MMM 215: DST is still a bad idea

But it’s not why this is late.  My crappy week and overwhelming depression are.  But enough about me, I’m not why you’re hear, the pictures are.

Take it to the bridge.


Everyone has these headphones now.


I should have stayed in gymnastics.


Repeat, but a good one.


I can still do these for a few seconds.


This girl is cute to me until I realize she’s probably 6′ tall.  Okay, that wouldn’t stop me, but it would stop her.


No implants on this one.  I respect and endorse the decision.





  1. First!

  2. wakey wakey.

  3. I feel pretty motivated today.

  4. Me too, which is weird since I worked a bunch of fake doubles over the weekend and I work tonight.

    I do have a puppy head on my foot … so … the struggle is real.

  5. I have to fly to Indiana. Sad face.

  6. How long until the puppy can become your running buddy?

  7. Here’s the thing with the tall climbing sugarsnap peas: the stupid packets always say to sow them an inch apart in a furrow. Poppy cock. You get hardly any peas this way, and the plants don’t seem to like being spaced out that much anyway. I read this tip from a James Crockett book years ago and it works great.

    Clear a 4-5 inch wide trench along one side of the trellis and scatter the seeds freely. You’ll end up several seeds abreast in the trench, even maybe ten or fifteen seeds in a five-inch secton of trench. In many areas along the row the seeds will land thickly and even be touching. Doesn’t matter. They don’t mind the crowd. They will all come up as a thicket and will all grow and produce tons of full-sized peas as normal. This is how I get the most out of my precious tall fence space.

    I planted all my fenced area to sugarsnaps yesterday, I love them so much. And this way I can be more generous to friends and family who love them too. I put down a little over 1/2 pound of seed along 35+ feet of fence. If the weather is kind we will have a glorious Spring of crunching sweet deliciousness.

  8. Here. Leon, if you fast would you recommend 5:2 or every other day, or any other method?

  9. We’ve had this discussion before but isn’t women looking masculin the other end of the spectrum of men looking feminine. Not a good trend either way?

  10. ? <———Here is the missing question mark.

  11. CIA Director, John Brennan is an embarrassment.

  12. Just about our entire society is a effing embarrassment. We are marching toward de-civilization…..


  13. slightly masculine features on a woman can be associated with attractiveness.

    I suspect sightly masculine features on a woman is interpreted as a sign that she’s tougher and better able to survive hardship, easing the burden of her mate in protecting her and their offspring.

    An effeminate man, on the other hand, just looks like a wimp who will run away at the first sign of danger, or who doesn’t have the strength or ability to protect his mate and children.

  14. >>CIA Director, John Brennan is an embarrassment.<<

    He works in the Obama administration. QED.

  15. PD…pain and mobility update?

  16. Pain is negligible as long as I keep leg in a nuetral position. Still lots of stiffness and soreness. Finding a comfortable sitting position is biggest problem currently.

    I can get around my house with my walker about as well as hotspurs mama was doing last time she dropped by.

  17. My Monday has been fubared.

    gah. I hope this all works out.

    Too many moving parts today.

    sad face.

  18. I almost made a “your momma” joke tied into “comfortable sitting position” but I just couldn’t pull it off this morning, much like your momma and that condom.

    See, not working.

  19. Some people are quite natural when it comes to your mama and some people seem to have to force it a little.

  20. Mare, I’d go with whatever works for you, the important thing is spending some amount of your overall life in an “unfed” state to encourage fasting metabolism. Catholic tradition was to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays (one meal, two snacks that wouldn’t amount to a meal if eaten together) and that looks remarkably like the 5/2 plan. I find it easy to fast until noon or later most days, but lunch is now my least convenient meal, so I may switch.

    I’m also in terrible shape right now, sleep poorly, and have very little impulse control, so my authority on such matters is questionable. I’m in something of a downward spiral.

  21. Slightly masculine women have higher natural T levels, and that usually helps them to not be horrible fattybobatties. Oftentimes the only adult women to be found who aren’t significantly overweight are the slightly manly ones.

  22. Agree with both comments, Leon (fasting and women).

    I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch. Someone you’ve never met is praying for you in Florida.

  23. I’m in the same boat as Leon. Job crap has me depressed, which means bad habits. I’m trying to get back onto a regular workout schedule as well as back to fasting on Fridays. We’ll see how it goes.

    Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’ll have my house sold by the end of the month, and will get accepted to grad school.

  24. I can’t do the 5/2 plan, cuz I’m 6/0 tall.

  25. OK, Jay, eat 6 days a week and fast one.

  26. The ability for a human to defend it’s turf is for the most part psychological. As long as a gal can through her weight around the yard I’m rolling w full size Mamas.

    These wirey gym bodies leave me clammy.

  27. Throw

  28. The girls on Saturday night ran the gamut. Some were land whales who shouldn’t have taken their clothes off. Others were way too thin. One gal was in her forties, kind of muscular, but with the disappearing subcutaneous fat that turns women that age into chicken wings, and a set of bolt-ons.

    The best were a couple of girls who were slightly on the plump side, since they moved well and looked like they would be fun to roll with.

  29. Made, I’m no expert on dieting. I’ve succeeded at it short term and failed at it long term all of my life. Partly it’s because until I was about 40 there were no health issues kicking my ass because of excess weight which verified my feelings of being bullet proof. Partly it’s because my self image had always been that of being the big guy, so what did it matter if I was the 250 version or the 350 version. Partly it was because I was an ugly motherfucker whether I was fat or not so what difference did it make? And partly it was because eating calorie dense food gave, and gives, me great satisfaction.

    I’ve been getting by on this bad hip (caused by years of carrying too much weight) by using a very high daily dosage of Celebrex for about 2.5 years. But by oct I could tell we were getting to the point that it wouldn’t help. Plus that shit is real hard on your kidneys. So I go see my doc and tell him I’m ready to pull the trigger. He says he won’t operate on me until I lose 50 lbs. I say ok, see you in abt six months.

    The biggest problem I saw was that large doses of walking had always been a part of my successfull dieting in the past and that wouldn’t be available this time. I decide to do something different to make up for it. I decided to fast two days (60 consecutive hours) out of very two weeks. I did it mostly for a mental toughness boost. I knew from past experience that my mental toughness has a tendency to slide to zero as time went along. And I’d be better off if I’d do something to jab the pussy side of my personality in the eye periodically. But when tracking my weight as I went along I found that those 60 hour fasts provided about the same weight loss as the other 12 days in the period did. So there was a hell of a physiological benefit as well. On October 14, I weighed 348.6 on my drs scale. On February 18, I weighed 295.0 on his scale. He agreed to cut my leg bone off and give me new fake reg. Not reft though.

    I’d imagine you can find a hundred diet and nutrition experts to tell you that the way I did it was sick and wrong. But after losing 50+ lbs in four months without much exercise, I plan on doing it again and getting on down to 250 or so after I’m fully healed up and won’t hinder my recovery through malnutrition. This time I plan to throw the walking back in.

    I imagine you could find a hundred diet and nutrition

  30. Made = Mare. Too much shit to write on a phone. Sorry for the fuckups.

  31. Broke my right hand last night playing basketball.
    I blame DST.
    And boy, it sucks about as much as I figured it would.
    But volley girl helps take my mind off the suck.
    So thanks, Leon…

  32. Wow, Ben Shapiro joined Michelle Fields in resigning from Breitbart over their mishandling of that lunatic Trumpist attacking Fields. Among the Breitbart lot, Shapiro always came across as the most mature. My respect for him has grown, and i feel sad for what Andrew’s creation has come to.

  33. PD, unless you posted a fake pic in POL, you are NOT an ugly MOFO. Thank you for commenting on my fasting question. Your experience is real life proof that it can work…as I thought it might.

    I’m doing well weight wise but would like to lean up some more.

    By the way, remember that pic of my husband with your friend I emailed you? Since that pic he’s lost 35 pounds and is ripped in the abs now. He wasn’t fat but love handles, gut fat and moobs are GONE. He did 21 day fix for diet, PIYO and Chaleen Extreme for workout and is now doing the 60-90 min P90X (all BeachBody deals) to gain muscle. He can’t lose any more weight or he will look too thin. But his before and after is great!

  34. Oh, and awesome job on the weight loss, PD!!

  35. Tex!! Sorry to hear that!

  36. Potential Future Bossman is supposed to be in Detroit next week. We were going to get together and talk/eat.

    Except now he’s battling double pneumonia. I feel awful for him, and I’m mostly not feeling selfishly sad that it likely postpones my departure.

  37. I’ve been reading the comments at the HQ.

    I can’t take it anymore. The site kind of sucks these days, although I still really like 90% of the posts.

    The 10% I don’t like are about Lena Dunham. Even bashing her is too much attention.

  38. Fubar day continues to fubar so I’m on day three of no workout and ready to burn this muthafocker down.

    Also this may be tmi but I’m on day 11 of my period and not really happy about that shit either.

  39. Sorry to hear that Tex! At least the left hand is ok, so it will be like a new girlfriend!


  40. I may be finally turning the corner on TITS2FLU.

  41. Made, I was abt 260 or 265 in pol pic. Need to get back there or less.

    Your hubby is working hard to make sure you stay put. Good for him.

    Tex, was it your jacking hand? That could be serious.

  42. For Car in:

  43. …like a new girlfriend.



  44. Plus Juan, MJ. Stay out of the weeds at the MoShip.

    Heal up, TxLvra!

  45. Listen, X. Be good to yourself and get some GOOD FOOD AND REST.

    I know youre moving through the tough times well and all but having been there too many times let me tell you that the shock is real.

    I suggest coming down here and checking in to The Four Seasons.
    We’ll recover at Shakesperes.

    Now git!

  46. At the grocery store:

    Cashier: Is this . . . chicken!?

    Me: Frog legs.

    Cashier: *utterly repelled* Oh. My. *scrubs hands with sanitizer*

  47. Next time tell her they’d donkey dicks.

  48. Ok, besides the workout thing, everything looks like it gone done. I’m sitting in my new car also so that’s cool.

  49. Also this may be tmi but I’m on day 11 of my period and not really happy about that shit either.

    Better than being on day 60 of no period, I guess.

  50. What did you get? Ferrari? BMW?

  51. My phuxing fon is turning every fuqen r into a d.

  52. Didja get the cvx?

  53. Better than being on day 60 of no period, I guess.

    That’s the PJM plan.

  54. Maybe it’s your meaty finger, PG.

  55. I got a Subaru forrester. So I’m a lesbian now. I think we covered this last week?

  56. I’m smoking some 2″ thick steaks.

    Dinner will be awesome.

  57. Last I heard you were leaning Honda.

  58. Plus I live in the past.

  59. Lipstick or flannel lesbian?

  60. I don’t wear flannel or lipstick. Do I have to pick one?

  61. Happy Birthday, TexasJew!

    Everyone else… Happy Steak & BJ Day!

  62. Comment by xbradtc (@xbradtc) on March 14, 2016 3:51 pm

    Lipstick or flannel lesbian?

    Obviously lipstick. What will her husband think?

  63. Everyone else… Happy Steak & BJ Day!

    Looks like Scottw is all ready!

  64. But only 2″?

  65. Two-inches is better than one or none!

  66. After about three depth becomes less important than how wide your steak is.

  67. how wide your steak is

  68. “Wide”

  69. My Delta Tau Chi name was “Tuna Can”.

  70. Mine was Silly String

  71. Wow. Yale expelled a student for having “unconsented-to sex” in 2014. No rape charges filed.

    WTF? She consented to sex but didn’t put it in writing?

  72. Comment by Jay in Ames on March 14, 2016 5:19 pm


  73. Carin, have you put on a Bernie2016 sticker, and a rainbow yet?

  74. I learned two things yesterday about Kevin Williamson at National Review.

    The first is he is not a black man, which surprised me after seeing his thumbnail picture that accompanies all his NR articles.

    The second is he is an elitist genocidal fascist whom I will never read again. I wish I was a subscriber so I could unsubscribe. But fuck that guy.

    I think Ace might want to blerg about it, he used to link that guy a lot.

  75. The first is he is not a black man, which surprised me after seeing his thumbnail picture that accompanies all his NR articles.

    Thank God I’m not the only one who made that mistake.

    And yeah, that article of his was vicious and stupid. I’ve never been that impressed with him. Some of his writing is good, but he seemed to fall into the class of libertarian who is mostly concerned with showing off how unlike those provincial hicks he is. How much smarter he is.

  76. puppeh,

    Hard to be sure since Willaimson’s article is behind a paywall, but I don’t think he’s suggesting that those people need to die out. He’s likely arguing that the culture needs to die out. I get the impression that his arguments are a continuation of what he wrote about in this piece from a couple of years back.

  77. Happy Birthday, TexasJew!!

  78. After that article I probably won’t bother finishing his book.

  79. I think Mr. Williamson is a cad and ought to be fucked with a meathook. Twice.

  80. The End is Near, and it’s Going to be Awesome, in case you were wondering.

  81. I’m a fan of Williamson’s, but I live in Los Angeles County and went to school in Berkeley, so my right wing bona fides are suspect at best.

  82. I identify more with the working class than middle class I guess. What was excerpted from his paywall article and the article you linked Sean just rubbed me wrong. I’m not a welfare wannabe pill popping meth head. Fuck him.

  83. Dan and I call a Member “Cletus”. He and his wife have 6 kids under 7. He wears a wife beater, covered with tats, and looks like Cletus from the Simpsons.

  84. Sean.
    Get behind the paywalls by enableing private browsing.

    If on IOS

    -tap the tabs icon in Safari
    -tap “private” (sygdwms)
    -enjoy slipping past All the GD pay walls.

    Hoo Ray!!!

  85. I’ll admit I enjoyed his writing style, he seemed like a bit of a foil for some of the other stick-in-the-muds at NRO.

    But yeah, fuck him.

  86. Rural, blue-collar whites are facing a lot of social and economic issues, but those issues are tied to national policies such as immigration and trade. And regulation that kills coal and oil exploration, nuclear power, and instead obsesses over solar energy.

    The jobs didn’t go away because everyone was popping pills. People were popping pills because there are no jobs and everyone is on the dole. And it’s not exactly easy to up and move when you’re dirt poor. Living in Dallas, NYC, Chigaco, or LA is expensive. More so than a trailer in Oklahoma.

  87. The Rust Belt was once the Iron Belt, and that’s not entirely the fault of we who live here.

    The UAW and the big 2.5 played a role, surely, but, well, the Giant Sucking Sound hasn’t helped.

  88. *tunes up the banjo*

  89. A big part of what he talks about is Adverse Selection–the idea that the people with the talents, skills, or means to move away from those places tend to do so, leaving behind people who have little opportunity (or want) to improve their own communities. And he’s one of the few people on the right talking about the fact that segments of white America have a bunch of the same problems that the black community has. And welfare dependence is just as much to blame there, too.

    Shit, Bernie “White People Don’t Know Poverty” Sanders could do well to read the article I linked.

  90. And at my level, roughly 1/3 of my team is H1Bs. Based on cafeteria demographics, that’s the norm. I hadn’t seen this as a federal contractor, so I’d only heard the horror stories.

  91. I have no problem with free trade. What we have often isn’t free trade, it’s subsidizing foreign companies through our policies as well as by enabling bad behavior on the part of our partners.

  92. IMHO we have been in full Depression since TFG became president. I think the 9/18 meltdown in ’08 was deliberate by Soros and his ilk. *Adjusts tinfoil* Poor states with low graduation rates, high teen pregnancy, and lots of illegals were hardest hit. ACA made everything worse. Assholes that keep voting to raise Minimum Wage piss me off, too. Bunch of Sofa Kings.

  93. Had an interview with the admissions adviser for Cal Lutheran. Once my GRE scores and second letter or recommendation arrive this week, it’ll probably be about two weeks before I get an answer.

  94. Good luck, Alex.

  95. Good luck, CoAl

  96. Hah! Crazy Cat Lady is almost the garbage gut I am, but he draws the line at frog legs.

  97. Knock it out of the park Colex.

  98. I draw the line at frog legs. Original Muppet Movie.

  99. I’ve had frog. I could eat it if there were nothing else. That’s the only reason I’d bother. I’m more likely to cut it up and use it as bait in the hopes of catching real food.

  100. Some actress, Margot Robbie, made a movie in NM. Was on Colbert Show. Made a crack about lots of “Missing teeth”. It’s true. We do have mobile dentists to combat it though.

  101. Here’s hoping. I want to get off this contract before things go south. Unfortunately I also have to find work wherever I go that will balance with going to school full time.

  102. Pretty sure I’d eat frog legs in a survival situation. After the grubs ran out.

  103. The average American adult today has more teeth than the average human adult at pretty much any time since the beginning of agriculture. You have to go to hunter-gatherers to find better adult dentition.

  104. Frog legs are good. You people know not of what you speak.

  105. Your opinion is objectively wrong.

  106. 3 votes for Cruz tomorrow in Florida.

  107. I’m sorry for drawing down the dentition average.

  108. Heh, xbrad ruined the average.

  109. Good luck, Colex. We’ll have to hang out if you’re coming out here.

  110. 3 votes for Cruz tomorrow in Florida.

    No matter how many personalities you have, you’re only supposed to vote once, mare.

  111. Congrats on the weight loss, PG. sorry about the pain.

  112. Frog leg good. Tastes like….

  113. Sean, of course. And I’ll be close enough to make TITS3: Revenge of the Rotavirus!

  114. Me, husband, daughter.

  115. Never had frogs legs. Would try them, though. Do they get skinned first? I don’t think I’d like to eat the skin.

  116. I have never had the opportunity to try frog legs.

    If there were a redneck scale that went from 0-10, CT would
    score .4

  117. Had them and thought they were okay, but wouldn’t seek them out. Don’t remember if skin was on them.

  118. The frog legs I had were skinned, dredged, and fried.

  119. I H8 dredged food. Pretty much the story of my childhood. Every thing was dredged. Steak fingers, chicken, pork chops, etc. Dredged and fried. Hillbilly food.

  120. When I was a teenager, I was lucky enough to have a dirt bike and woods to ride in and around. I came across the aftermath of some frog giggers once…legless frog carcasses and guts everywhere around a cold campfire site. Kind of gross.

  121. I used to hang out at a bar in Chicago called Hugo’s Frog Legs.

    I usually had oysters there.

  122. I’ve never had frog legs. Don’t remember ever seeing them on the menu anywhere. I seem to remember my uncle liking them.

  123. Our McDonald’s don’t have McLegs.

  124. We had a restaurant called Froggy’s back in the 90s. I would go with Dan. He’d eat frog legs. I’d eat steak. When my dad would visit, he would go with us. Frog legs. Always found it amusing, since my dad looked like Mr Toad.

  125. Why are there so many
    redneck assholes
    who want to eat me deep fried?

  126. Our McDonald’s don’t have McLegs.



    Scott often wins the interwebtubes.

  127. Rednecks eat everything fried and then we smother it with gravy. Messicans do the same, but we call gravy “Chile”

  128. Glad I didn’t mention I had frogs legs in France. So glad.


  130. Scott and Sean. Both slay me.

  131. This one day in Physiology lab…

  132. Hahahaha, pups tears it up there too, really everyone here makes me laugh like hell.

  133. The steaks today were amazing. If you don’t cook steaks like this you are missing out

    I use a cast iron pan for the sear at the end.

    Better than any steak I’ve had in a restaurant.

  134. Mare, they are funny in RL, too!!!


  136. Ha! That Hobbit deal is great.

  137. I like Well-done steak. Scott’s link called me a “Rube”.

  138. Gotta say, I loved hanging out with Pupster and Mrs. Pupster by the pool.

    I do hope she’s feeling better.

  139. Chef’s think people like me “Deserve” choice not prime. 😂😂😂

  140. Chefs

  141. Oso, tell chefs to cram it up their cram holes.

    This is America you can eat meat (shut your whorish mouths) any way you like.

  142. Me and my brothers stole some playboys out of my uncles collection and smuggled them back home when I was about six. I remember one of the cartoons showed a very glamorous, and well dressed couple dining in a fancy restaurant with table cloths and the whole nine yards. In the window behind them was a sign advertising frog legs. Down near the woman’s feet was a frog in a little tiny wheelchair that had bandages over his stumps looking pitifully up at the woman. The caption had him saying, “ahem…..”

    Probably my first contact with sick humor. And I liked it.

  143. Well done steak is crazy talk.

    Just ask Car in when she gets back from softball practice,

  144. Yes, you have the right to enjoy meat any way you like it cooked. We also have the right to shun you for ruining it.

  145. The brand new Kohler toilet in our 1950’s bathroom looks like a freaking time machine.

  146. I like Well-done prime rib too. End cut or they have to butterfly it. No Moo!!!

  147. Holy crap, I remember that cartoon.

  148. *turns back on oso*

  149. When I would go out w mom and dad to a steak house after I was grown and married the waiter would often bring out th food and then inquire as to if any of us needed any A1 or Heinz 57 or anything. My dad took great delight in answering them, ” For what you’re charging me for this piece of beef you better damned well hope I don’t néed to put anything on it.” He said it with a smile, but he meant it.

  150. It’s not blood Oso.

  151. If someone blind folded you, and gave you medium rare steak and well done steak, you would prefer medium rare.

  152. Next time I take a crap, I’ll travel back in time and kill Jerry Jones parents, for Dave.

  153. Hahahahah

    Good one, Scott.

  154. Probably. I know it isn’t blood. I just don’t like the pink. SYWM. I’m PGs dad!!!! I do like grated horseradish with beef

  155. While you’re at it Scott could you see if you can find the self discipline I chunked back in 83? Somebody told me being an adult meant you could shitcan your parents rule book.

  156. Purple is what you don’t want.

  157. >>Probably. I know it isn’t blood. I just don’t like the pink. SYWM.<<

    We're gonna need a fruit ruling on aisle three.

  158. Dan is making corned beef and cabbage for Thursday. Taking it to his mom’s to eat with her. We both started craving smoked corned beef we had at a Memphis BBQ. Mmmm…smoked corned beef

  159. I’m getting shunned by a guy that eats sushi!

  160. Be back later. Better Call Saul is on

  161. Just ask Car in when she gets back from softball practice,

    She’s going vegan for her new girlfriend.

  162. There is nothing wrong with sushi, as long as it’s properly cooked.

  163. I quite like sushi. But I eatall the things.

  164. And I have a drunken housekeeper. Thank heavens for a cast iron stomach.

  165. P.G. Wodehouse meets Charles Bukowski.

  166. Lung wrapped tongue on a bed of frog legs.

  167. That should be a happy meal.


  169. This is the one I remember, ‘cept in ‘merican:

  170. I remember that cartoon as well.

  171. Out for lunch (swings) with a friend from work.
    I had a cheeseburger, he had “Prime Rib”.
    Waitress brought food.

    Glenn (Oregon farm kid) says:
    I’ve seen cows hurt worse than this get well…



  174. Did anybody explain to anybody else that while adjusting to Daylight Savings Time might be a plausible excuse for being late to work, it really doesn’t have anything to do with getting caught stealing office supplies today?

  175. Hahahahahah Pups that last one is my favorite

  176. Sean, I know you are just being funny but so much of me hopes these “did anybody…” comes from your real life experiences.


  178. Occasionally they do, mare.




  182. Nighty night.

  183. I only laughed the first time I saw it on Facebook months ago.

  184. If it makes you feel any better, pup, I saw that on Facebook for the first time this morning.

  185. Me dos, Sean.


  187. G’ night doggeh.

  188. G’night guys. New release Tuesday. Lots of books.

  189. The Axeman’s HS baseball team won again, they are 2-0 so far!

    Buncha ragtag kids, mostly freshman and only a handful having ever played before, tossed together by their former baseball player turned PE teacher coach. Such fun! Yay Team!

  190. Krikey! It’s Tuesday on the Eat Coast already.

    Nuts to DST.

  191. Has every one come out from under the TITS2H2N1 flu?

    The bronchitis afterwards is ~really~ something special.

  192. If it makes you feel better, Pupster, I never saw that before, I’m not on faceborg, and I also don’t get it.

    GO TO BED.

    Other news, I had some cc points built up on amazon and got a big carbon steel skillet. I’m hoping it will improve my life. I had to throw away my only large skillet years ago because it was teflon and it started peeling. Missed it terribly. You really need a large skillet for certain things. Since then it’s been all small-skillet living here, and as you know, that’s like a Hell on Earth.

    Anyway, I’m trying to season this thing and it’s a pain in the ass.


  193. See you around, sleepies.

  194. Meatloaf is in the oven (not a euphamism). I made mushroom and bacon gravy to go on top. Now to wait…

  195. Today was the first time since Tempe that I felt almost human.

  196. Never got so much as a sniffle. Your guess as to why not is as good as mine.

  197. Clean living, Sean.

  198. I was almost certain all my coughing and hacking would share it with you on the drive home. I’m delighted you didn’t catch that shit.

  199. Just lucky, I suppose.

  200. Dudley eyed Rita’s posterior.

  201. Who didn’t?

  202. ta da.

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