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  1. Fritz!

  2. quite possibly one of these fellows has spent some time naked with a woman.

  3. Not so fast, bunny ears. Sit down, puppy boy.

  4. wakey wakey

  5. Eventually, I will achieve my goal of shifting my work schedule to 7-330, but today is not that day.

  6. Ha!

    Eventually, I will achieve my goal of shifting my sleep schedule to 7-330, but today is not that day.

  7. Eventually, I will achieve my goal of shifting my sitting around in pajamas eating chips schedule to 7-330, but today is not that day.

  8. Today is Chicken Book Day! Celebrate responsibly with your family and friends.

  9. Eventually, I will achieve my goal of pretending to give a damn from 7-330, but today is not that day.

  10. Friends don’t let friends die in a flaming wreck on Chicken Book Day.

  11. Chicken Book
    Chicken Book
    Chicken Book Pie

  12. Haaaa ha ha haaa!
    We sing that song around here a lot.

  13. *wonders what Car in is cooking for the chickens today

  14. Imma share so everyone can enjoy this little earworm with us


  15. I wonder what my chickens are in the mood for?

  16. You could put a menu out in the coop and see what item on the menu they poop on first.

  17. Oh, I stopped pretending to give a damn a while back.

  18. Eventually, I will achieve my goal of understanding what people are talking about around here but today is not that day.

  19. Don’t do it Car in; they’ll just stiff you on the tip!

  20. set out a pitcher for them, that’ll show em!

  21. what is chicken book? I thought we were still on ham.

  22. Eventually, I will achieve my goal of masturbating continuously from 7-330, but today is not………actually today is that day.

  23. I had some steel cut oats and blackberries. I reheated everything and let me just tell you, warm blackberries are the tits. Absolutely fab.

    Maybe your chickens would enjoy?

  24. Warm Blackberries on tits?? Hmmm. I haven’t tried that delicacy, Ive had chocolate covered tits, pineapple ring tits, marichino cherry tits….but no blackberry tits…….

    *adjusts bucket list accordingly

  25. troy, eating off your own chest doesn’t count


  26. After the chocolate sauce fiasco, he got a new Farrah poster and had it laminated.

  27. blackberryparty.org

  28. Oh good! A moving target! I hate it when they sit still, it almost takes the fun out of it…..almost. *Gets out FLIR scope

  29. Ok… so the NORKS may not have set off a hydrogen bomb….but they set something off big enough to register 5.5 on the richter scale….I mean at a certain point does the physics of the bomb really matter? Big Ass Bomb make big ass BOOM.

  30. Pretty good synopsis of the Hammond family situation in Burns OR:


  31. It’s so weird. Little things like this are really, really big to liberals.

    NPR has basically wall to wall coverage of what is happening in Oregon. The coverage was actually pretty balanced.

  32. Anytime I see the acronym “NPR” I automatically think of schweaty balls…..Just say no to schweaty balls MJ.

  33. Eventually, I will achieve my goal of only doing your mom 7-330, but today is not that day.

  34. Nasty Progressive Racists

  35. Eventually, I will achieve the goal of defining a goal to achieve, but today is not that day.

  36. Michael Niphong ought to move to Cologne. It appears that there’s honest work to be done there for someone with skills like his. Honest work this time.

  37. How do you unfollow someone on twitchnutz? Somehow I’m following The Hill and I’m tired of them filling up my feed w multiple postings.

  38. I seriously don’t need to be prompted a dozen times to ignore a story about trump dissing Samuel L Jackson.

  39. Pretty sure you just click the “following” button and you’ll unfollow.

  40. Me: Ok so Im going to schedule you for a pre-employment physical and drug screen. Are you good to go or should I schedule it in a couple of days? (we’re talking construction labor types here)
    CANDIDATE: No worries, No worries, Im ready RIGHT NOW!

    I schedule the fooking test…

    I get a call from Nurse..

    NURSE: Your candidate had a “faint” return on the five panel for THC.


    I swear to god, they need to legalize this fucking substence and leave people ALONE about it. The problem is in the testing process. They test for ETOH at the physical which measures recent alcohol exposure, bu the MJ test, tests all the way back for 30 days…So I could be a flaming DRUNK 29 days of the month but as long as I sober up for the physical….NO PROBLEM. But god help one if they smoked a fucking joint on new years cause they’re DRUG USERS!

    Fucking Ridiculous

  41. A drug test is an IQ test.

    We used to give guys 30 days notice for our ‘random’ drug screens and people would fail.

  42. “So I could be a flaming DRUNK…”

    what do you mean could be

  43. So I made my reservations for New Mexico yesterday… but it’s 50-50 I’ll be able to make it. Staring down hard at my third rotator cuff operation.

  44. Put down the “shake weight” Paulitics.

  45. Pepe and PG should go too.

  46. I can neither confirm nor deny.

  47. New Mexico?

    I was told we were meeting in Arizona.


  48. On your way to NM, you should swing by TITS2 in AZ…

  49. Oh SHIT – Hotspur is on to me!!



  51. NM was in Paulitic’s “special” email.

    I’m sure it included Globe too.


  53. Chicken pot
    Chicken pot
    Chicken pot pie.


  54. Mrs. Cuffy doesn’t believe in space. This guy doesn’t believe in Ann Arbor.

  55. Everyone should get together and find out where cyn is sending them for TITS2.

  56. So, now Ann Coulter says Cruz isn’t a natural born citizen, huh?

  57. Ann Coulter went to University of Michigan. Ann Arbor.

    Get it?

  58. I have been to Ann Arbor many times, and I can assure you that it is not there.

  59. This guy doesn’t believe in Ann Arbor.

    there used to be a fairy tale about this shit but it just involved clothing. Not a whole city.

  60. Ann Coulter looks scary these days.

    I still want to party like Boris Yeltsin with her…

  61. Ann Coulter kinda turns me off. She’s a bomb thrower about 95% of the time. In my opinion we only need to throw bombs about 25% of the time. We need to attempt civil discourse the other 75%.

  62. Bag of bones. I’m surprised she hasn’t made the Monday lineup. She’s gotta be veiny.

  63. Ann Coulter, like fucking a bag of antlers.

    I always found that description hilarious.

  64. I hear she’s very fun.

  65. She dated Bill Maher, right? What’s more fun than that?

  66. Bill Maher?


  67. I always wonder about Ann Coulter. She’s been engaged several times, but never married or had children. I have to suspect that there are some serious emotional issues there.

  68. Who Obama Didn’t Cry For

    Nice one, Kurt. Hope he’s on the radio again soon!

  69. batting for the other team, maybe?

  70. Comment by Jay in Ames on January 6, 2016 2:40 pm

    batting for the other team, maybe?

    No, at least not full-time. Sex clubs, maybe. I wouldn’t discount a freaky side.

  71. Maybe just a commitment thing. She likes playing the field.

    Maybe a drama queen too. I know, that’s a stretch.


  72. Civil Discourse?? Thats just crazy talk! There is no problem that cant be solved with high explosives.

  73. *looks out window*

    Yep. Not there.

  74. More than likely it’s just a narcissism thing. She’s a smart woman and knows it, and is likely unwilling to compromise because she’s used to being so combative.

    She’s fun to wake up next to one morning. Less so for the rest of your life.

  75. Crystal City Texas has some big coyotes.

  76. You should see the cougars in Scottsdale.

  77. Hi

  78. Are there really such things as sex clubs? I always assume they’re fake or full of ladies and gentleman that resemble Rosetta.

  79. Crystal City Texas has some big coyotes.

    The goddamn city manager makes $220k???!?!!

    Crystal City is not a very big town.

  80. Hi

  81. If Ann hasn’t gotten married by the time she’s 54, it’s likely she will be a spinster.

    I bet she fucks like a mink.

  82. 7446 as of 2013 estimate. Something way fucked up is going on there.

  83. Xhamster assures me they are real sex clubs, but they’re populated by people that make Rosetta look like a supermodel.

  84. Now, Hotspur – didn’t the judge explicitly forbade you from mentioning your mink fucking exploits within 500 yards of schools or The H2? Hmmm?

  85. The only thing he forbade was any mention of goat fucking.

    I was cool with that, because, unlike Obama, I don’t do goats.

  86. That councilman is making more than a sitting US Congresscritter….

  87. That’s kinda like when the tiny city of Bell, CA found out it was paying city officials something absurd like a million dollars.

  88. I gotta get me one of those civil service jobs…

  89. I’m surprised that Crystal City collects that much money in taxes, given the demographics of the area…


  90. Ann probably has the bodies of a couple of frat boys buried somewhere. She drained them of their essence.

  91. She’s the lead vampire from Lifeforce, just dyed the hair blond.

  92. TiFW, they may get a lot of fed money based on their demographics if ha know what I mean and I think you do. This pos town I live in is about 1500’people less than crystal city. I don’t know for sure what our city manager makes but I’d bet a cheeseburger that it’s less than $75k. $220k is what you might expect from an Austin or maybe an Arlington.

  93. When you don’t have budgets, have to meet a baseline, etc, and just get “free money” this is what happens. Look at teachers, their pay still sucks, but administrators get bank!

  94. mmm, cheeseburger.

  95. I’ve never wondered about Ann whateveahhernameis, Its is my professional opinion that the bitch be cray cray. Like Stripper level cray cray.

  96. She’s got a dolphin tattoo somewhere?

  97. the bitch be cray cray. Like Stripper level cray cray

    What’s the downside?

  98. Coulter is the queen of the zinger. Zingers are poison in relationships. I wonder if she can turn it off at home or not.

  99. Chicken book got here!! So awesome. First page I opened the book to, showed how to splint a broken leg on a chicken.

    If I wrote this book it would be, “To treat a chicken with a broken leg you will need two carrots, chopped, two onions, minced…”

  100. You just know she does….maybe with a lil rainbow to make it super cutesy

  101. Section in here called Cock Talk.

  102. Just put it in a pitcher, laura.

  103. I’m just sayin’.

  104. Does it have the words “a doodle do” in the section?….Cause I think “a doodle do” refers to masturbation….

  105. Two great white sharks swimming in the ocean spied survivors of a sunken ship.
    “Follow me son” the father shark said to the son shark and they swam to the mass of people.
    “First we swim around them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing.” And they did.
    “Well done, son! Now we swim around them a few times with all of our fins showing.” And they did.
    “Now we eat everybody.” And they did.
    When they were both gorged, the son asked, “Dad, why didn’t we just eat them all at first? Why did we swim around and around them?”
    His wise father replied, “Because they taste better if you scare the shit out of them first!”

  106. Section in here called Cock Talk.


  107. Jay –

    *up votes

  108. Laura’s broken leg chicken sounds delicious.

  109. I’m having chicken and a bottle of Chardonnay for dinner.

  110. So, MJ is having cock.


  111. I’m having 1/2 of what MJ is having.

  112. I made chicken corn chowder and a loaf of crusty sourdough.
    Actually, two loaves but my sister came by and snagged one.

  113. Could be a hen….nah!

  114. “Like a smell around you I will forever linger.”



  115. Yummm. Sourdough

  116. Sourdough is yum. Gotta make some more this weekend, had to buy a store loaf. Mrs. Jay’s appetite is getting better, and I planned wrong.

  117. Has she finally recovered?

  118. Chicken corn chowder with sourdough…perfection.

  119. Chowder came out a little bland. Disappointed. Needed more bacon and fried leeks, I think. And maybe some hot peppers.

  120. Pupster is VERY busy.


  121. Bag of bones. I’m surprised she hasn’t made the Monday lineup. She’s gotta be veiny.

    Her hindquarters aren’t anywhere near sufficiently robust.

  122. http://is.gd/Qq4iG9

  123. Coultergeist – one of the few funny things Olberdouche ever said.

    she is undoubtedly quick witted / smart; i find her lockstep devotion to TheParty disturbing and tedious however.


  124. Coulter is good in small doses

  125. Evening.

  126. youtu.be/UbsOnE5oQsA

  127. I love leeks…never roasted them.

    *puts leeks on shopping list*

  128. I love taking a leak first thing in the morning. It’s sublime.

  129. Mare, let a good big pile of diced leek swish around in a very hot oily pan until they start going mahogany in color, then stir in your favorite vegetable of choice. Broccoli, spinach, brussels sprouts, lima beans, what-have-you. I did this with Chinese cabbage and sliced carrots a couple days ago and Scott really liked it. Added a little bk pepper and salt, too.

    I can’t describe it, but they are wonderful when they burn a little. Not quite like onions. Onions go bitter when they blacken, these don’t. That sweet stuff sticking to the pan gets deglazed by the fresh veggies and it’s sooo good. Instant umami. I’ll always have leeks in my garden.

  130. …and they don’t take twelve years to caramelize, also unlike onions

  131. Ok I really have to study my chicken book now. See you guys tomorrow.

  132. Thank you, Cyn, for the HHD. **sends poolboy with pitcher of margaritas**

    Phone/internet repaired. The contractor chopped it off at the conduit, so the phone company had to dig up the yard to repair it. Rah. Still no GFI circuit.

  133. Thumbs up, Laura. Thanks!

  134. I’ll have to have a special bed for leeks and onions. I’m not sure the horse manure will be entirely broken down by spring. I should have some completed compost in the bin, though.

  135. Watched Olbermann bash the Ann Coulter doll. Now imagine if that had been a Hillary doll.

  136. This article contains at least one lie that I’m likely barred from discussing until I can quit:

  137. I wanted Chicken pot chicken pot chicken pot pie🎶. Been singing it all day. Probably having tamales.

  138. I had tamales for the first time yesterday. BBQ place here makes really good ones.

  139. Is it just me, or are people losing their sense of humor? Made a joke about Zionist squirrels and pigeons and some woman on Twitter has commented 3 times. Totally clueless. I refuse to explain a stupid joke.

  140. Tamales are awesome!!! What kind did you have? Pork with red? Beef with red?

  141. Ah, the technoutopian vision of the future: where you call up a car that takes you wherever you want to go. As long as it’s been approved by your geek overlords and their bureaucrat allies.

  142. *wonders if I have no idea what all of this chicken excitement is about

  143. The self-driving car is a solution in need of a problem. Also, solving it without solving the general AI problem still leaves you with situations you didn’t explicitly code for, where a human will have to take over. If that human hasn’t actually driven a car in 10 years, what good is it for them to take over?

    The more I think about it and the longer I spend on it, the more opposed to the idea I become.

  144. Leon, self-driving cars are going to end up the light-rail of the 21st century.

    I can see a use for them for hauling freight, but not for day to day passenger driving.

  145. *gets fired*
    *becomes footsoldier against the AI in the coming Butlerian Jihad*

  146. *lights bag of chicken excrement on MJ’s doorstep, rings doorbell, runs*



  148. I’m waiting for the day that the major tech companies combine to control every aspect of our lives. It shall be called… MicroOOberzon.

  149. We’ve gone from a forecast of 8 inches of snow this weekend to overcast and Saturday and rain on Sunday. Maybe the rain will melt the snow and reveal all the dog turds the kids swear they’ve been picking up.

  150. I can’t decide if I’m against self driving cars because I love cars and love to drive, hence it’s emotional, or if I really oppose it because it places moral demands on technology.

    I think it’s both, but primarily the latter.

  151. MicroOOberzonbook

  152. I can see a use for them for hauling freight, but not for day to day passenger driving.

    Takes 2 people to rob a self-driving big rig. One to stand in its way, and the other to break in and take everything out of it. That puts a caretaker in the truck just to act as a guard. And if he’s going to guard it, he’s probably also the takeover driver for the AI, and then you’re back to the “but he hasn’t driven in 10 years” problem. May as well just have him drive all the time and use the AI and sensors to make his job really safe and easy.

  153. Pork with red, Oso.

    MJ, I’m going to give myself away and ask if you got your Secret Santa gift.

  154. Driving = freedom.

    Self driving cars is commie bullshit.

  155. Yeah!!!

    I absolutely love it!!!!! Thank you so much!!

    GND loved it too!

  156. Say your autonomous car has a built-in solution to the Trolley Problem (i.e. you can either kill the driver or a busload of other people, who dies?), and it will always choose to kill the driver.

    Do you jailbreak the car or not?

    What happens when the most popular jailbreak was written by hackers working for the People’s Republic of China?


  157. Good deal.

  158. I’ll be keeping my current car forever so I think I’m good.

    Pretty sure I can outrun, cutoff, flip off, and piss off a self driving pussy mobile.

  159. I missed the SS thread. We were at my parents house and the 20th was our Christmas.

  160. Takes 2 people to rob a self-driving big rig. One to stand in its way, and the other to break in and take everything out of it. That puts a caretaker in the truck just to act as a guard. And if he’s going to guard it, he’s probably also the takeover driver for the AI, and then you’re back to the “but he hasn’t driven in 10 years” problem. May as well just have him drive all the time and use the AI and sensors to make his job really safe and easy.

    A driver of a big rig is likely to still have day to day driving responsibilities, but self-driving might find use for the long-haul portions. Get on the highway in a dedicated lane, set the self-drive, and get some rest while the truck heads along at 40 miles per hour.

  161. Pretty sure I can outrun, cutoff, flip off, and piss off a self driving pussy mobile.

    I’m trying to picture Mad Max with Googlemobiles. It’s not working.

  162. Autonomous garbage trucks are the only thing I can think of that might actually be plausible. No one wants the cargo, and most places now have bins built for the truck arm that’s already automated.

  163. The Googlemobiles will be the first against the wall come the revolution.

    Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind.
    – Orange Catholic Bible

  164. I’ll have to have a special bed for leeks and onions.

    Check out Evergreen bunching onions, or He Shi Ko bunching onions, too.
    They are scallions that will actually perennialize and take over a corner of your garden if you let them. You keep plucking them as you need them, and they keep splitting and making more.

    I grew my first batch in a pot, this past Spring, from a gift pack of seeds: https://michaelscomments.wordpress.com/2015/12/29/ib-annual-report/#comment-269078

  165. I’ll look into those, thanks.

    Bedtime in case I still have a job tomorrow.

  166. I wish all cars were standards. Too many drivers on auto already. Thoughtless drivers. Distracted. Ability to drive without thinking. I don’t want WallE to be my future.

  167. Texting killed standards.

  168. ” No one wants the cargo, and most places now have bins built for the truck arm that’s already automated.”

    it’s a a good start to keeping service costs down –

    but scott is right –
    “Driving = freedom.

    “Self driving cars is commie bullshit.”

    we have enough pussies in this country – learn to drive an f’ing motor vehicle or take a damn taxi.
    that simple –

    driving is not that hard – if you f it up you pay the piper

    i can’t STAND this shit of designing to the lowest possible IQ and i don’t want to hear about productivity – anybody whose 2 hour commute affects productivity is either too cheap to live closer to work or is fooling themselves about their value.

    holy fuk! we mainstream PROFOUNDLY retarded people into our school systems for feel good reasons, and what do we end up with???? it’s not increased productivity

    higher taxes and debt, and a progressive ruling class that calls us inhuman –

    fuck them – enslaving our progeny with a debt burden that can never be paid off is inhuman, immoral, and unconscionable

    automation is good for assembly lines, supply runs to space stations, mass transit, and xb’s playmates

  169. At 16 y/o, my dog is still a bad boy and a maniac. Just bit the shit out of me while I was trying to chill him out. Asshole. It really bothers me that we’ve missed his prime Korean diner years. Too stringy now. Not even good for pot roast.

    He could have been a memorable entree, instead of a toothy, mean old bag of guts. I would have been so proud of him.

  170. Maybe a nice slow-cooked stew?

  171. As soup, he might have his finest hour.

  172. blerg

  173. Lauraw, you ok? Dog bites can be icky.

  174. I thought the PBC could make even the toughest cut of meat tender and delicious…..

  175. I H8 standards. 25 plus years of bitching about them. At the same time, I firmly believe that we’re alive today due to Dan having to pay attention while driving. Even this morning on the way to work in the snow/rain. Dan is shifting. Using one foot on two pedals. Constant vigilance. Bitch in a minivan cuts us off. Texting and putting on make-up. BTW GOV Fat Ass involved in a hit and run in SF. I bet he gets 0 coverage compared to Susana. He’s also been implicated in the Epstein Lolita Case. Remember when he offered MJs profile a job at Energy when he was Sec?

  176. Killed it. FYI Watch Superstore on Netflix.

  177. Getting back to an earleir comment, comments are funny. Snarky. We all laugh. Milennials…not so much

  178. I’ve been waiting for a guide to come and take me by the hand,
    Could these sensations make me feel the pleasures of a normal man?
    These sensations barely interest me for another day,
    I’ve got the spirit, lose the feeling, take the derp away.

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