MMM 206: Driven to Succeed

Well, the second week of 2016 is here, and none of us has won Pooterball yet, so I’m headed back to the office today.  Yay.  Okay, that’s all the bitching I’m doing today.  Picture time.

Yoga for the kickoff.











Jogging still sucks.


I’m no panty expert, but those look like panties.


Where’s the fire?


Better tighten that plate before ya squat, babe.


Bright, shiny, happy day to everyone.  My life is awesome and I’m the luckiest man alive.


  1. Buenos noches.

  2. You were up too late, Chumpo.

    I got out of bed at 6 and still didn’t get here until 730. Working from home I’d already have 60 minutes on the clock. Commuting is such bullshit.

  3. ww

  4. I really liked David Bowie. He was an innovator. He made progressive rock 15 years ahead of its time.

  5. Carin’s new cell plan charges her by the character.

  6. Bowie was great in Labyrinth.

  7. I’m just dragging this morning. Which leads me to address something. SO I gave up evening drinking (you know – when I get home from work). I’ve cut back on my non-working evenings but completely eliminated that relaxation beer/wine after my long fake doubles.


    I mean, some mornings (like today) I drag a bit and my one friend had kind of given me the feeling perhaps it was my late night wee bit. Not a hangover. just a drag.

    well – I’ve not drank much the past week and nothing at all the last two days – and I feel pretty much as I do every morning. Tired. Dragging. Slight headache (I think that’s my pillow). I FEEL THIS WAY PRETTY MUCH EVERY MORNING.

  8. sobriety is a lie.
    Sorry sean.

  9. Carin, you sound like you’re dehydrated or something. Are you drinking enough water at night?

  10. You might be relying on the wee dram to fall asleep to the point where your body’s regular shutdown hormones were down-regulated. Give it more time before drawing a conclusion. Alcohol before bed supposedly kills your HGH release too.

  11. No. I’m sleeping better. I can tell that. I think this is just how I feel in the morning.

    I was just expecting … more. I think there are benefits. Just not “morning” ones.

  12. I drank a glass of water before I went to bed.

  13. The alcohol regulates the production of late night caloric slowdown due to metabolic decreases in your hypothalamus.

  14. I *think* my morning drag is just the way it is. And has nothing to do with my wee bit of dram.

  15. Do you wake up with an alarm? I pretty much hate everything in creation when I have to use an alarm.

  16. Nope. i wake up pretty much whenever I like. If i need to wake up early I just pretty much naturally do that.

  17. I wake up tired and with a bit of drag almost everyday. I also often have a little headache that seems to go away after I eat or drink something. Usually coffee.


  18. Pretty much. I feel as if I was lied to.


  19. Nothing a little rogering won’t cure, amirite?

  20. I honestly thought I’d just start waking up at 6 am every day. Ready to face the day.

  21. Who is this “Roger” you are referring to?

    I’m a married woman!

  22. Have you considered that you are simply ol’ as flock?

  23. Just rented my books for next semester.

    *kicks desk*

  24. I’ve considered and rejected that premise.

  25. Second look?

  26. Also, I need some basic German phrases. I’m going to Berlin next week and so far I only know how to order beer.

  27. Lauraw – can I borrow your flying monkey for just a bit?

  28. You should probably learn so Arabic too.

  29. This was a friend of many of the people I work with. Happened yesterday afternoon. There were many hysterical tears. He was on the way to one of my friend’s house when it happened.

  30. some

  31. The chance of that tree hitting RIGHT where it did. Just horrible.

  32. How do you say, ‘Yes, I have a gorgeous ass but that doesn’t mean I’d like you to pinch it you goat fucker.’?

  33. Hey MJ – when you’re in Germany, mixing with the locals, ask them about Hitler. THEY LOVE THAT.

  34. Try morning drinking

  35. Sample conversation starters:

    “so … were any of your ancestors Nazis?”

    “I hear Hitler was a coprophiliac … is that a German thing?”

  36. Morning drinking … Pupster is an idea man. Even when he’s on the road.

  37. Fucking driver’s door was frozen shut this morning. Had to pour a carafe of hot water from the coffee maker to thaw it.

    It’s about 12º going up to 19º today, so I imagine I’ll have to do the same thing to get home, but I’ll get some lock de-icer tonight.

  38. You have some more colder weather coming, iffin you’re getting what we had. We didn’t break double digits yesterday, and it was below zero for more than half the day.

  39. a little vaseline on the door seals works great for frozen doors. Locks, not so much, WD40 for that.

  40. The crazy ex-girlfriend video on Ace’s site is like, wow.

  41. that girl has issues.

  42. Hopefully that girl is in jail. And on lithium.

  43. Never put your gentleman’s sausage in crazy.

  44. OMG, tell me this web course isn’t designed for millenials:

    When the Bully is the Boss

  45. H2 football player of the week

  46. This can’t be serious.

  47. If his meeting with El Chapstick really did lead to his arrest, I think cum dumpster Penn should be just a tad nervous about his personal safety.

  48. Afternoon Hostages.

    Lotta bulges and square jaws in those pics, Leon.

  49. H2 Court

  50. *snort*

    Nice, JiA

  51. Left -12 degrees behind this morning, in 55 degrees and clear before lunch. What a country!

  52. I’m not generally a fan of Heavy Metal music, but this group’s version of “Sound of Silence” just blew me away:

  53. It’s… ok. It feels like they’re trying to hard to be dramatic. It comes across as a bit silly.

  54. Talked with my former manager again on the drive home. Sounds like matching my salary is easily done. He offered that I didn’t need to interview if I didn’t want to. I want to, so that’s next.

  55. What does interviewing get you? If not more pay, why bother? They obviously want you.

  56. It gives him one more chance to say no.

  57. There are two groups who want me, and I want to know which one I’d rather work with, what sort of things I’d be doing, how long their current contract funding extends, whether I’d have upward mobility, junior peoples to mentor/manage, etc.

    I’m happy they’re convinced they need me, I want to be sure I need them.

  58. He’s going to see how far he can push them and desperate they are.

    The interview will be conducted in a clown wig and a thong.

  59. If you use two fingers on the mouse pad you can scroll?

    When did that get invented and why wasn’t I told?

  60. Stop calling it a ‘mouse pad’ and stop telling other people our business, Scott.

  61. Evening.

  62. Greetings, people who didn’t even know the Golden Globes were on yesterday.

  63. Congratulations to Rachel Bloom for her Golden Globes. Also, for her award.

  64. News stories about Powerball mania that end with some serious guy being interviewed giving the advice to hire an accountant and a lawyer crack me up.

  65. There’s no need for accountants or lawyers on Whore Island. I’m just saying is all.

  66. If you win the lottery on Whore Island you get a lifetime supply of penicillin.

  67. If you have a billion dollars, everywhere you go is whore island.

  68. **pops popcorn**

  69. Cupid’s Pimples.

  70. Skittle Pox

  71. 2 police K9s killed in the line of duty this WKND. I has major sadz. MA gets lines 1,3,5 on our PB ticket. If she wins, I hope she shares

  72. Stop calling it a ‘mouse pad’ and stop telling other people our business, Scott.



  73. Mare, IKR? Lauraw is the funniest person on the interwebs.

  74. *single tear*

  75. Sean, I know. I was torn making that comment. I didn’t want to genderize my comment. You still make me laugh. Every DAY!!!

  76. *blushes*

    *kicks Sean into the ocean*

    DAMN! I forgot to containerize him first.

    making mistakes when I get all flustery

  77. Don’t sweat it, laura. I wasn’t able to chip away all the concrete on my legs from the last time.

  78. You did remember to wait for the tide to be going out? Didnt you?

  79. Hey man, I just kill things, I’m not a waterologist. At all.

  80. just kick it out there and it might drown good, that’s what my pappy taught me

  81. Don’t worry, oso, Sean splits his funneh with his alter ego Treacher.

  82. Haw! (Treacher was killing me with his tweets today. I feel so sorry for him and his dealings with Hildebeasts DoS)

  83. If there is a God and he loves me, they’ll find an email from Hillary! regarding the hit and run on Treacher.

  84. Leon

  85. A hit and run on Treacher.

    That was a curious incident, to be sure.

  86. There was an article in the Spectator about David Bowie making his death a private thing, not every moment tweeted and instagrammed. I respect him for that.

  87. you can learn a lot from a spaceman.

  88. If there is a God and he loves me, they’ll find an email from Hillary! regarding the hit and run on Treacher.

    “Whaddaya mean, you only broke his leg? What am I paying you for!?”

  89. Same here Roamie. No People magazine death watch.

  90. It started out as an accident. Became a coverup. Always about the coverup.

  91. The fact that I hadn’t heard anything about him being ill is what made me suspect it was some kind of stunt at first. I mean, Bowie releases a new album, it’s got a track called “Lazarus” as the single, and then they announce that he’s died? It’s gotta be a put-on. But then you listen to the album again…


  92. Sean, you and PJ weren’t the only ones gulled. Bowie was able to be private in a world of constant watching. IMHO Bowie wasn’t a real part of my life, until he became The Goblin King. #Triggered

  93. Bowie’s music always struck me as macabre. I quite like Disco King which I suspect is a metaphor for Death.

  94. “Goblin King”


  95. Sofa King’s gay cousin.

  96. Haw! Goblin King makes me miss Mrs Peel and Cathy. They both had awesome insight to Labyrinth.

  97. Wow, the officials are screwing up this game too. SMH

  98. Hose we use for the horse trough appears to have iced somewhere along the length. We’ve been careful to clear it after use, but it looks like one of us (likely me) didn’t clear it sufficiently. Well was pumping fine but backblasted after however long it took my wife to notice that no water was escaping the far end of the hose.

    Spent about 90 minutes trying to get it started again by re-priming it. No dice. Took 30 gallons from the house to the horse trough in buckets. Going to try and get it going again in the morning while we wait for a professional.

  99. Not sure I’ve seen Labyrinth. I think it was on TV one night during college, and there was drama going on. I remember bits and pieces but can’t tell you the plot.

  100. That Taco Bell commercial with the Live Mas scholarship has awful music.

  101. Labyrinth saved me. One line.

  102. You have no power over me.

  103. ESPN


  104. Labyrinth was a nice movie. I was in lust with Jennifer Connolly for years after that.

    In my defense, she’s just about old enough to have been the babysitter I had inappropriate thoughts about.

  105. Oh man, Leon, schlepping water buckets is a major pain in the butt. Hope you get the water pipe going asap tomorrow.

  106. Did Cyn go to the game?

  107. Yeah, it’s not my favorite thing, but it’s not a root canal. I got it running when the same thing happened in summertime. I packed it with a second 100W bulb to get the box nice and warm, I’m hopeful I can get it going after I loosen and re-tighten some linkages.

  108. Jennifer Connelly is still gorgeous.

  109. I’m a huge Bowie fan but I’ve never seen Labyrinth. May have to check it out at some point.

  110. She got some aftermarket accessories a while back that I thought weren’t necessary, but yeah, still beautiful.

  111. I thought Jennifer had a reduction, not an enhancement.

  112. I thought I saw shots of her afterward with a lot more perk, but it looks like you might be right, Jay.

  113. SeanM, you sentient bastard. I thought your derp last night was just an homage.
    little did I know that it was a dirge.

    thank you.

  114. We quote it all the time.

  115. I just remember hearing about it and thinking “NOOOOOOOOOOO”! haha

  116. She’s too thin. Too young in Labyrinth.

  117. You’re welcome, Chumpo. Seemed to have sailed over Rosie’s head at first, too.

  118. I’m broken hearted. We punkers, no matter our affiliation, all wanted to be just like him.

    some say The Pale Duke.

    Je was a handsome king.

  119. Too young in Labyrinth.

    I was 5 years younger. 3 years younger by the time I saw it on HBO. My infatuation was entirely appropriate age-wise.

  120. Yep.

    When the Germans get angry and organized, you better run.

  121. Tush knows things.

  122. Thanks, Cyn!

  123. Did anybody catch anybody else deliberately coughing on all the clean silverware today?

  124. When the Germans get angry and organized, you better run.

    They won’t have to conquer France this time, at least. They’ll just team up. Ditto for Poland.

  125. Again, I want no part of it this time. If zee Germans want to conquer Europe again, I say we just watch.

  126. I don’t even care anymore. Let it BERN!

  127. My advice to Americans: never give up your arms. Never. Let them take it from your bullet riddled, cold dead hands.

  128. Do the Bernie Man!

  129. Onside kick, heh. Someone get the Clemson coach a Xanax.

  130. Just got followed by Treacher. Makes a ho-hum day better.

  131. That was one hell of a game.

  132. veddey nice

  133. Tushar, Americans will be armed in spite of our most noble aims; when there are no more Americans, then a law may repeal our rights. not until.

  134. Can you hear me, Mj Tom?

  135. There’s a starman waiting in the sky
    He’d like to come and meet us
    But he thinks he’d derp our minds
    There’s a starman waiting in the sky
    He’s told us not to derp it
    ‘Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile

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