Karl Fortess

b 1907 Antwerp, Naturalized U.S.  1923, d. 1993

Region capture 27

Spanning several schools, Fortess  has a unique interpretation of landscape.

Region capture 28

Region capture 29

Open and easy.  Much like your mother, these paintings could hang around my house.

Region capture 30

Region capture 21    Region capture 22

Region capture 33

On and On.


  1. Fortess good

  2. Poontang!

  3. His clouds are cool too.

  4. Big Farm today.

  5. ww

  6. Im watching the sun rise in the desert.

    Its very clear.

  7. The deep freeze is finally over. I’ll try to start the truck in a couple of hours.

  8. his use of analogous colors is striking –
    liking the train yard

  9. I’ve been on my hands and knees assembling cabinets for the past three days.

  10. “assembling cabinets”

  11. Assembling cabinets is how I spent Christmas Eve.

  12. That’s what your mom calls it.

  13. I’ve been painting for days and days. Looks pretty good, but I’m all beat to hell.

  14. Then quit painting yourself!

  15. Jay, is Trump going to flame out? I’m not a huge Cruz fan because of the way he communicates but he has mostly the right core values so I want to get on board with him.

    And he’s running a terribly smart campaign.

  16. If Trump’s “Bush lied people died” attack doesn’t sink him, we are doomed.


  18. Gud poatsy, Chumparino!

  19. Temp has climbed about 15 degrees in the last 40 minutes.

  20. Art related.


  21. I think Trump flames out, and SC is the place, because of what scott said, and the polls aren’t asking the right people, just like in Iowa.

  22. If he doesn’t, BOHICA, cuz we deserve it.


  23. CoAlex “2) I needed an outlet for my frustrations and my black moods. ”

    Have you considered Falun Gong? or serial murder?

  24. Here’s some young men just out having a good time.

  25. If you can watch this whole thing, I’ll buy you a drink at TITS.

  26. Well done, since you can’t click it.

  27. Shit. BRB.

  28. fixored

  29. If you can watch this whole thing, I’ll buy you a drink at TITS.

    That clip actually makes her sound far more intelligent than anything else I’ve ever seen her say.

  30. Drinks on Hotspur at TITS!

  31. George Bush just sent me a solicitation for his baby brother’s campaign.

    Dude, seriously?

  32. So, Kerry met with Asian leaders here in Palm Springs yesterday. Kinda interesting listening to Vietnam 1 Heavy trying to depart.

    Normally, KPSP is closed to 747s. They actually had to remove the windsock to fit the Vietnam plane in.

    Also saw a C-32 (USAF version of the 757) flying in.

  33. Happy Birthday, Jam2

  34. I wish I could see you people at TITS 2.

    Sad face.

  35. In England, if you speak poorly of the immigrants they arrest you now.


  36. Wait, MJ cancelled on TITS2?!

    Are you at least sending GND?

  37. GUN PRON! Yay!

  38. Maybe 1000s of Syrians should be settled in Greenwich CT.

  39. What’s this bullshit about you not coming to TITS?

  40. http://is.gd/Dg68sY

  41. I worked with Cletus today.

    Cletus: I got to see my roommate in a towel. She took a bath last night and walked into the living room with just a towel on.

    Me: I’m guessing you don’t get laid very often.

    Cletus: I’ve lived alone for ten years since my ex-wife moved out and died.

  42. Heh, good one, Scott!

  43. Greetings, people I won’t antagonize by mentioning the current temperature.

    Oh, and b-rad.

  44. 89

  45. Do we still get GND at TiTs2?

  46. 20% humidity now. See Baloo. Scott with the funny!

  47. 51 degrees with pouring rain and howling winds. My driveway is a 50 yard sheet of ice. Power has flickered a few times but it’s staying on so far.

  48. Today was crazy. The temperature shot up about 15 degrees in less than an hour. We even had thunder.

  49. 33 here. Gonna be 53 on Friday.

  50. Man, I don’t know if it’s the dry air or allergies or what, but my left eye has been weeping like the grieving widow of a big-dicked war hero for the last few days. Annoying.

  51. Did you get poked in the eye?

  52. Nope.

  53. *Pokes Seam in the eye*

  54. Retail moment: I missed it, but the Club had a Code Adam on Sunday. Spent 20 minutes looking for a lost kid. The mom had left the kid in his car seat in THE CAR. Never even brought the 4 yr old in with her.

  55. Ow.

  56. We were surprised another Member hadn’t noticed and called. I guess all those “It was just 5 minutes and I’m not a bad parent” assholes are winning.

  57. Deleted my twitter account. It really is a cesspool now. Felt like a good thing to do. It feels good. I don’t need to hang out in the presence of the lowest common denominator anymore. I rarely leave twitter feeling good.

  58. Twitter breaks my heart. Worse than the comments at the HQ.

  59. I still mostly enjoy Twitter, but some parts of Primary Twitter are tiresome.

  60. That’s why I stick to Secondary Twitter.

  61. If you unfollow all the Rubiobots, it’s not so bad.

  62. Started with the Trumphumpers. Escalated to Rubiobots. I’m starting to see the GOPe fail about SCOTUS.

  63. “Yeah, have fun at class. I get to go learn about fucking rocks”

    “I didn’t know geology majors were that dedicated to their field.”

    and out of nowhere, it’s fucking feldspar.

  64. I almost bought myself red roses today. $3/dozen.

  65. I still have a Twitter account, as well as FaceFuck, though I have logged-on to neither since the November before last.
    Don’t miss it.
    Not goin’ back…

  66. Netflix was a mistake. Binge watching is addictive. Almost out of Peaky Blinders, Daredevil, The League, and Jessica Jones. I’ll need more shows.

  67. It occurred to me today that, by the time we get to September, I will have unfollowed probably 75% of the people I currently follow on Twitter.

    At that point, I may delete it.

    Or not.

    I do like it when it’s funny.

    Admittedly, it’s been a while….

  68. I almost bought myself red roses today. $3/dozen.


    *bows before Lady Roamie….

  69. HA now requires a Facedick account to comment.

    Not that I ever commented there, and the comments had become a cesspool, but I think this may spell the end of HA.

  70. That’s the scuttlebutt, Wiser. No more anonymity.

  71. AoS is welcoming HA refugees.

    I fear he may soon regret that……

  72. I have a twitter account that I log onto maybe once every month or two.

    Facedouche is a different story, but it’s too damn useful for keeping in touch with people.

  73. It occurred to me today that, by the time we get to September, I will have unfollowed probably 75% of the people I currently follow on Twitter.

    Heh. Makes me wonder what kind of heinous shit I would have to pull to get wiser to unfollow me.

  74. Facedouche is as useful as genital warts.

  75. I H8d the LGF refugees. #GetOffMyHQ

  76. Facedouche is as useful as genital warts.

    Luckily, it’s far easier to avoid….

    Never created a facedouche account, meaning don’t have one to delete.

    And any site that implements their comment system can DAIF, AFAIC.

    *looking at you, CT News Junkie. None of your writers will ever be a guest on my show again. Thankfully, Suzanne Bates has moved on from them before they tanked.

  77. Makes me wonder what kind of heinous shit I would have to pull to get wiser to unfollow me.

    You follow me?


  78. Thanks, Wiser. I did get the Dove chocolates at 50% off. Want one?

  79. Want one?

    I would be honored, Lady Roamie…

  80. It occurred to me today that, by the time we get to September, I will have unfollowed probably 75% of the people I currently follow on Twitter.
    i am currently gaining followers for no reason i can identify.

  81. I’ll bring them to TITS2.

  82. It must have been that one tweet where you said Trump’s fingers weren’t any stubbier than the average person’s.

  83. could be i do seem to gain them after mentioning trumps name. it’s kind of like beetlejuice

  84. actually i went and saw deadpool yesterday and there is a scene that reminded me so much of donald trump and his little microhands

  85. speaking of hands nikki haley has some lumberjack hands i1.wp.com/www.theblaze.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/AP_872421232465.jpg?resize=512%2C341

  86. Heh. Makes me wonder what kind of heinous shit I would have to pull to get wiser to unfollow me.
    Just stridently support Trump, Cruz, or Rubio.

  87. Got it. Jeb! or GTFO.

  88. Chad, heh. I got a “Paging Johnny Bench!” in the lab last week.

  89. did you smack him with those snow shovels :-P

  90. Jeb! is the Teddy Kennedy of his family –

  91. So here’s a no shitter – one of my many jobs in the Navy working in an STD clinic. We used to get a number of repeat customers. This was the late 80’s so AIDS was running rampant and penicillin resistant gonorrhea was huge in southern California at the time. One of the PAs was a warrant officer who had hands like Paul Bunyon. I swear his fingers were like kielbasas. So when we had someone who had been back a couple times we sent them down to see this warrant officer for a prostate exam. very few repeated after that. Preventive Medicine at it’s finest.

  92. Newish contractor brought samples for me to measure. He stayed around to help, so I said you gotta glove up, what size do you wear. He said medium. I said seriously? I wear size 8 or large. Most of the other women in the lab wear extra small or size 5, most of the guys are large or extra large. He’s about my height. I held up my hand, he held up his, and yeah, his fingers were a lot shorter than mine. Other contractor not only contributed the Archer line, he also commented that small hands make his dick look bigger.

  93. http://tinyurl.com/zx33l8w

  94. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_yuq7-gk1Y

  95. “Give her the rabbit, Lenny.” hahahahahaha

  96. Did anybody really regret telling anybody else that their weave looked nice today?

  97. I snorked at that line also, Roamy.

  98. Reaching this itch in my derp
    Is like any good playing card
    Must be why I’m thinking of Las Vegas
    Why it’s more brighter than the sun is to me

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