Saturday poat

Because we needed a new poat.
drink up


  1. Contractor was supposed to be here this morning. We delayed the trip to see my dad by a day so we could meet with this yahoo and go over the punchlist. Didn’t go to the rocket team launch because we were still waiting for him to show up.

    Fucker cancelled on us.

  2. Nice shoutout for XBrad.

  3. Hey Chrisp, google Dr John Hinds. There is a long video that will come up near the top. It’s something you may find interesting.

  4. Nice earworm

  5. Jimbro, too.

    It’s about motorcycles and broken bones mostly.

  6. Spring is here. Big winds with gusts to 55 mph. What fun!

  7. Looks good. I’m on my phone now and will watch it later. I’m really glad Paula sold her bike 4-5 years ago. She was a careful rider but you never know what other drivers are going to do. Now she satisfies her need for speed on the waverunner which is much safer.

  8. A shoutout? Wait, wut?

  9. Wiser mentioned that you had lost your mom, and that the guys in the studio were keeping you in their thoughts.

  10. Wow, Scott.
    What a man he was. Such a loss…

  11. Very windy here. Looks like I’ll be a pet bed for the rest of the day.


  13. That was very kind of him.

  14. A psychologist friend sent me this rather long but very awesome article about why men are teh awes.

    There is a very interesting point midway.

  15. Wow. Toilet repair like a boss.

    Tank was leaking. I’ve lived with it for about 5 years now. It has probably added $100’s of dollars to my water bill.

    $3 and 5 minutes later, it’s fixed.

  16. That never happens in an old house.

    It is why I put it off for so long.

  17. Like, you had water on the floor from it? I’d have probably bought a new toilet.

  18. Painting a bathroom is worse than the Trumpocaust.

  19. Tank leaking into bowl, and it’s not fixed.

    I’ll replace it, and then I will have to replace the matching sink.

    Both are burgundy red. It was probably very hip in the 70’s.

  20. RL friend is a Union guy. Life-long Democrat. Cancer survivor. Moved home to Cleveland 2 years ago. Very strong Trump supporter. He’s fighting with his kids and family on Facedouche. Ugly. Based on my RL friends, (Anecdote not data) Democrats that support Trump aren’t voting for Shrillery in the GE. They don’t even understand the Superdelegate situation that negates the D-rat primaries.

  21. I’m still voting Cruz. I’m with Ace that he needs to walk back his comments from last night. I’ll vote Gary before I vote for Shrill or Trump.

  22. I H8 TFG for ruining March Madness for me. Dan is trying to entice me into doing a bracket. Mebbe next year.

  23. How’s Dan feeling?

    Mrs. Pupster ended up getting a very mild case of the H2N1, and her mom got it bad after she went home. I guess a flu shot isn’t the answer.

  24. He’s congested and grumpy. Worked today. Wears gloves. Doesn’t cashier. Did I mention “Grumpy”?

  25. In case anyone wants to see more pics of Yale, I’ve updated that day’s post:

  26. Tiki !

  27. More pics of Yale AND Kurt on Monday? Living the dream!!!

  28. Greetings, people who are getting too old for this shit.

  29. Murtagh’d/


  31. I H8 Daylight Savings. I work at 5am tomorrow. Our stupid legislature wants Mountain Daylight. We want standard. I can’t believe I’m team AZ instead of team TX.

  32. Just saw someone wearing something worse than joggers.

    Jean joggers. Jeanggers. Joggeans.

  33. Jeggings

  34. Our manhunt is over. Both inmates captured.

  35. Just finished watching the John Hinds video and read a bit more about him. Remarkable guy, obviously very intelligent and competent, gone too soon. I watched another talk he did with crappy audio called “Crack the chest, get crucified” about emergent thoracotomies. I can’t believe Northern Ireland doesn’t have an air ambulance.

  36. They do. It’s just slower. Hinds was arriving at accident scenes before a helicopter would get off the ground.

  37. I used to like Daylight savings until they moved it up a month. Now it sucks.

  38. I don’t see why they couldn’t stage an ambulance with a Doctor every mile or so.

    It will be a lot costlier, but they wouldn’t be endangering the lives of Doctors.

  39. 71MPH gust at Magdalena today. High wind warnings until Midnight. Wind sucks!! Blowing snow and hail this afternoon. Dan was dive-bombed by a nesting hawk this AM. Birds H8 Dan.

  40. Dan is BDS about Daylight Saving. I bailed from the GOPe over amnesty. Dan H8s W over Daylight Saving and Climate Change

  41. Yeah, Oso, the wind has been really bad here today. Lots of dust and sand blowing by.

  42. Daylight Savings has been around since WWI.
    Why is he mad at Bush?

  43. W extended the start dates.

  44. We violate the HS Laws of driving. East in the AM. West in the PM.

  45. I don’t think they have a dedicated air ambulance service there. If they need a chopper they have to borrow it from a different service and that takes a while. That’s what I took away from this article

    His widow is leading a campaign to get a medical helicopter service there.

  46. Beard Update, Day 132: “So you’re growing a beard, ah? Very sexy, yes?” –60-something Chinese man

    Welp, a compliment is a compliment, I guess.

  47. Very sexy yes…

  48. Jenim.

  49. Ossiter, you can join my NHL playoff bracket. It’s free and I myself do the color commentary every sunday, via email.

    All ye all are invited.

  50. Huh. At the beginning of the video, at around the 1:20 mark, he explains that the track is too short for helicopters and too long for ambulances.

    That made me assume they had air ambulance.

  51. Confucius had a beard


  53. I heard that too and when I read some articles about his crash it mentioned that there were no air ambulances there in Northern Ireland. Which seems odd nowadays but maybe it’s part of the NHS budget woes.

  54. Hockey thread at the H2 would be pretty cool. Reverse HQ though for a change.

  55. There is far too much death in that sport.

    Safer tracks should probably be part of the discussion.

  56. Riding close to 170 mph on rural roads bordered by stone walls and drunken spectators watching from their lawns is crazy.


  58. After watching that, I have concluded that the Irish have a lot in common with rednecks.

    Hold my beer.

  59. Scott, did you know Chumpo is a Flyers fan? (Sits back with popcorn)

  60. I like wagons too.

  61. Scots-Irish are the original rednecks.

  62. Pikey rednecks

  63. I have this song stuck in my head for some reason.

  64. Why does Wiser’s blog say May 5?

  65. Wiser has a blog?

  66. I’m H8ing on Dan right now. Getting ready to throw epic temper tantrum.

  67. Not really. I can go days without eating. Dan can eat a bag of dicks. Day 5.

  68. I’m getting ready to start tossing all the food in the freezer. I’m beyond pissed off.

  69. That will fix everything.

  70. State police pulled over a guy for speeding. He had 9 lbs of cocaine.


    It’s probably just me.

  71. Burlesque show tonight. The hostess is cougarriffic.

  72. Scott, it made me feel better. Dan knew why I was so angry. Passive Aggressive marital # FTW.

  73. I’m getting ready to start tossing all the food in the freezer. I’m beyond pissed off.

    Including the bag of dicks?

  74. We’re at 50/50 between cute dancers and trainwrecks.

    The lib comments are annoying, but expected. The hipsters are out in force. There’s more testosterone in the lesbians present.

  75. I was gonna say “Why not 10?” but that other lb is probably why he was speeding.

  76. Its really hard to get pulled over for speeding in this state.

  77. How is a gypsy themed strip tease not cultural appropriation?

  78. He doesn’t get to change the rules after 25 + years of marriage. I can out stubborn everyone.

  79. Gypsy is raycis!!!

  80. You could be cray cray.

  81. Oso would have won the gold at the 1988 Olympics in being stubborn, but she was cheated be the Russian judge.

  82. I am cray cray. He makes me cray cray!

  83. How is a gypsy themed strip tease not cultural appropriation?

    Because nobody gives a shit about those dirty, stinking, sub-human thieves.

    You know you were all thinking it.

  84. If Trump wants to get Messicans to build a wall under budget, then he needs to marry an El Paso girl.

  85. I can go days without eating. Even with the Type II

  86. Ha! Trumphumpers H8 illegals. Silent Majority this time around H8s illegals

  87. Trump has been targeting traditional Democrat enclaves.

  88. Cereal themed stripper has nice tits. She’s part of a balanced breakfast.

  89. Boo Berry?

  90. Fruit loops

  91. She’s Kaboom on the inside.

  92. Cheery-Hos

  93. Kaboom.

  94. Grape Nuts

  95. Reminds me of George Carlin: “Sounds like a Snack! ‘New Nabisco Corn Tits!'”

  96. Broadstreet Bullies!

    Let’s go!!!

  97. Did anybody make a tearful apology to anybody else about hateful and hurtful remarks they made about the proud and culturally-vibrant Roma people that they made earlier today while under stress and the influence of too many energy drinks and herbal supplements today?

  98. “She’s Kaboom on the inside.”


  99. I’m sorry Gypsys. I meant all the people in Downey are tweaker cutthroats and rat bastards.

  100. Heh, I’m watching the re-run of Johnny Carson punking Uri Geller.

  101. A stripper just walked by dressed as Jackie Kennedy. In a bloodstained pink suit.

  102. Sean, when I was a youngun I worked in a very small store chain that was targeted by roma gypsies. They would come into a store as a family, and create a commotion and occupy all of the staff of the little store. They did this right after a shift change.

    At some point the manager would be called to the front. After the manager was up front for a few minutes trying to work things out, the whole thing would die down and they’d all leave.

    …with all the cash that had been in the manager’s office, that was being counted after shift change but wasn’t in the safe yet.

    After they hit a couple stores, an alert fax went out to the rest of us.

  103. Stripper Jackie is dancing to Celine dion. Up next is goth blonde.

  104. Lauraw, similar incidents with the “Irish travellers” in my home town. Expert shoplifters.

  105. Hostess: “I consider this next performer family, and not just because we’re both Mexican and probably related somehow.”

  106. Man, I don’t know why everyone disliked The Hateful Eight so much. Good flick, in spite of Tarantino being an asshat.

  107. Tarentino jst makes t impossible to want to see hos films.

    His douch factor is way too high, and I like far out movies and I try not to be high minded and reactionary, but I jst know that I would hate being near that fucker and so I cant put his art on my mental hard drive.

    I’ve struggled with that. I saw Kill Bill 1. I didnt make it to KB2. I wanted to see grind haus but didnt because fuch that. I would never see the ww2 movie because I dont need his irreverent take on suxh a serious topic.
    By the time Dejango came around the die was already cast. It’s an intelectual embargo.

    F he just did simple noir shit like Reservoir Dags I would go and be fine with the effort because hes a good film maker but hes up his own ass too far.
    Im not doing him any favors.

  108. To be fair, I didn’t pay to see it.

  109. I remember seeing pulp fiction at $1 movie in about 94 or 95. I almost walked out a half a dozen times because I was appalled at the behaviors of the lead characters. Then something really funny would happen and I’d give it another pass. But I’ve never seen a QT film again. Have consciously avoided them.

  110. John Ekdahl osod my Twitter spew tonigh with retesters to rince previous.


  112. The firefighters hose me down
    I don’t care, I’ll burn out anyhow
    It’s four-alarm girl, nothing to see
    Hear the sirens come for me
    You doused my derp with gasoline
    You flicked a match into my brain

  113. wakey wakey

  114. Everyone is an hour late for everything.

  115. Plant your peas!

  116. Pea planting will be later. Fake double today.

  117. Dogs were up at regular 0500. A few shushes got us another hour and then they were let out and we returned to bed to hopefully sleep in. It was not to be because Rowan got a piece of nylabone stuck in his throat and started yacking. Got him off the covers but he had a splashdown on the carpet. Luckily he hadn’t eaten so it was just dog spit.

  118. …and since Paula cleaned up the pukey spot, made the coffee AND made breakfast I guess I ought to clean all the dishes.

  119. Laura’s not a slacker, she’s planting peas.

    Last year there was snow on the ground.

  120. I was expecting a delivery of 10 lbs of cocaine today. Never made it for some reason.

  121. Snow job.

  122. Huh, I always imagined MJ as a meth man

  123. This leak is getting fixed. I took the tank off and the old washers aren’t rubber anymore. They are black goo.

  124. Could you all please try not to exist so loudly.

    *crawls back to bed*

  125. One to many Sloe Gin Fizz’ last night?

  126. So, is the cougar stripper sleeping soundly?

  127. “sleeping”

  128. If it was anybody but Scottw I’d take the over on 2 trips to Home Depot.

    Scottw will have that terlit fixed and smoking briskets in 1.5 trips.

  129. Colex?

  130. Cougar stripper is married. Her husband is a nice enough fellow. Was very drunk last night. I wasn’t too bad.

  131. Well, it’s not getting fixed. It’s getting replaced.

    Old houses suck.

    2 trips, maybe 3.

  132. I was fighting a leak, so I cranked down the tank to seat bolts. I stopped the leak, but the next time it filled up………CRACK

  133. Welp, now it is decision time…

  134. Chrome would look sweet with some flame decals on the side

    Or maybe this one:


  136. Finished assembly of the remaining cabinet boxes. Installed guts of all upper cabinets. Countertops get templated Friday.
    Not looking forward to the guts of the base cabinets. All but two have three drawers each.
    Once countertops are in, I get to do the tile back splashes. Then my son in law will paint the ceiling, walls, and window trim.
    HotBride is a very happy person.

  137. Good work! HS

    Roamy, are those assholes taking Sunday off?!


  139. Pupeh, I wish we could hang out together more easily.

    Stupid giant country.

  140. We’ll always have Tempe.

  141. I hope Laura, Scott, and Wiser put another one together for October.

  142. In a stupid giant country dreams stay with you like a lover’s voice across the mountainside.

  143. 4 seed in Midwest, higher than I thought.


  144. We have a new terlit !!!!!

    One trip. Those nerf rings, instead of the wax rings, work great.

  145. I love that new terlit smell.

  146. Yeah…graduation party. Smoked seafood. New toilet. Pirates.

    Hookers and blow. Dave in Long Island Sound. Swimming pools. Movie Stars.

  147. Our old toilet WAS red. I was hoping it wouldn’t have to be replaced. But now we have a red sink and a white toilet. Sigh.

    This of course means a total bathroom renovation is going to have to happen before we sell this place.

  148. More like a rose-burgundy color than a true red. Medium maroon? Like that.

  149. Just paint the sink. What they don’t know won’t hurt them until the lead-based paint begins to flake off.

  150. I would think red would be a great color for the bathroom, what with all the “cleanup” that has to be done.

  151. Hi guys.

  152. We have porcelain wall fixtures in the same color, and exact matching accents in the rest of the ceramic tile. It’s basically a 1950 vintage powder room. We’re never going to match that setup again. Gonna have to either gut it and go all new, or pay beaucoup $$$ for the correct color toilet down the road. Bah.

  153. Will you be able to match the color? Which would cost less 1) Full renovation or B) Find a toilet the vintage color?

  154. How gauche.

  155. My bathroom is tiled in pepto-bismol pink.

  156. This color:

    Made by ‘the Standard’ toilet co. in 1950. I will NEVER find this again. I don’t even want to know how much a custom made toilet costs. But I’m going to find out anyway, ha ha ha haa

  157. Sink on the top right is our EXACT model and color of sink, lol

  158. That is the same color as my livingroom. Claret.

  159. Vintage 50s is way moh bettah than vintage 70s

  160. My Tia Eva has a Vintage 50s kitchen. I love her Turquoise cabinets and old school stove.

  161. I don’t even want to know how much a custom made toilet costs. But I’m going to find out anyway, ha ha ha haa

    Relax. By the time you’re ready to move, you’ll be able to 3-D print a toilet in whatever color you want.

  162. The toilet couldn’t be any closer to the wall.

    Toilet flange bolts are supposed to be 12″ from the wall.
    Ours are 11.5″ from the wall.

    Stupid old house.

  163. Our 3D printer at Sam’s didn’t have that color.

  164. Scott, have you ever watched Pickers on History Channel? I bet there’s a hoarder in the Midwest that has your exact toilet. That show is crazy!!!

  165. Nowadays it’s a beige world. At work all the carpet and tile for sale is basically 7000 riffs on beige, grey, white, and cream. Teensy color collection with just a handful of shades. Beige, cream, white, and grey also dominate the paints being mixed in the paint department.

    Same with window blinds, fixtures etc.

  166. I’m Messican. Dan is fine with ecru and sand. Our living room is claret. Bedroom is seafoam green. 2nd room is cadet blue. He won’t let me paint the foyer, the kitchen, or the bathrooms.

  167. reversal?

  168. I used to watch it when we had cable.

  169. I must say, the white toilet looks nice in there. And we are going to have to sell the house in a couple years or so. What are the odds we’ll find some hipsters to buy the place that would appreciate perfect vintage fixtures? Zippo, I think. This is Hartford, not Portland.

    Renovation. Harder, but more foolproof for the selling process. Oh well it was a good run.

  170. It’s been over twenty years since I swanged a baby sledgehammer at a wall. Too long.

  171. If the 3-D printer thing doesn’t work out, maybe you could just ask MJ to start talking up Hartford at some of the concerts he attends.

  172. Scott, Dan loves Pickers. I could never EVER be a picker. The dust and cobwebs and my fear of hoarders…NOPE

  173. If you like quirky movies, Bad Words is pretty good.

  174. I lost 24 feet of books today. I have 2k in book theft this month. I H8 people

  175. I may get to go to Shareholders. I’m not looking forward to it.

  176. Too early for comment ownage!!!

  177. Next project is a new door. That has every opportunity to be a nightmare.

    Old houses suck.

  178. I’ll wait until it’s warmer. We could have a hole in the house for a couple of days.

  179. The friendly neighborhood computer guy is trying to sell a laptop. He is lost when I asked about the CPU. Apparently the X86 architecture died when AMD introduced the 64 bit chip.

    I can tolerate pigs screaming at me stupidly. People make me want to set fires.

  180. I just checked out the toilet upstairs. It was built in 1949 and the fill valve is original.

    American Standard kicked ass in the 40’s and 50’s.

  181. 👊🏻

  182. Never bring a hatchet to a gunfight…

  183. I hope the shooter is poor.

  184. I’m Messican. Dan is fine with ecru and sand. Our living room is claret. Bedroom is seafoam green. 2nd room is cadet blue. He won’t let me paint the foyer, the kitchen, or the bathrooms.

    Dan comes home the first time.

  185. It’s been over twenty years since I swanged a baby sledgehammer at a wall. Too long.

    I had to read that twice to realize that I’d missed a word.

  186. I bet I washed my hands 247 times today.

  187. CoAl, mostly si! My poor Grammo. Mi Aunt Martha got a deal on yellow paint. My Grammo was a mess. I saved a bedroom for her. Horrible wknd.


  189. That’s a dude.

  190. The hands. Gives it away every time.

  191. That and the poorly tucked penis.

  192. There should be a football game on now.

    Holy crap, it’s now after 10 pm on the eat coast.

  193. *lasers in an “s”*

  194. Eat Coast is better.

    The Eat Coast and the Wet Coast.

  195. It’s crazy.

  196. So, does anyone know if it’s still a good time to become a slumlord to make money? Where’s that lovely Tushar fellow. Anyone else?

  197. Eat & Wet Coasts – I like it!

  198. The renovation on the truck began today. Huge rusted out section cut out and replaced with new metal and fiberglass.

    I also disassembled and reassembled my Wagner Power Pro paint system and actually fixed the bastard, without spending a dime and without any help from the internet or repair manuals.

    Just a little vaseline on some o-rings and we are pumping paint again.

    (Take it, Xbrad_)

    It was an awesome day here today. Weather was perfect. My old Olds was honestly the best investment I’ve ever made.

    BTW, according to tonight’s news, DST causes fatal accidents. The solution? Get 8 hours sleep.

  199. If you are good at screening tenants, it’s always a good time to be a slumlord.

    If you don’t have that skill, it’s never a good time.

  200. Kurt Schlichter will be my guest tomorrow at 12:30 eastern.

  201. That was awesome, Jay

  202. Mmmmm, Kurt Schlichter. Too bad it will still be Sunday here in our part of the country.

  203. Thanks for the tip, Scott – I think I need a way to generate income soon and my current gig isn’t going to cut it.

  204. Schlichter? I don’t even know her.

  205. Kurt was recently on the Greg Gutfield show.

    How he was able to concentrate while he was surrounded by smoking hawt chicks like Kennedy and Joanne Nosuchinsky boggles my mind…

  206. His wife, Irina, is awesome. Smart, funny, and beautiful

  207. Wait, was that rhetorical and I stepped on your comment?

  208. How he was able to concentrate while he was surrounded by smoking hawt chicks like Kennedy and Joanne Nosuchinsky boggles my mind…

    You should out him. Think of the ratings!

  209. You should out him. Think of the ratings!


    I bet he would find it hysterical.

  210. Thanks for the tip, Scott – I think I need a way to generate income soon and my current gig isn’t going to cut it.

    Find a property manager. They will take care of everything or you.

  211. Kurt has been getting the full Trumpanzee on Twitter. His last name is suspect.

  212. How he was able to concentrate while he was surrounded by smoking hawt chicks like Kennedy and Joanne Nosuchinsky boggles my mind…

    I’m pretty sure your mom had already taken most of the piss and vinegar out of him earlier that day.

  213. A property manager will also cut into any income :(

  214. Joanne Nosuchinsky

    More proof that conservative chicks are the hottest.

  215. PG – Are you doing any two-stepping yet? Heal up soon!


  217. A property manager will also cut into any income :(

    Some solid income is far better than zero income or getting screwed

  218. Kurt has been getting the full Trumpanzee on Twitter. His last name is suspect.

    I know and I’m prepared for that.

    I plan on pushing back on that a bit with him, but he has an opinion that is different than mine, so…. interesting… hopefully.

  219. Sweet. He’s a smart guy. I love Irina. She’s awesome.

  220. Tootsie is on.

    I had forgotten about this one.

  221. Go Tootsie Go!

    What channel?

  222. Irina has a crush on Justin Bateman. From the Ocho.

  223. Did anybody immediately regret asking anybody else what it looked like when they took out their glass eye today?

  224. She is Irina Moises on FB and Twitter. Gorgeous, smart, and funny

  225. TCM. It’s just getting good.

    It seems like you have your health.
    Im so glad. You are a hell of a trooper. Thanks for the best Beat-up Tits2 could have been.

  226. Also, its not a “great” time to buy unless you are buying into a specificly strong rental market. If you have any inventory to sell it is a good time to convert. Thats what I’m doing. I look to buy a tranch of rentals in 12 to 18 months.

    Go go go.

  227. A prop mnger is the only way to go. dont pay less than 7%. They keep the place rented. If you go it alone, you will end up paying much more than that while you scramble for tenants. That the maintenance and and other managment crap is just taken care of is just icing on the cake.
    After ten years I definitely recommend Prop Mngrs.

  228. Kurt is a brilliant guy. Believe what he says.

  229. Plus Irina is cool and loves TWD.

  230. My property managers for my house in El Paso were good, up until this last one. She wasn’t horrible, but she was young and definitely a step down from the first manager that I had.

    I agree with Chumpo that they’re worth the investment. Their cut is more than made up by the time you’ll save not having to deal with the tenant crap. Let them manage your properties and find some side gig to focus on.

  231. The derp by the courthouse
    With windburn skin
    That man could give a fuck
    About the grin on your face
    As you walk by, randy as a goat
    He’s sleepin’ on papers
    When he’d be warm in your coat

  232. Daylight Savings Time Arrives on Monday Work and School Day; Kids and Dogs Hardest Hit

  233. My kid’s school scheduled Spring break for this week for DST. Also Purdue is out.

  234. That’s a great idea. For some reason I was tired and fell asleep promptly at 930 last night. The kids stayed up and paid the price this morning. The dogs are home catching up on their beauty rest.

  235. Gimme about 10 min.

  236. *Sounds of dicks being tucked*

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