Thursday Schlongathon




And finally Thor by the talented Frank Cho




  1. Shocking news, I know

  2. Apparently I’ve got to start applying to grad schools this month. WTF do I need to start an application for a fall class in fucking February.

    Alex, colleges have tripled the amount of admin staff they had in the 60’s, and have maintained the same lead times. You should be impressed that they don’t want it earlier.

  3. I’m at Starbucks this morning….do I need to ask for my handie or will they know I want one by my race and gender?

  4. You should ask, really loudly, because the machines are loud back there and they might not hear you. If they still seem confused, you can really help them out if you pantomime it for them.

  5. So fooking tired this morning. Paula went with her parents to Boston for another vocal cord procedure on her stepmom and I was in charge of the boys and dogs last night. Rowan hates to get in his crate and I usually trick him with a treat when I leave rather than try to herd a herding dog with teeth. All night long, every loud noise, he thought it was Paula getting home and barked to alert me. It must have happened five times. Delta sleep to awake fight or flight reaction time. And then Star started whining to get out of her crate at 0400.

    Le sigh…

  6. Your suggestion is making me laugh maniacally in my little corner table.

  7. while driving here I was listening to the local talk station and they mentioned that the Waterfront Concerts company has booked Jimmy Buffet for this August. This provoked a mixed reaction from me. On the one hand I am delighted that they’ve transformed a strip of old industrial land into a successful concert venue which attracts bigger and bigger acts every year with the trickle down effects of all the concert-goers on the local economy but on the other hand…Parrotheads. I don’t mind jimmy Buffet music and don’t turn the station if I hear a song but I don’t embrace the mythology of his cult. I do like cheeseburgers.

  8. and paradise

  9. ww

  10. I should head to the office. I need to go re-do two weeks of work because a colleague was assigned a massive refactoring at the same time as I was assigned new feature development. On the same part of the code he refactored.

    Oh, and I get to write up a powerpoint slide and ask people to tell me that it’s wrong and how, because that’s faster than asking people for input.

    I would have been a happy farmer.

  11. WOrk has been SLOOOW this week. Sucks.Day off today, so I can nurse my cold.

    Glad to hear beasn is done with her pipe inspection.

  12. Oh – last night one of the idiot (pot smoking) kids at work explained that this election is the most important of his life – as in GO BERNIE.

    Ugh. He thinks he knows stuff. It’s the Republicans fault that he’s a bus boy with no future. But Bernie will solve all that.

    THen I got in the car to listen to Hillary drone on during the townhall or whatever that was – I SWEAR TO GOD I would have choked that bitch if she was w /in reach. The things she says. Honestly I don’t know how she doesn’t get struck by lightening.

  13. Lightning. Lightening is what cream does to coffee.

  14. Unless you want to hit Hillary with cream, which pretty much no one ever has, so you’d be the first.

  15. Creamed tomatoes

  16. I get so tired of the idiots.
    Idiots: Bernie’s gonna give us all this stuff for free!!!!!
    Rational Guy: How’s he gonna pay for it?
    Idiots: Duh, it’s free!!!
    Rational guy: But money for medical care, colleges, etc has to come from somewhere.
    Idiots: Cut corporate welfare! Make the 1% pay a tiny little bit more! Make the evil corporations pay their fair share and don’t let them move offshore!
    Rational Guy: He has $18 Trillion in spending, Top 1% have $16 Trillion in assets, he can confiscate all their money and still not cover the costs….
    Idiots: Free stuff!!!!

  17. *hits Leon with lightening

    Not even through my first cup of joe for the day.

    *coughs in Leon’s direction

  18. Oh, and I get to write up a powerpoint slide and ask people to tell me that it’s wrong and how, because that’s faster than asking people for input.

    Welcome to my world, too. Just figure it out, implement it, put it in user testing, and then everyone can tell you how you should have done it.

  19. Nevermind that they wouldn’t know a line of aspx or c# code if I tied it to corporate welfare, gave it to Bernie Sanders, and told them it would pay for their free health care.

  20. You shouldn’t have killed the blog that way J’Ames. Maybe if you worded that comment differently…… 😉

  21. IRS e-file puters are down….maybe one of you puter sciency types could give em a hand?

  22. Is it plugged in?


  23. I NEED MY TAX RETURN NOW – WHERE THE HELL IS IT? /average Dem voter

  24. Glad I already filed my taxes.

  25. Just tell them Bernie will take care of it.

    Which he will.

  26. I mail my check in a few days before the deadline every year. Haven’t had a refund in years.

  27. in other news, I hear Trump is up 17 points in New Hampshire, with Bush in 2nd, and Cruz in a distant 5th.

    Yeah, right.

  28. As a follow up to a poat I made yesterday, this should totally shock you.

  29. They are here illegally, but I’m not sure they entered illegally. maybe, but we’ve pretty much set out a come here now sign with free food and lodging. We even give them a ride to whereever we decide to send them, right?

  30. Now we get to pay to bury them, you racist sonsabitches.

  31. Make sure they get a nice glass of water.

  32. So, basically Sanders and Clinton are taking their campaigns straight to the free shit army.

  33. Ok… Trivia Time..

    Whats the one commonality that exists within 75% of the ongoing armed conflicts in the world?

  34. The combatants are right handed?

  35. Dieting is easy…

  36. Whats the one commonality that exists within 75% of the ongoing armed conflicts in the world?


  37. New Coke

  38. Tastes great vs. Less Filling

  39. Whats the one commonality that exists within 75% of the ongoing armed conflicts in the world?

    Your Mom?

  40. Thud Thor!

  41. Dammit – sorry.

  42. Bernie Sanders Drinking Game!

  43. Pat has a bet for Scott and I. About Hillary.

  44. What’s the wager?

  45. Alex, colleges have tripled the amount of admin staff they had in the 60’s, and have maintained the same lead times. You should be impressed that they don’t want it earlier.

    The whole thing is kind of silly. Applying in May, I could understand, but freaking February? Are there really that many applicants that they need that long?

  46. Tim Conway’s Elephant Story

    They can’t stop laughing, from The Carol Burnett Show.

    I gotta watch more of these.

  47. PFC Erika Lopez should engineer me a sandwich

  48. That Hillary won’t win. If we lose he’s making climb mount washington

  49. Well, she shouldn’t be hard to find.

  50. Meh, just go to Cedar Point and don’t use the chair lift.

  51. The New York Times can eat a bag of dicks.

  52. Oh come on, Hotspur, they aren’t Hispanic-Hispanic. They don’t even like The View!

  53. This is the dumbassery that surrounds me.

  54. I like that article on eating veg.

  55. This is the dumbassery that surrounds me.

    Can both sides lose?

  56. My idiot sister is trying to go to school for SLP. I don’t know if she’s in the program yet, or still taking prereqs.

    You start out taking classes for the program and then have to compete with a kajillion others to get into the grad program. No grad program, no SLP. At my daughter’s school (a state university), there were 150 or so applicants competing for 15 slots. With a 3.8 gpa, she missed it by one, until someone on the list declined, which they did within the week they were chosen.

  57. I SWEAR TO GOD I would have choked that bitch if she was w /in reach.

    I would pay to see that and I’d pay your bail.

  58. Rational Guy: He has $18 Trillion in spending, Top 1% have $16 Trillion in assets, he can confiscate all their money and still not cover the costs….

    It’s now at 19 trillion. And I don’t think the top 1% even has a trillion.

  59. nineteen trillion dollars.

    That sound like a made up number. Like something a drunk guy would say.

  60. This is the piece that the harpies are getting all harpy about.

    Read the first paragraph. It’s even emboldened.

    Fucking nitwits.

  61. Not eleventy gazillion dollars?

  62. You start out taking classes for the program and then have to compete with a kajillion others to get into the grad program. No grad program, no SLP. At my daughter’s school (a state university), there were 150 or so applicants competing for 15 slots. With a 3.8 gpa, she missed it by one, until someone on the list declined, which they did within the week they were chosen.

    Yeah, she has a degree in linguistics and decided that working for a non-profit for a pittance wasn’t a way to get ahead in life. So now she’s back in school. Her fiancé went back to school as well. Has a degree in Spanish and is trying to get a masters in urban planning. They live with his mother, who pays for everything including the car that they drive and the insurance. *spits*

  63. Is that Roosh guy from the man group really an advocate of rape? Is he muslim? If so, then why aren’t those feminists protesting rapefugees around the world and the religion that espouses it?

  64. He wrote a satirical article claiming that the way to end rape was to legalize it on private property. If women know that that rape is legal on private property, they’ll actively avoid situations where they could be assaulted, versus now where they put themselves at risk because they’ve been told that the expectation is on men to not rape. Basically feminism has given women a false expectation of security that leads to them becoming victims.

  65. He says it’s satire. It reads as satire. He didn’t need to include the disclaimer for me to identify it as satire.

    But when you’re a man hating pimply faced overweight college hag who never styles her hair, shaves her legs and underarms, and smells like the inside of a clothes hamper, it evidently isn’t funny.

  66. Yeah, I skimmed the article Hotspur linked. There are those saying he has described rapes he has done on drunk girls in various posts on his other blogs or maybe that one.
    And I do agree that some women do put themselves in harm’s way with that false expectation of security or using regret as a way to get young men falsely accused of rape. That shit has to stop.

  67. This article embodies Liberal thought, everything in it is misleading or a goal.

  68. If a woman who’s had a drink can’t consent, why can a man? Who raped who?

  69. We should just put fornication laws back in place and punish all parties involved.

  70. What did you find misleading in the house article?

  71. Everything. 2 $20K houses cost $135,000 without land. Evidently they have issues with meeting building codes.

  72. I took the point that they were making stronger houses through advanced engeneering and materials.
    True, you need the land.

  73. Apparently future SIL’S “scumbag cousin” (daughter’s words) is engaged to this lovely young woman:

  74. Nope, regular materials and techniques. Slightly more informative article:

  75. Well, that is misleading.

    Fuckin’ Crunchballs.

  76. Bristol is full of scumbags.

  77. I bet you could pull that house down with a pickup truck and a piece of chain.

  78. I have worked on two log homes in my career. I helped a friend stack a kit way up in ID. In 1994 i think he paid $45K for the materials including roofing, windows, and doors. We did the flooring after.
    The other one was a 22,000 sq ft monster that we worked on for three years. I was there for so long that I felt like I lived there.
    The kit felt like a kit at first but after I visited it a few years down the road it was really nice. The guy had put in som clever interior walls and loft aditions.
    The monster logger was always nice BUT the spring that the people moved in the picturesque river that tumbled by picked up and moved itself a half mile away leaving this big old logger stranded in the woods. Its curb apeal cratered and it went back on the market for ten years until the river came back.
    No real point here except that a home doesnt have to be great to be great.

  79. Those small houses look nice. Shame that they’ll be trashed in just a few years.

  80. There’s several developments here that are exclusively prefab homes. Basically, the developer leases you a concrete slab and utility hookup, and you provide the house.

    I’ve stayed in some, and they’re surprisingly nice.

  81. They do that here, too. One step up from a trailer, but a big step. Those prefabs are pretty cool nowadays.

  82. My house was built in Elkhart, IN and shipped here. No complaints.

  83. What do I have to do to put you in a pre-fabricated house today?

  84. I have a confession. I’m a YouTube troll. I mostly troll vegans, but I’m branching out to irritate women who claim they are waiting until 35 to have kids.

    Well, if you consider telling women that fertility is fleeting “trolling”, anyhow, which they all seem to.

  85. Some callmit trolling. Some call it helping.

  86. If I convince just one audience member, it’s worth the abuse.

    “Stop telling people what to do!”

  87. Heh.

    Young mothers are a good thing. Young families are a mixed bag.

  88. On a fitness video:

    Me – “Your body will bounce back better and you’ll have a much easier time getting pregnant if you don’t wait so long.”
    Grrl Powah – “Oh, I won’t care about getting back in shape after that.”

    Uh huh.

  89. My madre was 21 when I was born. My pa 24. He was just back from a kick ass tour in Vietnam. When I met them they were still in college, in fact I remember the old man graduating from law school. My brother is 9 years younger than I.
    The floks that raised him up were not the folks that raised me even though they were the same people.
    Ive thought of that often over the years.

  90. My mom was 23 and my dad was 25. I was 39 and my wife was 33. We’ll be lucky to have another. We almost didn’t have this one.

    But I’m some kind of scaremonger.

  91. My sister is 2.5 years younger, but having her almost killed my mom, so she’s my only sibling.

  92. thirty-somethings make good parents.
    Twenty-somethings run a little hot.

  93. Compared to historical averages, though, the baby I’m making googly faces at ought to be my granddaughter.

  94. My mother turned 16 yrs old one month before I was borne in 1963..probably wouldve been scandalous if she hadnt been married… I think my father may have been 21…but it was cool cause he was in a band…..I met him once when I was 32…he was still in band…

  95. How ’bout that.

  96. My grandma was 4 months along with my mom and 17 years of age when she married grandpa. They had 4 more kids, and she still had her figure at 50.

  97. Troy, I’m sorry.

  98. I never “wanted” kids…..managed to avoid it till I was 37…..but I now have a son who since the day he was born I can’t bear to be without….cept for when I want to beat his teenage ass….

  99. A friend of mine turns 30 in a month. She admitted a while back that despite her claims to the contrary, she wanted kids.

    Her parents were divorced and it was ugly, her mom is crazy and dragged the kids off to Europe. I don’t blame her for being skittish. Hopefully she’ll find a decent guy to settle down with, because she’d be a good mother.

  100. Not a good fit for you, I assume?

  101. She lives in Spain. The last time we saw each other was when I visited her in Valencia while on leave from Afghanistan, back in 2011. Back then she had a long-term boyfriend.

  102. Spain sucks. She should move here and make you sandwiches.

    It will be blissful for her.

  103. I wish she would move back. I’ve told her that I worry about her being there what with all the unrest. But she’s going to school and has at least another two years to go.

  104. Paula had her first at 18, second at 23. Shame they weren’t with me. We’ve been together for 8 years, longer than I was married first time around and longer than either of her previous marriages. We both claim it’s because we’re patient people and then laugh hysterically. My first marriage at 32 with a similarly aged woman was, in retrospect, thankfully without children.

  105. She openly admits that the men in Spain suck. They’re all mama’s boys who are happy to live at home into their thirties.

  106. Cate and I

  107. The older you are, the less energy you have to deal with the kids.

  108. She’s utterly beautiful. School can happen anywhere, and it won’t matter one whit when you’re 80 and holding a great grandbaby.

  109. That’s what belts and shock collars are for!

  110. We had the boy when we were 29 and 30. At school functions, we were 10 years older than most of the other parents.

  111. Dang, CoAlex, get in touch with her! 😉

  112. My mother had me when she was 21. She used to listen to coworkers talk about how their kids were in middle school, or entering high school, and would reply, “My son just got his commission in the US Army after graduating college”.

  113. Alex, if she’s sane, take a flight to Spain to do some wooing.

    (bring chloroform and rope)


    Nice that someone is at least thinking along these lines.

  115. Damn, CoAlex! If you’re compatible, tie that lovely lass down.

    Please note that I wrote ‘lass.’

    And that I was speaking figuratively.

  116. One of my former coworkers took up with and married a fellow she had been friends with for a long time who was holding a torch for her. She had been resisting for years. I think it takes some ladies a while to realize how things are.

  117. Also tie her lovely ass down. If she’s into that.

  118. I was speaking literally.

  119. Also I give bad advice and maybe shouldn’t be listened to. At least according to 50% of the people who reply to me on YouTube.

  120. $5 says xbrad is on Expedia right now, booking a flight to Spain.

    With one hand.

  121. Hah!

  122. Nah, he wouldn’t put that much effort in.

    I mean, he’s already got the picture.

  123. *wins $5*

  124. She’s lovely, CoAl.

  125. She has very pretty eyes.


  127. XBrad, does Wiser owe me $5?

  128. So now that the Dems are picking on Colin Powell, will he change back to the Repub side or keep kissing their feet?

  129. “She openly admits that the men in Spain suck”

    If only an American would save her.

  130. He’ll keep kissing…feet. Yeah…feet.

  131. Pitchers/Catchers in 12 days!!! SQUEEEEE

  132. That sounds a little gay.

  133. If only an American would save her.

    American Men: Saving European women for 100 years and counting.

  134. I didn’t even download the pic.

  135. Pretty sure it is gay, Scott.

  136. Cactus League!!!!

  137. I didn’t even download the pic.

    WOOOOOOOO! $5!

    Wiser, you can owe me, or you can give Laura a gardening segment on the show. Your choice.

  138. I am not googling that.


  140. If only an American would save her.

    I’ve joked about having to go find her if Europe implodes.

  141. The best part of Spring Training is hanging at the practice fields and talking baseball. My Reds are guaranteed to suck this year, but I’m still excited for Spring. Not like it’s the Cubs!!! Amirite?

  142. Very LotM CoAl. (Last of the Mohicans)

  143. Is there a chance that you are dense and she’s sending signals?

  144. Seriously, CoAlex, if you really like this girl, take the chance. We can all chip in for a plane ticket. Okay if we can’t cover the ticket, maybe we can buy you an in-flight drink………….

  145. I will donate $100 to this kickstarter.

  146. Is there the possibility that she’s a little crazy?

  147. Well, she is a woman…

  148. Leon, you forgot the drum play and coda.

  149. It was implied. I heard it in my head.

  150. lol thanks for the advice everyone. Perhaps, once I get my house sold and finish with classes this semester, I’ll take a little vacation.

  151. I thought this was pretty interesting, from the sidebar at Ace’s.

  152. Lauraw, dogs need jobs!

  153. Sayings of a Jewish Buddha

    If there is no self, whose arthritis is this?

    Be here now. Be someplace else later. Is that so complicated?

    Drink tea and nourish life; with the first sip, joy; with the second sip, satisfaction; with the third sip, peace; with the fourth, a Danish.

    Wherever you go, there you are. Your luggage is another story.

    Accept misfortune as a blessing. Do not wish for perfect health, or a life without problems. What would you talk about?

    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single Oy.

    There is no escaping karma. In a previous life, you never called, you never wrote, you never visited. And whose fault was that?

    Zen is not easy. It takes effort to attain nothingness. And then what do you have? Bupkis.

    The Tao does not speak. The Tao does not blame. The Tao does not take sides. The Tao has no expectations. The Tao demands nothing of others. The Tao is not Jewish.

    Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Forget this and attaining Enlightenment will be the least of your problems.

    Let your mind be as a floating cloud. Let your stillness be as a wooded glen. And sit up straight. You’ll never meet the Buddha with such rounded shoulders.

    Deep inside you are ten thousand flowers.
    Each flower blossoms ten thousand times.
    Each blossom has ten thousand petals.
    You might want to see a specialist.

    Be aware of your body. Be aware of your perceptions. Keep in mind that not every physical sensation is a symptom of a terminal illness.

    From the book ZEN JUDAISM by David M Bader

  154. Should I troll Instapundit or not?

  155. I just now got to Ace’s Wil Whiner post. I should not be this happy about someone suffering, but really, I’m only hoping that it wakes that dumbshit up.

  156. Alex, I have two words for you: She’s a hottie.

    Also, think about losing the beard 😉

  157. Those are awesome, Roams.

  158. Cyn, the beard has been gone for a couple of weeks now.

  159. I realized that with both Sean and myself bearded… the manliness was too much for you poor ‘ettes. I chose to make the sacrifice for the good of everyone else.

  160. Some of those sound like Jackie Mason lines, Roamy.

  161. I still have my goatee. I’m scared to shave it. Possum might night know who I am.

  162. Shave the chin, leave the mustache and sides.

  163. Dan is asking lots of questions about TiTs2. If he attends anything, I need everyone to pretend I’ve never talked about him! Ever. You know his name. That’s it.

  164. The Rooney rule for the NFL and the serial felonies of the NBA make me think that the time might just be right for Baseketball to happen forrealz.

    Particularly if the cheerleaders feature heavily in the coverage. Seriously, America needs a sport in utter defiance of PC culture.

  165. Shave the chin, leave the mustache and sides.

    I don’t own a Peacemaker or sound like Sam Elliot, I can’t pull that off.

  166. … the manliness was too much for you poor ‘ettes.

    Yes, that was exactly it.

  167. You know his name. That’s it.

    That’s gonna cost you some tiara time, missy.

  168. Jousting.

  169. “If he attends anything” him Mare.

  170. Leon, you could. Let the two ends grow down past your chin and when they’re long enough you can braid them.

    Also, get yourself a horned helm.

  171. >>>>Wiser, you can owe me, or you can give Laura a gardening segment on the show. Your choice.

    I already asked her to do this, but she refused.

    Which is why we do the DotW instead.

  172. Comment by lauraw on February 4, 2016 9:17 pm
    Is there the possibility that she’s a little crazy?

    Possibly, but aren’t we all?

    Comment by osoloco11 on February 4, 2016 9:02 pm
    Very LotM CoAl. (Last of the Mohicans)

    I do want a pistol and a tomahawk…

  173. Jousting.

    You know what, you’re right. I hate horses, but that shit right there is manly as hell. Add some cheering wenches and we’ve got ratings gold. And everyone who “matters” will denounce it. PETA, vegans (BIRM), womenists, and pajamaboys will give it all the free publicity it needs.

    No network needed, run it as a YT series and put ads in the stadium.

  174. Did I actually refuse outright? Or did we talk about my apparent breathing problem where I try to inhale microphones? Or did we discuss how I work every single Saturday? Except this Saturday, on which as I just discovered, they cut my hours.

  175. You should see if you can get Meathead on your show.

  176. The luggage one in particular sounds like Jackie Mason. Don’t care, it made me laugh. This was my day.
    Twice as many samples, half the amount of help, and a technician who decided to sneak up on me and shout “BOO!” He’s probably nursing a good sized bruise.

  177. I’m in for $100 in the send CoAlex to Spain fund. Dude, sunny Spain and pretty girl? or frigid Colorado? You need a vacation. He/hesitates/lost…….

  178. I already asked her to do this, but she refused.

    My disappointment is boundless. I’d do it, but I’m no expert.

  179. We talked about it, but you said you could never talk on the radio.

    Btw, CAC is my guest this weekend.

  180. Cool! I’ll be able to listen live for a change, anyway.

  181. Who’s Meathead?

  182. The garden segment idea is so incredibly tempting. Argh. I wish bloggy personality was the same thing as radio or real-life personality. But alas.

  183. Meathead Goldwyn, from This is Scott’s priest.

    His twitter thing:

  184. Meathead wrote your smoked salmon recipe.

  185. You did fine on the podcast.

  186. Dan doesn’t know Van Morrison. Carry on.

  187. Comment by osoloco11 on February 4, 2016 10:37 pm
    Dan doesn’t know Van Morrison. Carry on.

    We should mock him for this at TiTS2.

  188. I promise… I’ll be nice…

    It’s really fun….

    Trust me.

    Last week’s guest e-mailed me after the show to thank me for making his appearance so easy, especially considering that was in the middle of some serious relationship shit.

    I’m always amazed at how difficult it seems beforehand and how easy it really is while it’s happening.

  189. We can’t mock him. We know nothing!!! Nothing!!!

  190. >>>>Meathead Goldwyn, from This is Scott’s priest.


  191. Podcast was a bloody mess with multiple fatalities. Shush. You’re awfully sweet, though. If the zombies come, I will share my water and ammo with your family.

  192. It’s a marvelous night for a moondance.

  193. uh oh

  194. What about veggies, canned goods, and freezer meat?

  195. Leon…

  196. Fuck, it’s in that gibberish moonlingo they talk in Canadia.

  197. America’s Hat

  198. Skip to 2:25 and watch.

  199. I really H8 National days of whatever. I scored on National Chocolate Cake Day. National Cancer Day is pissing me off.

  200. National Orgasm Day was a letdown.

  201. Not for your Mom

  202. Quebecois separatists? Neat.

  203. BTW, why hasn’t Subway put out an ad, “This Valentine’s Day, give her six inches that she’l love.”

  204. I could watch a French hipster get beaten up by Belgians all day.

  205. Holy crap, french nationlists. Good luck guys. You’ll need it.

  206. Ha!

  207. Not enough jousting, but good.

  208. That really was interesting. And it seems the French nationalist was pretty serious.

  209. Dan just reminded me of my worst defeat of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon. I’m still pissed. FU Billy Jack. FU

  210. Psst Dan is totes retarded in case you meet him in Tempe. Speak real slow.

  211. All the ‘ettes should suggest they be FaceDouche friends the first time that they meet him.

  212. Stupid child
    Why do you lie?
    I’m gonna derp you
    Derp you
    Like a stepchild
    Watch it
    You and I
    That’s history

  213. Up too early after not enough sleep.

  214. Gotta take the trash bin out pretty soon or I’ll miss the trash truck. Forgot last night. I regret this, like so many things.

  215. There are pros and cons of having to haul your trash to the transfer center (“dump”), less so if you own a pick up truck. Never missing the trash pick up time is one of the advantages.

  216. BEWBS.

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