Hello boys and girls, and welcome to Big Boob Friday.



Your features today are tastefully enhanced on a fitness model, born on March 11th, 1981 in Clearwater, Florida.  She stands 5’6″ tall, 118lbs, 36C-25-34.  Please stop working for Ford long enough to welcome Miss Christine Marie LeMaster!


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  1. Please stop working for Ford

    Look man, I’m trying.

    Also she is an excellent choice and has a lovely wardrobe.

  2. Heh.

  3. Also, accurate depiction, except the cars aren’t that cool.

  4. She’s waaay too big for that tricycle.

  5. I don’t think MJ is going to ask for it back anytime soon, though.

  6. GND might need him to go to the store

  7. Great job, Pups. Didn’t even notice a tricycle.

  8. ww

  9. Hi Car In.

  10. Hi chumpo. How are you this fine morning? Been to bed yet?

  11. So – my new “thing” is I’m making milk kefir. My first batch is done!!! I’m going to use it to make a smoothie later.

    so excited.

    I’ve got water kefir and now milk kefit and Kombucha all brewing.

    My family things I’m very weird.

  12. Im in bed now.
    Its a 22 min commute at 0500. 100+ min the rest f the day. Graveyard Perks.

    Kefir is good. I never thought of making it myself.

  13. I gotta get going with the kambucher. Does yours form booze? I heard that some batches come out with the alcohol cont of light beer.

  14. I suppose there is an alcohol content but it’s very low. If you brew it long enough to be similar to beer (which I doubt) you probably couldn’t drink it. It would be way to vinegary .

    Milk Kefir is really easy to make.

  15. Too bad you’re not closer. I throw away “mothers” all the time. I’ve got them coming out of my ears.

  16. Ah, the mothers. You should give them a home instead f throwing them out.

    Mothers need love.

  17. Mothers need love.

    That’s why I’m here. Your mom, however, has to pay for it.

  18. *rimshot*

  19. You should come meet Possum and bring me a mother.

  20. OK!

  21. I don’t understand a word of this.

  22. Hotspur – you’re in the thick of this kind of stuff in Ann Arbor. You can’t swing a stick w/o hitting someone fermenting Kefir or Kombucha.

  23. Love yer Mother, HotShot!!!


  24. Jesus.

  25. That’s right! Nobody fucks with the Jesus.

  26. Je

  27. So … Merkel met with George Clooney so he could congratulate her on her migrant position and encourage to continue on.

    I just can’t even.

  28. Merkel will be tried for crimes against the German people at some point.

  29. An instant classic, Tushar.

  30. Western Europe is soooooo fucked right now….its over for them they are done. 10 yrs max before outright warfare starts. Between the financial issues and the immigration “crisis” I just dont see how they can not experience conflict.
    They outright VILIFY anyone that criticizes the immigrants the same as our media is trying to do to those “extremists” here in the states that consider the Constitution to be relevant, the Bill of Rights to mean something, and that Federal Govt. should be as limited as possible. Cause everyone knows that’s JUST CRAZY TALK!!
    They have labeled anyone that speaks out against immigration crisis as being a fascist, and when the “fascists” hold demonstrations there are always outnumbered by the “anti-fascists. It is very unfortunate, but a whole lot of people over there are going to die unnecessarily in the future.

  31. An analyst position just opened up in the UK. Should I drop an application?

  32. Leon, what did you think of this week’s Flash ep?

  33. Merkel will be tried for crimes against the German people at some point.

    Twenty bucks says she utters the phrase, “Germans, here I stand!”

  34. “An analyst position just opened up in the UK. Should I drop an application?”

    Magic Eight Ball says……..”Inshallah”

  35. Perhaps I can find a nice Brit girl who looks like Hayley Atwell and spirit her back to the states before the Island collapses into chaos.



  38. *looks outside and notices that it is snowing again.


  39. I had my first batch of kefir today. Mixed it with some protein powder and half a nana for lunch.

    Pretty good and much more filling that a normal protein shake (it’s friday and I’m still nominally Catholic)

  40. Went to IKEA last night and ordered our kitchen cabinets. They will be delivered tomorrow. Guess what I’ll be doing for the next several days.

  41. Want.

  42. Guess what I’ll be doing for the next several days.


  43. I wonder how hard it would be to build a pergola.

  44. Not too difficult.

  45. I love weird Twitter:

    jomny sun @jonnysun

    on earth: a magician puts his hand in his hat

    in the rabbit realm: The Hand emerges. it is time. the rabbit council must chose a sacrifice

  46. Dollar Store – on sale for $15.00

  47. My wife wants a pergola pretty badly. She has attempted to bribe me with fun adult activities.

    Alex, I gave up on Flash, so I haven’t seen it. I might break down and catch up next time I’m watching the baby, but it’s not high on my list.

  48. MCPO enjoyed his tour in England, CoLex. Go ahead and drop an app.

  49. Leon,

    Danielle Panabaker in black leather is very nice. The rest… sucked, IMHO.

    XBrad, I think I will!

  50. Application submitted.

  51. Wowza – she’s smokin’ hawt!

    And not a one of youse even said you’d hit it.

    It’s like I don’t even know You People anymore.

  52. Danielle Panabaker was featured on LH within the last year or so, but sadly, the media library is gone.

  53. Evening.

  54. Evening, Jewstin. It’s been pretty dead here today.

  55. Greetings, mattress sale customers.


  57. Fuxxored

  58. I think I fixxored it for you.

  59. Thanks Sean. I can relax and enjoy my fish sticks now.

  60. Salmon patties.

  61. First time I’ve made them and been happy with them.

  62. Patties?

  63. Patties. Pan-fried salmon loaf.

  64. Smoked salmon is so good, I don’t think I’ll ever try it any other way.

  65. I sliced a roast into steaks and grilled them, turned out pretty good.

    Kinda chilly out there though. I’ll be in KS next week and AZ the week after.


  66. I’m gonna have to work kinda hard to stifle a giggle when some woman drowns at this thing in the near future:

  67. This year’s in Club pergola has 2 built in seats and a “counter” height shelf. The online only pergolas are pretty detailed as well.

  68. Who has a beef jerky roadshow in NM during Lent? Stoopid. I’m going to try the green chile carne seca tomorrow. No MSG.

  69. “Cause the ocean doesn’t see male or female. The wave is the wave. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, if you want to ride that wave and climb that mountain you can do it,”

    The ocean wants a sandwich

  70. If a woman qualifies to surf, let her surf. See also SpecOps, SEAL teams, Fire, Force Recon, etc.

  71. Unlike the rest of your examples, the ocean won’t have its standards lowered for women. Physics is misogynist like that.

    The real reasoning here, though, is that women are more valuable. It’s not excluding them because only men can do it, it’s because it’s less of a tragedy when a man dies doing something stupidly dangerous.

  72. Whatever happened with the first female ranger that went AWOL?

  73. it’s less of a tragedy when a man dies doing something stupidly dangerous.

    It’s not a tragedy at all when an idiot, man or woman, dies doing this crap. It should be a cause for celebration. Good riddance.

  74. It wasn’t a ranger. It was a combat engineer recruit. And most likely she was quietly separated.

  75. Eh, I wouldn’t exactly celebrate. I’d have less sympathy for them than someone who suffered a random accident like a tree branch falling on someone or a boulder flying through a windshield for example.

  76. I’m trying to decide if I want to put on pants and go see these folks tonight.

  77. I like their sound, Colex, but if they’re gonna be all uptight if you show up sans-trou, fuck ’em.

  78. Gilmore dropped out. Does that mean Vermin Supreme moves into 5th?

  79. Whatever happened with the first female ranger that went AWOL?

    1. Tennessee National Guard’s first female Combat Engineer recruit. She turned herself in a couple days ago. And like CoLex says, they’ll get around to doing an Entry Level Separation. Basically, just quietly kick her out with no other punishment.

    2. She’s not the first female Combat Engineer. That’s a Specialist in the US Army Reserve, in Pennsylvania, IIRC, who is quietly serving and not making any waves.

  80. Good for the reservist in Pennsylvania.

  81. Busy week, played in the lab for four days straight.

  82. Is there any episode of Hogan’s Heroes where it’s not winter?

  83. Playing in the lab is the good part of your job!

  84. AoS has this news item:
    Here’s how a KC-135 Stratotanker aircrew saved an F-16 Falcon pilot from ejecting over ISIL territory. I shudder to think of what would’ve happened if he had to bail out.

    The link is fukksized, but it got me thinking: just like a stratotanker can supply a fighter plane with fuel, why can’t they use the same technique to bail out the pilot by snagging the ejection seat, pilot and all.

    Anyway, ignore me. I am fuelled by Glenmorangie at the moment.

  85. Did anybody realize that the star-studded celebrity benefit anybody else had been soliciting funds for was actually a money laundering scheme today?

  86. Tush, I don’t math. I’ll ask my CiL who spent 20 yrs in the AF doing that whole dealio.

  87. Best part was both times the boss, the one who banned me from the lab in December, walked into the lab, and I just kept working.

  88. My favorite Marine knew 2 of the 12 that perished in HI in the training exercise. He is Baltimore recruiting right now. They are all in favor of Selective Service for women, or SS for none. I think it is put up or shut up, libtard theater.

  89. Peaky Blinders is my latest binge watch. The music is my weakness.

  90. What kind of faggy name is ‘peaky blinders’?

  91. BBC

  92. I work with a guy, we’ll call him “Manuel”. He has 3 sons. Likes to party with single guys. Get drunk. Fight. Wife kicks him out. FF. Wife realizes she’s preggo. Manuel moves back. Guess who took vacay at work this week, didn’t tell wife, and skipped this week?

  93. I’m not mentally prepared to own comments

  94. Peaky Blinders is post WWI English slang. A bit of Commie. A wee bit IRA

  95. I know there are peeps that want to re-create 20s flappers. I’m just hoping to avoid WWI as WWIII

  96. I’m surrounded by beardos, lesbians, the occasional tranny, and whatever the hell THAT is. And the band is only ok.

    All I need is a crossfitting waitress and a muppet-fancier.

  97. Flappers suck. Let’s bring back revolutionary war fashions. #occupytricornes.

  98. CoAl don’t start with me! LOL Mega RL BATTLE

  99. Embrace the corset and bonnet, Oso.

  100. What do you Inland Emperors have against bog wave riders?

    Dont knock. Those guys train a lifetime.

  101. Corset=Spanx

  102. Wait a minute, aren’t you a beardo, Colex?

  103. I can’t bonnet, hat, blah blah

  104. >>All I need is a crossfitting waitress and a muppet-fancier.

    Cyn and MJ?

  105. Sean, no. I keep my beard trimmed and short. Plus, I’ve been clean shaven the month.

  106. I didn’t think most bogs had very sizable waves. Huh.

    But I’m not knocking the big wave riders. I’m knocking the Coastal Commission jagoffs who have a GRRRRL POWER!!1! bee in their bonnet that’s likely to get some women killed.

  107. Hats and gloves for all social occasions!

  108. Ah, well I guess that makes me a beardo. No trimming in over 100 days.

    *goes and listens to music that only MJ would like*

  109. My point is if a lerson dies doing what they love to do it is tragic for thier families but it cant be said that they threw thier lives away, because that’snot true.
    They lived on the edge.

    We all could use more of that spirt, not less.

  110. Well, the next step after getting a couple women surfers killed is to ban the Big Wave because it’s unsafe.

  111. Go away big waves. You’re all wet.

  112. Actually, they’ll probably wait until a couple of trans people get killed before banning it. And maybe a guy in a wheelchair. Oh, and a chick in a burqa. You know, for equality’s sake.

  113. Now we’re all paddleing at Maverick’s.
    Great White Party

    -puq the Jaws song

  114. First episode of Peaky Blinders starts with an old Nick Cave tune. Excellent choice, I will definitely keep watching.

  115. Does anyone here collect vinyl records? What’s a good starter set, equipment wise?

  116. An MP3 player and a calendar that tells you what year it is?

  117. A solod 200w amp

    You can find used Techniques turntables for $100.00 or less.
    Four speakers

  118. Sorry for all the tylos.

    My hands are all greasy.
    Not a good greasy.

    A bad greasy.

  119. Thanks, Chumpo!

  120. Wash your hands, you filthy beast!

  121. Find an amp on ebay.
    W gauranteed returns.

  122. Xbrad once paid $15 for a Bad Greasy.
    He still owes the Earl of Lichtenstein $11.50.

  123. Buying soeakers used sux.

    Ones that are Studio Monitors are more compact and more durable

  124. Here’s a so so article about the dangers of Bog Wave Riding.

  125. So, when all of our Moron friends quit Twittard do you think it will be once again fun around here on a Friday night?

    Hope hope.

  126. I never said anything but those fuckin’ nerds killed my account.

    No reason. No email.
    Just wipped it out.

  127. Really?

  128. Yep.

  129. I only followed Rons and Capt Kirk and Spock.

    The only pictures I would post were the works that I have posted hear.

    The nuked me in sept.

  130. Comment by osoloco11 on February 13, 2016 12:20 am


    So you’re a Spanx h8er. spandexphobe!

  131. Hear ye, hear ye…

    So dumb

  132. The seasons shining in your hair
    And it was more than I could bear
    But I can see you in my derp
    And you are only beautiful

  133. Thank you for all the derps, Sean Em

    They are great

  134. My point is if a lerson dies doing what they love to do

    Screaming in terror?

  135. I dont know

  136. Flappers suck. Let’s bring back revolutionary war fashions.

    Seconded. Brotherhood of the Wolf sold me pretty hard on the practicality of the tricorn hat. It also sold me on French woman with strawberry blonde hair wearing them, but that was an easy sale.


    This is expressed incorrectly. The proper math is this:

    Corset >>> Spanx

  137. Spanx is a funny word.

    *adds spanx to list along with shart, Ambejejus, codswallop, twatwaffle….

  138. …boner, pirate, shoe, rats…

  139. Headed out to feed horses, then I’m headed to St Anne’s Cathedral to be there for my RCIA sponsee’s Rite of Election.

    The bishop will be there. I wonder if he only will move diagonally like last time.



    This was on Drudge last night, there’s a few more details here. File this under the wages of crime.

  142. >>All I need is a crossfitting waitress and a muppet-fancier.

    Well I never …


  143. St Anne’s is beautiful and has stained glass of the saint for whom I’m named IRL (not Leon).

  144. Love that, Tushar.

  145. Jimbro, people are dumb. Forthcoming. Heh

  146. I love this video:

    It was on reddit and people are pissed they’re showing a bias for Hillary!.Where were you last time when Ifill was slobbering all over Obama? Oh, nevermind.

  147. Ifill and whatsherface are trying to save themselves from hell, of course. Madeleine Notsobright told them so.

  148. ?


  150. I’ve got a leaky flapper. Trip #1 to the local hardware store was wasted when I bought the only flapper they had which was a 2 inch. Thankfully Paula is in town and I texted her that we need a 3 inch flapper. Glad I saved my receipt for the 2 inch flapper and kept it in the package. Where’s Scottw when I need him?

  151. *adds flapper to list of funny words right next to the fapper entry

  152. Every once in a while I get asked to fill out a form for kids with cerebral palsy applying for their driver’s license. It comes up maybe once or twice a year and with the amount of time between filling the forms out I forget the classification system. Since it’s a big deal for the kid and a government form I need the guidelines. They are online now but the DMV used to publish them in booklet form.

    Functional Ability Profile.

    Words I have used before: “Have you seen the FAP Book?”

  153. Kohler, American Standard, or Toto?

  154. Pfister.

  155. My FAP book is about a foot and a half thick.

  156. Garbage disposal is leaking. Damn it.

  157. If it’s a Kohler there are two varieties.

  158. 3, I forgot one.

  159. I hate cats. I keep picking Cat hair out of my chew can. How does Cat hair get in there?

  160. Wind chill is below zero and I got chicken to cook.

  161. I suspect that while I’m sleeping, they fish the can out of my pocket, open it up, and scratch vigorously. Then they put it back and plead innocence. Cats are like that.

  162. I remembered the building but misremembered the name. I was at Blessed Sacrament, not St Anne’s.

  163. My question is how do you “know” its cat hair?

  164. Kohler 1.6 gallons per flush.

    The “3 inch universal” that Paula brought home was really a 2 inch.


  165. Lunch: pizza-flavored pork burgers. Gonna be goood.

  166. Bring your old one.

  167. It’s not 27 inches long so it probably isn’t Crazy Cat Lady, and it isn’t steel wool so it probably isn’t me. Maybe the drunk housekeeping crew?

  168. We tried shutting the water off and the valve is stuck. I didn’t want to make a leaky flapper an emergency plumbing event. We propped the float up with a can of shaving cream but I don’t dare take it off entirely. I looked at home depot and got the one closest in appearance to ours:

    Model # GP1078441
    Internet # 202524221
    Store SKU # 508771
    3-1/4 in. Flapper Class 5 for 2-Piece Toilets

    5 stars with 29 reviews….that’s a good flapper

  169. The cold front is here!

    20-30 below zero windchill by midnight.

  170. It’s 82 here right now.

  171. People are going to die.

  172. It’s really messing up my cooking time too.

  173. I really ought to get the wood stove going. We’re at 13 and heading to minus 3 overnight.

  174. Balmy 50 degrees and a mild breeze. Shorts weather.

  175. 16 F
    Feels like ……… A polar bear’s butthole.

  176. 15 here. Not too bad. Needed gloves.

  177. Shitter’s fixxored

  178. I always glove up before going near a polar bear’s butthole

  179. How does Tushar know what that feels like?

  180. Good question.

    Maybe we need to ask him just what he did for that Klondike Bar.

  181. Leon, I would rather not talk about it.


  183. Who wants to see “The Revenant” remade with Tushar and a polar bear?

    I’d pay full price on opening night.

  184. Leon, in Revenant involved the grizzly and Leonardo’s butthole. I am talking about the Polar bear’s butthole. Not exactly parallel stories.

  185. No, your version clearly required your active participation.

    Which makes it much, much worse. You sick fiend.

  186. Don’t judge, Leon…

  187. I judge and discriminate. I’m awful like that.

    Time to go to my marriage enrichment potluck.

  188. Just hear a rumor that Justice Scalia has passed.

  189. Horrible news, XBrad.

  190. Oh my God. I hope this is just a rumor. That old bastard needs to rain down righteous justice for a few more decades.

  191. Insty says Senate republicans should not allow a confirmation hearing until after presidential elections.

    I have full faith in senate GOP to do the right thing.


  192. Nope, he’s dead.

  193. Shit.

  194. Maybe he’s only mostly dead……..

  195. Insty argues, and I agree, the Senate needs to push any confirmation until after the election.

  196. Fat chance of that.

    Barry will leave his stain.

  197. Great. We have a wise latina. Maybe this time we will get a brightly colored faggot. The court must be diverse!

  198. Can we prop him up in his chair with a pair of sunglasses until the next election?

  199. Bernie can nominate Obama.

  200. If they want a brightly colored fag, the most eligible person out there is our own Gabe. He will satisfy their stupid superficial requirements, and still be a solid constitutionalist.

  201. I wonder if the left will start pressuring RBG to retire as well. That would give Obama two replacement nominations and ensure that the court is skewed left for the next twenty years.

  202. Brad meets Alex.

  203. 1) I’m a firm believer that all officers should learn to fight with heavy saber.

    2) Don’t get me started on my rant about how the army doesn’t have light infantry.

    3) There is no 3.

  204. Due to the snowstorm, the senate wont be able to confirm anyone this year.


  206. If RBG had died, and someone noticed, the JEF would have replaced a leftist with like.
    The count would have stayed the same.
    Scalia was a strict constitutionalist.
    Those fuckin’ RINOS in the senate better stall his replacement until the JEF is gone…

  207. I have a feeling that RBG is hanging on because she despises obama and does not want him to appoint a replacement for her

  208. I noticed that the MSM was shouting “Natural Causes” before the body was even cold.

  209. RBG was ready to retire before the last election. She’s barely hanging on now. If the country has any hope, they won’t let Obama appoint a new justice. I won’t be holding my breath counting on the gutless wonders in Washington. Conservative justices develop opinions based on law and reason and the constitution, liberal justices always vote based on political beliefs.

  210. The last line in the Fox/AP story is:

    “Scalia’s impact on the court was muted by his seeming disregard for moderating his views to help build consensus. ”

    Yeah, ’cause what the law says/means is all about “consensus”, you stupid fucks…

  211. Sean, have you ever heard of this?

  212. There seems to be a Gnu Pooot

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