MMM 212: Light at the end of the tunnel

It’s probably just the front end of the train, but I can see it.



Stretching before a run.


Pointe 1


Pointe 2


Pointe 3


Thong 1


Zumba competition


They look fun


Closing triptych


Week 30 begins.  Happy Monday.


  1. I am now motivated to sexercise. Foist.

  2. “I’m giving to the candidate I want, I’m praying like crazy, I’m trying to use my influence on anyone I know. What else can we do. I have not yet campaigned but have done it in the past.”

    Me too Mare.

    Wakey wakey.

  3. I’m distracting myself from a Clinton-Trump contest by staring at the neon thong

  4. Going to meet a puppy today at 2:30. Three dogs, four cats, chickens.

    One big happy, imho.

  5. Jimbro – try listening to more prog metal. It is therapeutic.

    Yesterday I was mystified by some social interactions (at soccer) and it was bugging me … until I remember to just listen to some Tool for a bit and then everything was moar better.

  6. I’ll look for an Amazon stream with Tool as one of the artists. I’m in the office all day so before too long I’ll be distracted by my work.

  7. Eulogy is really doing it for me this morning.

  8. Possum must have had a better night. They are still abed.

  9. I have now officially applied for a job at the old place, hopefully a slightly better one.

  10. i’m full on don quixote –

    i’m absolutely writing in Cruz.



    voting for shit-ass candidates again

    *walks away muttering about dole, mccain, romney*

  11. Good luck Leon!

    And I’m with Jam

  12. *writes in Vlad the Impaler*

    Why settle?

  13. *Writes in Mare

    Why settle?

  14. Whoa there, I mean, Dracula’s one thing, you want to inflict Mare on the world?

  15. This is really cool, but does get loud.

  16. If Mare became president – she could no longer hide from us.

  17. Got another offer on the house. No option period this time, so if they back out I keep the earnest money.

  18. Congrats, CoAlex. Took us a couple of years to sell my grandmother’s house in El Paso, but that was right when real estate was really tanking.

  19. Pepe, thanks. I’m cautiously hopeful. This is the last big piece that needs to be addressed.

  20. 2:30. 2:30!!!!

  21. My milk kefir is really getting good and thick. The first few batches were awfully watery. Milk kefir is honestly the easiest of all the fermented beverages to make. I use local milk so I know it’s good.

  22. These people are truly idiots.

    “Mr. Obama has pointed to the Iran deal to signal to North Korea that he is open to a similar track with the regime of Kim Jong Un. But the White House sees North Korea as far more opaque and uncooperative.”

    REALLY???!!!! And “far more” than Iran … would mean, completely uncooperative.

  23. Can’t you just leave milk out on the counter to get thick?

  24. That’s basically what I’m doing. But the kefir grains prevent it from spoiling.


  26. So it’s basically making yogurt. Got it.

  27. But it’s better for you than yogurt. And a TON easier. The whole temp thing isn’t as precise. I just leave it on the counter.

  28. ARG. No puppy visit today. The lady had her baby last night. Tomorrow. YEA!!!

  29. Putting the yogurt culture in a cooler with a bunch of hot water isn’t very hard, either.

  30. It’s not very hard but I’m telling you this is easier. You put the grains in a mason jar with milk. Cover. Come back 18 hours later. done.

  31. Yep, that’s easier.

  32. Your mom likes my yogurt.

  33. Lemon flavored.

  34. Well done, Car in, Well Done!

  35. SI Swimsuit edition, Archer version

  36. Beyond 2016…when the only course left was to outline a third party platform.

    It’ll be lkke Spring Cleaning. Spring Cleaning w acid and fire.
    All inclusive destruction.

    Se hablamos espanol.
    Llavase los manos.

  37. Hah! Lemon flavored!!


  38. Step away from the crackpipe.

  39. But I like it.

  40. I know, it’s only roll and roll…

  41. I’m in Arizona.

    Where the heck is everybody?

  42. *mails Punster a calendar*

  43. I think the big sombrero has him a little off balance.

    Or B-Dubs had a beer special.

  44. Punster.

    I like it.

  45. Where the heck is everybody?

    Okay, is now when we tell him? ‘Cause not saying anything has been killing me.

  46. Comment by wiserbud on February 22, 2016 3:04 pm

    Okay, is now when we tell him? ‘Cause not saying anything has been killing me.



  47. What?



  49. Epsom salt spray for peppers and tomatoes? Why haven’t I heard of this?

  50. Wow. When you add 10 + 4 and get 12, it’s time to call it a day.

  51. What?


    Well, since it wasn’t originally my idea, I really shouldn’t….

  52. Wow. When you add 10 + 4 and get 12, it’s time to call it a day.

    yeah. It’s 104. D’uh.


  53. 4-20, dude!

  54. So a senior partner from the company held a lunch meeting with all the folks on post who are on our contract (two teams). After he spouted a bunch of platitudes about selling yourself to the client and such, he opened the floor to questions. It turned ugly after that. Everyone is still angry over the recent layoffs, which were mishandled, and the fact that the people up at FORSCOM are seen as out of touch and incompetent.

    Apparently he called the the contract lead, TB, and chewed him out. TB is now coming down tomorrow for a “lunch meeting” which is basically a fishing expedition for information that he can use to get the two site leads here canned.


  56. So, if you ever drop your electronic meat thermometer onto a hot bed of charcoal, it would be best to not try and fish it out.

    Those little batteries pack a punch when they explode.

  57. Shananagans!!

  58. Pics Scott!

  59. Whip it out!!


    Smooth Move

  61. I fished the burning plastic out and dropped it on the ground a few feet away. I turned to put the food back on and…….BANG

  62. Never turn your back to a thermometer…


  64. Love the header picture – need a couple of those for our cats….

  65. Good day, people who are about to be banned by a shadowy group of feminists on Twitter.

  66. I hope and pray that I live long enough to see the terrible, histrionic downfall of that Sarkeesian harridan and her enablers.


  68. I wonder what Twitchy will do. Conservative news gathering site who uses twitface as their main source.

  69. Exactly, Jimbro. Adam Baldwin is gone. His last Tweet was sweet!

  70. Hopefully, twitchy will keep watching, and also watch wherever the fans of free speech migrate to.

  71. Wait, did you say “histrionic”?!!!

    Oh, you are SO banned, Mr. White Male Cispatriarchy.

  72. No spoilers from ‪#‎TheWalkingDead‬ please.

    Carl only saw half the episode.

  73. Adam Baldwin tweets deleted? I’m done with Twitter.

  74. Mare, yep. Brad Thor and others were retweeting. I guess he asked for @Jack to be fired and the Tweet Thought Police to be disbanded.

  75. I just bought 100000 shares of Twitter.

    I strongly believe catering to a bunch of fat, purple haired lesbians (sorry mare) and their diaper wearing beta male friends is a viable business plan.

  76. No spoilers from ‪#‎TheWalkingDead‬ please.

    Carl only saw half the episode.

  77. Adam Baldwin tweets
    But no more, “Fire @Jack” he cries
    Fat lesbos rejoice

  78. Ugh. Haiku. What a Moron! (I miss haiku at the HQ. I miss Michael)

  79. Oh, you are SO banned, Mr. White Male Cispatriarchy

    Yer damn right.

  80. So are hostile takeovers still a thing? When twitter stock crashes to penny status could someone buy it and Make Twitter Great Again?

  81. I mean, the guy loves to tweet. Pretty sure it’s even him doing it.

  82. Ace is even semi-quitting Twitter.

    Which, frankly, I think that’s gonna be good for his mental health. He’s been kinda…not good as of late.

  83. Did the Ewok quit Twitter today and direct people to the HQ without posting about it?

  84. D’oh! Thanks, Sean.

  85. Dan to me in car on way home from work: Aren’t you glad you’ll be in AZ in 4 days talking with people that actually care about politics? (I had just finished a rant about Trump and Planned Parenthood. It was EPIC!)

  86. Twitter is bullshit.

  87. I saw a post/tweet about favorite poor people food. Had a pic of Beanie Wienies. Guess what’s for dinner?

  88. I just realized that if I could convince the unit to cancel training next week, I’d be free to attend TITS2.

  89. Call in sick, Colex. Say you got the lumbago. Nobody knows what that is anymore.

  90. Pellagra.

  91. Just ordered a new hand held “instant read” thermometer.

    3 second readings for $19.

    Thanks Meathead!

  92. Get to convincing CoAl

  93. For an extra $80 you can get results in 2 seconds.

  94. Why not 1 second?

  95. That’s $800.

  96. So, my mom is a mess. Worried about what she needs to do to stay in her home. (I’m sitting on my 2 month old told you so). Billy’s kids are fighting over the arrangements. (I’m glad Dan shamed my mom into taking care of all her funeral planning)

  97. Jam, who works on a car at 3AM? Lot of things wrong with this story.

  98. Okay, why is the fact that this guy who shot all those people in Kalamazoo an Uber driver mentioned in the first sentence of every story I’ve seen about it so far? Is Uber the new Tea Party or something?

  99. Sean, yes. Unions are totes out to get the Uber phenom.

  100. They don’t do any person to person interviewing at Uber initially, it’s all criminal and driving record checks. They’ll bring you in if they have some complaints or you get low scores from passengers.

  101. It sure is windy here in in AZ. Are we expecting a babboob?

  102. It could be a Big Haboob Friday.

  103. OK, everybody. let’s all submit dickbutt pics!

  104. Haboobies!

  105. Haboobies!!! Dickbutt!!!

  106. Hmmmmm…should I also submit the naked painting of Bea Arthur?


  108. I want to bail on the Twitter. I follow too many Israeli and Latino sites to do so. Only way I get real time international news. See also Pakis.

  109. Haha Pepe

  110. If I could find my twitter account, I’d kill it.

  111. Twitter rhymes with Shitter

    Just sayin’

  112. The H2 is already the Con Alt Twister.
    Ace even gave us the perfect name.


  113. COME ON FRIDAY!!!

  114. I’m still holding out for Sqttr.

  115. The Splitters – best name evar

  116. It’s supposed to rain on Wednesday.

    I don’t work in the rain.

  117. We need a Splitter Song

  118. Working in the rain? Aw, man…

  119. Did anybody tell anybody else that this was absolutely the last $20,000 check they would be writing for their Sasquatch expeditions if they didn’t show some more tangible results than a few blurry photos and some turds today?


  121. Somebody needs to invent summer football so we replace this stupid Cuban game.

  122. No, I cut the check and sent the team out again. We’re gonna find that thing, dammit.

  123. I flipped on my TV on Sunday and, for the briefest of moments, was gonna flip channels looking for a ball game. *sighs

    Only 198 more days to go.

  124. Ace even gave us the perfect name.


    Um, he didn’t actually give you guys that name.

  125. Crap. Wednesday is Laura’s crazy day. I can’t take that day off.

    I’ll slack tomorrow and work in the rain.

  126. How is Geoff and family?

  127. Meh.

  128. Oh, that’s right.

    Well. We can all start twitting at IB then. Put out some coffee cake.

  129. Q: What kind of fuckweed smokes a cigar in a poorly-ventilated men’s room?

    A: The same kind who doesn’t wash his hands after taking a piss.

  130. I wash before.

  131. That’s…uh…better than nuthin’, I guess.

  132. Try washing with piss. It’s usually sterile.

  133. Here come the dancers one by one
    Your mama’s callin’ but you’re havin’ fun
    You find you’re dancin’ on a number nine cloud
    Put your hands together now and derp It out loud

  134. Xbrad, I drove through your hood yesterday. It was nasty as fuck what with all the dirt blowing across the highway so thick you couldn’t see the 75 car pileup ahead of you. I think they probably ought to turn all those fans off. At
    Least nothing was on fire though.

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