Wild Wire

Thomas Hart Benton

b. 1889 Neosho, MO  d. 1975

Now here we find something like.  What!!  T. H. Benton was a native son whose father was a U.S. CongressCritter.

Region capture 28

Region capture 30

Region capture 29

After disappointing his asshole father, Benton studied art in Paris and then returned to The U.S. to lend his energy to The American Regionalists who were thoroughly unimpressed with European Abstraction, soft cheeses, and falderal, etc, etc.

Region capture 36

Region capture 34

Region capture 33

Benton served in The Navy during WWI and was stationed at Norfolk. While there he was directed to make illustrations of shipyard work and to paint the various ships as he saw them enter the harbor.  He was later certified as a camoufleur and credited his experiences in The Navy as the most important work of his nascent career.  Not too shabby.

Region capture 37

Region capture 40

Region capture 39

After The War, Benton declared himself an “enemy of Modernism” in art and proceeded to generate an impressive collection of Regionalist paintings and murals; many of which may be as familiar to you today as they are to me.

Region capture 41

Region capture 43

Artists such as Benton are wonderful subjects to research as they are true spirits and their lives are completely filled with their pursuits.  Benton’s output and support for American themed art can only be referenced here briefly and barely in passing.  Please enjoy further reading about such an accomplished and inspiring patriot.


Thomas Hart Benton

Region capture 45

New Master


  1. Heh on the Susan Estridge.

  2. haha “falderal” i haven’t heard that in a while. my gramps used to use that word frequently.

    nice poat Chumps!!

  3. the skull under the tree looks like it belongs on a G Dead album cover

  4. wakey wakey

  5. Kansas City’s own.

  6. Home internet has been out since 2pm yesterday. “Technician” coming between 830 and 1230.

    If I’m not ecstatic with the service by 1230, I’ll get comcast out here tomorrow.

  7. Wind forecast: 40 mph, may have gusts to 70. Oh what fun.

  8. It’s a NIN kinda morning. amiright?

  9. Pupper has taken to waking up at around 6 am and deciding it’s time to play. I lay in bed and try to ignore, then finally get up.

    And then he goes back to bed.

  10. Even on my iPhone I can tell I’m going to like viewing these in a larger format.

    Jimmy likey

  11. Bonus points for “falderal”!

  12. When we got Rowan the breeder said that it was important to balance play with rest with puppies which makes sense. They go 90 mph then fall into a deep sleep soon after. I think he was concerned that with 2 kids we’d wear our poor puppy out. Didn’t happen.

  13. Right now they’ve got a routine which they are insistent we keep. This routine involves not sleeping in even on weekends or holidays. After doing their business, eating their kibble, wrestling with me or the boys it’s nap time. Forget changing it, it’s Chinatown.

  14. Alright, time for some unplanned workie workie

  15. Pupper does sleep a lot. Naps hard. I’ve seen him just walking across the floor only to collapse and nap.

  16. Veeeeeeeeery interesting…..

  17. Nice choice, Chumpo. Very nice. That last one I absolutely love. The legs, the caps the flow of everything. I could stare at these for a long time.

  18. Great Poat Chumpo.

  19. Religion of Peace Performs Act of Peace…Again.

    This is only going to pump Trump’s numbers.

  20. So when does the backlash in Europe start? Islam is incompatible with “Western Civilization.” Period. Stop. End of Story.

  21. Susan Estrich.

  22. What about Susan Estrich?

  23. Oh, just correcting spelling?

  24. Heh, this guy illustrates Louis L’Amour books.

    And chumpo discovered the more tag! *runs

  25. How does a rational person NOT see that terrible troy is correct?

    Also, to blacks who are muslim, especially the women, you do realize you must be owned be either your father, a male family member or then to your husband? You are a slave. Period.

    If you are a muslim black women and don’t care about this, shut the eff up about American slavery, BLM and all the other bullshit you’re constantly blathering about.

  26. Pump Trump’s numbers, so he can lose to Hillary.

  27. I knew it. Louis L’Amour books.

  28. Thank you, all for such a kind reception.

    *opens complimentary craft beer and wine bar*

    **que the jazz quartet**

  29. Wine bar!!!

    Mare loves Chumpo.

  30. I just made omelettes stuffed with Zatarain’s, roast beef, and pepper jack cheese.


  31. I read an interestig quote last night before falling asleep. Something to the effect, “We now have the electorate that the founding fathers feared the most. And we’ve had it for at least the last two elections.” Id be interested to hear your thoughts.

  32. One step further…. I believe a certain element intended to create this electorate and continues creating same with their “immigration policies.”

  33. http://is.gd/7zgXnf

  34. Obama’s going on about Slavery in Cuba.

    He’s an idiot.

  35. Dirty rice, scott, or jambalaya?

  36. Obamafo.

  37. Jambalaya. I am pissed that it took me 53 years to discover that stuff.

  38. >>Obama’s going on about Slavery in Cuba.<<

    current version or historic?

  39. Trumps AIPAC speech was very good.

  40. That Obamafo “lady’s” vote counts as much as mine.

    That hurts.

  41. Does he know anything about communism? WTF is wrong with him?

  42. FSA / Union is a majority in many states.

  43. In CT 17% are in union jobs, 10% are on food stamps.

    Add in family members and you have half the vote.

  44. Huh. Percentage union workers by state

    Top are all blue states. Shocking coincidence.

    NY – 25%
    HI – 21%
    WA – 18%
    OR – 17%
    CT – 17%
    CA – 16%
    NJ – 16%
    RI – 16%
    MI – 15%
    IL – 15%
    MN – 14%
    MA -13%
    ME – 12%

    Compare to

    TX – 4.8
    FL – 5.7
    S.C. 2.2

  45. I am so weary of waking up to the news of the slaughter of innocents by Muslims. I get that we live in a dangerous world.

    But when the very first sentence from our so called leadership includes “but Islam is a religion of peace” it is surely infuriating.

  46. Another coincidence, the same states have the worst economies and the most organized crime.

  47. Slowley I turned…
    And step by step, inch by inch…

    Wham! Bam!! Boom!!!

  48. At least one American serviceman and his family injured in the attacks.

  49. “This is what happens when you don’t have a real government and a divided bureaucracy

    -Andre, a Belgian on the street.

  50. Zika for sale! Get your fresh Zima virus right here!!

  51. Hey kid, you look too healthy. Tell ya what, comment here and get a deadly virus…

    They always run when I pitch the certain muerto.
    It’s hard to explain.

  52. so odumbass sympathizes with a commie murderer, once again slandering us while on foreign(enemy this time) soil,
    does the bare minimum to fight 7th century barbarians and avowed enemies of all free thinking ppl on earth,

    & our turds in congress still refuse to do anything about it –

    3 branches




    and none of these fuktards (except a dozen or so political lepers) will mount any real opposition to our destruction
    we have a supposed republican candidate that has done more in one campaign season to undo everything that the`tea party has fought to reverse over the last 8 long years
    ppl cheer that gold plated illiterate ignoramus blowhard – ppl supposedly on the right side of the equation

    Fuk it –
    ima start smokin’ dope and try to stay drunk until the flames can’t be ignored by the dingleberries that have voted clowns like the commie-n-chief into office

    fat dumb and sedated bitches

  53. jam. Don’t waist all your dough on dope and booze. Save some for ammo.

  54. Waste not waist. Dumbass.

  55. Now is not the time to tune out.

    Now is the time to start reading prepper books and getting in shape.

    Also, I’m going to miss AoSHQ when it’s gone.

  56. Ammo’d up pretty well

  57. My patriot supply – 👍

  58. I’ve been looking around for a short wave setup

  59. I need to buy more pellets.

  60. I promise not to bring with me whatever’s in the Val-U-Rite today if you don’t run me off…

  61. I think Ace hit his absolute limit today. Maybe a comment cut off will calm some tits over there.

    I’m going to miss it.

  62. I can’t blame him. I may have been overboard myself this morning, but it’s been comment-board death squads for months now.

  63. Ace took a timeout from Twitter and has been spending more time reading comments. Lots of people attacking him. Very ugly. I’m glad he put the Pedo Post on the main page. It got lost in the comments and Trumpanzees were attacking him over it.

  64. Brother Cavil, how many bullwhips are in your ass right now?

  65. None that I’m aware off. I grumped in one thread, another was up for a while, then I’m gone for two hours and I come back to the Commentpocalypse.

  66. Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford dies today.

    Ace shuts down comments.

    If you don’t see a connection here, you are not paying attention.

  67. I didn’t realize that Ford had died. It all makes sense now.

  68. Rob Ford was the only thing I liked about Canada.

  69. I was kinda shocked to learn Ford was only 46.

  70. Rob Ford…hard living and cancer, but mostly cancer. RIP, Mr. Ford.

  71. But he had the partying capacity of a 23 year old.


  72. heh. Trump broke the internets.

    How come Teh Banished don’t start up a couple of new blogs?

    Oh yeah, because they are followers.

    Well, man the parapets and heat up the tar.

  73. Scott I think you were talking about the whisper a bit back – I bought one a couple years ago to see if it was quieter than the Diana that I’ve had for a long time . It shoots pretty well, especially for the price. It’s only a little quieter as near I can tell Pellet guns are a great tool to stay sharp. And like you mentioned you can’t beat the price of the ammo.
    I take a deep breath every time I load up the truck and take anyone out to shoot clays and paper. ’06 & .308 is pricey.

  74. Live fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse

    well, two out of three ain’t bad….

  75. Huh, comments shut down at AoS due to a convulsion of toxic assholes.

    That stinks.

  76. 630 comments in 2 hours?
    Ridiculous. That’s why nobody goes there.

  77. Cavil, I’d seen your comments at the HQ and thought you’d like it here, glad to see you found us. Things are ugly there right now.

    Here it’s mostly stoic resignation and occasional binge drinking.

  78. I pray for the repose of obviously troubled soul of Rob Ford. He was still on t-shirts when I went to Windsor to buy light bulbs.

  79. Andy gets just under 100/hr for the good morning post. Probably more now.

    It seems like there would be a dozen Foaming@TehMouthFerRealz(dot)kom sites with that kind of demand.
    I would like to put it on paper that this is a great backstory for a screenplay.
    If I can put something together expect to be interviewed. (off the record of course)

  80. Don;t forget the veiny lady-men and the fag art!!

  81. Yeah. I’ve wandered in and out occasionally. I think I’ll stick around this time.

    In the mean time Ace accidentally reopened comments, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they closed but good in the near future. Something about this campaign season, it’s like a plague of madness…

  82. And really, I need to get my own long-neglected blog running again.

  83. The bovine women don’t dust beds anymore.

  84. 200 comments in 30min. That’s a rabblerabblerabble.

  85. I blame that stupid “Fat Acceptance” movement.

  86. Does anyone else find it hilarious that Ace “accidentally” opened comments up again?

    How long has he been running that place?

  87. We’re talking about the Amazing Self-Banning Blogger here. Also, Pixyware 0.666 is in play.

  88. Thanks, Scott. I really miss that meme.

  89. Wiserbud, it wouldn’t be the Ewok we love if he wasn’t double posting, bolding, italicizing, etc.

  90. We’re talking about the Amazing Self-Banning Blogger here.

    On a blog that, let’s be honest, really doesn’t have a great banning system in place to start…

    That was truly classic.

  91. Dan got the keys to MiLs assisted living apartment. We’ll be moving her furniture in on Thursday. Moving her in next Tuesday.

  92. Good luck with stuff, Oso. Won’t she notice her furniture gone?

  93. The best was when he was multi-tasking and accidentally linked porn.

  94. Good poatsy, Mr. Chumpo

  95. The best was when he was multi-tasking and accidentally linked porn.

    It’s a shame he hasn’t updated his Top Ten Posts in about a decade or that definitely would have been one of them.

  96. Bleh. I like Ace when he’s commenting on pop culture and less on politics.

    Now is not the time to tune out.

    Now is the time to start reading prepper books and getting in shape

    I really want this damn house sold so I can make a few purchases. Also, I need to go run this afternoon. Thanks a lot for the reminder. :(

  97. Also, I’m going to miss AoSHQ when it’s gone.
    Is it shutting down? I haven’t read it in awhile. It’s not funny anymore.

  98. Thanx, Kitten.
    Is it too early for a sip?

  99. Oh, I see.

    Well, that’s too bad.

    RIP Rob Ford. He will be missed, but more than likely he’ll be confused with an SNL character.

  100. We’re not taking it all. Just a few pieces. Taking the full size bed from our guest room for her. Dan will take care of selling the rest of the stuff, before we sell the house. Giving the listing to one of my CiLs.

  101. Too early? Hell – I just got home and I’m on number two. HURRY!1!

  102. Alex, San Diego State is no place to be a prepper. If society breaks down for more than tree days and you’re still there, game over.

    The best prep for so cal is a scatter gun a bag of blue a bottle of tamiflu and an enduro motor cycle with 350 mi range.

  103. Heh, I meant for you! I’m right there with you.

    Good times.

  104. Someone reader-digest what happened at Ace’s. I don’t but read the front page anymore – and not even that everyday.

    I expect you morons to keep me current on stuff.

  105. It’s not funny anymore.

    His recent analysis of a Republican debate was brilliantly funny.

  106. Chumpo,

    If society breaks down I’m heading West. I can make it to family on the Western Slope and hide out there. I just want a pistol and possibly a shot gun.

    I may very well get a motorcycle as well.

  107. l – I just got home and I’m on number two. HURRY!1!</em

    I gotta run a few miles then I can join you cool cats.

  108. His recent analysis of a Republican debate was brilliantly funny.
    Yeah, that was pretty good.

  109. That’s the name of the game Alex.

    Ace is funny. He sees for miles and miles. I think he’s sick of the knuckle draggers. Who wouldnt be.

    Im surprised he reads his own press in the comments. I dont know how he can at 400+ an hour.

  110. Everyone is sick of the knuckledraggers… except for the knuckledraggers.

    I don’t care if you support Trump or not. Hell, even before Trump there were people who wanted to obsess over the same issues no matter what the thread. And they never had anything new to say.

  111. So – people at ace’s are going ballistic on anti-trumpers or something?

  112. We’re coming into the full moon… it explains so very much.

  113. Ace started posting about Trump and the Trumpanzees started going off in the comments. It has been going on for awhile, but ratcheting up recently.

  114. They turn EVERY thread into Trump! Trump! Trump! Lots of new nics. Some old usual suspects.

  115. http://tinyurl.com/zuh7glx

  116. Also, there’s been general free-floating assholery on both sides. LIke I say, commenter death squads. Today it got too much, but it’s not like there hadn’t been warnings.

    This whole Trump thing just brings out the worst in everyone. It’s even happening in subjects nothing to do with Trump now.

  117. I need to book a fishing trip every full moon.

    Shit gets janky.

  118. Jam, I saw that. I guess, like Boston, lots of amputations.

  119. Does that pop out when the turkey is done?

    I cant tell what that is.

  120. I guess the one thing that bothers me most about the vilification of Trump and his supporters is that it reeks of what the leftists and the media did to the Tea Party. I wonder how many Trump supporters are former “tea party” types?

  121. These terrorists are 12th century animals using 20th and 21st century tactics. Ace asked about the morality of arm twisting. I’m firmly in the “do what needs to be done to get info” camp. These animals have set themselves outside of civilized society, they should be treated accordingly. It’s the little they DO understand.

  122. Nail Bomb?

    Nobody uses nails anymore. Its all about screws

  123. In a way, Trump is Tea Party 2.0 alright–plan A failed, so now it’s the less nice plan B. We really don’t want to find out what plan C is, but I get the idea we’ll know soon enough.

  124. These effers are blowing nails through peoples bodies FFS. And for what? A shitty religion that follows a pedophile prophet, encourages child molestation through madrassas and child brides, covering women from head to toe, owning them and making non believers pay taxes or die. And let’s not forget the beheadings, the stonings, the limb chopping and goat loving.

    F them all.

  125. Most of us Tea Partiers are Cruzing. I didn’t like the abuse from the GOPe towards the Trumpers, until the whole “Cuck” issue exposed who a lot of his followers are. People I used to follow on Twitter are still Storm Fronting for Trump. We watched Celebrity Apprentice. I don’t think Trump is a racist, but he never disavows his followers that are.

  126. We had 50 strawberry plants last fall. Our mild winter had the rabbits out and foraging for grub and it looks like they killed about half of them.

    They will pay.

  127. Take the term “moderate” and shove it up your ass.

    But I mean that in a nice way.

  128. I think the deal with trump and criticism is so meta … people assume the enemy of my enemy thing and it working against our interest.

  129. They will pay.


    Go Jihadi on their asses. But don’t use nails, just shoot the bastards with your whisper.

  130. My strawberry plants should be here soon.

  131. i saw some of the early reporting / images – before they blurred the injuries out:
    horrific injuries
    i would go on a 57 state rampage if it happened to a family member-

    we need leadership that will allow the extirpation of this human plague.

    by allowing it’s continued existence, we are training and hardening our enemy

    that includes that mentally defective little scumbag in norkville and those filthy fuckers in the house of saud

  132. I’m with Ossita on that. 10 wrongs make a burnt up party.

  133. “we need leadership that will allow the extirpation of this human plague”

    It’s Europe, they’ll ban alcohol and pork first.

  134. Who the eff dresses Michelle Obama?

  135. Omar de Tentmaker

  136. There was a full-sized red fox in my driveway when I pulled in.

    Apparently these pelts go for $10-15, so I won’t bother staking it out for a day.

    Coyotes go for $30-80 based on quality.

  137. I believe I’m on record saying that Europe could use a man like Vlad Tepes today. Sadly the only Vlad is Putin, and he’s no Dracula.

  138. Canada isn’t far behind.

  139. We really don’t want to find out what plan C is, but I get the idea we’ll know soon enough.

    Plan A was “we’re good people, please listen to our complaints”.

    The MSM called them monsters and racists.

    Plan B is “you didn’t listen, and now we’re mad and don’t care what you call us”.

    Plan C is straight-up monsters and racists.

  140. I’m still a fan of my Wheel of Misfortune game show. After a terrorist bombing the show airs the next night. List of targets on a wheel with a scantily clad model spinning the wheel to decide where the bombs are dropped. Broadcast it live with the jets already in the air. Random violence met with random retaliation.

  141. I just wish the LEOs and FBI would stop lying to us. The woman that drove her car into pedestrians on the sidewalk in Vegas: Aloha Snackbar! The college kid in Cali stabbing people with a knofe:Aliha Snackbar! I’ve read that there have been a couple of Somalis with knives at airports, Aloha Snackbaring, but it is not being called “Terrorism”. Trying to keep the red necks from getting riled up.

  142. We had 50 strawberry plants last fall. Our mild winter had the rabbits out and foraging for grub and it looks like they killed about half of them.

    They will pay.

    Smokapitibarrelotl will have his sacrifices!

  143. Ooh…I like that idea Jimbro.

  144. I need to figure out where I’m planting strawberries. I’ve got extra gardens planned for pumpkins, gkh, sunflowers, and nasturtium thus far. No idea where to put strawberries.

  145. Ours got their own bed right in the middle of the lawn.

    The lawnmower will keep their spread in check.

  146. Choose a window that it’s easy to shoot rabbits from. Then choose a plot within range of your abilities with the pellet gun.

  147. Comment by jam2 on March 22, 2016 5:35 pm

    i saw some of the early reporting / images – before they blurred the injuries out:
    horrific injuries
    i would go on a 57 state rampage if it happened to a family member


    Who will you shoot? Random moose-limbs? Politicians?

    Seriously, who do you target?

  148. I thought we were going subsonic .22?! Now its pellets?
    It’s difficult to keep up with this gardening blog.

    I just learned that there is a round in .174 cbr. That sounds really cool.

  149. Boo. No subsonic .17s. Oh well.

  150. http://is.gd/gqSjbE

    And yet here we are…

  151. These were great. No noise out of a rifle.


    Really getting tired of no .22 ammo. Before the big Obama gun scare, 550 rounds of .22 ammo was $10.50 at WalMart. Now, if you can find it, it’s over $50 for 500. The manufacturers swear they are making as much as possible, but there was never a shortage before and even panic buying would have stopped in 5 years. Crazy.

  152. Pepe, look up thread. Jimbro had an awesome idea about random targets. We could ne as random as the Daeshbags. Let them worry. Make their citizens afraid to travel. I’m still angry about the nuns in Yemen and the ROPers threatening to crucify Fr Tom this Friday. They captured him when they killed the 4 nuns.

  153. It’s an odd issue Pepe. I don’t know what to think about that. I’m just not capable of thinking that the gov is involved in choking the supply. If there is colussion it has to be on the mfg side. Maybe to encourage the larger cal rifle market?
    It’s really stupid.
    It’s reason #97 to want to drink all day.

    When $500 in .22LR is hard to come by there is something very wrong.

  154. “just not capable of thinking that the gov is involved in choking the supply.”

    Manufactures are too busy filling Gov’t orders.

  155. This place is an aggregator for different ammo sellers.


    They break it down to price per round if you’re comparison shopping (shipping extra). I’m seeing more .22 around on email ads from Midway, Natchez, Palmetto State, etc. I can’t remember the last time I saw .22 at Walmart.

    There’s an outdoors shop on the exit I take to get to camp and we buy worms for the boys to use as bait there. When we first bought the camp I was wandering through and bought 5 different brands of .22 to comparison shop just because I could. They were regular price and on an end table. Now because of Obama scare they have the .22 in 10 round increments in little zip loc style bags for about 25 cent/round. Crazy.

  156. 500 pellets is about $5.00.

  157. Our Winter was so warm, we still have 2 pallets of pellets in stock. Usually gone by late Jan when the swimming pool chems come in. Not this year. Tonight’s system may remedy that. Stupid wind.

  158. I’m talking wood pellets not pellet pellets. Or 22 ammo.

  159. Is there a bunch of gov issue wepons chambered in .22?

    I cant imagine.

  160. Oh. Filling gov orders for other cals. That makes sense, Scott W.

  161. Wicked smaht

  162. Ghetto bar, Trumpsters.

  163. Luckygunner.com was very kind to me, and offered review ammo (I let URR shoot it).

  164. Why do you guys need to stock up on ammo? You only need one round to kill yourselves, unless you’re a really shitty shot.

  165. I bet they are paying top dollar. Other people’s money.

    All this prepper talk has me concerned that I gave away all my fishing gear.

    Next chance I get. We could survive at our secret lake forever. That place is packed with fish.

  166. I read the ONT and some of the daily posts at AOS, but don’t bother with the comments. The place has really degenerated since our generation of degenerates migrated here.

  167. Is the header pic me letting my drunk flag fly?

  168. It’s got an olive in it.

    It’s ruined.

  169. Mmmm…olives. I miss Patty Ann. True story, I didn’t know what a Dirty Martini was until she talked about them at H1.

  170. Wind is so bad, MA is freaked out. So much dust/dirt in the air…we can’t see the mountains. Tumbleweeds. Cray cray. 3 fires in the state.

  171. I’m not saying the .22 ammo is a conspiracy, just weird. Going from buy as much as you want for $.02 per round to a short supply for 5 or 6 years and $.10 per round.

    I’m all for a foreign policy of punitive campaigns/attacks. Terrorist attack = drop some bombs on the sponsors of terrorism. Even the Saudis. Fuck ’em, we can live without Saudi oil. Make it simple, terrorist attack = smoking crater where Mecca used to be.

  172. Heh. We have 22 ammo. Dan’s dad would buy frequently before gifting us with 4 22s. Unfortunately, all guns lost in unfortunate kayak accident.

  173. Hotspur is wise.

  174. Canoe accident.

  175. And I got one picture in to XBs link. I’m not allowed to put my feet on the dash. Blah blah crush zones. Blah blah NANNY STATE DAN!!! I sometimes take a pillow for long road trips. My feet don’t comfortably reach the floorboard.

  176. They will when you’re full growed.

  177. In a kayak accident, your lunch doesn’t get wet.

  178. hi, Palitica!!

  179. Scott, true. I like the absurdity of the kayak. Russ had a crop dusting story that made no sense in regards to gun loss. We just kept commenting more absurd ways to lose guns. Russ makes me laugh.

  180. Co-workers were making fun of the way I say “Ribs”. It has 2 syllables right?

  181. Stupid autocorrect.

  182. Three.

  183. I sounded it out, Cyn is right!

  184. We have a portable propane smoker. I needz it. One of the co-workers making fun of me, doesn’t even have a camp shower! Loser.

  185. We=The Club

  186. Peanut butter + Nutella sandwich…where have you been all of my life?

  187. Dude, add marshmellow creme and put it on a graham cracker!!! Anyone surprised that I have the diabeetus?

  188. Marshmallow?

  189. Disabled autocucumber. You will get my fat fingers and my HS spelling challenges.

  190. How does your propane smoker generate smoke?

  191. I think there’s a wood tray. New item. I needz it.

  192. http://www.cookinpellets.com/our-premium-pellets/40-lbs-bag-perfect-mix/

    These are delicious. I can show you how to make about 6 trays for $7.

  193. Smokin Scott with the smoker news!!! Smoking Saturdays?

  194. I concur. Those are delicious.

    When used to smoke. Eaten plain, not so much.

  195. Bubba thinks they are treats. He’s old and insane though.

  196. I added a pic of Chumpo, me and Xbrad about to munch on a big plate of octopus to the TITS2 meatup page.

  197. You guys eat weird shit. Just sayin’

  198. Thanks Puppeh!

    I missed out on so much. Stupid H2N1.

  199. You wanna know what freaks me out: Messican Gingers. No freckles. Weird red hair. Dan is MST3K a show on the travel channel. Very rayciss. Funny. But OMG hip deep in the rayciss.

  200. Mmmm, first BLT of the year.

  201. If squid is calamari, what is octopus?

  202. Ok, here I go. New Messicans are idiots. Anglos are idiots. Dumb asses don’t know that Pine Nuts, Pinon, and Pignoli are all the same fucking thing!!!! I still blame the asshole that didn’t say aioli on the menu. I know what aioli is you gay mutherfucking asshole that condescended to me.

  203. Octopus is chewy.

  204. There’s a Columbiana on my show that’s got the red hair, ojos verdes, and dark skin

  205. Ms. Cyn, please check your g-string.

  206. *phones in Ts and Ps to Brussels. Orders a hot pretzel and a beer

  207. If squid is calamari, what is octopus?

    Pulpo. Pronounced ‘pool-poe.’

    Leon, I’ve been frequently seeing green-eyed African-American people lately. Those contact lenses have gotten really real-looking.

  208. I’m still creeped by all the albino africans. Witch drs are a step above African muzzies.

  209. HA! Fooled you – I’m not wearing g-string today!

  210. So, a hint for the meat up pics?

  211. *phones in Ts and Ps to Brussels. Orders a hot pretzel and a beer


    What does this mean?

  212. MARE! eMAiL!

  213. Oh MAN. Hot pretzels. So good. Haven’t had one in years and years.

  214. so easy to make, too.

  215. That’s a good thing… and a bad thing.

  216. “Seriously, who do you target?”
    LePew – good question. i’ll try not to obsess over it tho. i hope to never have to deal with a psychotic break due to muzzie perfidy.

  217. *phones in Ts and Ps to Brussels.
    Thoughts and Prayers, probably. But ti’s MJ, so t!ts and p_ssy, maybe.

  218. Chumpo was talking about writing a screenplay and making a moving picture out of it. I think. I may be full of shit. But anyways here’s an idea. You get you a Forrest gimp like dude but instead of showing up every time something historic happen, you have him just happen to be at every Muslim bombing that occurs. He could start out in lower Manhattan on 9/11 and then hit a London tube station. On to Barcelona for the train bombings there, Bali resort, Charlie Hebdo and the Jewish market, San Bernadino, Brussels. You wouldn’t even have to make it obvious by placing him anywhere in the Middle East. Now here’s the catch: amputate something new every time. By the end of the movie it’s just a torso. Kind of a macabre strip poker vibe.

  219. “You only need one round to kill yourselves, unless you’re a really shitty shot.”

    hotspot – true (and sad) story; a friend of the family lost his wife to cancer – he was aging poorly (dementia had started), so he decide to pull the trigger –
    fucked up the first attempt and blew part of his lower jaw off –
    reloaded and ended it

  220. “I’m not wearing g-string today!”

    prove it

  221. G-string is sooooo 2000’s.

    Commando is where it’s at.

  222. I wish I had made a gif of Oso doing the princess wave.

  223. FYI, one of the Mormon missionaries that was wounded in Brussels was also present at the Boston Marathon bombing.

    And the Paris attacks at Batacalan.

  224. That would have been perfect. And – Posted in our sidebar… Hilarious!

  225. I still can’t believe I wore my tiara in public.

  226. Things that make you go “hmmmmm”

  227. I still can’t believe I wore my tiara in public.

    Did people ask you when the wedding was?

  228. I got a few second looks, but mostly nada.

  229. Glad I work late tomorrow. Wind is insane!!!

  230. Cyn! Did the good citizens of Arizona finally show Asswipe McCain the door?

  231. Polls still open in AZ

  232. I’m hearing epic long lines in AZ.

  233. Hope the Trumpanzees are Kelli Ward. Read AZ changed rules to help incumbents.

  234. Ugh, Trump wins another

  235. So glad Obama got to go to the ball game.

    Bet he never got that close to any American crowds.

  236. And that sumbitch lowered his head and closed his eyes for the Cuban national anthem.

  237. ESPN with the slobbering coverage.

  238. FARC in the stands. TFG watched baseball with tyrants and narco terrorists. Fucker did the WAVE at a baseball game. Fucking Commie. Dumbass. We know he claimed to be a White Sox fan. We all knew he lied. Fuck King Mierdas

  239. So what the hell happened over at AoSHQ today. I didn’t get a chance to check the site while I was at work – I go there this evening and apparently there are mass bannings and comments are shutdown?

  240. The Vancouver PD is here again. Two different women this time mid 20’s both good looking. I don’t know what the city of Vancouver’s hiring policies are but I heartily agree. (Oh and now they are looking for the man and the woman. So apparently things are escalating. I need to get a Police scanner).

  241. MCPO Airdale, My friend Esli is on orders to the Army War College. I’ll hook you up via email, but I expect you to take good care of him and his lovely wife Faith.

  242. We were two in a million
    Stars like the ones in the sky
    A love scene and a vision
    We saw the derp and we waved goodbye

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