Rubber Biscuit

I first heard this from The Blues Brothers and didn’t know it was a cover of an earlier song done by The Chips. I have a feeling more and more people are enjoying a rubber biscuit for dinner.

Carin’s chickens are as busy as she is. Slow down and peck the grit, it’ll do wonders for your feathers.


This one is for Cyn since I know it’s one of her favorites. After wrassling with the H2Flu she needs a nice bowl of chicken soup and a margarita, not necessarily in that order. This is a Get Well (Banana) Gif!


Did any TITS’ers see this around?


St Patrick‘s Day is fast approaching. Time to corn the beef and pick up a gallon of shamrock shakes to get ready.


Sure and begorrah!



So we find ourselves at BBF Eve once again. And what have we learned this week? Nothing new in terms of celebrity, politicians or the nature of man. The old rules still apply: love your family and friends, be nice to everyone new you may meet and have a plan to kill them.


Update: Moose. THAT FACE!




  1. Rowan gobbled his kibble and had part of a fried egg Paula made before leaving for work. Less than ten minutes later he blew chunks. Poor guy didn’t even try to eat the undigested food which means he really must feel sick. Poor puppy. He’ll have me to watch him most of today.

  2. I could use a weed growing operation.

    This was suggested to me by a hostage who shall remain nameless. Pretty sure “locally grown organic heirloom tomatoes” are a surer thing, though, at least if I drag them to the AA farmer’s market.

  3. Wakey wakey

  4. Moose update!

  5. Happy Birthday, Hotspur.

  6. Moose is sleeping at my feet. He’s doing pretty well with the potty thing – or maybe WE are since we take him out a LOT.

    He’s still sleeping a lot, and his playtime is still very baby-energy level. The sleeping giant will awaken so we’re enjoying the relative calm for now.

    He is – of course – adorable.

  7. I’m switching his food from the puppy crap to a better food. He doesn’t wolf down the new stuff as fast – I am mixing them/transition.

    He loves the puppy crap.

  8. I may have posted a picture of a bear up there.

  9. Right now his nicknames are “Little Man”, Pupper, and moosie.

  10. Elliot is known as Mister or Bub.

  11. He is fluffy and adorable. Surprising how many nicknames a dog gets. I can think of at least 8 for Rowan and 5 for Star that we have come up with.

  12. Rowan:

    Robie wan kenobee

  13. Bennyman

  14. Star:

    Star girl
    Fat girl
    Old lady
    Dirty girl (she likes to roll in mud)

  15. Even more amazing than a dog’s ability to deal with children is the ability to react to the proper nicknames.

  16. Anyone else watching post season basketball tonight? If you come over to my house, I’ll let you have a homebrew. It’s samplin’ time!

  17. Ugh, Kasich email: He’s surging!

    Less than two weeks ago, I was dead last in Michigan polling, with support in the single digits and at half the level of Senators Cruz and Rubio.

    Last night, I surged to an unexpectedly strong finish.

    No Republican has EVER won the White House without winning in Ohio and with your help, I am going to defeat Donald Trump in Ohio next Tuesday.

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  18. UGH UGH UGH. The next person who tells me that Kasich has a chance – I’m gonna slug them in the mouf.

    Not really. BUt I will imagine doing it.

  19. Happy Birthday, Hotspur, you scamp!

    I went to an indoor rock climbing facility yesterday and I noticed two things.

    A) I was the oldest person in there.

    2) Lots of hipsters like to rock climb. NTTIATWWT

    D) They were very nice to the old lady.

    F) Carin’s doggie is very, very, very, cute. I said VERY CUTE!

  20. Also, that chicken gif is excellelante. I’m trying to be divers and multi-lingual because our betters want us to be.

  21. This is why we can’t have nice things.


    hahahahaha, good one, Jay.

    And so fricken true.

    Kasich take your stupid face and go home.

  22. ^Mare musing alert

  23. I think Rubio and Kasich will sink Cruz this week. Unless there’s a major turnaround, and Cruz picks up a LOT of voters.

  24. Also, that chicken gif is excellelante. I’m trying to be divers and multi-lingual because our betters want us to be.

    Which is funny because our betters aren’t.

  25. I think Rubio and Kasich will sink Cruz this week. Unless there’s a major turnaround, and Cruz picks up a LOT of voters.

    And this is what makes me want to go on a 57state murdering spree.


  26. Dogs: is there anything they can’twon’t do?

  27. I heeded your mare’s musing call, BTW.

  28. I saw that J’ames. Thank you.

  29. Happy B Day, Hotshot. March is a great month to be drunk.

  30. Let he who has never been so drunk that they needed a wall to hold themselves up while they shit cast the first stone.

    Or at least stay out of London on a Friday night.

  31. I think Jimbro is an INTJ.

  32. *casts a stone*

  33. This was suggested to me by a hostage who shall remain nameless.
    Does this hostage frequent a lower class drinking establishment that serves delicious fish sticks?

  34. I need to kidnap Carin’s dog.

  35. I know where she lives.

  36. You could probably trade Possum for Moose.


    *hides moose in the chicken coop.

  38. Won’t the cannibal chickens eat him?

  39. better put him in a pitcher

  40. The chickens only eat things when they’re dead.

  41. That pitcher comment hurts J’ames.

    The kids made me throw away that Pitcher.

  42. Do ya have a picture of that pitcher?

  43. I believe we have a picture of the pitcher with the chicken in it?

  44. “If you are injured while drinking Corona, the company says “please consult with your physician immediately.”

    *preps ER for mass casualty scenario*

  45. That’s too broad of a statement. Think of all the people injured while drunk on Corona beer. Driving, planking, risky selfies, snow sledding, boating, blowing out flip flops and stepping on pop tops….


  46. meh, you have a built up immune system, if you’re used to Corona.

  47. Well done on the reference, Jimbro. Parrothead, huh?

  48. If you bring in the Corona for a recall, do they give you real beer as an apology?

  49. BAM

  50. I had to look up what a INTJ was. I figured it would take me to the urban dictionary right away.

    Maybe that describes me. Not really the full extent according to what I read online but some of that stuff described me to a T.

    I’m pretty sure I took one of those Meyer Briggs tests sometime ago and I don’t think those were the initials. It was about 15 years ago so it’s slipped my mind and maybe my outlook has changed some since then.

    Anyway, what initials are assigned to you MJ?

  51. Not a Parrothead Jay. I don’t mind Buffet music but most of the Parrotheads I’ve seen are immature dolts wearing Hawaiian shirts, drinking too much and acting like idiots way past their 20’s when that behavior is expected.

  52. And he’s coming to Bangor this summer so I’m sure I’ll be getting a full dose of them…ugh

    I’ll have to remind Paula not to sign up for ER shifts that night.

  53. I see Jimbro looked at Anita & Me in POL, where we were eating cheeseburgers, drinking margaritas, and waiting for the chartered buses to take 80 drunken skydivers to the Buffet concert…

  54. *most, not all!*

  55. I’m an ISTJ.

    And yes MJ, I heard this comment at a lower-class house of alcohol consumption.

  56. I saw Buffet at Radio City Music Hall when I was in my 20s.

    Great show, bu it was obvious that there were people there who didn’t get it.

    We were yelling out “WHY DON’T WE GET DRUNK AND SCREW!!!” and the people in the row in front of us kept turning around and giving us the stink-eye. I guess they didn’t realize that that was the name of one of his tunes.

    Seen him in concert a couple of times, but each year we found ourselves moving further and further away form the crowd.

    Those people are fucking nuts.

    Haven’t been to a show in maybe 15 or 20 years.

  57. If you bring in the Corona for a recall, do they give you real beer as an apology?

    Nah, they just replace it with a 30-pack of Keystone Light

  58. btw, that chicken gif is fucking hilarious.

  59. I have a great picture of my brother Kevin before a Buffett concert. He was on summer break from college and borrowed my Hawaiian shirt for the concert. His hair was quite long and he’s leaning over his friend pouring tequila from one hand and margarita mix with the other.

  60. Upside down margaritas FTW!

  61. Why do people have research conferences?

    Why do other people attend research conferences?

    Is there anything more deadly boring? I’d rather read the research studies, anyday, than attend one of these things EVER again. Holeee shit.


  63. Gonna go take a nap before round 2.
    Ciao, ragazzi

  64. How long until my daughter goes away to college or I can marry her off?

    CoAl, is your offer still valid? I’ll pay freight.

  65. It’s an excuse to network.


    Mmmmm, Bonanza!

  67. The most interesting man in the world is retiring, BOOOOOO!

  68. 4 in a row? Getting near oso level

  69. Loner

  70. Im glad your beer is ready!

    I hope it tastes great

  71. If you can just oeep the deadly glass particles out of it you could nibble away at Corona’s market share, maybe.

  72. Heh

  73. Why do people have research conferences?

    Why do other people attend research conferences?

    Is there anything more deadly boring? I’d rather read the research studies, anyday, than attend one of these things EVER again. Holeee shit.

    Convention sex and reimbursement for functional alcoholism.

  74. The most interesting man in the world is retiring, BOOOOOO!

    No I’m not.

  75. Car in, have you considered selling her to wandering gypsies?

  76. Ayyyyeee Ohhhhhhhhh!!

  77. What is this lower-class house of alcohol consumption of which you speak?

  78. How many indians, Birthday boy?

  79. None. So far.

  80. I’ve been around moving companies for 30 years now. The smartest movers are usually the guys on the road, doing the long haul work.

    It’s not glamorous, but those guys own homes in decent neighborhoods and provide for their families.

    The place I rent space from use to have 4 of those guys on the road.

    3 have retired and there is nobody to replace them.

    Younger people aren’t willing to do “that type of work.”

  81. I haven’t had any wandering gypsies come through in a while.

  82. My mother-in-law would do that sort of work.

    Some days so would I.

  83. Saturday I have no plans, Sunday the wife and baby are going to a horse expo.

    How many tons of earth can I move in two days?


  85. Happy Birthay, Oldspur.

  86. Happy B’Day, Hotspur!

  87. If your soil is more dense than mulch it weighs about a ton a yard. A strong guy like you could move 30 yards in a day but you may sclae that back to none the next day.

    If I was lining you out I would say that you should make 35 yards in two days.
    Drink lots of beer.

  88. Happy birthday, Hotspur!

  89. Evening.

  90. I had no idea “Rubber Biscuit” was a cover song. Someone brought wish sandwiches to Science Olympiad then slipped the leftovers into our cooler. One wafer-thin slice of turkey per sandwich.

  91. Which one of you jerks gave me the Tempebola? I thought I was going to pass out while vaccinating piggies today.

  92. This is basically pasture mud, and I’ve got to shovel it into buckets and then haul it about 100 yards in my wagon. It’s the hauling that’s going to take all the time.

  93. Inremember ypu mentioned that, Roamy.
    To my simple minded, wanna be depression era parents one slice in a sandwich was a feast.

  94. For about $200 you can rent a machine that will make that job easy.

  95. One bucket of mud weighs about 85lbs (I used to be a hoddy so I know these things)

    Shoot for 200 buckets on day one.
    That’ll be a good start.

  96. That’ll be around 8 yards of cover. Thats a pretty good day.

  97. My depression-era parents served potted meat sammiches and PBJs with homemade jelly and the kind of peanut butter you had to stir first to get all the oil mixed back in.

  98. Your mom likes potted meat.

  99. Boy, thise old timers were something.

    It would take my dad about three hours to bbq some burgers because that son iof a bitch would only use about six briquettes!
    I’d put my hand directly on the grill and say, “I’m pretty sure it needs to be hotter than this! Ya wanna add some coals?!”
    “Nah” he’d say, “ya just gotta let ’em sit.”

    After theee hours there was no moisture left so it was basically ground jerky.

  100. My grammo’s family had sheep and some cows. My grandfather’s family had the apple orchard. My grandfather said they got married for a balanced diet. 1936 at St John’s in Roswell. (San Juan de Bautista)

  101. Protip: 4-6 showers a day with hospital grade body wash = massive eczema.

  102. It must be spring in MN, the ants are all over the basement. Both boys are not real careful with their food and drink.

  103. My grandfather lived in a modern house next to the barn/house he grew up in. As kids we used to explore in there and marvel at the stables adjacent to the house and the old timey appliances. Even in the 1970’s it was a time capsule. He sold the whole thing to some guy with a last name of Vega, owner financed with my mom as the payee. Every month a barely legible envelope would come in the mail with a check in it for years.

  104. Use this Pup.

  105. My grandmother bought unmarked tubs of oleo for $0.68 and used the empty tubs for Tupperware when she went to a card party or whatnot. She would get downright irate if anybody dared to keep her shitty plastic tub. She would call them and make them bring it to her.

  106. Sorry you don’t feel well, Jew.


  108. My grandpa gathered all the black walnuts from the trees in his yard. For 30 years. We emptied 4 fifty gallon drums and who knows how many buckets of rancid rotten black walnuts after he died.

  109. “Target pests: All major species of ants including: Argentine, Big Headed, Carpenter, Cornfield, Crazy, Field, Ghost, Harvester, Honey, Little Black, Odorous House, Pavement, Pharaoh, Pyramid, Red Imported Fire Ant, Rover, Thief and White Footed.”

    That’s a lot of ants

  110. Lost glasses, nasty head cold, eczema. Fuck this week. I want a do-over.

  111. Dan’s dermatologist had him buy Cetaphil for sensitive skin for in the shower, and he has a moisturizing cream for after the shower, and he has an Oil of Olay product for his face. He’d had excema and was starting to get rosecia(Sp)

  112. Cetaphil is great stuff, and I like Gold Bond medicated too.

  113. the ant gel is a miracle. I have used it and knocked the nest out for a year at a time. I almost feel bad because I am tather fond of the lowly ant but Mrs, says ‘oh hell no!’ So I poison the shit out of ’em. The gell isnt even fair.

    My depression era dad would use Grants Ant Stakes. Those fuchin’ things. The ants were very polite as they would walk around the bait. Then at the end of the season dad would put the useless stakes back in the box and put the box back on the shelf till next year. He had the same box of never work ant stakes as long as I knew him.

  114. My Grammo fed the ants. Big ass ants that bit. She’d give them watermelon rind and other leftovers.

  115. We get the ants in the spring, usually around May or June. The little tins you poke a hole in the side usually handle them. Our boys are just as messy with the food and crumbs. The other thing that helps is when they move up to camp for weeks at a time and the crumbs are gone.

  116. The Four Yorkshiremen is my favorite bit

  117. Just leave the boys at camp, Jimbro. It’ll be like Lord of the Flies.

  118. They can build a civilization and feast on wild boar.

  119. Friends of mine just got back from a big art show in Phoenix. He got Tempe-bola there. Coughed so much he strained an intercostal muscle.

  120. Ooh, in Maine they can hunt mutant alligators fed chickens buy a sweet whit-haired old lady.

  121. Ants aren’t a big problem here. Freakin’ rodents, though…… I hate the little bastards.

  122. Our hawks are back. Baby bunnies are in so much trouble.

  123. What is up with AZ?!!

    Doctors used to send lungers there to live thier life cough free. Now? Its a death sentence.

  124. Ortho Home Defense works great on ants and most other crawling things. Spray your foundation and you will never see a bug. ,

  125. Did anybody belatedly realize that anybody else hadn’t invited them over to watch a snuff film today?

  126. Crawling things, cool. How about things that jump or hop? Asking for a friend

  127. Pretty sure the ants live in the walls, the ground is still frozen but they are having a great old time in the warm basement.

  128. It’s safe to spray inside too.

  129. It probably works on hoppers. However, before death there is a hyperactive batshit crazy period.

    That’s why you can’t use it on bees.

  130. Mmmm, beer is pretty tasty. at least I didn’t screw it up!

  131. Scott, that’s what Dan uses at his mom’s house. Warm Winter has him getting out the Ortho next Tuesday.

  132. Is it good for hornets?

  133. There are boatloads of carpenter ant colonies out in the woods by the swamp. Every year they send out scouts that are looking for new nesting sites.

    If you let your guard down you have dead trees, or a house that falls down.

  134. People underestimate ants. I’ve seen the movies!!!! I know what they do!!!

  135. For about $200 you can rent a machine that will make that job easy.

    Getting it done isn’t why I’m doing it. Doing it is why I’m doing it. Nothing but sweat and soreness can buy me the ability to look at a hugelkultur mound the size of a small car and say that “I built that”.

  136. Carpenter ants, poison ivy, and mosquitoes.
    I will never live near a swamp again.

  137. When we lived near the Great Dismal Swamp, we had ticks, mosquitos, and ghosts. The DDT trucks took care of the effing mosquitos. I H8 ghosts.

  138. I use to feel that way.

    Now I look at something and say “I built that with a kickass machine.”

  139. We’ve got all 3 of them, just in a lower density than it sounds like you’re plagued with. I’m on relatively high ground bordered by the Penobscot River and a seasonal stream on 2 limbs of a triangle.

  140. What if you could say “I built 2 of that with a kickass machine”?

  141. Jeez, even the rivers in New England sound snooty.

  142. I learned my lesson digging that stupid pond.

    Digging till dark for a week, in thick mud, getting swarmed by blood sucking bugs. I could have finished it in an afternoon with a machine and nobody would have known.

  143. Mosquito Magnet changed our lives, Jimbro.

    Best machine ever.

  144. After the grill.

  145. You would have known.

  146. Which grill, scott? ahahahahaha

  147. I’m about 3 seconds from unfriending Palin on facebook, with all her Trump crap.

  148. Yep. I would have known I was smart enough to do a 7 day job in one, without bleeding blisters and a messed up back.

  149. J’ames, I had to do that with Nolte and other Trumphumpers.

  150. For me, the exercise is part of the point. It’s not like I garden because there’s no other way to get food.

  151. I have been grilling for 5 days.

    It’s heaven.

  152. I get it, but you will probably agree with me when you are in your 50’s.

  153. What did you get, MJ?

  154. Wait…MJ, what grill did you end up with?

  155. Possibly, but my hope is that by then I’ve got so many of these things built that I won’t even need a machine.

  156. Wait…MJ, what grill did you end up with?

  157. Broil King. I got an inexpensive model but it’s really nice so far.

  158. I take pride in making things easy.

    Today I loaded and delivered a large piece of furniture that weighed 182 lbs, by myself.

    I did that.

  159. Sooooo tired of the political bs already. Trump is a salesman. He’ll promise anything to get elected. Will he honor the promises? I don’t think so. Vague rah rah bullshit.

    People don’t seem to understand the process.

  160. I’ve got a Smokey Joe that I bought at a yard sale ages ago. I’ve kept it in the garage between using it and it’s in really good condition. That being said, after I got a gas grill, I’ve hardly used it.

  161. I take pride in making things easy.

    I do too… at my job. This isn’t my job. If I think there’s a chance I’ll need to do anything on the job more than once I build a machine to do it.

  162. Those are nice, MJ.

    Which model?

  163. Email me your address, I’ll send you a smoker starter kit.

    swood7797 at that g thingy

  164. We have a Smokey Joe, Lodge Hibachi, Weber Tailgate, and a regular campstove. Sam’s has a propane smoker. I want it!!! We had to give our gas grill away. Albuquerque and our HOA don’t allow patio grills.

  165. There’s not a better shooter in the NCAA than Buddy Hield.

    Wow. Deep contested 3 with the clock winding down, swish.

  166. Advantage. I got a good deal at Lowes and it seemed to be about the same as a $500 Weber.

  167. That’s my next gas grill, Broil King or a Weber.

  168. We’ve got the PBC for cooking ribs and big chunks of meat. We have a cheap falling-apart pos gas grill for burgers and steaks. I keep lobbying for a new gas grill, but Penelope won’t shell out for it. Have to keep turning the knobs on our current one with pliers……

  169. Faack!!! Dan just guilted me into going to Raul’s fundraiser. I’ll be surrounded by Democrats and I can’t “Ask questions”.

  170. PBC is really good for burgers and steaks. You just need to bend the crap out of some spatulas to make it possible.

  171. get a cement block to raise the charcoal basket too.

  172. Don’t have time to get the PBC going for quick stuff.

  173. We all know I read crap. New author. Glen Erik Hamilton. 2nd book comes out this month. Van Shaw is his character. Enjoy so far. No Robert Crais or Michael Connelly, but I like him so far.

  174. There’s a smart young woman on a light blue screen
    Who comes into my derp every night
    And she takes all the red, yellow, orange and green
    And she turns them into black and white

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