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Louis Lozowick

b.1892 Ludvinoka, NM d.1973

Yeah!  Louis “Lozo” Lozowick was a fine lithographic artist who emigrated to The U.S. in 1909.  He is a good example of the Euro trash modernists that our American Regionalist artists of the day were decrying as “uninspired”.  In some ways I can see where The Regionalists had a point; on the other hand Lozo has some cool stuff going on.  That doesn’t excuse the fact that he dreamed of reshaping society with a bloody hammer and scythe, good thing this is an art poasty and not a political diatribe.

Region capture 15 Region capture 16 Region capture 17  Region capture 18 Region capture 19  Region capture 20

Region capture 21  Region capture 22


Tomato, tomato.


(down down daylight savings)



  1. I like the technique and the art. I can’t divorce the association with, for lack of a more accurate term, “communist” poster propaganda. As far as style and technique: impeccable.

  2. Pups was on fire last night, choosing to share the happiness.

  3. Pup is a fine fellow; that doesn’t excuse the fact that he dreams of reshaping society with a bloody hammer and scythe, but he’s got some cool stuff going on.

  4. The original Batman Animated Series had a little of this art style, but it was more “noir” and less “New Soviet Man”.

  5. the agitprop work is interesting to view but has the heart of technical drawing –

    it all looks devoid of humanity to me; of course that could be because of my anti-marx bias

    viva la proletariat

  6. I see why the Republican brand is so damaged.

    They all suck.

  7. Am I that obvious?

    Actually, I dream of reshaping society into something that will leave me the fuck alone. If that’s bloody hammer time so be it.

  8. The brand wont recover. It skews too old for the future and its messaging and packaging is cracked and dry to the point that I have a hard time discerning what it even stands for.
    Luckily the dems are equally challanged as thier message points to economic oblivion.

    Now is a time of re-inventing politcal affiliation. In that it is an exciting time.

  9. Hi, Pup.

    Yes. Leave us alone you nosey, bossy, assholes.

  10. Yeah, you’re right. It’s exciting to see a realignment.

  11. I like the personal responsibility perspective of being conservative.
    I also support personal freedoms.

    Dont tax me without showing me how the money is being spent.
    Ballence the books.

    Dont tell me what to do.

    Enforce the laws.

    And shut up about it.

    Also kill the media.

  12. And enforce Taco Tuesday as a real thing

  13. President Spread It Around A Little showed his ass the last 7.25 years. Those guys are going to have it rough overcoming his shotty legacy.

    The GoP is fucherd for all time because they couldnt prevent Barry 2.0 or TrumpApalooza. What do you expect from golf guys?

    I dont want a political party

    I want a political Partay!! We should get Pitbull to comment here. I bet he has some good ideas.

  14. Wakey wakey. A bit “heavy” in here this morning.

    I need much more coffee for this.

  15. Im making waffles

  16. It’s exciting to see a realignment.

  17. Well, I voted for Cruz and did NOT hold my nose. Totally happy to do it.

    My husband said to me last night, “Should we vote for Rubio tomorrow to try and beat Trump?”

    I said, “Vote your conscience and pray.”

    I’m sick of the games. I thought we had some good candidates who left the field because of the GOP games and its a National shame. Now we have that egomaniac Trump and Hillary or Bernie.

    Tons of Bernie signs around here, even a woman holding a sign at a major intersection. Confirms my suspicion that leftism is a mental disorder.

  18. There is only one yard sign on our street. It’s a Bernie sign, and it’s in front of a $300,000 house.

  19. Yea, Scott I have to laugh at the dumbasses in a Mercedes with a Bernie sticker.

  20. Is a $300k house big or small over there?

  21. I want a bunch of You First! stickers to put right below their Bernie sticker/sign.

  22. One of my Chicago friends voted for Trump. I cried a little. (she changed her mind last minute from Cruz).

    That little spectacle over the weekend has rallied people to Trump FOR THE FREE SPEECH.

    Honestly, I think the leftist know what they’re doing. They manipulate their little brownshirts who don’t really understand the bigger picture. But Soros does.

  23. Cruz starts gaining momentum, so had Trump a “crises” and shape the narrative.

    I hate people this morning.

  24. Ha!

    I lived in an industrial neighborhood in San Francisco (as I’ve mentioned before) whoch was a popular place for Johns to take their “dates”.
    My roommate and I would skateboard by the cars and having made these big stickers which said “I FUCKED A WHORE” we would then slap them on the bumpers. It was a very entertaining thing to do.

  25. Wow, lots of finger pointing at Breitbart news, eh? Andrew would be proud. *spit

  26. It’s probably the most expensive house on the street.

  27. Bit of MC Escher influence with today’s artist.

  28. There is one house around here with a Bernie sticker. A few cars.

  29. Now that you all mention it, this foul political season I have seen bery few political bumperstickers. Strange for these parts.

  30. Rich people feeling guilty, love it.

  31. Tons of Bernie stickers in college town Ames.

  32. In 2008 & 2012 there were tons of Obama bumper stickers.

    I don’t think I have seen a Hillary sticker yet.

  33. White people feeling guilty gave us Obama, don’t want to find out what rich guilt bullshit will bring us.

  34. Every school teacher I know (and I know plenty) are for Sanders. The commies have infected education just like they planned all along. And we let them.

    As a nation of free people, we are doomed. Maybe we were never free to begin with.

  35. I already snagged and posted that Musing up there.

  36. Our freedoms are steadily being eroded, a little bit at a time. You don’t really notice it day to day, but when you compare what it was like when you were a kid to how it is currently, it’s amazing.

  37. Imagine how stupid everyone will be when 10 years of Common Core (Jeb!) has dumbed us down even further (or farther), see I’m already dumber.

  38. Dang, Car in’s getting all techy on us!

  39. We should build a Mare Musings Book.

  40. …or damber.

  41. We’re not doing anything for Mare until she shows up at a meatup.

  42. nekkid

  43. What I wonder about Trump mostly is why “they” (media and both parties) are so obviously threatened by him? What threat could one guy represent to all of these entities? Is it that he could disrupt their plans to march forward toward Socialism? If elected, what could Trump do on his own that they collectively fear? I don’t know Trumps motives for running, but I know the collective response, and given how demonstrably corrupt they three entities are, the response makes me go hmmmmmm….

  44. Pepe – frogs in a pot. That’s what we are

  45. I’m going to work out today, calf feels pretty good.

    What about you?

  46. Short run. then Crossfit. That’s the plan.

  47. Now that I’ve determined I’m not dying.

  48. an interesting observation, Troy.

    for one, Trump is his own loudspeaker so he doesn’t need any playmakers.

    for two, he is a loose cannon and so we are all concerned about what crazy shit may befall us in his ascendency.

    i think it’s a thrill ride, and as I feel completely dis-enfranchised by National Politics INC. I am looking forward to seeing the outcome of this Clusterama 2016.

  49. National Review has an excellent article about trump by VDH. It is SPOT ON. It is a defense of the hyperbole surrounding TRump while not endorsing him. Mostly it points out the hypocrisy of the left over Trump.

  50. I need some freakin dinner ideas now.

  51. Steak Salad

  52. Orange chicken

  53. Well-done steak.

  54. Chef Surprise

  55. This sums up the Hillary campaign

  56. I should draw a cartoon of a hotel room with a dead hooker on the floor. On her body is the caption “American Democracy”, while an elephant and a donkey stand over her. The elephant is freaking out while the donkey say, “don’t worry, we’ll just blame it on Trump!”

  57. Chef Surprise is every time I don’t have all the ingredients.

  58. Ho-hos and beer.

  59. What do you have for ingredients already?

  60. Pasta. You need to bulk up now that you’re a lesbian.

  61. She has chicken(s).

  62. Luckily she doesn’t have to change her hair do.

  63. Kasich makes me sick with his bullshit ass vomit about illegals.

    Eff him and the bloated, preachy, faggotty unicorn he rode in on.

  64. And who was the big, giant asshole who told Kasoch we NEED him to run???
    He needs to be chased out of the country by people wielding those kempo martial art sticks.

  65. I left the office early, got a rotisserie chicken on the way home and diced a breast up for salad.

    Spinach + bacon + pepperjack + chicken breast + homemade mustard dressing = salad, right? By the transitive property of raw spinach?

  66. Ideas for Carin’s dinner:

    Unicorn turds


  68. Kasich is going to Mario himself with that amnesty bullshit.

  69. 2 million absentee ballots in Florida. Local news is mentioning lines to vote. I went early, weren’t any there.

  70. That’s because you’re in the real line. Trump bussed in the other ones.

  71. Hotspur, he has to know that’s a deal killer.

  72. Kasich = McCain, McConnell, Ryan, Graham

  73. So what all states are voting today? Between pain meds and blood thinners I seem to have lost track of where were located in this shit show.

  74. Most of us would be okay with Rubio if he hadn’t scooted his ass across the floor like a dog with Schumer’s.

  75. Lots of Bern signs in my neighborhood. Both big and small houses.

    But then again, I live in the ‘arts’ district. By which I mean, ‘stupid’ district.

  76. Update to Mare’s musing, to include her second gem of the day.

  77. Mare’s musing at 2:11.

  78. Yep, she’s got 2 for today.

    Keep going, Mare!

  79. FL, OH, NC and IL today, I think.

  80. Confession: When someone here first mentioned Mare’s Musings, it was about 8 months or so before I realized there was an actual Mares Musings on the blog. Never noticed it. I just thought it was an alliteration of the stupid stuff I say. Hahahaha….idiot.

  81. But then again, I live in the ‘arts’ district. By which I mean, ‘stupid’ district.

    We had one of those in Ann Arbor. We called it “Ann Arbor”.

  82. But mare, it’s the best of the stupid stuff you say.

    So there’s that.

  83. CHicken parm. I was informed I was to make something that everyone likes. The Venn diagram of that is two circles that have zero overlap.

  84. That VDH article that Carin linked at 11:45 should be required reading for lefties. They can take their faux outrage at Trump and stuff it up their poopers. The quotes of things said and done by democrats over time is just as bad if not worse than Trump’s shenanigans.

  85. i TOLD you it was good.

  86. This is for Mare. No one else look.

  87. I was reading the VDH article, nailed it!

    That was a cuuuute video.

  88. *I looked at Mare’s video* She is SOOOO adorable. I would have been jelly if I had had girls. 3 boys, still jelly, but that pout!

  89. Interesting how Romney turned out to be a real jackass.

    You had your chance, you blew it. Go away.

  90. So, some shitheads at polls in Ohio turned away voters because they ran out of republican ballots. I guess nobody thought of just using paper.


  91. Taxes are done! Not too bad this year. There are advantages to not making money.

  92. CarIn has a Rock n Roll haircut you knuckle draggers.

    She plays Center Feild for the local softball club, drives a Suburu, and has a rock n roll haircut….-_-

    you may have a point.

  93. Lots of Bernie supporters at Sam’s and in this part of ABQ. I was shocked SHOCKED to hear a conversation between Diego and a Member. Both Hispanic. Both Trump Humpers.

  94. Diego doesn’t think Americans would really vote for a Commie and he thinks the server/email issue will finish Hillary. The MFM tells me Hispanics won’t vote Trump.

  95. With disapproval ratings higher than Clinton, Lots of people won’t vote for Trump.

  96. Diego sounds assimilated.

  97. The Member, Robert Mora, showed me a photo from his phone. President Reagan sent him a photo thanking him for all his hard work in NM. It was personalized. One of Robert’s prize possessions. I still don’t understand why Hispanic New Mexican GOPers are breaking Trump

  98. Mora had digitized the photo so he could post on FB. He cried when Nancy passed.

  99. Everything is moving fast. Memorycare apt became available yesterday. Dan was able to get a Dr assesment appt tomorrow, Memorycare nurse will be by Thursday to observe MiL at home. We may have her moved in by Easter.

  100. Fingers crossed all goes smoothly, Osogirlie

  101. Oh, Florida you so silly.

    *hint – there’s a name missing*

  102. See, and its that kinda shit that is going to lead to bad bad things..there is only one box left after the ballot box….

  103. Thanks, Cyn.

  104. If that is real, Trump was right…shenanigans.

  105. The penalty box

  106. Chumpo, I would like this artist, but Commie. I like the actual art, but Commie. Looks like something from the People’s Cube

  107. Can we trade Florida to Cuba for a peninsula to be named later? No offense, mare.

  108. Well, I agree and if’n its not agit-art but pure expression then the art must be held blameless because a rose by any other name…

    Lithographs have a quality to them that appeals to me. iclintsp, referenced Escher and i certainly credit MC’s work as what attracted me to art. That and certain fantasy works by Boris (vroom vroom, VROOM!!!)

    Leon also pointed out that this style is reminiscent of comic noir which is, for me the high comic style.

    I added this cat here not because his politics contrast w ours but because his artistic output does contrast with that of our current subject, American Regionalsism but of course you can apprieciate this.

    Someone else, Jam2 I think critiqued todays art as lacking in life. The next artist does not and I aim to raise some hackles by exposing his art here.

    Stay tuned.

  109. I love Artsy Tuesday.

  110. You keep us hopping, Chumpo.

  111. As I do.

    Thanks for rolling with it. All ye all.

  112. Great thing about being a military brat: I could pretty much study anything I had an interest in, and you guys paid for it! Tap classes: Free. Judo: Free. Art classes: Free. (Ceramics, oil, pastels, water, charcoal, batik, carving, clay sculpture: FREE!)

  113. Volkswagon is advertising again.

  114. Volkswagen.

  115. Evening.


  117. When I left work on Friday there was exactly one task on the to-do list to occupy Regular Guy’s weekend. Today I found the task was exactly as I had left it Friday.

    I did not pester Regular Guy with ten minutes of “What happened this weekend? What happened? Why didn’t you do more? What happened? I could have done twice as much in half the time.”. I’m a bigger man than that. But damn I bet it would have felt good.


  119. If you have any $ lying around buy VW stock

  120. It’s 50% off.

  121. Good Job, Squirrill.

    You’ve earned a couple o beers.

  122. I really, really wish I’d bought F when it was under $2 a share.

  123. Oh yes.

    Before that the good play was Am Air for $2.

  124. I was stuck behind a slow VW diesel with a Bernie bumper sticker this morning.

  125. As others have observed, I’ve also seen very few Hillary! stickers and only a handful from other candidates. That will change by the fall I’m sure.

  126. I have yet to see a Hillary sign. Bernie signs keep popping up. Judging by the propaganda on display Wyoming Democrats really don’t care for Hillary.

  127. She as popular as a hair in a muffin.

  128. Hillary is a horrible, no good, bad candidate.

  129. Mi familia is all in for Shrill. Most of my gheys are voting Gary Johnson

  130. I forget what it is called. We were given exactos and art sheets. We would carve our images, ink it up, and stamp it. Looked like this guy’s art.

  131. I had my 3rd straight day of thinking. I’m done for the week.

  132. Stop with the thinking, start with the drinking!

  133. WooHoo! Ahead of you CoAl!!!

  134. Watching returns. If you’ve seen our ballot every candidate is on it AND got votes. Weakens everyone but Trump, I think .

    If you are a Floridian and voted Kasich or Christy, you are dead to me, DEAD!

  135. Wifi upgrade at work. System down until 8. No Members. No sales. It is taxing to be nice.

  136. My boys are testing driving my car.

    *chews off nails

  137. Rubio is out.

  138. Cruz is an asshole.

  139. Good riddance.

  140. I mean rubio. I”m so mad I can’t type straight.

  141. Seriously, he couldn’t have done this a week ago? cripes. President Trump. Try that out a few times.


  142. Lindsey Graham got votes FFS.

  143. Why is Cruz an asshole.

  144. Oh saw your next comment.

  145. “Jam2 I think critiqued todays art as lacking in life. The next artist does not and I aim to raise some hackles by exposing his art here. ”

    herr chumpinator – i may have been in-artful in my thoughts of mr commies’ artwork.
    by “devoid of humanity” i meant the “existing in a world that has no compassion” – or maybe an existence that is tickled by a feeling that there is more than the cogs’ Raison d’etre –

    to keep turning is not enough

    i’m with pup –






    i’ll find my own path –

  146. We’re drinking Cuba Libres tonight. Cruzing

  147. that of course is directed at out of control governments

  148. My doodles look like this guy’s Commie art. Lots of lines and shadows.

  149. Jam2 is feeling what Chumpo is saying. THIS is what Art is about. Dialogue. Back and forth. Feelings!!!!

  150. One Meskin Cuban sounds just like another to car in.

  151. Naw. I can tell the difference. I’m just too irritated by it all.

  152. Jam2, I like what you said. And as an aside we are under ZERO obligation to like any art. It’s wrong to say we like art we don’t. Art should move our meter, if it doesn’t tough titties.

  153. oh yeah –
    in case anyone wants to get cute —-
    i already tickled your moms raisins, etc.

    it was a finger painting class

  154. We have a Cuban fellow in town who runs the local Best Western. I asked him how he and his fam got to America and he said they flew from Havana to Mexico City. And then flew to San antonio. He must’ve been “Somebody” in Cuba to be able to fly to mex. How they got pales to go from there to San Antonio would prolly be a good story but I didn’t have the guts to ask. This was all before prez clusterfuck opened diplo with Castro. But here’s the really important part: he’s got a daughter and a niece who ar both in the 17-20 range and are scorching. We don’t get many out here in the sticks from that kind of gene pool.

  155. My problem with all art is who pays for it?

  156. Hillary will never be elected. I have the TV on without the sound and she looks as if Huma bruised the gin.

    Not a very welcoming sight.

  157. I guess I’m what you’d call a philistine. I’ve spent all day in the Merropolitan Museum in nyc and enjoyed the hell out of it. Same with British Museum in London. I’ve got a dozen cathedrals in Europe id love to see before the Muzsies dynamite them. But I’d just as soon light my pubes on fire as to go to an art gallery showing anything current or recent.

    No offense chumps. You got this shit down into my price range, and it’s interesting. But it doesn’t touch my soul like the last 24 measures of tocatta & fugue in d minor does.

  158. In 2007, Dan went with me to DC. He had the guards laughing their asses off at me. He’s the Clark Griswold of art.

  159. That sidebar thing at AoS about Bill Clinton looking tired and old is dead on. If it weren’t for Hillary running he’d be comfortably retired and sitting on the foundation board, racking up millions and flying off to pedophile island on the weekends.

  160. Pubes under glass was Dan’s last straw with me. He H8s my idea of art. Except for botanical gardens and arboratems.

  161. Kasich is so GOP delusional.

  162. tocatta & fugue in d minor does.


    Holy shit, plus 1

  163. Kasich needs to STFU

  164. SiL just called and is pissing Dan off. I H8 just listening. Don’t vent if you aren’t ready for solutions. I H8 this family crap

  165. I give him some credit for keeping 66 delegates away from Trump.

    66 delegates that can vote for Cruz after Kasich drops out.

  166. I’m a classical art person. When my husband was working in Paris I spent so much time at the Louvre I could give tours. Also the Musee Rodin and Musee D’Orsay also knocked me out.

  167. Kasich is a hero!

  168. And Dome de Invalides…. De l Armee

    So good.

  169. Shit. Just learned the neighbor across the street has stage IV liver cancer.

    Apparently, living on this cul de sac has fatal consequences.

  170. Okay….IF Kasich were to do that I’d be okay with him. But that sounds as delusional as Kasich sounds.

  171. I grew up attending art galleries. DC, maritime museums, and the museums in Taiwan filled with art stolen from Mao’s China and preserved on Taiwan. I H8 Pre-Columbian art in Denver. Crap

  172. Xbrad , have you had your Mom’s funeral or service?

  173. Sorry, XB. Cancer sucks. My Aunt Josie is in hospice. Stomach cancer. She was always so good to me. Her hubby is my Tio Sil. Their grandson was murdered and burned on the Mesa. Dan wouldn’t let me attend, due to gangsta.

  174. Mare’s lived in Paris? No wonder she won’t come to a meat up.

  175. No, didn’t live there but spent 2 weeks at a time.

  176. As a tourist, that’s a long time.

  177. SiL wants to make an issue about Dan’s grandfather’s tobacco stand? AUGH!!!! She was making excuses for her fat slug hubby and lazy milennial kids. Dan is in FU mode. My cousins will be handling the move. My CiL is in real estate. Dan is giving him the listing and the estate sale. I want to punch my bitch SiL in her stupid bitch face. My inlaws saved for years. Were too ill to spend their savings. I hope my MiL lives long enough to spend all their money.

  178. Comment by pendejogrande on March 15, 2016 9:48 pm

    Mare’s lived in Paris? No wonder she won’t come to a meat up.

    Hey now, we can swill wine and not bathe with the best of them!

  179. My one day in Paris involved taking a look at notre dame cathedral, walking up the river to the Eiffel tower, being too tired to stand in line to go to the top of the et, and wanting to throat punch half of North Africa.

  180. Didn’t mean to make it sound like I lived there. Don’t know French either but listened to enough tapes to order a Camembert sandwich, wine and ask to take pictures.

  181. Oso, I bet your family tree looks like a barrel full of snakes fucking.

  182. Wee wee.

  183. PG, you would be right. It is a cesspool. Dan has fewer members. Mi familia is stepping in and cleaning up. Anglos are weird.

  184. I headed up the security team for the Smithsonian when they did their one and only US tour. Set up and take down were always interesting, got close with the curators. All the paintings were fairly traditional and it was a great gig. A smattering of artifacts from Mercury Capsule to a pair of Dorothys ruby slippers. I been a museum fan since very young. Got to spend every other weekend at NYC Museum of Natural History.

  185. Mare, Iearned enough “Austrian” to order drinks and food and make it home. Most awesome Christmas break ever!!!!

  186. Of course J2. I feel your vibe.

    Sorry but you all are NHL widows this night.
    PHI v DET right now for a potential playoff birth.

    BOS a SAN Jo later.

    Nice knowing ya.

  187. I met an uncle once. I don’t remember his name.

  188. Ha, Oso exactly!!

  189. When my mom’s cousin’s wife walked up to me at Sam’s to bitch about Billy’s kids, my first thought was Scott W will never get it. Dan=Scott. Dan doesn’t even know his first cousins.

  190. I find SoCal Chumpo’s NHL addiction endearing.

  191. Terrible Troy, I love museums.

  192. I have two relatives.

  193. I find ScottWs family tree so white. He is practically Dan.

  194. Dan has more contact with my family than his. His greatgrand came west on an orphan train. Dan’s family is more obscure than mine.

  195. One that I talk too.

  196. Me too Oso, just about any kind of museum. As long as they have historical or culturally significant artifacts, I’m there.

  197. 3rd pitch intermission.

    You all are very kind. I want you to know that these posts are solely for entertainment.

    You write what you know and I have had an interest in artists for my entire adult life. Not really art but the people that make art.

    An artists life is strange and they are rarely recognized which is good for thier art. The ones that are given a lot of airtime during thisr lives are ruined for it. And so PG’s point is well taken. I too have a thing for antiquity and historical works.
    That I intersperse current art inside the study of an historic period is my way of drawing correlations between the two time periods. A similar approach would yield produce from an analysis of politics or bycycle design, cusine, litterature, etc.
    Im not a very cultured person but I did take a chance and start a bery successful art gallery because I like talking to artists about thier art.
    I also like sharing art and artists with you here.

    All Blessings.
    3rd period is up.
    Lets Go!!

  198. Chumpo, I “hear” the last paragraph in Gumps voice and cadence.

  199. I enjoy the feature each week.

  200. Mare, no, we haven’t. We’ll eventually schedule a trip down to Georgia to bury her cremains in the family plot in Kennesaw.

  201. T Troy, that is high praise.

    When we meet someday I look forward to interviewing you about what it’s like to do security for a traveling show.

  202. Chumpo, do you still own an art gallery?

  203. No, Tif. That was a project I started in Los Angeles in 2003. I was a busy film maker and my lovely bride was deep in her career as an interior designer. We never saw each other and so I took a workspace in a building in Cinatown for to rack my tools and do some steel sculpture .

    Long story short, my dear friend’s wife was a currator for a couple galeries and she and I decieded that It would be fun to host a couple of shows. After meeting with the artists I was carried away and we rocked that soace for four years.
    Then I started a family and we moved to the beach.
    I did not even try to somit my time and I look forward to tecreating the experience. Maybe in a town near you.
    Maybe in a town near each of you.

  204. Damn it, all this talk about art made me go get my paints out.

  205. You have mine email.
    Shoot me some pix and We’ll highlight Alexart.

  206. Yeah… not so much.

    After my drawing class I decided to use some of my refund to buy paint and a book on color theory. I’m just putzing around at this point.

  207. DD#2 does some amazing stuff – and that’s not just a proud mom talking….

    Just wish she could figure out how to get some of her work out there –

  208. Well, the best thong an artist can do is communicate
    Woth like artists and from that spirit be efactors emerge and from that larger group come expositions and sales and from that even larger grouo comes collectors and then finaly come agents and production art offers.

    The genesis is like artists that like each other’s art enough to support one another. It’s very like our community here; hence my attraction to all you beautiful butterflys.

  209. Where’s my friend Sean M?

  210. “Well, the best thing an artist can do is communicate”

    Hoo-boy, guess she’s screwed, then…. 🙂

  211. Like attracts like.

    I’ve been invited to Brooklyn to film my painter friend (who I featured here four months ago). He and I have been friends for almost thirty years. We have nothing in common and nothing to twlk about but for our jokes.

    An artists life is a lonely life because they are consumed by the process.
    Just be flad she isnt a musician. They have it the worst because thier art disappers as it’s played.

  212. I can outline my hand and make it into a picture of a turkey for Thanksgiving.

  213. Jeh.

    Is the turkeys head in the middle or off the thumb?

  214. I can draw a stick figure….

  215. Thumb, duh. Heathen.

  216. Well, thats just rediculous.

  217. Ugh. Voice is hard work. Art is inate.

  218. Dante eclipsed Rodney’s popularity.

  219. hahaaa!

    turkey art reminds me of all the aspiring artists at the local elementary school – each season they proudly display their creations:
    turkeys, snowmen/snowppl, groundhogs(my favorite), birds, flowers, etc.

  220. i hope mj is ok:



    who woulda thought that Chumlee smoked dope…..

  223. That back bend-paralysis story is freaky. She must have had some variant of normal anatomy.

    Our inability to treat spinal cord and peripheral nerve injuries is so frustrating.

  224. just heard odumbdum lecturing us on civility –


  225. this explains the left

  226. Yes, Obama lecturing us on civility is friggen priceless.

  227. The correct answer to someone lecturing you on civility is

    Fuck You.

  228. Leon is correct.

  229. Jam, if you read the comments on the dog sled thread you will see examples of how Obama has brought us all together, racially.

  230. Speaking of civility…fuck all y’all.

  231. In other news…dumbass gets his vacation extended.

  232. There is a new POAT for you to defile.

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