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And so we say goodbye to The Weimar Republic and The Neu Objectivity. We sail across the sea to The U.S. where we are treated to paintings of the pastoral landscapes and slice-of-life vignettes of American life in the 1920’s and 30’s.  That’s right!  American Regionalism will be teh loadstone in our further un-winding of Modernism in painting and sculpture.

Here we find Grant Wood.

b. 1891 Anamosa, IA d. 1942

Region capture 13 

Wood was a rural teacher before he went to art school.  In 1932 he founded Stone City Art Colony near his hometown.  Jay, pop on down to the crossroads and see if it’s still there.

We’ll wait.

Region capture 15  Region capture 16

Region capture 17  Region capture 18

In Wood’s paintings we see American Regionalism as a distinct push back to the growing influence of European abstraction in painting of the day.  While still fantastic and decidedly stylized the Regionalist paintings are not so much a contortion of reality as they are a celebration of subject.

Region capture 19  Region capture 20

Region capture 21

oh.  then there’s this old thing also by Wood.

Region capture 22

Grant Wood

New Master.


  1. Needs more skulls.

  2. *adds “Become Founder Of An Art Colony” to bucket list*

  3. 5/5 coin flips went Hillary!’s way

  4. well I see we are back to pooping inside

  5. Filled with recognizable images that aren’t obviously drug induced.

    I approve.

  6. And that’s what I think

  7. What the heck did you do, Jim?

  8. I put an accidental html code with a carat sign enclosing the word “jealous” in response to Jay’s brag about pooping indoors. Lo and behold my word disappeared

  9. But all together

  10. Ha! I just did it again by trying to space them apart on different lines. I don’t speak computer code!

    *adds “learn simple html code” to bucket list*

  11. On my way into work I passed through a waiting area for outpatient surgery and was greeted by a scrub tech I used to work with. She was about 20-21 when I moved here and a gorgeous girl. Nice big eyes, short and terrific haunches. She still is a scrub tech at a private surgicenter in town. Good to see her and get a prolonged and only mildly inappropriate hug.

  12. Spine day: 74 degree curve T4-L3. Pray for me and my partner, for precision, for endurance and for wisdom and patience.

  13. I stayed up late last night watching the Iowa thing. So … Rubio won. How amazing was that?

  14. hah, is that what they are saying?

  15. It’s all Hillary! and Trump losing here.

  16. 3 trillion short of the bamster:

  17. Well, it’s just I saw Rubio’s speech … lol.

    I haven’t listened to anything this morning.


  19. Hillary went 5 for 5 on coin flips? Lucky lady.

  20. There making fun of the coin flips on the radio right now. People callng in to “call” the flips. See if they can get five in a row.

  21. Correction: 6 for 6.

  22. get Hillary to a casino, stat! She could have Trump fund her campaign!

  23. Well, it’s not w/o precedent for her. Remember how well she did with cattle futures?

  24. Ok, I’ve got a bunch of seeds for disease resistant tomato plants all set to go from jung seeds . Hope springs eternal.

  25. I’m also ordering some Buckweat seeds although I’m not exactly sure how I”m going to use them.

  26. what disease? blight?

  27. Late blight.

  28. It’s horrible.

  29. I get that after I pick the tomatoes, so I only get one crop.

  30. I like Grant’s work.

  31. My tomatoes got blight this past year but our spring was so wet and cold, I’m surprised they didn’t croak. It was close. I was able to bring them from the brink, picking the blighted leaves off the bottom and keeping the sprinkler away from that side of the house.
    Was able to get a couple of dozen off of them.

  32. Clear liquids start at noon. I’m already starving and nerves are upsetting my gut.


  34. My blight completely destroys my toms. I spray. I cover the ground. I don’t water the leaves. I’ve tried just about everything. I remove leaves. I remove plants.

    It’s just a total loss. Late blight is devastating. You’re basically in a race for the toms to ripen before the plant completely dies. ANd you usually lose.

  35. They sell tomatoes at the market.

  36. Chumpo, this was a good poat. I only knew of the American Gothic – I’ve seen it in Chicago. I was unaware of the rest of Wood’s work. I really like it.

  37. They sell red, tasteless balls at the market, not tomatoes.

  38. Not at HotBride’s co-op. I should know.

  39. We have toms they sell at the stand down the street. They are NOT as fresh as from your garden and they’re pricey.

  40. Poated on Drudge:

    Why doesn’t this pole-smoker just go away?

  41. We need Bush!


  42. Thanks, Hotshot. I like them as well. They’re familiar to me and also while researching I am always surprised at how many well known artist’s paintings exist that haven’t ben widely viewed and appreciated.

    Moving forward the artists featured here will be more easily recognized due to the inclusion of muralists and sculptors that have enhanced the public spaces near all of us.

  43. Former manager says the contract win they were expecting didn’t meet expectations, so hiring is frozen.


  44. you got blighted

  45. You got schlonged.

  46. Your website got King Kameamea Schlonged.

    Are you still down? You should move over to You Crossed The Line


  47. So, Cruz, Trump, and Rubio are basically in a three way tie with 75% of Iowa votes. The other quarter spread around the other guys.

    With a strong showing by Carson, and a reasonable showing by Rand.

    But let’s face it, those two aren’t going anywhere.

    So of the 25% up for grabs, does anyone really think Trump is going to gain the Carson votes? The Rand votes?

  48. Maybe Carson’s. Not Rand’s.

    Rand’s wil dispair and hang themselves in effigy from freeway overpasses.

    Classic Paultard

  49. T Rump should take Carson as Veep right now.

  50. I let former manager know that I was bummed, but if they still have a short term need I’m willing to do consulting/contract work. I doubt they’ll bite, but it’s worth a shot.

  51. Rand’s wil dispair and hang themselves in effigy from freeway overpasses.

    They’ll vote for Bernie with the justification that there’s no difference between the two parties, but something something war on drugs…

  52. Leon consulting/contract work is the shit…. Thats how I broke out of the corporate grind

  53. Now we’re talking Chumpo.

  54. Ahhh, I think I need a coma in that last comment.


    *shakes her

    Sorry, looks like she’s in a coma.

  56. *passes surgarcubes through the fence*


  58. Jam, I am in talks with a former colleague with a small business. I’d be his employee on paper, but he can carry a clearance for me if I need one. He’s been looking for something that needs me, but it may be a while. If I can wrangle in my own customer, I’m set.

  59. As long as you don’t post any of that shit from Diego Rivera, we can be pals.

  60. Like he could paint with all that time on The Five!

  61. First Ann, then Sarah, now Andrea Tarantula. Trump is consuming them all!

  62. It’s the alpha male thing. Megyn Kelly secretly lusts for him too.

    And yes, this is very icky, but it’s the same reason your high school crush dated that loser guitar player.

  63. Rivera isnt on the horizon even as he was a direct benificiary of Regionalism.

    I will say that there are some artists in this tranch who harbor rather extreme political views but it isnt in my program to highlight an artists personal politics unless they are inordinately communicated through the work in which case the painting or sculpture wouldnt probably make it into these posts in the first place.

  64. Or that guy on the basketball team, even though he cheated on her.

    Or the drug dealer with the nice car.


  65. I didn’t have those problems. I must be the alpha male.

    Ask your mom.

  66. hahaha comma

  67. I prefer coma.

  68. VW “Trailer Assist” commercial.
    This is wild and you think that there is photo trickery involved.
    There isn’t!
    But, just keep watching, there is trickery involved, just not photo trickery.

  69. J’Ames goes to the beach.

  70. Rand’s wil dispair and hang themselves in effigy from freeway overpasses.
    Classic Paultard

    Can’t remember who our local radio guy was talking to…probably Judge Napalotano…and he was thinking many of them are going to Bernie’s camp. Said during the Occupy crap, he sent his people out to see who was there and many were Luap Nor supporters.

  71. Hah, nice one!

  72. Class Worriers.

    Freedom for most.
    The Top Tax Rate is 39% north of $420,000 and we are $17tril in the red.

    The policy is slightly askew

  73. It’s the alpha male thing. Megyn Kelly secretly lusts for him too.
    And yes, this is very icky, but it’s the same reason your high school crush dated that loser guitar player.

    Trump is an alpha male? More like an asshole.

    No, I was never attracted to loser guitar players or drug dealers with nice cars or the football player. Many I knew were assholes, especially to women.

  74. Went looking for some Grant Wood prints. Not a lot of variety to choose from.

  75. I’ll exploit youuuuuuu
    Still you’ll love meeee…
    I’ll tell you one and one makes three…
    I’mmmm the Cult of Personality….the Cult of Personality…..

    (must play this song LOUD….like mega LOUD. Puts amp on eleventy)

  76. J’ames, I was enjoying the Texas Monthly article right up until the author compared TCs knowledge of the Constitution with TFG.

  77. Beasn, it’s entirely possible that you’re the good girl every non-jerk male dreams of but rarely meets.

  78. Possum just got back from shots. The new medical system won’t let us stay unless she gets the HIB vaccine, which nearly killed her mother 30 years ago.

    Fucking shamans make more sense.

  79. Shamanisim is an article of faith.

  80. Shamanisim is an article of faith.

    So is the modern vaccine schedule.

  81. I’m not saying no vaccines, I’m saying that there’s a family history of life-threatening reaction to a particular vaccine – to a rare as hell disease – and the practice our insurance covers says “take it or don’t come here”. That’s tardasil’d.

  82. “So is the modern vaccine schedule”

    Good point.

  83. So Im sitting here….pondering life as I am want to do on occasion….and I’ve come to the conclusion that (no matter how horrible this may sound) I must now share with you that I honestly believe the world would be a much better place if all the Kardashians were dead. Seriously, all of them. Dead. Doesn’t have to be violent death or anything, they just need to cease to exist. And, that’s my suggestion for how to improve the world today.

    This has been a TT public service announcement provided by BFYTW…Now back to your normal blog program

  84. They don’t have to die, TT, they just have to shut up.

  85. Ive never heard one speak. I am aware of them but I cant discern thier cultural impact past being a name and a face and a fake ass.

    I heard Bruce talk once back in the late seventies.

  86. Which is worse, Kardashian or Honey Boo-boo?

  87. Honey Boo Boo hasn’t done a sex tape or catapulted men into the women’s Olympix, so I say Kardashian.

  88. Take away the cameras, watch them sink into oblivion.

  89. Pretty cool, XB.

  90. Meh. What is the difference between Professional Wrestling and Roller Derby and The Kardashians and Honey Boo Boo and American Gladiator and Let’s Make a Deal and The Newlywed Game and The Real Housewives of Wherever? Mindless entertainment that does nothing to advance anything other than hedonism and entertain a dumbed-down demographic. If you are going to stop that trend there will be a lot of killin.

  91. But baseball and football are totes different! /

  92. I don’t watch any of that crap.

    OTOH I’m a sucker for survival shows.

  93. I’m with on everything cept wrestling and derby. What? But why? You ask? I think wrestling and derby when viewed as a children’s entertainment have more postives than negatives. Its “good vs. Bad guy” and the good guy always “win” in the end. I find adults entertained by it (outside of a appreciation for the athleticism) to be suspect.

    The rest I agree are everything ugly in humanity.

  94. Antennae teevee has a lighter version of most things on cable. We like the free part.
    Leave it to Beaver for the win! Oh, and Justice teevee is kind of addictive.

  95. I’m trying really hard to not think of how good some dumplings would be in this chicken broth.

  96. Roamie, do you know anything about Tunisian crochet? I’m liking the stitches a tad more than regular – like the knit stitch, which looks knitty.

  97. Crap, can someone fix the linky so that doesn’t show up.

  98. Judge Judy makes $47 million a year.

  99. Wow.

    Thats bank

  100. I’m saying that there’s a family history of life-threatening reaction to a particular vaccine – to a rare as hell disease – and the practice our insurance covers says “take it or don’t come here”. That’s tardasil’d.

    Go get her shots at the health center. I’m sure there is one nearby. You can refuse anything. It’s covered by insurance if you have it or it’s free if you don’t.

    /voice of experience

  101. That robs her of a regular pediatrician. It’s not the getting of shots that’s the issue, it’s the “we can’t have this doctor if we don’t get all the shots when they say we get the shots”.

  102. Then you shouldn’t want that doctor.

  103. that is a policy of the doc/practice he belongs to.

  104. I know docs who work in office that demand such and they make special accommodations for non-vaxer (homeschooler in me). As an office they don’t want to be responsible for the possibility of WHATEVER sort of disease that may be passed in their office.

    Which – while crazy – isn’t that crazy since those places are the best place to catch something.

  105. I got into a fight with one of the doctors about my daughter not receiving the genital warts vaccine. They started lecturing me … @@. That lecture really told me all I needed to know about that doctor.

    But I did walk out of there w/o my daughter getting the shot.

  106. OT kind of. Allergic to eggs. Can’t get flu shot. Every year I have to inform my insurance why I can’t get flu shot. Every year. Not like I’m a smoker, amirite?

  107. I’m being an ass. WalMart has jumped on the two tier insurance that discriminates against smokers.

  108. Evening.

  109. I’ve never gotten a flu shot.

  110. Jew!!!! Keep your nasty weather in WY!!! We need chicken wings for the Super Bowl!!!!

  111. I’never had a flu shot. i did get the MMR vaccine about eight times.

  112. Death Storm here in MN. Avenge me and stuff.

  113. I think you wil have chicken wings, Oso. Unles the wind blows.

  114. We got about 10″ of snow.

  115. We had to cancel a shipment of piggies because Kansas got hammered.

  116. I saw a cloud.

  117. Jew, wind IS weather in the Mountain West!!!

  118. My last round of shots was in 1980.

  119. So glad I don’t order vaccines other than tetanus toxoid.

    Hib vaccine has done a good job of cutting down Haemophilus influenzae type B which used to be higher on the list of causative organisms for septic arthritis in infants. Now it’s all about Staph aureus.

  120. I want my DDT

  121. I got a DPT vaccine about 2 months ago for a finger laceration on a piece of sheet metal.


  123. Jimbro, how common is tetanus?

  124. I just looked it up. There were 18 cases in the US in 2008.

    I like my odds.

  125. My last tetanus shot really hurt.

  126. I want my DDT

    Look at those mosquitos
    That’s the way you do it
    You kill those bastards
    with some DDT

  127. Dan had to get the rabies series after a dog bite back in the day. We used to walk the golf course. Dog that bit Dan was eventually pepper sprayed by a jogger. Cops/Animal Control knew the dog. Didn’t do shit. I H8 cops. (Not all cops, just local)

  128. CoAl, how is it not racist that we were able to defeat malaria in the US South, but Africa and Central/South America have to suck up and deal? Fuck Rachel Carson. DDT all the things!!!

  129. That was George Bush data. Tetanus is way up under Obama.

    (I’ve never seen a case ever)

  130. OMFG! “Immigrants” are testifying now in front of our D-rat Senate about Real ID. Effing mojados.

  131. Tornado front comin’ through. I would rather have snow.

  132. A member of my nephew’s wife’s family died of Pott’s Puffy Tumor, which is something like sinusitis gone really bad.

  133. I blame big tetanus.

  134. Roamy, friends baby was the first whooping cough death in NM in years. Perfect storm. Mom too far along for shot. Baby too young for vaccine. Illegals. I still don’t understand why American kids need shot records for school, but illegals don’t. Dan and I used to bemoan our infertility. (Mine, but Dan never blamed)

  135. Hey, Northeast Cabal Members, could you do me a solid and check to see if Ace s doing okay? Been watching his Twitters today, and he’s starting to remind me of someone…

  136. So it’s not just me.

  137. I’m all in with the Ewok. Rubio is GOPe. If we want change, we have two non racist choices. Cruz or Carson.

  138. Starts blocking all of my followers. FFS I have no followers.

  139. I’m voting for the most openly racist candidate.

  140. Never heard of Pott’s Puffy Tumor. Percival Pott was a giant in medicine.

  141. There’s no telling what crap the illegals have brought here.

    They are showing Super Bowl ads from years past, and I had forgotten Abe Vigoda was in the Betty White Snickers commercial.

    “Why are you watching a show with nothing but ads?”
    “Beats Guy Fieri, basketball, and the news.”

  142. I prefer a closet racist that sends out dog whistles

  143. Jimbro, I’d never heard of it either, and my first thought was that they’d misunderstood what the doctor said. No shit. He was around the same age as Mini-me, so 14 or 15.

  144. Maybe he’s musking

  145. I was actually thinking about moving to Maine, until I read about the Somali problems.

  146. Of course tweeter will drive you fuchin bonkers. Especially the way he rolls.

    -you can never catch up and,
    -you can never say enough.

    It was fun but I had to stop.

  147. I’m voting for the most openly racist candidate.

    Hillary? She’s been caught on mike bitching about Jooos.

  148. “Beats Guy Fieri, basketball, and the news.”

    NHL!! Florida is creaming the caps! Dux v Sharx in 45 min.

    Its a wonderful sport.

  149. I think that makes her a bigot.

    Its a good start but I’m vying for full on hatin’.

  150. Mr Chumpo, go to My favorite site.

  151. Hill is from IL. MJ is from IL. Hill is a drunk. MJ makes drinks.

  152. Go Sharks!

  153. I did when you put it up a coulle weeks ago.
    Amazing. I hipped my little kids to it and some other friends.

  154. Squirrill how did you wind up a raider fan and a shark fan?

  155. I think the Raiders endorsed Jeb.

  156. Oops. Sorry. It’s my nerd away from HQ.

  157. Heh.

    The Raids are Hillary. All. The. Way.

  158. And yes, this is very icky, but it’s the same reason your high school crush dated that loser guitar player.

  159. I lived in the Bay Area for a time. I often got free Raiders tickets for one reason or another. And the Sharks were kickass at the time.

    I always liked how the Raiders fans rioted after winning. Never throw away a good excuse to burn a couple of cars and vandalize a liquor store.

  160. In HS, I was the queen of the nerds. Meh. Lusted after jocks. Hit my stride in college. Dan lettered in Tennis in HS. Frat boy. Totes not what I expected.

  161. I see.

    The Sharx still have a very loyal fan base. All of the teams in the leauge are fairly well supported except The Coyotes and The Hurricanes.

    There are 29 teams in the NHL.

  162. I am a part owner of the Oakland Shartz.

  163. why has mj gone over to the dark side

  164. I liked going to Coyotes games before they moved out to the suburbs.

  165. We should go if they are in town during TeetS Two.

  166. MJ is from the dark side.

  167. I think Dan checked and no go.

  168. I know Dan checked. Thursday night and away.

  169. Well we will just have to have a match in the hotel lobby.
    Shirts v skins

  170. Sharts v scabs

  171. HA! I was just told to DIAF for expressing my disdain for Rubio. I’m with Ace. Rubiots are every bit as bad as Trumphumpers.

  172. Calls shirts. High sticks Hostages that don’t even hockey.

  173. There is only one Rubio person I care about losing as a friend. Bamapachyderm. That is it. So far…chill.

  174. HA! I was just told to DIAF for expressing my disdain for Rubio. I’m with Ace. Rubiots are every bit as bad as Trumphumpers.

    Ace called me on the carpet for saying I found his Trump endorsement curious

  175. Not that he was a dick about it or anything but it was obvious he disagreed with my assessment.

  176. When sundown pales the sky
    I want to derp a while behind your smile
    And everywhere I’d look your eyes I’d find

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