How Soon Is Noon?





Carin getting down on The Smiths made me recall my one and only Smiths album “Meat is Murder“, the one with the kid on the front cover. I had it on vinyl and it was nothing like I’d heard before. Then Morrissey started opening his yap about non-music stuff and my interest faded rapidly. Que sera sera.



  1. Good morning PowerBall losers

  2. *sobs

  3. hmmm

  4. fuckin’ garbage cans

  5. they’re always in the way

  6. Morrissey is an idiot, but I love the Smiths.

  7. Nikky Haley sure set herself up as a tool. And by tool I mean dumbass puppet.

  8. My dad and I were talking about her at Christmas. We both thought she’d be the VP pick.

    I’d hit it.

  9. That story is all sorts of fucked up Jam. The authorized pain meds seem liberal. “Two pain pills and an injection of morphine” for shoulder pain? If she got Tylenol and a small dose of morphine it might be reasonable while the work up got under way. Shoulder pain in the ER can be many things. Apparently in this ER it means “Bukkake me”

  10. MJ, I was a big fan at one point. Right up until she gave that ridiculous speech. Classic GOP, time meant to refute the lying POS President instead used to bash GOP candidates…brilliant strategy! Oh and Paul Ryan can go eff himself.

  11. Okay, say the Dr. didn’t do anything and the woman is making a false accusation. What should happen to her?

  12. ^woman scorned

  13. For the person who has everything.

  14. The story sounds awfully fishy to me.

  15. Yep, Nikki Haley shit the bed. Also, the 2 guys in the photos at the top of this post are teh ghey.

  16. Meanwhile…

  17. Heh, love how the driver is just gonna take off.

  18. Wow, lots of good press for 13 Hours, wonder how they are going to whitewash it. They are already starting.

  19. Thorsday must mean sleep in in H2ese.

  20. I remain flabbergasted by the chocolate butt mold

  21. David Bowie, now Alan Rickman; who next?

  22. David Bowie, now Alan Rickman; who next?

    Already hit the Trifecta. Lemmy.

  23. MJ, I was a big fan at one point. Right up until she gave that ridiculous speech.
    I agree. She didn’t get the memo about halting the circular firing squad. Too bad.

    Still hit it, though.

  24. I don’t know who “Lemmy” is. Too lazy to google.

    Also Nikki Haley needs to be schlonged.

  25. Two other people who need to be schlonged – Hillary and Chelsea.

  26. And your mom.

  27. My avatar got schlonged by slick willie.

  28. She was asking for it.

  29. She was a stalker.

  30. I just watched Chelsea attacking Bernie Sanders.

    How is she so bad? She’s clearly trying to remember her lines, and is completely monotone.

    Poor girl.

  31. Princess Clinton. That fits, because she hasn’t earned her high paying journalist spot, and married into money.

    I hope she finds something she is good at.

  32. But be careful, she attacked Sanders, so she is an open target for political campaigns. But soon they will pull her back, and then it will become “unfair”.

  33. It just adds to the disingenuous claim.

    Everyone around Clinton is sort of dead eyed.

  34. “The best role for her is to help in humanizing Hillary and talking about what a great mother and grandmother she is,” Bannon said. “Hillary has plenty of edge on her own, she doesn’t need help there. She has such an asset in her family if only they can use them the right way.”

    Now, if only they continue to fuck that chicken. Hilldebeast needs to be humanized. Nice candidate you have going there dems.

  35. It’s as basic as this:

    The more people see and hear Hillary, the less they like her.

  36. She really is a beast of a thing. Her pussy is so dry it has to be dusted instead of douched.

  37. Euthanized, not humanized.

  38. Then add in the crazy that is Sanders. Wait until people hear him up close, not during a debate during the National Championship game or the playoffs.

  39. OK, on our way back from the warehouse today I want to stop by the masonry supply place and look at the price of firebricks. Little take-apart tabletop brick hibachi just seems so awesome to me. I can make it teensy and make it worthwhile to light coals for just a few burgers. Gonna need an extra base and backstop of fire insulation brick if I want to use it on the table under the eaves, too. Which I do.

    This could be awesome.

    As an alternative to building a little hibachi, if the price of the bricks is too much, I could also use just a few fire bricks to make a charcoal divider in the little smoky joe, using one side for hibachi searing with much less charcoal, and also create an indirect cooking zone on the other side of the firebox with a couple more bricks.

    So easy. This might also be of interest to MJ:

    One other thing I have learned by researching all these mods this morning, is that Scott and I are not the only grill-obsessed people. There’s a forum where people list their grills in their post signatures. Some people have eight, ten, twelve grills. So, we’re not weird.

    We’re totally not weird.

  40. Comment by Hotspur on January 14, 2016 10:35 am
    I don’t know who “Lemmy” is. Too lazy to google.

    Lemmy Kilmister. Lead singer for Motorhead. Rock icon. Died just over two weeks ago, 4 days after his 70th bday.

  41. We’re totally not weird.

    Course not. Who could possibly think such a thing?

  42. Yea. Totally not weird.

  43. Well, there you go. I don’t know who Motorhead is.

  44. so, Cruz took money from Goldman Sachs?

    At this point, is there anyone in DC who didn’t?

  45. The Cruz deal is so rediculous. We have Hillary committing felonies FFS.

  46. Following the release of the Times report, people uncovered the following document on which Cruz did, in fact, disclose the loan:

    at the bottom:

    Heh, of course, it’s Jennifer Rubin for the post article.

  47. I also didn’t know who Lemmy was.

    But the word made me think of MCPO and Lemon Party.

  48. So is my spelling.

  49. Cruz has the establishment nervous J’ames.

    He took OUT A LOAN? OMG. @@

  50. How many uranium mines did he sell?

  51. From the last paragraph of Jay’s link

    “The GOP is lucky to find this out now. Imagine what would happen if the party nominated someone with this to go up against the Clinton attack machine. It’s one more reason not to nominate someone with such a thin public record who has never been thoroughly vetted.”

    What makes her so sure it’ll be Clinton and not Bernie? Also, what is this vetting she speaks of?

  52. That last paragraph made me want to go on a 57-state shooting spree.

  53. It’s one more reason not to nominate someone with such a thin public record who has never been thoroughly vetted.

    Hmmm….this reminds me of someone…but who? *taps chin* Just can’t place it. Ah well.

  54. Vetting = something every Republican goes through via the media.

  55. This is up there with Mitt’s dog and Rubio’s yacht.

  56. Rubin *cough* *Romney* *cough*

  57. Fortunately for him, though, they were able to keep all of his records sealed (birth, social security, college, law review, medical), and the msm just let it all slide.

    I am not a birther, but I’m damn curious why they hid his birth certificate. What’s on it, that they don’t want public?

  58. I don’t care all that much about his birth certificate, but his school transcripts and his health reports (the things every other candidate ever has released) would probably be some damn interesting reading.

  59. His name, Hotspur. Soetero, instead of Obama.

  60. I’m curious, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen any sort of explanation, about the scars all over the back of his head.

  61. Those are from Valerie’s finger nails.

  62. I think 15 grills is weird.

    1-14 is fine, though.

  63. Nope, from the gimp mask, with Reggie.

  64. You only need two, gas and charcoal.

  65. Those Avenger cartoons were some of my favorites when I was a little kid, especially the theme songs. I think the Iron Man theme was my favorite…


  67. Hehe, that’s awesome.

  68. That’s my standard when I pull K-wires out of kid’s elbows Scott.

    “OK, I’m gonna pull that pin out on 3. Ready? 1—2—PULL!!!—3”

    Only for the older kids who understand the joke. Little kids are going to cry no matter what you do and in that instance the joke would make the parents report you to the medical board.

  69. Our whole house loved Rickman. I think I’m going to dig up my Sense and Sensibility for later.

  70. haha, my dentist used to do the same thing, the bastard.

  71. Those are from Valerie’s finger nails.


  72. I’ve given up on watching the replay of Alabama-Clemson. In an attempt to be edgy or just to piss me off they’re running split screens. Half the screen is the field shot and the other half is currently divided between a coach shot, a interview someone shot and the rest of it is tweets scrolling by. FFS, I’d be happy with just the game dammit.

  73. Gosh. Just found this song among my itunes stuff. Haven’t heard it in ages. That voice …

  74. Wuthering Heights is my favorite song of hers. “This Woman’s Work” is a kind of sweet song too. Almost too sappy.

  75. Which metal group does she front for?

  76. He was a she at birth, Hostpur. That’s what they’re hiding. This is absolutely true. Honest injun.

  77. Back in my college days I was into this sappy stuff. Right after my Smiths phase. I didn’t start listening to metal until I was about 36 years old.

    Do try to keep up.

  78. El linko stinko

  79. I am not a birther, but I’m damn curious why they hid his birth certificate. What’s on it, that they don’t want public?

    1) “Barry Dunham”

    2) He was actually born in Vancouver, which is why Stanley Dunham showed up at a friend’s house in Seattle weeks after Obama was born.

    3) He was born in Hawaii, but at a different time than was published.

    Basically the narrative of his birth couldn’t have happened and fit the facts that we know. It’s made up to appeal to voters.

  80. the days are ticking by fast for barry….
    every morning i wonder what im gonna read that he’s done to us.

    he hasn’t poked a burning stick in our eye in days….

    he’s slacking –

  81. Peanuts!


  82. Basically the narrative of his birth couldn’t have happened and fit the facts that we know. It’s made up to appeal to voters.
    I hope I am around when the scales are lifted from the public’s eyes. Just like Billy Jeff is getting labeled a perv for what he formerly passed off as being pursued by crazed fame whores so too Obama will meet a similar fate. I’m just not sure what paradigm will shift for that to happen.

  83. Haha, so the only thing Teh Won ever lectured on at U of Chicago was race. And they think the GOP lies and overstates!

  84. PBC makes incredible burgers.

  85. Incredible burgers will have to do then.

  86. Didn’t think it would get hot enough, I’ve cooked them indirectly before. Kind of reverse sear.

  87. They took a while, but it was worth it.

  88. They are a pain to flip. One of our spatulas is about to get some custom bending.

  89. Definitely gonna try that, compare them to the indirect kettle burgers.

    by the way, thick cut pork chops (we call them Iowa Chops here) are heaven on a smoker. 2″ at least.

  90. You could use a potato masher and some tongs or another spatula to help them along

  91. Burned a hole in our aluminum pizza pan.

    * upgrades to stainless steel *

  92. Tush

    that guy needs to shave his back and shoulders

  93. no show on the so-cal contingent today….

  94. We’re counting all of our Powerball $

  95. couple of things here:

    i’m not convinced you can count.
    if you all are rolling in the cash, enjoy it while you can ’cause hookers, booze, blow, midgets, large black dildos, small asian ones, salt fueled rages against The One, and sundry other transgressions will find you tits up in an alley of “no apparent injuries”…

  96. *cocktails and debriefs

  97. Debate night!

  98. I think the interview went well. Also allowed me to be well-dressed for the viewing.

    Cocktail poured, but I’m still briefed. Might have to feed the horses tonight.

  99. I aint watching no debate.

  100. Cocktail night. I’m still briefed as well, but I am showered (from workout) and re-clothed.

  101. I’m still watching Blue Mountain State, at least until wife and baby get here.


  103. How the fuck could anyone watch teh debate when The Blacklist returns tonight? Answer: That would be silly.

  104. I’m still at work. I really should just say fuck it and go home.

  105. I concur, Alex.

  106. I’m imaging an ever increasing magnitude of drone catcher catchers.

  107. ” I really should just say fuck it and go home.”

    there is almost no down side to saying “fuck it” at work

  108. Burgers? Did Laura eat the entire pork shoulder already? NTTAWWT

  109. jimebro im already on a diy home defense version… what could go wrong?


  110. One of the lessons I teach my students is that when someone says go home, say thank you and GTFO. The saying goes “The longer you stay, the longer you stay”.

  111. She ground up chicken and made chicken burgers as well.

    We freeze a lot of stuff.

  112. “The longer you stay, the longer you stay”.

    Welcome to the Hotel California H2

  113. Very, very rarely does useful work come out of a non-manual laborer after hour 10.

    When it does, drugs are involved.

  114. Home.

    I’ve already hit my hours for the week, so tomorrow will be a short day. I just want to try and finish a project and get my evaluation for the year done.

    If you’re keeping folks longer than ten hours on a regular basis, then it’s probably a sign of poor leadership and shitty planning.

  115. If you’re keeping folks longer than ten hours on a regular basis, then it’s probably a sign of poor leadership and shitty planning.


  116. I will admit that I occasionally stay 10-11 hours, because I’ll hit a productive streak in the late afternoon. But my boss doesn’t care if I make up for it by taking a short day later in the week. Work late Monday, leave early Friday.

  117. Just before I met Laura I was working 60-70 hours a week.

    One night on my drive home my heart started racing, like 200 BPM, and the arteries in my neck felt like they were ready to burst.

    I pulled over and waited to die. It passed, but I gave my notice the next morning.

  118. The nice thing about my company is that they’re strict about hours. 42 hours a week, no more.

  119. I had a TV on my desk so I wouldn’t miss football on Sunday.

  120. Working many 12-14 hour days in my late 20’s and early 30’s set me up for a decent schedule in my 50’s.

  121. I did enjoy it though.

  122. My Mom always said “stress affects you differently as you age.”

    I laughed.

    She was right.

  123. I remember once I came off a call shift of 36 hours and went to do my National Guard duty down the Cape. My heart was fluttering so I went in an exam room and did a 12 lead EKG. I was in AFib. I stopped drinking my coffee and when the day was over went home and slept the rest of the weekend.

  124. Your mom was right. If I was in AFib now I’d go to the ER.

  125. I’ve had a long, full day, with lots of things in it, and I have barely slept this week. Right now I feel calm and tired and ready to sleep.

    *looks at at clock*

    Fuck it, I’m going to bed.

  126. I don’t know what I had, but it scared the crap out of me.

  127. The debate starts now.


  129. I also made a big pot of jambalaya-style rice with veggies, pork, and clams yesterday.

    We freeze a lot of stuff

  130. Night Leon.

  131. Rubio just hit one out of the park.

    It was so good that I’ll forgive him for the gang of eight.

  132. He’s a liar, baby.

  133. If you’re keeping folks longer than ten hours on a regular basis, then it’s probably a sign of poor leadership and shitty planning.

    Amen, brother. The machine shop is working overtime, building replacements for the space station life support system because the backup and the backup to the backup blew up on Antares and SpaceX. That, I can understand. Anything else is usually bullshit.

    One of the moms in the scouting group brags about her 80-hour work week. My thoughts usually run along the lines of:
    a. you are unorganized
    2. you just like saying you work 80 hours, you’re probably working maybe 20 and bitching the rest of the time.
    Pi. you have 3 kids, when do you have time to be Mom?
    iv. your company needs to hire someone before you kill yourself.

    Also, I’m sending Rocketboy over to the W’s house to solve their leftovers problem.

  134. Cruz should have pointed out that he took a loan, while Hillary just takes massive amounts of campaign and “charity” money.

  135. I’m a little disappointed with TrumpHair™ this evening.

  136. I seriously doubt that any big kid could put a hurt on our meal storage situation, but I would absolutely feed your Rocketboy as much of my home cooking as he could do damage to. Because Future Generation of Smart People, is why.

  137. I would totaly drink malbec out of a skull.

    That would be awes.

  138. Ben Carson wants a war against 4chan.

  139. 3chan was fine.

  140. I thimk they are NSay.


  142. This is the kid who once ate 4 lbs. of sauerbraten for lunch. The only leftovers sitting in the fridge right now is the chicken, broccoli, and pasta dish where I overcooked the pasta. I’m the only one eating it because I’m too cheap to throw it away.

  143. I need to figure out what to cook for him for Saturday night, since he is heading back to school Sunday morning.

  144. I vote lasagna. I’ll bring the garlic bread.

  145. I check in and immediately see lasagna. Excellent.

  146. Pot roast or meatloaf. It’s a well-cooked beef kind of weekend.

    *holds hands out porch door, waves them in the air*

    Yeah, definitely, definitely feels like the world needs pot roast or meatloaf. Hearty side veggies.

  147. Pot roast sounds great.

  148. What goes into your meatloaf?

    You go with the cornflakes on top? Ketchup?

  149. Jeb Bush is my hero.

    1. He’s as pale as a virgin’s ass

    2. He would like to keep admitting muslims to the country as asylum seekers as long as they something something something.

    3. He can’t remember his lines.

    4. He uses words like ‘coalition’.

    5. 9 out of 10 dead English servants would think about coming to his Quinceañera if the guacamole wasn’t spicy.

  150. Jeb Bush’s brain is meatloaf. With ketchup.

  151. Is Trump speaking English?

  152. People put cornflakes on meatloaf? Well that’s new to me.

    I just wing it, no set recipe. Usually comes out fine. I don’t make it very often because Scott just has never cared for meatloaf in general and I’m very rarely in the mood to cook just for myself.

  153. I wonder how much his wife cost.

  154. Yeah, some people mix cornflakes in, or layer them on top to firm up the meatloaf/give it a little crunch.

    You do the roast in the oven or slow cooker/crockpot?

    My family has always done it in the crockpot. My wife’s in the oven. I like the slow cooker because it makes the meat so tender.

  155. His vote counts the same as mine.

  156. Eric Allen Kreuger is a saint and a scholar.

  157. I wonder how much his wife cost.

    Three meatloafs.

    And a pony.

  158. People put cornflakes on meatloaf? Well that’s new to me.
    If by cornflakes you mean ketchup, then yes.

  159. *mails cyn 4 meatloafs and a turtle

  160. NOT A TURTLE!!!

    *runs away crying

  161. Erick Sphincter Kreugar lives in the Peoples Rep of Portland.

    Those working class zeros still think The Wobblies are 100mil strong and growing.

    The next ten years are going to be very hard on crunchy whyte dudes.

  162. Nahmahsteak

  163. You do the roast in the oven or slow cooker/crockpot?

    Yes. Both. Depends. It’s weird.

    Crockpots cook so differently than they used to. Sometimes I do pot roast or stew beef chunks in the dutch oven in the, um, oven. Because the dutch oven leaks air and I still like to have some top-browning and reduction going on, under the cover.

    I’ve had a number of crockpots over the years. Some can brown edges, some can’t.

    I hate when a roast comes out all gray-soupy because the crockpot has lost its oomph or doesn’t vent or brown anything at all. Might as well have boiled it.

  164. We’ve been putting chopped jalapenos in our meatloaf lately, and topping it off with this . Never used corn flakes, my mom used oatmeal, we use crushed crackers to bulk it up. 50/50 sausage/hamburger.

  165. I make meatloaf in a muffin tin.

  166. My mom always spiced up the meatloaf. Anglo meatloaf totes threw me.

  167. I still love Ted and Ben. Trump for the LIB

  168. I make meatloaf in a muffin tin.

    My mom has done that. The little meatloaf muffins. They’re outstanding.

  169. My LiV love is still a Trump Humper. Warming to Cruz. Likes how Christie stays on message. Thinks Rubio is a polished politician.

  170. He agrees with Dr Ben, but thinks he’s “Too nice”. Dan is leaning SMOD/LIB

  171. I also do meatloaf that way, because I can fit it in the toaster oven, and not have to fire up the big oven.

  172. Anyone else read Bcoch’s last comment as DJT?

  173. Best muffins ever. Hey I know meatloaf. Great meatloaf. I was talking to these guys and they were like “hey, you know meatloaf.” Also, my poll numbers, *makes rocket motion with hands*, just going up up.

  174. They’re outstanding. They’re YUGE!!!

  175. (Bcoch: follow the different sharks on Jax is AWESOME!!! The drunken midgets will LOVE Ocearch.)

  176. There’s a reason I don’t go to the beach. Beyond the dad bod and the really really really white skin.

  177. Me, neither. 1975!!!! I still find Ocearch fascinating.

  178. Dad Bod cracks me up. TRENDING!!!

  179. This is actually perfect.

  180. Romney could’ve been real. Trump 2012. Took the high road. Didn’t fight back. THIS IS WHAT PISSES US OFF!!! We know! FU GOPers. Reap what you sow, Mutherfuckerz!!!!

  181. And he was alright, the derp was altogether
    Yes he was alright, his song went on forever
    And he was awful nice
    Really quite paradise
    And he sang all night, all night long

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