Big Boob Friday

Greetings head-scratchers and welcome to Big Boob Friday.


This song is dedicated to MJ, I hope he will adopt it as his anthem.



Your model for today is a Hooters Girl, Ring Girl, model and bouncy bouncy gif girl without a lot of demographic information available online. She is a regular guest on a Philadelpia morning radio show and one tibit of information I read says she is from ‘Jersey. Please stop not driving your Google iCar and welcome, Miss Jennifer Kaelin!













  1. hooters

  2. Meh. The gifs were nice, though.

  3. nice work pupster

  4. Did you like the song, MJ?

  5. Who cares what MJ thinks?

    wakey wakey

  6. Keystone pounder sighting. She’s a keeper.

  7. Big ole’ hootdanks

  8. hootdanks is MJ copyright, I believe.

    *fines Cyn

  9. ©

  10. Luntz’s Dunces say Cruz won the debate!

  11. Speaking of copyrights, that deal with Yosemite is bullshit. NASAWatch said the same concessionaire was trying to copyright the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

    If they say they’ll hand over the trademarks to the new contractor, then why change names on the hotels at Yosemite?

  12. I’m halfway through watching the debate this morning. Clear winner so far? Cruz.

  13. Also I wish the bookend participants had been Paul and Fiorina instead of Kasich and Bush.

  14. Couldn’t agree with you more, about Paul and Fiorina. Why is Kasich still there? He has that much support? Sadly, I know Bush does.

  15. I’ll be caucusing for Cruz. Might even say something there, if no one else does.

  16. Last time I felt that way, it was Thompson. So long ago.

  17. Was going to watch the debate, changed my mind and listened to Wiserradio. No one told me I had a shoutout! That was cool.

  18. Really! What was wiserradio about? I should download it.

  19. Lindsey Graham endorses Jeb!, so that’s two, maybe three more votes.

  20. If I were an advisor to Bernie Sanders, I would urge him to immediately announce his running mate – Liz Warren. There may be no precedent for this, but as far as I know, it isn’t prohibited.

    It would be bye-bye Hillary in a heartbeat – schlonged again.

  21. Jay, transportation guy talked about CT bridges, roads, “high speed” rail (too many curves, too old tracks to get real speed), etc. There was some useful stuff from Ben on free alternatives to Lifelock, like Credit Karma. Diet talk for all those on New Year’s resolutions.

  22. DIET TALK?

    Please tell me he did a segment on gardening …

  23. Heh, love the music selections on wiserradio!

  24. Gardening segment is for laura’s guest week.

  25. Did you like the song, MJ?

  26. After watching the master debate last night I tend to agree with Lauraw. Cruz is slimy.

  27. There isn’t a one of them that couldn’t have been the stand in for the ghostbuster character “slimer”.

    Ef Them, EF their effing parties, and Ef their kabuki efing theater

  28. She seems dirty pillows.

  29. Oh, FFS I’m voting for Cruz.

  30. I probably will to, but I think he’s too slick. I dunno, I guess he just rubs me the wrong way.

    I don’t doubt that his beliefs come from his values, though.

  31. It’s ironic that we’ve got a guy who’s “too slick” when before we’ve had candidates with “bad optics”.


    There is no pleasing “you people.”

  32. I haven’t made up my mind yet, but I’m definitely not voting for Jeb! (Common Core, no dynasty), Christie (hugged Obama, gun grabber), or Kasich (Christian when it’s politically expedient, anti-Christian for the same). I have until March 1.

  33. *walks around the blog with this slick Cruz sign

  34. I’ll vote for anyone that isn’t Hillary or Bernie.

    But my guess is that it’ll be Cruz or Trump.

  35. Puts on Red, white, blue cheerleading outfit and does a “GO CruZ GO” chant.

  36. Cruz is da man.

  37. Oh, I just paid $172.9/gallon for gas. That made me do a happy dance, short one though cause it’s colder that all get out.

  38. I’ll vote for anyone that isn’t Hillary or Bernie.

    There’s been a time or two that I have felt sorry for O’Malley, but then he opens his mouth, and I get over that feeling. I can see why he lost the governorship.

  39. Hehe, they use the Chad Scale on wiserradio.

  40. I had a beer from a brewery last night that was a 9 on the chad scale.

    It was awesome.

  41. No normal man can endure 9 chads!

  42. Nah, fuck it. I’ve reconsidered.

    I’m voting for Trump.

  43. Too slick? Hahahaha! They’re all politicians. Don’t be silly.

  44. I’m not sure anyone would describe Bernie Sanders as slick.

  45. You added an extra “l” in Bernie’s case. Saw part of an interview with him this morning on “CBS This Morning”. Pretty scary!

  46. Sounds like Bernie’s ready to close down Wall Street and get rid of “Corporate Fat Cats”.

  47. but those corporate fat cats are their biggest donors!

  48. Hmmm; He didn’t mention that…I wonder if the CFCs will rethink their donations…NAH! Eeeevil Republicans!

  49. Jay, what are we going to do with these ingrates?

    Also, did you ever count calories?

  50. An article the other day summed up exactly how I feel about Trump/Cruz/etc

  51. My new watch has a calorie counting thingy.

  52. I’m dying on this calorie restrictive diet. I like the food but it seems like it isn’t enough.

    I’m only eating about 1700 per day.

  53. I do 2000, try 1900

  54. Quick question:

    Is the mrs. peel in today’s Weird Twitter our mrs. peel?

  55. I’ve still got 1000 calories for today

  56. That’s about two bottles of wine.

  57. What are you eating?

  58. Wiser, not our Peel.

  59. I am personally embarrassed the Country that I love is taking seriously about Bernie Sanders. He is effing mental with a side of crazy commie thrown in. Incredible. And incredibly sad.

  60. Wiser, not our Peel.

    yeah, I figured that out, as I follow our mrs. peel and that isn’t her twitter nic.

    thanks, oso!

  61. Iffin I don’t kick this EbolAids, tomorrow’s show is gonna sound fucking awesome!

  62. Bernie is going to make other people pay for everything.

  63. Considering the state of the world’s economy, I’m gonna say that, very soon, there ain’t gonna be no one’s money to use.

  64. Barter Sys.

  65. I’ll give two shits to pay for your healthcare AND your education mr/Mrs Immigrant.

    Maybe three.

  66. Wait, we can pay in shits?

    I’m full of it!

  67. It’s barter.

  68. I’ll trade you a mountain of regret for 15 min of fame.

  69. Game changer! ]

    Lindsey Graham has endorsed Jeb!.

  70. I’ll trade you my two cents for a hamburger today.

  71. I’m with Chimpo on the immigrant deal. I don’t want to pay shit for either.

  72. two shits

  73. Meh. We’ve been paying for illegals for years.

  74. I’ve been paying for years, and I *still* don’t have my illegal.

  75. Listening to the AoSHQ Podcast. God help me, I agree with Ace about Trump and free trade.

  76. Greetings, people who are still writing 2015 on checks.

  77. Hahahahadsgaah

    Keep paying.

  78. Last year I started to write 19 for the year on a check.

    15 years!!!

    I’m living in the past, man.

  79. It’s okay. The future kinda sucks.

  80. “I’ve been to Bahrain and looked right across the Persian Gulf to Iran. Everything is very close there.” —Nancy Pelosi

    “According to Google Maps, the distance between the two countries at their closest points is over 100 miles. That’s roughly equivalent to the distance between Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. … It appears Pelosi is capable of seeing through the Earth itself.” —Mediaite’s Alex Griswold

  81. Boy, I bet Tina Fey really zings her over that one, huh?


  82. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’d still bang Tina Fey.

    Hate me if you want, but it’s true.

  83. No, you’re right. I’d hit that, too.

  84. Yup.

  85. She’d probably give you a two-for-one deal with Amy Poehler.

  86. I’d turn that down. Just Tina. If she tries to add Amy, no go.

  87. Yup yup.

  88. You got bewbs next week CoLex. Don’t let me down like MJ.

    Jimbro, you in two weeks.

  89. I can see Mt Taylor from my house!!! 99.9 miles.

  90. ?

  91. reeserchin’ is tuff

  92. You got bewbs next week CoLex. Don’t let me down like MJ.

    He just killed everyone’s boners by mentioning Amy Poehler. I don’t have high hopes.


  94. If we get Tina Fey for BBF, I’mma be a tad disappointed.

  95. You haven’t done Tina Fey for Load HEAT, have you?


  96. Nope. Considered it, but decided she was just too annoying.

  97. That didn’t stop you from doing Sarah Silverman.

  98. Nothing would stop me from doing Sarah Silverman, either.

  99. I’m gonna pass on the Silverman action. That bitch is beyond stripper crazy…

  100. I wouldn’t do Silverman either. Something tells me she’s no fun in the sack.

  101. Eh, SS wasn’t quite as annoying back when I posted that one. She’s… devolved since then.

  102. She was less annoying back when she was getting punched in the face in Way of the Gun.

  103. Oh, I find Sarah Silverman incredibly annoying these days, too. But I’ve had a thing for her since the late 90s.

  104. I’ve had a thing for Fairuza Balk since I was 11, so I get it, I just don’t share the specific obsession.

  105. Cruz’s apology about New York Values is epic.

  106. Yes it is.

  107. OMG. I rewatched Waterboy today. Fairuza Balk was awesome in it.

  108. I know, right? She can be my vengeful cajun girlfriend anytime.

  109. Did anybody think anybody else might not be well-suited for a “Household Hints” column after reading their suggestion on getting dishes “sparkling clean with chlorine” today?

  110. She totes got past the awkward Wizard of Oz phase.

  111. I enjoyed The Craft a lot more than I should have.

  112. I thought she was in Willy Wonka.

  113. Sarah Silverman was great in Greg The Bunny. I LOVE GTB!!!!!

  114. Wasn’t her, Pup. She was in Return to Oz and The Worst Witch.

  115. I have no idea what anyone is talking about.

  116. An attractive, pale brunette with bright blue eyes, Scoot.

  117. Hey, laura (if you’re lurking) (and I mean here on the blog, not out in the parking lot waiting to kill me) did you know Achewood is back?

  118. Fairuza wasn’t my favorite in The Craft.

  119. They were all good, XBrad, but you’re right, Neve was the standout there.

  120. OH, right. That was Veruka Salt.

  121. Neve is Canadian.

  122. English!

  123. I only figured that out a couple days ago, but yeah. Also, apparently I obsessively click that bookmark regularly, even if the site has been in stasis for over a year and a half. Also, your rear passenger tire is somewhat compromised, but don’t worry, you will probably make it home for sure. Probably. I took a picture of it, just in case.

  124. If you cut his brake lines he’ll get home faster.

  125. I’ll take a picture of that, too. Just in case.

  126. Wow. Sean knows how to summon The Hump. Awesome or Creepy? Discuss

  127. Baseball!!! Spring Training starts a few days after TITS2.

  128. Not that I’ve extended my vacay to include a meaningless first day of baseball after a few days in Laughlin for Dan. Nope.

  129. I like Laughlin. (OMG I’m old!!!)

  130. When someone is a fan of the same stuff as you and spends a lot of time thinking about killing you in grisly ways and her husband can probably holler at her from the other room, it’s not terribly difficult.

  131. He just killed everyone’s boners by mentioning Amy Poehler. I don’t have high hopes.

    You have my solemn promise that the women next Friday will have massive tits…

  132. Ted Cruz should announce that he’s putting the Canadian thing to rest once and for all, and then stomp on a picture of Wayne Gretzky while denouncing Tim Horton’s three times.

  133. My mom’s only sister passed tonight. It was only tonight I learned of her going to hospice. Mom cannot travel, so I guess I have to represent the family.
    Crap I only have a few vacation days left, Tits is in jeopardy!

  134. HEY!!! leave The Great Juan out of this.

  135. Canada is full of Mark Steyn level disappoint level. Trudeau is more ghey than TFG. Sorry, for the loss Vman

  136. You have my solemn promise that the women next Friday will have massive tits…

    Why does this seem somehow…ominous?

  137. I have no idea what you mean. LauraW sent me a list of lovely young ladies who will delight you with their appearance.

  138. Oso, are you saying that the Canucks are already tiring of Trudeau?

  139. Only the Canucks that don’t like Nickelback. The ones that are afraid of gun confiscation and two guys named Md walking into a bar in Calgary.

  140. This is what it sounds like, when the phone dies….🎶🎶🎶

  141. Syeady as she goes, V.

    No one is confiscating anyone’s guns. My Lord.

    The law of large numbers.

    Bally Hoo and Banter All.

  142. My mom and her BF are ill. My bro and sis are ignoring me. Whatev. TITS2.

  143. I ask God to help be to me a more patient and tolerant man on a daily basis, so He puts a big group of teenagers directly outside my office while I’m trying to watch a movie.

    Be careful what you pray for, people.

  144. God says “Haw” to me on a daily basis. I’m still working through the God=Santa stuff.

  145. That takes patience.

    We could live Beyond Thunderdome and I would be fine with that, as long as its quiet when I want it to be quiet.

  146. Still adjusting to new glasses and Bourbon. Mostly bourbon. Mostly

  147. I was here reading Phat on 9/11/12

  148. I don’t fucking care anymore. No kids. LIFB!!!!

  149. Back in the day, my mom made a habit of copying/taking family pics. Family historian

  150. 2009 She loaned pics to cousin. Much drama. She called me today to offer the rest of family pics. I accepted. Oso family pics coming to Joe’s Crab near you.

  151. Owning comments.

  152. Opening Day

  153. Fairuza Balk played Ginger (the hooker with a kid) on Ray Donovan last season.

  154. TiFW, how are you? Feeling good enough for TITS2?

  155. My mom called me tonight. Made a point of letting me know I was her last bored call. Managed to piss off Dan. AKA January.

  156. Why are you still up?

  157. Once there were mountains on mountains
    And once there were sun birds to soar with
    And once I could never be down

    Got to keep searching and searching
    Oh, what will I be believing and who will connect me with derp?
    Wonderful, wonderful, wonder when


  159. Rainy and grim. So dark out this morning I didn’t believe it was time to get up.
    worky worky

  160. The predicted high temp today is -1, which is the current temperature, still dark outside. High tomorrow is predicted at -8. I’m going to grill some chicken and burgers for the games.

  161. wakey wakey

  162. The bartender I work with tonight threatened she’s going to be hungover.

    I’m going to choke a bitch if that happens. THe last timei (a month or so ago) she came to work hungover she basically spent the entire time in the bathroom or the little storage room next to the bar. I think she’s actually allergic to alcohol. I ended up having to send her home and closed by myself.

    I will seriously be pissed.

  163. Hey there.

  164. Get me a drink.

  165. I’ll get your drink but I’m not running any keno for you.

  166. So I wore my new watch yesterday. It said i walked 8 miles.

  167. I made coffee.

  168. This has been an awful week, I don’t remember the last time I didn’t have a headache.

  169. Ugh. That’s horrible Leon. Are you neglecting yourself?

  170. Yesterday I was way under calories. I’ll just pretend it was one of my “semi-fasting” days.

  171. It’s that or my new glasses don’t fit right.

  172. Just checked CF to see if I wanted to go before my double.

    It’s a hellacious workout. Just terrible. I’d be dead all day.

  173. This has been an awful week,

    Funerals have that effect. I was hoping that everyone behaved themselves.

  174. Have fun with the weather Pups. We’re finally creeping back up to our usual temps here. Our high temps have been about 15 degrees under the average. Weather Underground is great, it’s been really accurate for this area. All that snow we got is melting, so it’s a muddy mess in the afternoon.

  175. My sister-in-law continues to be problematic. My mother-in-law immediately went to a doc for anti-anxiety meds, and is trying to sort out how she keeps the underwater house she just inherited. The funeral home doesn’t allow hot foods and I’ve been there at least 5 hours a day since Wednesday. Also, grandma was a Witness and I’m seriously dreading the funereal rite. That’s today.

    I put my old glasses back on, we’ll see if that’s the issue.

  176. Oh, and I caught another opossum in the barn last night. Had to chop a hole in the pond ice after dark using my headlamp and an axe to get the kill done. Yes, the axe would have been faster, but the cleanup would have been much worse.

    So it’s been stressful.

  177. *makes drink

  178. Thanks Pepe. Our house is built for this, very cozy with baseboard radiant heat. The only animals I have to worry about are Nessie the Wonder Dog who loves the cold, and the crazy neighbor dogs who have been fighting amongst themselves after being cooped up for so long. The neighbor lady got bit trying to break up a fight the other night, I feel like there is going to be a change next door as they have to keep them separated in a not very big house.

    I’ve been plugging in the block heater on the truck overnight, and starting it every couple of hours at work, no problems unless I forget.

    How did the herd fare during the cold snap?

  179. Did you prescription change Leon? I get a headache with new glasses but it usually only lasts a day or two. Sorry to read about your family problems and zombie possum invasion.

    You know what would make you feel better? Posting some baby pictures, I’ll bet she’s getting big!

  180. *makes drink


  181. Cattle are all fine. Even heavy snow melts pretty quick on the south and west facing slopes. We haven’t had a really cold snap yet. The lowest it has been is 3 degrees. We start calving in a few weeks, so I’m hoping it will stay warm.

  182. Will the snow solve any of your drought problems?



  185. The snow should help with the ground water. It sure is a pain in the ass now, though.

  186. Very minor prescription change, but the frame style is different and I think that’s more to blame. It’s much more likely to be stress, insomnia, and diet in this case, but the new glasses came last Thursday, so I likely cascaded from one cause to other causes.

    She’s enormous now, bigger than Benny (so, like 13#). Still small for her age but following the curve, which is normal for my family. My wife and I are both 5’5″, so it’s not like she had a future in the WNBA anyhow (plus I’m hoping she’s not a lesbian). I’ll try to post a couple new pictures soon.


  188. Follow Insty’s link if you dare

  189. Pups, that last gif is to funny what Jennifer Kaelin is to testing the strength of bra straps.

    I don’t know wtf I’m saying. That gif was funny.

  190. Jimbro, that guy with the liner in the story was frightening and yucky and I have to believe that is a spoof of some kind because it’s too incredibly stupid to be real.

    But if it is real, Ted Cruz was absolutely right, NYC values suck.

  191. leon will you email me a best practices for Paleo living please?

  192. No idea what the funeral rites for Witnesses are, but the wedding rite is weird. My SIL went to one, and she said she wanted to jump up, shout, “NO! Run while you can!”, and run interference down the aisle so the bride could escape. Marriage lasted less than two years.

  193. The eyeliner guy and his mate, labelled as his “Fluffer”, is what made me realize I didn’t want to watch the entire video. Dressing your wang up in little outfits is just a bizarre practice.

    Spoof seems likely now that you mention it. Maybe to get attention for her real business.

  194. I did laugh at the one that was supposed to be Trump. There’s a joke there about a blowhard, but I’m not touching it.

  195. Seriously, if you’re counting on “dressing up your dick” to keep the spark in your relationship, it’s over or was never real. And the fat black guy with the weird teeth and strange shaved chest grossed me out.

  196. Yeah, I chuckled at the Trump deal too.

  197. And the fat black guy with the weird teeth and strange shaved chest grossed me out.

    Let me guess, he chose to dress up as Obama?

  198. Why do I have to wait until 4:30 to watch football?

  199. New Post.

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