Wild Card Weekend






Talk amongst yourselves.


  1. Hoyer just sucks.

  2. amongst

  3. http://is.gd/need_concussion_protocol

  4. damn strange wurd

  5. That pile driver clip in the last thread was teh awesome Jammer.

  6. Hoyer just sucks II

  7. Shoe

    Another stange word

  8. 3 interceptions and a fumble in the first half.

    That has got to be a record.

  9. http://is.gd/BYwxuj

  10. Somebody named Hardy threw 8 interceptions in a game in 1950.

  11. Crock pot chicken and pasta sounds good. I have tons of turkey stock to use up, and another carcass to process.

  12. Which one of you assholes snuck into my bedroom last night and injected me with EbolAIDS?

  13. Evening.

  14. http://tinyurl.com/n4

  15. Hehe, fed Elliot a Ritz and peanut butter, and it’s been non stop licking for 10 mins.

  16. broken link



  17. Which one of you assholes snuck into my bedroom last night and injected me with EbolAIDS?
    Comment by Jewstin The Hammer on January 9, 2016 6:47 pm

    The self answering question strikes again.

  18. Pictures are a strange resemblance to Wallys World customers.

  19. Went out to dinner with wiserbride last night.

    We passed an electric car charging station. Which got me thinking, how long would it take to charge an electric car while you are traveling?

    Answer? 8 – 12 hours for a full charge.

    Compare that to 8 – 12 minutes for a full tank of gas.

    Yeah, this whole electric car thing is soooooo much better.

  20. Be quicker to swap batteries.

  21. I thought tesla stations were supposed to charge in twenty minutes. It’s still a pain in the assignment if you’re on a long trip.

  22. My best friend agreed to swap cars with his sister who, along with her husband got two of those Mercedes B-Class electric cars. They have a range of 87 miles. That’s it. If you have to drive, say, your two young children around all over the place in addition to going to work and other day to day stuff, you can see how this wasn’t a real bright idea for them. So now he has this blue piece of shit that he hates and she has his BMW coupe.

  23. Ford had an electric car back in the 30s. Range was like 60 miles. So, you know, there’s progress.

  24. Yeah, and they’re still charged with energy first derived from fossil fuels.

    Is a car using electricity from large fossil-fuel generating plants a greater inefficiency than simply burning the fuel straight in a regular engine, Leon?

  25. A guy I know has a Volt. Says he only uses $5 a month in electricity to drive in town.

  26. Electric motors are a lot more efficient.

  27. Not the way we’re doing it, Laura. We need fuel cells in the cars rather than batteries. What we have now is just a lossy as heck way to run a car on coal.

  28. http://is.gd/GRdSo0

  29. I thought I had heard something like that, Leon, thanks. But just try to tell someone their electric car actually burns coal.

  30. My Uncle created a FB group for Hondo, NM. I follow it, because awesome family pics. He lives in AL and posts 6 man football scores, Boys basketball scores, and other valley news and pics. Anyone in the group can post. Female teacher posted a whine about the girls basketball team never getting covered. Blah blah. Instead of bitching, post about girls basketball. Easy peasy. Bitch ( I REALLY wanted to say that, but I don’t like FB fights)

  31. >>>>I thought tesla stations were supposed to charge in twenty minutes.


    And even if it wasn’t, so I’m expected to keep my car at the pump for 20 minutes just to go another 80 miles?

    I was not surprised to see that the charging station was completely empty.

  32. Teslas have a range of about 200 miles. Of course, there’s a reason that they’re $80,000. My Tacoma gets 300 miles a tank and cost $14000.

  33. We have exactly one charging station at the hospital. For security and infrastructure reasons it’s located in a prime parking spot. Pretty sure the only reason we have it is some administrator got an electric car.

  34. The new Mad Max movie is freakin terrible. Just turned it off.

  35. I bet stimulus paid for the charging station.

  36. J’ames, it got better. Still pretty weak.

  37. >>>>I bet stimulus paid for the charging station.


  38. My uncle just apologized and asked if someone local could cover chick basketball as he only has access to the boys scores on the internet. I get so sick of this feminist BS. Some twat on twitter is actually comparing American men to the muzzies in Europe. Her account doesn’t get dwiddly squat happen to it. That #YesAllMen.

  39. The new Mad Max movie is freakin terrible. Just turned it off.

    I thought it might have been a little better if, you know, Mad Max was the main character.

  40. Hey what’s everyone talking about?


  41. The metric system

  42. Your mom

  43. Your mom.

    So yeah, astrophysics. Gravity and mass and shit.

  44. The question game?

  45. The effects were good, but the plot was awful. The only way to redeem it would be to re-visit the same group a few years after Furiosa has either become worse than the guy she replaced or everyone has died of starvation.

  46. Cyn! DROID Please remove my DROID email address DROID from that DROID group DROID email.

  47. *sniggers



  48. Tom Hardy actually did a good job with the character, but he really needed his own movie.

  49. PJ doesn’t DROID have time to DROID comment here but she DROID can fire DROID off 7 emails a DROID minute.

  50. I think I got you fixed now.

    But, yeah.

  51. PJM is loud even when you can’t hear her.

  52. You can always hear her.

  53. Some twat on twitter is actually comparing American men to the muzzies in Europe. Her account doesn’t get dwiddly squat happen to it. That #YesAllMen.

    There’s a sci-fi bulletin board that I lurk on occasionally still, and they had a thread about the mass rapes. One of the women on there started in on how groping and harassment are a constant fact for woman everywhere, and how were all racists because we’re only upset that it’s brown foreigners groping white women, instead of white christian men doing the groping.

  54. That right there is fucking fuckedup bullshit right there.

  55. Damn, forgot to get my grope on today.

    Walmart at this hour isn’t going to be a good choice, is it?

  56. Dicey Jay; very dicey.

  57. More per handful, J’Ames.

  58. German police can use watercannons on peaceful protestors but not on muzzie rapists and gropers. GTK

  59. Good To Know. Oso translate

  60. Speaking as someone who has been a woman in western society for a half century, “mass groping” in crowds IS NOTHING NEW.

    Women get groped ALL THE GODDAMNED TIME. In crowds. On public streets. On buses. On trains. In elevators. In a line. In bars. In stores. At work. If you are a woman who goes out in public you WILL be groped at some point, no maybe about it.

    The only reason you’re getting your panties in a twist now is because it’s some damn dirty foreigners groping “your” women instead of folks that look and sound like you do.

    Until you start bitching about white men and Christian men doing the exact same goddamned thing you’re full of shit.

  61. She sounds like quite the catch.

  62. She’s fun at parties. Vegan parties.

  63. What’s sad is that she’s one of the more sane ones on that site. A lot of them are fire-breathing libtards.

    The site owner is one of the worst.

  64. Heh, the Eagles asked the Chefs permission to interview Andy Reid for Head Coach.

  65. Lemon parties.

  66. Back in the day, a muzzie Target employee groped me at work. I went to AP. She hauled him in and fired him. Set off an 8 month investigation. Early 90s. Even back then, the goatfuckers were “Special”

  67. The only reason you’re getting your panties in a twist now is because it’s some damn dirty foreigners groping “your” women instead of folks that look and sound like you do.

    I have women? Huh.

  68. CoAl, there is some truth to that. IMHO when it would happen, there are usually guys that step up and fight.

  69. Hmm, Member’s Mark spiced rum isn’t half bad, especially at the price!

  70. My mom invented the metric system.

    True story.

  71. Pounds weren’t enough, had to go to kilograms?

    Yard wasn’t enough, had to go to a meter?

    Inch too short, had to go to a centimeter?



  74. I bet you eat meat.

    Jay, are you voting for Trump? Has he been to your house?

  75. Comment by Jay in Ames on January 9, 2016 10:57 pm

    …..I “EAT MEAT!”

    So does Rosetta’s mom…..


    This needs to be a bumper sticker

  77. Nailed it

  78. Trump was gonna buy me a PBC for my vote, but I already had one.

  79. I’m a Cruzer first. SMOD second. Trumphumper 3rd.

  80. Do dogs ever stop eating everything off the floor?

  81. Poor Jew. Nobody cares about WY. He’ll have to buy his own PBC.

  82. I’ve been thinking about cooking turkeys, briskets, etc. for other people on weekends. Wonder how many hoops I have to jump through.

  83. Looks like I won’t be flying you guys to HI for meatups.

  84. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, J’Ames.

  85. how do you get customers then?

  86. Rules are pretty strict. You have to get certification and pay for a food license here. Even the people vending cookies outside the CLUB.

  87. Lena Dunham was in Iowa today, stumping for Hillary.

  88. Word of mouth and Pepe’s advice

  89. Wow, Cinci scored.

    Denver is nice in January.

  90. Lena is running one of Hill’s social media accounts. Probably the rape excusing, lying, sexual predator account.

  91. Do dogs ever stop eating everything off the floor?

    Hahahahaha! No.

  92. Why is Lena running a social media account? She isn’t that brilliant. Or are they just using her name to entice the rubes?

  93. http://is.gd/CvVab5

  94. Did anybody wish that anybody else would grow up already and quit sulking about the fact that they didn’t want to wear the stupid matching jumpsuits today?

  95. J’ames, millennials like her. MFM won’t vet her. Win win for LIV D-rats.

  96. I know they like her, but she doesn’t have the brain to run a media campaign. Her stupid book proves that.

  97. 22 seconds, Denver or New England. Which to you prefer, oso?

  98. After Cinci blew up, guess it’s gonna be Denver.

  99. Wait, Jones just touched Brown, and an assistant didn’t like it? That seems like bullshit.

  100. Andy Reid is a playoff fall short of the SB guy. Trying not to care.

  101. Isn’t there an old joke about Poland and Germany and Russia? Business before pleasure?

  102. Time to pick off Peyton 4 more times.

  103. Wait, we get Brady.

  104. I knew it!!! Powerball and Chefs/Stillers win was too much for mojo.

  105. Wow, the officials suck. Ridiculous way to end it.

  106. That was Cinci’s fault. Should have pulled up from the hit, and you can’t push a ref. That was stupid.

  107. Boomer is rightfully angry. That was embarrassing for Cincinnati.

  108. BTW I wanted Cinci to win, so I’m pissed too. I like post season Peyton.

  109. Receiver ducked into the hit. Did you miss where the Cinci guy got a helmet to the face?

  110. He didn’t duck, he was defenseless. Would have been a call even without that rule.

  111. I still never saw a replay where Jones shoved an official.

  112. Officials have been playing too big of a part in ALL games this season.

  113. They wuz robbed……

  114. Tonight wasn’t one of them, IMHO.

  115. Woo hoo, -30 wind chills! Good thing I have coveralls for Elliot’s walks. That dog is NOT afraid of cold.

  116. So, who won the powerball? 900 million should last a couple of years.

  117. Stupid Bengals!

    *shakes fist at Mare

  118. That was the shittiest football game I ever watched. Steelers win but will probably be without their 2 best players in Denver, Bengals show their stripes as do the fans. Helluva job boys, you’ve made me hate professional football.

  119. Barak Obama miraculously won. He’ll use the money to help support his family once they are no longer living in a taxpayer funded mansion and are subjected to the cold, cruel, racist world of Upper Manhattan and Hollywood.

  120. Don’t forget Hawaii

  121. I can’t forget Hawaii!!!

  122. Meh, Hawaii is easy to forget when you’ve never been there.

  123. Haha, nice avatar, oso.

  124. Pun husky!!!!

  125. I love Hawaii. I can even rank islands. MARE!!!!

  126. A few minutes ago, some guy hit a golf ball here so hard that it exploded. Never seen that before.

  127. Wow. Brand new regulation golf ball? What club was he using?

  128. A few minutes ago, some guy hit a golf ball here so hard that it exploded. Never seen that before.

    Nyuk nyuk nyuk.

  129. Anyone know a good dog recipe? Somebody just took a huge dump in the living room.

  130. I think LauraW has a few.

  131. Dog cho cho. Asian cart recipe. Soy sauce and chile pequin marinade

  132. A few minutes ago, some guy hit a golf ball here so hard that it exploded. Never seen that before.
    Muslim’s started making golf balls?

  133. Charge me your day rate
    I’ll derp you out in kind
    When the moon is round and full
    Gonna teach you tricks that’ll blow your mind
    Mongrel mind
    Baby doll, I recognize
    You’re a hideous thing inside
    If ever there were a lucky kind, it’s
    You, you, you, you

  134. Wakey wakey

    I was not surprised to see that the charging station was completely empty.?”

    The fuck you say …?

  135. Criminy – it’s almost 8:30 ….

  136. I know you guys all like twitter – but there are many reasons why I don’t. It’s politics is one thing. http://www.buzzfeed.com/alexkantrowitz/twitter-unverifies-milo-yiannopoulos-leading-to-speech-polic?utm_term=.yyE8DaJd5#.xdQkVKRoD

    Some things are harder to do w/o. I can easily avoid twitter.

  137. The inability of dogs to understand the concept of ‘weekend’ continues to confound me.

    wakey wakey my ass.

  138. Woof.

  139. Twitter is built for data mining. Its communication aspects are an afterthought.

  140. Chicken people, have either of you had luck with the deep litter method? Seems risky/ dirty to me, no?

  141. That’s where you do like 6″ of pine shavings and change it like once a year, right? My setup wouldn’t work for that, plus the mice would hide in it. I do a couple of inches and change it every few weeks. If my rooster bar were actually a bar rather than a wide platform (upon which droppings accumulate), it might make more sense to try.

  142. I just wish pine shavings composted faster. I’ve thought about trying something else, but those are super cheap and easy to find.

  143. http://tinyurl.com/jjymadh

  144. Maybe I’m doing it wrong:

  145. I’m reading the disease/ parasite chapter and getting a bit discouraged. How often do you actually send fecal samples to get tested? She says every three months for a year, to monitor for parasites. Seems a bit ridiculous.

  146. That’s patently absurd for a small flock with no symptoms. We had one chicken – one time in 3.5 years – get a sniffle. We segregated it for 2 days and I used a cat insulin syringe to push a dose of bovine antibiotic into a blueberry that we fed it. Chicken was fine after that so we released it back into the general population.

    That said, I do recommend having a large kennel handy in case you need to separate a bird out. Keep the coop clean, wash out the waterers and feeders relatively often, and you shouldn’t have problems with a healthy breed of bird.

    Also, if you don’t wash eggs until you eat them, you can just leave them on the counter for like a month. If you wash them and seal them in tallow you can keep them for 6 months to a year.

  147. hahaaaa!
    thanks for the funny roamy

  148. Wow! OK, good.

  149. It’s finally winter here. 3″ of snow so far today.

  150. I either compost them for a while – or put them in a bed I’m not using. Fall clean outs go right on to the gardens. In the summer I put it in a pile for a while and turn it a few times. I’ve also used it a lot with my cardboard/crap on top future garden spot method.

  151. In the summer I tend to to quick cleans – rake off the top layer and put fresh. In winter I’ll do that if it’s not frozen in there. When it gets too bad I clean it all out.

  152. Totally don’t want to go to work right now. Ugh.

  153. Off work today, was supposed to see Mom but she canceled. Kind of glad. I had plans to do chores too but I don’t think I’ll be doing much of anything today, for a change. Rainy and gloomy. Body says stop doing things. OK.

  154. Wife’s grandma is in hospice, so I’m still watching the baby, just for different reasons. We took her to see great grandma last night, but a hospital is no place for an infant.

  155. If I ever get time, I’d like to try some chickens. They’d be pretty much free range with a coop to go into at night. I figure I’d lose a lot of stupid/unlucky ones right off the bat, but then I could eventually get a flock that would work.

  156. Laura, be ready to lose birds to stupid things, largely the birds’ own stupidity. We bought 13 chicks expecting to lose 3-4 before they were adults, and lucked out to keep 12, but we still lost 3 more over the years to inherent retardation.

  157. Noted. I think I would only want four or five birds, anyway.

  158. http://tinyurl.com/kuo78d8

  159. Start with 6, then.

  160. I wish I had chickens right now to eat up all the weeds that grew up in my garden during this mild Winter. I never did a proper garden sanitation this Fall- too much schoolwork. But this is ridonkumous. Weedy and buggy as can be in there right now.

    55 degrees and raining. I’ll be picking leeks and kale again this afternoon.

  161. They’ll devour it if you can stand to leave it ’til spring.

  162. http://is.gd/diet_starts_tomorrow

  163. http://is.gd/TVGboc

  164. Only want at most a dozen, plans to start with 36…….. Most chickens are stupid.

  165. *viking horn sound*

  166. http://is.gd/for_Roamie

  167. Pepe, that might make sense if you’re buying straight run chicks and you’re willing to sex them before they get to 3 months old. Cockerels are fine to eat, roosters not so much.

  168. *leaves low-hanging fruit just laying there*

  169. Leon, I’m assuming, eagles, hawks, fox, coyotes, and bobcats will eliminate most of them. The smart and wary ones will survive. When we moved here there were a bunch of free range chickens, they did quite well.

  170. Glad to know Pupster is not a Pupsicle.

    I’d send that one around work, but gifs are disabled.

  171. Xbrad should appreciate this one. And my uncle, if he were still around.

  172. Seattle was supposed to win this one, they look like crap.

  173. Hard to play football when you can’t feel your extremities.

  174. http://is.gd/SM0bOn

  175. That changed quickly.

  176. http://is.gd/YZAKuk

  177. You mom is a tan of extremities.

  178. Pupster is 0 for 2.

  179. Wind’s awful, snow’s coming down. It’s finally time to read some gardening books.

  180. Pupster, that gif in BBF was excellent considering my fetish for elaborate tea-making and my overall brownness.

    Nicely done.

  181. Thanks to last weeks BBF i can no longer watch an AT&T commercial without getting a boner.

    I guess there are worse problems to have.

  182. Have you gone back and watched her acting roles on CSI as well, Phat?

  183. Tushar, I’ve been meaning to ask you; is your name properly pronounced with the accent on the first syllable or the second?

  184. I’ve always said “TUSH-ar” in my head. If he says it’s “tu-SHAR” I’m scr00d.

  185. Me too Leon, and also in person.

  186. Watch him tell us it’s pronounced “Brian” just to mess with us.

  187. ‘Brian’ is his stage name for when he works for the IT hotline.

  188. Pupster is 0 for 2.

    Yup. No hookers, no cocaine.

  189. I’m glad you liked it TusAR.

  190. It’s TUshard

  191. I’m buying a powerball ticket now that it’s a billion dollars.

    I mean, how could I not?

  192. Y’all want me to win this, trust me. I’ve got planz.

  193. Leon’s odds.

    There is an 8 lane highway that circles the earth at the equator. It’s lined like all other highways with a 10 foot dash every 40 feet.

    I am going to randomly select one dash on that 8 lane 22,000 mile highway.

    Which one is it?

  194. Odds, schmods. Odds are 0 if I don’t buy a ticket.

  195. Of course, having bought 3 lottery tickets in 40 years and winning on the 3rd would probably get me killed by an innumerate and jealous jackass.

  196. $2. Totally worth it.

  197. If you ask people how long those lines are, I think the average answer is 2 feet.

  198. Motion parallax.

  199. The question is how long of a line I’ll stand in to buy a ticket for Wednesday.

  200. Meh. We lost $10 yesterday on PB. Putting in another $10. Still less than what Dan lost on the Steelers last night.

  201. When our state lottery gets really high, New Yorkers come over to buy tickets. They all take exit 1 and wait in really long lines.

    Cracks me up every time.

  202. My idiot lib sister will be on NPR on Tuesday at Noon, talking about the new group that she and her fiance started on campus.

    The group? Promotion of concealed carry on Portland State University.

    When the hell did the transporter malfunction and why does everyone have a goatee?

  203. You’re not buying a ticket to win the lottery. You’re buying permission to fantasize about a billion dollars.

    /just bought one.

  204. What cracks me up is people playing for a huge jackpot who turn their nose up at a 2 million dollar jackpot. The odds are low either way yet the jackpot would be huge in both instances.


  205. When the hell did the transporter malfunction and why does everyone have a goatee?

    My wife likes it, and with a shaved head it’s that or get mistaken for a cancer patient.

  206. A $2 million jackpot would give me just enough money to ruin my life. A $1 billion jackpot would last me through all the hookers and blow I could ever dream of, and then some.

  207. But you don’t have a goatee…

    And what is that “Plumper lover” t-shirt you’re wearing!

  208. Jimbo, 2 million changes my life.

    With a billion, I can change everyone’s life.

  209. Mooooo-ooooooom, Alex is commenting from the parallel universe again!

  210. With a billion, I can change everyone’s life.

    The Anti-Gluten Revolutionary Front arises!



  212. With a billion dollars, I’m never interacting with you people again.

  213. I don’t even play under $200 mil. What if I win a paltry $100 mil? Not enough FU money for me.

  214. I’d be here all the time, while hanging out at the new Hostage Secure Compound, Chicken Farm, and Botanical Garden.

    Which will be staffed by thick-thighed Colombian girls.

  215. Man, poating for Monday would be so much easier.

  216. Personal Journal:

    It’s been three days since I was transported into this strange dimension. I don’t know how much longer I can cope. Oso continues to insist on interrupting any sports talk with her knitting stories. Xbrad and Phat spend all their time reminiscing about their days in the Navy and Marines, respectively. Car in seems excited about her first pregnancy. The father is a fellow named Sean. They aren’t married, but he’s apparently already stepped up as a responsible father. Laura and Scott have started a blog dedicated to vegan cooking. I worry about Pupster, as all he ever does is tell us how awful his life is.

    Will write more when I have the time. Mistress Cyn has the whip out, so we’re being put back to work in the insurance mines…

  217. Will write more when I have the time. Mistress Cyn has the whip out, so we’re being put back to work in the insurance mines…

    Nice to know some things are the same.

  218. CoAl makes me laugh.

  219. That header photo is hilarious.

    *golf clap*

    As is this sepia picture of scott, laura and wiserbud from one of those places where you dress up in old-fashioned clothes and pretend like it’s 1830.


  220. Penelope bought us a ticket today. At least it’s something to look forward to.

  221. I just H8 being charity shamed, because all my plans have nothing to do with anyone else, but us. If we win, I’ll still go to TITS2. I may upgrade my tiara.

  222. Oso, my only charity will be my tithe. Everything else is going toward making sure my descendants are hated and reviled for inheriting a vast fortune, but with grudging respect for the technological revolution I helped create.

  223. Also, fighting crime in my personal tank is only sketchily described as “charity”.

  224. “Technological revolution” is one way of describing the Butlerian Jihad.

  225. No AI, I’m making reactors ‘n’ shit.

  226. I figured you’d make a device that randomly sets a new location for any driverless car and then locks it out from being overridden.

  227. noo paat

  228. That’s the hobby project after I’ve got the thorium thing cracked.

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