#DemDebate Live stream and open thread!!!

Ready For Hillary??!!! Or do you Feel The Bern!?? Also there is That One Other Guy, Whatshisface?!!


  1. I guess the Bitch of Benghazi made a crack about having “Real grandchild”. Bernie’s are adopted. I H8 that fucking cunt.

  2. I’m gonna see how long I can actually watch this thing before I want to stab myself in the eyes.

  3. Seriosly, Oso? What level of asshole would make a jab at a grandchild regardless if DNA is involved or not.

  4. How many GOP debates have been on network tv?

  5. Haha, Bernie wants the drug companies to stop producing heroin.

  6. We’ve had a war on poverty and drugs, what we need now is a war on intelligence.

  7. Mr. TiFW wants to know if that would be a “Natural Born” grandchild….

  8. Hell, Bernie remembers when…


  9. I have said before despair is a sin, and I’m guilty. But, we have to beat these fucking twats and it looks like a struggle. Are you fucking kidding me?! Can we let it burn? I don’t object to starting over.

  10. We already have a war on intelligence. It’s called common core curriculum. Fuck public education. Should I ever have a kid, he will be home-schooled.

  11. I’m on a tear tonight. Who else needs to get fucked? The EPA seems a likely candidate.

  12. Dan watched opening statements. Couldn’t listen “To this shit”. We’re having a Netflix & Chill night.

  13. *walks away from Jewstin’s low-lying fruit*

  14. Jew, EPA, DHS, Energy, and Education. To start!!!

  15. Mare, there is nothing so low that Cankles won’t go. Adopted children are the ones that her buddy Moloch didn’t consume at Planned Parenthood.

  16. Netfix and chill means fixing the furnace.

  17. I hope you get your heat back soon.

  18. We’re having a Netflix & Chill night.

    Weed and booty?

  19. Fuck them all with a rusted metal tulip. No lube.

  20. Aren’t I too young to be bitter and jaded?

    *Affixes reading glasses to chain*
    *Sits with popcorn and Mare on couch*

  21. I’ve been bitter and jaded since I was about 13, Jewstin.

  22. I was a hopeless optimist until I got my first paycheck. That FICA dude ruined my life. He really needs to get fucked. Sideways.

  23. These guys know how to spend MONEY! Whoa!

    And the money in the Cayman Islands is going to pay for it all.

  24. Maryland is in such good shape after OMalley. He balanced that budget for 15 years!

  25. They are going to increase capital gains taxes to pay for it, too.

  26. And there are people out there lapping this up.

  27. Nonsense. They would never use an off-shore account to dodge the FICA guy.

  28. I waited until my 20s to become bitter and jaded.

  29. These people can say whatever they want, and NBC will cover for them.

    If they weren’t dems, they would ask why Hillary’s husband repealed Glass Steagal, which they all want back.

  30. J’ames, I work with people that love the Bern and Hill. We find out Wednesday what all the changes will be. I think there is a 10% reduction at home office.

  31. Jewstin is making all kind of awesome sense tonight.

  32. I’m gonna start a prog-techno-folk band called Glass Seagull.

  33. Oso, they are closing three Walmarts here, including one Neighborhood Market that just opened in the last year. I guess the locals kept supporting Piggly Wiggly, and the ones driving through hit the Super Walmart instead.

  34. Roamy, yep. I had never even been in a WalMart Express. Dan says they were like 7-11s. The 4 Sam’s that are closing are in underperforming areas. 2 in MA, 1 in RI, and 1 in MI. My Club Manager told me that as corporate raises wages, accountability is going up. Sam’s has been on a hiring freeze for awhile.

  35. Oso, missed your question the other night – I’m feeling 100% better these days. Unfortunately, we will not be able to make it to TITS2 – I blew all of my money on Manilow tickets :-)

    Plus, Rebecca’s school is having their big fundraiser that weekend.

  36. Thanks for the update, TiFW. I saw Manilow at Reunion Arena in the early 80s. We performed Manilow songs at concert choir in HS.

  37. Did anybody feel like anybody else had really had enough time to see The Crying Game after all these years so their anger was just a tad unreasonable today?

  38. One of our demos is either a really ugly woman or a really fem dude. Ambrosio asked me if I thought it was a “Dude or a chick?”. I told him we couldn’t even speculate.

  39. Cashier Dan and I call “Booty Call” forced an HR meeting. We were told to limit our personal life discussions in the breakroom. I guess she offended someone who open doored her.

  40. boy girl monkey squirrel

  41. BTW it’s a fem dude. Furry guy suddenly started wearing skirts and chick shoes. Trans furry.

  42. Do you remember when people used to only do weird, creepy shit in the privacy of their own homes?

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  43. Do you call the demo “Pat” behind its back?

  44. Copenhagen is cold. And everyone is skinny.

  45. Does she love you, you suppose
    With somebody who would know
    Who believes in what you are
    You’re my favorite derp by far

  46. Morning. -7

    On the road all week, KS and IL middle of nowhere USA.

  47. morning

  48. in the 30’s yesterday
    15 this morning

    looks like teens thru low 30’s for the next week or so, not bad considering what the midwest is getting humped with.

  49. Chilly here too. Weather said cold and windy for the next few days.

  50. Regular work day today. Kids have the day off from school and Paula wisely didn’t sign up to work. They tend to trash the house when left unsupervised for the whole day.

  51. They’re really burying the Dem debates which is not really news. It’s more like I’ve finally realized it myself. It’s not like I was paying attention to them anyway but the MSM really doesn’t focus on them breathlessly like they do with the GOP debates focusing on all the supposed gaffes. Unless they involve something Bernie or OMalley (who?) said.

  52. I wonder what the cafeteria is serving today in honor of MLK Day

  53. Mr. RFH left for work, realized he forgot his badge, came back 15 minutes later in ninja stealth mode to scare the shit out of me. I had closed the door between the kitchen/family room and the rest of the house so as not to disturb Mini-me and started cooking breakfast. I hear a thump and open the door to make sure the workers didn’t find their way in and HE’S STANDING RIGHT THERE. I shrieked and burned my hand on the stove. Unapologetic asshole!

  54. ww.

    There was a debate last night? THE DUECE you say?

    They’ve really put those dem debates right when everyone is gonna see them, aren’t they ?

    We watched a movie last night. Age of Adeline. It wasn’t bad. My new tv makes me super critical. Some things don’t look right on it. It’s weird.

  55. Okay, the shriek woke up Mini-me, so she’s grumpy, and my burned hand is blistering. Can I please have a do-over for today?

  56. I only do stealth ninja mode when everyone’s supposed to still be asleep. The problem is that I’m naturally very quiet and I still spook my wife regularly.

    So, um, by UAW contract, I get today off. Should I defy the union and do a poat, or should we just abuse this one for the duration?

  57. “I wonder what the cafeteria is serving today in honor of MLK Day?”
    Fried chicken, collard greens, grape Kool-Aid and watermelon.

  58. We’re well under 100 comments, so I’d say abuse this one, Leon. Take the day off.

    Mr. RFH’s cousin is posting about her special rare psychic abilities on Faceplant. Yeah.

  59. *awards Roamy a do-over

  60. Carpet installers are here RIGHT now. Panicked morning here. They called at 8 and said they’d be here my 8:30. Pat and kids hadn’t taken all the crap out of the room (tools, ladders, paint etc).

  61. Do a late MMM that focuses on the content of their character

  62. My neighbor, the tree man (arborist?), is at my house to take down several trees today. We set up the job back in September and he said he was busy and asked if I minded waiting 6 to 8 weeks. No problemo, I’m in no rush and didn’t want to be an asshole, both in general and specifically, to my neighbor.

  63. I think leon is just being lazy today.

  64. I’ve got a few of those. Like check this out, I’mma look into the future 24 hours and foretell the prophecy ‘n’ shizz:

    I will drink more coffee than most people will today.
    I will feed a bunch of animals.
    I will shop for things, find something I need that I did not know I needed, and forget something that I intended to buy.
    I will spend some time cutting down scrubby trees out front, my hands will hurt afterward. I will think hard about how to cover the pile of wood with horse-poop-infused dirt.
    0bama will lie, shift blame, and dissemble while making an official statement about a Republican martyr for racial equality.

    Witness my prognosticative prowess.

  65. It was some garbage about how her social anxiety means she’s an empath. Too bad Spock isn’t around any more for her to heal.

  66. I think leon is just being lazy today.

    My future as foretold includes no lazing.

  67. It was some garbage about how her social anxiety means she’s an empath.

    Does she know that the word means awareness of what others are feeling, not a crippling obsession with what she’s feeling?

  68. Crippling obsessions with how one is feeling is now the national way. I was listening to some BS interview with Carley SImon talking about her life… @@ … honestly how she obsesses over every detail of her life. Ugh.

  69. It’s all about the feels. (warning, reading this might harm your IQ and make you snort your coffee)

    It’s science! Bwahahahaha.

  70. Favorite line in that article :”Empaths who have fully embraced their abilities are able to function on a purely intuition-based level.”

  71. This article is a “must read” for empaths. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03/19/the-habits-of-highly-intu_n_4958778.html

  72. Intuition is a valid starting point for an experiment or when time is over the essence and you can only make a guess.

    It’s a psychic ability in the sense that your psyche has the ability to intuit things, which just means you know something without rigorously knowing how you know. You still know the thing (or think you do), but you’re ignorant of how you know it.

  73. Oh leon. Highly intuitive people are better than you and I. They’re more in touch with their mind and body. They care more.

  74. High IQ is strongly correlated to neuroses of all types, that’s not exactly groundbreaking. Being smart means knowing how at the mercy of others dumbness you are, so some anxiety makes sense.

    However, “high IQ implies anxious” does not imply “anxious implies high IQ”.

  75. I actually am highly intuitive per Meyers-Briggs. Just means you rely on it more as a way of making decisions, not a statement on the quality of the decisions made that way.

  76. Lack of rigor is for weenies.

  77. Literally!

  78. I’ll go all Johnnie Cochran on intuiters:

    “If you didn’t do the analysis, you have mental paralysis”

  79. http://thefederalist.com/2016/01/15/obama-cheers-the-auto-industry-over-a-cliff/

    When did a 5.5 year loan on a car get to be normal? It’s crazy enough that we’ve gone from 5 year mortgages to 30 year mortgages, but am I the only person who thinks this is a nutty way to buy a car?

    *drives self rapidly toward exit from car industry*

  80. Copenhagen is cold. And everyone is skinny.

    Well their pants sure are.

    Copenhagen is so dull. Every time I go there I can’t wait to leave.

  81. Eh, intuition – “gut” – is how most people break analysis paralysis, I think. I know it’s what I do when I’ve dwelt too long and a decision’s gotta be made.

  82. I talk about “gut” feelings with my soldiers.

    The way I describe it, our ancestors weren’t the fastest or strongest, they were the ones who figured out quickest that there was a lion prowling out in the tall grass. Your brain is processing a lot of information behind the scenes and trying to make sense of it and looking for patterns.

  83. When did a 5.5 year loan on a car get to be normal? It’s crazy enough that we’ve gone from 5 year mortgages to 30 year mortgages, but am I the only person who thinks this is a nutty way to buy a car?

    *drives self rapidly toward exit from car industry*

    Keeping up with the Joneses. Extend the payment out so that your monthly payment is lower.

    Also, killing the used auto market screwed over people who can’t afford a three year loan on a new car.

  84. My gut told me not to change jobs when I did. My pride told me it was insulted and I should take the offer.

    Shoulda listened to the gut.

  85. Your brain is processing a lot of information behind the scenes and trying to make sense of it and looking for patterns.


  86. Every time I’ve ignored my gut and soldiered on it’s been a mistake.

  87. Also, killing the used auto market screwed over people who can’t afford a three year loan on a new car.

    This. Used to be able to get a POS car that would at least get you from point A to point B for $500. Now it’s $3000, and that can’t be entirely due to inflation.

  88. Doesn’t help that you can’t build anything street-legal and CAFE-compliant for less than $10k anymore.

  89. eh. Following “your gut” is too touchy-feely to analyze critically. You “followed your gut” when it turned out to be the right decision or didn’t when it was the wrong.

    Yea. What’s the measuring metric on that? It’s sorta like guessing when logic can’t give you a determinate answer. If you choose wrong – you “didn’t follow your gut” – when honestly your gut could have gone either way.

  90. Also – automakers have gone back to leasing cars which fubars the market as well.

  91. “Every time I’ve ignored my gut and soldiered on it’s been a mistake.”

    Yep. I learned my lesson.

  92. I might be off on the $3K. Co-worker is advertising a 2006 Honda Odyssey with 150K miles for $7,000. Is that a rip-off, a high offer to allow bargaining room, or reality?

  93. You should always listen to your gut instead of your intellect, unless of course you’re talking about doughnuts.

  94. ROamy – Honda’s do NOT lose their value. That’s the problem of trying to pick up a used HOnda. You’re honestly better off buying new.

    (we’re thinking about picking up a Honda).

  95. Playing workout tapes by Fonda?

  96. I fired a guy last week. He wanted me to ship a painting to him, but he wouldn’t tell me what he paid for it.

    See ya.

    Do you know who has the hardest time trusting others? Crooks.

  97. Yeah, honor among thieves is bullshit. Crooks screw each other over all the time. It’s generally why they’re crooks. Honest people don’t need to commit crimes.

  98. *also thinking of buying a honda. Civic manual with 40mpg

  99. Relying solely on your gut is as dangerous as ignoring it. You have to take it into consideration.

    Pure “reason” doesn’t work either, because human beings are great as manipulating reason to their desired ends.

  100. MLK Day!

    The struggle is real!!!

  101. I had a 1980 accord 5 speed. The clock never worked but I’m quite sure it’s still running today although the body probably has rusted off.

    Incredible car in every way ‘cept cruisin’ the strip. It def did not look good cruisin’.

  102. Time for a pet peeve:
    Many Americans write the word ‘are’ instead of ‘our’.
    Example: Don Surber just wrote: “They speak our language and know are culture”.


    WTF? I expect better than that from Don Surber. If he wanted the correct way to write that, all he had to do was look at first part of that sentence.

    The problem is that Americans pronounce our and are similarly, so the error while writing is understandable.

    Brits and Indians, on the other hand, pronounce our more like sour, so we don’t make the same mistake.

  103. Only you people outside of the midwest pronounce them the same.

  104. That’s very unlike Don. Maybe he’s using transcribing software and dictating.

  105. I pronounce then distinctly as well, Jay. Ditto for “pen” and “pin”.

  106. Maybe he’s using Ace’s spell check.

  107. Honda elements – uses – are outrageous. 11 year old cars are still $6000 and more. It’s just insane.

  108. In the fight in Baghdad, the Army learned that soldiers from urban environments learned to trust their gut about when something was hinky. They were very attuned to how urban life worked, and while they couldn’t articulate why something was “wrong” they could sense when an attack or IED was imminent.

  109. There’s a 2003 for sale for $8495.

  110. But there’s a 3 month warranty (if you pay list) @@

  111. Where are the athletic she-males this morning?

    I need my Reneé Richards fix.

  112. I’m not discounting “gut” feelings – certainly I used “gut” feelings to evaluate my relative safety when living in Detroit. I don’t really think that this is what they are talking about when new-age types talk about intuition.

    Gut feelings in dangerous situations are different. You don’t have the time or luxury of thinking it through slowly in a rational manner. You just have to decide.

    I really think though that people usually choose the right decision first and it’s the second guessing and “thinking it through” that messes it up. Call it gut or second guessing. Unless there is information not known, most people KNOW what choice to make. I don’t think that’s any magical “intuition.”

  113. Tex – Leon followed his gut and didn’t poat this morning.

  114. gut busted

  115. “Ditto for “pen” and “pin”.”

    were’z ma pincil bish?!

  116. I drink Milk. It rhymes with silk.

    My wife prefers some disgusting sounding product called Melk.

    I die a little more every time I hear her say that.

    And! people who call it a Pellow should liquidated toot suite.

  117. —day old shrimp in the sun

  118. Melk is horrible.

  119. I am trying to break Rocketboy of saying “nuke-cue-ler” instead of nuclear. Drives me crazy. “You’re not Jimmeh Carter!”

  120. That made Bush a moron to many.

  121. Apparently, Bush used the correct pronunciation of nuclear when he was away from public eyes and cameras.

  122. I hate Potata.

    The other night I almost lost it at work I had a BUNCH of people in a row (different tables) all saying that they’d have “the potata”.


  123. Try buying a decent used Dodge truck with a Cummins engine that hasn’t been messed with. 100,000 miles $24K

  124. Things I trust more than Hillary Clinton:

    Brian Williams tales of heroism, media pictures of toys in blown-up buildings/ rubble in “Palestine” , restaurant guests who claim to have a “gluten allergy”, and Amanda Marcotte’s intellectual honesty.

  125. Melk pushes me to the edge.
    I can take a lot of bs. someone doesn’t want to be on time, tailgate, move their lips when you are talking, read over my shoulder et cetera, et fuckin cetera. I don’t care.

    Say melk. One time.

    You’re dead to me.

  126. calm down, have some melk and kookies

  127. Pepe, it looks like you can get a fresh crate 6.7 cummins for 2007 and later for $5000.

  128. Fresh Towmaster Transmission $3500

  129. -_-

    Jay. I’m going to miss you.

  130. Link, Chumpster?

    I’ve got a 5.9 from before they had to change them to meet emission regs. No urea or whatever you have to add to the exhaust.

  131. Penelope says melk, for some reason she can’t say soft “i”.

    Her mom always says “supposably” and then denies it.

  132. Mellllk

  133. I love to cook my potatas in milk, but supposably that’s not good for you.

  134. No urea or whatever you have to add to the exhaust.

    I don’t think peeing on the muffler is going to help.

  135. engine

    Scroll to the very bottom

    for the trans just search Crate Transmissions.

    I bet you could freshen up a good straight auction truck for $12-15k, all in.

    Probably less if you search for a couple weeks.

    Dodges are the bomb. When I get another truck I am going this exact rout.

  136. -_-

    Carin. Someone is going to miss you.

  137. Like, all you guys? with yer, like, issues? with, like, certain words and junk? yer like, rully, like, uptight, yannow?

  138. Um, ok. I um can kinda um see what you um mean.

  139. Dodge trucks are okay, the Cummins engine is fantastic, especially before they messed it up with emission stuff.

  140. Just chased off a guy selling steaks door to door. Left a message on the non-emergency police line that this guy might be scoping for places to rob. Steaks? And in this neighborhood? Go hit up the golf course people.

  141. He also gave me a bogus website name for his business.

  142. Some guy tried that one day, said he just had an order fall through, and he wanted to get rid of the order really fast. Only $10 a pound!

  143. Definitely scoping for robberies.

  144. You passed up ice chest meat @ $10lb!!

    That aint right, Jay.

  145. What’s driving me crazy is newscasters saying “ben” instead of “bin”.

    The protesters have ben there all day. . .

  146. We purchased from a door-to-door meat guy once.

  147. Bin = been

  148. Price was good, meat was meh.

  149. I got yer door-to-door meat right here. *gestures downward*

    (Well, not really.)

  150. Raccoon and road deer usually is meh.

  151. The newer Toyota Tundras and Nissan Titans have Cummins Diesel engines. Pretty soon, no one except Cummins will bother with producing their own diesels

  152. My next meat thermometer needs to sync with my phone.

  153. >>
    My next meat thermometer needs to sync with my phone.

    Just a couple decades back, that statement would have stumped even people working in Silicon Valley

  154. iSmoke

  155. I just made some kick ass chicken curry.

    Recipe here: http://indianfood.about.com/od/chickendishes/r/mughlaichicken.htm

  156. -_-

    Carin. Someone is going to miss you.

    I don’t know who. Well, maybe they’ll miss me when every dish, glass, and article of clothing in the house is dirty.

  157. The chickens will miss you.

  158. heh, I feel the same way, Car in.

  159. So I’m trying this recipe: http://blog.stuffimakemyhusband.com/2011/02/pepperoni-pizza-puffs.html

    Only nothing like it. I swapped out “pizza” for “messican” and used sharp cheddar, cumin, cilantro, chorizo, and fresh diced jalapeno instead of all the listed eyetalian stuff. Also I’m baking it as drop biscuits on parchment. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

  160. Leon, please add your modified recipe to the recipe blog.

  161. he did, it’s just under another title, except it’s not.

  162. Tushar, onions ground to a paste?

  163. I made butter chicken last Saturday. It was okay, but I didn’t put in enough cumin or garam masala. Needed more oomph.

  164. Tasting now… yeah, I’ll add this to the recipe blawg.

  165. Drop biscuits ended up flat, you’ll want to do this as either muffins or a casserole.

  166. Roamy, raw onions ground to paste taste bitter. Chop roughly and saute a bit before you grind them.

  167. I served them with gwack-a-mole. Made for a good breakfast.

  168. Well Shitsky! Just found out Glenn Frey of the Eagles has passed away….damn near my favorite band of all time ….. damn….

  169. Now back to your regularly scheduled program….supper time with hostages…..

  170. LeonC, when cars started costing as much has homes! My first house was in the 60’s, a freaking Dodge truck costs that much now :) No offense intended to dodge owners.

  171. My parents bought the house I grew up in for $19000 in 1976 (not in Detroit, decent small town in SW MI). My 2012 Camry was $23000. Something ain’t right.

  172. http://is.gd/17CTZK

  173. How much horsepower did your parents’ old house have, leon?

  174. Evening.

  175. How much horsepower did your parents’ old house have, leon?

    About the same as the Camry. Camry has a CD player, though, standard. House had to have that added aftermarket.

  176. I saw a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker today. Guess what kind of car it was on.

  177. Prius?

    I see them here on Lesbarus and Priuses.

  178. It would actually be kind of awesome if the Bernie sticker was on one of these…


  179. Escalade

  180. Ring-a-ding-ding!

    A Prius.

  181. The only Bernie sticker I’ve seen around here is on an F250.

  182. David Bowie, Glenn Frey, who’s next? Is Keith Richards still dead?

  183. Frey was the third, after Bowie and Lemmy.

  184. Say a melk to me one time.

    You’re dead to me.


    Hoo boy, evidently when my husband says I say beg for bag I better start paying attention.

    I just thought it was a regional affectation. No, it makes people want to kill.

  185. Tushar, that cat pic is great!!

  186. Ah. I hadn’t heard about Lemmy. Carry on then. Nothing to see here.

  187. There’s a petition going around to name one of the new elements Lemmium instead of ununseptium.

  188. My vote for Berniemobile http://tinyurl.com/grfgdo6

  189. The Trabant has my vote.

  190. Merkel has a shit ton to answer for. I hope her legacy is depicted as s flaming piece of shit.

  191. Merkel should be the new word for quisling.

  192. I think Bernie should pick Lyndon LaRouche to be his VP.

  193. Nifty recipe, Leon. I had a question over there.

  194. The Reliant Regal shows up in episodes of Mr. Bean, usually gets tipped over.

  195. Wait, Quisling was a witting accomplice, Merkel should be a new word for those who sell out their own people for no reason discernible to the mind of man.

  196. Punk? Merke is the new punk?

  197. I answered you over there, Laura. It’s magic. And cheese.

  198. Merkel should be a new word for those who sell out their own people for no reason discernible to the mind of man.



    Just as the Kerry/Obama/Iran deal is a Merkel.

  199. Heh. Sorry, C arin.


  200. O M G, I guess no one was marching or doing public works on MLK Jr Day. We were so fucking busy. We had every register open and still had lines all day. I’m trying to remember all the words I need to say at TiTs 2 to send people over the edge.

  201. http://is.gd/amzMKV

  202. Yeah, truck prices are crazy, list on a new loaded pickup is $65 to $70K which is why I have a 12 year old truck with a lot of miles on it.

  203. http://tinyurl.com/gn2gdwf

  204. Our Honda was a great vehicle for 12 years. Standard. No power. Our 2014 Nissan Versa is stripped to the point the salesperson never bothered to follow up. Standard. No power. Keyed entry on just the driver’s side. Can’t access trunk from inside the car. Dan has a knack for POS cars that no one wants.

  205. A friend mine sent me this, taken in Brooklyn, NY


  206. When I met him, he was driving a 1978 Datsun. Sold it to one of his cart attendants in 1991. We would see it around town for a few years after. Finally saw it abandoned and tagged at a local mall in ’94.

  207. Did Dan try to buy it back from the impound lot?

  208. Holy shit, Scott that was funny.

  209. http://is.gd/5lcjg4

  210. Pepe, what kind of trucks are you trying to buy? Agreed, getting top of the line loaded ones go for 65-70, but decent ones start way lower.

    Out of curiosity, I priced a Ford F150 online. 8 ft bed, V8 engine, all accessories like tow package etc. no extra stuff like navigation package, backup camera etc. toped out at $40K before taxes.

    Even F250 is decently packaged for $45k.

    Throw in another $5k worth of shit and you are still talking about $50K

    What kind of limousine trucks are you looking at? Something made by Aston Martin?

  211. CoAl, he was tempted. I was firm. I H8 standards. I don’t care who the driver is, there is always a jerk. I love automatics and cruise control. Our Xterra is an auto. We only use it for camping. 2001. We bought it just before gas prices jumped and Dan had to commute cross town for work.

  212. Ok, you are probably looking at F450 King Ranch or equivalent.

  213. I like to say “Sear-up” instead of “Sir-up” to piss people off. I’m most notorious for going full Anglo on Spanish pronunciations. I call my mom “Man-u-lita” instead of “Manuel-ita”

  214. Oso, with the low gas prices, I hope the XTerra is getting out more.

  215. I like to say “Sear-up” instead of “Sir-up” to piss people off.

    That pisses people off?

    Huh. I guess that explains at least a few of the breakfast brawls I’ve been involved in.

  216. Serp.

    //cuts Sean

  217. Tush, yes. I love it! Has a CD player!!! Not all sports radio. We are taking POS Nissan to TiTs2.

  218. DD#1 started saying “buddun” (button) once she moved up north.

    Don’t know where she learned that one….

  219. OSO loves the Tush!!! I just asked Dan about taking the Xterra to TiTs2 since gas prices are so low, and he’s looking into it.

  220. Not even looking at new trucks, Tush. Just a casual interest. Loaded Ram 3500 SRW, Quad cab, 4wd, Cummins diesel engine, etc. Crazy prices.

  221. I don’t say “Reever” for river. I did once say “Shampion” for “Champion”. Messican accent.

  222. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is only about $40,000.

  223. Kerry/Odbass/Iran


  224. *Pulls a Boner*

  225. I saw the Eagles in concert back in the day. Meh. Never much of a fan. Eagles Reunion tour. I wasn’t interested. Dan went to concert with a female co-worker at the time who loved the Eagles. Ran into a family member that thought it was odd Dan was out with a female not me. Tried to cause drama.

  226. Bernie Sander’s suppoeters are angry that people are asking for his medical records.

    People should really be asking about his fossil records and carbon dating reports.

  227. Did anybody wonder why anybody else kept winking at them while they were talking about “herbal remedies” for various ailments today?

  228. IDFCAM

  229. Dan is being an Eagles Douche

  230. Oso, how long before she friended him on facedouche?

  231. Rough day, musically:


  232. That was a good article.

  233. Damn, when Keith Moon tells you “you do too much drugs,” that’s really something.

  234. http://tinyurl.com/7n5xcp6

  235. ah ha ha, “herbal remedy” is what an English friend would call pot. Took me back.

  236. Bernie Sander’s suppoeters are angry that people are asking for his medical records.

    People should really be asking about his fossil records and carbon dating reports.


  237. Hey, Lippy, you joining us for TITS 2: Electric Boogaloo?

  238. There’s trouble on the streets tonight,
    I can feel it in my bones.
    I had a premonition,
    That he should not derp alone.

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