Let’s all think warm thoughts

So, Super Bowl is over and the rest of the winter lies ahead. It’s been a comparatively mild season so far but I’m not letting my guard down yet. I’m not into fake tanning and hate to fly so a tropical vacation isn’t happening. To stay warm I stoke the wood stove, wear a thick hoodie, drink hot tea and eat hot food. This year I’ll try to plant some hot peppers. My timing was off last year and we were back and forth to camp before I potted them. And they died…sad face. Now for some things that make me think of warmer weather.






I haven’t been to Ambajejus Lake yet, it’s just a place that makes me laugh when I say it.


One more day till the boobs. Hallelujah.


  1. Nice poat Jimbro.

  2. Thanks Pups.

    After 2 full days in the office this week I realized that everyone, not just me, was sick of winter and showing signs of stress. Some subtly, others in a more overt manner.

  3. One of the guys I work with on occasion and who is employed by the hospital gave me a text that he got canned yesterday. We collaborate on at least a few cases every year and this really sucks for our patients. Given his background and experience I can work with him and follow up the kids for subsequent growth. Without him here to help me with the index case the kids will need to travel to Boston which is anywhere up to a 4 to 8 hour trip for the families.

    (I’m being purposely vague about his specialty, it’s a small world around here)

    He was an outspoken critic of the administration and how things worked. His mistake was being vocal but not working on any committees designed to deal with the problems. Little bit of a temper in the OR which I’ve seen in other surgeons who want things to run perfectly for their patients but lose perspective on human nature. Over the years I’ve seen people sent to anger management counseling, forced to take time off and outright fired.

    Brilliant guy, funny, passionate about his job, willing to work in a relatively small town….just plain sucks he’s gone.

  4. That does suck, Jimbro. Any chance of him finding a way to continue practicing without leaving the area?

  5. Excellent poat, Jimbro. Sorry about your cow-orker. Will they try to hire someone to replace him?

  6. Not likely. It’s a sub-sub specialty that needs Big Hospital to support. The other one in town doesn’t have the referral network to support it. If he chooses to work there he’ll be doing a different type of practice. It’s easy to lose track of time and I realized he’s been here for over 10 years. I’ll catch up with him in a couple of days when he’s had some time to think about it more to get his plan.My guess is that our place will recruit a replacement for him but that may take a while.

  7. Yes to Pepe’s question

  8. ww

  9. Our Pediatric Neurologist is retiring at age 70 this spring when his wife has a total knee done. He’s had Parkinson’s for over a decade and it’s getting harder for him to run his practice. He recruited a partner but she left 5 years ago because her parents needed her around as they aged. They’ve been recruiting for a long time for his spot with no luck. Portland has 2 pedi neurologists because people want to live there.

    So aside from all the qualifications they need to find someone who wants to live here. I can’t tell you the number of specialists I’ve seen come and go over the years who are recruited with a big salary, practice for a couple of years and find greener grass elsewhere. Some leave with their colleagues’ collective sadness and others get the “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out” reaction.

  10. Did you set your daughter straight Carin?

  11. Well, no Jimbro. This is what they call a long-term project.

  12. For some reason, my daughter actually wants to be a pediatric neurologist.

  13. She’ll always have job offers

  14. I just really, REALLY want her to take college seriously. I want her to understand what sort of obligations she’s putting herself under.

    Yesterday at work I was discussing it with some co-workers – and they argued that going to a school with awesome parties was part of the experience (one mentioned that the parties at Wayne State were different – people dressed up ,etc – i’m guess they’re simply more cosmopolitan – you have a bunch of arty/urban types ).

    ANYWAY – they argued that gross frat parties were their best memory- defined their college experience.

    And I pointed out that they both now worked in a restaurant.

  15. I hope I wasn’t mean.

  16. And I never found college parties very fun. Too many people. I always preferred going out dancing.

  17. I commuted to my undergrad college which was about 20 minutes away. In my first couple of years I went to parties there and because of the driving kept my drinking under control by 1980’s standards. After my local friends flunked out of there colleges and returned home to work/go to community college I ended up spending more time with them on the weekends. The college party scene got tiresome after a while when you realized the 18 year olds were immature compared to your worldliness at age 21.

  18. their colleges

  19. She’s not even into parties. I think it’s all just the mystic. Most weekends my kids just have one or two friends over. In the summer they have bonfires, etc and it’s more of a party atmosphere but it’s always just their close friends.

    She’s never gone to any of those high school “parties” that people have. When she goes with her brothers to college for a night, they just hang with friends.

  20. What exactly are people in their 20s doing these days? Third person this week told me the biggest problem facing their business is their aging workforce.

    Do they stay in school or just don’t want typical careers?

  21. I hope I wasn’t mean.
    Hahahahahahaha. That’s funny as hell. I read a few of the comments last night and was a little surprised at the harshness of it all.

  22. I think the “what are young people doing” is a myriad of factors.

    1) they got degrees that are worthless
    2) they partied and didn’t graduate
    3) they can’t stop waitressing because they’ve got student loans and their “career path” doesn’t pay enough
    4) They don’t want to give up the flexibility that a non-career job offers. They can take time off basically whenever they want, and keep their “sleep till noon” pattern going.
    5) they’re special snowflakes who believe that a real job has to “actualize” who they are

  23. Related to what MJ asked:


    Skip down below the conference address to read:

    “… the DOD has noted that approximately 30% of its civilian workforce – and 90% of senior leadership – is now eligible to retire.

    – How will this looming skills gap impact mission readiness?
    – What can be done to retain mission-critical support personnel?
    – Does diversity impact workforce recruitment and retention?”

  24. It doesn’t help that employers seem to be asking for an increasingly large number of required skills with no associated increase in pay. Essentially entry-level positions are going away and employers want people to have three to five years of experience before they’ll even be considered.

  25. I have three to five years experience with your mom.

    Hire me.

  26. Co Alex’s mom is probably going to need more of a team approach than an individual contributor.

  27. Never mind that the woman elevated to Christ Redeemer status by Steinem and Albright has a stained and tattered rap sheet five miles long. What genuine principles does Hillary have left, after a public career so light on concrete achievement and so heavy with lies and greed? Yes, she’s been handed job after job, but primarily due to her very unfeminist association with a man. As a senator, she initiated nothing of substance, and as Secretary of State, she stumbled into one disastrous fiasco after another, escalating the destabilization of North Africa and the Mideast.

    Camille hits it out of the park.


  28. Your morning health tip: Want to lower your blood pressure, increase your sense of well being, improve your community/family status, once again be able to have and maintain powerful erections (men) or refire your interest in sex again (women), get rid of halitosis and the heartbreak of psoriasis, plus lose that pesky belly fat? How you say? Easy. Throat punch a hipster today, or several? (Disclaimer: It is equally effective to throat punch hippies or Democrats, so there’s that too.)

  29. Partying at school/ getting a useless degree – these things work out for some people. These people are what we call ‘already born pretty much wealthy and/or connected.’ The hardest thing they might ever accomplish in life, is failing. That’s almost impossible for them. They’ve been plugged into a life track since birth.

    But children of modest means cannot indulge too much in those things and still be successful anyway. They need to earn, right away, if they want to have a good life and enjoy material success and independence.

    And as a parent of modest means you just can’t actually afford to have a kid piss away a year or more of your family’s income, on frivolity or unmarketable time-wasters. That amounts to stealing enormous resources from the family’s overall well-being and security, in exchange for nothing. It’s fun to think that partying (which is a luxurious indulgence) at age 19 is somehow vitally important to our development, but that’s not actually true.

  30. Speaking of which, I have homework to do.

    *flounces off to get schoolbooks*

  31. This looks like fun.

  32. Show us a video of what flouncing looks like.

  33. Flouncing. The video:

  34. In light of the NH primary results I just ordered a shirt from my preferred 2016 candidate:

  35. Well, SMOD killed the thread.

  36. Ja Vol

  37. Must have had a Big Slushie before hand


  38. Well ain’t this a big steaming pile of codswallop

  39. http://is.gd/1hLOIC

  40. That lad’s parents are a bit indulgent, I’d guess.

  41. A poem by Tyrone Jefferson Washington the 3rd

    Sneak in window
    Dead of Night

    Kill my lanlord, kill my lanlord…

    See his Dog
    Do he Bite?

    Kill My lanlord, Kill my Lanlord

    Steal his TV.
    Out of Sight

    Kill my lanlord, Kill my lanlord..

    Shamelessly stolen from SNL when it was funneh

  42. That lad’s parents are a bit indulgent, I’d guess.

    Future Communications Major

  43. C I L L cill my lanlord

  44. http://is.gd/3aQntZ

  45. Wut the hell is going on with Ted Nugent?

  46. Anti-semites gotta anti-semite? There is a lot of H8 out there.

  47. That dog fence reminds me of when we brought Rowan home. I bought a toddler play pen with 3 foot plastic walls and we put him in there with some newspaper for pee. Wen we walked in the other room we heard a lot of puppy barks and then a thump. He was soon up and walking in the living room asking where the fack we went. I folded up the toddler pen and brought it to the Goodwill a day later.

  48. I took one look at the Ted Nugent thing with the lawmakers with a superimposed Israeli flags and just mentally shut him out.

  49. Jimbro, we were the same way with Gingy and the baby gate. She was a climber. More dangerous with the gate, than without.

  50. Evening.

  51. Howdy Jew. Binge watching Peaky Blinders

  52. Crazy Cat Lady wants to buy the house we’re renting, and convert it into a couple of rental units.I crunched some numbers and it would be easily doable between the two of us.

  53. 90.3°F


  54. Cyn, Dan checked TiTs 2 weather. I may have to shave above the capri line. I’ll still win the whitest legs in H2 history.

  55. Bottle tan, bay-bee.

  56. So, here’s who is coming:

    Dave in Texas
    Mr. Chumpo
    Sean M

    Out: Tushar, Paulitics, PJM, Rosetta, and Mare

    Who am I missing??

  57. MJ?

  58. Phat??

  59. Car in

  60. Nope – bailed.

  61. California people are going to win.

  62. WooHoo!!!! Cali FTW

  63. An email just went out for a final headcount. TYIA.

  64. You should hire a Mare.

  65. It’s going to be Minnesota cold for the next few days.

    I don’t like it.

  66. Why did I think Jay was coming?

  67. Mrs. Pupster is coming too.

    I can’t believe Mare pussed out.


  68. Answered the email.

  69. DROID

  70. http://is.gd/aRdfBb

  71. There’s going to be some collateral damage at The Palms

  72. Just saw a C-17A on approach to Palm Springs.

    I forgot, Obama is coming to play golf this weekend.

  73. http://tinyurl.com/gpzau7b

  74. With you? Put him some knowledge.

    I know he’s a light weight. One guiness and one Jameson Lampshade to Head

  75. Mmmmmmmmmm. That sounds damn good right now.

  76. Golf Cart 1 has landed.

  77. 10.7 months to go.

    Cant. Wait.

  78. Hillary is going to be SO much better.

  79. She doesnt have her health.

    She will soon crack open releasing spores

  80. Smores.

  81. MJ?

  82. Well thats a relief.

    At The Tempe Palms, Was there an ara at the poolsmwhere we csn mix drinks?

  83. Might you be making it to TITS2?

  84. No mixy at the pool area as there’s a bar out there… mixy in the room and bring you beverage out.

  85. Mmmmmm smores.

  86. If I get up early enough tomorrow, I can listen to ATC when Obama flies in.

  87. Or I can just sleep in.

  88. wtf time do you get up x?
    the bamster doesn’t breathe before 10 eastern
    by the time mooche kicks him in the poon and disengages Reggies’ love from his annular ring they won’t be wheels up much before 11:30

    So –
    by the time he huffs enough O2 to clear his genius level 72 IQ of the previous nights’ work, i’m guessing they will have fucked up ATC all across north america by 4 to 6 hours

    you should live blog his arrival – a la mystery science theater

  89. Je

  90. Here she comes walking down the street
    She’s got something you would love to meet
    It’s her derp and her derp is black
    Think of ice cream sliding into a crack

  91. Cyn,

    I’m out.

    Flying a trip to London.

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