Plastic Wire

Troy Coulterman

b. around 30 years ago in Canada.


Region capture 41 Region capture 42 Region capture 43 Region capture 44 Region capture 45 Region capture 46 Region capture 47

I’d like to say more about the artist but he must be shy.  That’s too bad.  I will definitely look for his shows as I think he is terrific.

Region capture 48 Region capture 49

Region capture 50

I hope all ye all have found your health.


All love and chicken fried goodness.


  1. Unconventional.

    Is it plastic or clay?

  2. It’s plastic like clay

    He worked in the film industry making models.

  3. Plus, everyone wants to be the bad boy of the bible.

    Who wants to tell Phat that “Lucifer” in the bible only appears in the Latin translation of Isaiah and refers to the day star (Venus) in a passage that is commenting on the King of Babylon’s prideful opinion of himself before he fell from power?

    “Lucifer” in pop culture is a psy-op in the war on Latin.

  4. ww

  5. Leon,

    You can tell me. I know the name ‘Lucifer’ is a construct, much like the rest of the religion.

    Have to take the child to school. Have the rest of the day to discuss theology.

    Except for the hour I set aside to call Wiser and discuss Cover Song Theory.

  6. Moose Update!

  7. No, it’s a compound word in Latin, not a construct, and we’re talking about Isaiah, a book in the Old Testament, recognized as inspired scripture by every Jew and Christian on the planet.

    The modern view of the Devil in popular culture as some sort of cool, bad boy rebel and the mis-naming of him as Lucifer is straight out of bad sola scriptura interpretations by non-linguists. Anton Lavey would love this show.

  8. Looks like we’re probably going for the Subaru.

    So … do I have to learn how to play softball or what?

  9. I thought Lucifer was invented by a comic book writer

  10. ‘learn’

  11. Yeah, that’s the other thing. I’m pretty much completely done with comic book everything. Too saturated.

  12. Lots to do today:

    1) vote
    2) get b-day present for MIL
    3) call Subaru dealership and ask how many softball gear bags fit int he trunk
    4) check out used couch not too far from me
    5) work out
    6) make dinner for MIL

  13. I bet it’s between 17-20 SGBs.

  14. That’s not bad.

  15. New pic added to POL

  16. I really should get started but I have a puppy sleeping at my feet.

    Speaking of which – Zelda hasn’t done that in a LOOONG time. I can’t remember the last time.

    This puppy is all her fault.

  17. Not getting enough attention.

  18. How is Michigan looking for Hillary? Must not be good, if they are doing this:

  19. I’m not zelda’s favorite anyway. That’s Matt. I exercise food control and Matt will feed her whenever.

    Plus – she’s very unhappy about the supplements I’ve put in her food.

  20. Never let a crises go to waste.

  21. We need to start accepting that Hillary is going to be our next president.

    Thanks Trump supporters!

  22. It is what is foreseen, and foretold, by the Clintons. Wonder what Trump gets out of this?

  23. A) it’s neat Carin is trying something new and going Lesbian.

    B) I’m glad Xbrad checked in and is doing okay. Really, going in your sleep is a pretty darn good way to go.

    C) I’m happy Wisers hit his stride in his radio career. No, I am not going to write *cough*

    D) COCK!!

  24. Oh and you knew this was coming (sywm), what’s the password to POL. I’ve may have a couple of good guesses.

  25. Stupid fat fingers on an iPhone!

  26. Wife and I will be voting Cruz later, but MI is proportional and open, so we’re just hoping he comes in 2nd.

  27. Open primary = Trump win.

  28. sent to 2 emails, mare

  29. We need to start accepting that Hillary is going to be our next president.
    I’ll bet you a toaster that she isn’t.

  30. 4) got two more days of midday show. S’gonna be lots of opportunities to call in and bust my balls…\


  31. Put your damn pic in POL MJ.

  32. A) it’s neat Carin is trying something new and going Lesbian.

    I’m not going full lesbian. I’m just trying out the lifestyle.

  33. When is wiser on today?

  34. MJ seems to know a lot about inside gay jokes. NTTAWWT

  35. Put your damn pic in POL MJ.
    Are you saying that I need to put a picture in there or that you put one in there for me, after I requested an update?

    You look great, buddy. It’s sort of amazing, actually.

    Previous Jay in ISU gear: Kool Aid Man

    Current Jay in ISU gear: Normal, svelte.

  36. Nice POL pic, Jay.

  37. Good job, J’Ames. You’ll be on HHD (maybe MMM) in no time!!!

  38. Now that everyone logged into POL, time for more Possum pics.

  39. Fuck voting.

  40. That guys work is actually kind of interesting.

  41. Thanks, Jay!!

    I was working out. I want to look as good as you do!!

    *High fives, Jay accidentally hits him in the face*

  42. POL is so great. Jay looks incredible.

    I Lol’d at carins pic, hadn’t seen that. And that douche MJ nailed it with his.

  43. *sends Tex L a toaster*

  44. Meh, I’ve got a ways to go, but it feels pretty good right now.

    I’m imagining how easy exercising will be after losing some more tonnage.

  45. Bathing suit season is upon us.
    The second week in January I cut it back to a twelver a day then by Feb one I am all tightend up and ready for the catwalk.

    It’s a pain but I do it for vanity’s sake.

  46. everyone listening to wiser? jeez!

    Somebody better start buying candles, or we won’t have enough for Hotspur’s birthday cake. We’re gonna need a bigger cart.

  47. The theory I heard last August was:
    Trump is not interested in being President, but he will become kingmaker, and his actions/inactions will largely influence who will become President, regardless of party, and that President will owe him big time.

    So far, he doesn’t seem to be stepping aside in favor of a republican. This means he has decided that Hillary will be President. There is no plausible way he can win Presidency. cRuz can, but for that, Trump will have to step aside or do a serious enough misstep to disqualify him. Fucking GOP establishment should have realized earlier that chasing after Bush and Rubio won’t work, and they have to unite behind Cruz.

    But I suspect they would rather have President Clinton than President Cruz.

  48. *sends Chumpo toast*

  49. But I suspect they would rather have President Clinton than President Cruz.

    Sadly, I believe this too. Fucking McConnell and his ink.

  50. get a room you two

  51. 100% agree. FUcking fucktards.

    I was thinking this morning – sure, I’ll be the good little soldier – getting BLITZKRIEG drunk and vote for (spit) Trump if a HAVE to … No one is going to say “if only you’d voted” we wouldn’t have Hillary. FUCK YOU WITH A SWORDFISH SIDEWAYS. That’s not going to be on me.


    Not the midterms. I cannot believe we’re in this FUCKING position again.

    I haven’t given up all hope – perhaps there will be a miracle.

  52. Did you go vote for Trump yet, Car in?

  53. Now that everyone logged into POL, time for more Possum pics.

    I keep forgetting to update. I have a good one with her 1.5 teeth I’ll try to push today.

  54. Did you hear about yesterday, leon? Went to workout, and what do we do? More running.

    I was limping around like a little bitch.

  55. Shoulda skipped it.

    Not because you were hurt, because it was running.

  56. Interview in 27 minutes.

  57. good luck, leon!

  58. Any second now.

  59. All hail The Chieftess.

    I’m not sure I will be able to engage w polite society with Herself as The Man. Im going to take a night job and focus on creative writing.

    Political mussings have left me rather flat and perpetually disappointed.

  60. I voted – only because there was a millage renewal I wanted to vote against.

  61. Ill vote and engage locally. I like that. There are victories and defetes.

  62. Defeats

  63. Heh.
    My hat just made it home.

    Thanks, Buddy.

  64. I’m picking losers at this point.

    I’d rather see Hillary lose just so we can laugh our softballs off when she has to concede.

  65. Human resources CANNOT do their jobs, I swear. Value subtractors.

  66. Hiring manager found out today that I’d need to telecommute, about 10 min before the call.

    Had this discussion with the recruiter last week, after explicitly stating it in an email in answer to a question she asked me. Her whole job is communicating with candidates. So he needs to talk with his software lead and make sure it even makes sense to talk to me.

  67. Yay for the hat!

    Now if we could just get Cyn back.

  68. Leon, that sucks.

  69. Everything hangs on Potential Future Bossman now.

  70. Help us, Potential Future Bossman. You’re our only hope!

  71. Pretty much. It’s that or I drown myself in blue oval-tine and just drink heavily for the next 10 years.

  72. Meanwhile, on Alderaan…

  73. Wall St will have it’s Regina Tyrannis. The Boomers will have checked the last box on their elect all these people as president to do list and Too big to fail bailouts of un-workable federal feelgood initiatives will happen de rigueur.

    At least until we’re forced to rescue Eroupe again or South Asia.

    Trump has served his masters well.

  74. They’re back

  75. Leon, blue ovaltine has a project for creating the electronic dashboard to mount on their .. Um… tin cans. The fruit company and other tech companies wanted in on that action but blue ovaltine wisely did their own thing. And the japanese toy company wants to collaborate. If you could get your drippy nose under that tent, you could do interesting work.

  76. Got an email. Confirmed nope.

  77. Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes?

  78. It’s robot cars or nothing for me, Tushar. I’m either on this team or I’m out. I’d much, much rather be out, but this is the devil I know, and I get to be in charge of a Big Data sub-area if I stay. At least the skills will translate.

    Time to go vote and buy liquor.

  79. Heh.

    Indy is afraid of snakes. Thats a great character.
    Osita, are you well? Dont be sick no more.

  80. I don’t understand your comment, Leon.

    I thought you wanted to telecommute?

  81. They said no to that.

    Scott, whats up w those snakes?

  82. I like having snakes in my yard. I think it’s a sign of a happy environment and I feel good knowing the rodents have a predator besides my snap traps. I might feel different if we had venomous snakes but we don’t so there.

  83. Well, that you know of, jimbro.

    *kicks pebble

  84. I think we have a large den somewhere on our property. During the first few warm days they are everywhere.

    That bush will probably have a dozen snakes in it tomorrow.

  85. I’m still rockin the Roz voice in Monsters, INC, but that’s due to high juniper counts.

  86. They might be wintering in Fat Bastards den.

  87. All of our systems were offline today for 2 hours. It was crazy. Home Office gave us permission to close until we were operational again. Members were chill until the gas pumps went offline. The Tire and Battery guys had to go out to the pumps to calm Members down.

  88. Was Fat Bastard’s den by the bush in the picture?

  89. :( leon

  90. It’s okay, I’m sure this is ultimately for the best. Scott, Chumpo clarified, but I’d applied and been recruited as a telecommuter, and no one told the hiring manager until shortly before he and I spoke, so he was eager to hire me based on the resume, and then somewhat crestfallen when he realized we couldn’t help each other.

  91. I find different info about rattlesnakes in Maine. Not likely but this is nature and, as we learned in Jurassic Park: “Life finds a way”.

    In college and med school I did a lot of hiking in the Blue Hills Reservation where there was a documented den of rattlesnakes. Every time I ventured down a different trail I’d be on the lookout for a nice south facing rock pile the den might be in. Never found one.–how-endangered-snakes-spend-winter-in-the-blue-hills

  92. Heh, imagine the review letter HR will be receiving, leon. That should make you smile a little.

  93. Won’t change anything, Jay. HR is where Beltway corps fill in their women quota. She asked me direct Qs and then was surprised when I said the same things on the phone. I told her on the phone, then in email, then again on the phone.

    I’m sure she makes more than I do while working fewer hours and will be promoted next Spring.

  94. That bush isn’t near the entrance, but it could be close to the den.

  95. If that sounded misogynistic and bitter, I am actually sorry. The women I’ve worked with on the “real work” are no better or worse than men, and happily most don’t use their wiles to get out of work.

    The women in HR are almost uniformly incompetent, petty things that can’t be bothered to read a paragraph. Buzzword filters on resumes, forwarding form letters, and scheduling are all they do. There’s an easy set of AI tasks that could be automated, but HRbot won’t smile as pretty for the corporate brochure photo shoots, or make the workplace “diverse”.

  96. Do the snakes Winter there and does Fat Bastard’s Den get a Summer dweller?

  97. If there isn’t a groundhog in it, I think rabbits use it.

  98. Fat Bastard’s Den: Animal equivalent of FL/AZ

  99. Last week, one of these raced across a yard towards us


  100. Rastafarian dog!!!

  101. Pastafarian frog?

  102. Hey Scottw…you might want to check your photobucket account name…is that your phone #?

  103. Ramble. I run into familia at the Club. Most of my cousins think I’m weird for knowing how I’m related to so many people. Today, it was Vickie. She’s married to my mom’s 1st cousin on the Salcido side, PJ. Billy’s first wife was a distant Salcido cousin. Vickie told me that everyone is disappointed by the way Billy’s kids treated my mom. A few of their Aunts told them off. My mom was hurt not angry. Wouldn’t let her sisters say anything. Dan knows more familia than my siblings.

  104. Nope. 15 years ago it was my FedEx account number.

  105. It was a dark chocolate-brown version. I told the owner her dog was ‘very Rasta’ and she agreed.

    First pic of our pond snakes ever posted online, ten years ago:

    We no longer have the pond, but the snakes remain.

    (I’m thinking of putting a teeny-mini water feature inside my veggie garden to draw the frogs and such back in there).

  106. Evening.

  107. Ramble #2. We were instructed to approach Members and let them know we had no ETA for systems being back Online. I had a few grumpy butts. Started chatting with a Member. She started telling me her life story. Turns out she’s a Chavez. We have 4 last names in common: Gutierrez, Maestas, Baca, and Chavez. 3 place names: Lemitar, San Jon, and Chavez Flats. Her family left the Manzanos and moved to CO around the same time my family left the Manzanos and moved to Lincoln. If I speak to New Mexican Hispanics long enough, I can usually find a common family member.

  108. The Pit ate my glasses today.

  109. Somebody needs to mention that the only reason Hillary is running for President is because she wants another grab at that coffee table she tried to steal and that they made her give back. Along with a hundred thousand dollars++ of other items she tried to loot out the first time.

  110. Oh, and she also has a shitload of people to pardon for $. The Clintons pardon people by the pound.

  111. Lauraw, I bet Cruz would bring it up in a weasely way.

  112. Jew, do you have a backup pair?

  113. No. I am blind until tomorrow.

  114. Augh!! I get drunk and mis-place my glasses. I had to wear my old script the other day. A step above blind.

  115. If I speak to New Mexican Hispanics long enough, I can usually find a common family member.

  116. This is the first pair I have lost.

  117. Ha! Chumpo and I think we could find a connection from mi familia to his wife.

  118. Jew, I don’t technically lose them.

  119. Miss Teschmacher!

  120. A bit NSFW, but definitely in the ‘Tushar posts freaky shit’ category

  121. For Leon’s binder:

    Keep your chin up Leon, you didn’t want that jerb anyway if you couldn’t telecommute. Maybe you can bring something kewl to the blue oval and impact future generations…like the cup holder or the backup cam that shows the angle of your wheels when you turn.

  122. Rule #1: never look at Tushar links. Rule #2: Always refer to Rule #1. (We missed you at TITS2.)

  123. “I was thinking this morning – sure, I’ll be the good little soldier – getting BLITZKRIEG drunk and vote for (spit) Trump if a HAVE to … No one is going to say “if only you’d voted” we wouldn’t have Hillary. FUCK YOU WITH A SWORDFISH SIDEWAYS. That’s not going to be on me.



    Dammmmmmmitttttt C A R I N !!@!!!!!!!!W!









    Thank you -that is all

    (not really “all” – i’m just catching up on comments – don’t let me down)

  124. Steering wheel desk = standard equipment.

  125. Pupster, I think she was featured in year 2.

    And the problem with the blue oval is that I don’t believe in the mission. I’m not quite at “actively want this effort to fail” but I am firmly at “do not care one whit if this never works/sells”, and sometimes at “product makes me wish I were Amish”.

  126. I feel sorry for you people that have Primary votes that count. Totes sorry.

  127. “I was limping around like a little bitch.”

    King Charles?
    Shit tzu?

    or Wolfhound

  128. I was late to work this morning (4 minutes) because I needed spare pair to find glasses this AM. I wasn’t even drunk, I just forgot where I put my glasses. My tiara never gets lost/

  129. Oso, it can’t get lost when you never take it off.

    Well done.

  130. Maybe you could transfer and fix the SYNC voice command system. It doesn’t work for shit.

  131. I’ve heard it said that whispering “sync” in the right hallway causes the Research and Innovation Center to rattle and shake as though Hell itself were boiling beneath you. No one knows what happens to those who stay near the site of the whisper, as they are never seen again.

  132. ok
    and last h2 rehashish item for now:

    why does mare want to look like jay?

    “Comment by mare on March 8, 2016 10:18 am

    Thanks, Jay!!

    I was working out. I want to look as good as you do!!”

  133. or Wolfhound

    3 legged bloodhound

  134. why does mare want to look like jay?

    Doesn’t everyone?

  135. Many thanks to Ms. Cyn for lovely flowers on the behalf of H2.

  136. xBrad, best regards. How are you holding up?

  137. I also really, really don’t care if SYNC ever works.

    I used to protect soldiers and agents, help us fight wars, keep bad guys from doing bad things, or at least help catch them when they did. It wasn’t high profile, it wasn’t even something I could talk about in detail most of the time, but it mattered. Maybe not much, but some. I gave a damn if the work got done. The only people I ever put out of a job were terrorists and criminals.

  138. Still praying for you XBrad, hope you’re coping all right.

  139. Many thanks to Amazon Cyn and mucho hugs to XB family.

  140. one of mine is in the audience for his visit

  141. Glad they made it – hugs, honey.

  142. I think I’m mostly over the Tempebola.

    But having this many people here is a bit overwhelming.

  143. That’s really cool, Jimbro.

  144. Pretty awesome, Jimbro

  145. Just keep a glass in your hand at all times and don’t wonder too far from the ice bucket, Xbrad.

  146. XB, we’ll be here for you when they leave❤️

  147. or wander either

  148. Cyn, my allergies were out of control on Maui. I think we need a neutral Hawaiian Island meat up location.

  149. The secret to conquering allergies is to stay just buzzed enough not to give a shit. I mean, we never heard Rosetta whining about his allergies, right? I rest my case.

  150. I wasn’t loving today’s artist until I embiggened the images. Very Grim Grinning Ghosts to me. YMMV

  151. Cyn, is that a no for a non-Maui meat up?

  152. Jagermeister cures allergies.

    Right Tushar?

  153. Jager and martinis.

  154. For 10 years I knew my bank account number.

    I had to write it down after that night.

  155. I’m not going to Hawaii.

  156. HS, after our trip to FL in Dec, we are leaning towards done with the TSA.

  157. For some reason my brain remembers numbers. I know my drivers license number, both credit cards including expiration dates and security codes, phone number where I grew up, every street address I’ve live at, etc.

    I still remember my service number from the Navy.

  158. 666 isn’t all that difficult

  159. I have to forget # all the time.

  160. Members Socials and Birthdays. It freaks people out.

  161. What’s going on with Michigan? It it possible that Bernie might win it?

  162. I’m smelling roasting chiles. I can’t ask because Chef Dan is such a girl.

  163. My wife almost voted Bernie just for lulz.

  164. DD called it for Hillary, but it comes down to whether the UAW rank and file crossed over to vote Trump. I imagine most of the Kasich votes were dems.

  165. Leon, she should have.

    Sow chaos whenever you can!

    “My wife almost voted Bernie just for lulz”

  167. Dan: You know how many times I’ve run into family at work? NONE. Me: What about the time Ana, Monica, Erica, Celena, and Alicia showed up at one of your Payless stores? Crickets!!!! (Dan’s employees at the time: I didn’t know Dan was Messican? He makes good enchiladas and posole)

  168. I met a very nice lady from the VA last week. As part of my claim process she needed my bank routing and account number.

    The fact I could recite them from memory baffled her.

    I’ve always had an ‘almost’ photographic memory. Once I’ve seen it I can usually recall it.

  169. Lots of rain headed our way in St. Louis.

    That sucks because I had a friend I wanted to expose to trap shooting at the gun club.

    Hopefully we’ll get a break in the weather.

  170. My memory skills are the reason my test scores and grades were so high.

    I’m not smart by any means, but I am clever.

  171. I’m not going full lesbian. I’m just trying out the lifestyle.

    so short hair, flannel shirts, work boots and copenhagen?

  172. “I’m not smart by any means, but I am clever.”
    kinda guessing phat man doo haint a pakled

  173. Heh.
    Definitly through the Chavez, les’n ye have some Archeletas’ or Roybals’ rollin’ around the stock yard.

  174. “Frankly, I’m running out of Trump spit.”

    hahahhaaaa –

    no more suckin’ teh little fingers

  175. I have friends married to Archuletas.

  176. Carin already has all of that but the chaw habit.

  177. Phat, I have to make a conscious effort to not remember stuff. It freaks people out.

  178. Well, we’re kin.

    Those Roybals’ and Archeletas’ and the Chaves’ and the Kenedys’ (yes, those Kenedys) had a rustlin’ gang way back. They used to to pinch strings out of Los Angeles and walk ’em out through Las Vegas, back through Chaco Canyon and down to Ole’ Mexico. I met plenty of the descendants of that band and they all have a hard look.

    Tales of The West.

  179. Ha! My Tio Pete ran booze to TX during prohibition. My dad always thought he was Al Capine’s Spanish Pete. He disappeared from Chicago and came home to NM at the right time.

  180. Capone. Fat fingered

  181. I’ll bet he was Spanish Pete.
    It was still The Wild West back then.

  182. The timing was right. Tio Pete was always revered for his time spent out of Alamo Canyon when sheep and cattle were many and illegal stills ran rampant.

  183. He came back from Chicago with cash and was able to marry well

  184. Wagon trains full of booze headed to TX. Long history of being mules for Americanos

  185. Well, when I go back to a life of cryme I’m headed out to NM where you can see ’em coming from a long way off.

  186. Many thanks to TiFW and Paul for an extraordinarily lovely orchid. Mom did so love a pretty orchid.

  187. It’s the smiling on the package
    It’s the faces in the sand
    It’s the derp that holds you upwards
    Embracing me with two hands

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