For the Cam haters…





  1. First!

  2. And it seems… only

  3. Sloppy seconds.

  4. McConnell says there is no chance they will confirm anyone this year.

  5. Thought that was going to be a different Cam.

  6. McConnell is a real knock-it-outta-the-park kinda guy.

  7. McConnell says there is no chance they will confirm anyone this year.

    Damn it, I’m back in the parallel universe again. Hey Oso, how is the knitting going?

  8. They might actually understand how much we hate them right now.

  9. How long until SCoaMF nominates Holder?

  10. Post updated with a few cams

  11. That fucking guy will nominate himself. He is a Constitutional scholar after all.

  12. Figgy pudding and monkeys. Fucking tripe.

  13. I’m so depressed. This is like the day Breitbart died. Counting on Yertle to have a spine? We’re fooked.

  14. i’m at “no confidence” level in the life of our country – scoamf will nominate trumps’ sister –
    and the circle will be closed

  15. Nice updates

  16. Jam, I am convinced I have seen the death of America. Despair is a sin and I’m guilty.

  17. oso –
    i cried out like a struck child when i read of Antonins’ passing –
    then a calm came over me.
    he fought for this Nation .
    he earned his rest.
    God has Blessed him –

  18. Jewstin, November 4, 2008 was the beginning of the end of our republic. Such a stupid time to be alive.

  19. I am not giving up until November.

  20. I was on break. On my phone. Waiting for confirmation. Got it. Wanted to cry. I may have dropped a few F-bombs. Informed the 4 conservatives I work with. Tonight’s debate is must watch TV

  21. Jam, thanks. Scott, I’ll try to hang in there until November.

  22. i’m with you Jewstin – the eye of the needle is close
    have faith my friend –
    stand fast

  23. I ate my celery. Can’t reach the olives and spicy pickles at bottom of glass. Bloody Mary problems.

  24. It will take a GREAT man (or woman) to reverse the course of this country. Do we have one willing to make the attempt? Cruz?

  25. Pepe, so far I like what I see. Willing to shut down govt for principles important to base. Important to me!!! I’m done with failure theater.

  26. Me too, Osita. I want a “Damn the torpedoes, we’re gonna fix this!!!” kind of a guy.

  27. From the previous thread:

    Comment by lauraw on February 13, 2016 6:20 pm

    Sean, have you ever heard of this?

    Yeah, I have. And it happens at other beaches, too. Contrary to the pop culture image of the surfer as a laid-back, mellow beach bum, a lot of them can be pretty serious dickheads.

    And I don’t find it at all surprising that another group of dickheads–the Coastal Commission–is getting in on this. Did you see their rationale for how this gang of assholes’ behavior constitutes “development”? Yeesh.

  28. Pepe, agreed. Cruz or SMOD that’s it.


  30. I remember an episode of CHIPS like this! Baywatch. Even the new Hawaii 5-O. Beach access is BS. The Coastal Commission is totes Commiefornia.

  31. Pupster, I had a hummingbird last night at midnight get confused. He saw the light on the overhang over my back patio, flew under it, and then kept trying to fly up. He was beating himself to death on the overhang. I had to get a broom and shoo him away.

  32. Why???? (Kerrigan’d)

  33. It was probably eating black widows.

  34. Our weather has been stoopid. We’re sleeping with windows open. 24% humidity is killing my skin. Allergies acting up. Fucking geese flying overhead waking everyone up. At work, $1.28 gas is causing massive lines and road rage. ABQ is beautifying our medians on the Westside. Who GAS about medians??? (I blame AZ. Our former mayor loved the medians and roadside art in AZ.)

  35. Ha! I Binged and hummers eat small spiders and daddy long legs. No mention of widders. I bet they don’t even target Hoppers.

  36. I can’t imagine any insect-eating bird skipping hoppers.

  37. Hummers are assholes. I’ll check

  38. The photoshopped the laser pointer out of that gif and added the text.

  39. Bing and Google both have no stats about Hummers and Hoppers.


  41. 🐻❤️🐶

  42. Tons of hummers in google.

  43. I was so depressed, I was ready to Netflix and Chill. LiV Dan is all about the debate.

  44. Scott, tons of Hummers with blah blah blah sugar water. Not much about widders.

  45. Who is the gal with the clown makeup?

  46. Dan just told me to stahp!!! I guess yelling at Kasich with GFY scares my bae

  47. WSJ Kimberley Strassel sic

  48. Gorgeous weather the last few days, Oso. Nice and warm. It’s going to start getting windy soon.

  49. Beard Update, Day 105: I realized this morning that I had been missing a golden opportunity to fuck with casual acquaintances who haven’t seen me since I started growing this.

    [posh British accent]: “Why, I’m quite certain I don’t know this ‘Sean’ chap. The name is Nigel. Nigel Swiffenbrooke-Stonefarthing.”

  50. Pepe, most people don’t understand WIND as weather.

  51. We have noticed an uptick in baseball gear. I wore Padres. In 2 days I saw Mets, Royals, and Braves. D and I were laughing about Spring hopes


  53. Not watching the debate or the news. The end of Iron Man 3 looks reasonable.

  54. Kill me nao

  55. Are you at the burlesque show, CoAlex? :)

  56. No show tonight. I’m thinking about going to the bar for a cigar and a drink or two, but it’s windy out and my back hurts…

  57. This day sucks big donkey balls. I pledged last night that I was going to give up the internets for Lent – I can’t take the supporters of the big orange baby anymore….but, I had to pay some bills and one thing led to another and I checked in on faceass.

    1. A facebook friend, who I’ve know since Little Green Footballs and then grouchyconservativepundits when the lizard king picked up the crack pipe, has been battling thyroid cancer for 8 years and went in for a PET scan this past week. It’s not good and chemo is now being discussed. Breaks my heart. She became a grandma for the second time in less than 2 years and retirement is five (I think) years away. I pray she beats this.

    2. Scalia. God help us we are so f*cked.

    I just finished watching most of the debate. If the vote were tomorrow, I’d go with Carson. Lort have mercy, Jeb and the Orange Baby should have been put in a playpen. Rubio lost me when he continues calling Cruz a liar when he continues to lie about Cruz’s positions and blaming Cruz for CNN fucking with Carson. Kasich..I can’t even.

  58. Yeah, I still like Cruz. Carson/Cruz…Cruz/Carson

  59. Did anyone else want to slap the babies in the playpen, especially the Orange One?

  60. I thought “Teh Donald” crossed the line when he went after W with “The Towers Fell On Ws Watch”, and “He lied us into the Iraq war”.
    Ben did pretty well tonight.
    I was really hoping for a Donald-Jeb “Punch-Up”.
    That would have been great!
    I think they got “pretty damn close”…

  61. I thought Trump was going to have a stroke. What an obnoxious piece of crap. His facemaking and mocking needed to be slapped right off his pissy face.

  62. Did anybody jeopardize the months of planning and solid investigative work that anybody else put into their undercover sting by making the age-old mistake of falling in love with the target today?

  63. No, but I wanted to bitchslap a large Oompah Loompa whose Depends needs changing.

  64. Of the drunken housekeepers: Who the hell is he going to meet at the dive bar with his painted fingernails?

  65. His choice is limited to rough looking hookers with a screwdriver in her clutch for defense against weirdos.

  66. And hey, Rubio, Cruz can speak Spanish, you twit.

  67. Ok worked sucked. Valentines day is for losers. ugh.

  68. I would have gone out for drinks, but my back decided to not play nice. It’s probably better to avoid anywhere over V-Day.

  69. I’m not buying any of the Hostagettes any damn roses. Unless Pedro shows up outside the local Ralphs selling them.

  70. Blood is rushing, temperature is rising
    Sweating from my brow
    Like a derp, her body fascinates me
    I can’t look away now

  71. Wife and I both decided that her chocolate and roses could wait for after St Valentine’s Day.

  72. -8.

    This has to be a record.

  73. -3.5 here. Last year and the year before we hit -20 a few times, so this isn’t too bad. Supposed to get up to 21.

  74. Nope. -9 in 1915.

  75. We’re up to minus 9 already! Garage doors struggled to come up and Rowan was doing that paw up off the ground thing as he was walking around.

  76. Below freezing here.

  77. looks like we hit -18 a couple hours ago

    -8 right now

  78. Qakey wake

    1 here.

  79. I have to work another fake double today.



    Valentine’s day is what we term “amateur day” in the biz. No one who is a regular “going out to eat” type eats out – they know it will be packed. Nope, it’s filled will all those folks who are being forced or coerced to be taken out.

    And the tips SUCK. Twice the work. Half the money.

  80. Hot water pipes, that are wrapped in heating cables, froze overnight.

    Thank goodness they are Pex

  81. Bummer. I had some freeze last year but not damage.

  82. I let the cat out last night and it came back in w/in minuets and did the funniest dance around he house. I think it was too cold.

  83. Ha! My words last night…

    ..looks like the Wiserbuds will be down a bathroom.

  84. We have to leave the faucet on the kitchen sink dripping if it gets below zero. The line runs too close to the outside somewhere and it will freeze. As long as it runs a little, it’s okay.

  85. 13 here in the great north woods.

    Stay non-frosty H2.

  86. >>>>..looks like the Wiserbuds will be down a bathroom.

    It’s gonna be 54 on Tuesday.

  87. We’re having a heatwave. 40ish and getting warmer.

  88. That’s when I will try to start my truck.

  89. >>>>We have to leave the faucet on the kitchen sink dripping if it gets below zero. The line runs too close to the outside somewhere and it will freeze. As long as it runs a little, it’s okay.

    The plumbing in our master bedroom is so screwed up.

    Extremely slow stream in sink with just hot water turned on. Run cold water in other sink and get a strong stream in first sink.

    With faucets off, shower doesn’t run at all, not even cold water. Turn on cold water in sink and shower runs full blast (but only cold water)

  90. Ha – I was right. Obama went for four days of golfing in CA and the press were MUM about where the First women and children were.

    Aspen. Of course. Ski weekend.

    What a pocking joke. I also find it sorta sad that they seem to be so … stuck in always doing the same thing. Every -V-day/presidents weekend Michelle takes the girls on their Royal skiing trip.

  91. The only part of my house that has radiant heat is the mudroom. My contractor told me the pipes were Pex and wouldn’t burst. I’d never heard of that material and somehow took it to mean they wouldn’t freeze. When we’ve lost power in the last 2 years they froze and the room got frigid until it warmed up enough for them to melt. He crawled under the addition last fall and added some insulation to hopefully keep it from happening again.


  93. For Car In:

  94. I got two water bills this quarter.

    One of them is for a house on the other side of town.

    How did my name get on that?

  95. Beer Brats and Sauerkraut, eggs over-easy, toasted English muffins for breakfast. Who wants some?

  96. Wiserbud’s video caused me to lose my appetite.

  97. What better way to say “I love you” than expressing it from the other side of the country on a talk show before heading out for a couple of days of golf with the guys while you stick your wife with the kids?

  98. Sounds good Jewstin.

    *brings out box of chocolate cherries*

  99. Thank heavens those assholes haven’t discovered Centennial. Aspen can have them.

  100. As someone from downvalley, fuck Aspen.

  101. The Obamas will make the Clintons like a Norman Rockwell painting once they’re out of the White House.

    I still think he’ll end up in Hollywood whne he’s not giving speeches around the world denouncing America. She’ll spend all her time in NYC shopping for hideous clothes.

  102. Maybe Obama and Gray Davis will star in a series of biopics together. Cinema for coma patients.

  103. Maybe he’ll become king of ISIS and have a harem of goats.

  104. Obama will replace Morgan Freeman as the default president in every Hollywood film for the next twenty years.

  105. Our high today will be 90.

  106. >>>>Our high today will be 90.

    I hope you get a sunburn.

  107. Obama will be paid huge amounts for speeches, and he will opine on current events in a smug condescending manner second guessing everything that subsequent presidents do. Anything else involves actual work, something he tries to avoid.

  108. Obama will be paid huge amounts for speeches

    Not so sure about this. Unlike the Clintons, the Obama’s are a spent force. No one is going to pay money for someone who has no political power. Oh, he’ll get some good speaking gigs, but nothing like the pay for play that the Clinton’s got.

  109. Agreed. Obama is a tool of the liberal establishment. They have fanboys, but no political capital. They will be discarded as so much rubbish.

  110. The Chicago machine will persist with or without them.


  112. I’m thinking more universities, rather than people trying to buy political favors.

  113. Agreed. It’s going to be universities and foreign speeches by people who want a prominent American denouncing America for propaganda purposes.

  114. Concur.


    Likely fuck up by the GOPe – why don’t they write these to have 9 day recesses?

  116. Has a supreme court justice ever been recessed appointed? How is that allowed with a life appointment?

    And if it is a f*ck up, can they call everyone back before the 22nd?

  117. Beasn – towards the end …..

    “But should President Obama try use this particular 10-day recess to replace Justice Scalia, the replacement would only be constitutionally permitted to serve until the end of the next session– i.e., until the end of the 114th Congress, which occurs on January 3, 2017.”

  118. and “Under S. Con. Res. 31, the only way to recall the Senate back into business before February 22 is with the “concurrence [of] the Minority Leader of the Senate,” Harry Reid”

  119. Ike appointed some during his presidency.

  120. I don’t think he’ll do it. His ego is too big to go for a temp replacement.

  121. Scott, I do remember that recess appointments end when the president’s term is up. He just may do it as there are cases regarding immigration and affirmative action about to be decided.

  122. And the GOPe will wring their hands and say ‘oh me, oh my, there is nothing we can do’….

  123. Scott, I do remember that recess appointments end when the president’s term is up
    Actually, recess appointments end when the Congressional session ends. I forget what the last day of the 114th Congress is.

  124. * scrolls up *
    * scrolls down *

    January 3, 2017.

  125. I haven’t seen Dave in Texas LIVE since February, 2008 at Michael’s SuperBowl party. I also met Sobek, Retired Geezer, Michael and Cathy, Russ from Winterset, Wicked Pinto, Mesa Blue, Skinbad, and Kevlar Chick.

    I’ve had drinks with Harrison, Wiserbud, MJ, Cyn, Some Guy in TN.

    I’ve sat on CaRIN’s porch with Lauraw and Scott, Hotspur, Jay and Leon.

    I’m sorry if I forgot any other H2 folks I’ve met, I’m getting a little old. I just started reminiscing about 2008 at Michael’s House and I realized TITS2 is only a week or so away.

    I’m pretty stoked about the whole deal, I hope some of you are sandbagging and are going to show up anyway.

  126. Also,

  127. I’ve got calving for the next few months. Plus I can do the whole “sit in the corner and not talk to anyone” just as easily at home.

  128. We are grounded until Laura gets out of school.

  129. I had dinner with Buffalone and family last year.

  130. DAMN! I’m sorry Roamy…been trying to forget most of the last year in Tennessee, I didn’t mean to leave you off the list.

    Mrs. Pupster has met Roamy and Cyn along with everyone who came to Lapeerpalooza…Pat, Mrs. in Ames, Mrs. Leon, Hotbride. Oh yeah…Gabriel Manor. I forgot him too.

  131. An acquaince wants to sell me a computer,. When I told him I have to wait until I pay off the Nova, he told me he could have sold me a better car for half the price.

    Why is my life littered with these fucking people? I don’t care about your shitty fucking pissing contest. Make it stop. I don’t fucking care.

  132. Meetups are the best.

  133. No problem, Pupster, I’d leave someone off my list, too.

  134. We are grounded until Laura gets out of school.

    Can we start planning the graduation party now?

  135. Let’s see, Cathy and Michael’s in 2010?, TITS, St. Louis for major meetups. MCPO, Clintbird, Xbrad, Catman, Cuffy and Mrs. Cuffy, Cyn’s family, Pupster and family, MJ and his ex, while traveling. Should have met with Jimbro and family, but I screwed that up.

  136. I’ve only met Sohos, Tommy, and Cathy. I really want to go to TITS2, but all of my money is going into the car.

  137. Graduation party sounds like a good idea.

  138. So went went to this thing called Shen Yun today. It’s an Performance of many different dances from different Chinese cultures. Really beautiful.

    Just before intermission, they perf some dance that tells the story of how someone who follows Falun Dafa is persecuted by the Chinese government. Guess Falun Dafa is a real thing and China persecutes any followers. Main dancer keeps holding up a banner that reads “FALUN DAFA IS GOOD!” He is eventually saved by some kind of messiah figure, who has already appeared a couple of times thought the performance.

    The a soloist sings, with the English translation shown on a huge screen behind her. She’s singing some weird stuff. I’m starting to feel like this is some kind of indoctrination.

    At intermission, some Asian guy comes up to us and “interviews” us to get our opinion on the show. Very strange.

    Second act starts. Mrs of the same. Beautiful dancing, but then another dark performance, with youthful teens being persecuted by black-suited thugs. They are also saved by this messiah figure. They also keep holding up a banner that says “FALUN DAFA IS GOOD!” Another soloist sings. One of her lyrics is “Evolution has no basis in reality.” Crowd starts getting obviously antsy. This is getting really heavy-handed now.

    Show ends with total destruction of a city onscreen, but the youthful teens have hope as the messiah figure returns and takes them all to heaven.

    On the way out, I am again approached to be interviewed, this time on camera, on what I thought of the show.

    I politely decline.

    Later, I look through the program’s little closer and see that Falun Dafa is also known as Fauln Gong.

    That name sounded reeeeal familiar. So i look it up when I get home..

  139. About 5 miles from where I used to live in Oh HI Oh.

  140. I remember joking to wiserbride on the way out that someone needs to save those performers.

    Little did I realize how right I was.

  141. If I recall correctly, Falun Gong is supported by the Free Tibet movement. They’re mostly kooks and fanatics, but they want to be free of the commie fist of Mao. I can understand that.

  142. I should clarify; the San Francisco wing of Free Tibet and Falun Gong is full of kooks and fanatics. That’s where I know them from.

  143. They’re kooks. it’s definitely a cult.

  144. I’m starting to feel like this is some kind of indoctrination.

    Did they talk about burpees or delicious smoked meat?

  145. Next time the phone rings answer it with “Falun Dafa is good”, just to how Wiserbride reacts.

  146. >>>>Did they talk about burpees or delicious smoked meat?

    There was a gardening segment…..

  147. >>>>Next time the phone rings answer it with “Falun Dafa is good”, just to how Wiserbride reacts.

    Heh. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Thinks I make everything political. It was just a nice show.


  148. Remember Sunshine Carpet Cleaners cult on Seinfeld?

    There is a Sunshine Carpet Cleaning in Waterbury.

  149. There were two MCs, a very white American guy and a beautiful Asian woman. As soon as the guy started talking, I immediately became weirded out.

    I thought “If this guy isn’t part of a cult, he easily could have be.”

    Little did I realize…..

  150. >>>>>There is a Sunshine Carpet Cleaning in Waterbury.

    Heh heh heh…..

  151. Huh. They’re constantly advertising Shen Yun performances on local teevee here. I had no idea it was a Falun Gong thing.

  152. Now I understand why they were so incredibly adamant about no pictures and no videos.

  153. “Why is my life littered with these fucking people? I don’t care about your shitty fucking pissing contest. Make it stop. I don’t fucking care.”

    I could have made them stop for half the price

  154. Oh, and they just started running some new ads where they have all these white people who were at the performances talking about how beautiful it all was. You coulda been one of those people, wiser.

  155. I have the brochure. No mention of Falun Gong or Falun Dafa whatsoever.

    Not until your inside…..

  156. I saw Shen Yun with my Mom and sister a couple years ago or so. They had a couple of dances that expressed this message of persecution, but they didn’t wave signage around or get too heavy handed. They must be getting more desperate.

  157. *Cuts Chad*

    *Feeds him to the piggies*





  159. In Seattle Falun Gong offers Tai Chi classes every morning at Greenlake park. The people always have this glazed where is my cyanide laced koolaid expression on the faces.

  160. Well, I don’t know WTF FULON DONG is and frankly, I don’t want to.

  161. That’s because you don’t crossfit.

  162. Does Falun Gong involve the search for a Chinese girl with green eyes whose sacrifice is necessary for an ancient ritual?

  163. Falun Gong always reminded me of thos Buddhist monks who doused themselves in gasoline and lit a match during Vietnam. Weird sons of bitches.

  164. Well, I don’t know WTF FULON DONG is and frankly, I don’t want to.

    I don’t know who’s in charge of the “Mare’s Musings” thingy, but, well, you know what to do.

  165. IB moment

  166. One of my coworkers, who is on welfare and food stamps and every other government program she can possibly qualify for, is going to get a tax refund check of around $7,000. She works two days per week and can hardly be roused to do actual work, while at work. Laziest I have ever had to work with, and that is saying quite a lot.

  167. 7,000, 7,000, 7,000!!!!!!!!!

    How is this f’ing possible???

  168. That makes me fricken sick.

  169. F this administration. Or any administration who supports this.

  170. I know. I always thought it was like, 1 or 2K that they got. Nope. And it’s not like she has a lot of kids. Just one baby.

  171. EITC is teh debbil.

  172. I recently ranted at Crazy Cat Lady about the welfare class. I can’t fucking stand them. I have a filthy, horrible fucking job, but I earn good money. Every fucking dime coomes from my own blood, sweat, and tears. These fucking assholes who live off my taxes need to die. Fuck them and fuck their $7,000 payday. Let. Them. Burn.

  173. I bet she gets WIC and SNAP, too

  174. We had a $99.98 arrangement. Dan told me to look at it. Said “Happy Valentine’s Day”. We’ve been binge watching movies/shows all day. Episode 3 of Daredevil.

  175. Is Ann Coulter all in for Trump. I can’t tell if she’s being sarcastic or “smarter than thou.” She’s been wrong so many times, I just don’t know.

  176. I feel a little guilty about getting down on someone who really has nothing compared to us, and no prospects in life, even if she is bleeding us all.

  177. We need to build a giant electric fence around South Dakota. Razor wire and land mines. All of the welfare class can go there and build some shitty Lord of the Flies civilization. Fuck them. “I’m a gonna get a free phone!”. It ain’t free you stupid fucking twats. Somebody pays for it. Greedy fucking nitwits.

  178. Happy thought for tonight: Per Drudge, Kanye West is $53 million in debt.

  179. I read Lauraw’s comment to my husband and daughter (the $7000 deal) and some shit hit several fans. These are both VERY hardworking people. I can’t necessarily say that about myself. But I’m outraged nonthesss.

  180. What the hell is going on with autocorrext?

  181. Ann Coulter is crazy now.

    She loves Trump.

  182. Happy thought for tonight: Per Drudge, Kanye West is $53 million in debt.

    Apparently he hired MC Hammer’s accountants.

  183. Why should South Dakota suffer?

  184. I’m starting to think Darwin should deal with people more seriously. F miss $7000. Lauraw. Some people will contribute to our future and others never will.

    I don’t know if it matters but Obamacare could easily have killed me with it’s inaffordability, deductible, and zero paying for shit that’s important.

  185. This is all they know. People I work with are 2nd and 3rd Gen welfare families. Even longer. They love Bernie.

  186. The hard working, responsible, do it the right way people always get shafted. Work hard, save your money, and they do the “Quantitative Easing” thing which devalues the currency. All those hard earned dollars you paid tax on and saved……eaten alive by inflation. Social security? it’s going to be means tested. Saved your money so you have retirement income? You don’t need social security……

  187. I admit I’ve become a hardened asshole to poor people SLASH selfish decision makers . Don’t give a shit anymore. Should I do all I can to fly everyone from hard hit Dafour shipped to my neighborhood? Or lose sleep over dummies who want to screw lots of men to make themselves feel better,?

  188. You can’t blame them.
    They are just taking what is offered.

  189. Hide your money so you appear to have no means.

    *fills crawlspace with top-shelf tequila*

  190. Scott, I’m not that generous.

  191. Some people work the system. F them.

  192. I get it, but they aren’t the problem. The problem is the politicians.

  193. Number one rule of politics……Get reelected. Lie, cheat, steal, promise anything to keep that office. It is the best job they’ll ever have, money, power, people sucking up to them. They’ll do or say anything to hang on to it. Payoff voters with other people’s money and kick any problems down the road.

  194. If you grow up in the hood, and you’re lucky, you might land an entry level position that pays $20,000 – $40.000 per year.

    The government will give you $60.000 worth of stuff for doing nothing.

  195. Scott I don’t know if it was RI or NH but one of those states changed the welfare law so those who are ” able bodied” lose welfare benefits if they don’t actively look for a job or volunteer, I think they dropped welfare roles by 82%. Saved millions/billions.

    In other words you are right, it’s the laws that are controlling behavior, sick. You are correct, politicians are cancer.

    Side note: Texas politicians only meet every Two years.

  196. $1.28 a gallon at Sam’s. People were practically fighting at the pumps yesterday. Feral. It is getting crazy out there. No civility. Rude rules.

  197. If you grow up in the hood, and you’re lucky, you might land an entry level position that pays $20,000 – $40.000 per year.

    The government will give you $60.000 worth of stuff for doing nothing.

    Even worse, a lot of them simply don’t understand that showing up drunk/high for work, late, or skipping work altogether is a recipe for getting fired; that you can’t spend every dollar that you get on frivolities and expect to get ahead, or that you have to suck up and endure a bit of hardship and restraint if you want to make something of yourself.

  198. Mare, pretty sure it was Maine

  199. Maine did that.

  200. Maine had to take in a bunch of Somalis. I expect Minneapolis/Columbus stories out of Bangor soon

  201. Well, shit, you’re both right.

  202. Susana is trying the same thing here. Uphill battle. Took all this time to address Real ID. In the meantime, former Gov FatAss was involved in another hit & run and I saw him on MSNBC earlier this week.

  203. That will never happen in CT,

    The FSA is almost important as the unions.

  204. Rush Limbaugh always used to talk about government trying to control behavior. For example making laws that make it adventageous to own a home as a.oppossed to renting. F the government. Shit…I’m so on a watch list.

  205. I don’t see Susana winning here, either. Too much FSA. Even the Catholic church gave up here. Former Archbishop sold his soul to the D-rats.

  206. No manners anymore. People aren’t taught how to act. 30 years ago, if you cut a rancher’s fence, you would expect to be shot at, it was a big deal. Now people cut a fence and destroy stuff like it’s nothing.

  207. ^^^^^

  208. Rule of Law is history.

  209. MMM @551 am.

  210. We had 3 iPhone 6s stolen. Pulled video. Family affair. Toddlers and infant part of the con. Booze theft was tracked to diaper bags, too. FSA says suck it Waltons. In the meantime we roll it over to the consumer

  211. I suspect this may not work for everyone, but this is how I deal with this kind of shit:

    I let it go. Really.

    It doesn’t do me any good to hold on to anger about things that I can’t do much of anything about, so I take care of my responsibilities, try to make things right when I fuck up, and even pray for the people who anger me sometimes if I’m really having trouble with getting over it. Most nights, I put my head down on the pillow feeling like God and I are okay. This is not to say that things don’t piss me off. I look around and see things going down the toilet, and it doesn’t sit well with me. But if I nurture resentments, it’s not good for me. YMMV.

  212. I deal with people as seldom as possible. I have to be on Facebook and Instagram for the business. Any stupid posts on Facebook, I immediately un-follow them. Any stupid comments on either, I ignore. Penelope has to deal with all the people on e-mail.

  213. I just saw a pumpkin getting tossed by a trebuchet on AFV. Roamy, did you submit a video?

  214. Sean,
    Yes. If you can get your head around the fact that your anger affects no one but you, you’re half way there.
    You can hold it in your heart, nurture it, feed it and encourage it to grow.
    The only one it affects is you.
    The object of your anger knows nothing about it.

    Unless, of course, you go all “Rayain Givins”, and actually kill them.
    Most of us are not gonna do that, and so internalizing the hate is only destructive to us, and not to the object of our hate.

    Okay, I don’t know what I just typed and I’m a little sorry for that, but it did get me to scratch my brain while I tried to self-medicate my pain.

  215. Thanks Sean.

    I still hold on to a lot of anger and resentment. I’m glad for you that you have the means and good grace to get over it and concentrate on your own business.

  216. Probably more Mad Max than Raylan.

  217. I think I may be drinking too much. I’m scaring Dan. I’m scaring myself. The anger is eating me up.

  218. Xbrad, I didn’t. The video of our pumpkin nearly hitting the judges is pretty funny, though.

  219. Welcome to my (red)neck of the woods

    Something about a “fun run”.

  220. If you’re serious about that, oso, you can DM me on facedouche or the twitter.

  221. Sean, I know. Not there yet. I know. Thanks.

  222. Standing invitation. Always happy to help if someone feels like they might need it.

  223. Hot date tonight was hot. I had forgotten what it’s like to go on a date.

  224. Woohoo for the Jew!!!

  225. Thanks. Hot date #2 is scheduled for tomorrow, but he’s a youngster. I have little faith.

  226. Same guy, different night. Twice? This ain’t Atlanta.

  227. When did I become so fucking jaded? I was an optimist at one point.

  228. You started hanging out with us?

  229. -2

  230. Note enough Falun Dafa. That’s your problem.

  231. No girl who is in my little red derp,
    Just ever could replace your love,
    And each girl in my little red derp
    Knows you’re the one I’m thinking of.

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