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Reginald Marsh

b. 1898 Paris d. 1954

Region capture 29  

Region capture 30

Marsh left Paris When he was two years old.  His well off family moved into an artist colony in Nutley, NJ.  Marsh attended Yale University.

Region capture 33

The subject matter in Marsh’s works fits nicely into our discussions of American Regionalism; however, Marsh is more broadly known as a Social Realist.  Whateve, I say he’s a regionalist.  At any rate he, like many of his contemporaries, was pushing back against the European Modernism that was making inroads on the American art scene by endeavoring to depict real life subjects in an an exciting and highly stylized fashion.


I particularly like this one.

Region capture 34

Region capture 36   Region capture 37

Region capture 39

Reginald Marsh

New Master.

Region capture 40


Be it known that 1 March has been and always shall be my birthday.  I was born just three hours after leap day 1972.


Also, let’s have a big hand for dear sweet Cynny for putting together a great meat-up in Tempe!


It has been a great pleasure serving up hot plates of artsy goodness here at the Wire.  Take all ye want but eat all ye take.


  1. Morning.

  2. Howdy.

    I’m still trying to find the right combination of meds to feel more better. I like the colors in that last painting, but something about all the faces and contorted bodies kind of freaks me out a little with his work.

  3. Mernin.

  4. “Gravity’s Rainbow.

    But you knew that already.”

    *shakes fist at sky

  5. ww

  6. We were supposed to rent a car and drive to Biosphere2, southeast of Phoenix.

    Yes, this was hippie commune bullshit, but was also valuable as a sealed-environment test. The “can we live on Mars/in a sealed container” studies value the data that came out of that pretty highly. They kept pretty good records, FWIW.

  7. Happy BD El Chumpinator!

  8. The group scenes remind me of Bosch. I feel like an orgy or a violent riot is about to happen.

  9. really good pick for today’s Wire –
    i like this guys work

  10. I bet it smells like patchouli in there.

  11. HBD Chumposki

  12. Glucklich Geburtstag, Herr Chumpo.

  13. It’s snow again.

  14. I’m still trying to find the right combination of meds to feel more better.

    Pass that info along when you do. I’m on Nyquil and Advil, but it’s not doing shit for the cough. Dreamt me some tremulous dreams.

    I’m supposed to go vote today, not sure if I’m going to make it.

    Happy birthday, Chumpo!

  15. Leon – how far are you from Flatrock? There’s a couch down there I wanna go check out. I wanted my boys to go look at it but they’re resisting.


    Of course, I don’t have a car today.

    So sick of that.

  16. Ug Roamy. We need your vote. Not enough smart people out there. SOMEONE GET HER SOME MEDS STAT.

  17. I actually just wanted them to go and BUY it unless they got there and it had some horrible deformity. Ugh. STupid snow. Stupid person who hit our truck.

  18. Happy birthday, Chumpster.

  19. It’s about 20 minutes from my house, but I’m about to feed the horses and go to Dearbornistan for the day.

  20. Yea, well I don’t have a car anyway. So. It was just one of those random thoughts I have in the morning.

  21. If Leon worked from home we’d have a plan though. I know it.

  22. If I still worked from home I’d go get it for you and you could come pick it up this weekend. Sadly, we’re both boned by my decision to go play around with robots last July.

  23. HBD Chumpo!!! My dreams have been vivid, but boring. My criminal empire was taken down and I was arrested in the hotel room I haven’t left in 24 + hours. No sea doo chase on the Colorado river. No escape along the riverwalk. Just arrested in bed. Dan turned me in to the FBI. (I may be mad that someone watched Deadpool and had a prime rib dinner without me)

  24. *shakes fist at sky

  25. It’s cool though. Perfect for my basement.

  26. Scott is a mover. Scott I have a job for you …

  27. Gotta love a couch with a console. Place for the weed, err, energy drinks!

  28. That couch looks heavy.

    I haven’t taken any cough medicine since the first day, I tried mucinex but it didn’t do anything but make me sick to my stomach. Extra Strength Excedrin seems to take care of the worst of the headache/body-aches.

  29. I have some Oxy if anyone needs it.

  30. Happy Birthday, Dear Chumpo!!

  31. Coffee will help.

  32. coffee helps just about everything.

  33. That’s why Excedrin is part caffeine.

  34. Was it determined that the TITS2 malady was the flu? And also that those who received a flu shot didn’t get the scourge?

  35. I learned that when a good friend had a bad toothache.

    He was eating Excedrin by the handful and turned into this

  36. Morning all. I know no one believes I can actually read but does anyone have any good book suggestions?

  37. Hard Choices by Hillary Rodham is pretty good I hear. If you’re in to implausable story lines. And bullshit alibis.

  38. Heh

  39. Thanks all you all. Best fake internet friends ever!

    I seem to have recovered 85% or so.
    I hope you are on the mend soon!

    Read Shogun. Or Life on the Mississippi.

  40. Happy BD chumpsterfire. Does this artist have any work depicting well endowed topless women? I’d like to see how he expresses himself in this all important genre. Or whatever.

  41. Gravity’s Rainbow.

  42. Happy Birthday.

    I had my flu shot, and still came down (hard) with the TITS2Flu.

  43. We’ve let our government turn a semi pleasant experience into total bullshit. TSA is a fucking joke.

  44. And believe it or not, I had to turn off my PHX wifi to send that.

  45. Happy birthday, Chumpo. If I’d known I’da baked ya a cake.

  46. Democrats are beginning to panic. I wouldn’t be surprised if they indict her just to get her out of the way.

  47. When we were waiting in Detroit they had the sound off on CNN. It’s on here. Driving me nuts.

  48. Airports are the only place CNN gets played. Turner must have worked a good deal with the airports.

  49. Newscasters and candidates, please. It’s KU Klux Klan. Not Klu.

  50. Lips, why weren’t you at TITS2? Explain yourself.

  51. SHe found out you were going Hotspur.

  52. Newscasters and candidates, please.

    You’d figger they’d know the correct pronunciation, since they’re Democrats.

  53. Oops, I may have been pronouncing that incorrectly.

    *forces self to look at pic of Rosetta naked for punishment*


  54. I think I’m over the worst of the crud.

  55. *gets out Carin voodoo doll*

    Now, where are the pins?

  56. Hotspur, I had to cancel cause of MS crap acting up.

    You’re so right J’Ames. We really need to make the public aware that KKK was a dem thing.

  57. Happy Birthday, my bus driver friend.

  58. Yeah, lipstick, I hate it when Word and Excel go on a rampage


  59. How are you feeling, MJ?

  60. Pretty good, Jay. I went for my first outdoor run on Sunday and I almost kvetched. It was only 3 miles through the hills but I wanted to Rosetta all over my shoes.

    How are you doing, Jay?

  61. I’m doing great. Working out in the evening, but no puking. Then again I haven’t hit my goal, because I like beer and BBQ too much.

    Oh well.

  62. *starts timer for next .5 hour post

  63. I was cleaning the kitchen J’ames but I grew bored of that. So I’m back.

  64. It is nice enough today I can open my bedroom window. Boy2 has the sickness. Boy1 woke up coughing but doesn’t seem to have any additional symptoms. Today the congestion is in my head, maybe it is a different virus/allergy thing but damn…if I were a caribou I’d be wolf poop by now.

  65. Another bad thing about this crud is that everything tastes awful.

  66. Capt. Trips?

  67. I’ve had like zero appetite.

  68. I feel fine.

  69. Well, it could be my fault for buying a can of split pea soup where peas are the 4th ingredient. Campbell’s Chunky soups are usually good, but this is terrible.

  70. Plus one Roamitta. A couple mugs of Chicken broth and an apple is all Ive had since I saw you last.

  71. I think they’re all lying to us and they actually got REALLY really drunk and have simply been hungover for days.

    Sean isn’t sick, is he?


  72. I’m really drunk right now, but I don’t feel sick.


  73. Neil Degrasse Tyson, the most overrated scientist in the world, beclowns himself yet again

  74. Heh. What a dork

  75. NdGT should embarrass people enough at this point that no one will post his memes other than ironically, but this is sadly not yet the case.

  76. Heh, libs in my timeline still hold him up as a beacon of science.

    Mainly because he parrots the global warming lines.

  77. New TITS2 gear available now!

  78. Heh.


  79. Some say the coughing is the worst part of H2 Crud.

    It’s snot.


  81. We picked up 23 bales of semi-spoiled hay today for the garden. Free from a generous craigslist lady! So,so, happy.

    There’s enough so that I can get back to using the Ruth Stout method of permanent deep hay mulching for *at least* this year, over the Winter, and well into next Spring. Maybe two whole years, depending on weather.


  82. Supposed to be studying for a quiz but I keep staring at my pile o’ stinky rotten gold out there and making garden plans.

  83. I was making garden plans….until the heavens open and started pouring dandruff all over :( Butterflies will have to wait…

  84. What’s the mulching buy you? I’ve seen the wood chips used in “Back to Eden” and sort of figured it as a decomposing carbon source/weed barrier.

  85. You’re trading a high-labor-needs garden, for a high-supplies-needs garden, really. Basically it aspires to be a no-till, no-weeding garden.

    There is still a little bit of both going on, but not nearly as much as without the mulch. Every time a garden problem rears up, you just pile compost and hay on it and squash it and it goes away, lol.

    I used to have a small Stout-method garden of raised beds on the other side of my house. By year three the soil became amazing and I hardly watered it. Heavily covered and undisturbed, it just kept getting spongier and deeper with worm castings under there. Soil stays put in heavy rain, and the straw becomes inhabited with bug predators.

    Main problem with this method is that the hay will sprout into weeds. So every once in a while I would have to go out there and flip the mulch over (so the weeds hit the dirt) and then pile more hay on top. And you have to have a very good supply of bad hay to keep adding to the mulch as it gets thin.

    Still, way less effort than turning the soil and all that jazz.

  86. What I love about this find is that it has a lot of alfalfa hay in it. She was complaining that this hay was too rich for her particular horses.

    But alfalfa is one of the finest soil feeds/ conditioners…sigh. So happy.

  87. I remember my mother pointing out some alfalfa looking crop that she called “timothy”. Is that a different thing?

  88. Yeah, I was thinking you’d get a lot of hay sprouts. We have a few inside the barn where there’s some bare soil, just because that’s where the hay is staged before it goes into the feeder.

  89. I have heard of it but don’t know what timothy is.

  90. Timothy is a different grass, Lippy. Literal rabbit food. Too much in horse hay will make them colic.

  91. That’s why the mulch goes on 6 or 8 inches thick, Leon. They sprout, but hopefully I get out there and flip them over to their doom before any of their roots can strike dirt and become a problem.

  92. Timothy is grass hay. Alfalfa is a legume.

  93. Alfalfa is a legume.

    Seriously? That’s fascinating. (to me) (odd that way)

  94. So what percentage of alfalfa would go into the hay for a horse’s or cow’s diet?

  95. So I guess you don’t want to let the livestock loose in an alfalfa field. Think of the gas.

  96. Then again I haven’t hit my goal, because I like beer and BBQ too much.
    I’m right there with you. I could probably be a pretty good athlete but the cost would be too high.

  97. Noce photo shop, Wiser. What does the latin say on the banner in that awesome logo?

  98. Share your fire with a person, and they’ll be warm for a night. Set that person on fire, though, and they’ll be warm for the rest of their life…

    -Chumpo deGreasy Tyson

  99. Yeah, if cows eat too much alfalfa, they bloat. They have a stomach with 4 chambers. If they get too much gas in one of the chambers, it can’t get out and they smother to death.

  100. Potential Future Bossman called me after we texted a bit today. Something is surely coming, but he cautioned patience. We had a good talk, about half an hour. Might get to see him in 3 weeks or so when he’s in Detroit.

    The waiting is killing me.

  101. “Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them.”

    -Chumpo deGreasy Tyson

  102. The horses were right there at the gate, watching Scott and me carry off their hay. They were snorting and acting pissy. We laughed.

  103. Ace has been hammering lately about how the GOP elites have ignored the ‘lower classes’ within the party and how Trump is taking advantage of that. Economically and educationally speaking, I should belong to the elites within the Right leaning people, but fuck it. I cannot be arrogant and bull-headed like them. I despise the elites. I would have preferred Cruz, Perry or Walker, but if I have to vote for Trump, so be it.

  104. The only one I wont vote for is Rubio.

  105. The only one I wont vote for is Rubio.

  106. I am a short-fingered vulgarian.

  107. Horses are bastards.

  108. Got kicked for the first time last week. Horses suck.

  109. When I was a tyke of about 6 my pony knocked me at least ten yards into a bush.
    I had no idea what had happened until I started feeling soar on my hip.
    The damn horse kept looking at me and I think he was appologizing.
    He came over and got me out of the bush.

    I didnt take it personal. I just never walked behind them again.

  110. This is about a mile away


  112. How badly did the horse getcha, Leon?

  113. Horses are assholes, mules are reeeeeaaaaallllly assholes.

  114. Only this afternoon have I feel like I finally turned a corner on this thing.

    No moar meat-ups evar.

  115. How are you feeling, Cyn?

  116. Weak and light-headed. I finally wanted to eat something and did. My color looks much better and the walls have stopped jumping out so I don’t have to hold them back when I walk down the hall.

  117. Hows about you, Roamy? Is everyone else starting slowly coming around too?

  118. Horses are assholes, mules are reeeeeaaaaallllly assholes.

    You wanta talk assholes, let’s talk hummingbirds…..

  119. a hummingbird turned me into a newt

  120. a hummingbird killed my pony

  121. a hummingbird killed my pony

    that one’s pussy of a pony….

  122. SNOW again.

    I’ve got the garden bug BAAAAD.

  123. Back to Michigan. Snowstorm.

  124. That’s one asshole of a hummingbird. Must be Australian

  125. Cyn, don’t give up yet.

  126. I feel 75%. HotBride is still pretty wiped, but her respiratory problems will make it take longer.

  127. TSA didn’t bust my TITS muddler.

  128. Oso, you still on the road?

  129. I really like Tempe Mission Palms. Great lobby, courtyard, restaurants are good, room was nice, and they are extremely friendly. Pool is salt water with a whirlpool at each end. Snack bar girl was a real cutie.

  130. Glad you’ve made it home, muddler intact!

  131. Muddler is ensconced in the drinks cabinet.

  132. I’ve got the garden bug BAAAAD.

    Tell me about it!!

    I’ll be planting my peas on St Patrick’s day, or thereabouts, Hell or high water.

  133. I’m feeling pretty puny. Already planning to take another sick day.

  134. We just picked up MaryAnn from doggie camp. Dan is calling me “Lunger”. As in, “Lungers don’t get to go to Spring Training”. I have no tastebuds and I’m still a hacking mucus machine with a low-grade temp. I slept most of the way home.

  135. The muddler is awesome Cyn!!!

  136. So I filed our tax returns on Sunday. Used on of the more popular services. Went through their web-site.

    Filed state and fed for bride and i, then fed only for son, then fed only for daughter.

    Bride & I are getting a refund from both state and fed. Son is getting fed refund. Daughter is getting nothing nor does she owe anything.

    Monday, I get three e-mails, two telling me that bride & my returns can’t be e-filed and one telling me that son’s can’t be e-filed.

    And there’s a number for me to call to address the situation.

    Instead, I go through the website and call the number there. They cannot find a problem with the return. I ask them if the number on the e-mails is one of theirs. “Oh, yes sir. that’s one of ours.”

    So I call that number today. “Oh, of course I can help you sir. What is your social security number?

    “Nyooooooope. Sorry, that’s not happening. I don’t usually call numbers from unsolicited e-mails to start with, but now you want my entire SSN? Sorry, babe. I’ll call the number on their website. Have a great day.”

    I’m still pissed off.

  137. It’s interesting how the only returns supposedly with a problem are the ones that we’re getting returns on, huh?

  138. No moar meat-ups evar.
    I understand you are a hurtin’ unit but I hope this is just some sassy bullshit.

  139. Sassy bullshit indeed. We’ll go get her.

  140. Seems like this summer we’re due for a CT meatup.

  141. Sounds like Trump is rolling.

  142. How badly did the horse getcha, Leon?

    Caught me in the hip, stung a bit, but I remembered my aikido and just rolled with it. Fortunately it wasn’t muddy that day.

  143. I’m going to step away from the pc for a bit so I’m not tempted to watch the primaries. Talk you all in the morning.

  144. Carousel girl has cankles.

  145. There was a woman on my flight with ankles so big I figured she had to buy a ticket for them.

  146. “Sounds like Trump is rolling.”

    if i smoked dope i’d be rolling about now too….
    rolling to forget

  147. Tempe was full of beautiful young people. Laughlin? OMG I looked 50 lbs lighter and 20 years younger….never mind.

  148. Dan is making me wear hospitality gloves to feed MA and make drinks. I have to sleep on the couch. I feel like typhoid Mary.

  149. Or is that Typhoid Maria?

  150. The woman in front of me on the plane bought a ticket for her cello. Shiny white case with a rounded top. Made me think of Rosetta’s bald head.

    Osita, I slept on the couch last night, but it was voluntary.

  151. That’s rayciss!!! Typhoid Maria is probably correct.

  152. Roamy, sleeping on the couch when sick is par for the course. MaryAnn found stuff to roll in at camp…gets to sleep in the bed.

  153. Dang, I missed out on a muddler?

  154. I got kicked really hard by a horse in the thigh years ago. Didn’t break the femur, but I had trouble walking for a few weeks and I still have some issues. That leg is still a lot weaker than the other.

  155. Lippy, the muddler is a thing of beauty.

  156. What’s the calf count Pepe?

  157. The muddler is TITS.

  158. The prior muddler was in tits.

  159. Big’uns

  160. Heh. Scott ISWYDT

  161. I had Dan all prepped for being asked about bullwhips, and everyone was very nice to him.

  162. Somewhere, Mitch McConnell is sobbing.

  163. We have around a dozen so far, Oso.

  164. Cool. Looks like icky weather this wknd

  165. Icky weather right NOW here.

  166. Suggestion for next get together formerly known as meat up: Euchre table.

  167. Overcast and chilly here. Mid-80s in Laughlin.

  168. Government in action,,,,

  169. Who do they fine for wild animals?

  170. Ugh. Falling asleep. Too much mucus. Not enough oxygen.

  171. Stop with the sexy talk.

  172. Euchre would be cool. But too closed off. Cards Against Humanity is more inclusive.

  173. Did anybody surprise anybody else by coming back with an actual key to the bullpen today?

  174. Yannow the best thing about the AoS DD?

    I don;t have to listen to the mindless babble on the news channels to get up to date info.

    Yannow the worst thing about the AoS DD?

    I’m realizing even earlier that our country is full of fucking idiots and that we are completely fucked.

  175. I enjoyed Saturday night just shooting shit. Cards would’ve been awesome.

  176. Nobody likes baseball.

  177. We went to 3 fields. Dan went to the new Cubs field. I don’t like the AZ on everything Cactus League.

  178. I enjoyed Saturday night just shooting shit. Cards would’ve been awesome.

    I bet you would have been awesome at CAH

  179. Awww…thanks.

  180. Don’t listen to Chumpo. I’m not cute or little.

  181. Don’t listen to Chumpo. I’m not cute or little.

    stap. The busdriver knows stuff.

  182. Are you at least a little cute?

  183. No. I did break out the tiara

  184. No. I did break out the tiara


  185. We all need tiaras. Tiaras are great.

  186. She is sooooooo cute.

  187. And wicked smaht.

    I could talk to oso foreve.

  188. We love you mucho Chumpo! Our leftover Oggi pizza was just that mo SoCal bettah

  189. You two are gold. I’ll see you in NM juan of these days.

  190. Yes you will! Dan is totes team Chumpo. He really liked all the Hostages he met. Felt secure leaving me with you guys

  191. With Trump winning, I think I need to borrow Oso’s tiara. Ugh.

  192. I agree with Chumpo, Osita is cute and smart.

    I thought I’d driven Dan away with my smart-ass comment at lunch. (He had said very little, and I made a comment about trying to get a word in edgewise.)

  193. And I gotta get me one of those purse hook doohickeys.

  194. Thinkin’ bout the times you drove in my car
    Thinkin’ that I might have drove you too far
    And I’m thinkin’ bout the derp that you laid on my table

  195. Roamy, pretty sure next “Get together” Dan will have more to say. I drop the ball on the funny comeback too often. He was kind of disgusted with me that I missed some obvious jokes. Blah blah

  196. Working from home today.

  197. Gimme a few, and I’ll have HHD up.

  198. Half-assed poat up.

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