Hello, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your model for today is from Miami, Florida by way of Jamaica, she stands 5’3″ with 32DD-24-39.

Please stop recording meeting minutes and welcome, Miss Kara Allison!



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  1. Dat azz

  2. Doze udders


  4. ww

  5. Pupper woke me up and now is snoozing.

  6. You guys are horrible.

  7. As for moving dirt – I’d rent a machine in a hot minute to do it. I could get so much done. There is plenty of physical labor in addition, if I could relieve myself of that I’d do it.


  8. She’s actually rather pretty. Nice.

  9. As for moving dirt – I’d rent a machine in a hot minute to do it.

    leon is hiring out?

  10. Her grandmother starred in Gone With The a Wind.

  11. MJ got a Broil King? Aw man, I love those grills. Sounds like you got the Signet. I want one!! Actually I want the Baron four-burner. But I like the Signet too because it has the shelves for sauces and stuff on it. And I kinda prefer the cast iron grates instead of stainless steel.

    My customers who buy that one come back and tell me how great it is. Everything comes out perfect. Broil Kings have those stainless steel fins across all the burners and they make it cook really evenly.

    I don’t know what the Hell Weber is thinking with their new grill line. Each burner has just one metal tent over it and there’s lots of empty space in between. Paying twice as much for an inferior grill with a famous name is derpy.

  12. Dan is down! I repeat, Dan is down! He has a respiratory bug. Lots of congestion.

  13. I find it incredible and suspicious that most of you came down sick with a respiratory bug within a day and a half of exposure. That is frickin’ fast, no incubation time whatsoever.

    This is a job for epidemiologists. The CDC needs to go check out that hotel’s air system.

  14. Ben Carson proves once again that republicans are liars, hypocrites, and opportunists. Which makes them exactly like democrats.

    I actually admired the twat waffle at one point. Now he is dead to me.

  15. Bit heavy for my taste, but I wouldn’t stop her from dusting my bed.

  16. Her eyes are gorgeous.

  17. Hotspur at 10:50 is exceptionally correct.

    I’m in it for the country, country, country, country, until I no longer have a shot and then I’m in it for me. Patriots need not apply.

  18. Her eyes are gorgeous.

    Totally was gonna say that. Really.

  19. Deal is made. Cruz out of Ohio and Florida, Rubio in Florida, Kasich in Ohio.

    How exactly does this stop Trump?

    Stupid party.

  20. STUPID effen party.

  21. To be fair, the GOP equates giving up as winning so I see nothing amiss about this strategy.

  22. She seems nice tits.

  23. I suppose it could work.

  24. PG – how did you make out with your surgery? Get a little time with the Morphine Buddy machine??

  25. It’s supposed to be nice outside, and it *is* sunny. But it’s windy and 40 degrees.


    I’m just not up for that. Guess it’s the treadmill again for me today.

  26. Get Old Dan going on a humidifier w metholatumesque drops in it. If anything pulled me back from the edge of oblivion it was that.

    Good luck.

  27. She’s pretty.

    HTF does Ben Carsen endorse Trump?

    Politics is for motherf@#kers.

  28. Sunny with a high of 70 here in Colorado Springs.

  29. Not sure I buy all of it, but here’s a way for Cruz to win, and he doesn’t have to win Ohio or Florida. In fact, it works to his advantage if he doesn’t:

  30. Yes, PD, been thinking about you.

  31. Surgery Monday. Don’t recall much else from Monday. Rehab tues, weds, and Thursday morn. Was supposed to be discharged at noon on thurs but company delivering walker and bedside shitter couldn’t figure it right so I got discharged at 3pm. Wore out when I got home and ate a little and went to bed.

    Managed to have bowell movement this morning which was big. Decided it was time for first post op shower. Passed out after shower in bathroom from low BP and fell and hit my head against commode. But didn’t further injure my hip. Had to call a couple of friends to come arm me back up to make sure I didn’t get my hip in a bind. Scared the absolute living shit out of my bride. Back in bed with an ice pack on my hip and a bag of frozen corn under my head.

  32. Rest ez, cowboy.
    Take ‘er slow.

  33. Ugh, PG, be careful! And get better!

    I hope your recovery is better than my dad’s 20 years ago. I think they came a long way, since he couldn’t even get out of bed for a week.

  34. “Passed out after shower in bathroom from low BP” is the worst euphemism evar!

    Slow up there buddy, but maybe try again next week! Hugs!!

  35. PG,
    Be really diligent on rehab, or you will pay for it forever…

  36. Yes, we certainly don’t want our bombs to go off late!

  37. BTW, Welcome back from the dead, Zombie Cyn :)

  38. Keith Emerson died.

  39. I saw Emerson Lake and Palmer in the late 70’s. One hell of a show.

  40. UConn vs Cinci was the most amazing basketball game.

    This forced overtime #4

  41. XBrad asked me to post the flowers from Cyn and the orchid from TiFW. Pretty.

  42. Cyn and Teresa are some sweet and classy dames.

  43. I’m at the lower class alcohol consumption establishment.

  44. I bought a carbon steel skillet for the first time and I’m seasoning it in the oven. Pretty exciting. No, no, you’ll all have to wait a few hours for the results, same as me. Just calm down and try to distract yourselves. Where’s the monopoly board? Play that while we’re waiting.

  45. Pics or it isn’t happening.

  46. Are you going to make enough for everyone?

  47. No pics. It’s in the oven, cooling down from 500 degrees. Not supposed to disturb it or open the oven until it is quite coolish. At least a couple hours, then.

    Calm your impatient testes.

  48. Your mom brought enough for everyone.

  49. Beautiful arrangements ladies.

  50. We have MiL on the waiting list at 2 memorycare facilities. I’m so done with SiL. I’ve been really good about letting Dan vent without offering solutions or badmouthing SiL. I should be on the list for canonization.

  51. Oso, patron saint of retail workers?

  52. Works for me! I already have miracles. It’s a miracle I didn’t go off on SiL when she was throwing a fit about our going to TiTS2. It’s a miracle that I’ve learned to just let Dan vent. Goes against my very DNA to just listen.

  53. Mr. RFH and Mini-me are at the church fish-fry. I didn’t feel like watching them eat.

  54. Oso, it’s too bad you’re not Italian, because two of those miracles can be card tricks.

    Wait, your messican, so just claim you saw the Virgin Mary on a tortilla.

  55. WooHoo! I think it would have to be La Virgen de Guadalupe for me to get credit

  56. Is it raining at anybody else’s house or place of business? All the rain we were supposed to get from El Niño but hadn’t suddenly decided to show up in the half hour after I got to work.

  57. No rain, but we have a Manhunt! going on and Dan forgot to lock the patio door. He didn’t put the Charlie Bar up either. (Breaking news has one of the escaped cons captured)

  58. I’m sure your vicious guard dog will protect the house.

  59. Apparently, Orange Doucheius has cancelled a rally in Chicago after fights broke out inside the venue.

    The RNC is gonna be fun this year.

  60. 1968 redux

  61. I want a 2016 do-over. It totes sucks and it’s only March.

  62. Albuquerque is so fucked up. Drunk bitch that abandoned her 18 month old on I40 after the kid was ejected in her car seat, had the charges dropped. Cops didn’t get lab work to DA within the 10-day required period. Stupid DoJ taking over our fucking police department.

  63. This is kind of a cool video, but most of you will hate it.

  64. Angels rally to beat Los Doyers in Spring Training. Yay!!!

  65. Brain Salad Surgery, Full Album

  66. *answers phone*
    yes, sir, he’s right here, I’ll have him take your call

    Sean, ‘Hovering Orb’ on line 2 for you.

    *transfers call*

  67. *puts on safety goggles*

    “Yes, this is Sean. How can I help you, Mr. Orb?”

  68. LOL

  69. Safety goggles? Shittiest villain ever. Defeated by dimestore shades. Ridiculous.

    *shoves villain-bot in carton and fills out returns paperwork*


  71. *Fires Ositta out of a cannon*

  72. How fucked-up are Seattle Hipster-Douchebags?
    *THIS* fucked-up…

  73. Ha! Jokes on you! I don’t fit in a cannon!

  74. Trebuche?

    Oso Chunkin’.

  75. *fires ositter out of a morter. *

  76. Hahaha 😘

  77. ChrisP, you shoukd drive the sube up to the city and square those kids away. I think they’d listen.

  78. Ositta I know how you feel about board games but, that not withstanding, I’d like to play you in a game of Stratego.

  79. Chumpo, I cheat. I cheat at Clue. Battleship. Monopoly. Risk. I’d cheat at Stratego and Connect 4.

  80. I’m just kind of surprised it wasn’t Portland.

  81. Ha!! I just saw William Defoe playing Marilyn in a Snickers commercial. So funny!
    That was a fun one to make I can tell you.

    I worked on most of the “Messin’ w Sasquatch” beef jerky comms. We laughed more than we worked. Too mich fun.

  82. I’ll let ya cheat.

    There’s something good about Stratego. Growing up far from town I used to play Stratego against myself most every day.
    It’s a strange meditation, but I wouldnt trade the experience.

  83. What’s Sasquatch like in person (er, in Sasquatch)? I bet he’s real down-to-earth.

  84. The actor would ask us to fuch w him all day long. He was just a big funny stunt guy type.
    It was a great gig.

  85. Yo, Bus driver!
    We’ve been streaming “The Man In The High Castle” for a bit.
    There is a fella in there who’s supposed to be some kinda
    “Bounty Hunter”.
    Wears a duster, Stetson and boots. Carries a pump sawed-off and always a toothpick in the teeth.
    It looks like he’s playing “William Defoe”, playing a “Bounty Hunter”.

    Oh, and in the last one we watched, the Japanese got the microfilm with the H-Bomb plans on it and they are gonna “First Strike” the Nazis when they get it built!
    “Parity” is not good enough! We will take them out!!!
    That’ll learn ’em…

  86. Heh. That reminds me. How does your Stetson fit?

  87. Chumpo, next meat we bring board games and cheat to win?

  88. Ok.
    Chris, I lost patience w The Hogh Castle but Imma give it another go.

    My damn stetson fits like crap and I gotta have it streatched front to back, however; it looks cool and so It’s not a total wash.

    Lets go to TX next. Middle O tha Damn Summer. Pool Party @ Dave’s.

    Come on.

  89. Dave?

  90. I’ll bring Jenga

  91. “Texas” and “Summer” are each fine things. On their own.

    Together, though?

  92. Antibiotics should clear that up.

  93. My Stetson fits great!
    I love that hat!
    Thanks, Anita!

  94. ‘Member Dave? He’s a out 6’10″”. Flowing black hair. He dug the Rio Canal with hos bag of dimes he won at the injun casino and he made Pikes Peak with hos big pile of yayo!
    And he’s got a blue dog and a rubber eye.

    Old Dave.

  95. Ooh…Dave in T sung to George Motherfucking Washington!!!

  96. Did anybody protest that it wasn’t really “nitpicking” to point out that an authentic Rembrandt painting probably wouldn’t include a guy wearing a wristwatch today?

  97. Continuity!!!! For some reason, when I point out continuity issues, I become the problem.

  98. We got a free pizza today. Waited 20 minutes in the drive thru, they got our order wrong, we had to get back to work. Blah blah blah. Dan ordered a Small veggie. They made a 10 inch veggie. Not even an option. I was goading Dan to call the manager.

  99. You guys have drive thru pizza?

    Will wonders never cease.

  100. Back in the day I ordered a Small pizza. Guy taking order said they only had medium and large. I asked how he could have a medium without having a small? By definition, it made no sense. Blah bla blah. Dan says conversations like this, prove I’m a nerd/loser.

  101. You guys don’t have drive thru pizza? How do you manage lunch time crunch?

  102. I WANTED the Napoli. Spinach, pine nuts, artichoke hearts. The Veggie was compromise pizza. #LentenFridays

  103. I love LOTM. Pre-ambush scene, one of the natives has tank top tan…FAIL!!!!

  104. I H8 tank tops/muscle tees. Especially at buffets or salad bars. Unfortunately, record heat levels have the tank top brigade shedding modesty early.

  105. Woo Hoo! 5 in a row

  106. I’ve never worn a tank top. nor will I.

    I do, however, enjoy wearing a Maximum Pliskin.

    I actually cut them much deeper in the pits. More like Overboard.

    I have no shame. I want to be Kurt.

  107. I have ten like this.

    When I go to town people throw cabbages and old tomatoes at me.

    It’s my cross to bare

  108. I ran into him at LAX. Huge head. Short. His eyes are gorgeous. Way moar beautiful than film can do justice. I H8 shirts that expose underarm hair. H8

  109. Dan tends to skew my idea of tall and short.

  110. Well, your blessed.

    I would have liked to meet Kurt in my career.

  111. I didn’t meet him. Just saw him. New Mexicans ignore celebrities. We H8 outsiders. Robert Redford in Santa Fe…meh. Cast of Breaking Bad at The Lab…meh. Julia Roberts in Taos? Meh. I nearly lost my cool with Harrison Ford and Sean Connery at the Elk Horn in Chama, but I recovered quickly and regained my sneer.

  112. My cousin, Cathi, thought a bunch of guys at an adjacent table looked familiar. Thought she went to school with them. It was the cast of Young Guns.

  113. I wear an undershirt with everything. Makes tank tops and muscle shirts kinda pointless.

  114. If you ever saw Charles Bronson you wouldnt recover.

    when Charlie hits the scene the fish stop swimming.

  115. I loved his movies. Mag 7. Chato’s Land. Death Wish. I think I saw every single Charles Bronson movie. James Coburn, too

  116. I sat next to Kurt and Goldie at a hockey game at the Air Force Academy. They couldn’t have been nicer.

  117. That’s so cool. I remember now that you had mentioned that once before.

    That’s in colorado right?

  118. What were they doing at an AFA game?

  119. I was at the Sun Valley Lodge when Charles B walked into the bar.

    That son of a bitch had a black trench coat on and a black suite and black leather gloves and his eyes were cinders under that salt and peper hair.

    All the air went out of the room and the fire in the fireplace went out. I swear the bartender just continued over filling a tumbler as he stared slack jawed.

    Charlie turned on his heel and gave the whole place the once over. I was ready for him to pull two autos out from under his jacket and wipe us all out just for being so flabby and weak, but he didnt. He sat down and ordered a damn club soda.

    I’ll never wear a lifejacket.

  120. My mom once was invited to hang out drinking in Aspen with Bob Weir. She didn’t know who he was.

  121. The only “celebrity” involved in any of my drinking stories was the guy who played Chunk in The Goonies. He was an RA in my dorm at Cal and broke up a party I was at, setting me on the road to Double Secret Probation.

  122. They had a place near Colorado Springs, and they’re huuuuge hockey fans.

  123. Heh.

    Chunk the Punk

  124. The guy who was my backup in college for two years and started in my position the next two years is a facebook friend. I haven’t actually laid eyes on him since 83 or 84. He put a pic of he and his wife posing w Nancy Reagan on his FB today. He worked for SS straight out of college. I asked him what other POTUS ‘s and FLOTUS’s he’d workd with. Both bushes Clinton carters and ladybird. I got the strong impression that he wasn’t on the personal security team of any of them though. Just time to time stuff. Because he then said he’d done 4 plus years w gore family when he was veep. He sets the new all time record for cool celebrity shit for friends and acquaintances of mine. I saw Phil Graham walking through DFW one time.

  125. PG, you played serious ball, eh?

    That’s cool. I really liked my time playing but I was not dedicated enough to take it to college.

  126. Even if you derp
    Even if you need
    I don’t mean to stare
    We don’t have to breed
    We could plant a house
    We could build a tree
    I don’t even care
    We could derp all three

  127. Similar to Sean, my celebrity brush was with an icon of TV advertising: Mikey from the Life Cereal commercials. As in “Give it to Mikey”….”Mikey likes it!”

    It was a little surreal seeing Mikey swilling beer from a 16 ounce plastic cup rather than eating Life cereal.

  128. What time is it?

  129. Benji roofied me once.

  130. Puppy breath wakey

  131. *puts on Brownshirt and prepares to suppress free speech in Obama’s America.

  132. My ex wife is apparently Feeling the Bern. Political and economic sanity left her when I did.

  133. My cc info was stolen last week, so I had it cancelled. I have to tell 4 or so places the new cc info ASAP, but it’s still in the mail.

    Ironically, my credit monitoring service is now inaccessible, because they tried to bill the old card.

  134. Chumpo, small college. Chances anybody outsid of tx has ever heard of it are slim.

    I’ve always thought Ann Coulter had a little bomb thrower to her. Even when I agreed with what she said, it was clear that her deal was to say it provocatively and disrespectfully as possible. Often mean spirited. Which, to my highly cultured way of seeing things, undermines your message.

    Her tweets on Trump over the past month or so are off the fucking hook though. I think she’s lost it but there’s so much other over the top rhetoric flying around her strange bsbblings get lost in the flow.

  135. L t R

    Pupster, Ann Coulter

  136. Celebrity brush….I spoke with Elizabeth Taylor briefly late one nite at the gate to her estate. Her eyes were damn near purple and she was feeling no pain, a brief but pleasent interaction.

    @ Beverly Hills Four Seasons, rode on elevator with Chris Rock and his companion for the evening. (she was stunning) They were holding the Lethal Weapon Four premier party on the floor below us.

  137. I met Fergie (the Duchess, not the singer) in Switzerland.

  138. I met Grandpa from Hee Haw, Sonny Shroyer (Enos from Dukes of Hazzard), Bobby Allison (my dad recognized him because I didn’t follow NASCAR), and a bunch of astronauts.

    PG, hope you are healing quickly.

  139. At one point, my next door neighbor was the bassist for the band Foghat. (not the original bassist) Our paths crossed one year in Dallas, got to go see them play and hangout backstage.

  140. We’ve seen quite a few celebrities at knife shows. Tom Selleck is always a huge hit with the ladies. Ashton Kutcher, Joe Pantoliano bought something from us. At the California shows we’d see a bunch of people. Right after the OJ trial, judge Lance Ito was at a show, turns out he was a knife collector. William H. Macy was at a show once, dressed in an immaculate suit.

  141. Some company had R. Lee Ermey signing autographs. He was amazing. Sat there all day and greeted people like they were good friends. Always “on”, upbeat and friendly, and he did it all day long. It’s absolutely brutal, and he was great.

  142. Hung out with Walt Garrison at SHOT Show. He’s a great guy, really down to earth and funny.

  143. Pupster, is it true that she lives off chardonnay, pall malls, and the blood of virgins?

  144. Rocketboy met Billy Dee Williams when he was filming “Constellation” here.

  145. Did you make a Colt .45 joke about it?


  147. RG III went through the same graduation ceremony as my oldest daughter did at Baylor. I walked right by him and recognized him but didn’t butt in. He was visiting w family and friends like your sposed to at a graduation ceremony. This was about a week after he’d won the heisman.

  148. Took about 15 or 16 loads and then my right forearm started to cramp too much for adequate grip*. Taking a break now. So out of shape.

    Your mom told me this happens to her all the time, but it’s usually a lot more loads.

  149. Nah, he knows Billy Dee as Lando.

  150. Gonna see if I can listen to Wiserradio without the computer crashing.

  151. Screw you winter!

  152. Feather in your cap? Racist.

  153. That’s weird because your Mom has incredible stamina.

  154. …..and an adequate grip.

  155. Turducken scandal – heh, great analogy.

  156. New poat.

  157. Goodness, PD, you could have killed yourself!!

    What’s the pain like today?

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