a whole tube of toothpaste in there

  129. i wonder were the E Bunny goes after his work is done?

  130. Gas prices are creeping upward. I expect the press will treat this as an important issue during an election year

  131. http://tinyurl.com/zacc8zv

  132. it’s Bushes fault

  133. Workie workie

    I’m assisting on a case to learn a technique that I have been referring kids out for. MPFL reconstruction became a thing after I completed my training and over the last 5 or so years has become much more commonly performed. I already do a variation of this for younger kids with open growth plates called a Galeazzi Procedure.

  134. its’

  135. good luck!

    wash your hands first

  136. “Hi, thanks for calling the Blind Fish, yes we are open until 6 and no we don’t take reservations, how can I help you?”

    All. Day. Long.

    wakey wakey.

  137. MMM in about 15 minutes. I had a weird night.

  138. Possums come back from the dead again?

  139. No. I forgot to go to bed. New post.


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