MMM 211: Hostile Work Environment

So I work with a lot of democrats.  They aren’t shy about it, either.  Happily they rush to virtue signal to each other about how “xenophobic” the Trumpkins are, or how Ted Cruz (!) who memorized the Constitution at age 13 nonetheless does not understand it.

Yeah, that Ted Cruz.  The guy who’s won cases before SCOTUS.

I thought having coworkers again would be one nice feature of ceasing the telecommute.

I WAS WRONG.  I’m not a confrontational guy, I don’t want to argue or even talk about politics at work, and I sure as heck don’t want to listen while my coworkers express derision and disdain for me (and most readers of this site), even if unwittingly.

Somehow, some way, this is all to the good.  Some good thing will come out of my disastrous decision to join this endeavor.  I have made every effort to escape, and I keep hitting walls or just plain having bad luck.  So I wait, and I pray, and I look for ways to escape.  I was trying to get out before annual bonuses come out, but it looks less and less likely at this point.

Fluorescent shooooos


I like nice calves.


Christmas flips a tire.


Bellybutton sans lint.



She looks fun.


Nice curls.


This is all artistic ‘n’ stuff.


Deadlifts are just as good for the booty as squats, possibly better.


More arty stuff.


Wistfully looking outside.


Week 29 begins.  My whining continues.


  1. Slept okay, but I still feel pretty schlonged.

  2. Comment by mare on February 14, 2016 9:43 pm

    Scott I don’t know if it was RI or NH but one of those states changed the welfare law so those who are ” able bodied” lose welfare benefits if they don’t actively look for a job or volunteer, I think they dropped welfare roles by 82%. Saved millions/billions.

    Of course the BDN Editorial Board is furious which makes me laugh and laugh:

  3. I enjoy viewing fluorescent work out gear and other “articles of clothing” on these models.

    And curls.


  5. So, WW3? Is Putin going to start it? When does the US get involved?

  6. Trump’s “thoughts” on Bush and 9/11 have officially put him in the CRAZY category for me.

  7. The future of the USA rests on the strength of Cruz’s ground game.

  8. Why are Rubio supports so vicious about ripping Cruz? Do they get they may have to vote for the guy? And if they won’t they are insane for helping elect another socialist nut job.

  9. Supporters

  10. Rubio supporters = amnesty/CoC/GOPe/Dem-lite

    Viciousness is all they know.

  11. I’m not a Rubio fan but if it’s between him and Clinton, I’m voting for Rubio.

  12. Agreed, but it feels like McCain all over again.

  13. I use to love Twitter because it was full of fun and hilarious nonsense, now it’s chock full of emotional political investment.

    Believe me, I get it, people are frustrated and worried about the Country’s future, but don’t continue to shoot a possible alli.

  14. True, Leon. I’m pretty sure Rubio will stab me in the back with executive amnesty, but between him and Hillary not a contest…for me.

  15. Twitter Inc has chosen to be a (leftist) political actor. It must be abandoned.

  16. I know you’re right, Leon. Evidently they use algorithms to determine what tweets will be seen by whom. I must start weaning myself off it now. The best thing about Twitter is David Burge (Iowahawk)

  17. Time to go feed the horses and head to Dearbornistan.

  18. Not just that, Mare, they’ve put a few of the worst SJWs in charge of making sure Twitter is a “safe space”, and they unverified Milo Y. Because him disagreeing with SJWs means he suddenly isn’t actually himself, or something.

    Nuke Twitter.

  19. Why can’t conservatives design these social media powerhouses?? COME ON!!

  20. PTL that fucking weekend is over.

    wakey wakey

  21. I don’t twitter. Never liked it. I have an account but I rarely go there.

  22. I have found a good Twitter line up is much funnier than any website. Not even close. But everyone has gone bonkers for their own candidate and it’s still primary season. Yikes.

  23. The issue I’ve had with twitter is the ideology behind it. It’s pretends to be some sort of platform where you’re part of some larger conversation. But you’re not.

    People aren’t even reading what you post (or reply, etc) unless you’re someone.

    Which is what many big blogs do , and I’m fine with that. It’s the basic lie that underlies twitter that bugs me.

    If I want to debate someone, I’m going to to do it somewhere that doesn’t have character limitations.

  24. So I put 24 hours in at work on Sat and Sunday alone.


  25. Never considered having a serious conversation with 140 characters.

  26. Some people do take to twitter and have some sort of on-going interchanges.
    Back and forth.

    I’m not interested. I can’t really claim to be any expert on it – I occasionally go and so much seems too much inside baseball/twitter to make much sense to me to be honest.

    Rush went off last week about how he doesn’t get it either, so at least I’m in good company.

  27. Ok, i’m REALLY jealous of a chick at Zumba. She just recently did a 210 backsquat and I’m still stuck at 170.


    ANyway, so today begins my effort. I’m gonna get there. I just read a guy who said he did backsquats 3 times a week but rotated between back and front each time.

    So that’s my strategy.

  28. From last night: ” still hold on to a lot of anger and resentment. I’m glad for you that you have the means and good grace to get over it and concentrate on your own business.”

    I take my anger and channel it into trying to GET SOME FOCKIN KNOWLEDGE into people. It doesn’t help to get mad and angry at idiots and moochers.

    But it inspires me to not let an opportunity pass where I can inform. I can be a pest on facedouche- but a coworker (who is very liberal) paid me the ultimate compliment last week when he said that people can debate with me (from a very liberal perspective) where it’s about fact and not name calling, etc. Said I had a talent.

    It’s not a big platform – work – but it’s one. People come to me all the time for info. That’s what I do with my anger.

  29. OMG there’s 2 kinds of squats?

  30. I like the info part. I don’t like the fact that people don’t listen, unless it’s their own little echo chamber.

  31. you have to be the quiet one that only says something once in a while. That makes your opinion greater, I guess.

  32. Good to see this place as busy as evah!

  33. Oprah bought 45 million in Weight Watcher shares. Explains a lot.

  34. Wait, do you have to have a dickface account to comment at Hot Air? I don’t have one and don’t give a shit about hot air but why did they do that?

  35. Hot Air likes to keep a tight rein on the commenters.

  36. Well, this post is very enlightening. Thanks for posting leon. I finally understand what is behind the ripped gals and ogling.

    It’s a inducement to work harder, even at the things that are long slogs where the payoff isn’t immediately evident. It’s an inspiration to determination. In other words, motivation to do hard things.

    Sure, I’ve never actually read the posts before, but I kind of like this one. I sincerely hope that you get out of your shit jerb, and find something better.

    And lastly, you made a fatal mistake, although I assume it came from a place of hope with regards to social interaction. People are never fun to be around. They suck. Working from home, away from the morons (not the good kind) is wonderfully fulfilling.

    I feel your pain, homey.

  37. J’ames – you don’t do front squats?

  38. I’ll have to look up the different squats. We do forward and reverse lunges, but not sure on the form for squats.

  39. What I don’t get about the twitter is how, by only following people you choose, they can censor what you see. I mean, I get that they can push it down or plain not show it but when you only follow a limited number of people that would be difficult.

  40. Front squat has the bar on your shoulders in FRONT of you. You use less weight – it’s harder.

  41. ^what Jimbro said

  42. Yeah, we don’t do many front squats, then. Yes, that is harder.

  43. We don’t do a lot of weights, we’re on a mat.

  44. Thanks, MJ. I’m really, really close to just asking for my old job back.

  45. Maybe you should. Asking never killed anyone and working from home is worth a shit ton of money.

  46. I’m uncomfortable with evangelism of most types and absolutely find it aggravating when lefties at work start with their fucking Have You Heard The Word commie-propaganda fests. Mostly I just drift away or stare blankly.

    Occasionally I slap the shit out of one, when they get too stupid.

    Like that time one guy brought up how white people fled Hartford because they couldn’t live with Puerto Rican people. I took his ass to school. He’s never going to say that ignorant shit in public again. I guarantee it.

    And another time when a coworker (who is also a state employee), started demonizing these corporations that are leaving our state. This launched me into a tirade about all the ways the State of Connecticut fucks you if you have a business. Startled the shit out of her. And told her things she did not know. Again, she will not be thoughtlessly spouting this stuff without looking around first.

    On balance I think it’s good to expose them to the TruthBat once in a while and make them a little unsure about the value of their constant prosyletizing. When I was young, some of the best things I learned about life were as a result of being not-too-gently *corrected* by my older peers at work.

    So, yeah, it’s a good thing to fight once in a while. If you’re *always* in a political fight, banging your head against the wall, they will ignore you and/ or treat you like the resident kook.

    Be very choosy when you pick your battles. Seem neutral and pleasant most of the time. Earn your respect by being good at your job. When somebody touches on the very hottest of your very hot buttons, slam them to the ground.

    It keeps things light and pleasant for you in the lunchroom, and you deserve to have things pleasant for you, too.

  47. Also I apologize for poor formatting. I forgot the “more” tag after the first image.

  48. Lauraw – I also think it’s important to never – ever – give opinions. I don’t . I just point out facts. Numbers. Details.

    And I am NEVER the one to bring it up.

    They know my political leanings – I don’t make it a secret. So I don’t need to go there. But I don’t want to be thought of as “the conservative”. I just like to hit them with the cluebat when they get stupid.

  49. Leon, speak up next time they start this crap. A lot of them get stuck in this incestuous little circle-jerk with all their lefty friends.

    Ugh, I bombed my Russian exam last night. Everything was going fine until the last two sections: plurals. I’m going to have to redouble my efforts for this next one. I just got overconfident after my last test.

  50. Over time – I’m the person they pretty much all go to when they need to know something.

    That- in it’s own way – influences them.

    1) carin knows stuff
    2) carin votes this way
    3) ?
    4) PROFIT

    I joke but they do ask me to explain a lot of political things to them.

  51. I like to take the most absurd position imaginable.

    Free college? Insurance?

    Why not gas? My V8 guzzles gas and it’s not fair that I have to pay for it while they get excellent gas mileage in their 4 banger.

    Free wireless internet. You don’t pay for water do you? It just comes out of the tap because it’s a basic necessity just like surfing the web.

    Free personal trainer. It’s the job of the government to make sure that I’m healthy so they should provide me with a free personal trainer because I already know how to do most things at the gym. I need professional level support.

  52. Again, she will not be thoughtlessly spouting this stuff without looking around first.


    That made me laugh out loud.

  53. I’m using my day off to do taxes and the fucking FAFSA form. Procrastinating.

  54. So, if it wasn’t the Puerto Ricans driving white people out of Hartford, what was it? Asians?

  55. Scalia’s death stinks to high heaven. They either killed him, or they are doing everything they can to fuel conspiracy theories.

    The news:

    – He went hunting alone (who does that?)
    – He declined his normal security detail
    – He was found dead with a pillow over his head
    – Justice of the peace declares him dead over the phone and orders no autopsy

    I think they are trying to fuel conspiracy theories. They will use this to influence.

    Don’t let us influence your decision Justice __________, but it sure would be a shame if something bad happened on a hunting trip.

  56. Agreed, laura. At darts, it was brought up to me like this:

    Person: Jay, you’re a Republican, right?

    Jay: Yes

    Person: What do you think of Trump?

    Jay: He’s a clown.

    Person: Really, why do you think that?

    Jay: Because he isn’t a real Republican. Never has been, reference his past speeches and positions.

    Person: Wow, didn’t know that. Who’s your real guy?

    and so on. Not everyone at the table is even close to being politically involved, but everyone was listening. There are some real hard core lefties, too.

  57. There was a big union vote coming up, scott. Could have hamstrung mandatory union donations forever.

  58. Jeez, it gets worse.

    They need to do an autopsy.

  59. I just read the pillow on the head story in the NY Post. Hadn’t seen the rest but I’m sure it’ll be coming out soon enough to a blog near me.

  60. Drudge has most of it.

  61. Comment by roamingfirehydrant on February 15, 2016 10:47 am

    I’m using my day off to do taxes and the fucking FAFSA form.
    So unpaid work for the government……

  62. You’d think an autopsy would be mandatory in a high profile death. Of course, it would say whatever they wanted it to.

  63. I doubt that there’s a coroner in Jeff Davis county. The justice of the peace, who is usually tasked with declaring people dead in rural Texas, was probably fifty miles away and had already started drinking for the day when called. The movie, “No Country For Old Men” does a pretty fair job of depicting the area where Scalia bought the farm. Jeff Davis county is also one of the very few counties between El Paso and San Antonio that is ever blue in a vast ocean of red. I’d guess it’s 95% Mexican at least.

  64. Correction: I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking. Scalia died in Presidio county. Jeff Davis is the next county north of there. Everything else is correct though.

  65. But February made me shiver
    With every paper I’d deliver
    Bad news on the doorstep
    I couldn’t take one more step…..

    Bye Bye Miss American Pie……

  66. I’d love to hear what the local justice o’ the peace’s reasoning was for no autopsy. I mean, yeah, fat 79 year old guys do routinely drop dead from heart attacks. But an autopsy wouldn’t be unreasonable.

  67. Don McLean just got busted in Camden, ME for domestic violence.

    He swears he is not a villain and it’s okay to try to continue to decipher his lyrics*

    *I may have made the last half of that up

  68. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

  69. Don McLean is still alive? Color me surprised.

  70. Hi PD. Good to see you here.

  71. I think a wapo story indicated that the Coroner, ME (whatevah the fuck they call em down there) made the call based upon on scene LEO’s reporting all seemed natural, no apparent indicators of foul play.

  72. Autopsy is out, he’s already been embalmed.

  73. Autopsy is out, he’s already been embalmed.

    Union mortuary?

  74. I blame ISIS and Trump

  75. i see that the libs are already declaring that the time is right for nominations, because Reagan got Kennedy in 1988.

    Except he didn’t. It was 1987, and after Bork and Ginsburg. They had already denied Bork and Ginsburg backed out.

  76. What’s the over/under on a recess appointment?

    And honestly, if Obama hadn’t given us the mental lightweights/dedicated liberal votes Kagan and Sotomeyer, we might not be fighting this.

  77. Hi mare.

  78. Nil. there was a resolution passed in 1960 that addresses recess appts to the Supremes….it was passed by the Dems

  79. Is there any doubt that Obama would appoint a loyal liberal who would vote with the existing leftists to kick the Constitution to the curb?

  80. A lot of us have been watching the clock tick down to innaugeration day 2017 like we’re doing time in a gulag. Longing for the day when Obama can no longer fuck up the country. This is his opportunity to continue fucking up the country throughout my life expectancy. When this 5-4 court starts going 5-4’the other way on 1a & 2a cases because Scalia is replaced with lynch or holder or moochele, we’ll never escape the fucking. Senate is gonna have to stand their ground against everything the msm can throw at them for damned near a year. I can’t see them being that thick skinned without voters in their face constantly.

  81. Don’t let us influence your decision Justice __________, but it sure would be a shame if something bad happened on a hunting trip.

    Scalia strikes me as the kind of guy who would let it be known to someone, that he was threatened.

  82. Well put PG. And I think he is giddy with that possibility as part of his “legacy”

  83. “Fundamental transformation”

  84. Derp, nevermind my above comment. Missed the ‘influence’ part. Horse head.

  85. Exactly right, xbrad. And this is how he gets it. It’s why the libs are so giddy.

    Tried to point out the 1987 thing about Kennedy to a lib on facebook. He’s a lawyer, and just couldn’t see what I was talking about.

  86. They’ll go after speech first. Hate Speechists! That way when they go after the bang sticks no one will hear the screams. They Jail & Fine for “hate speech” in Eurostan already so they have a template of sorts. Domestic Terrorist Hate Speechers! Not real sure how Im going to react to someone I know and love being incarcerated for speech. Might make me wonky.

  87. Saw someone point out that it’s ironic that Scalia was probably the most likely justice to stick up for the idiot’s right to talk about him negatively.

  88. Need to find out if the new roof is energy-efficient, then the federal return is done. Bleah.

  89. Much more energy efficient than no roof, Roamie. Check yes.

  90. It has to be Energy Star-rated. I think it was John Stossel who showed what bullshit that was.

    My brain hurts. /Monty Python

  91. IIRC, you could have a gasoline-powered alarm clock Energy Star-rated because it doesn’t use electricity.

  92. Hey Xbrad, are you listening to Serial, season 2? It’s pretty awesome and I’d like to get your perspective.

  93. Honestly, MJ, I’ve never listened to it.

  94. Oh well. I had questions, but now I’ll just make assumptions.

  95. You can ask questions. I mean, I’m fairly familiar with the Bergdahl situation.

  96. So apparently the thing that sent him over the edge, and led him to work on a plan to trigger a DUSTWUN was a battalion commander chewing out his platoon for taking off their gear to dig a fox hole at a remote outpost.

    He seemed to think it was another sign of the command structure not caring about the troops, but it seemed to me that it was the command structure forcing discipline on the troops so that they would act accordingly when it mattered.

    What’s your opinion?

  97. Let me just say this:

    I dug my foxholes with my helmet and body armor on.

  98. Additionally, I’ve heard a lot of grumblings about the command group of the entire BCT during that time frame, but I’ve also heard from people I trust that the leadership was really, really facing an uphill climb in terms of their mission, versus the Rules of Engagement, and the fact that their training cycle had actually been geared for a deployment to Iraq, and was switched at almost the last minute to Afghanistan.

  99. Greetings, harmonious and prosperous practitioners of FALUN DAFA way.

  100. I’ve FALUN, and I can’t get up…………

  101. Thanks.

    The point of the commanding officer was that when the little things go, it’s indicative of a platoon doing whatever the fuck they want, which is will end up getting people killed.

    From a civilian perspective I was all like, “man, I’d hate to dig a hole in the desert with all that shit on.”

  102. I’m watching Ronald Reagan run around in a Nazi uniform instead of the news. I’ll be a LIV for one more day…

  103. Yes, MJ, if they’re slacking on the little stuff, what else are they cutting corners on?

    And when you see grunts talking about being hardcore, it’s stuff like getting to dig wearing armor. It’s not pleasant. But it’s part of what makes you better than a POG.


  105. POG?

  106. NM, wiki’d.

  107. POG

  108. I’m going to make that my e-mail signature

  109. Huh. Elizabeth George, the author, moved from SoCal to Whidbey Island.

  110. Looks like this account isn’t active, but I dig the profile description:

  111. I should have started a cult.

  112. Soldiers bitch, it’s part of nature. As an officer or NCO, you worry more when they aren’t complaining, because that’s usually a sign of trouble.

    And yeah, the little stuff matters. Slack on that and suddenly the little problems start to mount and turn into big problems. A machine gun jamming at the wrong time, a vehicle developing problems, a radio that goes out because no one did a proper check of the cables…

  113. I should have started a cult.

    I should have misspent my youth as a yoga instructor.

  114. It’s not too late.

  115. Set up an ashram in the woods.

  116. People would be paying me to flip giant tires.

  117. I called the guy I worked with on programs at my old job today and inquired about work as either an employee or a subcontractor. He seemed amenable to the idea, but may or may not be able to help me. We shall see. Either way, I tried.

  118. It’s not too late.

    It’s not the same if I can’t bang all the hot female students.

  119. Watched Unbroken yesterday. I’d read the book. Dan hadn’t. Pretty awesome story.

  120. It’s not the same if I can’t bang all the hot female students.

    You can still hold naked hot yoga classes.

  121. Blood libel? Oh oh. I bet the NFL does nothing. Pepsi gets to choose HT entertainment

  122. Watching Westminster. Wants all the dogs!!!

  123. I watched Unbroken a couple weeks ago. I had no idea until the end credits that the Coen brothers wrote the screenplay.

  124. You can’t have Pupster.

  125. Sean, TWIN!!! I thought they did an awesome adaption from the book. I had read reviews that were unhappy with Jolie for stripping the religiousity from the screenplay. I thought it was very religious.

  126. Spiritual. Coen brothers are great. I’ll probably break down and watch Hail Caesar.

  127. I wants ALL the dogs!!!

  128. I’m associate of the year. Not supposed to know. Porfirio told me. Dan told me to act surprised and lobby for shareholders.

  129. Sweet!

    Congrats Oso

  130. Nicely done, oso. Can we use your AOTY parking space since you don’t drive?

  131. YW. I had a perfect review last year. I show up on time. Start working immediately. Work. Limit my breaks and lunches to the amount of time allocated. Help as needed. AKA minimum requirements for job. The fact that a basic work ethic is considered above and beyond floors me.

  132. Congrats, Oso. Probably your reward for not killing anyone. :)

  133. I can too be had.

  134. As associate of the year you are allowed to kill one person.

  135. Ha! It doesn’t get a parking space! Members complained about reserved parking for associates and cops. We park in the last 3 rows from the doors.

  136. Scott, I want to kill The Whistler.

  137. Oso, does this mean that you get to bang Jessica Simpson?

  138. Hahaha They filmed that movie at a local Costco

  139. Big congrats, Osogirlie!

  140. Penelope just discovered the Garlic chili sauce made by the Sriracha people. Now she’s hooked.

  141. Hillary -> Scalia

  142. Thanks, guys. I may just have to wear my tiara to work

  143. Pepe, we have that! Great with papas/pepitos

  144. I think she had mozzarella sticks. It’s wicked good stuff.

  145. Penelope just discovered the Garlic chili sauce made by the Sriracha people. Now she’s hooked.

    I actually like that stuff a little better than Sriracha. It makes an excellent addition to storebought pasta sauces.

  146. Pepe, when you guys head north to the big city, do you ever go to Ta Lin market? Dry mustard. Hot sauces. Asian veggies. I H8 the smell, but the prices are good.

  147. Sean and Dan and Penelope, sitting in a tree…

  148. Is that garlic sauce hotter than sriracha, less, or about the same?

  149. Hotter.

  150. Less hot IMHO, but more flavorful. The garlic doesn’t seep through the pores. I can sleep with Dan after he uses

  151. Hahaha I don’t find either that hot.

  152. Anybody ever watch the show Lucifer? We’ve caught a couple of episodes and the lead character is pretty funny.

  153. gross

  154. We used to go to the old TaLin market. Dingy and you’d see baskets of really strange stuff.

  155. Watching it now, Pepe; comes on after X Files :)

  156. I’ve watched the first couple of episodes, and it’s ok. Not the greatest, but it looks like it has some promise.

    They haven’t made the ex-husband into an idiot yet, which is nice.

  157. Pepe, I have a hard time at TaLin. Too stinky. Fresh Lychees though. I try to get Dan to shop on his day off so I don’t have to go. Did I mention STINKY.

  158. Ta Lin used to have strange dried animals and fungus and ?????? weird shit that you’d never seen before and had no idea what it was. “Are those legs sticking out?” “WTF is that?”

  159. Baskets full of small dried squid.

  160. Did anybody admit that sometimes they doubt anybody else’s commitment to FALUN DAFA today?

  161. *sheepishly raises hand*

  162. They still do!!! LOL I stay away from the fish counter and certain refrigerated cases.

  163. Dog food company that makes GI acceptable food for MA went out of business today. Couldn’t keep up with demand. Couldn’t get financing to expand. We have very little on hand due to recent shortages. Having to start over again with minimal dietery disruption. AUGH!!

  164. Fine, I’ll try the garlic sauce. I’m already running low on space in the condiment shelf of the fridge, though.

  165. WTF is Falun Dafa? The next Supreme Court nominee?

  166. I can too be had.

  167. J’ames, wha? How many mustards, hot sauces, pickles, etc do you have?

  168. Phone dying. 5 AM new release book schedule. Gnight H2

  169. I nearly forgot. We had another asshole kid hiding behind pallets. Glue trap stuck to his pants and shoes! Asshole manager was on duty again today. Bwah ha ha


    That’s really all you need to know. Seriously, gweilo, you’ll stop being so nosy if you know what’s good for you.

  171. Snark-olepsy should be a word. You wanna work on a definition for that, Sean?

  172. Congrats, Oso!

  173. Well the pistons keep on turning
    And the wheels go round and round
    The steel rails are derp and hard
    For the miles that they go down

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