MMM 214: A brighter light

I have an interview with the old place tomorrow afternoon.  My only concern is that taking a job there likely means more travel and less pay than I would have with Potential Future Bossman, but I don’t know how much longer I’ll be waiting on that score.  I’m theoretically seeing him in a couple of weeks, and I’m hopeful that leads to something materializing.  There’s no way the old place will get me a good offer before that meeting (well, they might be that fast, but it would stink of desperation), so I hope I can get something there first.  All that said, I’ve stayed long enough that I’m going to feel some guilt quitting.  There’s no way to fix that now.  I tried to get out sooner to minimize the impact, but nothing thus far has come through.  I got a good feeling now, though, that it’s almost time.

Also, tomorrow I get to vote Cruz in the primary.  So tomorrow’s really got a lot going for it.

Volleyball season is coming, for which we should be thankful.


Surfing is a mystery to me.  I can’t imagine wanting to swim in the ocean, let alone stand on a plank and try to stay upright on waves for recreation’s sake.  Don’t they know Cthulhu’s down there?


Working the pole.




Pink handwraps seem unnecessarily girly.


She’s about to kip (i.e. cheat).


If I had life to do over again, I’d consider learning ballet as a young man.


Pools are nice.


Still looking for one of these giant tires.




  1. Scheduling difficulties.

  2. Lap dog is a fluffy teddy bear.

  3. Have to check out two cars today, but my youngest is sick and I don’t know if he can take care of Moose. Waiting. Holding pattern.

  4. Moose it is, then.

  5. Great name.

    Maybe he’ll make you great again.

  6. Somewhere there’s a moose named Dog.

  7. Somewhere there’s a man named Horse.

  8. Trinity knows where the man called horse is. Probably near Silverado.

  9. nice job leon –
    a couple of these chicks are cute

  10. i dated a volleyball player at the first college i went to –
    she was one of the very few chicks there that you could tell was a female without kayotyping.

  11. play nap pee play play snuggle poop peee play play nap nap pee snuggle

  12. Volleyball girl is cute.
    Pool girl too.

  13. Hope PG’s new bionic hip goes in ok. No radiation leaks, either.


  15. I liked poo girl too

    Wait, wrong message board!

  16. funny trump take down if you have 20 minutes to burn:

  17. Sincerest regrets, and our sympathies, xBrad. You must be in shock.

    Hang in there, friend.

  18. This snaking line to go through TSA security is bullsh*t.

  19. Nice. We just got a notice that they will be cleaning the sewer lines on our street. They will be flushing the lines with high pressure water.

    “It is recommended that all toilet seats be kept down in the event that a pressure build up causes a spray.”

  20. CT gets automatic Bidets!

  21. Scott, take the cap off the sewer cleanout outside. That way if it backs up, it will have a chance to get out there before it gets into the house.!!!

  22. After multiple dirty looks from co-workers every time I coughed, I said fuck it and came home.

    Mini-me seems to be doing better.

  23. You can put a coffee can over the open pipe if you’re worried about something falling into it.

  24. Good thought, but we don’t have one. Only cleanout I know of is in the basement. I think if I removed that cap I would be inviting disaster.

  25. Damn. Girl I know through work just lost her boyfriend.

    Guy was about 55. He went in for a routine shoulder operation and picked up a superbug.

  26. Sorry xbrad.

  27. Hospitals are dangerous, avoid them if possible.

  28. Subaru Forster or Honda CR-V AWD.

  29. Lesbaru

  30. There is no such thing as routine surgery. When you start thinking that bad stuff happens.

  31. Subaru! They cater to short haired chicks with big dogs.

  32. MJ went there!

    Nice knowing you, buddy!

  33. Your mom drives a Subaru.

  34. Squats today, Leon?

  35. My mom actually does drive a Subaru.

  36. Looks like there is more room in the Forester.

    I had a Subaru for about 130,000 miles. Zero repairs.

  37. More room for softball equipment.

  38. I hope Cyn is doing better. She hasn’t commented in days.

  39. I’m starting to return to normal. HotBride is back to work, but not fully recovered.

  40. Hippies love Subarus and Priussssss.

    My neighborhood is full of them.

  41. Between thise two it would come down to hp and drive feel.

    They both rate high in my book. It’s a toss-up

  42. It’s a toss-off.

  43. I liked the interior of the CR-V moar better. The seats folded down flatter and a tad easier. The back space is taller (for bigger dogs and taller plants I’ll buy). The Forester actually IS an off-road vehicle so chances are it will never get stuck in my driveway.

    I don’t know which one Moose prefers. They wouldn’t let him test drive.

  44. I am horrible at softball. Actually any sport that involves balls.

    *low hanging fruit for Xbrad although he’s probably not going to be around today.

  45. I can get both in leather w/in a grand of each other.

  46. If I get teh Subaru I can probably go undercover. I’ll just get a co-exist sticker … I’m in .

  47. Subaru!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s a real car.

    When do you think it’ll be totaled? 2 weeks? 3?

  48. If I get teh Subaru I can probably go undercover. I’ll just get a co-exist sticker … I’m in .

    They come equipped with one.

  49. Happy birthday Michael

  50. The top post at Ace’s makes me want to stab myself.

  51. What, you don’t think glaciers feel emotional pain?


  52. Guess I’ll go for a run.
    It’s beautiful out.

  53. Hotspur, you’d be stabbing the wrong person.

    Crap like that makes me sympathetic to the good people of Salem when they were bedeviled by all those witches.

  54. Hey leon, if you pulled a calf muscle last wed, and you could still feel it today, would you go work out? Jumping and running really hurt last week.

  55. I would, but I”m an idiot.

  56. Do we have an updated POL pick from Jay, Jay?

  57. I took the day off. First one since early January.

  58. I’d do a thorough warmup, then possibly go light on standing, leg-dominant movements if I still felt twingy as I started on working sets. I would not skip it. The only time to skip a workout is illness, prohibitive injury, or a planned deload.

  59. I’ll give it a shot. I walked out Thursday, but we started doing sprints, and that damn near dropped me.

  60. Meh, updated POL isn’t that different. Like I said, I still like BBQ too much.

  61. I’m only going because Car in dared me.

  62. Oh, I would totally skip a cardio workout, but I skip those as a habit. Cardio is begging for an injury anyhow.


  64. Thanks, guys. Sisters and niece and her family are here. I’m still sick and coughing up a bunch a crap.

  65. Somebody should check in on Cyn. I don’t think she’s been here for 4-5 days.

  66. This snaking line to go through TSA security is bullsh*t.

  67. I just sent her a text, scott.

  68. Evening.

  69. This morning I went on break and sat outside in a nice warm sunbeam. I left work in a thunderstorm. We drove through a slushstorm, and came home to a snowstorm.


  71. Okay, guys, fuck it. Let’s just burn it all to the fucking ground.

  72. Leon,

    I skipped my workout today because I decided to be a lazy POS and sleep in.

    I could have gone to the gym later, but I decided to have a cheeseburger instead.


  73. On Wednesday we are supposed to get into the 70’s.

    Bulbs are coming up, and I saw our porch snake this afternoon.

  74. At some point next week I’m expected to fly to London. I look forward to all of the culinary delights England has to offer…(surveys barren landscape)…

    OK, fish and chips it is!

  75. Saddle. Of. Mutton.

  76. We only get 50’s Scott. Damn jetstream is dipping down from the north. No bulbs poking up yet.

  77. Baked beans on toast.

  78. Cock-a-leekie

  79. Daddy’s Ladyfingers


    You don’t fool me, so I hope you’re fooling yourself.

  81. Bubble and squeak.


  83. Okay, guys, fuck it. Let’s just burn it all to the fucking ground.

  84. “porch snake”


  85. I’m sorry that your still sick on top of dealing with it all Xbrad. 😦

  86. Sprints are very dangerous for pulling stuff. I don’t go all out sprint until I’m really freakin warmed up at this point. I just basically will go faster and faster as I am comfortable.

  87. Everyone here is obsessed with Moose. Oscar is being the grumpy old man, but it’s harmless. He growls when the puppy plays. @@ Zelda is fascinated. Follows him around. Sniffs him. CHecks out every “elmination”. She’s not ready to “play” but Oscar never played with her so she may just not know how. Plus he’s still a baby and his playing isn’t very rough yet.

  88. When we rescued Star we tried to get her to fetch for weeks until we just gave up. Months later when we got Rowan he was chasing a tennis ball across the lawn the day we brought him home. Suddenly Star “learned” how to fetch. Now she just chases Rowan and tries to heel him when he plays fetch.

  89. You guys realize that I’ve barely exercised at all in the last 6 months, right? Baby + commute = slowly softening Leon.

  90. *whispers softly “I know”

  91. Until my youngest was about 6, my workout wasn’t really as much as I would have wished. That was the magic age when the oldest could start watching the youngest and I could GO to the gym by myself and not feel guilty.

  92. It really wasn’t so much the time. It was the GUILT. How can I spend X amount of time to myself when I could be with my kids?

  93. God I hate you people so much.

  94. Five. In. A. Row.

  95. 5 in a row!!!! Car in and Moose. Owning the comments!!!

  96. Kaboom has been re-posted at the HQ. Bernie told us in the debate that white people don’t know what it’s like to live in the ghetto or be poor. Kaboom knows….

  97. Is “softening” code for getting fat?

  98. “Slowly Softening Leon” was the title of my self-published fetish porn fanfic about kidnapping Jean Reno and removing all of his bones.

    It’s for, um, kind of a niche market.

  99. I should go to the gym tonight, but I really just want to lay in bed and read a book most of the evening instead.

  100. I should paint

  101. Slowly Softening Leon sounds like a chapter we’d find in Lauraw’s “how to” torture manual.

  102. What are you reading CoAl?

  103. Summer Knight, by Jim Butcher. It’s a quick read (I finished a third of it in about an hour). After that I probably start on English Martial Arts by Maister Terry Brown, or Lord of the Rings.

  104. **links Airplane video with “Leon is getting larrrrrger” quote **

  105. I am reading the Medieval Underpants book mentioned in the Sunday book thread a week or two ago. I might like it more if I were serious about writing historical fiction, but it’s not bad.

  106. I’m reading Revenge. A re-pub of 3 Lisa Jackson’s from the 90s. Pure crap.

  107. Summer Knight is ok. I’m not a huge fan of Butcher’s writing style. I’ll finish the story anyways, because I’m me.

  108. I try to exercise, but the last week cattle problems have been kicking my ass. Basically going from 5:00 AM until after 6:00, then checking on them at night too.

    I liked most of the Dresden Files books. The first 3 were amateurish, but they were his first books. The rest of the series were pretty good. So hard to find good authors.

  109. Work is exercise.

  110. More room for softball equipment.



  111. I’ve been chuckling about that all day.

  112. Work is exercise. I’d be yuge if it wasn’t for all the walking, lifting, etc that I do each day. Yuge

  113. Checking in.
    Bug got me bad.
    Finally coming around I think.
    Okay, up long enough zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  114. CYN!!!

  115. Cyn!!! I don’t like it when you’re not around here.

  116. Xbrad, how are you doing?

  117. I lost 10# to H2N1. My pants are sagging.

  118. I was alcohol free for 3 days. Had night terrors. It was awful

  119. 1) Xbrad, my deepest sympathies. You were and are a good son.

    2) I sat in for the vacationing midday host today. Probably one of the best shows I’ve ever done. I think I’m starting to get this down. Even interviewed Sen. Fredo and, while I was respectful, I was also able to make a few pointed points that made him look really stupid.

    3) Tomorrow’s Birthdays include Dick Hyman and Neil Adcock. Rosetta would be beside himself, yannow, if he was still hee

    4) got two more days of midday show. S’gonna be lots of opportunities to call in and bust my balls…\

    jus’ sayin’

  120. Leon is sagging.

  121. I played this today.

  122. One point I didn’t see made about Ronald and Nancy was that that was his second marriage. Divorce rates are higher for second marriages, and the fact that they made it work for 52 years in the Hollywood and political spotlights is admirable.

  123. I was doing price changes in Pasta/Sauce on Sunday. Yep…Ragu. Thought of Wiser’s awesome Ragu kid vids

  124. Roamy, when he was running the MFM made a huge deal about his divorce and 2nd marriage. Attacked his Conservative creds.

  125. 2nd marriages are the best.

  126. Oso ❤️ Scott and Lauraw

  127. I mentioned that Nancy was his second wife.

    Who cares?

  128. Of course, what did we do at workout?

    Running. Just what I didn’t want. Limping around. Ugh.

  129. First one was a Hollywood marriage, right?

  130. 2nd marriage for my parents.

    3rd one seems to be working for my dad. I’ll see him and stepmom this weekend.

  131. Hollywood marriage with adopted kids. It was the style at the time.

  132. Jay, yes, Jane Wyman.

  133. Glad my mom never married Billy. His kids are assholes.

  134. Nothing good comes from Billy.

  135. Scott, EXACTLY!!!

  136. My aunts are trying to guilt me into going to Roswell. My mom is starting with the pass/agg stuff. I’m barely treading water being supportive with Dan.

  137. Kaboom post is hilarious.

    Still on my first marriage.

  138. Watching Better Call Saul with commercials. Killing me. 1st World problemo

  139. Dan is 1st marriage, 3rd engagement. Nice rings.

  140. First marriage. No softball equipment

  141. Nothing good comes from Billy.


  142. I still haven’t met my stepmom’s kids. They haven’t spoken to her in years, and I haven’t figured out why.

  143. Dad is on second marriage, twenty years now. Mom is on her third, ten years.

    Stepmom is helping sis plan her wedding. Has never been to my graduation, commissioning, etc.

    Stepdad was willing to put ungrateful sis on his health insurance when she needed it, even though she wanted no contact with him.

  144. I’m on my first. Not wanting to try another one, guess I’ll stick this out.

  145. Families are weird.

  146. Dan and I are cellmates. Life sentence. No parole.

  147. My dad sad to me, numerous times, that while he loved my mom with all of his heart, he would never get married again if he were to somehow end up single again.

    I believe he basically said “been there, done that.”

    I would like to believe that he loved my mom so much that he could not find it in himself to make that commitment again.

    As an aside, my mom remarried about 10 years after my father died.

    I try not to read too much into that.

  148. Still on marriage #0. Gonna stick with that for the time being.

  149. So, are all the TITSters better now?

  150. Does bronchitis count?

  151. No, not better yet. Damn cough.

  152. As a rule, pilots don’t live very long. About 10 yrs less than the usual life expectancy.

    That’s fine. If i die tonight i would still consider it a life well lived and i think I’m good with god.

    I would like my wife to move on and find someone new.

    As long as it’s not Sean.

  153. High school wrestler chick is in the gym tonight. I’m sooo going to hell.

  154. Our Sean or Sean’s penis?

  155. Roamy, when I start coughing, I’m accused of trying to make everyone sick. Dude. I’m not a carrier. Full whooping cough

  156. Sean’s penis doesn’t marry, baby doll. Sean’s penis loves ’em and then leaves ’em. Somewhere in Walmart.

  157. I would like my wife to move on and find someone new.

    As long as it’s not Sean.

    That’s not going to be an issue. Your mom and I are very happy together.

  158. We missed you Globe Alex. You too could have H2N1 now

  159. Woohoo! I’m gonna get to marry Phat’s widow!

  160. I’m doing pretty OK, Mare, thanks for asking. Honestly, I’ve known for years I’d walk in and try to wake her from the dead, so it wasn’t a terrible surprise. My sisters, my niece, and her husband and all the kids are here now.

  161. Praying for you guys anyway. You are a good son.

  162. I’m still suffering from bronchitis.

  163. Me too. It is seasonal. Sounds like whooping cough. Catching flak. (Phone dying. Love you guys. Channeling Mr Chumpo with the H2 love)

  164. Oso,

    If I’d known I’d have had the house under contract and that my tax refund would be as nice as it was, I would have tried to arrange my schedule to attend. Oh well, perhaps next year.

  165. Back from the gym. I feel better, although my back is still sore.

  166. Wiser,

    If you need some filler, I have the week off. I am at your disposal to discuss the following topics: Bullwhips, Orifices, and Mare.

    At need I can also discuss the following topics with fluency: Military affairs, Russian affairs, Russian Language, Latin language, Lutheranism, Power Pop bands and guns.

    And aviation, I reckon I know a bit about that as well. We should probably stick to that.

    You have the number.

  167. CoAlex,

    I am a morning gym person.

    The idea of going at night seems weird.

    See any cute girls?

  168. I thought my schedule was set for next week: 2 London trips back to back.

    Turns out there is a rule about how many hours you have to fly within 120 days of getting qualified in a new aircraft.

    I am not even close to getting those hours. I had to make a couple of phone calls to let everyone know. My London trips are now probably going to be dropped and they may make me go back to the training center!

    Which is fine, I love Denver.

  169. Big hug, Xbrad.

  170. I’ve been watching the show ‘Lucifer’.

    It kicks ass. Even sober I still laugh at some of the lines.

    Plus, everyone wants to be the bad boy of the bible.

    The lead (who shares my surname) is deliciously evil. It’s awesome.

  171. Xbrad, I know it’s been a long struggle. Please let me know if there’s anything you need.

    My prayers are with your family.

  172. фат,

    да, есть много хорошинькие женщины.

  173. I’m not a morning person, and the gym is usually quieter at night.
    There is a really cute blonde chick who comes in with a man whom I’m guessing is her boyfriend.

    There’s a high school wrestler who isn’t too bad. Nice rack.

    Then the usual string of thirty-somethings trying to fight the loss of subcutaneous fat.

  174. Can’t think of a thing I need.

  175. I’m watching this damn Bangles thing again:

    Vicki is playing a Les Paul, Susanna is playing an old Rickenbacker, and I have no idea what the bass is.

    It looks like a Fender.

    I need DaveinTexas to the rescue!

  176. Sorry,

    Just had to blow up the screen to read Alex’s Russian text. (BTW that is not an accurate transliteration of Phat, not that one exists).

    My only response is: yet you remain single.

  177. I’m only on week five of the course, so cut me some slack :p.

    And yet I remain single, and am likely to do so until I get out of this state. God willing, that will be sooner rather than later.

  178. When I was a kid in high school (maybe 16) I had a big thing for the bass player of the Bangles, Michael Steel.

    Lets not talk about that now.

  179. Alex,

    I may be back in Denver next week.

    I’ll let you know.

  180. Awesome. If so we’ll meet up for drinks and grub.

  181. Alex,

    The training center at United is trying to decide if I’ve had enough flight time in the 767 to be unleashed upon the public (I have not).

    Now they will determine the remedy. Will it be going back to the training center to fly more Simulators?

    Will it be flying a trip with an Instructor Pilot?

    Who knows. I’ve got the week off, they got time to figure this out.

  182. Good luck with that. It has to be annoying after going through the first round of training that they hadn’t figured this out before now.

  183. Eh, I get paid either way.

    My wife really needs me to leave the house. Seriously.

    A marriage of 23 years. The majority involved me gone for several months at a time (during the wars) and the rest me being gone at 15 days/month at the airline.

    Being home for this long is putting on a strain on our marriage!

    My dog is the only still happy to have me home.

  184. Road trip!

  185. Alex,

    I’m in. But we need to take the shih-tzu.

  186. I’m in. But we need to take the shih-tzu.


    What a great first line for a novel.

  187. I’ll get the lederhosen, you find us a Portuguese Man-o-war.

    We’ll head to Charlie Sheen’s house.

  188. Ha!

  189. So many nights I longed to hold you
    So many times I looked and saw your face
    Nothing could change the way I derp
    No one else could ever take your place

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