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Meet Jim Houser

b.1973 Philadelphia
Region capture 13

Region capture 14 Region capture 15

Houser is a self-taught painter.

Region capture 16 Region capture 17

He’s had much success providing graphics for the Skateboard industry.

Region capture 18  Region capture 19 Region capture 20  Region capture 21

He is still based out of his hometown and I think his art is cool beans.

Region capture 22   Region capture 23

See ya in Tempe.


  1. I like the second one, “Still-Life Landfill With Washer-Dryer Combos”.

  2. His art (shown here) has a very likable quality. Being a mother I love the two bird themes. But I like it all.

  3. He should go into fashion design.

    I’d buy Houser Trousers

  4. Reminds me a little of Coptic icons.

  5. wakey wakey.

  6. Didn’t Houser go to Mars?

  7. re: quitting twitter. If we all quit twitter, aren’t we just giving in to another demand against our voices? Where do you draw the line?

  8. Good question Jay. The deck is stacked against conservatives in the media with probably the exception of talk radio where liberals can’t seem to find an audience. If a viable conservative-slanted alternative existed the howls of the SJW’s decrying it as unfair would be deafening across most of their media outlets. Or, to put it another way, why isn’t this bigger news? Because it’s not PETA or Oxfam or NAMBLA being shut down.

  9. The lead picture in this article gave me the heebie jeebies

  10. Hillary gives me the heebie jeebies.

  11. Your mom gave me heebie jeebies.

  12. Not my cup of tea… I find the style too “cartoonish” for my taste….least when I think of “wall art”.

  13. Conservatives are actually funny on twitter. I’m biased, of course, but the left just isn’t that funny.

  14. Jay, that’s probably part of the reason that the SJWs are trying to get conservatives banned. They’re humiliated and don’t have the brains or humor to fight back.

  15. I agree, the sour grapes method of censorship. Oh well, pretty soon it will be shitty for everyone, and it will go the way of MySpace.

  16. #takebackmyspace


  18. I can’t quit because I don’t twit.

  19. Puppy time is 1:30. I mentioned this didn’t I?

  20. I don’t watch political coverage wire to wire. I know that most of what gets carried in the news and pushed on social media is the most flagrant sound bites. But every fucking time I hear trump say something it reminds me of the conversations with my barely literate oilfield buddies after 3 hours of aging poker and 10 beers.

    Hell yeah111 water board those motherfuckers!! And then castrate their asses for good measure.!! Then we’ll fuck their women and deport what’s left.

    Drunken poker table talk or leading presidential candidate? Hard to tell.

  21. We are about to nominate the only person in the world who could lose to Hillary.

    I should stop making fun of democrats.

  22. I know, right Scott. I’ve been telling everyone THAT THIS IS A HUGE TRICK .

    Trump is the dems only shot.

  23. And that is just how the democrats want it. They voted for Trump.

  24. “We”??

    I quit thinking I was a republican years ago. They are further to the left now than democrats were in the 70s and 80s.

    SMOD for me.

  25. I think that Twiturd sux. I like your point, Jay but the game is stacked against the con-snark.
    Plus Juan on ‘liberals aint funny’. Why is that? Because they have to spend 100% of thier mind convincing themselves that thier party line isnt total fantasy billshit?
    it’s sad that with the clear example of conservative success in bradcast radio we are still wandering around in the woods w media. Its an unforced surrender.

  26. He is ahead of Cruz in Texas!

    The only person who can stop Hillary is Obama.

  27. I don’t even know how this is happening.

  28. That’s why I’m getting a new puppy.

  29. Get two new puppies. You’re gonna need them to get through the nightmare to come.

  30. One puppy is enough, yeesh!

  31. I dunno. CoAl has a point.

  32. If you only get one new puppy then things look unbalanced. *ducks*

  33. My order of choice goes: Cruz, Trump, Hillary.

    Cruz is my first choice because he would make a good president and do good for the country.

    I’ll vote for Trump just to burn the GOP to the ground.

    If it comes down to Rubio vs. Hillary, I’m firmly in the camp of “Bring on the civil war/world war”, which I think Hillary’s corruption and incompetence will hasten.

  34. I think Rubio would be ok, also, not as good as Cruz. The immigration thing is a biggie, but we can survive that, for a bit. I’d rather have him choosing Scalia’s replacement, than Trump.

    I think I’d go Hillary before Trump. It’s a close one. Wow.

  35. Do we hand the keys to Sanders? Jerry Brown hasn’t burned California to the ground, yet.

  36. Cruz, Rubio, Hillary, Trump.

  37. WAIT. no.

    Cruz, Sanders, Rubio. I think I’ll just kill myself if it’s Hillary or Trump.

    Sanders would be SO BAD it would absolutely force the republicans to change. If they got beaten by Sanders? LOL. ANd he will be terribly awful. We’d look back fondly at Obama.

  38. Nothing we do here politically is going to stop the World War that’s coming. Alex is correct two puppies are better….. MORE MEAT.

  39. Oh yess he has.
    Moonbeam’s return has trained a whole new generation of Succubi in CA. I may have to live in San Diego but I will be moving my base of ops to Ames IA or somewhere tax friendly.
    On the plus side, when Big Tech leaves, there will be some tremendous real estate investment opportunities, especialy if’n you speak Chinese.

  40. There is a mom/child crossfit competition. I really want to do it, but I don’t know which kid. I think both will want to. ugh.

  41. You should have them fight it out for the honor and post the video online.

  42. and play the Star Trek fight music in the background.

  43. People around me LOVE the Bern. They are rationalizing democratic socialism with the real thing.

  44. Alex is correct two puppies are better….. MORE MEAT.

    *growls semi-menacingly*

  45. *growls semi-menacingly*

    Who doesn’t like General Tsao’s Chicken?


  46. I’ll remind readers at this point that many older horses are “free to a good home”. You know, if you’re planning for the apocalypse and want to store meat “on the hoof”. Plus, horses aren’t the first thing a looter would think to eat.


  48. just think of horses as eating at Bonanza or Ponderosa.

  49. I bet they’d be awesome in a PBC

  50. New poat.

  51. Why didn’t you just post a link?


  53. Hillary will lose to whomever is nominated.

    Buck up, weirdos.

  54. I thought the same thing about Obama.

  55. I’m staying here in solidarity with the enstompened poat.

    And MJ is right. Loin-girding time.

  56. Thank you, Leon.

  57. I also wanted to yhank you for hilling me to NAC.
    It’s a berry usefull supliment.

  58. Chumpo, you might like P.D. Mangan’s ebook “Stop the Clock”. Covers a lot of ground on supplements for us 40+ guys.

  59. I’ll check it out.

    I’ll see you on the other thread.
    This one is history.

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