Bonjour bitter clingers and Tushar, please to be feeling welcomed to Big Boob Friday.

I’d already decided “Better Every Day” was going to be my theme for 2016, and then this song played on the rental car radio when I was in California last week on my way to the job site.


Your model for today was born in Daugavpils, Latvia and currently lives in Los Angeles.  She was Guess’ lingerie spokesmodel in 2011 and measures 35-24-35.  Please stop dancing around the kitchen and welcome Miss Julia Lescova!





  1. Schwing!

  2. “” Mila believes that conscious choices allow for life to be experienced with ease and elegance.”


    wakey wakey

    Why has Wiser kept these pearls of wisdom from us all these years?

  3. cats fighting here. awesome.

  4. Zelda just came to hide by me.

  5. Got a haircut yesterday. There are 2 barbershops right downtown a stone’s throw away from each other and I go to whichever one has a parking space in front. As the lady was cutting my hair she noticed an ingrown hair near the back of my neck and went to pull it out with tweezers. So far so good. What became odd is when she called a big guy at the shop to look at the process. Initially I thought he was maybe a new barber since the occasional veteran will work there for a while before striking out to their own shop elsewhere. When I got up to leave I realized he was a handyman working on a new floor they were putting in on the other side of the shop. Weird.

  6. I’ve heard of Surgeon-Barbers but Handyman-Barbers? Just no. I’ll still go there since the floor project will be done before my next cut and the lady does a great haircut and has a nice rack..

  7. Ingrown hair killed it.

    Not surprised.

  8. Late start today. My partner got the early start time and I get to follow with two cases. It’s usually the other way around so I won’t complain too much.

  9. Ingrown hairs have killed thousands! We need more ingrown hair control – stricter laws and background checks.

    Jimbro – cut out any body parts for profit yesterday?

  10. Nada!

  11. Is business slow, or are you turning commie? :-)

  12. They might be friends and he might have ingrown hairs and he previously asked for a tutorial.

  13. Late start for me too. Overslept and I’m already planning to take some personal time to get an oil change this morning.

  14. Ive been up since 5.

  15. question: what are the German men doing?

    If some foreigners (or even locals) had harassed women en-mass like this in any Indian city, blood would have flown. Not a single one of the perpetrators would be alive. And the police would have filed a report saying they have no evidence of anything happening.

    The West needs to ask itself if it has become a bit too civilized.

  16. I give two thumbs up for Tushar’s comment!

  17. Best BBF ever. Good job pups.

    **books flight to Latvia. Notices layover in Frankfurt. Cancels**

  18. If by civilized you mean pussified, then yes.

  19. Cynny, can I order shot glasses with just the Man Down guy in the crosswalk on them?

    “Man Down” imagery added to that and several other items! Anybody have other requests–let me know!


    Also, get your room reservations in peeps!! Shoot me an email when you’ve booked so I can get a headcount for our lunch and dinner activities.

  20. Some of the German men have reportedly been arrested for engaging in vigilantism against the rapefugees.

    So, you know, Germany’s forked.

  21. This BBF girl is so wow, much hawtness. Nice work, Puppeh!

  22. Basically, German men who draw paychecks from Merkel’s government are keeping German men displaced by rapefugees from doing what ought be done.

    Same story in Sweden, Hungary, and Austria. Tell me how this doesn’t result in Napoleon’s return. I’d say Hitler but it’s too obvious.

  23. German men carry purses. Oh – I’m sorry. European Man-bags.

  24. The German men who intervened got beaten to a pulp. The entire enterprise was planned and executed so that the animals would be unopposed.

    The attackers deliberately broke groups apart and then presented themselves in overwhelming numbers, surrounding singles and pairs 20-to-1.

    They designed these attacks with cowardice and the ability to get away with it in mind. Nothing anybody could do once it was being carried out- that was the idea.

    However, now that they know the m.o., there is a possibility for future prevention of a similar attack in the future.

    Unfortunately, we don’t know how to prevent things that haven’t happened yet, and the Western mind doesn’t have the kind of devious depravity to foresee what crime these filthy savages will invent next.

    I mean- would this ever occur to an American? To show up with a thousand friends in a foreign land, throw firecrackers into a crowd, then attack, rob, and molest the women as they flee in the confusion? Never! How completely fucked up is that??

  25. Laura, if they planned it like that, fine, the german men could not do much. But that is why the word retribution was invented.
    Find as many stray refugee men you can and increase their bone count.

  26. I know Germany (and Europe in general) lost a lot of its fighting men a few generations back, but these are still the same guys who occasionally riot over ‘football’ games.

    The status of shit should be monitored closely, because the needle is most certainly hovering on the edge of ‘Real’.

    I really, really hope we don’t get involved.

  27. Did I say blood would have flown?
    I meant flowed.

  28. Well, unless we’re supplying the vigilantes with batcaves and batmobiles.

  29. I believe that every German male still has compulsory military service, so it’s not like these guys don’t know how to fight back, it’s that their hands are tied or the tactics aren’t something individuals can effectively defend against.

  30. They ended that a few years back. It’s all voluntary now.

  31. And when they had it they didn’t have to be in the military. THey could perform “alternative” civilian service.

  32. 9. The Latvian culture still retains many Baltic pagan traditions, such as the celebration of the Summer solstice (Jāņi in Latvian), when all Latvians flock to the countryside to drink copious amounts of beer, to dance, and to light huge bonfires and engage in an activity called ‘seeking the fern flower’ (hint: it’s a Latvian euphemism for having sex in the forest, which is an integral part of the festivity).

    Hmmm, considers Latvia as a vacation spot…….

    L.I.T.S. Latvia in the Summer

    Good job, Pups.

  33. Taya Kyle spoke to The Boy King at the town hall? And he spouted his platitudes, like loading up a car with guns and selling them to 13 y/o’s on the street. Yeah, that will be prevented by your circumvention of the process of law. Nice work, dipshit.

  34. Pupster,’was there no height and weight data on this precious young lady? That’s often my favorite part of the poat.

  35. increase their bone count.

    holy crap that’s funny


    In my vault of funny expressions now.

  36. Can someone give me a synopsis of Taya Kyle’s discussion with Obama at his town hall on guns? I started to watch it but it turns out just seeing Obama put on his thinky face gives me the hives. Couldn’t get through it.

  37. Hmmm, considers Latvia as a vacation spot…….
    L.I.T.S. Latvia in the Summer
    Good job, Pups.

    Celebrate Latvia In The Summmer!

  38. Here, so you don’t have to look at his smug face.

  39. Not all Germans are pussies.

    Sharp swords, not protection.

  40. question: what are the German men doing?
    That was my first question, too.

  41. What do you goobers think of Trump?

  42. Your asterisk comment made me lol, PD.

  43. Trump is a salesman. He’s stirring the pot.

  44. MJ’s avatar is fantastic. Well done, Little Man.

  45. I can’t decide if I love him or think he’s a joker.

    Probably both.

  46. I can’t decide either, MJ.

  47. He’s selling to a niche market. Those people in America who are sick to death of both parties but have been voting R cause the D I’d too fucking hideous to consider.

  48. Trump moves Overton windows like I move my coffee mug. Whether he becomes president almost doesn’t matter at this point, he’s moved the national conversation on immigration and foreign trade strongly in the right direction.

  49. Hah, like Hillary will ever be indicted for email. Even with the latest.

  50. I’m with you, Jay.

  51. Lovely work, Pup.

  52. Chumpo – your wish was my command; new stuff added at cafepress!

  53. With Thanks.

    Reservation made.

  54. Well, I still have a job.

  55. Do you have to commute to Globe?

  56. No.

    They’ve been cutting the contract I’m on by 1/3. Unfortunately they haven’t told us until this week who would get cut at the end of the month. The list for our site finally came out today.

    I’m happy it wasn’t me, because I need about six more months to sell my house and get everything squared away. After that, I’ll be debt free and able to go anywhere and do anything.


    Sam Delanche ‏@samfromks

    I thought my vasectomy would keep my wife from getting pregnant but apparently it just changes the color of the baby.

  58. Saw that joke on facedouche the other day.

  59. Saw that joke on facedouche the other day.

    Well aren’t you special….

  60. I saw that joke on twitter a couple years ago.

  61. Don’t blame wiser, he was at work at the record store. Probably.

  62. My grandfather used to tell me that joke when I was still wearing short pants.

  63. Did he wear an onion on his belt? That was the style at the time!

  64. Alex, that’s really great news! Congratulations… a little breathing room.

  65. *reveses Vasextomy*

    I was lied to.

  66. Chumpo, once again, I want to thank you so very much for all your design work for the TITS2 goodies. You do not suck! Mmmwah!

  67. Well aren’t you special….

    Evidently my observations are not welcome here.

  68. You do not suck!

    Yes, but we all know that he blows, IYKWIM….

  69. Don’t blame wiser, he was at work at the record store. Probably.

    IT’S NOT Aaaah fuckit

  70. Forget it, Wiser – it’s Hostagetown.

  71. That cop in Philadelphia was incredibly lucky.

  72. I’m going with miracle on that one.

  73. Yeah, that was pretty amazing seeing the cop get out of that car.

  74. I don’t think the shooter fired from more than 10 feet.

    Some of his shots were 3 feet off target.

  75. He walked right up to the car. Didn’t he fire point blank, also?

  76. Looked like it.

  77. Heh, maybe it’s our North Dakota hostage.

  78. You are most welcome.

    it was a good time.

  79. These will all make you feel good

  80. >>>>Evidently my observations are not welcome here.

    Anyone else see the irony in a guy calling himself “Pendejo Grande” getting thin-skinned all of a sudden like?

  81. Binge watching Breaking Bad and Deadwood again. I may be calling everyone “Bitch” or “Cocksucker!!!” for a few weeks.

  82. You weren’t doing that already?


  83. Nah, I was adding “And shit” to everything I said.

  84. Liking this week’s model.

    Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia were the only good parts of the former USSR.

    I served with some Estonians in A-Stan. Those guys were BAD ASS. Looked like Vikings. Scared the ever loving shit out of the locals, which was hilarious.

  85. Estonians, Latvians, and Lithuanians are still fighting the good fight.

  86. Greetings, people whose firearms Obama totes for realsies doesn’t want to take away.

  87. The Estonians’ ancestors were most likely vikings.

  88. Greetings

  89. Totes no such thing as gun confiscation, yo. Australia? You feeling me?

  90. Evening.

  91. Howdy, Jew.

  92. IT WAS A BUYBACK!!!!!

  93. *searches for The Fern Flower*

  94. Buyback, schmuyback.

  95. Heh.

    Scotch, schmatch.

  96. “buy” implies a willing seller.

  97. Evening.

  98. Hi, Mon! How’s the designer purse selling biz, yo?

  99. So, last June, I was in talks with the people who bought my old building to be hired in there, right before I got the offer from F*rd. I got a call from them last November after the new place stole my hot former coworker (who is now my hot current coworker, partly because I told her it was a good job, just not for me). Turns out her leaving created a real need, so they asked me if I was still interested.

    I told them at the time that I was in talks with the Potential Future Bossman. After hearing Monday that the prospective client I’d have been serving at his place had gone dark, I’ve been, well, in the dumps. So today I dump-dialed the old place to set up a conversation. I’d rather work there than the current place if the monetary terms were identical, but the gig with Potential Future Bossman would blow both so far out of the water that I’m still feeling like poo. I think that’s still coming, but it could be months.

  100. Correction, I learned that on Tuesday.

  101. Good Luck Leon

  102. I have an Estonian friend. 6 foot 4 of pure bad assery. Writes computer coder like a motherfucking mofo.

  103. Well, it at least sounds like you have options, leon. That’s something.

  104. What worries me is that I’m now at a point where I actively want the very idea of self-driving cars to fail. I’ve completely talked myself out of favoring it at all. I can’t maintain the facade at the office much longer without becoming unbearable to live with.

  105. I enjoy driving and think it’s a dumb idea.

  106. That’s the thing, the only people who seem to want this either already work on it or are the typical wide-eyed dweebs who line up to buy the next iPhart. Where is the market demand for this?

  107. As soon as it only has a 10% chance of killing you, their allies in the Democratic party will require it for all vehicles. For your own good.

  108. I do know at least one senior guy who has a very nice vintage sports car that he loves to drive. He says if you want to take the wheel from him you’d better take his guns first. He does the job because it’s an interesting challenge, but the idea of mandating it repulses him as it should.

  109. Sadly, “this shouldn’t be mandated” isn’t the most common sentiment I hear expressed. I suspect it’s just because it would make the job stupidly easy if all traffic were robots.

    Again, the idea that we can solve the problem of navigating the road flawlessly but building the cars requires UAW guys for every assembly step is sheer madness.

  110. I don’t drive. Barely passenger. This self-driving cars that don’t break laws BS and need human take-over + the hacking aspect freaks me out. I’m crazy. I accept that. I want all cars to be standards with fewer automatics. I want to force drivers to pay attention. Be engaged.

  111. I live 2 miles from work. Human error freaks me out. I’m a mess. I don’t even want to help Dan with his mom anymore. I’m freaking about a roadtrip to AZ in Feb

  112. I can’t be a passenger without getting carsick.

  113. Really? Control issues? My eating disorder and my driving phobia were both tied to control issues.

  114. I suspect the idea of mandating self-driving cars might be a ploy to trick my state into seceding.

  115. No, it’s about anticipation of lateral accelerations, really. If I’m holding the wheel, my body is ready for them. If I’m not, I start to feel nauseated.

  116. If you could set a destination and go to sleep, I might be interested.

  117. Sean, CA will likely be among the first to try and mandate them, if only because Google has bought the state legislature and stands to gain by it.

  118. At no time will I trust a car to drive me while I sleep. Not a chance in Hell.

  119. Die in your sleep?

    Selling point.

  120. Under the right conditions I am capable of sleep driving.

    It usually requires a couple of days of sleep deprivation.

  121. Die in your sleep?

    Selling point.

    I’m in.

  122. Sleep deprivation = Drunk driving.

  123. Suicide parlors?

    Just buy a Ford.

  124. Dan sleep drove from Austin to SA

  125. Nope. I have only slept driven after several days on the road.

  126. I’d rather be pushed by my Ford than be driven around by a Chevy.

  127. I used to sleep work. Usually between 3and 5. It was weird

  128. I’m sleep commenting – RIGHT NOW!

  129. Getting paid to sleep kicks ass.

  130. My car is in the shop.


  131. Is “the shop” Hotspur’s mom?

  132. I used to think driverless cars would be cool. They kind of freak me out. We are driving to PHX. I’m already a wreck. I don’t handle people well.

  133. I used to think driverless cars would be cool.

    I was on the fence even when I took the job. Nowadays I think I could happily hop back to 1985 and stay there.

  134. Looking for BBF volunteers for the next two weeks, I’m going on the road.

  135. I’ll do it two weeks from now.

  136. The video games kinda sucked, and no internet would be sad, but I’d manage.

  137. I’ve slept drove for about 1/4 mile, usually the gravel will wake me up before disaster and then it’s adrenaline driving for a while.

    1985 was a good year, If I had known then what I know now I’d probably be dead.

  138. If you are serious Colex I will expect boobs from you on Jan. 22nd. Do you have posting access here?

  139. Not like that. Hundreds of miles while sleeping.

  140. Pupster, I do. There will be boobs…

  141. Scott, yes. It is a crazy feeling. Dan woke up in Ft Stockton. I’d been asleep since Houston.

  142. We try to avoid our Xterra for long distances now. Dan likes not having cruise control or auto drive.

  143. Did anybody feel gypped after anybody else actually showed them a couple of soiled pillows today?

  144. THX Sean. We finally narrowed my allergins to my down pillows and down blankets today

  145. Thanks Alex.

  146. Are Sean and I the only GROUP/Rehab Hostages? Feeling curious. Getting nervous about meeting y’all

  147. I used to drive 30 miles to high school. I’d often come to right when I was supposed to turn, could not remember the drive.

  148. Oso, nobody was more nervous than me. Now I’m SO peeved at missing these things.

    You will feel more at ease with these people than with most of the people you have ever known, including family.

  149. I don’t go to therapy, just Confession, and I’m in need of a visit. Depression wrecks my self control. Also, the only support for my addiction is online. Not as helpful as I’d like.

  150. The group hug isn’t nearly as weird as you’d think.

  151. Bedtime. Back sometime late tomorrow unless the little one naps especially long.

  152. If youre not nervous your not having as much fun as you could be.

  153. The group hug isn’t nearly as weird as you’d think.

    It’s the group shower that’s a little off-putting. At first.

  154. Squishy hugs!!!

  155. Romita, where you been all my life?

  156. I saw her today, I saw her derp
    It was the derp I loved and I knew
    I had to run away and get down on my knees and pray
    That they´d go away

  157. Weatherman is talking about snow tomorrow. Must have been paid by the milk and bread people.

  158. *nods*
    Scott believes that the weatherman is a scam, and Big Bread is behind it.

  159. Oso wrote:

    ‘I’m crazy. I accept that.’

    Darlin’, you just described 99.9% of the people on this blog.

  160. It was 60 degrees yesterday. If it snows, it’s not sticking.

    Phat, who’s the sane one?

  161. My first time meeting most of these people was at Michael’s house in Texas several years ago.

    I was nervous and a bit scared. I’m not nearly as suave and loquacious in person as I pretend to be on the intertubes.

    Then I met Dave, TiFW, Tushar and xBrad and I forgot about all of that.

    It felt very natural. It’s like the family you never knew you had.

    You’re going to have a blast. Wish I could be there.

    CHAD ON!

  162. Roamie,

    It’s Rosetta.

    That should scare a lot of people.

  163. morning

  164. wakey wakey.

    I hate driving but a driverless car I’d hate more. I never thought of it in the libertarian way I do now – when they used to show it in the sci-fi movies and how cool it was.

    Now I just imagine the government stopping out cars when they’ve decided they don’t want us to go somewhere. Banning the cars from being driven in certain neighborhoods – etc.

  165. Steering wheel control.

  166. Good morning Car In!

    The shih tzu’s don’t understand the concept of ‘weekend’.

    So I’m up earlier than planned.

    The Wife is out of town this weekend (a Scrapbook retreat in lovely Carlinville, IL) but she left her alarm on.

    So that was nice at 0530 am.

    Wakey wakey my ass.

  167. Now you have the WHOLE day to get things done!

  168. Yep, but the gun shop doesn’t open until 9 am!

  169. The eldest phatspawn is home from college and left me a grocery list on the kitchen counter. Evidently tonight will be ‘Itailian Night’.

    Luckily, the gun shop is only a couple of minutes away from the grocery store, so it should all work out.

  170. Nice to see everything is falling together so nicely.

  171. Driverless cars wont go to gun stores.

  172. Republican cars won’t go anywhere on election day.

  173. Republican driverless cars will say they are taking you one place but in reality will take you somewhere else.

  174. Chumpo on election day

  175. Republican driverless cars will automatically take illegal immigrants to the border and drop them off.

    Naaaah, just kidding. Republican driverless cars’ll give them free everything and then wonder why they still choose Democrat driverless cars


    leon – mmm candidate for ya

  177. and that’s normal ….. right?

  178. got a tranny undergoing surgical malfeasance on my wife’s side of the family…. they all wonder when i’m gonna say something unkind at the family gatherings….

    my only comment has been that my heart goes out to people who are so confused that they feel a need to mutilate their bodies in such a horrifying fashion.

    and i mean it – no malice, no judgement

    evidently that’s hate speech

  179. It’s going to be really hard to rob a driverless pizza delivery car, but I’m sure our friends in the ghettos will try.

  180. It’s the “we won’t let you drive there” signal that I expect to be mandated by future government. They’ll say it’s to mitigate traffic problems like congestion or lane closures. They’ll use it the same way Vanderbilt used the Albany Bridge: to stop things that threaten them.

  181. I agree with you 100% Jam. If they truly “accepted” themselves, they would accept who they are. They instead “accept” a fiction.

  182. It’s going to be really hard to rob a driverless pizza delivery car, but I’m sure our friends in the ghettos will try.

    Along those lines, it’s gonna be hilarious when people start shooting down Amazon delivery drones…

  183. Yep. Leon – it will start with things like not allowing you to exit a crowded freeway and take side-streets to avoid congestion. For the greater good, of course.

  184. They will deem traffic patterns for the greater good where your new commute is twice as far.

  185. I had some stupid mapquest take me needlessly through a little subdivision to turn around. I had to follow it just to see if that was HONESTLY what it was trying to do. THAT is driverless cars.

  186. evidently that’s hate speech

    Love isn’t always equivalent to nice. To love a person is to want what’s best for them. A person who wants to be mutilated needs the truth, not enabling.

    It’s going to be really hard to rob a driverless pizza delivery car, but I’m sure our friends in the ghettos will try.

    No harder than robbing an ATM. Easier, really, since you can trap it in the garage of your choice by running into the LIDAR field or just tricking it onto a mobile platform.

  187. No harder than robbing an ATM.

    Although, I’m pretty sure driverless pizza delivery cars won’t be carrying much cash. Not really much reason to take one except for the thrill.

  188. I had some stupid mapquest take me needlessly through a little subdivision to turn around.

    I don;t find that too crazy. They can’t tell you to break the law or they would be liable. So they route you the most efficient, yet legal way.

    But at least you can ignore the GPS. There’s no way I would own a vehicle that I could not take control of.

  189. I really should just start a car company with zero-human factories to prove a point.

  190. The reason to steal the driverless car is to strip it and sell the parts, Wiserdude. The cash is incidental.

  191. The reason to steal the driverless car is to strip it and sell the parts, Wiserdude. The cash is incidental.

    That’s kind of what I thought. I saw that Uber is ready to buy every driverless car that Tesla makes. That should make for some awesome “after-market acquisition” chaos once they hit the road.

  192. But at least you can ignore the GPS. There’s no way I would own a vehicle that I could not take control of.

    And at least for now, no one directly working on it right now envisions selling you something you can’t take over from. Right now. Directly working. You see where I’m going with this.

  193. The thing Wiser is that it PLANNED that route through the subdivision. I hadn’t made a missturn. It was the weirdest thing ever.

  194. Nobody will buy it, unless it’s marketed as the iCar.

  195. iCar.

    *gets in line

  196. iCar In

  197. Path planning is one of those trickier problems in graph theory. The algorithm can be costing the path in a dozen ways and still be “right”.

    My car factory should print WWII Jeeps. No electronics, just a tough little vehicle with no frills.

  198. Of course, such a vehicle isn’t even legal to sell today, because the auto cartel lobbied for each of their newly innovated safety features to mandated as a way to bar entry.

  199. The iCar has square wheels and. no windows, but you can honk the horn with your phone.

  200. Jam, James Bradley wrote about the Japanese cannibals in “Flyboys”. I had read “Flags of Our Fathers” and erroneously assumed “Flyboys” would be as good. I had nightmares afterwards. I should have stopped reading it when it got gross.

  201. ….. imagine if one had a bunch of pre made IEDs that could be quickly placed on a unsuspecting vehicle…….

  202. The iCar has square wheels and. no windows, but you can honk the horn with your phone.

    It will also be incompatible with any road that isn’t built by Apple.

    And will become obsolete and useless in 2 years, when a completely new standard is developed for the iCar 2.0

  203. SES returns today at noon, for the many listener who are interested

  204. Troy, it’s a guided missile, there’s no way to prevent it. Car people aren’t defense people, and there are so many risks it bewilders me that no one in the auto press has a friggin’ clue. All the articles are wide-eyed “future! I fucking love science!” fanboyism.

  205. I just ordered ‘Wright Brothers’ by David McCullough from amazon.

    Don’t spoil it for me.

  206. The iCar has square wheels and. no windows, but you can honk the horn with your phone.


  207. Wiser,

    Do you need a call in today? Specifically focused on bullwhips?

    *asking for a friend.

  208. I just ordered ‘Wright Brothers’ by David McCullough from amazon.

    Don’t spoil it for me.

    They accidentally kill a bullheaded Army guy named Selfridge who insisted on getting a ride in the plane even though he was beyond the weight limit. Customer demos, man.

  209. The Wright brothers really wanted self driving planes but settled for pilot controls

  210. hotslur told wilbur and orville that thing ain’t never gonna work

  211. NPR is calling the Oregon protesters “militants”.

  212. Exactly what qualities does one possess / display that makes them “militant”? If you are in the military, does that automatically make you a “militant”? Do you cease being a militant upon discharge?

  213. In this instance I’d say militants means “disagrees with our editorial opinion”

  214. Phat’s iCar on the way to the gun store.

  215. Mostly Peaceful Militant is a shitty band name.

  216. Hey Jimbro, you want to poat some bewbs this month? I can get next week and CoLex has the 22nd…you can take 3 weeks to craft your mammary masterpiece.

  217. Is it militant that Id like to drop kick the NPR editors in their ding dings? Id really enjoy that….. just one quick solid kick…no more…..Im not a sadist or anything….

  218. That is going to take a precision strike TT, you might want to mount a scope on your knee.

  219. Could be a theme for the month…so and so’s Mammary Masterpiece…..could score the the submissions and determine who is the (insert favorite sooper deluxe artist name here) of de bewbs.

  220. I can do the bewbs in 3 weeks. 29th?

  221. Yes please, thank you Jimbro.

  222. Got it, time to search for boobs and call it research

  223. You must sacrifice for your art Jimbro……

  224. Boob research killed it.

  225. Today’s IB moment


  227. That was awesome.



  230. All the Christmas decorations have been packed away. *sigh*

    At least Rocketboy is still home for another week.

  231. One more from Eduarda

  232. Crockpot chicken and pasta going, should be ready by the time we get home from Mass. It’s an America’s Test Kitchen recipe, where you toast the uncooked pasta with a little olive oil in the microwave so it’s not mush after hours in the crockpot.

  233. pup

    there is soooo much wrong with that –
    hoo boy

    i worked on construction crews to pay for school and saw some interesting stuff happen; but wow…. developing nations (is that a micro-aggression?) are something else. Their own universe –

    i hope no one was killed –

    my father in law sent me this years ago:
    and i think of this and laugh whenever i rube goldberg one of my projects.

    i always used to say “physics works” and “force equals mass times acceleration” whenever the druggies i worked with started to do something really stupid.


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