Wire Starter

Introducing Joe Hengst and Sarah Joncas.

Like peanut butter and jam.

Hengst b. 1991 Cleveland.  (I’m wearing a shirt that is the same age.  It’s true.)

Region capture 22  Region capture 23

Region capture 26    Region capture 29

Region capture 41  Region capture 42

Sarah Joncas

b. 1986 Toronto.

Joncas is prolific.  I suppose she just paints and paints all day long.

Region capture 30  Region capture 33

Region capture 34  Region capture 36

Region capture 37  Region capture 38

Region capture 39


Region capture 40

Thank you for viewing, and by the way thank you all for encouraging these collections.  Your thoughtful consideration and criticisms have made the experience more than worth while.


Have a wonderful wonderful day.


  1. Good video links last night XBrad. Flock of Seagulls Space Age Love Song and Bowie Golden Years are 2 songs that don’t suck. And thanks for tipping me to a new YT channel: “IMTheMagicRat”

  2. Hengst’s first skeleton picture was good. The others seemed a little distorted, not sure if that’s intentional or if I need more coffee. Either way, not a huuuge fan.

    Joncas’ portraits are beautifully done. I’d hang one in my man cave and let her paint my junk.

  3. I turned the game off at half time last night. Close, high-scoring game, I’d watch a replay

  4. Today we celebrate SCOAMF’s last SOTU. Local radio guy said this will be a set up speech for his foundation after he leaves office.

    Sounds plausible

  5. A little bit of Dali, a huge dollop of Hieronymus Bosch. Never been a huge fan of the busy, jam-packed ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ type paintings, but at least there’s always something new to see in there when you look again.

  6. Workie workie

  7. I really like Joncas’ work, but I can’t hang it over my couch.

  8. wakey wakey

  9. Second snow day up here.

  10. So – another tragedy at work. One of the girls got a call at work that her grandpa and uncle were in a car accident and being airlifted to the hosptial.


  11. Hengst: I’m thinking Richard Scarry books, and Joncas is a big Project Runway fan.

  12. Car in, you need to bring in a good luck symbol to work. Maybe sacrificing a chicken in the bar would help?

  13. I’m going to sacrifice an iPhone charger at the bar.

  14. I get to enjoy this one cup of coffee, then I get to go try and fix the well again, then I get to shovel the driveway. Taking a personal day off of work, no other option today.

  15. Try pouring the hot coffee on the frozen line.


  16. My furnace wasn’t working when I got up. I got it working

    *pulls up jeans to cover plumber’s crack

  17. Only thing frozen is the hose that’s not attached to it. It’s sucking air out the source pipe because the prime is gone. I’m going to have to go loosen, tighten, and wiggle stuff until it works again.

  18. *throws grapes at Car in’s plumber’s crack


  20. Maybe… two cups of coffee. Looks really shitty out there.

  21. Are you Michiganders getting the subzero temps we had earlier? It’s still single digits here.

  22. Good morning.

    I think I like the paintings. They inspire me. To do less drugs or more, I’m not sure. But definitely inspiring.

  23. I would like to note for the record that in picture number 2 in this terrible post the artist employs an obscure artisitc element that the French call a “fuquer der hosen.”

    Just sayin.

  24. 24F, but windy and still snowing heavily. That’s part of the reason I’m shovelling after the well. Won’t be in the wind or snow at all to fix it, assuming I can.

  25. It says it’s 19 up here.

  26. Is there such a thing as oversharing? Discuss.

  27. Mom! Car in is having relations with a 19 year old!!!

  28. Mom! Car in is having relations with a 19 year old!!!

    Male or female?

  29. “fixing the furnace”

  30. Heh, it actually dropped 2 degrees since the sun came up, now at 0.

  31. Get ready for more cold: Global Cooling Forecast

    The planetary alignment influence on solar minima is one I hadn’t heard before, but the correlations are at least as good as Manbearpig’s.

  32. Male or female?


    Safe for work. The rest of the site… not so much.

  33. Soooo….the Dems actually had some sort of debate last night. During the Natl Championship game.

    K then.

  34. Wow, why don’t they just announce her coronation and save us all the insult of pretending the fix isn’t in?

  35. Hahahahaha…dems debating during biggest college football show.

    They REALLY don’t want you to see/hear their candidates.

  36. And my wife’s grandma has passed. Not unexpected at all, but it still sucks and we can’t really even get out to help my MiL deal with it.

  37. Mare, apparently they’re having another one this weekend…during one of the NFL games.

    Very sorry to hear that, Leon.

  38. Ms. Joncas is a cutie-pie. And a good artist as well.

  39. My condolences to your family, Leon.

  40. Hillary Clinton is a national treasure. I can’t wait for her to become president so I can listen to her sweet, endearing, grandmotherly voice everyday.

  41. That statement is even more disturbing with the Lewinsky pic next to it.

  42. Oh…a Mare opinion.


    *adds new comments to encyclopedia of mare thoughts*

  43. Rosetta, how many unlanced boils do you have on your ass right now?

    Round to the nearest Caitlyn Jenner, 2016 Person of the Year trophy.

  44. Rosetta……smooooooch!!

    MJ, did you see that fake family walk done a street in NYC the Clinton’s took? Her coat was enough to make me question her sanity.

  45. >>“fixing the furnace”

    The euphemisms are getting out of hand.

    Also, lick a cactus, Rosetta.

  46. Mare – the coat was to keep her inconspicuous.

  47. I have to go out.


  48. They asked if I would work tonight (all the deaths/etc – plus another gal totalled her car Sunday night).

    Humn … I just worked teh last four days and I work tomorrow. Six days straight.

    And I got my paycheck for New year’s week.


    that would be no.

  49. that was with 17 hours of bartending. Doing fucking keno.

    no thanks.

  50. Don’t you mean $1400? If not, WTF?

  51. What did you make in tips? I hope you killed it.

  52. I did well. But still – it’s not worth it bartending. Any benefit in $$ is overcome by what they’re taking out in taxes. I think they’re screwing it up somehow – over-estimating my tips.

  53. Can we kick out Phat and add this pilot to the group?

  54. Phat has a bad back …

    Give him a break.

  55. Hi Mare.

    I think I missed it. What’s the deal?

  56. Just another phony Clinton walkabout. Trying to make her look like a real human grandmother…FAIL.

  57. $14 dollars? did someone short you again? That’s bullshit.

  58. This is bullcrap.

  59. Chumparoonie, you should do a post on Jackson Pollack.

    Here is a photo of his mother.

  60. FFS.

    My grandfather just hands me a letter and a pamphlet, “This came to your grandmother from her bank. What the hell is it?”

    It’s info from the bank extolling the virtues of and encouraging her to invest her money in a “socially conscious manner.”

  61. Happy birthday to the Chiefster.

  62. Yay, the Swearing Midget Hour is online!

  63. Here’s “The Coat”. Soon to be as famous as “The Blue Dress”


    (content warning for the hag occupying it)

  64. That bitch! She stole my great grandmother’s rug!

  65. Comment by Colorado Alex on January 12, 2016 11:51 am
    Yay, the Swearing Midget Hour is online!


    I’m telling her you said that.

  66. *snort*

    I’m telling her you said that.

    With special guest: Ginger Dancer!

  67. Well played.

  68. Shoveled first so wife could get out if she needs to. Coffee, chocolate, and almond butter, then back out to fix the well. I think my cheeks are windburnt.

  69. I think my cheeks are windburnt.

    The heartbreak of plumber’s crack

  70. Better cheeks than lips.

  71. >>Here’s “The Coat”. Soon to be as famous as “The Blue Dress”

    Is hideousity a word? It is now.

  72. Whatever staffer let her out the door should be hanged.

  73. Btw, you still slumlording it down here, Tushar?

  74. http://dailycaller.com/2016/01/11/airlines-feds-arent-tracking-pilots-manual-flight-skills/

    Before Christmas I backed my truck up to the deck loaded down with Ikea boxes in the dark while it was raining. Will my grandson be able to do that?

    Interviewing on Thursday.

  75. HotBride is hellbent on an IKEA kitchen. So far the design includes 22 cabinets – 9 base, and 13 wall.

    At an average of an hour each for assembly, it’s going to be a busy month.

  76. Sorry to read of the loss of your GiL, Leon; condolences.

  77. (should he happen to stop by…)

    Happy Birthday MCPOld Timer!

  78. Will have you cretins know that I just passed my semi-annual FAA flight physical with fling colors this am. Phat is running about as close to 100% as a 49 yr old can possibly be.

    And yes, the back does no longer support the yankin’ and bankin’ I used to do as a young LT.

    I’m debating going skydiving for my 50th b-day this summer (haven’t done it since the Academy). Phatbride is dubious and mildly concerned.

  79. Merry birthday wishes, Chief!

  80. And yes, the back does no longer support the yankin’ and bankin’ I used to do as a young LT.

    Also, you can’t fly as wildly either.

  81. Thanks for the condolences to everyone who offered them. Time to go back outside and hope I can draw water back into the pump.

  82. Happy Birthday, Master Chief.

    Tushar, that’s the lovely and talented Svetlana Kapanina.


  83. Up the insurance and see if she wants to pack the chute!

    not a euphamism

  84. The water is supposed to come out of the pump. You’re an engineer, right?

  85. Water has to come into the pump to come out of it, Hotspur. Aren’t you an architect or something?

  86. Ugh, missed that about the grandpa, sorry! It sucked when I went through it, too.

  87. If you forget your safeword…

  88. Obama’s targets tonight in SOTU speech (nsfw)


  89. Up the insurance and see if she wants to pack the chute!

    not a euphamism

    It is now

  90. Fixed it, first try today. The connecting tube had loosened at some point. Managed to do it without moving the well box.

    Thank you, Jesus.

  91. That’s great Leon. Major pain avoided.

  92. Mare’s kids fooled her


  93. Gonna call the well guy back and thank him for telling me to try again before he drove out and charged me $200 minimum.

  94. One of the new chicks here has really big hootdanks. They’re distracting because they are her only good feature.

  95. Hunh: I just googled “hootdanks” and every entry leads back to The H2.

  96. https://streamable.com/vnpc

  97. “pack the chute!”


    Pretty sure that’s a gay thing….. ask MC3PO, he should know.

  98. Hahahahahahaha

  99. TITS2 appetizers…..


  100. It’s MC3PO’s birthday.

    Not sure how he’s celebrating it. Chute packing may be on the agenda.

  101. Will he pack his own chute? Or get someone to pack it for him?

  102. Hahahahaha

    moveon.org just schlonged Cankles.

  103. Brent, yup, still slumlording. Not buying anything new though. Difficult to get mortgage once you have a handful of properties.

  104. We keep saying it, but next time you’re in town, I owe you a drink, a meal, something.

  105. Comment by bcochran81 on January 12, 2016 3:06 pm

    Will he pack his own chute? Or get someone to pack it for him?

    RIP David Bowie.

  106. <H2

    I will never forget.

  107. Your Mom<

  108. Your Hand <

  109. Brent, I have been to Jax only once! Need to visit again, and drinks are on me.

  110. Brent, yup, still slumlording. Not buying anything new though. Difficult to get mortgage once you have a handful of properties.

    If you know of good investments, I might be interested in trying my hand at slumlording.

  111. http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_IRAN_US_NAVY_BOATS?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2016-01-12-16-04-56

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Pentagon says it briefly lost contact with two small Navy craft in the Persian Gulf on Tuesday but has received assurances from Iran that the crew and vessels will be returned safely and promptly.

  112. Oh neat, WW3.

  113. 10 sailors currently held.

  114. World War Tuesday!


  115. I thought we were besties with Iran.

  116. “crew and vessels will be returned safely and promptly.”


  117. I’m pretty sure Iran is a guest at the State of the Union tonight.

  118. Naw, he has an empty chair as a guest tonight (for all the victims of gun violence).

    Or Clint Eastwood was right. I’m on board for #2.

  119. I’m pretty sure Iran is a guest at the State of the Union tonight.

    Pretty sure Valerie Jarret has been at all of them.

  120. Sailors to be released if SOTU kisses Iran’s doodool the way they like it

  121. Happy Birthday, C3P0 Grumpybutt!

  122. I like the art today, Chumpo. Too busy for me.

  123. BRB reading upthread

  124. Condolences to the Leons.

  125. Evening.

  126. I have a boar in the cull barn. I named him Buddy Hoggy. Haven’t heard him sing yet.

  127. The detained sailors situation looks like a charlie foxtrot already. Small boats with 5 crew each? Wtf were they doing? Intel op of some kind. Penetration test maybe? Reportedly one of the sailors is female. I didnt think they allowed females in the SBU’s yets.

  128. Where’s Wiser? He’s gonna be soooo jealous when he finds out that I have third-row, center section seats to see Barry Manilow when his final concert tour comes through Dallas next month!

  129. Who’s turn is it to watch TSOTU thing tonight?

    *puts finger on nose

  130. Anyone have the direct tv receivers thaat let you dvr on any and watch on all your tvs?

  131. Where’s Sean? I’ve turned on The Smiths.

  132. Small boats with 5 crew each? Wtf were they doing?

    Lots and lots of 11m RHIBs out doing Visit, Board, Search and Seizure operations in the Gulf. There’s a metric fuckton of dhows that have to be checked out.

  133. Barry Manilow is 72. He’s got a few more tours left in him but it’s a good idea to catch him now. Bring extra under garments to toss on stage

  134. I’m watching stoopid stuff on Netflix. Followed by the new Vacation.

  135. I’m allowed to drink today. YEA!!!

    Wine is good.

  136. I am not Generally a fan of beards. But I like the beard on this guy.

    And I like this video. And I’m thinking of getting a whole strip loin of beef and dry-aging it this Winter.


    And I like this video. And the guy with the beard and the lantern jaw under the beard. Even though he seems a little stupid. Line the pan with expensive pink himalayan salt, even though it isn’t in contact with the meat? What for? Just use a box of kosher salt, for dessication purposes then, right? He seems to have more money than brains. This is not a serious criticism.

  137. I have shoes older than these artists.

    Condolences to Leon and Mrs. Leon

    What’s the over/under on Obama not mentioning Iran in his SOTU speech? Over/under on more tears?

    My lab privileges have been restored, or at least the NASA doc agreed with my doc that I was fine. Endured an hour at the medical center today getting interviewed then inspected. Whiner engineer was camped out by my office – he took one look at me and left. I was not in the mood for his bullshit.

  138. He kind of reminds me of the hot guy that Shrek turned into in the second movie.

  139. Congrats Roamie.

  140. I don’t like his hands, though. Nope.

    *second, more critical watch of video*

  141. Comment by Car in on January 12, 2016 7:23 pm

    Where’s Sean? I’ve turned on The Smiths.
    What the hell do you mean?
    a. You’ve sexually excited the Smiths and want Sean to join in
    2. You used to like them, but now you don’t
    iii. You’re playing their album

  142. All of the above.

  143. Glad to hear some good news, Roamy, but sorry you had to endure that bullshit.

  144. Sean knows, Pepe. You don’t worry about it.

  145. My mom is starting to attack Cruz on facedouche. I’d laugh if it weren’t so freakin annoying.

  146. Made ribs tonight. Turned out awesome. It would be cool if my husband were home to enjoy it.

  147. I don’t think I’ve mentioned lately how much I hate you all?

  148. Yay Roamy!!

  149. I don’t think I’ve mentioned lately how much I hate you all?

    Don’t worry, we know it in our hearts.

    You could probably just mix it in with your normal greeting.

    “wwihya” or “wwymf”.

  150. That’s a great idea Alex.

  151. I called off on a meeting at church so I could help wife with any grandma details. She ended up not needing anything after all, so I got a nap and guilt for cancelling.

  152. Don’t feel guilty for cancelling. You were doing your duty by supporting your wife. The fact that she ended up not needing your help doesn’t lessen your decision.

  153. Car in, I’m a good idea machine.

  154. I talked the NASA doc out of doing another blood sugar test, considering I’ve had blood glucose in the 70’s for every physical for 20+ years.

    I was not a good girl, on days I knew the boss was out or otherwise occupied, I was in the lab. I had work to do.

  155. I’m an idea machine, but they vary dramatically in quality.

  156. SOTU Game: every time he says I/Me/My or We but is obviously including himself… DRINK!


  157. Fuck it, why watch?

    *fills glass with ice*
    *fills vacancies in glass with vodka*

  158. Baby Roamie did a bad bad thing………

  159. … GET SET…

  160. … GO!

  161. *drink1

  162. *drink2

  163. drink3

  164. drink4

  165. drink5

  166. drink 6

  167. drink7

  168. barfs

  169. drink8

  170. drineaik9

  171. dronk10

  172. serimk11

  173. passes out

  174. Man, I might have mixed this just a little strong.

    *adds an ice cube*

  175. Whenever he says “new economy” substitute “the economy I ruined.”

  176. 0bama speech, consolidated

  177. Comment by Cyn on January 12, 2016 9:13 pm
    passes out

    Helllllo nurse…

  178. Kevin Williamson on the SOTU:

    ” The annual State of the Union pageant is a hideous, dispiriting, ugly, monotonous, un-American, un-republican, anti-democratic, dreary, backward, monarchical, retch-inducing, depressing, shameful, crypto-imperial display of official self-aggrandizement and piteous toadying, a black Mass during which every unholy order of teacup totalitarian and cringing courtier gathers under the towering dome of a faux-Roman temple to listen to a speech with no content given by a man with no content, to rise and to be seated as is called for by the order of worship — it is a wonder they have not started genuflecting — with one wretched representative of their number squirreled away in some well-upholstered Washington hidey-hole in order to preserve the illusion that those gathered constitute a special class of humanity without whom we could not live.

    It’s the most nauseating display in American public life — and I write that as someone who has just returned from a pornographers’ convention.”

  179. I’m rewatching Blue Mountain State instead of the SOTU.
    It was very raunchy show.

  180. I heard Scott swearing at the television a few minutes ago. Specifically, he said, “Oh, fuuuck YOU.”

    I am upstairs looking at online seed catalogs. Ignorance is truly bliss, my dearest darling hearts.

  181. He was talking about how strong we are…….stronger than ever!

  182. I’m watching the Oak Island series and trying to get motivated to go clean the kitchen.

    Stronger than ever, right after Iran captured 10 of our guys? We ought to be making ayatollahs think twice about angering us.

  183. 0bama is implicitly endorsing Trump’s slogan. His statement is so patently false that it’s obvious that we’ve lost some greatness.

    0bama is a crypto Trump supporter.

  184. Congrats Roamy on the doc news.

  185. This is painful.

  186. Bartender! My glass is empty! Bartender!

    Shit… I made this, and Carin’s not here.

  187. She’s “fixing her furnace”.

  188. Roamy,

    “Stronger than ever, right after Iran captured 10 of our guys? We ought to be making ayatollahs think twice about angering us.”

    9 guys, one woman.

    How’s that workin’ out for you, Mabus, you dumb fuck…

  189. Thanks, y’all.

    (((squishy hugs)))

  190. That poor woman. I hope for her sake that she’s ugly and fat.

  191. Ugly and fat wouldn’t save her if they want it.

    Actually, I’d guess that she’ll be kept under extra protection. The Iranians aren’t about to throw her to the wolves at this time.

  192. Montage: https://grabien.com/story.php?id=45618

  193. Upstairs in the computer room, just watched several big coyotes jog through the backyard. One stopped and sat under the crabapple for a few ticks, looking around.

    Bubba and I were just out there a few minutes ago.

    I need a quiet little carry gun.

  194. According to an email the NRA sent me today, we might make suppressors legal for hunting in MI. I wonder if they make those for lever action .22s.

  195. http://tinyurl.com/z7hbxwg

  196. You’d probably be able to have the muzzle gunsmithed to accept a can. Might have issues with interfering with the magazine.

  197. Blue, blue, electric blue
    That’s the color of my room
    Where I will live
    Blue, blue

    Derp blinds drawn all day
    Nothing to do, nothing to say
    Blue, blue

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