Hangar Wire

David Mach

B. 1956 Methil, U.K.

Region capture 12  Region capture 13

These sculptures are made with wire hangers.  I’ve seen The Gorilla.  I’d like to see them all.

Region capture 14   Region capture 15

Mach is a professor at The Royal Academy of The Arts.

Region capture 20

Region capture 19

Have fun.


  1. Bizarre but recognizably art. It does not insult me.

  2. cool –
    does he do pr0n?
    we should commission him for a monday morning tranny or friday veiny milker

  3. Had to reboot the router. Might be a euphemism.

    I’d like to see a video of how this art is accomplished. It looks like magic.

  4. you can zoom in on a few here:

  5. Does anyone here donate to AoS annually?

  6. At first I thought he had just sculpted the astronaut and then driven nails into it.

    Sort of like Alan Shepherd meets Hellraiser on Planet X.

  7. ww

  8. Hmm, bend and stack the hangers? interesting.

  9. plus, where do you buy wire hangers? They are all plastic now

  10. MJ, no

  11. Re Ace’s – I haven’t commented there in years and years. I’d stopped way before this joint started up.

  12. I comment once in a while, but I still read it.

  13. Chumpo really nailed this one.

  14. Reminds me of movies “Pinhead.”

  15. I fail to see the point of these posts.

  16. I donate to Ace. I read him every day, and really enjoy him and some of the other cobblers (looking at you Laura). I don’t comment anymore, and I don’t read the comments.

  17. Same here, HS.

  18. Prickly.

  19. Ive given $ to Ace. Not every year. More like every other year.

  20. Cant read the comments because of the volume.

  21. Me too, chumpo. I give once in a while, not a schedule.

    I just gave this drive, too. I should be better about it, but there you have it.

  22. Cool stuff, Chumpo!

    In other news, the Stomach Flu has hit the TiFW household – spent most of last night/early morning talking to the porcelain throne….

    Feeling marginally better now – poor Rebecca has been dealing with this since Saturday afternoon.

  23. I read Ace, and all the cobs. I don’t even bother looking at the comments. I toss Ace a sawbuck every year or so.

  24. I do the same with your mom.

  25. I read ace infrequently. Got tired of the craziness in the comments so haven’t read them in quite a while. I haven’t donated in a couple of years. I upped donations to Operation Underground Railroad and a few groups trying to get Christians out of the Middle East

  26. I still read everyday but don’t bother with the comments anymore. The ONT is still a good daily morning-starter.

  27. Brad — we just made reservations for PS from July 1-4 and Palm Desert from Sept. 29 – Oct. 6. Consider this a warning. Still no word on whether escrow has closed on the bar.

  28. **makes plans to evacuate town**

  29. For Oso and the other insect lovers


  30. Just got my green onion seeds in the mail. Just noticed they are shipped from Mansfield, MO, home of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

    They also gave me a free packet of melon seeds. I’m not going to use them. If anyone wants them, I’ll send them to you.


  31. Found this http://tinyurl.com/znmdgxp in the grocery store yesterday. Excellent.

  32. Oh that is good. Stir it into fresh vegetable soup.

  33. That reminds me – I gotta order those toms seeds. So much to do.

  34. Finally got back to the gym last night. I’m feeling it this morning, and will probably regret my life choices tomorrow morning.

  35. Heh, nothing like sore muscles to remind you of the gym.

  36. We’ll be running halls tonight, so you can laugh at me later.

  37. Pepe, AUGH!!!!!’

  38. Comment by Jay in Ames on February 9, 2016 3:33 pm

    We’ll be running halls tonight, so you can laugh at me later.

    Running halls?

  39. Running in the hall, at workout.

  40. Ah, oh.

  41. McRib lady is awesome.

  42. Mmmmmm
    Your mom loves pressed pork product.

  43. Funny how pork always comes up when we mention your mom.

  44. McRib lady?

  45. Can you PBC a McRib?

  46. Mmmm

    That’s a disgustingly good sandwhich. Are they back? I havnt seen any commercials.


  47. Back for a limited time!

  48. I googled and got this


  49. Cam Newton going after that fumble

  50. Mc’Scuse Me!!’


    Smoking extra long cigs:

    Weird wig:

    Wants to thoat punch Carla in the cooter:

    Name checking the Dorsette Mc Donalds like we know exactly where that is:

    We have a winner!!!

  51. I don’t understand why anybody would like pickles, especially on a delicious pressed pork bbq sandwich.

  52. Where’d everybody go?


  53. Evening.

  54. Yew don’t look lack yew needs a extra McRib.

  55. Pickles are only worth eating if that’s the only vegetable you have left after months of winter.

  56. I like my bread and butter pickles on the plate, not the sandwich. On the sandwich gets the bread soggy.

  57. Never had a McRib, probably never will.

    And these are just a sin against God and man:


  58. I have many styles of pickles in the fridge. Trader Joes are really good.

    Pickles and other fermented vegetables are surprisingly good for you.
    And delicious.

  59. I’m aware of the fermented veggie thing. I’ll stick to sauerkraut.

  60. Hillary Clinton is pickled and a fermented vegetable.

    However, she is not good for you.

  61. I like pickles.

  62. I quite like pickles. Dill pickles. Not those horrible sweet ones.

  63. I like spicy pickles.

  64. I worked out lots today.

  65. Excellent, Chumpo!!

  66. Burgers at the clubhouse grill come with a nice sliced dill pickle strip on the side.

  67. Vlasic makes Zesty bread and butter pickles that are really good.

  68. I’d vote for a spicy pickle. Sweet ones aren’t bad, but nothing beats a dill.

    My prediction for the Dem primary:

    1. Kosher Dill
    2. Bread and Butter Pickle

  69. This guy or just his program was required for the hospital staff a few years ago:


    Thankfully it wasn’t required for me.

  70. My folks tried making dill pickles once.


  71. The Vlasics were at my wedding. They were best friends with my grandparents.

  72. They lived across the street from ’em. I have a fancy clock that was a wedding gift.

  73. It’s official, New Hampshire voters are mental.

  74. I’m avoiding the news. What’s going on? I’m hanging here – and listening to Metallica.

  75. Did a lot of work for Mike Vlasic. He’s a tool.

  76. Thanks, Mare.

  77. “My folks tried making dill pickles once.”

    Old pickle juice makes new pickles in about a week.

  78. Trump and Bernie are going to win Car in.

  79. Kasich could take 2nd.

    Lots of stupid in New Hampshire.

  80. On the plus side


  81. I like pickles on cold roast pork and chicken.

  82. Never liked ’em. Smell puts me off.

  83. Smell? There’s a lot of different kinds of pickles.

    And, HOLY SHIT. I thought that was a fake huffpo headline, but no. That’s their real front page.

  84. Those little gherkins are good. Cornichons are good as well.

    The only ones I dont care for are those giant ones.
    Gimme a break.

    Too buku.
    /things Hotspur’s mom has never said

  85. I knew immediately that the Huffpo page was real.

    I’m hearing the lamentations of their women. Trump is giving me that. I’d still rather have Cruz, but damned if this isn’t entertaining.

  86. Exactly, Leon. I don’t think Trump is a conservative, but he pisses off all the right people, and it is exquisite.

    That said, Cruz coming in third is good, IMHO. It’s New Hampshire. I told my boss today that if Cruz and Trump were in the top three, the GOP Establishment would start to panic.

  87. My mom likes canning. Even now, as ill as she is, she still cans. Bread & Butter Jalapenos are everyones favs.

  88. Bread & Butter Jalapenos


  89. Blame Sean. It’s his fault. I bet B&B Jalapenos would be great sliced on a smoked pork sandwich.

  90. So how many hard objects has Hillary thrown?

  91. Did anybody inform anybody else that their foundation only fulfilled the wishes of terminally ill children and that, in any case, their bylaws prohibited them from granting anything so perverted and potentially illegal today?

  92. True Story: When my mom was in a coma for 2 months, and in the VA for 10 1/2 months, family members ran out of their Bread & Butter Jalapenos. Massive crisis. They are great on sammies or as a side.

  93. Bread & Butter Jalapenos


  94. Boing

  95. The sliced dills they put on burgers have always made me ill. i never understood why delis think a big green turd on the plate dresses up a sandwich. I like pickled beets and peppers, eggs are good too.

  96. Blame Sean. It’s his fault.

    Oh, fan-fucking-tastic.

  97. Oso doesn’t know how to cook or make food, Leon. And she never asks her mother for recipes. We’re screwed.

  98. Pickle Solutions Blog™

  99. Dammit, you’re right. Eff it, can’t be that hard.

    *makes dill peppers by mistake*

  100. Fine!!! I’ll call my mom. (Slams door on H2)

  101. In other news, guess I’m growing jalapenos in the garden this year.

  102. (Slams door again)

  103. Pickled beets?!!

    I like beets. Are the beets at salad bars pickled? Very interesting.

  104. I need to do more hungarian wax peppers this year, probably poblanos again too. Those grew REALLY well in one of my little hugel mounds.

  105. you can pickle just about anything and have it come out good –

  106. i spent most of my early adulthood pickled…

  107. wait

  108. nevermind

  109. Yeah, the purple things on the salad bar bear little resemblance to the beet you pull out of the dirt.

  110. http://tinyurl.com/zt2xqll

  111. Thanks XB. I’m still calling my mom tomorrow.

  112. Remember TITS2, you have no knowledge of Dan. Pickled or non-pickled. He doesn’t exist.

  113. *prepares a toast to Dan and the myriad facts I know ablut him*

  114. What makes it bread and butter pickles, instead of just a regular pickle?

  115. Where’s Pendejo been?

  116. my girls bball team beat a team that gave us a pretty good trouncing earlier in the season –
    their coach had a melt down –
    said there’s no way we could have beat his team without the refs help.

    kind of humorous given that he and an assistant coach of his reffed their home games and would slow down play anytime the opposing girls would pick up momentum – pretty fucking easy to win when you control play…

  117. That’s Bullshit.

    Its a shame when adults get thier jocks in a twist over kids sports.

  118. J’ames I don’t know!!! My mom pickles everything!!!

  119. I’m pickling grains and malt right now. Should be ready in about 1.5 weeks.

  120. I’ve never been on a girls basketball team.

  121. You should try it sometime, scott. At your age, make sure it’s a pro team.

  122. scott, no time like the present, uconn is prolly recruiting

  123. we took the team to see SU play Virginia Tech – a couple of the players were in transition i think

  124. oi

  125. I was once on a girls basketball team.

    Or they were on me.

    Or both. It was a wild night.

  126. One of my cousins is coaching his daughter’s B-ball team. They are kicking ass all over Texas. ~Waves at Scott~ His sons aren’t there yet. Movie Friday Night Lights? My cousin was part of the drama

  127. I’ve been wondering where PD is also. PD!!!!!! Where are you??

  128. You people are killing me……

    I’m gonna drop this here for your entertainment. It’s a show that I wrote while at broadcasting school.

    Some horrible acting, but I still like it. I had it on cassette and transferred it to digital and cleaned it up a bit while at the station today.

    It’s called Y2Chaos.


  129. I love the wire hangers art. BTW Christina Crawford was a loser. Yuge. Wire hangers have nothing on chanclas. Took 5 weeks for me to lose the chancla thread on my thigh

  130. i never understood why delis think a big green turd on the plate dresses up a sandwich.

    And then the nasty juice spoils everything else on your plate … I love sweet candied pickles and can’t find them here. Mom stocks up on them before I visit.

  131. I H8 when the pickle runs. I choose my sammie condiments. Now cole slaw…

  132. I saw The Pickle Runs at the Western Lounge back in ’12.

  133. Love you guys. Chose to sugar up on chocolate cheesecake. Blacking out now

  134. Night Osita

  135. I like pickles that are more cucumber and less pickle.

  136. That way is good.
    Cut cucumber thin on a plate and cover w red wine vin, olive oil salt and pep.
    Serve immediatly.

  137. East Coast Faders

  138. Tender is the derp
    For a broken heart
    Who will dry your eyes
    When it falls apart?

  139. People who worry about pickle juice need a life.

  140. Your mom lives for the juice

  141. Someone remind me of the pickled peppers things in August.

    Lauraw – I’m looking at you.

  142. ww.

    Second snow day in a row here.

  143. Hannah got into Michigan State – we’ve been waiting to hear for months but apparently she was immediately accepted and Hannah was confused about her log-in stuff.

    Maybe she shouldn’t go to college?

  144. Of course, it’s now going to be harder to convince her to go to Wayne State now.


  145. See … THIS is why I hate you all.

  146. Heh

  147. Laugh it up, Fuzzball.

  148. Good for Hannah.

  149. Heje, dont maje me laugh. Everyone is askeep in my haus.

  150. The idea that MSU will “have better parties” … Honestly.

    I can’t even.

  151. How did this child come forth from me? Her brothers are on my side. It’s not that I’m completely against MSU. It’s the attitude. Wayne’s program is smaller and more intimate. The proffs are going to be MUCH more invested in keeping her focused. MSU – she’s going to be a number, and with her current attitude.

    How to I make her grow up in 4 months?

  152. So, watch for a band to come out called Dead Cross.
    It’s really heavy but they are going to be great.

    Don’t tell MJ

  153. Well, keep the door open to transfering BUT make sure she knows that she needs to complete a whole year at Michelin State.

    My cousin Joe is 22. He started off at Long Beach State and we all knew why. His folks made him work and lay for his own apartment etc. even though they have $.
    After the first half of the year he was ready to transfer to USD and get with the program.

    Odds are Hannah will too.

  154. Forecast for this weekend gives us a wind chill of -35.

  155. F. Or C?

  156. We’ve got some negative numbers forecast for lows over the weekend. I’m on call so I can only hope it curtails idiotic behavior in kids.

  157. Someone remind me of the pickled peppers things in August.

    *schedules reminder post for Car in.


  158. Red Lobster sales are up after Beyonce referenced them in her new “song”.

    “When he fcuk me good, I take his ass to Red Lobster”

    *pass the butter

  159. We’re supposed to have gorgeous, mild weather the next week. Calves should start hitting the ground pretty soon.

  160. They sell pickled fiddleheads and green beans in the supermarkets here. I’m sure they sell the pickled green beans everywhere but they call them Dilly Beans here. Anyone else got the Dilly Bean?

  161. Jimbro – you are joking right? I mean, I know it’s in the lyrics but GAWD.

  162. Also, isn’t there a better place than Red Lobster? Even Joe’s Crab Shack?

    Well, I guess you might be able to misinterpret the lyrics, then.

  163. Anyone else got the Dilly Bean?

    Pretty sure your mom knows that one.

  164. Speaking of lyrics…. I heard Loser by Beck the other day

    By Beck

    In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey
    Butane in my veins so I’m out to cut the junkie
    With the plastic eyeballs, spray paint the vegetables
    Dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose


  165. It was on the buzzfeed so take from that what you will

  166. Soiled tha underwear…
    Im a looser baby,
    Joe Thiesman hill billy.

  167. Red Lobster hates white people.

  168. Isnt it sad/funny that Hill Bill Clinton would be the most tone deaf, crooked, Cracker Stackers in the whole country?

    The all consuming vanity and power lust reeks of obviousness and mania.
    They are like Strubin Peter and The Witch in the Forest.
    Cheep Dimestore Villains.

  169. Beck is basically trying to be … silly.

    n an early interview, Beck confessed that the song was written spur of the moment after trying and failing to rap in the style of Public Enemy’s Chuck D. Beck later recalled that he said to himself, “‘Man, I’m the worst rapper in the world—I’m just a loser.’ So I started singing, ‘I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?'” The rest of the song was largely freestyled around the premise of being an outcast from society. “Loser” was one of Beck’s first experiments with fusing different genres of music, which would soon become one of his trademarks.

    The song is built around a sample from a cover of the Dr. John song “I Walk on Gilded Splinters” by Johnny Jenkins from his album Ton-Ton Macoute!. The sample features Allman Brothers Band members Duane Allman on dobro, Jaimoe on timbales and Butch Trucks on drums. The Spanish lyric in the song’s chorus, “Soy un perdedor”, was translated by Moises Ruiz, Jr., and it literally means “I am a loser”. (Both Ruiz and Beck were in a band called Loser at the time.)

  170. It’s also not one of my favorite songs of his. That was the song I always identified with him, so I never gave him another listen. THAT was a mistake.

  171. I’m choking on the splinters.

  172. See the sleet that rests upon
    The quiet street we’re standing on
    Is it time to go away
    And try again some other day?
    ‘Cause these are words we use to say goodbye
    These are the words you use to say goodbye

    Bones crack, curtains drawn
    On my back and she is gone
    Somewhere else I do not know
    Time will tell and I will go
    These are the words we use to say goodbye
    These are the words we use to say goodbye

    I will wait and take a turn
    Sort it out, let it burn
    Empty out empty drawer
    In my pockets, there’s nothing more
    These are the words you use to say goodbye
    These are the words we use to say goodbye

    Read more: Beck – Say Goodbye Lyrics | MetroLyrics

    He can do lyrics well.

  173. MJ got wood in his mouth

  174. Beyonce – or whomever write for her, sux.

    “I see it I want it / I stunt, yeah, little hornet / I grind ’til I own it / I twirl on them haters / Albino Alligators / El Camino with the seat low sipping Cuervo with no chaser / Sometimes I go off, I go hard / Get what’s mine, take what’s mine / I’m a star, I’m a star / Cause I slay, slay, I slay, hey, I slay, okay / I slay.”

  175. “When he fuck me good I take his ass to Red Lobster (cause I slay) / If he hit it right I might take him on a flight on my chopper (cause I slay) / Drop him off at the mall, let him buy some J’s, let him shop up (cause I slay).”

  176. So, she slays then?

    Right on.

  177. Right. She slays. The song is apparently (in addition to BLACK POWER) about her feeling secure after a lifetime of insecurity.


  178. The veil slipped and your blatant racism is showing Carin

  179. It’s smartisim not racisim

  180. This is bullcrap.

  181. I saw that video pre-SB in a NY Post article and anticipated everything but the uptick in Red Lobster sales.

  182. Mmmm, Captain’s Platter.

  183. I got into MSU but I decided to go elsewhere. Not sure if I’d select Wayne over it, it would depend on the program.

    Parties as a deciding factor only make sense if she’s paying for it and welcomes financial ruin.

  184. I listened to Morning Phase twice in a row yesterday whilst assembling various things around the house.

  185. That’s exactly what I think Leon. IF I go with this whole MSU idea – she gets ONE semester and she’d better pick a rigorous major. I was impressed with her discussions with the various departments at the Wayne thing. She doesn’t like hearing me squawk about how various majors/minors are next to useless. Hard truths.

    I think her dad and I need to do the MSU visit.

  186. Are the differences between MSU and UM the same kind of differences that exist between ISU and Iowa? ISU is a state ag type school (land grant university, same category as Kansas State and Oklahoma State), and UI is the law/doctor school.

    Both respectable, mind you, but serving a different set of students.

  187. I started with Morning Phase but now I’m on Mutations.

  188. Hannah could have gotten into Michigan if she’d done some more schmooshing. She dropped out of NHS, for example. Her grades are excellent and her test scores are strong (although borderline ). She could have gotten in if she’d played the game, but she didn’t. So she didn’t even apply.

  189. I mean borderline for Michigan. She was immediately accepted into both MSU and Wayne.

  190. Comment by Car in on February 10, 2016 9:50 am

    The rest of the song was largely freestyled …


    So the phrase “Dog food stalls with the beefcake pantyhose” was just running around in his head? :)

  191. MSU has a DO program and is a big vet/ag school. Michigan has the more traditional Medical school etc.

    No problems if she wants to go to Medical school, since she just has to major in Chem or biology or the myriad of other undergrad degrees.

  192. Pepe – I imagine he was trying to be off the cuff as rappers are. Much of that rap is nonsense as well. What’s that game we used to play at Protein Wisdom with the random nonsense generator? Word salad.

  193. These days there’s little difference in the whole DO vs MD world as far as practicing when you’re finished with residency. The number of residency spots can be limited for the DO’s in certain specialties.

    Most of the students that pass through here are DO’s from UNE down in Biddeford. Like any place, their qualities vary. I like a student that’s calm, self-assured but not cocky and isn’t afraid to admit they don’t know something and asks the fucking question in their mind instead of pretending.

  194. How to I make her grow up in 4 months?

    You can’t, so don’t try. All you’ll do is get everyone riled up, piss each other off, and poison your relationship with her. If you make this into a big dramatic war, and she eventually does well, then she’ll remember it and think that you don’t know anything and didn’t have faith in her abilities. She despise you just a little for that. If she falls on her face, then the constant warfare now will only deepen her humiliation later, and she’ll resent you for that.

    If she’s as smart as you say, then she’ll quickly realize that she can’t party her way through school. If not, then she’ll have to learn the hard way, either academic probation or expulsion. But part of being an adult is learning how to deal with your fuck ups and how to adapt. And fucking up a semester or two isn’t the end of the world. She can recover from that.

    Smaller classes and more hands-on professors aren’t always better. There’s value in sitting in a class where you’re a number and not a special snowflake. It forces you to swallow your pride and ask for help, to find like-minded people and take the initiative to learn. There are plenty of times in real life where she’ll be an anonymous number that the people in charge don’t care about. Better to learn about it now.

    A family friend is currently at K-state studying business. Everyone else thought he would flunk out after the first semester, or the first year, because of partying. He had some rough times, but he buckled down and brought his grades up and is doing much better. Sometimes people surprise you. Once they’re away from parents and support networks, they have to learn to survive on their own.

  195. Pepe – I imagine he was trying to be off the cuff as rappers are. Much of that rap is nonsense as well. What’s that game we used to play at Protein Wisdom with the random nonsense generator? Word salad.

    There’s a type of singing where the lyrics are made up words. Think the Adiemus song you hear in various commercials. The idea is that the voice is an instrument, and using made up words or nonsensical lyrics lets the listener focus on the voice as an instrument and not the message of the music.

  196. Speaking of rap http://is.gd/4ma7L9

  197. Gnu poat.

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